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High Cholesterol ? Homeopathy the Natural Solution for it

 Homeopathic Remedies For High Cholesterol

Homeopathic Remedies for High Cholestrol

Homeopathic Remedies for High Cholestrol

Cholesterol is a fatty or waxy substance present in blood that is required for normal functioning of the body.  The normal required level of cholesterol in blood is less than 200mg/dl. When the blood cholesterol rises beyond this limit, it is referred to as high cholesterol. It does not show any symptom until the cholesterol deposits in the blood vessels. When the cholesterol gets deposited in the arteries, their lumen get narrowed and hardened, which is referred to as Arteriosclerosis. As a result of this, blood supply to various organs is hindered and this leads to severalsymptoms depending upon the site and the degree of occlusion. When the blood supply to heart is decreased due to narrowing of carotid arteries (arteries that supply blood to the heart muscle),it leads to chest pain and shortness of breath. On complete occlusion of coronary arteries, heart attack follows. When the blood supply to brain is hindered, brain damage leading to paralytic symptoms or memory loss results. The Homeopathic treatment for High Cholesterol not only helps in reducing the high cholesterol levels in blood, but also dissolves the cholesterol deposits clinging to arterial walls. The Homeopathic Remedies for High Cholesterol are made of natural substances and are completey safe with zero side effects.

Homeopathic Treatment for High Cholesterol Levels in Blood

Homeopathy has a number of natural remedies that are of great help in lowering the high cholesterol levels in blood. The Homeopathic medicines act in two ways for high cholesterol patients. The natural Homeopathic remedies first help in reducing the high cholesterol levels in blood and secondly, they have the inherent power to dissolve the cholesterol deposits that have clungto the arterial walls and narrowed down their lumen. Symptoms like chest pain, palpitations and shortness of breath can also be effectively controlled by the use of natural Homeopathic medicines. The Homeopathic medicines that work best for the patient are always selected based on the symptoms narrated by each individual.

Top Homeopathic Remedies for High Cholesterol levels in blood

Allium Sativum: Best Homeopathic remedy for lowering high cholesterol level

Homeopathic medicine Allium Sativum is the natural medicine for high cholesterol levels.As this homeopathic remedy is made from garlic,it is considered as the best natural medicine for cholesterol control as this helps in eliminating the excess cholesterol from the body by raising the vitality of the person. The high blood pressure due to cholesterol deposits in the arteries can also be wonderfully treated with the help of Homeopathic medicine Allium Sativum. The patients in whom high cholesterol is the result of excessive eating of meat can benefit by this Homeopathic remedy. The patients requiring Homeopathic medicine Allium Sativum usually have an increased appetite, especially a cravingfor meat. They also suffer from acidity symptoms like burning in stomach and acrid burping or belching.

Aurum Metallicum: Homeopathic remedy for high cholesterol with rapid pulse

NaturalHomeopathic medicine Aurum Metallicum is prepared from gold and is very beneficial for patients with high cholesterol levels. It is of great help in those cases of high cholesterol where the arteries have become hardened due to cholesterol deposits and where high blood pressure is present. The patients requiring Homeopathic medicine Aurum Metallicum have a rapid and irregular pulse with violent palpitations. The patient may complain of pain behind the sternum, especially at night. The mental symptoms presented by the patient that hold a significance in selecting this Homeopathic medicine are a depressed feeling, getting angry over the slightest contradiction and thoughts of committing suicide.

Calcarea Carbonica: Homeopathic medicine for reducing high cholesterol in overweight persons

Calcarea Carbonica is the best natural Homeopathic remedy for reducing high cholesterol in fat or overweight patients. An unusual and excessive craving for boiled eggs is present in these patients. Excessive sensitiveness to cold air and continuous perspiration on scalp are symptoms that are always considered in patients of high cholesterol for using Homeopathic medicine Calcarea Carbonica. This Homeopathic medicine is also of great help for patients who complain of tightness or oppression in chest or a feeling of suffocation that is intensified on going upstairs. Excessive palpitations may also be complained of at night or after having meals.

Nux Vomica: Top Homeopathic Treatment for High Cholesterol in patients with craving for alcohol, fatty food

Natural Homeopathic medicine Nux Vomica is the one of the best homeopathic medicines for High Cholestrol patients who have an excessive craving for alcoholic drinks and fatty food. Mentally, such patients are very irritable and angersome. They are also chronic sufferers of obstinate constipation.

Crataegus Oxyacantha: Homeopathic tonic for heart muscles

Crataegus Oxyacantha is a natural Homeopathic medicine that acts as a tonic for heart muscles that have become weakened due to reduced blood supply to heart as a result of deposits of cholesterol in the arteries. This Homeopathic medicine acts very efficiently in strengthening these weak muscles and regularising the heart’s action. Crataegus Oxyacantha ranks as the top Homeopathic medicine for dissolving the cholesterol deposits in arteries. The patients requiring this Homeopathic medicine complainof difficulty in breathing aftereven the slightest exertion.

Baryta Muriaticum: Homeopathic medicines for high cholesterol levels in elderly

Baryta Muriaticum is the best natural Homeopathic medicine for elderly people who suffer from high cholesterol levels and where the arteries have become rigid with loss of normal elasticity. The systolic pressure is always on the higher side in these patients. Homeopathic medicine Baryta Muriaticum is a very beneficial remedy where the cholesterol plaques have deposited in the arteries, leading to heart and brain affections. Heaviness and vertigo consequent to the reduced blood supply to brain can be tackled well with this Homeopathic medicine.

Strophanthus Hispidus: Homeopathic medicine for reducing extreme effects of high cholesterol

Strophanthus Hispidus is an excellent natural Homeopathic medicine for reducing the extreme effects of high cholesterol levels in blood. It is very efficient and safe remedy which can be used in old age to tone up the weak heart muscles. It also has the capacity to drain off the dropsical affections that have occurred from extreme effects on heart due to high cholesterol deposits. The heart affections that have resulted as a combined effect of tobacco smoking and high cholesterol levels also come under this Homeopathic medicine usage. The other symptoms that guidetowards the use of Homeopathic medicine Strophanthus Hispidus are excessive palpitations, cardiac pain and breathlessness.


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  1. Dear Doctor, Your write ups are always crisp and very informative. Thanks for your services. I always refer to it as we use homeopathy at home.As you know now a days combinations are prescribed as against classical homeopathy of one remedy at a time. Combinations versus single remedy is a controversial topic and forgetting about the controversy for the moment, do you suggest any specific combination available in the market which really works. I have tried out combinations (not for cholesterol) of Powell, Dr.Bhattachraya (septnate mixers) and Soham foundation vibronic homeo medicines etc. Though in homeopathy they teat the patient and not the disease, it is a tough job to select single remedy. Do we have to select a single remedy based on characteristic symptom (like bending double for colosynthesis), or based on mental symptom or based on aggravation and amelioration or combination of other symptoms (totality) ? Thanks and regards

  2. Hi Dr
    I’m 53 yrs old female,my total cholesterol is 229.5mg//dl and HDL is 67.33 mg/dl non HDL is 163.17mg/dl and LDL is 138.51mg/dl.

    Please advise me some medication

  3. Dear Dr Sharma,
    I am 68 years male, with HDL Cholesterol 46.55 mg/dL & LDL direct 146.85mg/dL. Fasting glucose level stands at 113.9 mg/dL.
    Could you kindly recommend best remedies to normalise these levels.
    Thanks & Regards
    WhatsApp no. 9978955188

    • Hi Dr
      I’m 53 yrs old female,my total cholesterol is 229.5mg//dl and HDL is 67.33 mg/dl non HDL is 163.17mg/dl and LDL is 138.51mg/dl.

      Please advise me some medication

  4. zeeshan haider says:

    Hello Doctor,
    Im of 35. My Cholestrol is 246 and Triglyceride is 530. My weight is 80kg. which medicine do you prescribe?

  5. anisur rahman says:

    I am suffering high blood pressure

  6. Marisa de Lucas says:

    Good morning Dr Sharma :
    Thank you for your page so clear the homeopathy and yours homeopathic remedies about cholesterol.
    I suffer from genetic cholesterol and I usually use homeopathic remedies
      Among those that you cite which could be beneficial for me?
    I am a 64 year old woman
    In the last analysis I had cholesterol LDL = 215

    Maybe you can advise me
    Many thanks

  7. Shipra Uppal says:

    Good Evening Dr. Sharma,

    It’s a pleasure reading to your enlightening briefs on various Homeopathy medicines and their usefulness..

    Dr. Sharma, I have a question..

    My Mother-in-law is suffering from High BP with high Triglycerides.. She’s is turning 70 now and has a fatty liver plus migraine..

    Is Strophanthus Hispidus is recommended for her..?

    Thank you,

    Shipra Uppal

  8. Jacqueline Sanders says:

    I have high cholesterol and would like to lower this. I have autoimmune under active thyroid (hypothyroidism) and put on weight easily. I have cravings for both sweet and salty foods. I have problems sleeping and am always tired- especially in the afternoons. I have week muscles and find I need to rest after doing the simplest of chores as I get fatigued easily. I also have stomach/digestive problems and have acid reflux. I also have developed many fears. I am a 56 year old lady. I would be grateful to receive advice on remedies to take. Kind regards.

  9. aasma k shaikh says:

    Dr I am a working women age 49 yes with hypothyroidism wighing 82 kgs after removal of uterus last year. . I hv high cholestrol .. While climbing stairs and while walking also there is pain in left hand and it becomes heavy.. I am G6PD PATIENT.. I AM SUFFERING FROM BACK DISK HERINATED ISSUE ALSO.. I CANT WALK MUCH AS IT PAINS IN BACK.. PL SUGGESY HOMEOPATHY MEDICINE FOR THAT

  10. Mr.S.MURUGAIYAN says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I am a retired person,78 years of age.I am a strict vegetarian.My weight is 65 kg.I am taking daily 25 mg of Atenolol as per medical advice to keep BP under control at 130/80.But my blood cholesterol levels are not normal.
    Total cholesterol 257. HDL Cholesterol 49. LDL 184. VLDL 24 Triglycerides 119.
    Kindly advise whether drugs are necessary or just life style changes will suffice.
    Thanking you,

  11. Hello Dr

    I am 160cm , 55 kg & 56 yrs old
    BP 136/86 with minor single dose of BP tablet
    LDL 135 , HDL 40 and Serum Cholestrol 210
    Want Homeo to reduce cholestrol quickly.

  12. Hi Doctor

    Having total cholesterol 244. I am 5’10” and 75 Kg.

    Which medicine will suite me best to reduce the cholesterol

  13. Sudhir Sharma says:

    I have normal ldl vldl and triglycerides.
    But my HDL is 24 .. one doctor suggested me Gauterra gaumeri. Will it gonna be helpful to increase my HDL

  14. Aliza Rosen says:

    I am female age 49 weight 115 lbs and lead a healthy lifestyle with exercise and healthy eating habits. My most recent blood work shows my cholesterol and LDL levels to be approximately 50 point higher than the norm. The doctor says it’s genetics high cholesterol. I want to avoid medication, what do you recommend?

    Thank you,

  15. Hi,

    Which homeopathic medicine would help for splenic artery aneurysm not caused by high cholesterol maybe weakness of the artery walls on a young adult?

  16. r p sharma says:

    Please also mention potency, duration i e for how many days or months and doses during the day.

  17. Jitendra Kumar jha says:

    My triglyceride level is very high I use lipicard 160mg one month ago but not controled test report shows 800 which medicine I use

  18. ayaz ahmad says:

    Dear Dr Sharma, my lipid profile shows 291 triglyceride that seems out of the normal range, HDL were 35 only. Moreover, my body has so many lypomas…….cyst like fats below the skin. what homeopathic medicine would you suggest. my symptoms according to your articles were more matched with Aurum Metallicum medicine. moreover, I have some depression problem too….having sad feelings, anger on slight matters, and increased pulpitation, fear sometime.

  19. Mohan B Gorle says:

    Information is very versatile and useful indeed. It has covered all types of symptoms which changes as per individual troble.


    Reference Range
    total lipids 580 400-700
    Triglycerides 220 40-160
    S Total Cholesterol 192 130-200
    HDL Cholesterol 48 30-55
    Esterifited Cholesterol 134 90-195
    Free Cholesterol 58 30-75
    LDL Cholesterol 100 60-185
    VLDL Cholesterol 44 1-60

    Sir 29/04/2018 my Test Report

    • Manika Banerjee says:

      My triglyceride is 261 ;fasting BS is 149;PP BS is 160
      I am taking beta blocker selo ken 50 ;glycomet sr 500;
      Thyronorm 50; geval plus 500.

      Can I take crataegus q.

      Please suggest any medicine in homeopathy

  21. My son aged about 28 years is with fatty liver and high SGPT & SGOT and high Cloesterol, Triglycerides. He has stones in both the Kidneys. What shall be the appropriate medicine for him in homeopathy? Kindly advise me. With regards.

    • Amarnath kar says:

      Sir my age39+ having cholesterol 256,triglycerides 248,high sgpt taking medicine aztor 10 for two months but I am feeling very much weak and suffering from hand and leg hotter at the time of slleping. Kindly suggest me homeo medicine for such type of irregularities

  22. Amit Pahuja says:

    Some months ago my doctor prescribed me the liquid combination of both -Ceanothus and Crataegus for lowering LDL and triglyceride. But there was no much effect but weight went down so much upto 10-11 kgs in 6-7 mnths. I was under weight already and now it is so much. Please suggest any other best medicine which can help me in lowering bad cholesterol not in loosing weight.

  23. Muhammad Abbas says:

    Hi dr.sharma
    My mother having high cholestrol LDL HDL triglycerides with diabtes mellitus.
    Dibetes conteolled by medicine
    Now complaining lower left leg pain below knee joint and difficult to walk.
    I am giving collocynthis 200 for pain and lecithinum 30x tab for cholestrol
    Recomend medicine please

  24. Anjum Badar says:

    My one month baby is suffering from Hyperlipidemia and collitis. In a month she suffered twice with Sepsis.
    Kindly prescribe for her some safe homeopathic remedies

  25. Hello Dr., my father is a 72 yr. Old and he is a stroke patient, 23dec. 2016 he got cerebral hemorrhage and he was in coma for 3month now he is right side pearlized and can’t walk and no sense in urin and stool. He take 1. Arnica200, 2. Hypericum200, 3. gelsinium200 4. Coeculus I 200 and Kali phos 6x. Now a day his blood urea and creatinine is high and colostral also increase. What should we do? Wanting help from you, thank you. Waiting for reply.

  26. Nylah Edgeman says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    I am taking lipitor. My cholesterol is down below where it should be. I am in so much pain in my legs and my right hip feels like I am going to need a new one when I stand up and sometimes it gives out on me. I have also gained 20 pounds. I have never have a weight problem. and I have never been on any medication. Always done vitamins , homeopathic,etc. What can I take homeopathic that will keep it down please.
    Thank You Nylah

  27. M.Viswanathan. says:

    Dr. This is Viswanathan from Nilgiris. My colostrol level is 220.
    I have read in your article, and remedies . Could you sujust a single combined remedy.

  28. Dear Sharma,

    hope your are in good health, I have LDL cholesterol having 310 md/dl kindly advise me homeopathic medicine to get normal and also advise daily meal intake

  29. Ravinder Singh says:


    My Cholestrol level is 187 in the report which I collect on 7-4-18. Is this a high level and what remedies is best to control it.

  30. Dear sir
    Good Evening
    Sir I m 38 years of age, having palpitation in back side of head & chest. I feel vibration of heart pulse in chest, body & head whole day. This problem starts since 6 months. Weight 84kg.

    Kindly suggest me any medicine for which I very much thankful to u.


  31. Aamir Rizvi says:

    My cholesterol level is staying above the border line for couple of months; reason is disturbed eating and sleeping habits.

    Pls advise medicine.

    Many thanks .

  32. Sir, I am taking a Statin (Atorvatatin group) for years to keep cholesterol level within the range. I have thyroid problem and taking Eltroxin 100mg. Recently I am suffering from diabetes (Fasting 130,PP 180-210).
    Now I have irritating muscle and shoulder joint pain for 2 months. I think it may be due to Statin side effects. I love and respect homeopathy. Would you please suggest homeo drug for cholesterol & blood sugar.
    For more than 20 years I have empty eructation problem. I have to urinate frequently.(more ,during evening,before sleep). I do exercise moderately and feel well when I do exercise. But feel tired/exhausted after having daily routine work.

  33. I have high cholesterol about 206 , but my reasons are NOT ANG that you have mentioned . It is hereditary . Anything in the homeopathic are that you would suggest. I am 66 and are not overweight , do not eat meat , crave meat .
    I also have a stomach issue . Been tested and no issue but always feel like I have a nervous stomach and only can eat bland foods
    When we were in India , my husband saw Dr Banerj. I should have .

  34. Cholesterol 200+ and tryglicirides 468 ! What medication do you suggest

  35. Partap Singh says:

    Sir my total cholesterol is 265 how can I manage it

  36. Good afternoon Dr.
    I am having usually light pain in my left side of chest and getting things forgotten.
    I think I have blockage arteries due to cholesterol.
    Kindly guide me

  37. Susana jennings says:

    Dr I am 72 years old female with excellent health
    I am Vegetetian and I eat very healthy hirganic food
    And I walk aproxmatley 4 miles a day throughout
    Tha day,but my cholesterol is about 228 and the
    LDLis 109 good level of triglicérido,good blood pressure
    130/72. I realized that my high cholesterol is due to stress and anxiety, I wonder what kind of homeopathic medicine do you recommend to lower this cholesterol,I am trying
    To control my stress

  38. Muhammad Ali says:

    I am on staying drug.pls guide which homoeopathic medicine I Should take to lower cholesterol and triglycerides.

  39. Rajib Paul says:

    I have 85% left artery blockage , after angeography Dr, said Bypass surgery is the best for you, but i did not the surgery, so do you help me homeopathy medicine for decrease the blockage?

  40. i have high LDL and cholesterol levels, my LDL is 175 and cholesterol is 253, also my triglycerides is 298. please advise a suitable medicine for me, my age is 43 and wt. is 83kgs a bit bulky in shape.

  41. I m 44 years old,
    high cholesterol ,
    high triglycerides,
    slightly over weight,
    usimg statins from 3 years,
    fenofiberate for triglycerides
    acidy problem with gas problem.
    sometimes constipation.
    want to leave statin, fenofiberate

  42. Harkamaljit Singh says:

    Sir, my cholesterol is 308mg/dl,triglycerides 354 mg/dl, HDL 50 mg/dl, LDL 187 mg/dl. Pls suggest me homeopathic medicine as I do not want to take stains.

  43. Rakesh Kumar gupta says:

    I am 45 years, my total cholesterol is 190.6, triglycerides 206, ldl 54.9, hdl, 100.2. What medicine can be used, my palpitations is abnormal always 80-100, blood sugar is normal please suggest me homeopathy medicine

  44. My Lp(a) is high at 69 and total cholesterol is good. I have a total calcium score of 805 which is to much plaque.

    I need to chelate mercury from my body.

  45. Sanjay pramanick says:

    Sir sajay age 53yrs I suffer from heart disease and in jio graphic test shows that one blockage in my arteries (test 4 years back) now on 28march 2018 lipid profile serum test show CHOLESTEROL TOTL_197MG/DL TRYGLYCERIDES_174 MG/DL’ HDL 43MG/DL, LDL _121MG/DL VLDL_33MG/DL

  46. Manjit singh says:

    Hello Dr ,This is Manjit Singh from Assam ,dhemaji district . sir frequently I feel pain in my chest area,arm ,wrist and I have gas problem too,a year before I tested my LD l high and I didn’t took medicine but I only maintained my diet,I have sleeping problem at night.and please suggest me treatment from homeo medicine..waiting eagerly for your answer. Thanks

  47. Laxmikant Mishra says:

    hello Dr , this is laxmikant Mishra ,from Stafford UK , my cholesterol is 500 and triglyceride 7.5 suppos to be 1.80 , is there any good med in homeyopathy , i am heving statins but i dont want them ,they are not good for health.

    i hope i get an answer from you

  48. Hi Dr Sharma, I am a 44 year old female having ibs and high cholesterol problems. I have tried lots of remedies etc but can’t get rid of severe gas. Please help and recommend something as I have bloating, indigestion and motions due to this gas problem. Many thanks.

  49. Hi i am 34 years old man. I have 270 level of cholestrol. Please suggest some medicine as i also feel pain and heavyness in heart sometimes.

    • Sir…..I have got my lipid profile checked today. Total Cholesterol is 223 and triglyceride is at 277. there is no visible problem and ECG is ok. Can you please advise some remedy. My age is 53


  50. Nohar Prasad 48 Q indiranagar Rasoolpur Gorakhpur says:

    Hello Dr I want to bring to your kind notice problems of my wife aged 65 years.she is suffering from arthritis (knee pain) .she has cholesterol problem as well for which allopathic medicine she is taking regarly.but for last three months she is suffering from urticaria .she takes citrigen allopathic tablet which reliefs for next 96 hours.after this itching with small skin inflation starts and then she takes one tablet and gets relief..a suitable medicinal guidance may kindly be given.

  51. Jai Gopal Verma says:

    I am73 years old have total cholesterol 6.54 my systolic blood pressure remains high as aresult of side effect of medicine gone deaf and have vertigo too symtoms match Baryata advisethe potency and frequency and precautions as I am taking medicines for hypertension

  52. ishwar dasd says:

    i suffer high cholestrol 280 which medicine helpful to reduce it pl tell me

  53. Barb Edell says:

    I have cholesterol levels of 208 ..which is a little higher than usual…it ranges from 186 to 208 total . I eAt well, and are not overweight. It is hereditary.m. Any correct homeopathic meds for that. I do not fit into any of the other med catagories for meds
    Thank you

  54. imran ullah says:

    I am 35 yrs male, recently diagnosed high cholesterol and advised to start medicines. Cholesterol level is 7.8.
    And trigalicride. My height is 5.11 feet and weight is 94 kgs. Some time I feel huge pain in my head and neck.
    What medicines and quantity would you recommend.

  55. Ghazan Khan says:

    I am 35 yrs male, recently diagnosed high cholesterol and advised to start medicines. Cholesterol level is 7.8.
    My height is 5.8 feet and weight is 81kgs.
    What medicines and quantity would you recommend.

  56. Debasmita Mondal says:

    My father(age: 64) is sufferinf grom high blood pressure, sugar(fasting: 140 mg) and cholesterol (242) which medicine to take? Please suggest. His weight 68 kg ang height 5’5″.

  57. Gulbarg Singh says:

    I am having high blood pressure(160/90)
    Triglyceride level =302
    Cholesterol level =280
    Enlarged prostrate
    Retention of urine
    TSH =101

  58. I am 57 years old , have been diagnosed with diabetes type 2 ,4years ago taking Metformin for that. Have now been told I should take statins for high cholesterol 7.9 high triglycerides 2.62 high , I do still get hot flushes starting on the head . I don’t want to start taking statin . please can you advise me on what homeopathic medicine I can take instead of statins thanks .

  59. Ajay kumar ghosal says:

    Mera bloodpresser140/85,age_61,cholestorel 214,. I take metxl50/5 allopathy medicine.Advice me ,mera doses of Allium Sativam.Or Advice me treatment.I Take Allopathy medicine previous 4 years.Thanks.

  60. R.Surendran says:

    I am 59 year old still working. 3 years back I had developed slight pain in the chest, sleeplessness, and gone for a lipid profile test, which reported my Triglyceride level as 299 (HIGH) and started taking Statin 10 mg everyday after 6 months again test my lipid, this time the TG level come slightly come down to 285 and continued with Statin, Again after 6 months I had checked my TG , which shows as 280, which has not come down to NORMAL LEVEL. I would like to discontinue with STATIN, and go for HOMEO medicines.

    Due to high level of TG, in blood, I am facing disturbed sleep, sleeplessness, pain in chest, variation in BP, and other allied problems.

    Presently I am taking ayurvedic medicnes for Ulcerative Colitis (under control), and no Modern medicines are taken, except Tab.Stressnil 0.5 mg, to have a sound sleep.

    Kindly advise

  61. Pradipta Bhattacharya says:

    Ischemic heart disease.

  62. malik bakhtiar ahmed says:

    high cholestrole or tri glycrides is result of food or it is also because of inherited tendency.normally doctors say it is disfunction of lever.i am having high triglycrides ie 230 and already moved through engioplasty and have stent.can homoeopathy medicine treat the blockage of narrowed arteries permanently.what foods should be added or removed from the diet.

  63. J.Rajyalakshmi says:

    I have triglycerides 213.9mg and what medicine homeopathy to be taken to control. Kindly help.

    Thanking you
    Smt. Rajyalakshmi Jonnadula

  64. Sir,
    I am at 61.b.p.134/94,with abnormal puipitation, acidity n gas problem.almost symptoms similar as described in calcaria carbonic a.kindly tell the potency of this or any other medicine suitable to control colestrol, irregular pulpitation,gas n acidity.

  65. S K KHANNA says:

    Dear Dr Sharma Sir,
    I am retired Col from Army and 61 years old. My Cholesterol : 254 mg/100 ml ; LDL : 172 mg / 100 ml
    & T3 – 1.28 ng/ml ; T4 – 5.40 ug/dl ; TSH – 70.00 ulU/ml . Kindly suggest Homeopathic medicines for these.

    With warm regards
    COL S K Khanna

  66. Vijay Kumar says:

    Tell the potency of aurum metallicum to reduce cholesterol

  67. Aslamoalikum i have a patient with enlarged heart + triglycerides 220

  68. Amresh Kumar Sinha says:

    My S.cholesterol-175 , S Triglycerides-185 , HDL Cholesterol-41, LDL Cholesterol-94, VLDL Cholesterol-39, LDLC/HDLC RATIO- 2.29 , TC/HDLC RATIO- 4.24 and non HDLC-133
    Medicine Atorvastatin calcium
    equivalent to Atorvastatin 10 mg

  69. My chol was 491, HDL was 86, Trig was 122, LDL was 381. I’m 71 weight 130lbs and 5ft 6in. Never smoked and don’t drink. Crestol helped but I can’t take it , it effected my joints. I’m taking zetimibe now 10 MG now but haven’t had a blood test yet.

  70. Dilip sarder says:

    Dear sir Dr. Sharma
    I am highly blood pressure. My collestrol level are total collesterol 205mg/do, triglyceride 253 mg/dl, GSM 42.5 mg/dl, LDL 112 mg/dl, Now I am taking fibator 20. But I am suffering bad side effect. What can I do ? Pls. give me advise the best homeo. medicine and dosses.
    Best regards
    Dilip sarder, 008801731433907

  71. My wife aged 68 years, is sugar patient for more than 25 years
    and got bypass surgery in 2013.
    She is having high cholesterol and triglycerides
    She was asked to take TONACT 20mg but
    with this she is having side effects such as
    muscle cramps and anxiety and no appetite.

    To control the cholesterol please suggest the
    Gomel medicine and dosage.
    We sincerely thank you for your immediate
    C K Ramarao
    Mobile 91 9866843460

  72. Sir my age is 47. Near my eyes come white spots. Pleas advices what medicine I can take.

  73. I have 85% left artery blockage, do you help me ?

  74. Mr. Rewaraj Tighare says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    My hypothyroid is 5.36 (latest reading) , since 4 years. The reading is under control by allowpathy 25 mcg. Also having hyper acidity. Cholesterol is in high level. LDL- 117, HDL- 49, serum Triglycerides – 72, serum cholesterol – 180, VDL – 14. I have backbone pain ( L4 & L5 ), cartilege lightly dissolved of L4 & L5. Please suggest me homeopathy remedy.

    Age- 43, wt. 65 kg, pure vegetarian, non alcoholic, non addictive of any other, allergy of milk and all milk products.
    Mr. Rewaraj


    dear Dr.Sharma,
    My last blood test reads CHOLESTEROL 6.46
    HDL Cholesterol (Serum) 2.08,
    Non HDL Cholesterol 4.38
    LDL Cholesterol 3.57
    Total Cholesterol Ratio 3.11

    I take FLUVASTATIN 40mg in the morning and 40mg at night.

    Do you think that if I start taking fresh garlic would help the condition? I am of normal weight. I am 64 years old and have no other conditions.


    high triglycerides level. And high blood pressure and high cholesterol

  77. Naveen singhal says:

    Hi I m suffering from high triglycerides level. And high blood pressure and hypothyrodism. Due to this I m taking sartel 40 OD and throx 37.5mg. due to this my is very swing and I irritate very easily. PL guide me that what homepathic medicine should I take and how. My age is 43 yrs. Having alcohol twice in a week and pure vegetarian.

  78. I am diabetics from 2005
    I have high BP. 150/93
    I am 48 year old
    VLDL Cholesterol . 89.5
    Tryglycerides 456
    My blood glucose. 130. /160
    F. PP

    What to do

  79. I have high bloodpressure(150/80), high LDL (180), ED,sarcoidosis!!
    I am 67 years old .
    What to do?

  80. Biswajit Sarkhel says:


    My triglyceyide level in ,350 . LDL CHOL 105
    VLDL 69 , Sugar Fasting 93; Sugar PP 102
    I quite smoking 4 ys back. Alchole weekly 2-3 times
    Hight 166 cm wt 68 BP 100/80. Age 37

    What will be best homeopatic medicine to reduce my TSG in to normal level


  81. I have had stints put in. The doctor wants me to go on meds for triglycerides and colestrial. I would like to use homeopathic treatments. What do you recommend?

  82. Arvind Kumar Singh says:

    Cholesterol – 250 Triglyceride – 540. Please give me advice for best Homeopathy medicine.

  83. Lynda Janson says:

    I have been diagnosed with Hyperlipidemia and my Dr. says he can’t help me. What homeopathic remedy would be the best in aiding my problem? I truly need your help. Thank you. I am 67 years old.

  84. I am 44, working women .total cholesterol 245.
    Triglyserides138 . Ldl 180. Hdl 38. Vldl 27. Cholesterol ratio 6.4 .. triglyseride, hdl ratio 3.6. How is my condition. I am normal at BP. Sugar

  85. Hello sir, i m Priya from Gurgaon … Last month my husband took one blood test … He got high cholesterol… Cholesterol level 246 triglycerides is 186 … Please help him out to get control of cholesterol … His age is 36 weight is 96 height is 178 .. please give him tips to reduce cholesterol

  86. Md shaheen hossion says:

    Sir, My name is md shaheen hossion. I am 32 years old man and weight 85 kg.I am suffering from gynecomastia, Eczima and low memory. My total cholesterol 211 mg / dl.HDL 41 mg/dl.Triglycerides 552 dl. 1.5 hrs after 75 gm glucose 9.2 mmol/ L.2 hrs after 7.5 gm glucose 5.4 mmol/ L. please suggest me homeopathy medicine.

  87. Jyothy.V.Pillai says:

    sir i am 61 yers old my weight 54 kg ,height 5.3″ .My cholesterol profile is as given below.
    I am having occasional chest pain, breathing trouble,loss of sleep,in digestion.Iam anon vegetarian.
    Please advice me.
    Thanking you,

    • HY Venkatesha Rao says:

      Sir, I am 60 years old non diabetic and BP with 140/95. Total Cholesterol 195, Trig. 197, HDL 31.5, LDL 134.8. I am taking Cozart for BP only. The increase in TRIG and LDL problem is a recent development causing Ventricular Premature pulse. I am a firm believer in Homeopathy almost for the past 45 years. Kindly let me know what to take. I weigh 68 kgs. I have the habit of walking 4 to 5 kms every day. Kindly help me.

      HYV Rao


    sir i am 63 years old man and weight 69kg. height 5’3″ my proffileis cholestrol total 257.0,triglycerides 173.0,cholestrol LDL ,CALCULATED 171.5,chlestrol VLDL,CALCULATED 34.7,CHOL/HDL RATIO 5.0 I taking methi spout in salad and i am not taking oiley food. pl suggest me how can do for redusing colestrol.

  89. Sushma Sharma says:

    Hello doctor.
    I am on allopathy medication for Herpes Zoster (Thoracic) past 10 days. I was asked to get blood test done for Thyroid n Sugar. I went for the blood test package. My Thyroid n Sugar(fasting) are normal but to my shock my Cholesterol level is at 385.3 mg/dl ; Triglycerides 176.1 mg/dl , LDL 310.7 mg/dl , VLDL 35.2 mg/dl and HDL 39.4mg/dl . Also my reports show I m dehydrated ( I don’t feel thirsty so very less water intake since years..) Since last Wednesday, I have changed my lifestyle… Two glass of warm water early in the morning, then two spoons of roasted Flaxseed powder with a glass of warm water.. taking apple, banana, cheeku, guawa regularly , patanjali pustahar dalia with vegetables in lunch n dinner , yesterday started with one spoon of cinnamon powder with one spoon of honey with warm water at bedtime. I don’t want to take allopathy medicine for high cholesterol… Please suggest me what to do..?? Thank you in anticipation.

  90. Manjit singh says:

    Hello Dr.sharma ji
    Good morning
    I am 63 years suffering from coronary artery(chd) disease. One stunt placeed in heart and I have still one artery block at end 65% since March 2016 in engography . I was for on one year 75 mg plavix with 50mg Motroprolo and 40 mg atrovastin to march 2017. Now currently 50mg Motroprolo and pravastatin 40mg. Doctor told pravastatin is lifetime. Dr.sahib you know these are have some side effects.
    Can you suggest any Homeopathic medicines to control triglycerides /cherstrol. Due high triglycerides it happens with medicine it controled now. But any permanent solution for not happen again. I have little thicker blood situation.
    Manjit singh

  91. Hello doctor

    I have high cholestrol level around 270-290
    every time .
    Which medicine and what capacity is best for me
    1.Essentia aurea
    2.calcarea carbonica
    3.crataegus oxyaaaaentha
    Thanks and regards

  92. I am the victim of high triglyceride. 170 and high blood pressure 148/99.I am 43 yrs and my height is 169 and weight is 65 kg. plz suggest some homeo medicine.

  93. Dear Sir

    My sister’s chest pain due to excess cholestorel in blood. Kindly advice for a medicine so that she will be relaxed.
    Thanks Regards

  94. Demetris Patsias says:

    Sir, my name is D. Patsias.

    I am a 61 year old man. My height is 178cm and my weight is 74kgs.
    I follow a strict diet, abstaining from almost everything that might raise blood cholesterol.
    My latest blood cholesterol counts are:
    Total cholesterol – 250 mg/dl.
    HDL-cholesterol – 68 mg/dl.
    LDL-cholesterol – 146 mg/dl.
    Triglycerides – 182 mg/dl.

    Please give advice for Homeopathic remedies.

  95. Md.Rezaul Islam says:

    Sir ,I am 41 years old man ….I have 1878mg/dl triglyceride and 326mg/dl total cholesterol, HDL…25mg/dl LDL….190mg/dl,I do not drink alcohol or smoke.can you help me for my High Blood pressure and high colestrol. Kindly suggest me Homeopathic medicine.

  96. Korumilli immanuel babu says:

    My name is narayana murthy k

    Iam suffering from daibeties ,and high colestral, and hyper acidity ..

    Please advice some remedies in homeo pathi

  97. Sharat Banerjee says:

    Sir on 9/9/2017 I feel pain on my chest I admitted in hospital my SGOT 43 SGPT 86 GGTP 99 and cholesterol total 230 Triglycerides 281.20 HDL 38.10 LDL 135.66 VLDL 56.24 ecco in clear but TMT is positive sir doctor asked for ngografi & ngoplast sir to avoid this please suggest homeopathy madicice as soon as possible Thanks Sharat Banerjee 9027939131

  98. RAJAT DIXIT says:

    Sir I am 41 years old man ….I have 403 triglyceride and 242 total cholesterol….40.58 HDL….130 LDL…VLDL 71..Kindly suggest me Homeopathic medicine.
    I am strict vegetation….

  99. Kishor Giri says:

    Hallo Dr.
    My Cholesterol Level 272
    HDL Cholesterol 49
    LDL Cholesterol 166
    Triglycerides 227

  100. My cholesterol level 272 please advised the remedy to control the cholesterol. Also I have feel the pain in my heals.

  101. Pradipta Roy says:

    Hello Sir,
    Myself Pradipta Roy aged 55 yrs.I have gout problem and now my cholesterol and triglycerides levels are298 and 206.Pl suggest me the medicine for immediate reduce of cholesterol and triglycerides levels.Myself of 174 cm height and present weight is 73 kg.

    • Biswajit Das says:

      Hello sir I Biswajit Das age 37 during 8years I have cholesterol ldl 250 hdl 45 but now I used medicine crestor 20 now ldl 130 hdl 45 but when I stop medicine ldl continue raised can I use homeopathy to control high cholesterol.

  102. Jagadish Bandi says:

    Good evening sir,
    Iam suffering from high triglycerides in my bloob, please suggest control medicine from homeopathy and use full dosage

  103. rajesh kumar shivhare says:

    Hello doctor, I am 36 year old suffering from high cholesterol levels since last 7 years at present my triglycerides at 415 and cholesterol at 260 in test conducted 2 hours after full breakfast, I have also been detected for hypothyroidism and cervical problem at T3t4, my systolic always remains between 90 to 100 also has a history of mild depression 10 years back

  104. Harish Kumar says:

    Hi doctor
    I am Harish and facing high cholesterol problem from last 4 years, I sending you all my details below
    Cholestrol Total-287
    Alanine Aminotransferase – 54
    Triglycerides – 215

    I am not eating anything regularly which is harmful for my body, plz tell me some german tincture which is appropriate for me.

    • mother tincture Chelidonium 3x for three months 5 drops in little water three times after three months repeat the Lipid test

  105. Md. Matiur Rahman says:

    D/ Dr. I’m suffering from left side paralysis from five years Now problem is becoming hard of total vertebrae , heaviness of head & Left side tightness of chest .CTA showing beaded of cca mca icca diabetic patient. PLsuggest me home remedy.

  106. Air iam Farruq sultana frm Hyderabad iam suffering from high cholesterol levels around 220mg ldl level also shows high I went on statins but I suffer severe side effects which ruin my life I want to go fr alternate medicine which don’t give side effects my age is 53 I also got diabetes thyriod and blood pressure i taking allopathy medicine which are in controlled so will u please suggest me appropriate medicines that suits my health.

  107. abid javed says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma .
    I am Abid . I was suffering in heart issue on 2nd Aug and stent fitted in Arties. I am using medicine for heart as doctor advise. My request is that I have read the properties of Crataegus Oxyacantha. Can I start to use this along with allopathic medicine.

    • Sir my husband cholesterol levels is 206 and lol cholesterol is high.
      His bp is 170 /110
      What medicine can be given to it dangerous. Kindly reply me sir

  108. James McDermott says:

    Dear Dr Sharma
    I am a male 74 years old. I have always had high cholesterol levels most of my lifetime. I currently have a healthy diet ,lots of vegetables at every meals. Also eat fish Basa 3 times a week I have high blood pressure controlled by Olmtec Recently my family physician prescribed Crestor for my high cholestral I was not able to counties with this drug due to,sever cramps. My Dr then prescribed Pravastan I am having problems with as well feeling down and depressed. v
    Can you recommend a simple healthy alternative the Statin drugs.
    James McDermott

  109. shiv swami says:

    My wife age 61 yrs,have TCH-241,LDL-141,VLDL-42,TGC-210. Her wt is 65 kg,ht-5.33ft. we are complete vegitarian,take milk,ghee,sesame/sunflower oil,mostly consume whole wheat flour and also use garlic and onion in planty.all other blood and urine tests are within parameters,blood pressure is also normal.she does exercise like yoga and walking regularly and remains busy in housekeeping but cant take deep sleep and normaly awakes at 4 am also feel pain in legs and shoulders.please guide how to reduce above high values of cholestorel.

  110. Nigar ahmad says:

    Hi doctor
    My husband is not feeling well…m sending you all his details below
    HDL cholestrol-40
    LDL cholestrol-100.8
    He feels fatigue n sweats….plz tell me some german tincture which is appropriate for him

  111. Muhammaf farhan Zahid says:

    i am 40 years old
    my recent report is following
    s.cholestrol 216
    s.trigllycerides 258
    sir kindly help me for choosing best medicine

  112. Muhammad Ismail says:

    HI Respected Dr,

    i have high level of cholesterol for last 2 years, which is 240 to 278, and some time 200,and i am also
    have diabetes which is in fasting 96 to 210, in random 120 to 130,
    My age is 40, please suggest medicines for me.

  113. Muhammad Ismail says:

    Hi Dr.Sharna,
    I am 40 Year my cholesterol level is above 200 pls advise me an homeopathic treatment

    • Nigar ahmad says:

      Hi doctor
      My husband is not feeling well…m sending you all his details below
      HDL cholestrol-40
      LDL cholestrol-100.8
      He feels fatigue n sweats….plz tell me some german tincture which is appropriate for him

  114. Nafar Imam Zaidi says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma

    My wife age 62 years and her weight is 90 kg
    yesterday dated 10th July 2017 checked cholestrol test and Blood Suuger test detail is below.
    Serum Cholestrol Result 203.7 mg/dl
    Blood Suger Fasting Result 123 mg/dl
    She used medicine for Blood Suger (Syzgium Jambolanum) and gain good result.
    But she still not use any medicine for Cholestrol so I
    want from you can you free advice a good medicine
    on hamutarian grounds I hope you will be consider my case and oblige.

  115. Syed Ali Abbas says:

    Good evening Sir,
    I am 63 years old. I underwent bypass surgery in 2010. Three months back it was diagnosed that the grafted left artery is totally blocked. Pain is almost constant in my heart, though allopathic medicine is taken for pain and usual blood thinner etc. No much improvement in health. If you could help in giving relief to me from the blocked artery I would be greatly grateful you. kindly reply to me. Waiting in eagerness for your help.
    Thanking you,

  116. Good Morning
    Recently I have done my blood tests. As per reports, Following are on higher side
    1. Serum Total Cholesterol 5.91 mmol (Moderate)
    2. Serum LDL Cholestrol 3.46 mmol ( Borderline Higher)
    3. Serum Triglycerides 2.97 mmol ( High Risk)
    4. Serum VLDL 1.35
    I have tendency of gaining weight (current weight is 96 KG & age 52 years) . Can you help to advise appropriate Homeo medicine to control Cholestrol and also reduce my weight.

  117. munish kumar says:

    Dear Sir
    I have disorders of Lipid Profile. & my age is 35 male years old.
    Report results are below.
    total cholesterol 218
    serum tri. 170
    serum hdl 37
    serum ldl 147
    serum vldl 34
    total cho/hdl 5.8
    ldl/hdl ratio 3.97
    hdl/ldl ratio 0.25

    You are requested plz suggestions best homeopathic medicine.

  118. Sylvia Rivas says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    My father has low grade bladder cancer. He is 86 and had had open heart surgery 4 years ago. A least once a year he has to have a surgical procedure on this bladder to remove a tumor. Anesthesia is always a concern. I am trying to minimize or do away completely the amount of surgeries he is having on his bladder. What homeopathic medications would you suggest that my father take to remove his reoccurring bladder tumors. Thank you Dr. Sharma

  119. Rajesh Gajera says:

    Dear Sir,

    My LIPID profile is below, request to suggest remedies.

    S.chlostrol= 225 mg/dl
    S. Triglycerides= 130 mg/dl
    HDL= 48 mg/dl
    LDL =163 mg/dl
    VLDL =26 mg/dl

    Rajesh Gajera

  120. Sunita Saini says:

    I am 60 years old.
    Total Cholesterol :268
    HDL : 53
    Serum Triglycerides : 169
    LDL : 181.5
    VLDL : 36.7
    The doctor says I have Grade-I Fatty Liver
    I want to avoid allopathic drugs. Please suggest me Homoeopathic medicines to control or cure the same.

    Thanks and regards

    • Please Help. My doctor wants to put me on medication.
      What is the best remedy to lower my LDL without prescription drugs?

      F Cholesterol 268 H 50 (mg/dL)
      F Triglycerides 87 14 (%)

      – Evaluation: BELOW AVERAGE RISK
      F Chol/HDL Rati0 3.2 <5.8
      – Evaluation: BELOW AVERAGE RISK
      F LDL/HDL Ratio 1.99 <3.56
      F LDL Cholesterol 167 H <100 (mg/dL) This is high
      F VLDL, CALCULATED 17 7-32 (mg/dL)
      F Non-HDL Cholesterol 184 H <130 (mg/dL) This is high

  121. Alika Ashdhir says:

    I am 71 year old and my cholesterol level is as follows:-
    Total cholesterol: 236.00
    LDL cholesterol: 163.00
    Non-HDL cholesterol: 180
    Please advise me for controlling the same.

  122. Respected sir
    I am 48yrs old n I have boils like marks on both eyes
    I have 230 cholesterol level recently checked
    I feel problem in breathing whenever I climb stairs or deliver lectures in class.pls suggest me homeopathy medicine n its dose


    my cholesterol is as follows
    Total cholesterol 259
    HDL 47
    LDL 164
    VLDL CH. 52.2
    NON HDL 211.9

  124. H-Dr. Muhammad Sohail says:

    Nice information you share ,thanks

  125. My LDL is 212, total cholesterol is 306 with an HDL of 62.40. What remedy do you suggest.

  126. LDL 280, HDL 49; 70 yo; Baryta Muriatica seems to fit but what dosage?

  127. Dharmendra says:

    Sir I have TGL 250 cholesterol 181 HDL 46 I.e I have only high TGL so pls prescribed medicine which only reduce TGL not cholesterol

  128. jagadishwar Mirge says:

    Total Chlorostal 260 No Sugar . B P. 150/90 No Any other diseases

  129. Neena Bhatia says:

    I 3cholesterol deposits over my eyes prescribe me homeopathic medicine

  130. Mrs, Anna Carr says:

    Hi Dr,Sharma ,can you help me for my High Blood pressure and high colestrol .I am taking what my GP presscrib me.So many side effects its makes me worry.I am only taking for 2 years .please if you can help me .thank you .Anna

  131. Hello Dr Sharma; Gd evening sir, I hv been constantly suffering from a high ldl problem.Yesterday also i got it diagnosed with 187 ldl &Hdl is 40 only. I hv tried to remain in control dietwise ,had taken statins’ storvas’5 mg for abt 8 years but i had left it for its side effect.since last 4 yrs i m nt tkng any allopath med for this but the high level of ldl i want to help me.I do take losar 50 mg after bfst& stamlo 5 mg at bed time to keep my BP under contrl &those med i hv been tkng since last 12 yrs,without any change in dose.My appetite is ok,no gastric prob,usually i don’t take any medicine besides med for BP. A year back i had severe vertigo prob,with treatment& exercise i m ok now.Since last more than an sleep is disturbed,if i get up i can’t sleep immediately. I walk almost everyday wth approx.6 km/hr.but of late i feel shortness of breath is causing if the road is a bit elevated.I got my egfr is 69. Can u pl help me Dr to reduce my Ldl. I used to get angry very fast earlier but now a days that is controlled to a great extent but still it is there.Sir; pl help me to permanently get my ldl controlled.Thank u Sir.

  132. Gautam SK says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    Good Evening Sir,

    I was diagnosed for high cholesterol 290 and triglycerides 430 before 7 years from that period I am taking rosuvas F10 or similar medicine with some interval . Now I am facing trouble of sever Gas bloating , heartburn and burping specially after dinner some time could not sleep properly. Before lunch(1:00 pm) feel very hungry even taking heavy breakfast at 8 am.
    Slightly high BP also reported 130 t0 140/90.
    My weight 71 kgs height 170cms
    I care for all diet and regularily go walk and jogging.

    Please please suggest me homoeopathic treatment.

    I will be grateful to you for forever.

    Thank you

    Gautam SK. 9996602511

  133. lalikant dubey says:

    Sir I have high triglycerides level and I cut sugar intake totally oil intake also but instead I fell pin pinching in my heart when I drink warm water it’s become short off .which medicine preferred for me for lowering high TG level .I have uric acid also and feel pain in knee but I becomes normal when I take urticaurenes q and burberis vulgaris q .Sir please guide me for same Tg level

  134. Rashida Siamwala says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    My husband has high cholestrol since past one year. He has been taking Rozucor F10 and this time his report shows his cholestrol level, LDL, HDL, Trigyceride and ratio as all normal.

    Dr. should he stop taking Rozucur F10 and start taking homeopathic medicine. Kindly advice.

    He is complaining of muscle pain in his left upper hand and back pain. He gets rashes at times in his mouth.

    Awaiting your kind advice.

    Thank you

  135. hemraj bangar says:

    hello dr.,
    my name is hemraj and my age is aprox 31 years.i am suffering from high Cholesterol.i suffered this problem from many years.but now it is becoming complicated for me bcoz now my total Cholesterol is 233,and triglycerides. i am non dinker,non smoker,and also pure vegitarian.i even take desi ghee and also take milk very few quantity,but i can”t understand why my Cholesterol reaching at high level,please read my case and please give me response and give me some treatment.thanks

    • G.R.MISHRA says:

      Stop taking desi ghee, dalda, Milk cream, Milk, Red meat. Take plenty of salads and fruits. Less carbohydrates. Prefer using less oil in diet. Use mustard oil or saffola or sundrop but in minimum quantity. Go for brisk walking. Use Crategus Q 20 drops, Arnica Q 10 drops, Arjuna Q 20 drops, Strophanthus Q 10 drops in a cup of water two to three times empty stomach daily. Aurum met 200 weekly once for 8 weeks. Baryta mur 3x and Calcarea carb 3x, 4 tab each in 1 glass of warm water 1/2 to 1 hour after meals (maximum 4 times) daily. Allium sat 200, four to six globules 4 hourly. Try it for three months.

  136. Khushbu kumari says:

    A clastrol bump form on my eyelid. Two years ago and it’s size increaseing.but my calastol level in my blood is normal now. My age is 26year.Please help me sir.Please

  137. Which is the best treatement for ruduce cholestrol lavel.

  138. Siddhartha Sankar Santara says:

    My mother has cholesterol , high blood pressure ,thyroid , diabetic. Her age is 56yrs wt is 64kg and hight 5ft. she regular take medicine as prescribe my doctor, but I am watching that day by day medicine power is increasing . Above mention problem are decreasing as per result of blood test . She maintain normal diet , do normal waking
    Please advise which would be the best medicine for my mother.

  139. Manveen Desai says:

    I am 40 and am suffering from High Cholesterol (290), and its my bad cholestrol which is out of control. I am overweight by 6 kgs and am a non. veg (though not hardcore). I do not drink alcohol or smoke. But love fried foods and processed non veg.
    I do suffer from high constipation. I work in a sednatry job, and don’t have too much of excercise.
    Please advise which would be the best medicine for me.

  140. Ramzan Khan says:

    I have 4 blockage 95% 90%-80% and 90% with diabetes
    My bp is 130/80 pulse 72 age 59 weight 63
    Lvef is 40%
    Pls suggest how can increase Lvef and remove blockage
    Dr recomonded bypass surgery
    My problem is breathlessness and coughing
    Thanks u

  141. Dhiraj palekar says:

    Kindly tell me d dosage of allium sativum as I had high cholesterol n high blood pressure as mean time I am taking tablets Olmesar A

  142. Hi doctor, my name is Roy I just had a physical and my cholestrol was 210.I am a 60 year old male and I keep in top shape. I bike and workout almost everyday. My doctor wants to putme on a drug for that but I feel if I change a few things in my diet I can fix this problem. I am 6 foot and weight 190. What do you think. Thanks Roy

  143. Naveed Khan says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am suffering from High triglyceride since last 10 years. last lipid profile result was LDL 90, HDL 40, Total cholesterol 240, and TG 542. I have done lot of treatment of allopathic as well as Homeopathic but there is nothing ant effect on my TG. allopathic doctors are says that this is genetic issue and i you will take allopathic medicine rest of your life. my age is 42 weight 105 KG height is 6 feet. kindly advise some good homeopathic medicine.

    Best regards
    Naveed Khan

  144. Dear Sir
    As of my misses is 55 years , she is suffering with low HDL , high LDL trygleceride

    Except of ALLOPATHIC neither homeo medicine nor ayurvedic effecting .
    your presscrived medicine already have taken

    plz guide to us

    • Ravinder Verma says:

      I am suffering from high cholestrol 255 ,high triglicerised 198 and ldl cholestrol 163 sugar 106 kindly recommend medicine thanks

  145. Bichitrananda Padhi, says:

    Good morning Dr. Sharma, I shall b highly grateful to you if you please let me know the potency power and daily doses of aAllium sativum, Aurum metalicm, Baryta muriticum, Strophanthus Hispidus for lowrring my high cholesterol and triglycerides level with 322. I am of 66 years old. Thanks a lot. I will take any one of the above.
    Regards. Bichitra.

  146. I am 52 years old and Suffering from heart problem with collestrol and suger. Have been treated with stunts twice. Always Fear that something will happen.

  147. Noirin Carr says:

    I am 57 year old female and after reading above I believe Baryta Muriaticum may be of help with high cholesterol. How often and what potency should I choose. Kind regards, Noirin

  148. Dr. I am Gayathri. Aged 56 years working in Central govt. I had actually started tabs for cholesterol Roseday 10. But I stopped and went for Ayurveda. But now my LDL is 180 when I tested yesterday. My report is as under:
    Trigis. 125
    Serum total cholesterol. 265
    Hdl. 72.1
    Ldl. 180.6
    Serum vldl 12.3 chol/hdl chol ratio. 3.6
    Sir as my ldl went high the allopathic doctor advised to take evas ez. Is there any homeopathic medicine without side effects.

    • I am aged 57 suffering from high cholesterol ,fatty Olivier and enlarged prostate with a volume of 35 cc and post void urine is 140cc kindly give suggestion for suitable homeo medicine…..r.santhosh,dy collector(rtd) pathayil house thekke nada vaikom, kerala 686141

  149. Hi Dr Sharma,
    I am 70 yrs. old and have high BP and cholesterol. Mostly lower BP is high. Can you please let me know which one will be better, Arum Metallic I’m or Baryta Muriaticum. I will appreciate your reply.

  150. RANAJIT KUNDU says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I was suffering with High Cholesterol for a long time and as prescribed by Doctor I was taking Mactor 10 Tab one every day for a long time. Few months back I found my cholesterol level comes to normal but still continuing the same madicine as advised by the Doctor.
    But, worried with the adverse effect of the medicine (MACTOR 10) I am consuming daily. So far I have experienced some effect mainly of Stomach problem like indigestion, acidity, gas etc. which was not there earlier.
    Considering all the above I would like to be exempted from this English Medicine and thus looking for your kind advice.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Ranajit Kundu

  151. Apart from alium sativum which homoeo. Medicine can be used to reduced high triglycerides

  152. Hi,I’m Michelle,I’m 42yrs old woman,height 5’1 and fat ,my weight fluctuates from 74 kgs to 80 kgs,I have high cholesterol ,fatty liver and uric acid,I love eating and have a lot of non-veg specially chicken and also have alcohol frequently ,at present I’m taking Milk Thistle and Omega Salmon from Amway .I also have a cyst and a fibroid in my uterus thus I’m on hormonal tablets here and there ,like Devry and Femilon.

    I would be grateful if I can loose weight and control my tongue and cravings for food .
    please help.

  153. Naila saghir says:

    I ve got some patches between my eye brow and eyes.. and i am over weight too but after dieting too i cant loose weight .age 50 female.

  154. Sir,
    In the beginning, conveying my deep respect to you.
    Sir, attacked with heart attack on 20 Nov 2015 dead of night and being operated in the form of Angioplasty, am survived. It caused due to excessive level of cholesterol which I failed to notice. Also, am a diabetic patient, but degree of sugar level roams in between withing 150 as fasting and 225 as PP.
    Sir, my earnest plea to you to guide me in Homeo line(though am compelled to take Alopatheic medicines to run my herat– as docs said). Am 50 yeras of age (just attained). Awaiting your kind guidance. Thanks.

  155. Dear Dr,
    I have suffered with bells’ plassy for two occasions but luckily treated well. Now for the third time I am getting some of my facial muscle move involuntarily especially my left lower eye lid. I can see the eye lid move laterally. These types of indications were there on the previous occasions also before I suffered with Bell’s plasey.
    What medicine I should take.

  156. I cannot take most natural remedies for cholesterol due to interaction with my prescription drugs. I am happytoknowtherr
    Is a homeopathic medicine that is safe and effective. Thank you for this valuable knowledge
    Joann Ladd

  157. THOMAS GEORGE says:

    Good day, Dear Dr. Sharma , please suggest me medicine for PAD and intermittent calculation on the feet, which result in cramps and numbness of feet after walking about 250 mts at times the numbness is to the extent that I am unable to walk. Due to blockages of the coronary arteries that had 3 stent put in 5 years back I have had a triple heart bypass surgery about 7 weeks back.

  158. thums mariya says:

    Gud mrng.. dear Dr sharma i need ur help pls help me…i m helpless…
    My daughter aashik 7yrs old…is suffering frm generic cholesterol her ldl is very high 780 i need ur help to cure her pls help me…

  159. Salman Zaidi says:

    Good evening . Dear Dr. Sharma , please suggest me medicine for 1. To remove the plaque from my heart arteries and reduce the blood cholestrol LDL and triglyceride. To treat chronic constipation and hyperacidity. Thanks

    • SUBHASIS BID says:

      Respected Dr.Sharma ,
      I am suffering from hyper acidity and constipation. My blood cholesterol, LDL and triglyceride is too high. I avoid all kinds of oily food, eggs, mutton, chicken and even fish. I take only green vegetables. I am to drive my bike 15 km to reach my school. I am a clerk. Sometimes, I suffer from tension when some duties remain unfinished. Then I feel slight pain on my chest. Usually, I take Alopathic medicines to lower my sufferings. But now I think that only Homeopathic medicines can keep me alive and safe. Please, suggest some medicines so that I can
      remain sound and healthy and make my family tension free.
      With my best regards, Subhasis Bid (Simlon, Burdwan, WB, India)

  160. Susana Jennings says:

    I am 71 years old, I am in very good shape the only problem is my cholesterol which I am trying to lower, my cholesterol is 220 I tried everything. I am a vegetarian. I take supplements, I do excercise, I do not eat dairy products, only non fat yoghurt. I am taking Policosanal among other things. Any suggestion?

  161. farooqi says:

    In which potency the above mentioned medicine may be given to the patient.

  162. Vivek kaushik says:

    Dear doc my LVEF is 30 percent…I m taking iberis Q 3 drops twice daily alongwith there any remedy u can suggest me.. regards

  163. Frank Joseph says:

    I have 285 chlorestoral. HCl 69 and ldl 203 , my blood pressure is usually 120/80 up to 138/80 sometimes. I play alot of tennis doubles but love ice cream and I’m at least 25 pounds overweight.
    63 yrs old in good shape. Allium Satin ??

  164. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    Festive Greetings for Dhanteras & Deepawali!

    Recently I suffered from Chicken Gunya fever on 8th September for 5 days followed by pain in right leg, shoulder, neck area and right arm. After few days all the pains subsided by about 75% and I started my usual daily routine work. After more than a month ie.. from 10th October onward I am having regular pain in my right foot, right arm upper joint and palms of my right hand. I find my fingers also a bit swelled and it pains when I close my palms.

    Kindly suggest some effective and safe homeopathic medicine.

  165. Can allium sativum mother solution can be used for high blood pressure dossage

  166. shridhar ganapthy says:

    I am 56 years male having numness in fingers of both hands. what medicine should I take?

  167. Sir, My name is Abid. I m 45 year old. B.P# 150/100, Triglycerides #620, Uric Acid# 7.8, ALT# 45.
    Plz advice some medicine for me, thanks

  168. Scheherazade says:

    My husband exercises ,eats less and frugally is lean, angry and irritable. He has high cholesterol although he barely eats. What is the correct remedy for him.He doesn’t have constipation , is not fat. Doesn’t have chest congestion or breathing issues. No heart complaints either. His cholesterol is 219.

  169. Shilpi Tyagi says:

    My father is suffering from high colestrol what should he do

  170. Bennet Nazareth says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,
    I am male, 56 years, 163cms ht, 68kgs wt, BMI 27.1, BP 120/80. Cholesterol Total 193, HDL 50, LDL 129. Vitamin D 21.5.
    Please advise
    Bennet Nazareth

  171. Dear Sir,

    I have a high Cholesterol level ( Total: 245, LDL 175, HDL 44) with blood pressure 135 and above ( 90-235).
    I am suffering with the above for the last 5 years.
    At present I am taking Allium Sativum 12 drops 2 times, but there is no much change.
    Can you please advise me , which will be more suitable medicine for me?

  172. Hi doctor,
    I have diabetes for 5 yrs but in control with Ayurveda medicine.
    Recently I got bp 100/140 so taking tablet. Allopathic
    And high cholesterol of 250 and triglyceride levels 500
    Pls suggest some medicine to control without side effects.

  173. Kiran Kumar Tenali says:

    sir my name is kiran kumar i am from tenali, Guntur dist, Andhrapradesh in India.
    Last weak i tested my liver test and lipid profile test
    HDL is 46
    LDL is 101
    Triglycerides is 255
    sir please the best medicine for me

  174. Mohamed Hussein says:

    Hi doctor sharma,

    I have colestrol 251, I need medicine in homeopathic


  175. Sanjeev tyagi says:

    Dir sir I m fit but my cholesterol level is 119 also my hb is 15.5 suggest to decrease

  176. Dr. Sharma Greetings

    I am a diabetic patient(insulin) with hypertension and digestive disorders and get pain in the heart. I fear I maybe developing cholestrol problem. I take sleeping pills daily. Age 56 . Have few cloves of garlic daily. Walk for an hour daily.

    Which of the suggested homeopathic medicines should I take…..

  177. My husband have cholestrol first time 289and ldl 190 should he take medicine or diet n walking will make him in normal range

  178. Hello Doctor
    I’m 51 male with high triglaceroid levels and blood sugar.
    Sexually very weak continuesly using homeopathic medicines but no releaf.kindly propose some homeopathic medicine.

  179. Hello Dr. SHARMA,

    This inquiry is for a friend w the heritary type of cholestral problem.
    What might you recommend? I can refer them also to this site.


  180. Sukanta Mondal says:

    I am 37 years old and I have high cholesterol, which medicine should I take please advice me

  181. Rampal Singh says:

    My age is 48 years, cholesterol is 200, I am suffered from chest pain.
    Pl.suggests proper medicine.
    My weight is 75 kg., height is 178 cm.I don’t drink oand smoking

  182. dr sb patient female 45y che250 trig271 BP 160/100 shortness of breath on upsatair or walking patient fatty face color red &blak

  183. vinod kumar sharma says:

    sir i am 50years old height 6 feet weight 70 cholestral 246. triglyceride. 163. hdl 46. ldl 167.sir if i take english medicine my cholestral decrese. i stop medicine cholestral increase. plz suggest .

  184. Keshav Rajput says:

    Can I take Calcarea Carbonica and Allium Sativum both at same time.
    I am male. My age is 29, height 6’6″
    Weight 76kg.

  185. Amit sarkar says:

    Hello sir I am male 36yrs,height 5’5inch,weight total cholesterol-266mg/dl,triglycerides-520 mg/DL,tc/hdl cholest ratio-7 ratio.vldl cholestrol-104mg/dl,non-hdl cholestrol-227.8,uric acid-6.2 mg/ dl.Sir please suggest me homeopathy medicine.

    • Keshav Rajput says:

      Can I take Calcarea Carbonica and Allium Sativum both at same time.
      I am male. My age is 29, height 5’6″
      Weight 76kg.

  186. Ulaganathan K says:

    I am 59 years old male. My.Sr.Choleste is 248 mg/di and LDL is 173 mg/dl. My sperm production is almost nil.I am not doing intercourse for the past 4 years.Can you suggest the medicines for the sexual imbalances to reduce the cholesterol levels

  187. I am a retired army person . present my cholesterol is 424 (hdl). Please advise which type Od medicine take me for control of cholesterol.

    • Sir, Patient age 45 years, lipid profile test done ok but Tg 450; pls advice remedial action by homeopahthy.

  188. I have recently gone for my lipid profile and found high level of cholesterol especially triglyceride, ldl and vldl. My ECG is normal. My uric acid is also high 8.6. Kindly suggest me homeopathic medicine. I usually have pain in my feet during morning

  189. pain in both feet heels and beneeth the feet

    7 august 2016
    dear Sir remin you once again
    from 2 months, i hav pain beneath my both feet and heels (in the morning and in evening after fatigue)
    my age is 50 years my weight is 83 kg blood test as uric acid 6.7
    cholesterol 266, ldl 194, hdl 44, triglysride 210
    please advice me to eleminate this pain of feet and to get rid of cholestrol and uric acid

  190. Total cholestrol -232 having problem chest pain rear with palpitation ,short breathing during upstairs ,all the problem are aggravated at night ,eathing ever so little cerat fullness with day by day heaviness body weight

  191. Imran Gohar says:

    7 august 2016
    dear Sir
    from 2 months, i hav pain beneath my both feet (in the morning and in evening after fatigue)
    my age is 50 years my weight is 83 kg blood test as uric acid 6.7
    cholesterol 266, ldl 194, hdl 44, triglysride 210
    please advice me to eleminate this pain

  192. Kamal Uddin says:

    My cholesterol is 223 and triglycerides is 332 mg/dl. What kind of homeopathic medicine should I take which doesn’t give any side effects, and how is the dose’s?

  193. Rajiv Kumar says:

    Tell me the remedi for High Cholesterol from the kitchen. I am 49+
    I am taking Garlic empty stomach in the mornining

  194. Sanjeev Mahindru says:

    Dear sir
    I am male age 52 height 5’8″ wt 97kg.suffering
    Higher level of total cholesterol. Since 2003. that time I was detected with moderate fatty liver.presently it is grade two and ten mm gall stone with 1×2″ cyst in left kidney. My avg level of total cholesterol remains between 280 to 320. inspire of taking Ayurvedaic medicine of and on. But I had never taken any allopathy medicine for the same.
    Please give u r suggestions.
    With best regards
    Sanjeev Mahindru

    • What amount of Calcarea Carbonica do you recommend for treatment of High Cholesteral in overweight people? Do you have a source you recommend?

  195. zahid helal says:

    i have white cholesterol pulp under eye circles please sagest me
    a perfect homeopathic medicine for remove it

  196. sundhararhaman says:

    sir I am aged 54 years. weight 67 kg. having ldl of 233. please suggest medicine.

  197. Abdul Kader says:

    Dear Dr,
    I have been continuing with allopathic medicine for cholesterol, since 3 months, I would like to stop this and get cured under homeopathic medicine.
    Does it possible to start with homeo?
    Kindly seek your advice.

  198. Muhammad Younas Khan says:

    Hi Dr.Sharma my age is 36 years and my weight is 90 kg and my cholesterol level is 219 and after meal I am filling palpation and I am filling that now I am going to die please give me best medicine my joint is also pain my calcium is normal no suger.

  199. Prabhudev Wali says:

    I have high cholesterol and breathing high while going upstairs. Also gastric problems. Advice me which medicine i have to take.

  200. Bhaskar Deb says:

    Dear sir, I am suffering with high cholesterol since 2 to 3 years before. I feel irregular pulpitation and tiredness when I move to staircase.A cardiologist gave me Tonact Tg(10mg) previously after few month tonact 10,still I m taking at night. I have diet restriction. Can I take homeopath medicine for curing my problem? Please help me.

  201. Naresh Kumar says:

    Sir,i am 43 year old & my lipid profile is
    TC 140 HDL 65 LDL 50 TC/HDL 2.2
    VLDL 56 NON-HDL 75.34
    Height 5 feet 3 inch weight 97kg

    Sir please suggest me homeopathic medicines

  202. Hi,
    I am looking a homeopathic medicine for High Cholesterol.
    Also Can you suggest any medicine for Acid Reflux?

  203. Luksh kumar sharma says:

    Dear Doctor
    I m Luksh kumar sharma from Amritsar i m vegitarian & non Alcholic from last 2 years my Triglycerides are 525 and also cholesterol is 220 please guide me what medicine of homeopathy will take care and resuce of these Number . Please do the needful

  204. DEEPAK OBEROI says:

    Thanks Dr. Sharma for good suggestions on High Cholestrol

  205. Devinder Singh Saini says:

    I am 76 yrs old. My lipid profile details are
    TC= 233, HDL=36, LDL=163, Triglycerides=107
    VLDL=21.4, Non-HDL=187, TC/HDL=6.2, LDL/HDL=4.5

    Kindly advise suitable homeopathic medicine and potency . Kindly suggest the frequency of dosage.

  206. A.K. SINGH says:

    I am 60 yr.weight 90 kg.B.P.140/70. No sugar.cholesterol -212/DL.LDL 159,HDL 42,LDL/HDL 5, At present no problem in breathing ,walking, etc. Please. Suggest suitable medicine and dose.I am a school teacher, pl. Help me

  207. Dear Dr, I have slightly high cholesterol, 250, for a while now, but I notice fatty deposits at the corner of my eyes. They have begun to appear and disappear quite regularly. Why? What do I have for this?

    I am 60, F, obese, I work out, am mostly veg at home but eat outside non veg food for dinner as I don’t cook, I eat eggs often, [I had nonveg at both meals yesterday and have HUGE deposits in the corner of my eyes under the eyebrows today], I am irritable, can’t bear foolishness, breathless to the point that I can’t finish a sentence, don’t smoke, don’t drink, eat shellfish, have been getting more forgetful than I should be. I feel as if someone has hammered a big FAT nail 1.5″ in diameter into my emotional heart. Have been dealing with very intense family & parental betrayal.

  208. rinku ghosh says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    May I know if there is any homeopathic remedy for high cholesterol for my sister who is 40 yrs old. Her BP had risen to 180/114 after taking allopathic medicine it is now 140/90 after 10 days.
    Her pulse was also very high 130 pm. Now it is 90 pm. After some tests it was found that her LDL is 246 . Is there any remedy?

  209. Dr. Sharma,
    May I plz know the homeopathic remedy for familial high cholesterol for children as young as 10 yrs old?
    Thank you.

  210. Khalid Faridi says:

    Dr. Sharma,

    I am a diabetic. Diabetes is well under control. My lipid profile shows LDL -151, HDL-45, TOTAL CHOLESTROL -208, TRIGLYCERIDES-162/ . food craving… Please suggest homeopathic medicine. Regards…

  211. Dr. Sharma,
    I am a 71 year old female, I am 5″ ‘7, weight 140 ponds.. Smoked for over 50 years.
    I now have a ION Rx 3×28 mm drug eluting stent in place after my first heart attack, one year ago.
    I am on the following medications, Crestor 40 mg, Clopidogrel 75 mg, Metroprolis 25 mg, Plavix 75 mg, and Aspirin.
    My cholesterol is still high at total 239, LDL 142. Now my doctor wants to add Zetia 20 mg.
    I am hoping that you can advise me on which homeopathic medication, strength, and dosage, I can take instead of another pill.
    I crave dark chocolate and peanut butter.
    Very high cholesterol counts run in my family. Father died at 62 after a number of massive heart attacks.
    Thank you in advance for your help in this matter.

  212. K.h.pervaiz says:

    My age 66.height 5.10.weight 89 kg.Tote cholesterol 198.Hdl.27. Ldl 148.Triglyceride. 155. Vldl.31.& Al’s mild fatty liver.please suggest medicines.

  213. Eby varghese says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    Ima having cholesterol issues for the last 10 years.Iam under medication since 2007.My issue is more genetically as my father is also a cardiac patient.
    Can you suggest a homeopathic medicine.

    Eby Varghese

  214. Sir i am 38 years old and have high cholesterol problem since 2008. my father died of heart attach and mother had also LVF once. my height is 5’10” and weight 84 kg. my blood sugar on fasting is close 100 heart beat is close to 85. i have some kind of palpitate feeling. kindly advise me some good remedy.

  215. Dear Doctor.
    good morning
    My son is 13 yrs old . he has border level high cholesterol. please advise medication.He likes to eat more sweet food than salty or spicy. he does not eat any junk food.he does not like to drink lot of water.
    And also please let me know do you treat online? and can i i have your introduction.
    best regards

  216. SUMAN AGARWAL says:

    I HAVE high cholesterol 200 mg/dl & TRIGLYCERIDES 190 mg/dl


    Please suggest the best Homeo med


  217. Sir ,
    i m 34 years old and facing high cholesterol 309 , kindly advise any medicine

  218. My age is 54 yrs. male. i have a stunt installed in 2015. chlostral is always high.
    can u suggest some medicine

  219. My age is 47 yrs. I am suffering from High Cholesterol(264 mg/dl), Triglycerides(319 mg/dl) HDL(52), LDL(158) and TSH 5.22. Pressure normal. I have continuous(24 hrs) pressure-like feeling at the back head with heavy feeling when rest my head at bed. Palpitations, chest pain and breathlessness occured a few months back. Now, I take Eltroxin 50 and Astor 10 regularly and feeling some relief. Please suggest Homoeo Medicine for complete remedy.


    • Muhammad Farooq says:

      I am a Diabetic and taking Insulin, My S. Cholesterol is 240. Can u prescribe a Homeopathic drug to reduce Cholesterol

  220. naveen pandey says:

    Sir , I’m suffering from lypoma ,it’s growth rapidly and also multiple in my body. I’m using allium sativum and scrophularia nodusa of sbl but there’s no relax so please sir suggest me as soon as possible.
    I’m eagerly waiting of your reply.

  221. H. S. Sharma says:

    I hv been digitised cholesterol not high & BP 150/85
    I hv started taking SBL Alluim Sativum 15 drops in water after meals..
    Pls advise ..
    Is this medicine ok??

  222. Dear sir
    RESULT= mild LVH present with LV diastolic dysfunction.
    Under TMT V5 detection.
    Kindly advice best homeopathy medicine.

  223. Muhammad Basharat Bhatty says:

    Sir i have colstrole kindly sugest homeo medicine.Thanks

  224. Koushik Ghosh says:

    I am 39 years old.
    My chlorestrol level & uric acid leavel :-

    Cholesterol 235
    Triglycerides 283
    HDL. 45
    LDL. 158
    Average Cholesterol 5.7

    Uric acid – 6.8

    Pls. suggest medicine for control cholesterol & Uric acid.

  225. Wanda Lea says:

    I am 73 years old.
    My chlorestrol level has risen 55 points in the last year mostly due to rising ldl levels.
    Total. 309
    Triglycerides 79
    HDL. 96
    LDL. 197

    I do suffer from a tightness below the chest wall, acid reflux, sensitivity to cold, and a 30 lb. weight gain over the last year. I try to eat well.

  226. Soumak Ghosh says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am 29 years old,my total serum cholesterol is 237.Is cratagaus q is the right medicine to reduce the cholesterol level?If so,then what is the dose?

  227. ramachandran says:


  228. K.d.gautam says:

    At night12 or 2 o’clock feel some itch in nose.then water like discharge starts. After few minutes sneezing starts . 15 to 20 times. Then nose discharge disturbs for few hours.

  229. Cynthia Flores says:

    I am a diabetic with high blood pressure, thyroid problems and high cholesterol . I am currently taking Crestor and I have muscle weakness. I am a meat eater and crave meat.

  230. I have blood LDL 230 mg / dL total cholesterol 280 mg / dl, hypothyroidism (250 mg thyroxine per day). Body mass index 23. Does homeopathy help me?

  231. D S Parate says:

    I have two 100% blockages and one 7-80% long segment blockages in LAD. please suggest me homeopathy medicines.

  232. Meena kumari says:

    Sir, i m 54 year old with hipertension my cholesterol is 187, S. Triglyceride 127, HDL cholesterol 46, VLDL cholesterol 25.40, LDL Cholesterol 115.60, TC/HDLC ratio 4.07 & LDLC/HDLC ratio is 2.51. I request u to suggest me some treatment.


  233. Dear Dr Sharma
    I am a 52 year old hear patient.wth uncontrolled hypertension and v high cholesterol and triglyceride levels despite being on max doses of a result abdominal weight gain esp and overall gain too has been my problem wth all classic symptoms of metabolic syndrome
    being a doc i am v careful about my diet regimen and walk
    plz suggest some treatment .i will be highly obliged
    Dr Tanees

  234. gopaldasgupta says:

    dear sir my wife colosterol 208mg

  235. Arun Kumar A says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am 39 year old. I am a vegetarian and will not eat egg also.
    My Cholestrol is 277. LDL 206 and HDL 44. ECG is normal. Doctor suggested for a tread mill test.
    Kindly suggest me best medicine in homeo.

  236. Pundalik D Kutre says:

    I had suffered from Heart Attack and recently have angioplasty with two stents .
    I want to use Homeopathy medicine . Can you help me.

  237. r p s yadav says:

    i have high chostrall level 230 . what medicine i shold take

  238. Kamalanathan says:

    I am having LDL 130, HDL 35, Tryglyceroids 130, Total 204 cholesterol count. I have no sugar . no B.P. I am having radiating and shifting pain in my left upper arm.ECG, Echo and Treadmill normal. Kindly advice me suitable homeopatjy treatment for keeping my chcholesterol level within normal limits.

    • My age is 37. Male and my chelae sterol 204 triglycriod 225 and hdl 29 and chelestrol ratio 7. Please suggest me

  239. Pampa patra says:

    Above my eyes a small white pach sown..from 3mounth.. Some one told me it’s a cokestrol sign.
    Is it..kindly give sone suggestions.

  240. Resp Dr Sharma your article on high cholesterol is wonderful and like a blessings .Dr Hahnemann was like a Maharishi who gave a boon in form of Homeopathy for humankind . your teachings and efforts also follows him . God give you long and healthy life full of joy and light pravin

  241. sujit kumar says:

    high cholesterol ,age-42 ,tg-

  242. Dr.sir I am suffering from high cholesterol.a light pain feel chest.I am 48 year old. Which suitable medicine for me. Thanks

    • rajbir goswami says:

      Dr.sharma sir, my total cholesterol is 239,triglyceride 223 and ecg.normal.I feel light pain in chest and left soldier.please suggest me suitable homeopathic medicines.thanks you.

  243. Debabrata Das says:

    Sir, During Lipid Profile I was detected with Cholesterol. The result was Tot Chol 278, HDL 48, Triglycerides 231,LDL 143. Please advice some homeopathy medicine. With regards.

  244. Ashwinder Singh says:

    Dear sir
    Due to slip disc problem i am unable to do physical work for last 5 years but now when every thing is fine my triglyceride level raised to 595 now i want to control it pls suggest the best homeopathic medicine
    Ashwinder singh

  245. Khagendra Prasad Subedi says:

    Work nature- table work ( I have not rehearsal time long time some of months)
    Allopathy medicine uses-myload l (for hypertension for 6 years)
    Now lipid profile test showed:
    Blood sugar (f)-104
    Serum urea- 23
    Sodium- 1.3
    Potassium- 138; serum ur ic acid- 6.3; total cholesterol- 265; HDL- 57; LDL- 158; triglyceride-248
    Please suggest me medicine and natural medicine and others. Please Doctor.

  246. Narendra Nainwal says:

    Dear sir my age is 48 years. Plz find below result of my Lipid profile test. Serum cholesterol H239 / Serum Triglycerides H215 / HDL 41 / LDL 155 / VLDL 43 / total Chol/HDL 5.8 / LDL/HDL 3.7. kindly advise homeopathic medicine. Thanks

  247. RAM KUMAR BHARGAV says:

    I am a patient of hypothyroidsum from the last so many years, aged 47 years, weight 95kg, my Thyorid report is normal but my lipid profile report is as under;
    Total choles 199mg, HDL 20mg, LDL 126mg and Serum Triglides 267 mg …….pleas…..please suggest me some Homeopathy medicine to reduce my cholestrol level……thanks a lot

    Regards/- Ram Kumar Bhargav

  248. My age is 47, I had twice heart attacked, my left arteries is approx 100% block, second arteries is above 90% block. Docter advice for bypass surgery. Is there is any medicine in Homeopath to desolve the deposited cholestrol and to open the arteries, if there is any exact medicine, kindly write me how to use it and in what potency. Zealious for your reply.

  249. Bidhan Chandra Baug says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am 49 years old male with 68 kgs 165 cms BP 130/80 colestoral 233.4 Triglycerides 360.6 HDLC 0039.4 LDL 121.9 VLDL 72.12 Colestoral/HDL Ratio 5.92 kindly suggest some medicine.

    • Bidhan Chandra Baug says:

      Dear Sir,
      I am 49 years old male with 68 kgs 165 cms BP 130/80 colestoral 233.4 Triglycerides 360.6 HDLC 0039.4 LDL 121.9 VLDL 72.12 Colestoral/HDL Ratio 5.92 kindly suggest some medicine.

  250. k venkateswarlu says:

    I am a diabetic patient aged 51 years, when i got tested recently Fasting is 144 and post lunch is 250. LDL cholestrol is very high and b12 deficiency is there. I have never taken any english medicine so far. I go for walk regularly and do kapalabhati etc.
    since Homeopathic medicine do not have side effects, i want to go for the same. pls suggest homoeo medicines for me for the above to come to normal levlels.

  251. shambhoo jeee bhakta says:

    I am 45 yrs old male with 56Kgs/164cms, BP 110/70, triglyceride 337 and cholesterol 239. I contined medicines for one year and it gone down. After discontine again it came to same level. Kindly suggest some medicines.
    Shambhoo jee Bhakta

  252. Muhammad adnan khan says:

    Hi iam suffering from high cholesterol levels my triglycerides are 330 i have fatty liver and blood pressure 160/95. Iam taking essentia arura drops for 20 drops 3 times. Please advise can i take allium satium garlic, cholestruim q drops along with them. Am i taking the right medicine or not plz advise me..

  253. Treatment for high blood pressure 98/148.Diabetic type 2 increase triglyceride.taking medicines met xl-25 roase 5 day once in night.

  254. suman malik says:

    I hv one kidney.i hv suffered from high cholestrol wt m i do plesae tell me. any homeopathic medicine

  255. Murugalingam says:

    I have cholesterol blocks. Can they be dissolved by medicines

  256. I have high cholestrol and was asked to take cholestrinum 3x …….does it help to reduce ldl… mothers side of the family have high cholestrol. My hdl is very good and is 80……Ldl also hi and triglycerides are normal.

    Can you please advise if cholestrinum works in reducing cholestrol?


  257. I am 70 years old had angina and had stents. X2 ON STATIN 40 mg. Don’t want to take it because of side effecs like to take homeopathy medicine live in England. Please help me

  258. vinod kumar says:

    Dear sir,my cholestrol level is 250 and my triglycrides is 160.I am very careful about my diet.I am 47 years old my height is 5.8 and my weight is 84.kindly suggest me affective homeopathic medicine.

  259. Muhammad Abid says:

    Dear Dr sb, My cholestrol level is 195. Triglycrides 225,LDL120,HDL33,VLDL42. I m very careful in diet too. Even then this cholestrol is not being managed. Pls prescribe an effective homeo medicine which must not b permanent too. I m 38 years old with with 65 kg weight and 160 cm height.

  260. shafiul islam says:

    my cholesterol level is 235.weight is 103 kg .hight is 5feet and 6 inc.I will remain greadful if u prescribe me

  261. I am very much thakful to you as today I came to know about remedy of reducing cholesterol . I am a heart patient suffered with one attack. Sir, if any medicine for cholesterol and lazyness is their may kindly inform.
    Very much thanks.

  262. Mansoor raja says:

    Dear doc sharma happy new year as I red your artical about high colostrol I would like to tell you that I am 62 year of age and living in UK for last 45 years I had diabetes type 2 since 2002 at same time I had high blood pressure heart rating and high colostrol in December 2013 I was feeling breathless and I was admitted in hospital and I was diegosed that my 4 artires are narrow so I had bypass in end of December 13 now I am put back on Ramapril 10mg for blood pressure amlodipine 5mg also for blood pressure clopidogrel 75mg for blood thinner bisoprolol for heart rating 1.25 mg metformin 500mg one morning one evening and statin 10mg for colostrol one tablat at night time since last few month I have lost the weight about 5/6 kg my doc send me to hospital for endoscopy and all the test were done due to unexplained weight loss all the result came fine but doc told me in hospital that I have slight Singh of hernia and icditiy therefore I have IBS and due to IBS I have dieria very frequently then doc gave me since last month mebeverine 35mg and I do not have dieria cane please advise me how to come off from all these Medicion and start homoyopatic Medicion at the moment I have concern about my high colostrol which is very high please advise me homoyopatic Medicion for me thank you regards

  263. PARVEEN SHARMA says:

    My age is 49 yrs. I ave been diagnosed with high cholestrol hdl 42 ldl 159 &tgl 257 total cholestrol 252. I shall be highly oblige if you suggest me the best homeopathic medicine.

    Thanking you.
    Mob. 8427753577

  264. Shashi Ranjan Jaiswal says:

    I have been diagnosed with diabities hypertension and cholesterol hdl 36 ldl 179 & tgl 159 total cholesterol 236 hb1c 5.9 bp 140/89 presently I am not taking any medicine I am 60 yr old I some time feel chest pain in the year oct 2013 I had profuse bleeding from nose and bp was 170/110 I for precaution / emergency wish your advise suggest me med to keep all the three under control
    I shall be highly obliged if you send me the prescription /medicine
    Address Quatergate Co-operative Housing Society Flat no 05 Bld no 03 Nanapeth Pune 411002

  265. acidity increased abdomen

  266. Balraj Kumar Sehgal says:

    Am 82 Yrs. LDL 161.8 VLDL 26.2, CholestrolHDL/ Ratio 5.59 HDL 41.0. Angioplasty in 2004/April Right artery. Central artery 100 % nblocked, left 50 %. Taking english medicines. Feels Angina Pain unstable while walking. Uric Acid 6.9, Blood urea 45.9, Serum Creatinine(modified Jaffe) 1.6. Suggest remedies.

    • Balraj Kumar Sehgal says:

      Am 82 Yrs. LDL 161.8 VLDL 26.2, CholestrolHDL/ Ratio 5.59 HDL 41.0. Angioplasty in 2004/April Right artery. Central artery 100 % nblocked, left 50 %. Taking english medicines. Feels Angina Pain unstable while walking. Uric
      Acid 6.9, Blood urea 45.9, Serum Creatinine(modified Jaffe) 1.6. Suggest remedies.

  267. Belal Haider says:

    I am 26 year old Suffer from high b.p (140/100) , cholesterol, gastric, left side chest pain with nephro problem. ( creatine 1.9 ).
    Kindly suggest me best homoepathic medicine .

  268. Rajib Basu says:

    Dear Sir

    I am presently staying in Bhubaneshwar. My lipid profile is as below:
    Cholestrol 190
    TGL 240
    HDL 27
    LDL 115
    VLDL 48
    Though I am a sports man , non smoker, little bit drinker.
    Could you pse suggest me how can I cure?


  269. jagwant singh says:

    i am 50y old cholesterol is 255mg/dl. uric acid is 5.9mg/dl. s.g.o.t is 32u/l; s.g.p.t 22u/l b.sugar (r)is 86mg/dl.please tell me witch homeomedicine fit for me.


    sir I am a 44 years male suffering from high cholesterol.My weight is 64 kg hight 168 rregularly I used to run for 3 kms daily with light work out. My blood report is as – total cholesterol -228 s.triglyceride-91 hdl -40 ldl 165 vldl 23. please suggest some medicine. Thank you sir

  271. Rashid Nazar says:

    I m 47 yr old, diabetic, normally controlled without any medicine with a walk of 40 mins. But now i m suffered from high blood pressure of 140 /90 and high cholesterol of 270 ldl 176 hdl 43.plz recommend me any remedy

  272. Zahid Hussain says:

    Dear sire,
    My average BP is 140/90& Pulse rate id 60,my lipid profile test report is as under:
    1)Cholesterol 192 mg/dl
    2)Triglycerides 130 ”
    3)HDL 30 ”
    4)LDL 137 ”
    5)VLDL 26 ”
    6)Total Lipids 615 ”
    Plz recommend me any remedy.

    • Kankan sarkar says:

      sir, My,
      Age: 57
      Bp :160/90
      Total Cholesterol: 162 mg/dl
      HDL cholesterol : 42 mg/dl
      LDL Cholesterol : 101 mg/dl
      VLDL cholesterol : 19mg/dl
      Triglycerides : 98 mg/dl
      Glucose (F) : 71 mg/dl.
      Glucose (p.P.) : 78 mg /dl.
      Creatinine : 0.8 mg / dl

      Please recomend any medicine for me . I do not use any Allopathy medicine .

      • Bashir tareen says:

        sir, My,
        Age: 49
        Bp :140/100
        Total Cholesterol: 165 mg/dl
        HDL cholesterol : 37 mg/dl
        LDL Cholesterol : 101 mg/dl
        VLDL cholesterol : 19mg/dl
        Triglycerides : 125 mg/do

  273. My age 57 and I have Metabolic disorder – resulting high cholesterol (I don’t have habit of drink or overeating) office-goer. Kindly prescribe the medicine for this and your opinion.

  274. urmil sharma says:

    I have cholestrol level 290mg/100mland LDL180mg /100ml. HDL 46 and triglycerides 96. I occasionly gets chest pain and pain in left arm and at times whole of left from shoulder to feet. I shall be grateful if you advise me suitable homoeomedicine to lower chlosterol and LDL level.Please advise potency of same and frequency of its intake. My weight is 52 kg and age 74.

  275. P v Subba rao says:

    I have high triglycerides, please suggest me good homeo remidies

  276. Murali Krishna says:

    Dear Sir,


    I am suffering with high cholesterol. Can i get good medicine in Homeopathy. Kindly let me know.

    I am 40 yrs old.


  277. amol jamgade says:

    I am suffering from high cholesterol
    pls suggest medicine
    I am 33years old
    Wt 78 kg

  278. kashif zakir says:

    dear dr,

    in september first weak my trigreceride 326 my weight was 82 kg dr says fast walking minimum 2 km per day next report is trigreceride is 305 4 november 2015 it came down but very slow.

    after report i m not taking any type of meat.

    please help me for homeopathy medicine

    thanku sir ji

  279. Yanka Dincheva says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I have high cholesterol level: LDL – 164
    HDL – 54
    Total cholesterol – 283
    Triglycerides – 212
    I am 64 years old, 150 lbs, 5’03”

    I feel good. I think this is generic.
    Could you help me to find the right homeopathic medicine?
    Thank you.

  280. Yasser Arafat says:

    I have been diagnosed high trigreceride three years back 900+ started taking homeopathic medicine prescribed by homeopathic dr.
    It came down to 400 …but after that it is not comming down…my age is 43 and height is 5.8″ and weight is 72.
    From last three yeats started taking allopathic medicine but still the level is 390 ..i am a non vegitaerrian…eat fish meat etc…but now from last many days eating non veg food less and eating veg food more..please suggest

  281. I am having high cholesterol.

    Its moving between 220 to 260. Whereas it should be below 200.

    Please advise Homeopathic or bio-chemic medicine and oblige.

    I am taking Cholesterinum one tablet a day.

  282. Saleem chaudhry says:

    My wife is 65yrs she has knee pains n difficulty in walking.She also has high cold 71 n high triglyceride 355.Kindly suggest a suitable remedy

  283. somnath dutta says:

    Age – 43 yrs… total cholesterol – 230.00mg/dl
    Serum triglyceride – 288.00mg/dl
    Hdl cholesterol – 42.00mg+dl
    Ldl cholesterol – 130.40 mg/dl
    Vldl cholesterol – 57.60mg/dl
    Tc/hdl cholesterol ratio – 5.50
    Ldl/hdl ratio -‘ 3.10
    Plz suggestion me for my cures..thanks.

  284. My skin around my eyes is some how looks swelling type but when checked with doctor, he says it’s cholesterol deposit but I am purely vegetarian and even don’t eats onion/Garlic etc. Also don’t takes fast food, Oily food, Ghee, Butter etc. I take lot of fresh fruits, Still don’t know how can this happen. And my sleep is also disturbed at night always. My age 41 and I am working women.

    Please suggest some homeopahthic medicine.



  285. Vibha Malhotra says:

    I am 57 yrs,wt-80 kg, height-5feet 5inches, cholesterol -268,triglycerides -358
    Sgot-14,sgpt-19 (as on 9/9/2015)and ldl-97,hdl-46 (as on 25/2/2015).I do not get proper sleep and at times feel palpitations (not very often)specially if take late breakfast. I do not take fried food at all and rarely eat outside food.Please help me by recommendING suitable homeo medicine. I was advised to take finofibrate and rosuvestatin in allopathy but that gives me pain in knees,so I have stopped taking them . Kindly help.

  286. U.Kedareswarudu says:

    I got hypothyroidism and triglyceride. My age is 51 and normal body and height.
    Suffering from sleep apnea (only 3-4 hrs sleep only) got up by 3.00 am. Day time feel drozy.
    Suggest me good homeo medicine. Three days back I checked with lab analysis. details are given below.
    Thyroid Profile:
    T3: 0.41, T4: 3.7, TSH: 3.12

    Glucose Fasting and PP:
    Glucose F : 102.6, Glucose PP : 92.7

    LIPID Profile:
    Cholesterol Total: 239
    Triglycerol : 218, HDL: 58. LDL: 134, VLDL: 43.6

  287. Hi Dr.

    My LDL level is 9.5. What homeopathic medicine is suitable for me. Please advise.



  288. Deepak Vashisth says:

    res. doc. pls tell me what shouldn’t eat when a person taking homeopathic medicine of high cholestrol like onion , garlic etc

  289. My cholesterol level staying high beside eating healthy food and having fresh fruit juices. Any homeopathy medicine would you prescribe.

    Chol: 239 mg/dl; Trig. 230 mg/dl; HDL: 43 mg/dl; LDL: 150 mg/dl

    Non-HDL Cholestrol: 196 mg/dl


  290. which homeopathic medicine for reducing my cholesterol of 110. My dr. precribe Atorvastatin 20mg., but I am afraid to take it.

  291. manish mishra says:

    Dear Doctor,
    i am 40 year old. recently diagnosed with high LDL(149.6) and VLDL(29.4) and triglycerides (147).
    can u suggest me which homeo medication will b good to reduce the levels , my weight is 74 kg ht. 5’7″.

    • Sir pls help me as per 14.9.15 reports my s cholesterol 200 s triglycerides 1153 s hdl cholesterol 28 sgot 48 sgpt 78 esr 25 tsh 5.080 tell me sir what I have to do my weight is 64 kg from very long time
      Thanks and give me some suggestions

  292. hi.. dr
    im tushar aged 41, recently diagnosed with high bad cholestrol (160 range)
    can u suggest me which homeo medication will b good to reduce the levels , my b.p is normal im 78 kg

    thank u

  293. Soumak Ghosh says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I am 29 years old, due to more consumption of red meat and alcohol, I am suffering from high cholesterol, my triglyceride is 358,LDL 135, total cholesterol 235, HDL 51.IS ALLIUM SATIVUM & CRATAGAUS are correct medicine?what is the dose?

  294. S R VENKATRAMAN says:

    I have gone for Lipid Profile, where in I find that my cholesterol level has gone up. I give you detail: Serum Triglyceride 185.2, HDL cholesterol 138.6 VLDL cholesterol 27.72 HDL cholesterol 47.1 LDL cholesterol 110.38 Cholesterol HDL Ratio 3.93. Please advise for homeo medicine and treatment.
    With regards

  295. Muhammad Ismail says:

    Hi, i am 38, my cholestrol level is 260. please suggest treatment for me

    • Triglyceride 285, cholesterol 190 ,I have gilbert jaundice SB remains 1.5-2.5, please suggest me how to reduce triglyceride. Physically I don’t have any problem. BP is normal
      at border 90/120, creatinine 1.08, one kidney from beginning. Age 70, Weight 66kg

  296. Billie wilson says:

    I suffer from major depression,PTSD,high anxiety and bipolar as well as chronic low back and neck pain from an injury, insomnia. What are some homeopathic remedies I can take to combat these symptoms. I am tired of taking doctor prescribed medications for these conditions because of the side effects sometimes they are worse than the cure. I hope you can help me I will be anxiously awaiting your response. Thank you

  297. Saxena sushma says:

    I have hdl 32. What medicine should I take to increase my hdl. I am over weight.

  298. M K Kashyap says:

    I have high cholestrol, not very high, and mild fatty liver. I also have sensitivity to homeopathic medicines and statin group medicines. Could you recommend something to me.

  299. pramod kumar says:

    Sir I have a stroke in 6/4/13.&single spent in left ventricular ,my total chelestrol is 211,HDL 115,LDL69.TRIGLISRIDE 117. AND HAVING SOME TIMES palpitations,&gas problem please advice me a homeopathy medicine. Thanks with regard .

  300. Mrs.Vatsala Menon says:

    Thanks for ur website. I am starting on baryta muriaticum,preferably MT for heaviness & vertigo presuming reduced blood supply to head. How much time I should take it?

  301. vijay kakra says:

    i use cratagus 20o give repeat after 7 days four 1 month get rsult

  302. ken hartley says:

    Also looking for homeopathic Dr. in Dallas area

  303. Sheila Jagdip says:

    I am a 59 yr old female and my my total cholesterol is 302… I need help…please make the necessary reccomendations…with thanks

  304. Homoeo Dr. A. S. Raipoot says:

    never use calcarea carb above 35 years of age it is used mostly in low age of patients but no doubt the best remedy OF fatty persons & childrens.

  305. k.bhattacherjee says:

    My age is 60, suffering by the Diabetic with high Lipid, Allopathy medicine increased Gastric problem tremendously,ple, recommend any market available homeopathy medicine to control my diabetic and cholostrol.

  306. brij mohan says:

    my lipid profile s cholestrol 223 hdl cholestrol 57 v ldl cholestrol 42 ldl cholestrol 124 trigyceride 211 suggest medicine

  307. ALOK GUPTA says:

    High cholesterol and uric acid

  308. Santhosh says:

    Dear sir
    Following are my blood test report. Kindly advice me how can maintain normal level of cholesterol.
    Total cholesterol ( 211 )
    Triglyceride ( 157 ) Desirable is less than 150
    HDL cholesterol ( 26 ) Desirable is above 55
    LOL cholesterol ( 145 ) Desirable is less than 100
    VLDL cholesterol ( 31. 5 ) Desirable is less than 50
    Total cholesterol /HDL Ratio ( 8. 0:1 ) Desirable is less than 4. 0
    LDL/HDL Ratio ( 5. 5:1 ) Desirable is less than 3. 0

    Sir now I am taking the following Homoeopathic medicine after consulting doctor
    1) CARDUUS
    2) chooltue ( I don’t know the spelling is right )
    3) Siva Nc

  309. Ashok Kumar Sharma says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am 51 year old suffering dry Eczema in my boot the feet,and I have taken several medical treatment for the rectification of my disease but could not succeed.
    I request you to sir tell me the best homeopathic medicine for the cure of Dry Eczema.
    Thanking you.

    With Regards

    Ashok Kumar Sharma

  310. surinder pal Multani says:

    Good day sir,
    As per lipid profile test found my triglyceride is very high app. 528 taking diet less than 15gm fat/day,
    doing daily exercise for more than 1hr LDL 53, HDL 41, VLDL 108. would be grateful if kindly advise what is best homopathic medicine to reduce TG & improve upon HDL.

    Thanking you,
    Best Regards,
    SPS Multani

  311. I am 35 years old. Uric Acid-7.90, Cholestrol-248, Triglycerides-246, HDL-38, LDL-170, VLDL-40. Along with this I am suffering from headache which occurs to me daily after noon. I wake up with a feeling of tiredness. Pores of fingers of both hands and legs have a feeling of throbbing. Around right soulder i feel pain…a sensation of cramps like. Mild burning sensation in stomach. Mild constipation.By doing simple work i get very easily tired.
    Please suggest some medicine Sir. With thanks and regards.
    Presently I am taking….Aconite 200 two times a day and belladona + bryonia one time a day.

  312. Does homeopathy medicine can control Bad cholesterol…My Total cholesterol (mg/dl) level 206. HDL – 47 & LDL 133.

  313. Amin Parvez says:

    Dear Sir
    I am a heart attack person , it occurred on 30.11.2013 since than i am taking some alopathic medicine even to date.

    some days ago around 20 days i have been taking “Crateagus Q & Arjuna Q== 15 drops at morning and 15 drops at night , I feel more better now.

    My question is that Can I take ” Alium Sativa” along with Crataegus & Arjuna Q at a time ?????

    pls give me a response

  314. M.Hanif akbar says:

    Sir,I am 63 years old.having high blood pressure since 2005,I am taking elopathy medicines on the advise of Dr but m bad cholesterol is now 222′ I have obesity,please prescribe some homeo medicines.two days back my bp shouted up,Thanks waiting to hear from you soon.I also have constipation problem.

  315. Mr Raman Tandon says:

    Sir, I am a 49 year old person. Having a weight of 65 kgs,have only recently started mild excercies, and yes my work hours are long and stressful. I had a heart check up recently and have been dignosed with high cholesterol levels,this is because till date my life style was pretty much laid back and also full of fast food intake. I also feel out of breath if I climb stairs in a fast manner. Kindly advise what medicine should I take . Regards Raman

  316. Chander Kanta ojha says:

    Had never considered ALLIUM SATVUM for Cholestrol treatment. Practically all symptoms match my profile. Like to try and give feedback.
    What should be the dose quantity and frequency ?

    • Chander Kanta Ojha says:

      kindly prescribe dose of Allium Sativum , frequency of dosage and how long should it be taken.

  317. Kush kumar says:

    I am 36yrs old,my colostral is 260.tryglesride height 163cm and weight 70kg.l am diabetes my diabeties value is pls advise to homeopathy mediciene.

  318. Bhama Bharadwaj says:

    To the Doctor,

    I am aged 61 years female having total cholestrol 218, hdl 44, ldl 146, vldl 28, trig 140, ratio 4.9. 1.
    Cholestrol also Heriditary with Vericose Veins ( heriditary )
    for tyhe past One year .No BP , No DIABETIES, No.Cardiac problem Diet Vegeterian.
    Request to suggest me Homoeopathy Medicines.
    Thanks ,
    Bhama Bharadwaj

  319. MANOJ KUMAR says:

    Hello doctor,
    This is manoj. I m 39 years old. I m suffering from high cholestrol n high triglycerides. Triglycerides is 315, vldl is 63, total cholestrol is 199, SGOT is 45.00 and SGPT is 58. Wht medicine should i take to reduce my cholestrol level. Kindly suggest me.


  320. chandra kumar verma says:

    I am 45 years old man . I love fatty food like cheese, potato , ice-cream etc.. And I have quite business tension to so due to that I had heart problem and in a blood test there is high cholesterol, there is more bed cholesterol then the good cholesterol . I am not a heavy person , I am a slim man but there is lots of fat in my body . I hade a ultrasound few month ago so there is much more fat in body . Please advice me that which medicine is good for me

  321. Ab.Rahman Mohamad says:

    Thank you very much for guideline remedies. I will try to use these remedies in my treatment.

  322. H S Anand says:

    Dear Dr,
    My wife is a patient of Rheumatoid arthritis, an
    Auto-immune disease, is there a cure in homeopathic to treat this fully. Please advise.
    Thank you

  323. shivshankar maurya says:

    which dose is more beneficial for coronary blockage and how many days of treatment.reply

  324. annie sheth says:

    i am 65 years old. My cholesterol leve is 5.8. My parents have high cholesterol and they are on medication.(not homeopathy
    I prefer homeopathy
    My blood pressure is normal. I take Thyroxine 4c twice a day for my Thyroid.
    Could you please suggest Homeopothy to reduce my cholesterol .
    Thank you

  325. Ashok Sharma says:

    Dr. Sharma with kind regards,
    I am submitting my health status for your kind guidance please.

    Name-Ashok Sharma, Age-39, Sex-Male, weight-92 Kgs,

    Diagnose Details:- HBA1c-9.6 %, Lipid Profile (Cholesterol-281, Triglycerides-493, HDL-46, LDL-136, VLDL 99).

    Presently I am feeling heavy head, weakness in vision, gas in stomach, pains in joints, pain in chest, loss of hair, loss of memory, high BP, weakness in body.

    Kindly guide,

    with warn regards,

    Ashok Sharma

  326. Tahir Chaudhry says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma,

    My LDL has always been high. I had a by pass surgery in 2007. Since then I have been taking Lipitor. Started with 10mg and later it was increase to 20mg and then to 30mg. LDL has now been under 100. Lately I have developed cramps/weakness in my legs. I would like to stop taking the Statin. Is there a suitable Homeopathic remedy.

  327. dilip jagiasi says:

    I have been suffering from chronic sinus problem for last 20 years or so after nasal operation. Every now & then I have to clear the mucus secretion from throat .otherwise it goes to lungs. Iam also patient of chronic constipation.whenever I eat oily or heavy food I have to vomit. I am 58 yrs old& vegetarian my lipid profile reports are normal but for last few months I feel suffocation on left side of chest & get breathing problem on exertion ,walking etc. I cannot concentrate on any thing properly & feel week & tired all the time .pl help

  328. Suraj Sarkar says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am 44 years old guy, I smoke, I drink alcohol once or twice a week, I have under gone CABG on 14/12/2010. Now my cholesterol level is too high and also my triglyceride level, earlier i use to walk 4 Km appox daily but now due to leg problem i am unable to walk.
    Please guide.

  329. regina joseph says:

    i am 60 years .cholesterol level 216 .what medicine to take ?.ldl 143

  330. Krishna Kumar Sharma I says:

    My choles is 242 &triglyceride is 497 hav constipation palpitation .age 37 fair coloured man please suggest suitable drug

  331. Dear doctor,
    I am a diabetic .My Hb A1c test the last one year has been 6.5\6.8. Iwas detected with diabetes 4 years ago. it took 2 years to bring it under control I am on medication.. I also suffered severe peripheral neuropathy which has now diminished to pain and numbness in the sole and toes of the feet. I also have left shoulder arthritis with stiffness and pain radiating to the arm. movement of the arm is restricted. Please can you suggest suitable homeopathic treatment. I am 68 years old.

  332. ASHISH SH?AH says:

    my reports as on 31-01-2015 are as follows:
    1) s.cholestrol- 218
    2) s. Triglyceride- 242
    3) S.HDL- 28
    4) S. LDL- 141.60
    5)S.VLDL- 48.40

    I have undergone angioplasty in sept 2013. what homeopathy treatment and precautions do u suggest?

  333. Dr SHARMA sahib. Please seggest me best medicine for high cholesterol I have also pain continusuly on my lift side thanks naqvi

  334. I’m 52 male. Ht.: 5’8”; Wt.: 98 Kg; Regularly take BP medicine (Olmat 40, 1tab./day). My cholestrol level has been on the rise. Current readings: Cholestrol Total=240.60, Triglycerides=201.10, HDL=46.60, LDL=184.10, HDL/LDL ratio= 0.253, Total/HDL ratio= 5.163. Recently, my Cardiologist has advised Novostat (5mg, 1 tab/day).

    I do exercise, but not very regularly. I may continue 1 to 1-1/2 hour regular gymming exercise for few months. But, depending upon mood or other reasons, I may stop the exercise for months together to resume after a long gap.

    Of late, I have started taking fresh garlic (1 clove meshed and swallow with a glass of water in the morning). I have been consuming good amount of ginger everyday for last many decades.

    I’m a Vegetarian (occasionally take eggs & moderate alcohol); I have craving for milk, foods & sweets, that too in relatively large portions.

    Please suggest suitable Homeopathic Medicine for my Cholestrol issue.

    Thank you.

  335. Amarjit Singh says:

    respected Dr sahib I am suffering from acidity in stomach taking rabreprazole since 2 years now it stopped working if homeopathy has some solution

  336. cholesterol 240 wdl 35-80 ldl 160 vldl 32 please medicine

  337. Hello DR Sharma
    I need your guidance to help me provide homeopathic remedies for chronic kidney diseases.

  338. Sir I see cmodes,other any kind of pot for stool , any kind gandgi I I close my eyes this is also there in dreams also just because of this I can’t mediation sense of disgust has increased I have taken aloe social oncentre no effect

  339. I m 52 yrs old . I started having grey hair when I was in my 20s.Since the past two years my eyebrows have greyed considerably and also become scanty. Please advise

  340. GVVSN MURTHY says:


  341. Christine Bober says:

    Dr. Strophanthus Hispidus sounds like a wonderful remedy for my high cholesterol. I also take Plavix for the TIA’s I’ve had. I just would like to know if this homeopathic remedy and Plavix can be used together?

  342. I wish you a happy life to serve humanity.

  343. Dr Kartik chandra Ray says:

    Do you do an angiography before choosing the remedies.

  344. age 23 weight 53 Hb 11.0 cholesterol 207 Gender. Female kindly send me. a suitable Homoeo remedy

  345. i fart during sleep is it indication of any problem durint last 5 months farting has become a problem for me. i am a patient of lumbar spodilysis i feel urgency of urination and excretion i am unable to control these reflexes . please advice me ….

  346. I am 49years uric said is 5.22and my cholesterol is 216.1 my triglycerides is 202.1 I am suffering highly heart beating and excessive knee pain. Pls suggest some homeopathy medicine.

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