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Migraine – Get Quick and Permanent Relief Using These Homeopathic Medicines

Homeopathic Medicines for headache

Homeopathic Medicines for headache

Homeopathic Treatment for Migraine Headaches

Migraine is a disorder characterised by headache, specifically affecting one side of the head (i.e. unilateral side). Migraine headaches are mostly throbbing or pulsating in nature. Common accompanying symptoms are nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to light and noise. The intensity of a migraine headache may vary from moderate to severe. Homeopathy offers excellent scope for treating migraine. Homeopathic medicines for migraine are reliable and safe. They offer effective treatment for migraine. In fact, they work wonders for acute migraine attacks or even chronic migraine. Homeopathic medicines for migraine are selected as per individual case. Individual symptoms are studied in detail and the appropriated medicine prescribed. Homeopathic medicines identify and attack migraine at the root. Migraines with or without aura respond wonderfully well to Homeopathic medicines. Top ranked Homeopathic medicines for quick relief from migraine are Belladonna, Glonoinum, Iris Versicolor, Epiphegus and Nux Vomica.

Homeopathic Remedies for Migraine

Belladonna –Homeopathic cure for migraine with pulsating or throbbing pain.

Belladonna can be very helpful for migraine headaches with intense throbbing, pulsating headache. It is also indicated when there is a feeling an extreme fullness in the head. Light seems to worsen the headache. Noise is unbearable. In some cases, exposure to cold air can trigger a migraine episode. In others, a head bath with cold water can bring on migraine headache. Hard pressure over the head is the only way some relief is felt in such cases. Key note for the use of Belladonna is Sensation of fullness with throbbing headache. At Times it is also used for headaches resulting out of High blood pressure.

Glonoinum – Natural Homeopathic Remedy for headache that are congestive

Glonoinum is most helpful in treating migraine with excessive congestion in the head. The head feels very large, as if it would burst. In such a migraine attack, patients in pain are seen holding their head in hands. The eyeballs seem protruded. Extreme heaviness in head is felt. Also, heat around the head is unbearable. Uncovering the head relieves the headache. The migraine also gets better with sleep while walking worsens the migraine headache. Apart from congestive headaches, Glonoinum is also the most suitable Homeopathic medicine for migraine headache triggered by sun exposure.

Spigelia – Very effective Homeopathic medicine for left-sided migraine

Spigelia is a most effective Homeopathic medicine for left-sided migraine. It is indicated when the headache is located over the left temporal region, forehead and eyes. In most cases, the pain begins in occipital region of the head, extends upward and settles over the left eye. The pain is violent, throbbing and pulsating in nature. There is a sensation of a tight band around the head. Stooping seems to worsen the headache. Severe pain in the eyeballs may attend. Eye movement worsens this pain.

Sanguinaria Canadensis – Well indicated Homeopathic medicine for migraine of right side

Sanguinaria Canadensis is a wonderful Homeopathic medicine for right-sided migraine. The pain starts from the back of head i.e. occiput, ascends and settles over the right eye. Lying down quietly in a dark room brings relief. In some cases, sleep may relieve pain. Fasting (going without meals) often triggers a migraine headache in persons prescribed Homeopathic medicine Sanguinaria Canadensis. It is also the medicine to prescribe when the headache starts in the morning, increases during the day and lasts until sunset. Also, Sanguinaria Canadensis is a significant Homeopathic medicine for migraine in women during menopause.

Iris Versicolor – Valuable Homeopathic cure for migraine with nausea, vomiting or acidity

Iris Versicolor is a most valuable Homeopathic medicine for migraine when attended with intense nausea, vomiting or acidity. Burning may be noted in any part of alimentary canal. Vomiting of acidic, sour, bitter nature is observed. Bitter, acrid, belching with intense burning behind sternum and in throat is well marked. Acidic stomach reflux leads to headaches. Headache with diarrhoea signals prescription of Iris Versicolor. This medicine is also useful where migraine begins with a blur before the eyes.

Nux Vomica – Homeopathic Remedies for migraine with gastric troubles

Nux Vomica is a very effective Homeopathic Remedies for migraine with gastric troubles. Migraine due to indigestion, flatulence, constipation and piles shows great recovery with use of Homeopathic medicine Nux Vomica. Nux Vomica also helps where migraine headache gets worse after taking coffee, spicy food and alcoholic drinks. The headache may be located in any part of the head. The person feels the need to press the head against something hard for relief.

Natrum Carbonicum – Highly suitable Homeopathic medicine for sun headache

Other than Glonoinum, another Homeopathic medicine that shows quick and effective results in migraine headache from sun exposure is Natrum Carbonicum. Vertigo appears along with headache from sun exposure in such cases. The pressive headache is accompanied by cloudiness of eyes. Heat in the head and congestion may be felt. Shooting pain in the forehead also suggests use of Natrum Carbonicum.

Natrum Muriaticum – Prominent Homeopathic medicine for migraine attacks during menses

Homeopathic medicine Natrum Muriaticum is the best prescription for migraine attacks that worsen around the menstrual cycle. The headache may be triggered before, during or at the close of menstrual cycle. Another unique symptom is migraine headache that starts with sunrise, continues through the day and vanishes after sunset. This is popularly known as the “sunrise to sunset headache”. Also, in cases where the migraine headache feels like little hammers knocking on the brain, Natrum Muriaticum will help. Natrum Muriaticum is also the most suitable prescription for migraine headaches in school girls or in girls who are anaemic. It is also considered the best medicine where numbness or tingling is felt in the nose, tongue or lips before the migraine attack.

Sepia – Most suitable Homeopathic medicine for migraine in women around menopause

Sepia is the most suitable Homeopathic medicine for migraine attacks in women around menopause. In such cases, terrible headaches accompany menopause. The headache gets worse indoors, open air brings relief. Nausea and vomiting may attend migraine headaches. Lying on the painful side of head affords relief. The top of the head may feel cool in such cases. In general, hot flushes, sometimes along with sweat, are well marked.

Kali Phos – Homeopathic medicine for migraine due to stress

In case of a migraine attack triggered by stress, Homeopathic medicine Kali Phos proves extremely useful. The unique indication for use of Kali Phos is that stress, tensions and worry lead to migraine headaches. Such migraine headaches are common among students who suffer school or college related stress. Exhaustion and weakness usually accompany migraine in such cases.

Epiphegus – Significant Homeopathic medicine for migraine triggered by mental or physical exertion

Epiphegus is a valuable Homeopathic medicine for treating migraine where exhaustion – mental or physical, sets off the migraine episode. It is used where the slightest deviation from routine work brings on a migraine attack. Although it works for both sided migraine, yet comparatively better results are seen in left-sided headaches with Epiphegus. A peculiar attending symptom is increased saliva with constant inclination to spit.

Cyclamen – Best Homeopathic medicine for migraine that starts with visual aura or disturbances

Homeopathic medicine Cyclamen is majorly indicated for migraine attacks that begin with flickering, fiery sparks before the eyes or dim vision. These visual symptoms that precede the migraine headache are referred to as aura. Cyclamen is also useful where migraine headache starts on rising in the morning. Shooting pain is experienced in the temporal region. Vertigo, especially when standing, may accompany the headache.

Natrum Mur – Homeopathic medicine for headache due to eyestrain

Natrum mur is very effective homeopathic medicine for headache when eyestrain causes it. Ruta is another important medicine for headaches caused by eyestrain

Homeopathic Treatment For Migraine Headaches

I get pulsating, throbbing headaches, which Homeopathic medicines would you recommend?

For throbbing, pulsating migraine headaches, Homeopathic medicine Belladonna shows best results. Belladonna works well for migraine headaches in any part of the head. It proves useful even when light or noise worsen the pain. Tightly binding the head or applying pressure relieves the headache. Congestion in the head is often felt in such cases.

I can feel the blood rush to my head when I get a migraine headache, what would you advise?

In congestive headaches, I have seen magnificent results with Homeopathic medicine Glonoinum. In such cases, a person feels like all the blood is rushing to his head. The head feels really large, as if it would burst. Glonoinum aids quick recovery in such migraine attacks.

My migraine headaches are more to the left side of the head. Are there any specific Homeopathic medicines for that?

There are a wide range of Homeopathic medicines for migraine headache of left side. In my clinical practice, I have found Spigelia to be the most effective among them. Spigelia works most effectively when the headache is located over the entire left side. It work wonders in cases where migraine starts in the back of the head, rises upwards to spread to the entire left side of the head and finally settles over the left eye.

My migraine headaches cover the right side of the head. Which Homeopathic medicines can I take?

Homeopathy draws on a huge list of medicines for right-sided migraine attacks. Of this huge bulk of Homeopathic medicines, Sanguinaria Canadensis is rated among the best. Sanguinaria Canadensis offers great relief in migraine headache that covers the right side of head. The guiding symptom for use of Homeopathic medicine Sanguinaria Canadensis is pain in the back of head (occiput), ascending and spreading to the right region of the head and finally, settling over the right eye.

I tend to have a migraine headache every time there are gastric issues. Which Homeopathic medicines can cure this condition?

For treating migraine with gastric complaints, I would advise two major Homeopathic medicines – Iris Versicolor and Nux Vomica. Where the migraine headache is accompanied by intense nausea, vomiting or acidity, I would recommend Iris Versicolor. If constipation or flatulence are present along with the headache, I suggest you take Nux Vomica. Both these medicines have shown excellent results in many of my migraine patients with corresponding symptoms.

I get sun headaches. Does Homeopathy have a solution for me?

Sun exposure, too, can trigger migraine. In such cases, Homeopathic medicines Glonoinum and Natrum Carbonicum are the best prescriptions. Glonoinum is best prescribed where the headache from sun exposure is of congestive type or throbbing in nature. Pressure may offer some relief. Homeopathic medicine Natrum Carbonicum is effective where sun exposure leads to shooting or pressing pain in the head. The attending symptoms are vertigo, cloudiness before eyes or sometimes nausea.

My migraine attacks worsen around the menstrual cycle. Can Homeopathic medicines help?

Homeopathic medicine Natrum Muriaticum offers great help in migraine headache that worsens during menses. Natrum Muriaticum can be taken by a woman with migraine attack just before her menses, during menses or just at the end of menses.

I’m of menopausal age and get severe migraine attacks. Which Homeopathic medicines for headache of such kind can bring me relief?

Homeopathic medicines that are effective for migraine in women around menopause include Sepia and Sanguinaria Canadensis. Sepia may be taken when hot flushes accompany migraine attacks. In such cases, the person may feel worse in a room while open air brings relief. Homeopathic medicine Sanguinaria Canadensis is also helpful where periodicity of the migraine headache is marked. A woman who needs Sanguinaria Canadensis gets a migraine attack every seven days. Lying quietly in a dark room brings relief.

My migraine headache gets worse when I’m stressed. Is there a Homeopathic medicine for headacahe that can help?

Yes, definitely. Homeopathy can help get rid of stress related to migraine. Kali Phos is a Homeopathic medicine that is most useful for migraine headache of this type. Worry and stress can trigger migraine headaches which respond wonderfully well to Homeopathic medicine Kali Phos.

I get a migraine attack every time I’m exhausted, whether physically or mentally. Which Homeopathic medicine should I take?

I have seen many patients visit my clinic for such migraines triggered by mental or physical exhaustion. In such cases, Homeopathic medicine Epiphegus shows remarkable results. Therefore, I would advise Epiphegus for your condition. Epiphegus is also indicated when a person gets a migraine headache even when he deviates slightly from routine work.

What are the best Homeopathic medicines for migraine with aura?

Cyclamen and Natrum Muriaticum are the Homeopathic medicines to prescribe for migraine with aura. Cyclamen is a very effective Homeopathic medicine for migraine which is preceded with flickering before eyes or dim vision. Natrum Mur may be taken when aura is blindness or zigzag dazzling lines before the eyes. Natrum Mur is also helpful when the aura is numbness or tingling in the nose, tongue or lips arising before the migraine attack.

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Top Five Homeopathic Medicines to Treat Migraine – Part 2

Top Five Homeopathic Medicines to Treat Migraine – Part 2

Epiphegus for migraine headaches

A lesser known drug for migraine but does wonders if symptoms match. I can personally vouch for Epiphegus .I treated my cluster headaches with Epiphegus which would settle over my left eye. Epiphegus is very effective for cluster headaches. This drug has more affinity for left side. It is indicated when headaches come on with MENTAL EXERTION or MENTAL TIRE. Headaches that are triggered by going out in the sun or, shopping or any deviation from normal routine. Mainly headaches that are caused by overwork or fatigue, Epiphegus does wonders in curing them miraculously.

Nux Vomica for gastric Migraines

Gastric migraine is a new terminology that is being used in modern medicine nowadays. It refers to a condition where the headaches are accompanied by gastric disturbances. The gastric disturbances that are usually accompanied with migraine headaches are constipation (this could be in the form of ineffectual desire to pass stool; or not getting complete evacuations) bloating of abdomen or feeling of gas; or a feeling or an inability to release gas. Nux is also used for headaches that brought on by eating fatty, rich fried food. Alcohol consumption when leads to triggering of headaches are effectively treated with Nux Vomica.

Medicines mentioned here are for information purpose only. Kindly do not self medicate.

Top Five Homeopathic Medicines to treat Migraine part 1


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Why migraine occurs

Migraines, known to be one of the most common ailments of the nervous system, cause frequent headaches and at times other neurological symptoms such as tingling, numbness or weakness on one side of the body. However, initial symptom still remains occurrence of an aura (intuition that an attack is about to happen), such as a visual disturbance like bright spots or zigzag lines appearing before the eyes.

Now how does an aura begin? Well, it starts with temporary contraction of the vessels supplying blood to the brain. As soon as these vessels, tightly constricted till then, open up and a gush of blood flows through to the brain, a severe headache, mostly one-sided, follows. Though all migraines may not follow the same pattern, important is that these headaches occur after a person has passed through, rather than during, the times of stress, for example after an examination or some important interview.


Even as details about migraines are yet to be known, researchers point out that these severe headaches are caused by functional changes in the trigeminal nerve system, a major pain pathway in the nervous system. It may even result out of the imbalances in brain chemicals, including serotonin. The levels of serotonin, which plays a regulatory role for the pain messages passing through this pathway, drop during a headache. This, as per researchers, causes the trigeminal nerve to release substances called neuropeptides, which travel to the brain’s outer covering, known as meninges. Once it reaches there, blood vessels become enlarged and inflamed, resulting in headache.


Migraine may result out of several causes, but the most common triggers that have been witnessed include hormonal changes, stress, intake of certain foods, sensory stimuli, changes in the sleep-wake schedule and intense physical exertion, including sexual activity. On the hormonal front, the exact relationship between them (hormones) and headaches is not clear yet, but researchers believe fluctuations in estrogen trigger headaches in many women, who have history of migraines. Females often report headaches immediately before or during their periods, and this corresponds to a major drop in estrogen. Others have an increased tendency to develop migraines during pregnancy or menopause. Hormonal medications, such as contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy, may also worsen migraines.

Then, stress at work or home can instigate migraines. Overuse of caffeine; certain seasonings; fermented, pickled, marinated, canned or processed food; skipping meals or even fasting can trigger migraines. Alcohol, especially beer and red wine, too can be a cause. Bright light and sun glare can produce head pain. So can unusual smells, including scents such as perfume and flowers, and unpleasant odours, such as paint thinner and secondhand smoke. Besides, environmental changes like in weather, season, altitude level or barometric pressure and certain medications can also aggravate migraines.


Despite being a chronic disorder, migraines often remain undiagnosed, and as a result untreated. As soon as a a person witnesses the first symptoms of a severe headache, he or she should track the attacks and contact a doctor. If one has a history of headaches, advice from the doctor becomes even the more compulsory. One should definitely contact a medical practitioner if an abrupt, severe headache like a thunderclap occurs; if headache with fever, stiff neck, rash, mental confusion, seizures, double vision, weakness, numbness or trouble speaking is there; headache after a head injury persists or a chronic headache that gets worse after coughing, exertion, straining or a sudden movement attacks a person.

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Top 4 Homeopathic Medicines for Headaches

Homeopathic Medicines For headache

A moderate to severe kind of headache, accompanied by symptoms like vomiting, nausea and extreme sensitivity to light and sound, may be the first signs of a typical migraine attack. The pain may remain confined to one portion of the head or affect both the sides. At times it may become unbearable, hence throwing an individual out of action for hours, or even days together. The migraine pain can interfere with the daily activities of a person and tends to worsen with extended physical activity. With symptoms so severe, all a person can think about is finding a dark, quiet corner for lying down. Homeopathic medicines for headaches can be a big boon for those who suffer from recurrent headaches. Homeopathic remedies not only treat the acute situation of the headache but also treat the chronicity of the headaches. This means that homeopathic medicines used for the treatment of Headaches treat the headaches in a permanent fashion.

The occurrence of migraine has been witnessed more among women than men. On an average, about 17 per cent of the women go through the agonizing pain of migraine while the count among men is not even half — 6 per cent. In a few cases, these painful headaches are preceded or accompanied by a sensory forewarning (aura), such as flashes of light, blind spots or itching in the arm or leg. Though migraine attack generally lasts from four to 72 hours, the frequency with which headaches occur may vary from person to person.

Most of the people have migraines sans auras, which were previously termed as common migraines. Some, however, experience migraines accompanied by auras, previously called classic migraines. If falling in the second category, a person is more likely to have an aura about 15 to 30 minutes before the headache begins. While going through an aura, one is susceptible to seeing sparkling flashes of light, perceive dazzling zigzag lines in his or her field of vision, experience gradually spreading blind spots in vision and at times, though rarely, experience weakness or language and speech problems.

Whether or not one has auras, a person suffering with migraine may have one or more sensations of premonition (prodrome) several hours or a day or so before the headache actually strikes. These sensations include thoughts of joy or intense energy, cravings for sweet stuff, drowsiness, thirst, irritability or depression.

  EARLY INCIDENCE First symptoms of migraines start to appear in childhood, adolescence or early adulthood and may become less frequent and less intense as one grows older. Apart from physical suffering, severe headaches often result in poor attendance in schools and regular visits to a doctor, besides leading to loss in work time for the worried parents. Though migraines among children do not last long, the pain could be disabling and might be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, lightheadedness and increased sensitivity to light. In children, migraine is more likely to occur on both sides of the head. Notably, kids may also have all of the signs and symptoms of a migraine — nausea, vomiting, increased sensitivity to light and sound — but no head pain. These “abdominal migraines” could be particularly more difficult to make out. But, significant is that some of the medications that are effective for adults work for children as well. Belladonna as a Homeopathic medicine for  congestive headaches Belladonna is one of the leading homoeo-medicine for treating migraine it is indicated when the headaches start from the back of the head and settle over the eye. The right side is the more affected and the pain is of throbbing and pounding type which gets worse from light , noise and even slight jerk or movement. Sanguinaria as  a homeopathic medicine for Right Sided Headaches Sanguinaria is useful for headaches that are generally right sided and are associated with exposure to sun. It is also suited when the head pain is relieved by lying down and by sleep. Iris is most indicated when there is great deal of nausea and vomiting associated with headaches. Epiphegus as a Homeopathic Medicine For exertion Headaches I have in my experience found Epiphegus to be a great remedy for migraine in Women and is indicated when the symptoms are aggravated by least physical and mental exertion. Mental and physical exhaustion also trigger an attack. Activities like going shopping etc, going out in the sun etc easily start off an attack. Gelsemium For Occipital Headaches Homeopathic medicine Gelsemium works very well for headaches that start from the back of the neck and gradually cover whole of the head.

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Migraine Treatment

migraine treatment with homeopathy…by Dr. Vikas Sharma

I am a 30-year-old homemaker, suffering from recurrent headaches for the last six years. The headache begins with disturbance in vision. I start seeing two objects instead of one, floating patterns, flashing lights, which disappear after some time. This is followed by a severe headache lasting hours and even days. The headache usually starts from the back of the head and neck and spreads to the entire head. These attacks occur once or twice a week-and are accompanied by extreme weakness. The headaches are more frequent when my sleep pattern is disturbed. The CT Scan and MRI and complete eye check-up, have detected no abnormality. Please suggest a homeopathic medicine.

MRS TINA, Sector 16, Chandigarh.

These are the symptoms of ‘Classic Migraine’. Classic migraine headaches refer to those migraine headaches which are preceded by a visual disturbance called an aura. This type of migraine is different from common migraines (no ‘warning or aura) or complicated migraines (associated with non-visual neurological symptoms such as disturbances in speech, movement, or sensory perception). Migraine is a common kind of chronic headache, affecting about six out of hundred people. Migraines most commonly occur in women between the ages of 10 and 46 years. In some cases, migraines appear to run in families. Classical migraine accounts for about one-sixth of all migraines. The symptoms of migraine may occur as a result of changes in blood vessel diameter. Initially, constriction or spasm of blood vessels may decrease blood flow to these areas of brain. This can result in neurological symptoms other than headaches, including., visual changes, difficulty in speaking, weakness or numbness in one part of the body, tingling sensations etc. Minutes to hours later, the blood vessels enlarge, resulting in severe headache. Classical migraine specifically refers to those migraines preceded by visual symptoms.

Migraine treatment with Homeopathic medicines Gelsemium, Cyclamen, Irish, Natrum Mur, Kali Bichrome are very effective in treating classic migraine. As you have mentioned diplopia (seeing two objects instead of one) as one of your symptoms, you may take Gelsemium 200, one dose a week, a for a period of one month. There are clear hereditary factors and environmental triggers contributing to migraine causing abnormal blood vessel caliber and inflammation, resulting in the ensuing symptoms. Attacks of migraine headache may be associated with allergic reactions, bright lights, loud noises, physical or mental stress, changes in sleep patterns, smoking or exposure to tobacco smoke, missed meals, alcohol, caffeine, hormonal fluctuations (related to menstrual cycle or use of birth control pills), and other conditions. Even in the absence of a clear factor that provokes migraine attacks, changes in lifestyle are useful. Many patients may benefit from a regular sleep schedule and exercise. Avoiding tobacco, caffeine, and alcohol also proves beneficial.

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Migraine headaches treatment

I am talking of a a little heard medicine in homeopathy ‘Epiphegus’ . It has a wonderful role in treating migraine headaches. I have personally seen a great number of chronic migraines being treated with this medicine within months.the key indication for the use of epiphegus are headaches that are brought on by least exertion wether mental or physical; Any deviation from normal routine can start a headache. It is more used when  left side is more predominantly affected. A very important symptom that i have noticed in patients who become better with Epiphegus is that they have a sudden strong urge to eat before the headache starts.

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Migraine and its Homeopathic Treatment

 Migraine -get rid of it

131570282_513262e8fd_m  Migraine headaches are associated with very severe pain in the head This head ache occurs in an unpredictable repetitive pattern. The severity of pain and the unpredictability associated with them can make life very miserable and disabling. Migraines are much more common in women and are more common between the ages of 10 and 46.

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