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Homeopathic Remedies for Depression Major

It came as a shock to her. Sudden and untimely death of Divya’s father had left her grief struck. Divya (33 ) was deeply attached to her father. Although her husband was a big support for her, she was unable to cope up with the tragedy. From being a very vivacious person, within four months she was reduced to a nervous wreck. She suffered from very low moods, loss of appetite, low energy levels, sleeplessness and was clinically diagnosed as suffering from depression. Divya knew that if she wanted permanent relief from it, she would have to look for a treatment that would treat her problem removing its source and also something that was safe. She opted for homeopathic intervention, and within three months she was showing major signs of improvement. Her sleep was better, emotional responses were more balanced, and she now was able to absorb the shock of her father’s sudden death. She was treated with homeopathic medicine Ignatia. Like Divya there are many who have benefited from homeopathy’s safe and far-reaching effects in treating psychiatric illness.

As a major fallout of the rapidly advancing modern civilization, depression has become the most common psychiatric illness. Recent data suggests that depression takes in its grip one in 10 adults, and nearly two-thirds of such cases do not get the help they need. Depression is an impairing illness that affects both women and men, but women experience the problem at roughly twice the rate of men.

Having some depressive symptoms does not mean a person is clinically depressed. For example, it is not unusual for those who have lost a loved one to feel sad, helpless, and disinterested in regular activities. Only when these symptoms persist for an unusually long time is there reason to suspect that grief has become a depressive illness.

No two people become depressed in exactly the same way. Many people have only some of the symptoms, varying in severity and duration. This is where the homeopathic treatment has an edge over the conventional ones. While treating depression, the homeopathic approach realises the individualistic nature of the mind. A lot of emphasis is laid on one’s individual symptoms and causative factors while prescribing a medicine. An experienced homeopath would do a detailed analysis (constitutional analysis) considering all important factors such as genetic predisposition, thermal sensitivities, emotional responses to a certain given situation, food habits, etc, before prescribing any medicine

Ignatia and Natrum Mur

Ignatia is a great remedy for milder forms of depression. It is often given in cases with low moods, stress and strain connected with shock or loss of loved ones or disappointment having completely unhinged normal judgement and self-control. When this condition recurs and tends to become chronic. Natrum Mur is the right medicine. Ignatia is also given in depression that occurs during the menopausal period.

‘Depression major’ and Aurum Met

“Depression major” refers to those forms of the disease where symptoms such as extreme hopelessness, excessive guilt, recurring thoughts of death, or suicidal thoughts or actions are predominant. Homeopathic medicine Aurum Met is often a great help in such cases. It is strongly recommended in the case of the patients who have lost the love of living, are weary of life, feel an absolute loss of enjoyment in everything and, most importantly, long to die and seek methods to commit suicide.

Constitutional analysis

In such disorders, a thorough constitutional analysis by an expert homeopath is a must before using any medicine, and self-medication should be avoided.

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  1. Mohammed Shahid Shaikh says:

    My son, aged 23:
    Laughs at simple matters, angry on little matters, disbalances on walking, always changing mood, does not stay permanently on one occupation, bad company of friends and follows their advice, irresponsible, ocassional suicidal tendency, feels that someone is following him, feels that he will not live long, highly ambitious to earn money and live a lavish lifestyle, does not follow parents advice.

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