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Top Five Homeopathic Remedies For Chronic Sore Throat


Chronic sore throat can be quite discomforting as it can be a source of perpetual irritation or pain in a person’s throat. It is a chronic infection of the throat characterized by a constant irritation in the throat, with or without pain, and may be associated with hoarseness of voice in some patients. Homeopathic remedies promise a safe and successful recovery and relief from this condition as they address not just the symptoms of soreness but also its underlying factors.


I find the following five to be the favourite remedies for curing a chronic sore throat owing to their efficacy in assuaging the myriad manifestations of this condition:

CAPSICUM: Homoeopathic medicine capsicum is the top-most remedy for cases of chronic sore throat. The main feature is that there is a constant, stitching pain in the throat. Capsicum may be prescribed in cases of chronic sore throat which are associated with gastric or rheumatic complaints. Swallowing of solids or liquids becomes an agonizing exercise. There may be a constant itching in the throat with a sensation of roughness. Capsicum may be given in sore throat when there is a dry cough with thick phlegm. This natural remedy may be prescribed in young girls who stay away from home and feel homesick. There may be a constant desire to drink cold drinks but there is a sudden, agonising pain in the throat during an attempt to swallow.

IGNATIA: I find homoeopathic medicine Ignatia is also a very well indicated remedy in cases of chronic sore throat. This may be associated with chronic tonsillitis. Ignatia may be prescribed when swallowing of liquids is more painful and the pain subsides on swallowing solids. The pain may be stinging and burning in nature. There may be a constant lump-like sensation in the throat with an urge to clear the throat.

PSORINUM: The homoeopathic medicine Psorinum may be indicated in sore throats which tend to be recurrent. There may be a constant pain in the throat which may radiate to the ears during an attempt to swallow. There may a constant desire to stay warm because of the extreme chilliness, so much so that there is a desire to be dressed warmly even during summers. Psorinum may be given to improve the immunity in children who suffer from recurrent upper respiratory infections. There may be a foul-smelling discharge from the throat. All the symptoms are aggravated by a cold in general and by drinking coffee, and usually get better with warmth.

PHOSPHOROUS: Homoeopathic remedy Phosphorous is best prescribed in cases of chronic sore throats in people who suffer from ill-effects of overuse of their voice, for example, in public speakers, singers, teaching professionals etc. Phosphorous may be given when there is a constant tickling and itching sensation in the throat. There may be hoarseness of voice and, at times, there may be a total loss of voice on attempt to talk. There may be an inability to talk on account of pain in the throat. Phosphorous may be prescribed when exposure to strong odours gives rise to a sudden bout of violent cough. There may be a burning pain in the throat on coughing. There is a constant desire to drink cold, refreshing drinks as it gives relief from the burning sensation in the throat. All complaints are worsened by mental exertion, change of weather as well as hot climate, and improved by cold drinks, gargling with cold water and by proper sleep.

SULPHUR: This is one of the best indicated medicines in cases of chronic sore throat. Sulphur may be prescribed when there is a sensation of heat in the mouth and throat. There may a sensation of swelling in the throat as if some foreign body is stuck and there is a constant attempt to clear the throat. Sulphur may be given in people with a hoarseness of voice with a constant burning in the throat. The sputum may be rusty or stained or greenish. Sulphur may be given to reduce the recurrence of throat infections.

Call Dr. Sharma's Clinic - From United States and Canada call 703-659-0873. Patients From rest of the world and India call +91-9815299965

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