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Homeopathic Medicines for Zika Virus Treatment and Prevention

Role Of Homeopathic medicines in treating Zika Virus

homeopathy-zikaZika virus is transmitted to people through bite of an infected mosquito belonging to Aedes species. These mosquitoes are day biters and are the same ones involved in spreading the dengue and chikungunya fever. However the illness caused by Zika virus is much milder than that in dengue fever. The illness from Zika virus can last from few days to a week. Zika virus can also be transmitted from one person to another through sexual contact and also from infected mother to fetus. Severe complications and death are uncommon.

Symptoms of Zika virus Infection

Eighty percent of the infected with Zika virus do not develop any symptoms. Those having symptoms complain of fever, skin rash of maculopapular nature, joint pains, headache and conjunctivitis. In December 2015 an association was found between serious birth defect called as microcephaly (small heads) in babies born in a mother having Zika infection during pregnancy due to transplacental crossing of virus. Microcephaly leads to developmental issues in children. Ongoing Researches are also trying to find out if any relation exists  between this virus and Guillain –Barre syndrome where life threatening paralysis appears.

 Homeopathic Medicines for Zika Virus

Homeopathic medicines Eupatorium Perfoliatum, Belladonna, Rhus Tox can be safely used in Zika virus infection treatment. These medicines come the closest in treating the symptoms of Zika virus infection. In an epidemics when a huge number of person are attacked by acute and similar sufferings from similar cause, Homeopathy can be of great prophylactic help. Homeopathy has been highly successful in treating epidemic diseases. Among them are cholera, dengue fever, yellow fever typhus, and conjunctivitis. Records show that during epidemics , homeopathic medicines are of great help in reducing the  mortality when compared to those put under conventional system of medicines. One very popular example is of homeopathic medicine Belladonna as prophylactic for treating scarlatina epidemics.  In year 1801 when scarlatina prevailed epidemically among children, those who were given homeopathic medicine Belladonna as a prophylactic remained unaffected with this highly  infectious disease. So homeopathy has a huge role to play as prophylactic when a disease spreads abruptly over a large area . So in such cases , a single medicine that is most closely allied to the symptoms picture of the disease can be used as a prophylactic. Thus , Homeopathic medicine Eupatorium Perfoliatum can be used as  prophylactic in Zika virus infection as this medicine has the closest match to the  symptom set presented in Zika virus infection.

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Top Homeopathic Medicines for Chikungunya

Homeopathic Medicines for Chikungunya Fever

homeopathic medicines for chikungunya

Homeopathic medicines for chikungunya

The name is peculiar: Chikungunya. It comes from an African tribe and means “that which bends up”. The disease was given its name because it led to the affected persons walking in a stooped posture. Chikungunya Fever is a viral disease caused by Chikungunya virus and is transmitted to humans by the infected Aedes mosquito.  The symptoms of Chikungunya viral infection are high fever with severe joint pains. The joints also show swelling and stiffness. Other symptoms include rash on skin and petechiae (red or purple discoloration on skin due to bleeding from vessels under skin). There is also a loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, conjunctivitis, headache and backache. The fever inChikungunya infection usually subsides within three to four days, but the joint pains continue for weeks, months and even years in a few persons. The Homeopathic mode of treatment ensures complete relief from the symptoms of Chikungunya Fever. The Homeopathic medicines for chikungunya fever are made of natural substances and have zero side effects. The Homeopathic treatment for chikungunya fever is absolutely safe and can only benefit the patient, never harm.

Homeopathic Treatment for Chikungunya Fever    

Chikungunya Fever can be treated very efficiently with natural Homeopathic medicines. The aim of the Homeopathic mode of treatmentis to provide complete symptomatic relief to the patients. The Homeopathic medicines for treating Chikungunya Fever are selected based upon the unique individual symptoms. These unique symptoms include presence or absence of thirst, the desire to cover or uncover oneself in fever, the worsening or relieving of symptoms in joint pains and any peculiar desire to eat or drink, restlessness or the need to lie down.

Top Homeopathic Medicines for Chikungunya Fever

Polyporus Pinicola –  Homeopathic medicine for chikungunya fever with headache and joint pains

Polyporus Pinicola is a beneficial homeopathic medicine for chikungunya fever with headache and joint pains. Person needing Polyporus Pinicola have congestion in head with hot flushed face. Constant nausea may also be present. There are pains marked in ankles, knees, wrists and finger joints. Restlessness may attend along with joint pains at night time. Along with all above symptoms profuse sweating may accompany. In some cases back pain and pain in shin bone may be present.

Rhus Tox: One Of The Best Homeopathic Medicines for Chikungunya Fever where joint pains get better by motion

Natural Homeopathic medicine Rhus Tox is an excellent remedy to control joint pains in fever. The joints show marked stiffness along with pain. When there is relief from joint pains on moving and the joint painsget worsewhile resting, Rhus Tox is the ideal Homeopathic remedy. The person feels extremely restlessand when lying in bed has to frequently change position because lying still worsens the condition. Chills during fever are also prominent. Backache during fever can also be relieved by Rhus Tox when the peculiar relief by motion is noted.

Bryonia: One of the best Homeopathic Medicines for Chikungunya Fever where joint pains worsen with motion

Bryonia is a natural Homeopathic medicine that is of great help in treating excessive joint pains with Chikungunya Fever. The joints are painful, hot and swollen. The person who can benefit byHomeopathic medicine Bryonia usually gets relief from joint pains by resting. More particularly, the patient gets relief by lying on the side of joints that are painful. And even the slightest motion can worsen the joint pains. In addition to joint pains, there is an increased thirst for water with a dry mouth.

Eupatorium Perfoliatum: One of the best Homeopathic Medicines for Chikungunya Fever with severe pain in bones

Eupatorium Perfoliatum is a very beneficial natural Homeopathic remedy for high fever with severe bone pains. Eupatorium Perfoliatum is the ideal Homeopathic medicine when the person specifically feels as if the bones are broken. The person cannot lie in bed because of severe bony pains and is restless. The pain can lead to moaning and crying, and chill is also marked with pains. Relief in the bone pains usually follows perspiration. Vomiting specifically after chill is a significant symptom for using natural Homeopathic remedy Eupatorium Perfoliatum.

Merc Sol: Homeopathic medicine for worsening of pains at night in Chikungunya Fever

Merc Sol is the best natural Homeopathic medicine when the bone pains get worse at night with Chikungunya Fever. Chill and heat have an alternating presence. The patient has profuse sweating, but it provides no relief. For using Merc Sol,the individual characteristic symptom to be noted is increased thirst and excessive salivation.

Gelsemium:One Of the Top Homeopathic medicines for Chikungunya Fever with extreme drowsiness

Gelsemium is the ideal natural Homeopathic remedy when excessive drowsiness, sleepiness and desire to lie down arefelt by a patient afflicted with Chikungunya Fever. There is also a marked chilliness with shivering. Usually, the thirst for water is absent. Headache with heaviness of eyes is also best treated by Homeopathic medicine Gelsemium.

Arnica: Top Homeopathic remedy for petechieal haemorrhages in skin

Homeopathic remedy Arnica is the best herbal remedy for chikungunya, when petechiae are present under skin along with pains and other symptoms. The skin shows blue or blackish petechial spots. Along with this, the joints are very painful. Even a slight touch is unbearable on joints as it increases the pain. Apart from specific joint pains, there is a sore-bruised feeling in the entire body. The person also complains that the bed on which he or she lies seems too hard and he or she needs to constantly change the position. In addition to these symptoms, the hands and feet are markedly cold.

Homeopathic Medicines for Chikungunya fever which provides symptomatic relief

The natural Homeopathic medicines for symptomatic relief in Chikungunya Fever are prescribed after carefully noting down the unique individual symptoms.

Ipecac: Homeopathic medicine for relieving nausea and vomiting in Chikungunya Fever

Ipecac is considered the best natural Homeopathic remedy for providing relief from nausea and vomiting. Ipecac can be taken by all those persons who have persistent nausea and vomiting during Chikungunya Fever. Homeopathic medicine Ipecac always shows its worth in providing relief from nausea and vomiting. The tongue is usually found to be almost clean in most cases.

Euphrasia: Natural Homeopathic medicine for conjunctivitis in Chikungunya Fever

Euphrasia is the perfect Homeopathic medicine for treating conjunctivitis in a person with Chikungunya infection. The symptoms of redness, watering, itching in eyes get relieved by using Euphrasia.

Homeopathic Medicines for headache relief in Chikungunya Fever

The best natural Homeopathic medicines for relief from headache are Belladona, Gelsemium, Silicea and Spigelia. These Homeopathic medicines for chickungunya are always selected as per the symptoms unique to each individual. Belladona is the top Homeopathic medicine for headache in sides of head (temples). Relief by tight bandage is a sign for using Belladona. Gelsemium is the ideal natural Homeopathic remedy when the headache is settled in the back of head. Silicea and Spigelia are Homeopathic medicines of great help when the person suffers from right and left-side headache.

Phosphoric Acid: Homeopathic remedy for weakness during or after Chikungunya Fever

Phosphoric Acid is a natural Homeopathic remedy frequently used to treat excessive weakness during or after Chikungunya Fever. Excellent results are obtained with the use of Phosphoric Acid for treatment of debilitating weakness. The weakness in both mental and physical spheres can be corrected with the intake of Homeopathic medicine Phosphoric Acid.


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7 Best Homeopathic Medicines for Fever

homeopathic remedies for fever Feeling feverish is a seasonal reality that confronts almost everyone. Popping in a pill and hoping it improves your condition as you go about your business is a reality too. But here’s the catch: the over-the-counter pill might bring down the temperature, but the infection will still remain in the body. Here’s where the role of homeopathic medicines for fever comes into play, as these are made of natural substances, offer a different course of medical approach: these natural medicines target the infection, so the root cause is eliminated.

Fever is a rise in body temperature above normal. Fever in itself is not a disease but is only an external signal that denotes an internal infection or inflammation in the body. There is no specific medicine in Homeopathy to bring down the temperature, but the natural remedies instead target the infection. This is because the temperature is the only index through which the progress of the infection inside the body is reflected out. The rise of temperature is directly proportional to the extent of infection. An increase in temperature indicates a further spread of infection while a decrease in temperature shows that the infection is fading away. If the body temperature is rashly brought down without halting the infection process, there is no way to find out what is going on inside the body and to what degree the infection is still present in the body. So, the end result is that the fever no doubt is gone, but the root cause of it — the infection — is still there. Natural medicines act by putting a check on the infection itself, preventing its further progress and the temperature thus is automatically brought down gradually as the infection declines. The remedies also make sure that no weakness or other residual effects of fever remain in the body. Homeopathy has a huge number of natural medicines to deal with fever cases.

Top Natural Homeopathic Medicines for Fever

1. Aconite: For Fever with Restlessness and Anxiety

Aconite is a natural remedy of great help when the fever is accompanied by extreme restlessness and anxiety. The patient feels an increased thirst for cold water and the body aches are intolerable. The use of medicine Aconite should always be considered when the fever has risen after sudden exposure to cold winds.

2. Bryonia Alba: For Fever with Bodyache

Bryonia Alba is a natural medicine for patients in whom body aches predominate during fever. Such a person wants to lie down still to get relief and slight motion worsens his or her condition. There is also an increased thirst for water.

3. Nux Vomica: For Fever with Shivering

Nux Vomica, is a holistic medicine for fever. As it is made of natural substances, therefore it is of great help in cases of fever with extreme chilliness and shivering. The person wants to remain covered in all stages of fever.

4. Gelsemium: For Fever with Dizziness

Gelsemium is very beneficial in fever cases where the patients suffer from weakness, dizziness and even the tendency to faint. There is an absence of thirst in most cases.

5. Rhus Tox: For Fever with Extreme Bodyache

Rhus Tox is one of the top natural medicines for persons who have fever with extreme body aches, leading to restlessness. Such a person wants to remain in motion to get relief. Rhus Tox is also the natural medicine for fever as a result of getting wet in rain.

6. For Fever – Flu or Influenza Type

Influenza is a viral infection with sudden fever, running nose, cough, pain in eyes, headache and body aches. The natural medicines for fever  that are of immense help in the treatment of Influenza are Aconite, Gelsemium and Eupatorium Perfoliatum. Aconite is prescribed for Influenza when sudden cold air exposure is the cause. The exposure is followed by immediate fever and watery nasal discharges. Extreme anxiety and restlessness accompany the fever. Gelsemium is the best natural medicine for a running nose and sneezing accompanied by pain in eyes and head. The patient may also experience weakness and drowsiness. Eupatorium Perfoliatum is of great help to treat the fever in Influenza when the patient experiences severe pain. This remedy, which has zero side effects like all natural medicines, provides a quick relief from pain.

7. Fever – Malaria

The main symptom indicating malarial fever is beginning of fever with a chill followed by heat, and its closure by excessive sweating. There is a periodicity of fever, like the fever occurs every day and every third or fourth day. The selection of natural medicines for treating malarial fever is based on the stage of fever (chill, heat, sweat) that stands out prominently, thirst, desire or aversion to cover oneself up in different stages, the time of onset of fever and other characteristic symptoms present in individual cases. The best natural remedies for malarial fever are Gelsemium, Arsenic Album, Nux Vomica and Eupatorium Perfoliatum. The patients who can benefit with natural remedy Gelsemium complain of extreme chilliness with a complete absence of thirst. Weakness and dizziness accompany fever. Arsenic Album is a natural remedy of great help to patients who are exhausted with fever and need a small quantity of water at very short intervals. Nux Vomica is best suited as a medicine for patients who want to remain covered in warm clothes in all the three stages of fever: heat, cold and sweat. Eupatorium Perfoliatum is the ideal natural medicine when extreme pains accompany the fever.

8. For Typhoid Fever

The symptoms of Typhoid Fever are continued fever, loss of appetite, rash, diarrhoea or constipation, abdomen pain and cough. In later stages, extreme exhaustion, lethargy and delirium are features of Typhoid Fever. The medicines for Typhoid Fever are Baptisia, Arnica, Arsenic Album and Muriatic Acid. Baptisia is a medicine that is of help when all the body discharges, i.e. urine, sweat, stool and breath, are extremely offensive. This medicine can be used in delirious and stupor stages. The marked indication in stupor stage is sleepiness where the person falls asleep when talking to others. The peculiar delirium condition includes feeling as if the body is scattered into pieces. Arnica is used to medicine Typhoid Fever when there is an excessive sore and bruised sensation in the whole body. The body feels beaten up. The bed on which the person lies feels hard and he or she constantly changes position to find a soft spot. Arsenic Album is the natural medicine when utmost exhaustion, anxiety and restlessness are experienced by a patient of Typhoid Fever. Muriatic Acid is a natural medicine given when offensive stool passes involuntarily in Typhoid Fever. This is accompanied by great debility and deep sleep.

9. For Dengue fever

Dengue Fever is characterized by sudden fever with pain in head, pain behind eyes and severe bone pains known as bone break fever. A complication of Dengue Fever is hemorrhage from nose, mouth or under the skin with liver enlargement. This is referred to as Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever. The most effective natural medicines for Dengue Fever are Eupatorium Perfoliatum, Gelsemium, China and Ipecac. Eupatorium Perfoliatum is the top natural remedy for Dengue Fever with severe bone pain. This natural medicine provides prompt relief from pain. Gelsemium is prescribed when severe pain and heaviness in eyes are present in Dengue Fever. China and Ipecac are excellent natural remedies for Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever with bleeding.

10. For fever with sore throat or inflammation of tonsils

Belladona is the best natural remedy to deal with cases of fever with pain in throat. The person feels excessive heat with high fever, red eyes, pain in throat. Merc Sol is another natural medicine for fever with sore throat if excessive saliva is present in mouth. Hepar Sulph is also a natural medicine of great help for fever with a sore throat, especially when the pain in throat is accompanied by extreme chilliness.

11. For  Measles, Chicken Pox and Scarlet Fever

Eruptive fever accompanies diseases where eruptions appear on the body and includes Measles, Chicken Pox and Scarlet Fever. Natural remedies are of great help in the treatment of such fevers but the medicines have to be taken very cautiously as in no way should there be a suppression of eruptions. The suppression of eruptions may lead to severe brain complications. The top natural medicines for eruptive fevers are Belladona, Bryonia Alba, Antimonium Tart and Rhus Tox. The application of the required medicine is recommended after taking the individual case history of the patient.

12. For Septic Fever

The best natural medicines for dealing with Septic Fever are Pyrogenium, Anthracinum and Lachesis. Here again, the remedy is recommended after taking the complete case history from the patient. These natural medicines are to be taken very carefully and cautiously as Septic Fever indicates a very critical situation and may prove fatal.

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As I have been getting dozens of mails everyday since last week ,asking me on how homeopathy can help in dengue fever; I have decided to publish this post rather than answering every mail individually. Also I have been getting queries regarding a particular homeopathic medicine Eupatorium Perfiolatum  as being preventive for dengue fever.

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