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High Cholesterol? Homeopathy the Natural Solution for it

Homeopathic Remedies for High Cholestrol

Cholesterol is a fatty or waxy substance present in blood that is required for normal functioning of the body.  The normal required level of cholesterol in blood is less than 200mg/dl. When the blood cholesterol rises beyond this limit, it is referred to as high cholesterol. It does not show any symptom until the cholesterol deposits in the blood vessels. When the cholesterol gets deposited in the arteries, their lumen get narrowed and hardened, which is referred to as Arteriosclerosis. As a result of this, blood supply to various organs is hindered and this leads to several symptoms depending upon the site and the degree of occlusion. When the blood supply to heart is decreased due to narrowing of carotid arteries (arteries that supply blood to the heart muscle), it leads to chest pain and shortness of breath. On complete occlusion of coronary arteries, heart attack follows. When the blood supply to the brain is hindered, brain damage leading to paralytic symptoms or memory loss results. Homeopathy for High Cholesterol not only helps in reducing the high cholesterol levels in the blood, but also dissolves the cholesterol deposits clinging to arterial walls.  The Homeopathic Remedies for High Cholesterol are made of natural substances and are completely safe with zero side effects.

Top Homeopathic Remedies for High Cholesterol

Homeopathy has a number of natural remedies that are of great help in lowering the high cholesterol levels in blood. These medicines act in two ways for high cholesterol patients. The natural remedies first help in reducing the high cholesterol levels in blood and secondly, they have the inherent power to dissolve the cholesterol deposits that have clung to the arterial walls and narrowed down their lumen. Symptoms like chest pain, palpitations and shortness of breath can also be effectively controlled by the use of natural medicines. The medicines that work best for the patient are always selected based on the symptoms narrated by each individual.

1. Allium Sativum: For Lowering High Cholesterol Level

Allium Sativum is the natural medicine for high cholesterol levels. As this remedy is made from garlic, it is considered as the best natural medicine for cholesterol control as this helps in eliminating the excess cholesterol from the body by raising the vitality of the person. The high blood pressure due to cholesterol deposits in the arteries can also be wonderfully treated with the help of Allium Sativum. The patients in whom high cholesterol is the result of excessive eating of meat can benefit by this remedy. The patients requiring Allium Sativum usually have an increased appetite, especially a craving for meat. They also suffer from acidity symptoms like burning in stomach and acrid burping or belching.

2. Aurum Metallicum: For High Cholesterol with Rapid Pulse

Aurum Metallicum is prepared from gold and is very beneficial for patients with high cholesterol levels. It is of great help in those cases of high cholesterol where the arteries have become hardened due to cholesterol deposits and where high blood pressure is present. The patients requiring Aurum Metallicum have a rapid and irregular pulse with violent palpitations. The patient may complain of pain behind the sternum, especially at night. The mental symptoms presented by the patient that hold a significance in selecting this are a depressed feeling, getting angry over the slightest contradiction and thoughts of committing suicide.

3. Calcarea Carbonica: For Reducing High Cholesterol in Overweight People

Calcarea Carbonica is the best natural remedy for reducing high cholesterol in fat or overweight patients. An unusual and excessive craving for boiled eggs is present in these patients. Excessive sensitiveness to cold air and continuous perspiration on scalp are symptoms that are always considered in patients of high cholesterol for using Calcarea Carbonica. This medicine is also of great help for patients who complain of tightness or oppression in chest or a feeling of suffocation that is intensified on going upstairs. Excessive palpitations may also be complained of at night or after having meals.

4. Nux Vomica: High Cholesterol in Patients Craving Alcohol, Fatty Food

Nux Vomica is the one of the best medicines for High Cholesterol patients who have an excessive craving for alcoholic drinks and fatty food. Mentally, such patients are very irritable and angry. They are also chronic sufferers of obstinate constipation.

5.  Crataegus Oxyacantha: For Heart Muscles

Crataegus Oxyacantha is a natural medicine that acts as a tonic for heart muscles that have become weakened due to reduced blood supply to heart as a result of deposits of cholesterol in the arteries. This medicine acts very efficiently in strengthening these weak muscles and regularising the heart’s action. Crataegus Oxyacantha ranks as the top medicine for dissolving the cholesterol deposits in arteries. The patients requiring this medicine complain of difficulty in breathing after even the slightest exertion.

6. Baryta Muriaticum: For High Cholesterol Levels in Elderly

Baryta Muriaticum is the best natural medicine for elderly people who suffer from high cholesterol levels and where the arteries have become rigid with loss of normal elasticity. The systolic pressure is always on the higher side in these patients. Baryta Muriaticum is a very beneficial remedy where the cholesterol plaques have deposited in the arteries, leading to heart and brain affections. Heaviness and vertigo consequent to the reduced blood supply to brain can be tackled well with this medicine.

7. Strophanthus Hispidus: For Reducing Extreme Effects of High Cholesterol

Strophanthus Hispidus is an excellent natural medicine for reducing the extreme effects of high cholesterol levels in blood. It is very efficient and safe remedy which can be used in old age to tone up the weak heart muscles. It also has the capacity to drain off the dropsical affections that have occurred from extreme effects on heart due to high cholesterol deposits. The heart affections that have resulted as a combined effect of tobacco smoking and high cholesterol levels also come under this medicine. The other symptoms that guide towards the use of Strophanthus Hispidus are excessive palpitations, cardiac pain and breathlessness.

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  1. Dr. Mary Olodun says:

    Hello, Dr. Sharma,

    I am a CEDH graduate and find your website to be the most helpful— even over the materica resource! The information you provide is at our fingertips & provides the morphology of our subjects wrapped up in a simple, easy to read paragraph.

    Thank you. Your website is fast-becoming my #1 trusted homeopathic resource.

  2. Dear sir,
    I’m 39 years old and I have LDL 169 and HDL 34, and high blood pressure since 2/3 months. At nights I feel stomach pain when I woken up than after a while it will be ok.
    Please suggest me homeopathic medicine with dosage and time period.

  3. Safdar Ali says:

    Dear Dr

    I have a high cholesterol level at 8.6. My age is 50 and weight is 72kg

    What you suggest to lower my cholesterol

    Many thanks

  4. I am a 77 y/o woman whose recent blood tests showed high total cholesterol, 204, and high HDL of 88. I have always had higher normal levels of HDL, and LDL has been well within the normal ranges (normal as per allopathic medicine recommendations.) I have a mitral valve leak that has not caused me any serious issues, but has recently increased as far as chest pain, and heart murmur. How do I get these cholesterol levels back to desireable levels?

  5. Abdul Mateen khan says:

    I am 63, and at present has issues of three clogged arteries due to high cholesterol levels and facing difficulty in walking, which homeopathic medicine should I use to overcome the problem said above and in what powers..

    • Safdar Ali says:

      Dear Dr

      I have a high cholesterol level at 8.6. My age is 50 and weight is 72kg

      What you suggest to lower my cholesterol

      Many thanks and

  6. Nabeel Ahmed says:

    I have difficulty in walking and sleeping a lot and my tummy is also enlarged while I like to eat fatty things and I am a diabetic patient, I am 53 years old.
    Any good medicine shoabe tell me and how to take the medicine.
    I will be thankful to you for that.

  7. Meherunnisa Begum says:

    ডাঃ শর্মা,আমি একজন নার্ভের রোগী 14।উচ্চ রক্ত চাপ আছে 16 বছর, গ্যাস্টিক তে ভুগছি, ভার্টিগর সাথে কানের ভিতর শব্দ হয়,তলিয়ে যাচ্ছি অনুভব হয়েছে,বর্তমানে একটু কম।এখন আজ 4 মাস রাতের দিকে পুরো পা উরু থেকে গোড়ালি অবধি জ্বালা করে।নার্ভের জন্য Amixcide -H ar shekcal ct O batha বাড়লে Ezact 90 খাই।ব্লাড পরীক্ষা MVC mch সব কম।আর লিভার ভাল নেই, কোলেস্টরল হয়।189.6 ।দয়াকরে এর সমাধান কি জানান।

  8. Priscilla Marquiss says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    I am a 70 year old woman. I eat healthy, I exercise daily & even stopped drinking coffee. My total cholesterol is 241. My HDL is 93. My LDL is 137. Everything else is normal. Can you recommend a homeopathic to lower my cholesterol? I don’t want to take a statin.
    Also, I have osteoporosis- any suggestions for that- as well?
    Thank you so much!

  9. dose triminelia arjuna help in reducing cholestrol and clearing bood vessels

  10. Hi Dr, I am 58 yrs old male with prolonged hyperlipidomia, identified while I am 40 yrs ( Total Cholestrol always above 250 and LDL above 200, HDL 40 to 50 range and Trygliceride 100-150 range)
    My height is 167CM but weight is only 59 since last 8 years,
    Some of the symptoms above mentioned started showing to me
    I am not taking any medicine for it, than my diet and lifestyle routine
    Seeking your support and guidance

  11. Sheil Livgren says:

    Where can I purchase the homeopathic remedy for high cholesterol

    • Hi
      Do you recommend some homeopathy medicine. Or someone I can consult online?
      I have many years problem of acidity/ Acid reflux. While sleeping acid comes to my throat and it causes breathing problem and suddenly wake up having no breathing. Very discomfort and frightening sensation . I am not used to eating extra spicy or too much fatty food intake or acidic food. Any type of food intake even 1-2 hours before sleeping cause this effect ( usually it increases taking Piza type food ) I have to sleep having two pillows under my head to raise my upper body. I am 64 having weight of 100 kg / 5-11. Average good health.
      H. Bajwa

  12. I have lepoma,fat at different body location, on hand ,on right leg, on neck, some time it pain , any medicine please.

  13. Parameswar Tandia says:

    I am 63 . My HDL is 40, and LDL is 123. Average glucose level is 131. I can not do physical exercises due to encountering a major accident in the past. How can this trend be reversed by homeopathic medicine.

  14. Pain in the legs and neck muscles.
    Disturb stomach
    Pressure on heart
    High cholesterol..

  15. Can Homeopathy help to reduce Cholestrol. I am taking Statin 20mg dose. I am concerned about side effects

  16. Hi ,

    Should I start statins or homeopathic as I have
    Cholesterol- 265
    LDL – 195

    • jayalakshmi sivaramakrishnan says:

      Dear doctor, I am a heart patient n had Repairs to heart valve in 2017 dec. I am on allopathic medicines for high BP and heart condition with mild to moderate regurgitation in valves.
      I am 70 years old female.
      Recently I had been experiencing mild dizziness for few seconds n after seeing that my LDL is high and HDL is very low, the doctor has prescribed aspirin n cholesterol medication.
      The cholesterol medication is making me very tired , achy n so after 4 days, I have stopped taking it to see whether it’s only causing it.
      Kindly suggest what medication nin Homeopathy I can take in lieu of that
      Thanks n regards.

    • Md tofayel ahmed says:

      I am 66 years LDL cholesterol is 190. I don’t want to take statin. Which homeo medicine can I take?

  17. Janelle Worley says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,

    What remedy should I take if I have a combo to some of the symptoms? For instance, I crave hard boiled eggs but don’t have the other symptoms listed for Calcarea Carbonica. However, I also crave alcoholic drinks.

    Other symptoms I have that are listed above: The mental symptoms presented by the patient that hold a significance in selecting this are a depressed feeling, getting angry over the slightest contradiction. Mentally, such patients are very irritable and angry.

    I am 59. I exercise 3-4 times a week, don’t eat beef or pork and 95% gluten free and dairy free (and have been for 10+ years). I drink wine = 4 to 6 glasses/week. In general I am a healthy eater.

    I am 20 lbs overweight (came on in my 50’s). Here are my cholesterol levels: Total = 228, HDL = 66, triglycerides = 68, LDL = 146.

    Thanks for your help. I do not want to go on traditional meds for high cholesterol.

  18. Ashokkumar Vinayak Patwardhan says:

    With 3 Heart Blockages due to diabetes need medicines for

    1. Heart Blockges

    Inform time and amount of Intake for each medicine.

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