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Homeopathic Medicines for Diabetes – A supportive Role

Homeopathic Remedies for Diabetes Mellitus

DiabetesHaving high blood sugar levels over a long period is an indication of Diabetes or Diabetes Mellitus. Frequent urination and increased thirst and hunger are the basic symptoms of Diabetes. This metabolic disease is a result of the pancreas not producing enough insulin, or body cells not responding properly to the insulin produced. Diabetes can assume serious proportions and complications, and results in life-altering body changes. Shifting to a diabetic diet is essential for the treatment of Diabetes, along with exercise and weight reduction in most cases. Homeopathic medicines for diabetes can only provide supportive role – these medicines are not a substitute for the conventional allopathic medicines . The Homeopathic medicines for diabetes mellitus are made of natural substances and are free from side effects.

Top Homeopathic Medicines for Diabetes Mellitus

Abroma Augusta:One of the  Best Homeopathic medicines for Diabetes with loss of flesh and weakness

Abroma Augusta is the top natural Homeopathic medicine to treat Diabetes Mellitus. Its use is highly recommended in those patients who are losing flesh and suffer from extreme weakness due to Diabetes Mellitus. The patients who can greatly benefit from this Homeopathic medicine have an increased thirst with dryness of mouth. They also have an increased appetite and the urination is very frequent day and night. Excessive weakness is felt after urination. Homeopathic medicine Abroma Augusta is also of great help in treating sleeplessness in a person with Diabetes. Another sphere in which this Homeopathic remedy yields good results is skin complaints like boils and carbuncles in a diabetic patient. Burning sensation in the whole body is a prominent general symptom that can be found in persons requiring Abroma Augusta.

Phosphorus- One of the best Homeopathic medicines for Diabetes with Weakness in Vision

Phosphorus is a natural Homeopathic medicine of great help for treating Diabetes Mellitus, though its use depends completely on the constitutional symptoms of the patient.  Homeopathic medicine Phosphorus is a remedy of great help for weakness of vision in a diabetic patient.

Syzygium Jambolanum: Top Homeopathic medicines for reducing sugar levels

Syzygium Jambolanum is among the best natural Homeopathic remedies for the treatment of Diabetes Mellitus. It acts promptly and efficiently in decreasing the sugar levels. Excessive thirst and excessive urination are always present in the patient. Homeopathic medicine Syzygium Jambolanum also gives wonderful results in treatment of long-standing ulcers in a diabetic patient.

Phosphoric Acid: One of the Homeopathic medicines for Diabetes with extreme weakness

Phosphoric Acid is an excellent natural Homeopathic remedy for extreme weakness, either mental or physical, in a diabetic patient. Such patients feel exhausted all the time. They have a weak memory and are forgetful. Some sort of history of grief may be found in patients requiring this Homeopathic medicine. For numbness of feet in patients of Diabetes Mellitus, Phosphoric Acid is the best Homeopathic remedy.

Gymnema Sylvestre: Homeopathic Treatment for Diabetes Mellitus with weight loss

Gymnema Sylvestre is a natural Homeopathic medicine of great help for patients of Diabetes Mellitus who are losing weight with weakness and exhaustion. In such patients, this Homeopathic remedy works as a tonic resulting in improvement of overall health. With Homeopathic medicine Gymnema Sylvestre,the patient puts on weight and feels energetic.

Best Homeopathic Treatment for Diabetes Mellitus

Homeopathic medicines for Diabetic Retinopathy (damage to eyes due to Diabetes)

Homeopathic medicines Phosphorus, Arnica, Belladona and Lachesis are equally good natural remedies to deal with eye complaints in diabetic patients. The most suitable Homeopathic medicine out of these is selected on the basis of symptoms described by each patient.

Homeopathic medicines for Diabetic Nephropathy (kidney damage due to Diabetes)

Natural Homeopathic medicines that can be very beneficial in the treatment of kidney damage are Lycopodium, Arsenic Album and Serum Anguillae. A complete case history is taken to select the suitable Homeopathic medicine out of these to deal with the kidney complications in diabetic patients. Homeopathy offers a small supportive role only in this condition and that too in early stages.

Homeopathic medicines for Diabetes with Neuropathy (nerve complaints like numbness in hands and feet)

To deal with the problem of numbness in feet and hands due to Diabetes,natural Homeopathic medicines Phosphoric Acid, Sulphur and Helonias are considered the best.

Homeopathic medicines for skin ulcers in diabetic patients

Skin ulcers is a very common complication in patients of Diabetes Mellitus. The diabetic skin ulcers are mostly formed on the feet. Natural Homeopathic medicines Syzygium Jambolanum and Secale Cornutum are excellent remedies to deal with ulcers in diabetic patients.

Homeopathic medicines for constipation in diabetic patients

For treating constipation in diabetic patients, Homeopathic medicines Carlsbad, Lac Defloratum and Natrum Sulph top the list. Which of these Homeopathic remedies best suits you is decided after taking note of the individual symptoms.

Homeopathic medicines for weak memory in diabetic patients

To improve the weak memory in patients of Diabetes Mellitus,  Kali Phos, Nux Vom and Phosphoric Acid are the natural Homeopathic medicines of great help.

Homeopathic Medicines for Diabetes Mellitus with extreme weakness

The best natural Homoeopathic medicines to improve the general health of diabetic patients with extreme weakness are Arsenic Album, Phosphorus, Phosphoric Acid and Carbo Veg. Any one of these Homeopathic remedies can be of great help depending upon the individual symptoms of the patient.Homeopathic Treatment for Diabetes Mellitus can also be very effective in treating Erectile Dysfunction, which can be one of the serious consequences of longstanding Diabetes.

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  1. Atma Gurung says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    Recently, I have been diagnosed with Type-2 diabetes with 412 mg/dl.
    This is my first blood sugar check of my life and i am really scared of the result that came.
    Could you advise me an effective remedial measure to reduce blood sugar level?
    My current age is 45yrs based in Doha(Qatar)

    • ajit kumar nandi says:

      my son 43 is having 365 PP (Joydeep Nandi) what immediate medicine should I give him ? Kindly advice He is having diabatis for last 10 years and getting allopathic treatment Type 2.

      Pleae advice.

  2. Hamid Mehmood says:

    Dr. Sharma.. I have Type2 Diabetes and my fasting blood sugar is close to 218. and random425. Pease advise.

    Hamid Mehmood

  3. GAIRIK Ganguly says:

    Sir, My fasting sugar level 112 and pp 167 and HbA1c 7.3,I presently consuming Syzigium Jambolaum three times 15 drops per day. I need your suggestion.

  4. Vinod M says:

    Hello Doctor,

    My name is Vinod M from bangalore, recently diagonized for diabetic. Currently it shows 300 in the morning, can you please help me with best homeopathy medicine since i dont want to be on allopathy as my age is now 36 years.

  5. Benarji says:

    This is Benarji from Hyderabad. Aged 67. Recently I found my sugar levels has increased. I would like to know the Homeopathy remedy for Diabities. I request you to suggest me Homeopathy remedy.

  6. Hi..i am 42..after having rice for lunch or dinner i still feel hungry n when i check my sugar its at 98-110. I feel hungry every 3 hours n i need to eat some thing..please tell me the medicine

  7. Good day,
    My mother aged 86yrs does not take any allopathic medication for diabetes. Since passed 2 years her sugar levels remain above normal at 126 to 128 fasting and 166 / 167 after food. She has dementia, constipation and joint pain. Takes medication for high blood pressure. Had pulmonary embolism 2 yrs ago, is on blood thinners and takes medicine for atrial fib. Moves about with the help of a walker. Please prescribe medication for diabetes.
    Thank you.


      sir, i am 65 year old, my sugar fasting is 210 and random 310 , i am taking insuline mistard 30/70. NOVO
      20 unit in night before dinner and 30 unit before breakfast, my weight is 62 kg. i take syzm jambolam Q 15 drop 3 time daily, all test are good but sugar is not control, i walk 3 miles daily never the less not controll, diet is only one chapati 3 time. please tell me, may i change insuline or homeo medicine, from karachi, pakistan thanks.

  8. Sir , my fasting sugar level is 155 and up after 2 hrs is 174 . Someone suggested to take dibonil. How I can control my diabetes . Pls give me suggestions.
    Thank you.

  9. Prasad Kuruganti says:

    Dr. Sharma.. I have Type2 Diabetes and my fasting blood sugar is close to 200. Pease advise.


    • Aneel Kumar says:

      My FBS level in 200 inspite of taking Shj Germ, Uri Nat & Nat Phos. Occassionaly I have pain in lower belly. Plus I have to urine frequently

  10. My Mother 62Yr Old.
    Has diabetes since 3 years.
    Since last 6 months not controlling,
    Alongwith alopathy started Syzygium Jambolanum 10 drops x 3 times but diabetes level starts increasing.

    Please advise.

  11. Sir I am suffering from diabetes last 3 years.i am 38 years old and my weight is 92kg. My sugar level is pp 200. I am using Azulix 2 mf forte..please suggest me sir the best hemopothik medicine…

  12. sir i am diabetic since last 10 years now i am 45 years old man. today my sugar level pp is 380 please suggest the best homeopathic medicine

  13. ajit kumar nandi says:

    My son 42 is having pain in the upper part of belly . He is having high sugar level,. adament and disobedient knowing everything in this world.
    What homoeo medicine can help reduce the pain.

    • Dr I am suffering from diabetes my suger is 140 in fasting I need your help it’s from last 6 months plz suggest medicine

  14. बी के बहिदार भानुप्रताप नगर ,रायगढ़ says:

    मै एक इन्सुलिन आश्रित मधुमेह रोगी हूँ। मुझे हेमोपाथी औषधि की सहायता से इन्सुलिन हटाने योग्य औषधि की आवश्यकता है। कृपया इलाज बतलाने की कृपा करें। मेरी निम्न स्थिति है। 1.हृदय,बृक्क,जिगर, ठीक है। 2.कन्टीपेशन, हाजमा थोड़ा कमजोर है।3.सुबह में 30युनीट एवं रात 24 युनीट इन्सुलिन लेता हूं।

  15. Subedar t d sharma says:

    Dr sharma ji very good morning, iam patient of sugar since 2015,y sugar level is around 250/ kindly advise suitable and effective homopathy treatment, thanks an early reply is requested, subedar sharma

  16. Narasimhacharya patnala says:

    Sir my suffering from Diabetes since 2014 May. Now she is taking insulin 1.5. each time twice in a day. Her present condition ok but urinating more times in day between after wake up in the morning and noon even in control like 55-70 and after meal 110- 125. Request suggestion please..

  17. Hidayatullah khokhar says:

    Sir I m diabetic since dec 2014 .now my age is 42 yrs …I also went
    through angioplasty (RCA/one stent) and was found diabetic…
    Now im using these medicines… tab Diabold 2mg 1+0+1 and Tab Sitagen 100mg 0+0+1.

    sir my sugar level is out of cintrol.. my fasting sugar level is above 300mgm.
    Im too much confused and worried about my health…while my weight is also loosing day by day.. sir pl Suggest me treatment.

    Hidayatullah khokhar
    Distt Ghotki.

    • Muhammad Tariq says:

      I am 65 my weight is 80kg I have daibetes type2 from last 12 years but from last 6 months it is not in control .Now my fasting blood sugar is 230.I am continuously using DB Tone.

  18. Hidayatullah khokhar says:

    Sir I m diabetic since dec 2014 …I also went
    through angioplasty (RCA/one stent). Now im using these medicines… tab Diabold 2mg 1+0+1 and Tab Sitagen 100mg 0+0+1.

    sir my sugar level is out of cintrol.. my fasting sugar level is above 300mgm.
    Im too much confused and worried about my health…while my weight is also loosing day by day.. sir pl Suggest me treatment.

    Hidayatullah khokhar
    Distt Ghotki.

  19. Héctor Fernández says:

    Hello Sir
    Can you san homeopathic medicine for diabetes mellitus with extreme erectil dyafuction.
    I apréciate your comments. Thanks a lot

    Héctor Fernández

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