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Homeopathic Medicines for Disc Prolapse can Save you from Sugery

homeopathy disc prolapse

Backache, pain in the neck, and even in the legs and arms can all be owing to problem with the intervertebral discs in the back. Disc bulge refers to a condition in which the intervertebral disc bulges out of its place. Inter-vertebral discs are like cushions present between vertebrae that act as shock absorbers and allow flexibility to the spine. Vertebrae are the bones in the back that make the spine. With advanced age and due to wear and tear or injury, the discs begin to degenerate with signs of dryness, and breakage. This disc degeneration leads to disc bulging out and compressing the nerves emitting out of the spinal cord. An intervertebral disc has a tough outer layer called annulus fibrosus, and a soft gel like center called the nucleus. In case of the disc bulge the inner gel like center remains as such within the outer portion and the intact disc bulges out of this place. However, in case the outer layer of the disc gets torn that causes the inner gel like center to herniate then it is termed as herniated disc (also called slip disc or ruptured disc). In herniated disc, there is a partial crack in the outer layer of the disc. If there is a total crack in the outer layer of disc causing the leakage of the inner gel like material through that crack then it is termed prolapsed disc.

Most Commonly Involved Sites For Disc Bulge / Prolapse

Although, the disc bulge can take place in any part of the spine, lumbar (refers to lower back disc) and the cervical (refers to neck), and are most frequently involved. In the case of lumbar disc bulge 95 per cent of the bulge occur at level of L4-L5 or L5-S1.  In case of the cervical disc bulge the common location is C5-C6 and C6-C7.

Homeopathic Treatment Of Disc Bulge

The Homeopathic mode of treatment can be very beneficial in disc bulge cases. Homeopathic medicines for the disc bulge, not only provides relief to a person afflicted with the disease but also puts a stop to the further progress of disc prolapse. These medicines are made of natural substances and have no side effects. The already prolapsed disc cannot be brought back to the original, but homeopathy can surely help in halting the further disc degeneration process. The main aim of natural remedies is to provide pain relief, in addition to preventing further disc damage. It is entirely based on the particular symptoms described by each patient and is good enough to save the patient from surgery.

Homeopathic Medicines for Disc Bulge or Disc Prolapse

1. Rhus Tox –  Top Medicine For Disc Bulge With Lower Back Pain Or Neck Pain

Rhus Tox is the best, and most frequently used natural medicine to treat disc bulge in lumbar or cervical region. It is a great medicine for lumbar disc bulge causing pain in the lower back. Those who need Rhus Tox, complain of pain in the lower back which gets worse if one sits for long hours. Lying down or any resting position also worsens the pain. Such individuals get relief from motion or by walking. Rhus Tox is also a wonderful medicine for relieving stiffness in the spine. The stiffness gets much worse after a period of rest and gets better by walking. The persons who have pain in the lower back that gets worse by lifting heavy weight or from straining the back can also greatly benefit from Rhus Tox. Other than lower back pain, Rhus Tox is also indicated for disc bulge in cervical spine which causes neck pain. Neck pain which happens from overstraining the neck or from injury can be effectively dealt with this medicine.

2. Colocynth For Lumbar Disc Bulge Causing Left Side Sciatica

To seek relief from the sciatica pain, Colocynth is the best remedy. Colocynth is mainly prescribed for sciatica on the left-side. Those who require Colocynth have severe pain in the lower back which extends down the left lower limb. The pain mostly gets better by applying pressure or heat application. The nature of the pain can be cramping, tearing, shooting or drawing in nature.

3. Magnesium Phos For Lumbar Disc Bulge Causing Right Side Sciatica

Magnesium Phos is the best homeopathic remedy to relieve sciatica of the right side. For using Magnesium Phos, the Sciatica pains can be of varying nature like stitching, shooting or cutting. It is beneficial when there is relief from sciatica pain by applying pressure or warmth. To get best results, Magnesium Phos in biochemic form should be taken by dissolving it in hot water.

4. Gnaphalium –  For Disc Prolapse Causing Sciatica Pains With Numbness

Gnaphalium is the top natural medicine to treat Sciatica pain accompanied by numbness. It is prescribed when dominant complaint is of severe sciatica pains along with a feeling of numbness. Folding thighs towards the abdomen gives some relief. It is a remedy that is very beneficial for degenerative disc disease presenting itself with Sciatic nerve impingement, leading to pain and numbness.

5. Bryonia For Lower Backache That Gets Better By Resting

Persons who have lower backache which gets better by taking rest will find natural remedy Bryonia of great help. Such persons experience worsening of pain in the back from a slight movement or walking. Stiffness and rigidity also accompany pain in the back. The pain forces the patient to sit or walk in bent posture. Such persons have difficulty in holding an upright position.

6. Hypericum – To Manage Numbness, Tingling In Legs

Hypericum is very beneficial to manage numbness and tingling in legs. Along with this, there may occur sharp pain in legs. Pain may be felt in lower back as well. The back may be very sensitive to touch. For disc bulge related to injury to spine, Hypericum is the top most medicine.

7. Phosphorus – For Disc Bulge With Burning Feeling In Spine

Phosphorus is a natural remedy of great help in treating spine cases. Phosphorus is the best remedy for disc bulge when burning in spine accompanies the other symptoms, including backache. The most important indication for using Phosphorus is lower backache that worsens when rising from a stooping posture. Getting up from a seat after prolonged sitting also seems to heighten the pain. A feeling of a broken spine also dominates.

8. Guaiacum Officinale – To Manage Neck Pain

Guaiacum Officinale is highly effective when pain in the neck is present. Stiffness in the neck is also present. The shoulders may also be sore. In some cases, the stiffness radiates from the neck to the whole back on one side.

9. Paris Quadrifolia – For Neck Pain With Numbness In Arms, Hands Or Fingers

Paris Quadrifolia is very suitable to manage pain in the neck accompanied with numbness in arms, hands or fingers. The pain from the neck extends to fingers. This pain may worsen from exertion. A sensation of a heavy weight around the neck and shoulders may attend.

10. Kalmia Latifolia – For Neck Pain and Numbness, Tingling, Pricking In Hands

Kalmia Latifolia offers help when pain from the neck radiates down the arms. It is attended by numbness, or tingling, pricking sensation in hands. Sometimes weakness is felt in the upper limbs.

 Symptoms Of Disc Bulge / Herniation / Prolapse

Disc bulge/herniation/prolapse can occur in any of the discs in the spine but the disc in lower back and neck are more likely to be affected. Disc bulge puts pressure on the nerves in the spine and cause number of symptoms.

 Symptoms from lumbar (lower back) disc bulge

1. Lower backache and sciatica: Lower back pain is the most common symptom. The pain from the lower back can radiate down the hips, thighs, legs, even up to feet which is referred to as Sciatica. Pain may get worse from sitting, standing, walking, coughing, sneezing, etc

2. Numbness, tingling, burning, weakness in affected area. Weakness may affect gait leading to stumbling.

3. In severe cases, loss of bladder or bowel control may occur. It requires immediate medical help.

Symptoms From Cervical (Neck) Disc Bulge

1. Pain in the neck: The pain may extend from neck to shoulders, arms and sometimes hands and fingers. Pain may get worse from neck movement.

2. Numbness, tingling or weakness may also accompany pain in the neck, and arms.

3. Weakness in arms affects ability to hold objects resulting in frequent falling of holded things

Cause Behind Disc Bulge / Herniation

The main reason behind disc bulge and herniation is wear and tear of discs that occur with age. As a part of this wear and tear, the discs dry out and there is reduced flexibility. Due to this, the disc is at a risk of tear and rupture even from the slightest strain.

Risk Factors

There are certain factors that put a person at risk of disc bulge or disc prolapse as follows:

  1. Aging
  2. Occupation involving lifting weights, pulling or pushing objects regularly
  3. Suddenly twisting or straining the back
  4. Obesity and excessive body weight
  1. Lifting heavy objects with bent waist
  2. Back injury / trauma, fall or a blow on back may cause disc bulge in rare cases
  3. Driving for long hours regularly put pressure on back and raises the risk
  4. Rest of risk factors includes a family history of disc bulge, smoking (reduce oxygen supply to discs causing disc degeneration) and sitting for prolonged hours daily with little to no physical activity


1. Saddle anaesthesia: Compression of nerves by disc bulge may lead to loss of sensation in inner thighs, back of legs and around rectum.

2. Cauda equine syndrome: Spinal cord ends above the waist. At the end of the spinal cord, a bundle of nerves called cauda equina (resembling tail of horse) are present. If the disc bulge compresses this nerve set, it is called cauda equina syndrome. This condition is a medical emergency needing immediate medical help. If not treated well in time, it may cause loss of bladder or bowel control, permanent weakness or paralysis of legs.

Investigations To Diagnose Disc Bulge

1. MRI (magnetic resonance imaging): It is the most commonly used investigation to diagnose cases of disc bulge / herniation. It will confirm disc bulge and its location in suspected cases.

2. X-ray: Though X- ray cannot detect disc prolapse, it may be recommended to rule out other causes of backache (fracture, tumor for example)

3. CT scan (computed tomography): With the help of CT scan, X-rays will be taken from different directions of the spine and structures around it

4. Myelogram: CT scan is done after injecting a dye in the spinal fluid. This will detect pressure on the nerves from disc prolapse.

Preventive Measures To Reduce Risk Of Disc Bulge

1.Use correct techniques to lift objects from the ground. Always bend knees with straight back to pick objects from ground. Avoid bending waist.

2. If overweight, manage it to reduce pressure on the back

3. Maintain right posture when sitting, standing, lying

4. Avoid wearing high heeled shoes

5. Do exercises regularly to strengthen back muscles

6. Take breaks often to stretch back if your job involves long periods of sitting

7. Quit smoking if you are habitual smoker

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    Hi Doctor, I am 70 year old retired person. Since last two & half months, I am suffering from Slip disc problem. I had consulted Ortho Doctor. He advised for Xray & MRI. Both shows Slip disc problem at L4 & L5, S1. Dr prescribed medicines but not fruitful. Therefore, Doctor advised for Operation. I consulted other Dr also for 2nd opinion but this Doctor has also suggested Operation but I am not prepared for Operation. I have learnt that there is chances of removing this problem in Homeopathy. Please advice me.

  2. Kumar Gourab Kundu says:

    L5 S1 Disc Bulge & Feel Tension in Right & Left Leg, Which Medicine can Help?

  3. am bulge disc pateint tell can homeopathy treatment is good to use

  4. Naila noshad says:

    I have a disc bulge L4 L5 and s1 I am 38 years old women severe low back pain and cervical numbness in hand and legs please reply medicine to remove my pain and how can heel disc bulge I really appreciate to on line guide

  5. Greetings, 57 year old with pain in the neck radiates down the arms. It is attended by numbness, and tingling, pricking sensation in hands. Sometimes weakness is felt in the upper limbs.

  6. Nisha Mittal says:

    I have a disc bulge between L4 and L5. My right leg hurts on the right side. Also, I get pain in my tailbone after prolonged sitting. I am 69 years old female.

    I really appreciate your online guide.

    From the descriptions it seems that Rhus Tox, Magnesium Polycephalum, Gnaphalium Polycephalum, and Hypercicum seems appropriate. However, I cannot decide which ones to take, the dosage and potency.

    Thanks a lot in advance.

  7. Subhas chandra das says:

    Sir namaste Mujhe Kamar me Dard tatha dono pyairo me Kamar se learn Panwar tak Darden hota hai 500 Kadambari chalone par pair sunna ho jata hai bilkul Chalayan nahi jata hai 10_15 minute baithane ke bad pair Chala jata hai mai apse homiopathy ila ke bare me Paramarsh Chalayan hnu kripaya help kare

  8. నేను C5-C6 మరియు C6-C7 వద్ద డిస్క్ బల్జ్ సమస్యతో బాధపడుతున్నాను, దయచేసి నాకు హోమియోపతి ఔషధం యొక్క ప్రిస్క్రిప్షన్ ఇవ్వండి, దాని నుండి కోలుకోవడానికి ఇది నాకు సహాయపడుతుంది

    • నేను C5-C6 మరియు C6-C7 వద్ద డిస్క్ బల్జ్ సమస్యతో బాధపడుతున్నాను, దయచేసి నాకు హోమియోపతి ఔషధం యొక్క ప్రిస్క్రిప్షన్ ఇవ్వండి, దాని నుండి కోలుకోవడానికి ఇది నాకు సహాయపడుతుంది

  9. swarajit sharma says:

    I am suffering from disc bulge problem at L3/L4 and L4/L5 please give me a prescription of homeopathic medicine, which helps me to recovered from it.

  10. चंद्र किशोर सिंह says:

    नमस्ते मेरा l4 l5 और s1 है। हर जगह मैं दिखाई रांची दिल्ली और बिल्हौर सभी जगह एक्सरसाइज और दवाइयां ली जाती है लेकिन दो वर्षों के बाद भी ठीक नहीं हुआ दाहिने पैर की एडी मैं सूजन और दाहिने पैर के थाई में हल्का सा दर्द महसूस होता है दाहिने पैर के पंजा के बाल खड़े होने में दिक्कत होती है चलते समय दाहिना पैर हल्का बीच करता है कोई दवा है तो बताएं

  11. Brijesh Kumar says:

    Dr. Sharma, I am 65 years old (Diabettic too), have just finished going through your post on disc bulge and homeopathy remedy. Thanks for beautiful elaboration. I have had mild and at times severe pain in the left hip joint for about 6-7 months and little curve observed at right side while walking which subsided after some exercise. Hoever since last one month having severe pain in the left hipjoint radiating down to left foot on standing and walking (pain- Unbearable) Recent MRI says: L4-L5: diffuse disc bulge with posterio-central disc extrusion with inferior migration causing severe spinal canal and bilateral severe neural foraminal stenosis. Migrated components measures 6*5mm. Impingement on bilateral transversing nerve roots more on left
    L5-S1: Mild disc bulge causing mild spinalcanal and bilateral modrateneural foraminalstenosis. No impingement on on nerve roots.
    I would be highly thankful if you could kindly suggest remedy.
    Regards, Brijesh Kumar, Patna Bihar

    • NILADRI BISWAS says:

      Cannot walk without stick, physical imbalance with lower back pain. Disc bulge in l3 l4 l5 s1. Please prescribe homeopathy medicine to cure.

  12. Rizwan Waris says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    my MRI report, please advise any homepathic medicine if possible.
    Straightening of lumbar curvature likely due to muscle spasm. Disc dehydration noted at LD11-D12 and D12-L1 level.Facet joint arthropathy and ligamentum flavum hypertrophy identified at lower lumbar spine levels.
    At L3-L4 level , diffuse disc bulge noted with right foraminal annular tear along with facet joint arthropathy indenting the thecal sac causing moderate narrowing of the bilateral lateral recesses and bilateral neural foramina more on right side with radicular compression noted on both sides.

    At L4-L5 level , circumferential diffuse disc bulge noted with left far lateral annular tear along with facet joint arthropathy and ligamentum flavum hypertrophy indenting the thecal sac causing moderate narrowing of the left lateral recess and left neural foramen and mild narrowing of right neural foramen with radicular compression noted on left side.

    At L5-S1 level , mild diffuse disc bulge noted indenting the thecal sac without significant neural foraminal narrowing noted. Vertebral bodies have normal height and alignment. Distal spinal cord have normal morphology and signals.Conus medullaris terminate normally at L1 level.No pre or paravertebral soft tissue abnormality seen.

  13. HARI Malhotra says:


    All the 6-7 medicines mentioned seems to suitable fir me. Which ine should I take and what doses should be taken

  14. Ratan ghoshal says:

    I have de generated disc (shows on MRI) at l4 /5 n s1 sir.pain on hip joint . Kindly advice medicine for me .I walking regularly . Now what to do.

  15. Sunanda MAHESHWARI says:

    Myself Sunanda suffering from PIVD or Slip Disc I don’t whatever it is, actually problem with S1, L4 and L5.

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