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Homeopathic Medicines for Dengue Prevention

Homeopathic Medicines For Dengue Fever

Homeopathic Remedies For Dengue Fever

Homeopathic Remedies For Dengue Fever

Dengue Fever triggers an instant scare, and rightly so. It’s a viral fever spread by mosquitoes and caused by the Dengue virus. It is also known as “break bone fever”. The main symptoms of Dengue Fever are high fever with severe muscle and joint pains. Other symptoms include headache, pain behind the eyes worsened by eye motion or pressure, nausea or vomiting, and skin rash. A few cases of Dengue Fever may show a bleeding tendency too, when it is termed Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever. The bleeding may be under the skin (Petechiae, Echymosis, Purpura), from the nose (Epistaxis), gums, vomiting of blood (Hematemesis) or blood in stool. In such cases, the platelets (cells responsible for clotting of blood) in the blood significantly decrease in platelets  leading to hemorrhages and also extravasation of fluids  . In severe bleeding and extravsation of fluids , shock develops with lowered blood pressure, rapid or weak pulse with cold clammy skin and restlessness. Such severe cases with shock are referred to as Dengue Shock Syndrome.

Top Homeopathic Medicines For Dengue Fever

Homeopathic medicines for dengue fever are very effective . They medicines are made of natural substances , are completely safe with no side effects and have shown effective cure in thousands of dengue cases.

 Eupatorium Perfoliatum- One of the  best Homeopathic Medicines for Dengue Fever

I would rank Eupatorium Perfoliatum as the best Homeopathic medicine for Dengue Fever. The one most important symptom of Dengue Fever when Eupatorium Perfoliatum is indicated and can be of great help is – severe muscle and joint pains with high fever. Eupatorium happens to the most effective homeopathic in curing dengue fever .Homeopathic medicine Eupatorium Perfoliatum is also popularly known as “bone set” as it brings about the quickest relief in severe bone and joint pains in fever. The pain can be present in any bone or it can be generalised in the whole body. The patient may also have general body ache with a feeling as if the whole body is broken. Apart from relieving joint pains, Homeopathic medicine Eupatorium Perfoliatum is also very beneficial in providing relief from severe pain in the eyeballs in Dengue Fever. It helps in recovering from headache with nausea and vomiting too. Mainly the patients requiring this remedy for Dengue have severe chill with shivering and severe body pains . In majority of the cases, sweat brings relief in all the symptoms, with the exception of pain in head.

Eupatorium Perfoliatum as a Preventive Homeopathic Medicine for Dengue.

Although there is no concrete research on the role of Eupatorium as preventive homeopathic medicine for dengue fever it widely used as a prophylaxis for dengue. It is used as its usage is in accordance with homeopathic laws of prophylaxis ( laws stated in homeopathic philosophy suggest that the medicine that is closest in symptom-match to the symptoms of an outbreak can be used as a prophylaxis) . The homeopathic medicine which closely corroborates to the symptoms of Dengue outbreak  is Eupatorium Perfoliatum. It can be used in 30 c potenc  twice daily during an outbreak of Dengue fever .

Gelsemium: Homeopathic medicine for Dengue Fever with weakness and prostration

I would rank This medicine ( Gelsemium ) as number two homeopathic medicine for dengue fever Gelsemium is the best Homeopathic remedy for Dengue Fever patients who experience utmost weakness and prostration. A state of dullness, dizziness and drowsiness is the perfect description to select Gelsemium over other Homeopathic medicines for the treatment of Dengue Fever. The patients seem lethargic and have a desire to lie down in perfect silence without any disturbance. He or she also wants to be quiet and dislikes conversation. The patient experiences chill, but in selecting Homeopathic medicine Gelsemium, the chill is most typically marked in the back and travels up and down the back. Another feature is headache with heaviness of eyes. The headache is mainly present in back portion that in most cases travels up to the forehead and eyes. There is also an absence of thirst in majority of cases.

 Homeopathic Mediicnes for dengue fever when Joint Pains and bodyaches are present

Eupatorium Perfoliatum is the best natural Homeopathic cure for body ache in Dengue Fever. Homeopathic remedies Bryonia Alba and Rhus Tox too are of great help in providing relief from joint pains or general body ache in Dengue Fever. Which of the two best suits the patient depends on the specific individual features. The most specific feature to choose Bryonia Alba is worsening of pains by any movement even in the least degree. This Homeopathic medicine is the best remedy when rest is the main position for relief from pain. Extreme thirst with a dry mouth may be felt along with this specific feature. Rhus Tox is the ideal Homeopathic medicine when a patient experiences relief from pain by movement and worsening of pain by taking rest.

Homeopathic medicines for Dengue Fever when Severe Headache accompanies it

The most significant natural Homeopathic medicines for headache in Dengue Fever are Gelsemium, Belladonna and Eupatorium Perfoliatum. Gelsemium is the best Homeopathic remedy when a Dengue Fever patient experiences pain in back of the head (Occiput). The pain can also travel from back of the head to the forehead or eyes. Heaviness of eyes is also marked with pain in head. Homeopathic medicine Belladona is the best choice when pain is marked in the sides of head (temples). For using Belladona, the pain is very violent and throbbing in nature. Tight binding of head provides relief. Natural Homeopathic medicine Eupatorium Perfoliatum is recommended for Dengue Fever patients when the headache is present in top (vertex) of head. The patient may also vomit along with vertex headache.

Homeopathic medicines Dengue Fever when Nausea and vomiting is present

Along with  Eupatorium I would suggest that for relieving nausea and vomiting in Dengue Fever, Homeopathic remedies  Ipecac and Arsenic Album can be used . Ipecac is a Homeopathic medicine of great help when there is persistent nausea and vomiting. . Arsenic Album is the ideal Homeopathic medicine when nausea gets worse by the smell or sight of food and vomiting gets worse from eating or drinking anything.

Homeopathic medicines for Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever

Although Homeopathic medicines are beneficial in treating Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever, urgent medical advice is advised as such cases can be life-threatening and may need urgent hospitalisation. The main Homeopathic medicines that can help in Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever are China, Ipecac and Arsenic Album. Homeopathic medicine China is of great help when there is bleeding from any mucus membrane along with marked exhaustion. Debility and utmost prostration with haemorrhages is its main indication. When the haemorrhages are accompanied by severe nausea and vomiting, then Ipecac is the most suitable Homeopathic medicine. Arsenic Album is the best Homeopathic medicine when utmost anxiety and restlessness accompany bleeding. The person needing Arsenic Album may also have a fear of death along with anxiety. The thirst for water at very small intervals may also be felt by persons who can greatly benefit from Homeopathic remedy Arsenic Album. Please note that Dengue and Dengue Hemorrhagic can turn into a critical life threatening condition, hence should not be treated only with homeopathic medicines. Hospital supervision of the patient is very essential .

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  1. Eupatorium Perfoliatum can i take as prevention for dengu

  2. Moazam baig says:

    Hello ,i am from pakistan. My two elder brother was down with dengue fever .I gave him two medicine eupatorium, chimnimum sulphate, but condition will not changed . Platlets will decrease day by day, please suggest a suitable medicine to recover. I also gave him poapaya, there leaves ,apple juice.please give me advise

  3. Shaman gupta says:

    Please suggest precautionary medicine for dengue and how much dose it should take

  4. Dr. Naseer A Tahir says:

    I like to ask about
    A medicine.
    Is here any company produce named”DENGUE FEVER” homeopathic REMEDY???
    Im a bit confused.
    If yes ?
    Is that a single remedy?
    Nosode ?

  5. Dr. Naseer A Tahit says:

    I like to ask about
    A medicine.
    Is here any company produce named”DENGUE FEVER” homeopathic REMEDY???
    Im a bit confused.
    If yes ?
    Is that a single remedy?
    Nosode ?

  6. anurag srivastava says:

    Hi Doctor

    My wife is 7 months pregnant and i want her to have a preventive medicine for dengue..can you please suggest some which is safe during pregnany

  7. Deepali Pokale says:

    My 7 year old daughter is already on homeopathic treatment for precocious puberty and in last month she had to get hospitalized for dengue fever,she recovered well with paracetamol and iv fluids.that time we have stopped homeopathyand started again since yesterday only.Now since today again she is having fever ,may be due to the bad weather conditions in Mumbai and traveling,there are no other symptoms other than high fever.Can homeopathy help if this is dengue again?

  8. Ramamadhavi says:

    Anti denque fever medicine

  9. Jyoti Sharma says:

    I am homoeopathic physician having 5yr of experience I want to join or want to work with u plssuggest what to do

  10. Gonesh Chandra Ray says:

    What is the homeopathy medicine for dengue disease?

  11. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    In my colony, there’s few children recently inflicted with Dengue . I am too much worried about my kids.

    1) How to protect them ??


    3) My twin daughters are just four and a half years old.

    • Sharifuzzaman Chowdhury says:

      Dear Dr. Sharma,

      1. What (medicine, power, taking time & duration, empty/full stomach) will be homeo prophylaxis/preventive for dengue.
      2. Doses for Adult, 6 month baby, 12 month baby, 18-24 month baby and children over 24 month.

    • Sharifuzzaman Chowdhury says:

      Dear Dr. Sharma,
      1. What (medicine, power, taking time & duration, empty/full stomach) will be homeo prophylaxis/preventive for dengue.
      2. Doses for Adult, 6 month baby, 12 month baby, 18-24 month baby and children over 24 month.
      Sharifuzzaman Chowdhury
      Dhaka, Bangladesh.

  12. Nicola Parry says:

    Dear Dr Sharma, I am on day 33 of my recovery from dengue fever which I contracted in Sri Lanka on 17th December and was hospitalised for 6 days. I am still extremely fatigued, often dizzy, experience anxiety, fear, & panic, also body ache and headaches. My eyes are v. drowsy and sensitive to light. What would you recommend for recovery? kind regards Nicola ( I’m UK based.

  13. Hello doc.
    Good Morning.
    I am 56yrs, have a complain of Amebiosis & often develop Worms, may be due to indigestion & so have acidity. I don’t smoke. Social drinker. Takes Green & Black tea.
    Request for remedy.
    My mail id:

  14. subhransu kumar das says:

    hello sir i m subhransu from gurgaon..i m nt suffering from dengue. still i want to take preventive for dengue Eupatorium Perfoliatum Dilution 200CH…can i take dis widout d concern of doctor. is it harmful to take widout dengue.plz reply me sir

  15. Good morning sir.Is there preventive medicine in homeopathy for dengue?

  16. dr m ravi says:

    even without outbreak shall i use eupatorium as prophylaxis for dengue

  17. Ashwani kumar says:

    Respected Sir

    I am suffering from chronic ulcerative acidity during long time plz suggest some med.
    With Regard
    Ashwani kumar

  18. Obaid Ullah Khan says:

    is there any preventive medicines for teeth scaling?

  19. Ashok Kumar Mukherjee says:

    May I request you to kindly suggest medicine for prevention of DENGUE fever.

    With Regards.

  20. hi dr little request please help me to how to take homeopathic medicine for dengue . l got liquid n tablet which is better tablet or liquid n how to take . Day how many time .Waiting for your reply sir.thanks dr.

  21. Braj Mohan Sharma says:

    Sir my mother’s age is 65 years she is suffering from dengue fever from last 4 to 5 days
    Please tell me the right treatment….

  22. Nirankar singg says:

    My daughter aged 15yrs suffering from squint with amblyopia in right eye. I also has facial hair and disturbed menses. Pls write the treatment.

  23. tania brassey says:

    Please can you tell me what is best preventative for Dengue with 6 + 10 yr old children visiting Kerala?
    Can I buy it locally? Or need to take before travel from UK?
    Many Thanks, a concerned granny.

  24. jitendra Bahadur Lal says:

    Please tell me what dose of eipatorium perfoliatium 200ch. How two use this medicine thanks

  25. Deepak sharma says:

    I would like to know that which medicine prevent Dengue fever. My child is 12 yrs of age and which medicine prevent him from Dengue.

  26. avijit majumder says:

    Green watery stool..headache..but no nausea and vomiting tendency..two days we suffer..fever of 100 between 7/30 pm(evening) and 8/30 pm (evening).spining of head..what medicine u suggest with dosage..age 35 yrs

  27. sukhdew sharma says:

    Always there is itching and irritation in the mouth of anal area.

  28. AVIJIT SAHA says:

    I want to know how to completently tackle dengue by Eupatorium perfoliatum

  29. Harpreet Singh says:

    Dear Friends,
    My aunt age is 73 and she was suffering from fever. 3rd day after blood test we came to know that she has Dengue. 1st day we hospitalised her and her cells was 70000 ,next day it comes to 40000. My friend told me about Eupatorium 200 medicine of homeopathy.We came back home.I started giving 10 drops after 2hours in half glass water.After this I gave her Tulsi Drops which we generally get from medical store.10 drops Tulsi in half glass water.Next day cells come 52000.Other day it comes 65000 and now she has 190000.Apart from this Coconut water , Sugarcane juice, Musammi juice only liquid no food .This is must to avoid dehydration. She urinates after every 10 min and she was fully weak.But my dear friend more urination is good symbol , weakness is OK but infection comes out with urine and u stay good.
    Now she is OK .Don’t take any medicine except from Paracetamol bcz other antibiotics with pull down the cell count. Obe thing more get :-
    Papaya leaves extract tabs from medical store and take once a day.
    Get Geloy watti fro Ramsey store take twice a day.
    These are not medicines but immunity booster.
    I have seen your comments like 4 year child and others .So shared my experience.

  30. M.L.Radhesh says:

    Good afternoon sir,
    My daughter is suffering from dengue since 7 days she was admitted in hospital , for two times she vomitted blood so they transferred 11 units of RDP 1 unit of SDP and 2 bottles of blood . Then her platelets improved for 40000 and again decreased for 26000 , why is this downfall , wat to do for natural growth for platelets and blood,
    Is papaya leaf juice increase platelets, can i give now ?
    or any other medicine in homeo is there. Pls inform us.

    • Dear Sir,
      I was diagnosed Chikungunya last month. Though fever has gone but aftereffects are severe bodypain and sometimes vomiting and excess gas in the abdomen. Bodypain I can tolerate but this severe gas trouble is painful. Bodypain increases with movement while subsides in resting position. Pain didn’t subside while sitting too. Only sleeping position is helpful. Can you please suggest me some medication based on these symptoms. My age is 40 years and no specific disease other than it. Thanks.

  31. Shyamal Dey Biswas says:

    So far my knowledge goes that Homeopathic Medicines Eupatorium Perfoliatum For Dengue Fever has not been tested so far.If so please give some details with % of recovery so that this medicine can be used as a preventive aspect of Dengue by common people besides taking sufficient water intake & usage of mosquito net as well as cleaning drains/ flower posts / room coolers regularly to stop breeding ground on those
    spots.No vaccine has been invented till now for Dengue.

    Looking forward for your response.


  32. Atanu Ghatak says:

    I would like to know that which medicine prevent Dengu fever. My child is 4 yrs of age and which medicine prevent him from Dengu.


  33. sanjeev gupta says:

    30 c means – how much quantity and in how much water

  34. INDER CHAND says:


  35. Need Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200 by tomorrow. From where i can get?

    • Pushpinder Singh says:

      In which city do you live ?? You can go to any homeopathy doctor , better consult a doctor first , everything has particular formula and rules , and homeopathy medicine is given to the patient according to the patients behaviour , mood , thinking , feelings etc and they add different medicines for different symptoms .I used first time , and I got recovered from dengue today was my last course , feeling healthy and up . I ll reccomend homeopathy for all kinds of treatment .

    • muhammad sohailhabib says:

      Gelsemium Homeo Pathice medicine for gengue fever

    • muhammad sohailhabib says:

      Gelsemium Homeo Pathice medicine for gengue fever and H\DR. ASADHASHMI 03409189596

  36. Is Eupatorium perfoliatum 200 safe to use in pregnancy of 4 months

  37. Narayana Mistry says:

    Sir which age group patient are taking Eupatorium perf 30 ?

  38. Rtn Ashok Jindal says:

    To be in touch with u Dr Sharma I hope to get some best remedy for my pain in right hip moving down to anckle. My L5-S1 show protuberance to right side. On standing or walking for five minutes pain appears and on sitting pain disappears. Pl. search out some befitting remedy.
    Thanking u in anticipation.

  39. ASHOK LAHIRI says:


  40. I have a Patience who is suffering from sinus. He has nose block all the year. Nose keeps on running. At night takes breath through mouth. They use AC at night. Cannot keep AC off. I have use acconite, belladona, gelsimium. Even i gave bio-chemic Mag phos and cal flour. Still could not cure him completely. Its two months old now. Suggest me some cure.



  41. Hello Dr sharma

    My son was bitten by a mosquito today, we are suspecting that it was dengue mosquito, since only two hours has happened, can we give him some homeopathic medicine to avoid dengue fever and symptoms as a precautionary measure.


  42. Hello Dr sharma

    My son was bitten by a mosquito today, we are suspecting that it was dengue mosquito, since only two hours has happened, can we give him some homeopathic medicine to avoid dengue fever and symptoms as a precautionary measure.


  43. Is it suitable for child under 7yrs

  44. ARUN KUMAR MITRA says:


  45. lalit sharma says:

    डॉ साहब मुझे 2 माह से डेंगू व् taified हुआ है taified का कोर्स तो पूरा हो गया है लेकिन कमजोरी नहीं जा रही है और 99 से 100 दिन में दो बार बुखार हो जाता है मैं homeopati motertinchar eupatorium perfoliatum 200ch भी ले रहा हूँ बुखार क्यों आ रहा है बार कृपया कुछ इलाज़ बताये ललित शर्मा लुधियाना

  46. Clear and great Information.

  47. santosh kumar says:

    dear sir
    my maternal uncle is suffering from fever.his platelets are in current test about 50000 .can he suffering from dengue? please sugget mme kindly sir

  48. Suggest dengue pervention medicine for 70 yr. Old.Thanks.

  49. Dr,

    My father age 80 years old. After sleeping he is loss his energy and very poor active. Sometime memory loss. At sleeping time he used C-PAP for brething problem ( sieeping time only).

    I am waiting for your advice and remedy

    Thank You


    Kannan. K

  50. Col Munish Pabbi says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    My daughter has tested positive for dengue. The doctors are prescribing paracetamol to control fever which is by far getting controlled. I need your advice on use of EUPATORIUM FERFOLIATUM 200. the platelet count in the last test was 250000.
    Warm Regards
    Col Munish Pabbi

  51. Premshankar Rudrasahay Bakshi says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,
    Frequently ,I find my Platelet count Fluctuating between 150000 to 85ooo.
    Perhaps due to Cold ,Cough in the hostile ambiance of Hyderabad.
    Can I Improve my Platelet Count to around 300000 with EUPATORIUM
    PERFOLIATUM (SBL Product) 200CH.
    Kindly advise.
    Warm Regards,

  52. Tara Ramanathan says:



    I am a chennai based resident, homeopath. As dengue is prevalent to a great extent in chennai, kindly guide how to administer eupetor perf. as a prophylactic and any other known prophylactic also.

    Thanks and Regards

    Dr.Tara Ramanathan
    22, Kanniah Chetty street

  53. Aruna Mohanty says:

    Slightly feverish for 3/4 days.Sever pain in upper part of legs(thigh).No appetite.Drosy.No head ache.BP totally normal.Slight throat pain.Now gone after gurgling.Is it Dengue? Suggest HOMEOPATHY medcine.

  54. Monika asdhir says:

    Sir i want to take above said medicine as a preventive measure for dengue. Pl suggest me the dose. I m 40yrs old. And my two daughters r 13 & 9yrs old respectively. Regardas

  55. MD Shafiulla says:

    My 9 year old son suffering from dengue fever
    Please suggest homeo medicine

  56. Om Prakash says:

    Sir my blood platelets decreased due to fever . Should I take this medicine ?

  57. Gopal Pd. Gupta says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma
    I want to know that can I use the Eupatorium Perf as a preventative for DENGU fever.If yes then tell me that which potency n how to take the medicine.

  58. Doctor,
    Hie please assist ua.. the person is suffering from dengue and the platelet count is 20,000 only. The patient is serioua and in ICU. Plaease tell the medicine.. please do the neddful asap..

  59. Deepak kr singh says:

    Good evening sir
    My self suffering from Dengue and today my platlet count shows only 59000. Which. Medicine can I use for increasing of platelets

    • I infected dengu stage 1 my platelets are 1.4 lac & hemoglobiin is 12.8. Headache bonepain rashes in my body. I take allopathic treatment on one day.So please suggest homyopathy treatment with sufficient dose.

  60. Hello Doctor my father is suffering from Type 2 Diabetes for the last 3 years . This was due his workaholic nature and sits long hours in office.

    Could you suggest good homeopathic medicine or Doctor in South Delhi

  61. Platelets increase which homeopathy medicine is best, please suggest


    Good evening Dr. SSharma,
    I m suffering fro Lrukemia.
    I have under gone 5 chemos of Azacitidine.
    Doctor is sustaining my life @10k platelets and Hb 8 minimum
    I have undergone about 60 platelets and 30 blood transfusionss
    bone marrow is still not active and balst count in blood is 5.
    Requst suggest ssome Homeo medcine to hold / incrase platelets and Hb.
    Thaanks and regards,


    • Renu Sharma says:

      I am suffering from joint pain in whole body..but I have no fever …Is this Dengu or chikengunia…Can I use Eupatorium perfoliatum…Any side effects???
      Other members of family can use for pricotion…

  63. Raj D Pandey says:

    Dr Sahab,
    Namaskar !
    Patient in Fever of 102*F.
    Platelets count 75000
    What is the dose of Eupatorium Perf. {Phai sign) potency not mentioned on mother tincture of the bottle.

  64. kamal kant mudgil says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    i son, age 18 is suffering from dengue. had fever since three days and today got dengue positive report. please tell me the remedy and if we take alopathy and homoeopathic medicine side by side?

  65. P.satyanarayana says:

    Sir, please let me know the dosage of Eup. Perf for fever

  66. Mommy sharma says:

    I have been suffering from endometriosis ..I am 32 years old and also went through a chocolate cyst surgery. Kindly advice a permanent solution for it.
    I have a constant pain in lower abdomen .

  67. suresh CH. meher says:

    I m suffering from severe respiration problem as blockage of nostrils everyday even during sleeping. Cause of dry little mucous comes out sometimes and I have sweating body… Kindly advise me for medicine. I ve throat infection also. Age 45 years..

  68. Sushil Kumar Singh says:

    Hi sir,
    I m suffering from p soriasis from last 5years so I want to know have you any permanent treatment of the same in Homeopathic medicine.

  69. M. Francis says:

    Der Dr. You have not mentioned hydrastis cannadensis. Is this remedy useful?
    M. francis

  70. Ashok Kumar says:

    Sir for 2 to 7 year old children are affected from dengue fever which medicine is useful for those children in homeopathy.

  71. Vinay Sharma says:

    Sir I am suffering from headache mostly in a month so please advise any medicine without side effect.

  72. Parveen Kumar says:


    Sir If we take this medicine before dengue . Any side effects?


    Is there any homeopathy medicine which can be used as plant protector , to control plant insect pests and plant diseases.

  74. Dr Danish Shahab says:

    I work on computer for long hours and from last few months feeling pain in eyes. Is it any homeopathy medicines for eye sight correction and eye health?

  75. G P Shukla says:

    Respected Dr Sharma, my grand daughter aged 3 yrs has been detected dengue. She has no fever since last 24 hrs. She was administered antibiotics for controlling fever. Platelet counts have reduced from 3.3 lacs to 2.73 lacs in last 30 hrs. What treatment should I take for her. May pl reply early.

  76. If we take this medicine before dengue . Any side effects?



    Please tell me dengu medicine for

  78. Respected sir,, ijust want to know the indicated medicines for after effect dengue fever such as hair loss, body pain etc

  79. Sir,
    There are any side effects for having homeo medicines that help in the prevention of dengue fever

  80. Mathew George says:

    Hi Doctor,

    I am currently in UAE and will be visiting india soon. I heard that Dengue fever is spreading in India especially in Kerala.
    I would like to get prevention medicine for Dengue fever. Kindly let me know how can I buy the medicines.
    Mathew George

  81. Dr safeer iqbal says:

    Great message dr dharma. I am dr Iqbal from Kerala ,practicing Homoeopathy….Thank you dr sharma

  82. Dr Mass R. Usuf says:

    In sri lanka I use crotalus horr 200 as the PRIMARY drug for Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever in tandem with china/ars if required. I wonder if ficus rel will also help – as an adjunctive? Yr comments pls.
    Dr Usuf

  83. Dr.Thampy.{Joseph} says:

    Hi Dr.Sharmaji,
    I am Dr.Thampy{Joseph} former student of A.H Medical College,Kurichi.That time I had a good friend named Dr.Sharma
    in that college. I would like to know wether you are the deicated personality. May I expect a reply.
    Thank you
    Wonderful Job. Dr. Thampy.DHMS

  84. Azeem Hasan says:

    My platelet count always below 150000. It is 80000 now. Can I take Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200.

  85. CP Tiwari says:

    my platellete count is 60,000 only. There is no fever however. This I learnt, only recently when I went for general check up. I am 63 years of age and vegetarian by food choice. My weight has always been between 55 and 60

  86. DR. BASUDEV. DUTTA (VETS.) says:

    My son aged 15 yrs. having respiratory complication like productive coughing sneezing for 3 days. Now yesterday night there was a high fever (102) with tremendoused pain in the lower portion (thigh muscle ) as well as the forefront arm muscle and . My son is under supervision of homeopathy doctor for receive of sneezing and coughing.He recovered but the other complication came. Wating for your Necessary advice.

  87. Shahid Bhati says:

    Sir I have dengue positive since last 3months but without fever with healthy platelets how should this infection will go from my blood.

  88. My daughter age 6yrs suffering from dengue fever plz suggest reported by doc today

  89. My daughter age 6yrs suffering from dengue fever plz suggest

  90. Alka Chandhok says:

    If blood test is not yet done but symptoms says that it may be dengue that time can we give this medicine

  91. Sunil Koli says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    Plz suggest pre treatment for dengue & chickengunia.

  92. Dr Mahesh Kumar Kataria says:

    Rspecred Sir
    Kindly suggest preventive medicine for chickenguneia spreading in sri ganganagar Rajasthan for all age groups

  93. Hardeep Singh says:

    Platelets count=70000

  94. Dr.sharma please suggest medicine for rheumatoid arthritis

  95. Rajyashree pradhan says:

    Dear Dr it is very suggestive step towards intervene the diseases like dengue with the homeopathy remedies like eupatorium, gelsimium; belladona, china ,ipeacac.

  96. shiv p. Verma says:

    Plz suggest pre treatment for dengue & chickengunia

  97. Dr. ZUbair khan says:

    Dear Dr. My mother has pain in whole body she is crying . After dengue fever kindly suggest the medicine she is also kidney transplant patient kindly suggest medicine for pain.

  98. Dr. Ashok Madhup says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    Thank you very much for this information regarding homeopathic treatment for Dengue. It is very useful for the general public.
    With regards,
    Dr. Ashok Madhup

  99. Dear Sir .

    Today I examined in lab and the Result is WBC-2900 AND Platelets is 110000 .
    the medicine prescribed by the doctor .

    can we take both the medicine . Let me is there any side effects

    R K JHA

  100. Suresh Kumar Gupta says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    So nice of yu to have this box for expressing individual heallth related concerns and to get the homeopathic remidy suggested by you.

    I have a mild attack of viral about a month back. In the after affect I have develop Edema in my feet and ankle durin the day whic get reduced during night. I had this happened rarely but cured by itself in a day or two. This time it is continuint. I have a hypertention and taking medicine for this. I would appreciate if you suggest some medicine to cure this problem. Thanks.

  101. sir , i have erectile dysfunction problem. have any remiddi in homeopathy. please advise.

  102. MOHD ASHRAF ALI says:


  103. pooja mishra says:

    sir my brother suffering from dengue. he is very serious,,plz sir suggest wht I do..many Dr refer them..

  104. Geeta Mehra says:

    I am from Amritsar.I am suffering from an outward protrusion in skin above anal region,painful and aggravated by eating spicy food. motion continously loose.Problem since 1.5 year and aggravated since.Please suggest some medicine.

  105. sir plss hindi me varnan kre ki kaun si Homyopaith medicine best he dengu ke liyr

  106. Uma Shankar das says:

    dear sir, I m suffering from Delhi from last two days.reports r positive.platelates is 1.20 and hemoglobin is vomiting sensation .only back pain is there .old.suggest the medicine.

  107. Sanjay tiwari says:

    Sir my daughter had a dengue fever last four days the fever is now under control but her platlates was down and count only 10000 nos pl suggest the medicine for increasing platlates two unit blood plates was already injected in her body her age is 27 years pl suggest
    She had no vometing sensation

  108. Sachin Gharat says:

    Hi Sachin Gharat here from mumbai, malad.On 12 Oct 2016 my child Miss Aaditi Age 13 suffered a minor fever of 100degrees.she went to exams next day 7am to 10.but on returning she suffered high fever upto 3 and half on thermometer.we were consulting our physician he kept her on paracetamol and moxi kind 375 mg.on friday 14 platelet count was 2.30laks and leucocyte count was dropped to 3000 and lymphocytes rises to 47and dengue test was positive.on Saturday 15 platelets dropped to 1.80lacs and but rest parameters remained same.what you will suggest doctor in homeopathy if parallel treatment is to be taken.and my child showing littlebit restlessness, becoming angry,seeks isolation ,having mild fever,i saw on whats app about Eupatorium perfoliatum 30 i surfed on net and got this site.please guide me and help me as it is like erupted dengue epidemic in mumbai.

  109. Shiv pandey ...from kashi Vishwanath temple Varanasi says:

    Dear sir ,
    I would like to know about fever .my daughter she is 8years old and suffering from fever since last 2months …i checked her to many child specialists, they are told that she has viral fever only and given some proscribed. ….but she is not feeling relief, daily fever come at night generally after geven colpol syrap
    Fever is come down. please suggest me what should i do for her. now she’s conditions is falling down day by day even to much weaker also…kindly advise me to give her best treatment. ……

  110. SR Mallick says:

    dr sharma
    my mother is suffering from dengu her platelets counts is below 50000.
    she is under aleopathy treatmemt but not recovering .
    please help .

    • Sir
      My son is suffering from dengue
      Platelets count is about 80,000
      Can i use eupatorium perfoliatum
      If yes Plz suggest the dosage
      Urgent sir

  111. NAEEM AHMED Khan says:

    Hello Sir
    I would like to use Arsenium album 200 for dengy fever
    What is your opinion
    Same body told me for this
    Please you told me that , what I do

  112. Sir my son having high fever with stomach ache and complaing gas.

    Sir pls suggest its dengue as doctor advice me for dengue serology test and chickengunia. Also plsuggest homeopathic medicine for same

  113. Respected Sir,,
    plz be inform u that my entire family was suffering from fever chikenguniya with low platelet count & heavy joint pain, now condition is in control but joint pain & weakness,laziness is still there in body.
    please suggest how to recover from with the help of HOMEOPATHY TREATMENT.

  114. Francis Rebello says:

    Apart from Eupatorium Perfoliatumis there any other homeopathic medicine that can be used to relieve the joint pains associated with chickengunia – particularly the present epidemic in Delhi??

  115. sir namaskar,my name Nk pandey for my age 42 yrs,sir my fever continiue since 4-5 day,i chech up for blood my widal test-TO-80,TH-160,AH-40,BH-40, Doctor say you have typhoid fever.sir i ask to yu what are best medicine in homeopaty or other ,so suggest me. tank you sir

  116. syed shavez ali says:

    Sir,I am suffering from pain in my joints and muscle from 2 days my platelets count is 174000 ,widal & mp card test also negative Please suggest medicine and dose.. Also Tell me what types of symptoms in me. One thing more that when I was suffrd from body pain my bp is 180 after blood report I was getting fevr & weakness …

  117. Dear sir
    My mother is having severe pain in right knee and calf muscles because of chikun gunia. She is feeling very tired and weak,sometimes headache also.
    So what will be helpful medicine for her.

  118. Sir is crotalus horridus also beneficial for dengue prevention?

  119. Sumit Chowdhury. says:

    Please suggest the name of dengue prevention homeopathy medicine.dosage for adults . In our local area lots of dengue case are reported.
    Thanks & Regards
    Sumit Chowdhury.

    • My mom having severe pain in joints wrists n fingers after viral fever.
      Is this medicine can prevent the Pain.

      • Dear sir, In my family, all members : my wife, my two sons and my self have been sufferred from viral fever for the last 7-10 days. Actually when the fever effected to each one it was with heavy body pains , headache, omptim sensation.. and so I applied Eup.Perf. However it was out of our control. Then We went to hospital and we applied the allopatic medicine , after it was confirmed as vira fever. Now the fever is totally reduced but body pains, muscle pains and joint pains were remais same to my wife.
        Requsting you to suggest a medicine to get recovery

  120. Sandeep saini says:

    If the platelet count is on the borderline i.e.1,50000 and WBC count is 4400 and patient is suspected as dengue fever positive then wht will be the recommendations ????

  121. What is the name of dengue prevention homeopathy medicine.dosage for adults and 8 years children

  122. VINAY PRASAD says:

    Sir, My son has headec, abdominal pain, and full body pai, fever is 100 F,
    Vomiting about after every 1 hours

    kindly suggest the homeopath medicine, i have bryonia, aconite. pulsatila and Eupatorium

  123. Sir, I suffered from chikungunia like symptoms this 20 Aug onwards, however blood report was negative. since then I am suffering from pain in my joints and muscle, specially in mornings. Please suggest medicine and dose.

    • Khan khurshid says:

      Eup per bhi. 200
      Gelsemium 200 } All. Pills
      Bryonia. . .200
      Rhus tox. . 200. 4 pills From each medicine for 10 days
      Repeat if pains dont go completely
      Sapna ji u will be cured promptly
      And completely.

    • Khan khurshid says:

      Eup per . 200
      Gelsemium 200 } All. Pills
      Bryonia. . .200
      Rhus tox. . 200. 4 pills From each medicine for 10 days
      Repeat if pains dont go completely
      Sapna ji u will be cured promptly
      And completely.

    • Khan khurshid says:

      Eup. Perf. 200.
      Bryonia 200
      Rhus. Tox. 200
      Gelsemium 200
      All pills
      4 pills from each bottle
      4 times a day
      For ten days
      Repeat if pain doesnt go completely
      Sapna ji u will be cured completely and promptly
      Otherwise the effect of chikanguniya hurts life time

  124. Dr. Sudipta pal says:

    I am satisfied with you.

  125. Please suggest any medicine for prevention from dengue

  126. sir , how can we take precaution from dengue. in our area there is an outbreak of dengue fever.

  127. Krishna kumar says:

    Sir dengue hone se pahle aapne jo medicine bataye hai kya wah kha sakte hai please advice me

  128. sir can I take carica papaya Q as a precaution from dengu my family doctor suggest me

    • Rita lalwani says:

      I m 44 yrs old.from 2-3days I m having fever along with continous sneezing.I m taking influzium 200 will it help me.suggest any other medicine

  129. Sir
    Dengue fever is spreading in Tamil Nadu
    What are the preventive measures
    Sir can we start a preventive camp
    And free medicines by that way you and your practice will be more popular
    You will have more clients in future
    Please contact me

  130. Asim Mukherjee says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma, my name is Asim Mukherjee and I hereby request you to let me know which medicine would help me to cure my pain in thigh and knee joint. I am suffering from this for last one month. Recently I have started to intake Eupet.Perfol. 1 and Rhustox 1 alternately with one hour intervals, this has helped me but not fully. My left lip joints have cracked,Boroline has helped temporarily. I am filling pain in my left thigh muscle when squatting. My body was very supple so long(though I am 64 now). Please advice, Thanking You, Yours faithfully, Asim Mukherjee Ph. 9874138683 (India)

  131. PARESH MEGHANI says:

    Please suggest me a medicine for dengu fever

  132. Can a six year old take Eupatorium Perfoliatum as a prevention of Dengue?

  133. Akash Mahla says:

    Respected Dr. I m Akash from India Haryana m a student 21 yr old and m suffering from headache body ache eye pain losing strength since like 10 days and medicines yes m taking paracetamol or cetirizine it gave me relief for few hours then again it started… Now I’m afraid of my life threatening please please Dr suggest me how could I save my life. Urgent

    • H.n.eksambi says:

      I am 60 years old having diabetes since 26 years Well control ed ,I have been operated c a b g11years back.

      Now since 2days I am getting fever . on first day I felt chilly 2day fever still persists not high….
      Now I have been diagnosed as dengue fever please help me.


  134. Goutam Das says:

    My daughter suffering high fever doctor suspect dengue.please suggest medicine .

  135. VINOD KANNA says:

    Please suggest any medicine for prevention from dengu

  136. Sir
    My legs lower bak side is paining and feeling heaviness and suffering with itching on body. Is this symptoms of dengue. Pls suggest the medicine. My age is 38 years female.
    Waiting for your feedback.

  137. Pramod Kumar says:

    In homio is any medition of deficiency of growth hormones age 26

  138. Sir my age is 37 my son age is 8 . I want to know the name of homeopathy medicine which prevents us from dengue. Pls mention the dose.

  139. Please suggest any medicine for prevention from dengue

  140. Please suggest me any medicine for the prevention from dengue

  141. VINAY MATHUR says:

    what is the difference in 30 c and 300 potency of eupatorium perfoliatum? How can we use this medicine as a preventive of Dengue and in which potency ? Please clarify the dosage of the same for infants, children and adults.

  142. Jaya Gokhale says:

    Pain in left heel when get up in the morning from bed and also when stand up after sitting for some time.

    • Dear dr Sharma, my colleague aged 70 git dengue a month back. Withen a week his platelets were normal. During that time his feet swelled up a lot, which hasn’t gone down. Is taking Eupatorium perf. Also severe burning under feet at night. It’s 6 weeks now , he us extremely week. Any medicine which will help his weakness. Please reply and help.Thanks.

  143. sukhveer singh yadav[ngo] says:

    NGO Jankalyan Seva Sansthan Moradabad Ke Dwara,Dengue ka Vaxination Program Karne ke liye Kon si HomeoPathic Medicine ki jarurat padegi.Reply kare.

    • Dr.R.M KAUSHAL says:

      In dengue fever we mostly treat patient by giving eupatorium perf 200. N gelsemium Q according to symptom similarity.

  144. vivek bakshi says:

    Dear sir,
    My daughter was admitted to the hospital. She is having severe back pain, shivering , chill fever. Is vomiting and is not able to eat or drink. She has been but on fluids and is also given antibiotic at the hospital.
    Several blood test have been taken and some blood test are awaited.
    Her liver function is fine and kidneys are also working fine. The doctors say it may be dengue or something else as they are still awaiting results and in the meantime they are giving her antiboitics, fluids, panadol and anti nausea tablets.
    We were holiday and we had just come back from thailand. My daughter and her friends spend the entire day in the activity of playing with elephants, preparing food for them, bathing them and playing with them in the river. She stated that whole group of old elephants were part of activity. Also states that she was bitten by few mosquitoes over there. We are basically from New Zealand. I will be very greatful if you could be able to help me.
    Thanking you in anticipation.
    yours sincerely
    Vivek bakshi

  145. Yo man sup dark warm laget ho

  146. M Azam khan says:

    My daughter’s age is 6year having big tancells in throat kindly advice medicines thnx

  147. Dr Alvita Soleil says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    Thank you for your expertise in Homeopathic in Dengue Fever. My practice in the Big Island of Hawaii, and unfortunately we are having an outbreak of Dengue fever. I am writing an article on Dengue, as well as teaching preventative methods.
    I am asking for your permission to use your website, and knowledge in my teaching and writing. Of course I will give credit to you.
    Thank you very much, mahalo as we say in Hawaii.
    Dr. Alvita Soleil 808 889-0770

  148. Sir I am suffering from all day sleepiness specially after lunch or breakfast light vertigo, restlessness sometimes breathlessness (suffocative feeling anywhere open or close area) with normal thirst and hunger my ECG is normal x-ray mild pleural effusion or thickening,HB 13.5,BS pp 115 fast 85,ESR 16,uric acid normal mostly BP normal some times 60-90,Night sleep good,My Age 35 M, no problem when doing heavy works.please suggest me best homeopathic treatment.

  149. shashi kant saini says:

    Respected Sir
    now i am suffering dengue since 12 oct 15. & 15 oct i admit in max hospital after plates reach 1.40 lakhs they relieve me on 20 oct 15. but till now i could not take back my old position. Yesterday i doctor suggested me for CBC test in morning plates count 94 thousand only. Now i carried out CBC test to another lab .
    From 12 oct 15 i am on Sick leave .

    kindly suggested me what i do now. i am in private job so plz. give me best way for relief.

  150. Whether treatment of migraine chiefly prior & during periods is possible or not ??

  151. Rakesh Kumar Chakraborty says:

    Which homeopathic medicine can be taken as Preventive of Dengue? How many dosage to be taken for how many days??

  152. Jitendra Kumar Saha says:

    my brother in law have attacked by dengue on and from last wednesday. All symptoms of dengue are raised from then. High fever , headache , body pain and vomiting tendency is occurred. He can not take water and food to eat. 5 days is over but no trend to reduce is shown . please send the name of specific medicine and advice to cure from dengue.

  153. narinder singh says:

    Respected Dr, Sharma
    There are no homeopathic Govt hospitals here at Patiala.Where one should go for
    getting such traetments in case of emergency like bleeding.Pl. Reply,Thank you

  154. r k goswami says:


  155. chandranath Banerjee says:

    my niece have attacked by dengue on and from last mondey. All symptoms of dengue are raised from then. High fever , headache , body pain and vomiting tendency is occurred. she can not take water and food to eat. 5 days is over but no trend to reduce is shown . please send the name of specific medicine and advice to cure from dengue.

  156. Mantosh paul says:

    I commerce grauation my professional commercial accountant, can I do homeopathic doctor couruse

  157. Need your advice and suggestion for preventing Dengue .

    I have hospitalized two months back because of dengue where my platelet count went to 26k and after hospitalized with in four day i have recovered with general medication and they have not done any blood transmission.With general medication i have recovered and my platlet count came to 1.5Lak.

    Now there is a outbrake of dunge in BANGALORE and i need your suggestion for prevention of this dengue for my self and my family.What medicine we have to use and how t use it for myself as i have already effected two months back and my family.

  158. Anita Saleem says:

    Hi dr.sharma
    According to Chinese research, cure for dengue treatment is 10 cm Crotalus only one dose.

  159. Maneesha jain says:

    Thanku for sharing such an informative article

  160. Taranjit Singh Panyach says:

    I am going to lndia for one month from USA please can you tell me any homopathy medlcin for Dengue feaver

  161. sunil saini says:

    Fever vommiting

  162. respected sir, really Eupatorium Perfoliatum is applicable in dengue fever? what is the method of consuming this medicine? in last what is the best prevension?

  163. Kalyan Ghosh says:

    Kindly suggest some Preventive Medicine for SWINE FLU.With thanks

  164. Varun Arora says:

    3rd of fever ranging from 100 to 103. Choking painful throat pain. Medicine taken is Cronin 650 mg + cefomax 200. Fever goes down after Cronin and again rises.
    Age is 33 years
    Suggest homeowners treatment.
    Varun Arora

  165. Dr. Tarandeep singh says:

    Is there any medicine able to stop fever & decrease in platelet counts ( dengue fever)

  166. sn ramanath says:

    while sleeping, i face a peculiar problem. i get itching on the face (regularly) and sometimes on the back, thighs, etc. this peoblem will not be there during afternoon nap. due to itchinf, i lose sleep. i have tried ars alb and hepar sulph but without success. i am 60 and don’t have any other problem. please do suggest a good medicine for this problem

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