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Homeopathic Remedies for Epilepsy

Homeopathic Remedies for Seizures Epilepsy is a disorder of the nervous system which is characterized by the tendency of a person to have seizures. Seizure refers to the appearance of symptoms (depending upon the type of seizure) in a person due to abnormal and excessive nerve cell activity in the brain. The result is abnormal behavior and sensations, including loss of consciousness. There are a variety of seizures with different symptoms depending on the part of the brain involved. Homeopathy provides treatment for Seizures in the natural way. The completely natural homeopathic remedies for epilepsy are completely safe and have no side effects. These remedies are of great help in the treatment of Epilepsy.

Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Epilepsy

Epilepsy can be treated with homeopathy which helps treat acute fits as well as eliminates the tendency to have seizures. An inquiry is to be made regarding the type of seizure, aura, triggering factors, finding other causes and individual dominant symptoms in each and every case. The results of the Homeopathy vary in every case depending upon the duration and type of seizure.

1. Cicuta: Where there are Distortions of Body

Cicuta is one of the best medicines for Epilepsy where the attacks of convulsion are marked by violent, distorted body shape. The distortions are most frightful. There is present a marked Opisthotonus — which refers to the condition where the spine bends backward with the head and heels touching the ground. The person is totally unconscious. The face may be blue and the jaw appears locked. Cicuta is also one of the best herbal remedies for epilepsy following head injury. Cicuta can be used for convulsions occurring in children during dentition (development of teeth and their arrangement in the mouth), in women during and after delivery and also for convulsions due to worms. But the condition to be fulfilled for using this remedy in these situations is the presence of violent body distortions. The triggering factors for using Cicuta are touch and noise. An auditory aura may show its presence.

2. Artemisia Vulgaris: For Epilepsy with Petit Mal Seizure

Artemisia Vulgaris is the best natural medicine to tackle cases of Petit Mal Epilepsy. This remedy is of great help for children with Petit Mal seizures. The main symptom is frequent brief episodes of seizures in a short time period. The triggering factor for the seizure is strong emotions, including fear. Any subjective feeling predictive of the onset of a seizure prior to an attack is absent (absence of aura).

3. Stramonium: For Epileptic Convulsions Triggered by Bright Light

Stramonium is the most suitable natural medicine where the convulsion arises after exposure to bright light or shining objects. The consciousness is preserved and jerking of muscles of the upper body part is experienced by the patient.

4. Cuprum Met: When Aura for Seizure Attack is felt in Knees

Cuprum Met is the top medicine when the seizure attack is preceded by an aura in the knee.  The symptoms marked during the attack are clonic spasm that usually begins in finger or toes and soon covers the entire body. Jerking of muscles is also noticed. The triggering factors for the attack include fright and anger. In females, Cuprum Met is used for the treatment of convulsion during pregnancy, after delivery and around the menstrual period.

5. Bufo Rana: For Epileptic Fit during Sleep

Bufo Rana is a natural medicine of great help in providing a cure for Epilepsy seizures where the attacks are present during sleep. The aura is felt in the genital area. It also works well for females who have attacks of seizures during menses.

6. Hyoscyamus: For Deep Sleep following Epileptic Attack

The best natural medicine when deep sleep follows an epileptic fit is Hyoscyamus. The other symptoms include picking at bedclothes and playing with hands and muscular twitching.

Other Important Medicines

1. For epileptic fits during fever (Febrile seizures)

Belladonna and Nux Vomica are natural medicines that are very beneficial in cases of Febrile seizures. Belladonna is the ideal mode of treatment when there is fever with marked heat. The head is extremely hot with jerking of muscles. Nux Vomica is of great help when extreme chilliness is present with seizures.

2. For Epileptic fits as per the Triggering Factor

Chamomilla and Nux Vomica are the natural medicines that are of great help for the treatment of epileptic fits triggered due to anger outbursts. For fits after a fright, Opium, Aconite are ideal remedies. In cases where alcoholic drinks trigger the attack, the most appropriate medicines are Ran Bulb and Nux Vomica.

3. For Epileptic fit arising from Head Injury

For Epilepsy cases that mark their origin to head injury, Hypericum, Nat Sulph and Cicuta are the natural medicines that offer the best mode of treatment.

4. For Epileptic fit arising from Brain Tumours

Medicines that are of help in the treatment of fits due to tumors in the brain are Plumbum, Cicuta and Conium.

5. For Epilepsy during Dentition

Chamomilla, Kali Bromatum and Aethusa have proved their worth in treatment of epileptic fits during dentition (development of teeth and their arrangement in the mouth). Chamomilla is best suited when anger triggers a fit during dentition. Kali Bromatum is the ideal remedy when there is a jerking of muscles. Aethusa is selected when the symptoms are clenched thumbs, fixed pupils and a locked jaw. Eyes are turned downwards.

6. For Epileptic fits due to Suppressed Eruptions

Zincum, Agaricus and Cicuta are natural remedies that work well when the history of suppressing eruptions is ruled out prior to the onset of convulsion history.

7. Medicines as per type of Seizure in Epilepsy

The selection of natural medicines can be ruled out only after taking a complete case history of the patient.

Petit Mal Seizures: The natural medicines for treating Petit Mal Seizures are Artemisia, Belladonna, Zincum, and Hyoscyamus.

Clonic Seizures: Agaricus and Cuprum are the best natural medicines for Clonic Seizures. Agaricus is a great nervous remedy. It is a beneficial remedy when there is a jerking of a single muscle group or the whole body. Cuprum is ideal when the problem starts in toes or fingers and spreads to the entire body.

Tonic Seizures: Cicuta and Plumbum are the best medicines for Tonic Seizures. Cicuta and Plumbum bring about a marked rigidity in the body during tonic convulsions.

Types of Seizures with Symptoms

Focal (Partial Seizure): When the seizures occur due to the involvement of one area of the brain, they are known as Focal Seizures. These are of two types: Simple Partial and Complex Partial. In Simple Partial cases, the person remains conscious, has a sudden emotional experience (feeling of joy, sadness, fear, sexual arousal), has hallucinations of hearing, taste, smell or vision, and there may also be an involuntary jerking of body parts. In Complex Partial Seizure, the person’s consciousness is altered or lost. The symptoms include staring, automatism (repeated rhythmic, purposeless movements) like eye blinking, hand rubbing, walking in a circle, mouth movements, smacking movement of lips, picking at bedclothes. After a few minutes, consciousness is regained and the drowsy feeling may remain.[toc]

Generalized Seizure: When all areas of the brain are involved, then generalized seizures occur. These are of the following types:

Tonic-Clonic (Grand Mal Seizures): The symptoms are a loss of consciousness and stiffness or rigidity of body with falling down. Respiration arrest and blueness of body also occur. This is followed by relaxation resulting in jerking of the body. The jerking is followed by regaining of consciousness but confusion, impaired memory, headache, and sleepiness. Loss of bladder control and tongue biting are common in these types of seizures. Aura precedes the attack. Aura is a subjective feeling experienced by a patient whereby he or she becomes aware that an attack is about to begin.

Tonic seizures: In these seizures, muscle stiffness mainly of back, arms and legs occur.

Clonic seizures: These seizures cause muscle jerking.

Absence (Petit Mal/Minor Seizure): The symptoms are minor like mainly staring or just a slight tilt in the head, and brief alteration of consciousness usually for seconds. There is no fall or muscle contraction. A person may have more than 20 episodes per day. It is common in childhood. The person gets normal without any confusion when the seizure is over.

Causes And Triggering Factors Of Epilepsy Seizures

The main causes of Epilepsy and resultant seizures include Meningitis, head injury or trauma, stroke, brain tumor, high fever (Febrile Seizure), and parasite infection Neuro-cysticercosis. The main triggering factors include light, noise, sleep loss, alcohol intake, and cigarette smoking.

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  1. Sachin Nag says:

    I have juvenile myoclonic epilepsy with Tonic-Clonic (Grand Mal Seizures) since 2017 I am taking encorate chrono 300 at 8.30AM & encorate chrono 400 at 8.30PM . Is there any medicine with will be 100% Curable

  2. Hello I’m in pain many years. The pain is in the area of the mouth and Jaws, especially near teeth. I take tegretol but I have many side effects and I suffer.
    Thank you Dimitra

  3. Qaseem Siddiqui says:

    Dear Dr Sharma 🙏
    I’m Qaseem. My son Areeb is 19,& suffering from an absence type of seizure & taking Tab Tagral 200mg 2 BiD, Cap Epinutin. 1BiD & Rivotril 0.5mg 1/2 Bid.
    He is absent for 30 seconds to 60 seconds twice a day any ti…He is quite improved but I and my wife afraid of my young son’s as he has admission to the University but we avoid sending him to attend classes.
    Kindly prescribe the best out of five you’d discussed in the video.
    We will always be grateful for the favour, sir.
    Best Regards💐

  4. My son is 15 years old.He is suffering from epilepsy since 2014 and started medicines, since 2016 his fits stopped .On 20-08-19 once again EEG test was taken which reads
    ABNORMAL FINDING : No epileptic or seizure activity or focus seen in this recording .However there’s episodic discharges in multiple leads specially frontal leads.
    He doesn’t want to go to school and he does not listens to anybody and uses abusive language .
    what do you suggest me to do?

  5. Hello,

    Any reccomendations specifically for Complex Partial, Atonic, and Myoclonic Seizures?
    I’m currently on Lamotrigine and Zonisimide looking for more homeopathic remedies.

  6. Miriam Hernandez says:

    Hello Dr Sharma .

    My son suffers from petit mal seizures and is currently on belladonna 30 c one in the morning and one at night . He is still having about 7 episodes a day . What is the dosage recommended for Artemisa at this age group . Thank you in advance .
    Miriam Hernandez

  7. DrBVSSR REDDU says:

    Homeopathy makes wonders.
    U can try arnica for such cases.
    Dr bvssr reddy.


    My mom who is 90 years old, was admitted a month back to the hospital for diabetic ketoacidosis. She had facial and eye twitches at the time, and her whole body had also gone rigid. After discharge from the hospital she became bedridden. She also has lung problems,, needs continuous oxygen.
    SHe seemed stable and ok with no convulsions for a month. Last week she started tonic/clonic convulsions on the right side with a lot leg shaking and abdominal jerking movements. At the same time she developed some vaginal infections which was treated and cleared. However her shaking from the entire trunk down continues. It is very disturbing to see. some times it goes away but sometimes it continues for hours. DOes homeopathy have a remedy?

  9. Manisha Anand says:

    My son now 35 years old had seizure in 1999 June then was administered medicine for 3 yrs Dilantin. He also had loss of speech for few seconds twice. He was fine but suddenly after 19 yrs he again had seizures without any explained reason. Had repeated bouts every 2 months. Had 5 episodes but after medicine was adjusted he was fine & has another bout last week ie after 1 year & 9 months. The seizures occur in sleep except the one he had in 1999. He is in Canada now. Please advice.

  10. Respected Dr. Sharma,
    My brother has been suffering in grand mal seizure. He is abnormal and can not do anything himself. His age 35 above . his brain was injured by falling to roof. What medicine or remedy to suggest?

  11. Madhu Kattana says:

    My son (12 years old) is a patient of seizure (fits) which started at the age of 3 yrs. The allopatic treatment is going on and he is taking medicine regularly and because of the medicine there is no general seizure for the last three years but he has partial seizure that means in his left hand’s (from finger to writs) gets dead for few seconds and after one-to-two minutes he gets normal. During this time he is not able to m0ve his fingers and writs up or down. It totally gets dead and he is very conscious and also he gets feeling when it gets started. We rub his fingers during this time and after he gets normal he can do whatever he likes. There is no time for happening of this seizure but comes once in two weeks or three weeks. Kind advise.

  12. Hello,
    My husband has had partial seizures which affect his speech for the past 5 years. He then had his first grand mal seizure in December 2019 and another in March 2020. He has not had another grand mal since March, however even on Lamotrogine he still has the partial seizures every month. We have tried ensuring he reduces his stress and eat a really healthy diet with regular exercise. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Rashmi bhatia says:

      Hello Dr. Sharma
      I want to know that whether epilepsy is fully curable in homeopathy also can a patient take homeopathy medicine along with allopathic medicine.

  13. Nauman Jillani says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma,
    I am patient of this type of epilepsy
    Tonic-Clonic (Grand Mal Seizures): The symptoms are a loss of consciousness and stiffness or rigidity of body with falling down. Respiration arrest and blueness of body also occur. This is followed by relaxation resulting in jerking of the body. The jerking is followed by regaining of consciousness but confusion, impaired memory, headache, and sleepiness. Loss of bladder control and tongue biting are common in these types of seizures. Aura precedes the attack. Aura is a subjective feeling experienced by a patient whereby he or she becomes aware that an attack is about to begin.

  14. My child have a symptom of absence seIzure and there is no result in alopathy medicine since 5 month than what can i do

  15. Mohammad Arham says:

    Hello Dr,
    I’m 31 male Since childhood I’m having paroxysmal kinesigenic Dyskinesia ( as diagnosed by neurologist and years of research and experience), anticonvulsant drug ( diamox which contains acetazolamide) works well but I’m worried about long-term side affects,hence homeopathy seems a great option,
    Thank you.

  16. I have same issue as Sahir – 47 yr old, get nocturnal grand mal seizures starts with lip smaking, scream and stiff body muscles for 30sec, tongue bitting loss of memory 5min… Conciouness loss.. Headache and deep sleep with loud snoring, when I wake up its a lot of body pain. Frequency once every month or 2 months (mostly cyclical in the same week every month), on lamictal xr.

  17. Sir I m 34 years old I found sleeping seizure like tonic clonic like noise tongue bitting loss of memo 5min… Conciouness loss.. Headache. occur in 1..2 month in sleeping position 2 to 3 hours later after sleeping.. Pls suggest best medicine which permanently works

  18. hello sir ,
    my baby is 8 month old .he has attacked by 2 febrile seizure followed vaccination…also last two attacks without fever…which homeomedicine suits my baby

  19. Dr. Shahid says:

    Very good.

  20. Hi, I have problem of epilepsy night fit, I am having treatment from last 4 year but disease did not get cured..
    I became very well and feels so much fatigue all time, I want to take homeopathic treatment for my night fits please help and suggests best homeopathic medicine for me..
    Can I take both alopathic and homeopathic treatment together?

  21. Shakil Ahmed says:

    My grand son age 6-7 yrs has started having absent scizors for last one month. Duration of attack is about 15-30 seconds. He suddenly goes blank, with chewing movement of face and fine movements of hands. Kindly suggest treatment. Thanks

  22. Kavita Kamath says:

    My husband started having seizures two days back after consulting a neurologist, he started medication yesterday. AFTER HAVING A BRAIN MRI DONE, found that there is a little bleeding in his right brain. Measuring 8.7 x 5.5mm. They have also recommended a DSA.
    Since this just started 2 days back and knowing that homeopathy has no side effects.
    Can this be cured by homeopathy?

  23. Hi
    My daughter she is 20 years old
    Have a focal seizure problem from last 8 years
    What medicine u suggest for her treatment

  24. Hello Dr Sharma,
    I have four kids. The youngest baby girl is two and a half years old. Since March 2020 she is having frequent fits of Frontal Lobe seizure.
    Can u plez advise the best in favor of my beloved child?

  25. Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I have 3 children with absence seizures. I have one on medication but have not liked the side effects. For 6 months we have been on the keto diet hoping to see lessening of seizures. However we have not seen significant improvement and wonder what else I can do before we resort to medication.
    Do you have any suggestions?

  26. Jamil Minhas says:

    Dr. Sahib,

    Asslam-o-Alaikum, I am from Sialkot, Pakistan. My father is around 93-years of age. He have had a brain tumour surgery in year 2000. Biopsy report told us that the removed stuff from left side of brain was Minor and not cansarious but he go through Fritz / Seizures during sleep. He is used to take TAGRAL tablets (1-tablet daily). Two days ago he was gone through very severe Seizures (I was not at home but our family members told us). Now I have searched a little bit about fritz and found that 3-homeopathic medicines are good for Epilepsy due to brain tumour 1) Plumbumbum 2) Cicuta 3) Conium………… Kindly suggest me whether or not these are O.K. and at what potency we should use and what dosage and if in case these are not TOO GOOD then kindly tell us what to do Thanks

  27. Hello Dr Sharma, I am writing this behalf of my husband who has been having eplipsey since 2014. We had MRI and found brain tumor he refused the surgery and he only use to have seizures on one side of his body and generally it’s like spams and he is still conscious but last couple times the episode was so bad he had longer like two minutes or more .but complete loss of control and followed by vomiting , in a day he had two grand mall episodes and many small ones too. I would like to know if there is any treatment that is available for his episodes that he can take ? And about brain tumor what options do he have with treatment ?

    Thanks in advance
    Nancy dhillon

  28. Sushant Katiyar says:

    Dear Sir,
    My child Master Prakhar(age09years,weight 27kg)is eppilpse by birth. Now minimum one attack per month occurs 90% case after bath.
    After CT scan (08years ago) investigation shows 2mm spot on right side head due to oxygen deficiency by birth as per Dr advice and suggestion.
    If any homeopathic medicine then plz suggest.
    Sushant Katiyar
    Mo 7518477703

  29. Shauna Dz says:

    I have complex partial seizures. Is there anything that can help me?

    • I have only complex partial seizures during the day in which I lost consciousness partially.I don’t remember what I am doing things like moving around ,say words repeatedly ,screaming for around 3 minutes .Then having a seizure I feel extreme confused,sleepy,memory loss,difficulty talking. Headache .tirdness for around 15 minutes .when I fully recover after around 20 minutes no memory at all what happened during during the seizure and recovery period after the seizue.
      Please tell me which homeopathic medicine will be best to control this type of seizue.I am 40 years old man

  30. Naarayana Selvaraju says:

    Doctor am writing to you on behalf of my son 18 years old having epilepsy left frontal lobe since 2014 and taking Oxepin 600mg two times a day. He is suffering only during sleeping time or mood also he is restless with leg syndrome while sleeping. We observed that he is disturbed whenever he is not having good sleep up to 12 hrs or sensitive issues to him.

  31. Nancy Boal says:

    I have a disorder called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, or Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. I take name brand Klonopin ( which doctors are not being allowed to prescribe any longer) I am looking for a remedy to replace the Klonopin. I get seizing of the body where the body is sensitive to vibrations, noise, flashing lights. It seems to have simularities to Epelipsy as my body freezes up and my body suttly shakes. The shaking canot be seen but felt if touching my hand. It does seem to affect the limbs.
    Dental work is difficult as I need to get blocks to shut down the trigeminal nerves othewise my mouth and face will be seizing. It almost seems like tonic seizures. I have worked with numerous homeopaths to no avail in finding a remedy to work.

  32. Johannah says:

    My son is 28 years and developed absent seizures two years back. He has this attacks or episode now more frequently every two weeks. Prescribed medication does not help.
    He was also using homeopathy medication for 6 months but he was not getting better.

    How can you help him to be cured from this disease.

  33. Александра says:

    Добрый день! Подскажите какой препарат выбрать при миоклонических кивках? Дело в том, что точно нам диагноз поставить не могут. Симптомы такие: закатываются глазные яблоки, голова резко идет вперед, руки разлетаются, потери сознания нет, во время приступа подсмеивается, речевой контакт сохраняется, но речь замедленная, после приступа вялый, после есть порывы сходить в туалет по большому. Длительность до 2-х минут, количество до 10 шт. в день.
    Заранее спасибо!

  34. Dinesh Kumar says:

    Whole body stiffness and pain in epilepsy

  35. Jayant singh says:

    My daughter has eplepsy
    Problem.i want to cure her eplepsy.please help.thanks

    • Raghavendra B says:

      My son aged around 40 yrs had this epilepsy a few days ago. suddenly he fall down and unconscious it lasted for certain time after that he regained consciousness he did not aware of any thing happened.
      previously he had these attack some 8 yrs ago.

      PLease homoeo tratment and help.

  36. kulbhushan thakur says:

    my daughter suffering fromtonic clonic seizure since the age of 5months oldfor the last around 30years & have been put under combination of so many allopathic medicine presently she is given gardinal 30 TDS,lonazep.5 TDS,topirol50 BDS& DIVA250 EACH BDS .But inspite of these medicine with german homeopath Medicie R-33,she is still getting fits once in every week,mostly during night in sleep withjerking of arms,legs ,twiesting of head.She has been under treatment of PGI,DMC,and consulted so many neurologist serving in hospitals in chandigarh,ludhiana,jullundhur almost every doctor which seemed to me of any help .but no fruitful result got instead she became mental retarded ,may be due to side effect of medicine ,her growth is also not suggest me some homeopath medicine

  37. Ayman Yousseef says:

    My daughter is 16 years of age. Her first seizure at age of 6, a second one a 4 month later, and third one after another 4 months. Later, we had a meeting at the sick children hospital with her first neurologist. she was diagnosed after an EEG as having an epileptic focal seizures, because her seizure starts with a stare looking right and convulsions later on. she was was put on Lamictal for about six years during which her seizure patterns were changing in terms of recurrence and type of seizure , meaning her patterns changed or the kinetic has changed. The original diagnosis was a focal with seizure focus in the lower left back corner of her her cortex i.e. the occipitial lobe, later on the neurologist did not know where it was originating or what the type of epilepsy my daughter has. Changed 4 AED medication and now her recurrence coming closer. Now she off the medication WHAT TO DO NEXT?

  38. umm e habiba says:

    Sir its very urgent plz guide me which homeopathic medicine used in grand mal seizures (tonic clonic).

    • umm e habiba says:

      Sir its very urgent plz guide me which homeopathic medicine used in grand mal seizures (tonic clonic). My brother has been suffering from it since childhood and now he is 27 years old and he is a special child too. Plzz guide me . He was totally depend upon my father’s medicine and now he is no more. Plzz its a request guide me as soon as possible.

  39. Marwah Abdulkader says:

    Hi Dr my son is 16 years and autistic he developed recently grand mal seizures. He has normal MRI and EEG. He is taking now anti epileptics but still has seizures can you suggest any homeopathy to help him?

  40. Suggi for omeopathic medicine for simple partial focal seizures.

  41. Mahendrabhai B.patel says:

    My grand son name AGASTYA was suffering from seizure due to right frontal cortical dysplasia we can take lobectomy surgery’s of brain from pune but seizure is ongoing not stop. Can you have advice for any treatment for the same.

  42. DM Hancock says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,

    Age: 36
    I was diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy in 2018. Its as if they started out of thin air. I have never taken any medication for them. I would prefer to go the natural route if I can. I have extreme deja vu before my episodes and I usually feel strange, unconnected a couple of days before they begin. Most, and maybe all of them occur during my ovulation and menstrual period. I also have a few episodes while I’m asleep, they wake me up. I also sometimes have an episode after sexual intercourse with my husband. When I have episodes, I get the aura (deja vu) and sometimes feel anxious or fearful for no reason and then I push my tongue in and out, as if I’m eating something. I do not lose consciousness during the episodes. The most scary part of this is how I feel during the 1-2 weeks that I’m
    Having episodes. I just feel disconnected, I don’t feel like myself. Please help me with any insight that you may have. Thank you!!!!

  43. Sunit Mehrotra says:

    Good Afternoon
    Daughter age 23
    Having seizures for last 10 yrs
    On epilan and encorate chrono 200 one tab each twice a day
    Also took homeopathic treatment
    Was given Sulphur till lm3 potency
    However doctor treating her passed away
    Pl advise how to contact you

  44. Epilepsy homeopathic treatment we want
    24years affected
    CT scan normal
    EEG normal
    Blood results normal
    All type medicine we taken allredy

  45. Dear Dr Sharma. I have a disorder that I have to take name brand Klonopin. I have been trying to find a remedy to replace this benzodiazepine for many years without sucess. The disorder goes by the name now of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome; previously was Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy.

    I had a ganglion crush injury and the sympathetic nervous system did not recoup. I am not in pain. I take the Klonopin for the body seizing. I recently had dental work, and the proper blocks were not done to shut down the trigeminal nerves and my tongue and mouth are seizing. I had to drive to get a flat tire fixed. The dash of my vehicle was flashing at me. I was talking outlaid to myself all is well and breathing. When i got to the place my body could hardly move. My whole body was shaking. Road vibration in a vehicle will set off the nervous system…..Nat sulp, Hypericium, cuprum nothing

  46. Hi,
    My daughter is 25 and was just diagnosed with abdomen epilepsy in November. She experienced a grand mal seizure for the first time on November 11, 2019 while we were on vacation. Since that time she has been put on 500mg 2x a day then in March switched to 750mg 2x per day. Unfortunately on April 8, she experienced 2 grand mal seizures in one day. She did not miss an medication so our dr. Doubled her dose to 1500mg 2 x per day.
    We feel like this is a lot of medication to be taking. We usually take a holistic approach to things so this is some what concerning.
    I would love some feedback

  47. Her Abdul Rehman says:

    Dr sahiba assalam o alaikum plz top medicine for mirgi

  48. Niyamathulla khan says:

    Hi, my wife 35 years old ,she got 4 episode in 2 & half years while taking bath .every time she got injury to her head , tongue gets cut & unconscious for near about 10 to 12 min.she have three children’s initially she was not having this kind of problem but now & then she is depression.

  49. Hi my son got married on 23.02.20. On 22.03.20 in
    the nightt he fell down in bathroom and the symptoms were of tonic clonic seizure.this was 1st time he experienced .His MRI is normal .. Everything advice about homeopathic medicine.He is 28 years old..regards

  50. Hello, I am Ajay. I am suffering with epilepcy from last two years. maximum it happens with me in the morning time after woke up of few minuites. i feel jerk in my body , sometime time i felt down due to this . i have done all the check ups . I am taking few midicines i.e. Lavera-500 and Encorate -500. But i am not much feeling better . Please help me out .


  51. Thank you so much for writing these articles….they are a great help to me and my family…

    • Prasad.c. says:

      Anxiety dis order ,sudden feeling of fear.emotional anxiety some thing going wrong light swetting at medulla oblongata.fear will arose from genital unconsciousness feeling frowzy.after 20 minutes ends.what is the am not smoker non alcoholic and freequent chewer of nut injury at head or other part of sugar.aged 60 years

  52. Hello Doctor Sharma
    Greeting from here in Ghana. Thanks for you for your great articles on health and the great work you’re doing in health
    I want to know how Homeopathy can help with ANXIETY DISORDER. Thanks

    • Prasad.c. says:

      Anxiety dis order ,sudden feeling of fear.emotional anxiety some thing going wrong light swetting at medulla oblongata.fear will arose from genital unconsciousness feeling frowzy.after 20 minutes ends.what is the am not smoker non alcoholic and freequent chewer of nut injury at head or other part of sugar

  53. One girl aged 15 years suffering from fits for a week time. Kindly suggest homeopathy medicine.

  54. what shall be potency for the medicines

  55. Tammie Whited says:

    I’m looking into my information into treating my sezuires diagnosis since age 9.. I right now am currently moving from Tennessee to Texas.. I have been on several different medications only treating the sezuires the symptoms.. Im looking deeper in to homeopathic methods to heal this from my system.. Many doctors have treated me only with the same out come meds work until 3 or 4 years still have sezuires .. Now this neuologest thru a 3 day sleep study told me I cause my sezuires with stress.. I been told in the past I had a pysdo tumor I had inflammation on the brain so they did a spinal tap.. I’m 55 years old at 15 my sezuires which are grand Mal laid dormant until 25 they returnt.. This was after my diagnosis if cervical cancer stage 2 .. After my surgery of full hysterectomy my sezuires went full time.. 5 a day .. As I have gotten older they slowed down.. I’ve taken many different medicines that never kept me sezuire free.. I’m looking for a way to treat my sezuires by healing.. Please contact me I am frustrated with the doctors and feel my energy needing this.. Thank you.. Tammie

  56. Sir im 21years old ,I have one white dot in my brain so recently once I got seizure in sleeping and feeling depression ….so can I take homeo treatment for perminant cure & is it possible to cure perminantly?

  57. Hello Dr.
    My son is now 9 years old. He got his first seizure at the age of 3, after that he is regularly taking Epilex syp. Last 2-3 years there was no seizure detected hence Dr reduced the medicine. Once it is reduced he again started getting fits. But now and earlier fits are different. Earlier he was getting non conscious but now he is feeling like his head is roaming around and he fells down.
    Again Dr has increased the medicine and looks ok. But I am sure there will be some medicine in Homeopathic that can cure this permanently.
    Please help

  58. Narendra Agarwal says:

    Kindly advise me the homeo medicines for Focal Seizure symptoms as discribed by you,in a 18 years old female. In her past history she had suffered from cerebral meningitis in age of 4 years.

  59. Dr Sharma
    My wife suffering from epilepsy caused 31Years ago due to stress and lack of sleep. The the neurologist started medicines to stop fits. Now after testing several new medicines dr advised to stay in scheduled drugs Tegretol 300cr +Gardinol 60mg in Morning/Noon and Tegretol 200+Gardinol30mg at night. She can feel sensation on upper lips and teeth before seizure starts and her jaws locked for 30 min to 1 hour and salaiva comes out in bubble during fits. She has left focal epilepsy with no sign of any problem in brain. Tell me any remedies in homeopathy to stop her fits and replace her Allopathic medicines.

  60. Manas banerjee says:

    My son 9 yrs old.he has leg jerking during the starting of sleep but not in deep sleep just when the sleep start.his eye ball rapidly move,sometime eyes stand still,stare the eyes and shaking the head.pls suggest

  61. I was diagnosed with grand mal seizures – epilepsy.

    I am interested in the most natural remedies, especially homeopathy.

    Thank you,

    ~ Renee

  62. Biswajit Nayak says:

    Sir my son is suffering from infantile spasms from 5 months age now his age is 4yrs
    We tried several medicines but still we can’t able to stop his seizures.till now he is not able to speak nor able to walk also
    Plz suggest us how could we be able to cure him
    Sir plz help us

  63. My son is suffering from cortical dysplasia due to which gets seizures during which for few minutes he is not able to speak ,loses control on his body.
    Is treatment possible in homeopathy
    If possible kindly suggest how to proceed

  64. H.g.s.k.herath says:

    I want to completely cure epilepsy

  65. My name is Ajay Thakur. I am suffering from Nocturnal Seizures since the age of 6. Current age: 34.
    I had been using homeopathy for past 3 years and had reduced allopathic AEDs dosage to :-
    1. Topamac 25 – 1/2 Tab
    2. Lamitor DT 25- 1/2 Tab
    3. Rivotril 0.5 – 1/2 Tab

    Above 3 meds are taken at night. Still I get Seizures when I am Asleep.
    Currently I am on Bufo Rana, Hypericum Perforatum, Cicuta Virosa and Cuprum Metallicum. –> 2 drops each- Two times in a day.
    Kindly tell if anything needs to be done w.r.t my Homeo Dosage ??

    • Ajay Singh Thakur says:

      Kindly reply on e-mail or phone .

      • Hope M Fagen says:

        How are these remedies administered? Where do we get them? I have a traumatic brain injury that occurred from a car accident almost 2 years ago. Back in December I started having seizures. Im trying to learn to treat all of this homeopathically.

        Thank you

  66. Santhosh Babu says:

    Hello Sharma,

    My daughter 5 years 10 months old. she has been suffered with seizures on june 23 and we are undergoing medication from rainbow hospital. Since then the dosage has been not perfect to the child age and weight, I guess. Because she is getting seizures for every 15 days except first month.

    Should i continue with this medicine or can you suggest the homeopathy is the best for seizures.

  67. Santosh Tiwari says:

    How eplipssy can be cured

  68. Ishika Kabir says:

    ow she is having the following medicines

    Tablet Tegretol —- 100 mg + 100 mg + 150 mg

    Tablet Frisium —- 0 + 0 + 2.5 mg

    My daughter ( date of birth -4 August 2005 )has 3~ 5 seizure every night ,while she is asleep .Seizure also happen during the day -sometimes due to sudden loud noises and sometimes without any reason.Sometimes during seizures convulsion occurs which lasts between 10 to 50 seconds .Sometimes she tries to get up and behaves as if she wants to reach out for something in front of her,She remains conscious during this time .During convulsions,Saliva comes out of her mouth.And sometimes her full body jerks violently and she loses her balance ( body leans towards right or left ) .

    Epilepsy where the attacks of convulsion are marked by violent, distorted body shape. The distortions are most frightful. There is present a marked Opisthotonus — which refers to the condition where the spine bends frontward with the head touching the ground.

    If you give me your mail address I will give you reports ( MRI .EEG ….. )

    She becomes weaker when her medicine is increased.

    Please advice the medicine name for her .

  69. Hellow, Sir
    I am suffering from cervical and lumber spondlysis and hypertension. One morning I was found unconscious and admitted to hospital. MRI and EEG found normal. Doctors declared altered sensorium (seizures) .
    At present I am feeling heavyness inside head and pain/stress in neack.
    Kindly, advise accordingly.

  70. Hello Dr Sharma,
    My kid is 6 years old ,Recently she got seizures after MRI,EEG tests all are normal and under mediication of “Oxetol” syrup for 1 year. Do we have a Homeopathy medicine to control this instead of english medicine.

  71. Narayanaswamy JL says:

    My kid is 10 year’s old , mild seizures confirmed after test And under medication of tegritol 200mg for 2 years. And after 2 years of medication tested and confirmed no Trace of seizures.

    But after discontinuation of medicine for 6 months as per doctors advise one day she felt seizures while sleeping( it’s starting from toe and covers entire body,froth in mouth,slight bending of left hand and mouth only.).But MRI test says no Trace of seizures and doctor suggested continuation of same medicine.

    Her weight is 43kgs right now, please suggest suitable medication and diet if needed.

    With regards

  72. Remedy for severe backache on lower back. after a seizure.

  73. Dr M Hanif Mughal says:

    Nice explanation of epilepsy!!

  74. Arthur Habraken says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma.

    With interest I’ve read your article about remedies for epilepsy. I haven’t been able to talk to a patient who suffers epileptic attacks after being under narcose. Do you have any remedy suggestion I could take a closer look at ?

    Arthur Habraken

  75. Madan Mohan Yakhmi says:

    My wife Asha, aged 70 is having a history of epilepsy since last 35 years. We have been taking allopathy treatment since than. Last manor seizures happened in 2014. We took treatment from a Nuro specialist , he prescribed Valprid CR-500, BDS. We continued for two years and than the doctor reduced to one tablet for one year and than he decided the dose of one tablet of CR500 to devide in to BDS. After continuing for 6 months he asked to stop it after doing EEG. Soon after , with in one month again she suffered a mild seizure. Again we consulted the doctor , he recommended to continue 1/2 tablets BDS life long. During the seizure she gets foam from mouth, she gets toung bite and body trembles. Now my question is, is their any permanent solution in homeopathy or shall we continue the same medicine life long.

  76. Aysha Kola says:

    Hello Dr Sharma…
    My son is eight years old ..
    He is diagnosed with dravet syndrome . He gets multiple types of seizure. All types written above. He also has ADHD.
    He is on 4 AEDs. But still he get seizures 4times in month. Can homoeopathic medicine help him ?

  77. Kanchana Venkatraman says:

    Respected doctor
    My friend name Mrs Pushpa aged 65+ suffered from epilepsy attack…After hospitalisation, she takes eptoin regularly…She gets epilepsy attack often n improves after taking medication…she is much better…

    She needs best homeo medicine to control fit seizures n has severe arm pain extending from back to spine.
    Pls advice suitable homeo remedy to prevent her epilepsy seizures, n pain in right arm together with nerve immunity…


  78. Alexandra ciobanu says:

    Hello Dr Sharma

    My 2 years and 8 months old daughter has been diagnosed at the age of 2 months with West Syndrome, from that time we had never got them under control. We started to use for a couple of days Staphysagria 30 ch 2 times per day , should we keep going with it or should we try something different?

  79. Rejaul Karim says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    My 15-year-old son has been suffering from Atonic/Clusters seizures since he was 6 months old. These seizures are also called “drop attacks” or “drop seizures.” He drops his head suddenly. Seizures occur in groups or episode count sometimes up to ten head drops. Each head drops last 5-7 seconds and it occurs frequently (3-4 times daily).

    We have tried most of the available medications, but uncontrolled.

    I would appreciate if you suggest any homeopathic medicine for my son.

    Rejaul Karim

  80. My grad daughter is suffering from epilepsy.she is on allopathic neuro drugs.can u suggest homeo medicine is it nessecery to stop allopathy drugs if she takes homeo medicine

  81. Amar singh says:

    Hi Dr,

    My name is Amar singh, I’m actually looking for medicines for my kid, @ d 6th day of his birth he started getting small episodes of scissors, which got converted into head bang later on, n den fits which locks his body completely, after consulting with doctors n MRI’S v found out he has scars in his brain specially the left side, which was due to sugar level drop. He is 6 now his small episodes which where kind of Jerk has reduced but after sleep he gets fits now one or two episodes a day n even head bang kind of jerks comes maximum time after sleep. Tries alopathy n ayurvedic both yes I see slight improvement but not much, want to try homeopathy now, just want to c him getting independent. He doesn’t speak ,walks without support but can’t gage height,length, breath just walks blindly. Please help.


  82. Michelle Pohl says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,
    My 52 yr old husband had a 2nd stroke in July 2018 which now cause him to have seizures. Since then he has had several small 1-2 min seizure episodes. This past weekend he had a more severe seizure which lasted about 15-20 minutes…he could not talk or respond to us, his head jerked to the side, his body became very stiff. He ended up in the emergency room but was discharged that evening. he also suffers from lack of sleep and anxiety since his last stroke. His neurologist has tried numerous seizure meds that either leave him too tired or with no energy at all, and some have caused him insomnia an/or anxiety. he also suffers from other co-morbidities ie: heart disease(2 previous heart attacks with stents) and diabetes. I’m hoping you can help him…he does well with herbals and natural products for his sleep issues. I really want to get more info so he does not have any more seizures.

    Thank you so much for any assistance you can provide. Michelle P

  83. Dr alpesh says:

    Good description Dr I getting results in epilepsy after reading your post and inspire for writing on my blog for verous disease and it’s relation to HOMOEOPATHY.
    FOR MORE INFORMATION GO……..Epilepsy-cause and its homoeopathic medicine…..Homoeosure

  84. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    My relation has epileptic seizures. She has been suffering from Tonic-Clonic (grand mal seizures) from age 9. It stopped and started again at 11 when she started menstruation. She experiences tickling in the anal region which cease after taking worm medications. She also experiences focal (petit mal) seizures occasionally but mainly grand-mal seizures almost every week which is usually announced by a loud noise. This is worse especially before, during or after menses (mostly during sleep and once in a while when asleep).

    Please let me know how you can help in treating this condition with homeopathic remedies as allopatic medicines has failed to help and only made the condition and health worse.


  85. Hello Dr Sharma,

    This is regarding Epilepsy in a baby who has been diagnosed with migrating focal seizures. It would be really very very helpful if you could email me if you have experience in treating this kind of epilepsy’s .

    Please please please respond back to me as we are looking for an alternative therapy. Thank you so much in advance.

  86. My baby suffering from multiple seizers problems . Last two years doing allopathic treatment but not good response now from one week started homopathic medicine R33 but stop allopathic medicine seizers came very fast please suggested how to reduce allopathic medicine and additional medicine add in homeopathy. Homeopathy medicine using doctor advice

  87. Respected dr sir. My son now aged 15 .Since his childhood aged 6 suffering from epilepsy I am using allopathy med.till date. Pl sujjest me best for his treatment. In homeo. Kalyan ranchi jharkhand 9334485831…

  88. Nadeem divekar says:

    Head injury previous. Now feel in the head right side the on top nerves beating fast that feel . While going to sleep head is shaking some time one side of the whole body shake
    My one Dr friend prescribed
    Bufo 200- 7 -7
    Cicuta 4-4
    Opium 5-5
    Nothing find in MRI but having this problem
    Please suggest

  89. I am under treatment from many years with allopathy medicine sodium valor in and many more medicine but still I am a patient and it occurs after long time or very long may be 6 month or 1year or 1 and half. My tongue get in my teeth but I know when I get back to life. Pahle ka ki kab hua or attack ke baad yaad aata gai attack mein muje kuch yaad nahi rahta.

  90. Debjani Mishra says:

    Dear sir.. my 8 months old son is having a rare type of epilepsy called infantile spasm.. he is also having developmental delay.. he is a prematurely born baby with some amount of hypoxic brain injury.. he has no other significant disease and also there is no correlation of seizure with fever .. can you please help me to get rid of this problem

    • Geetha K says:

      Dear Sir, My son is 2 years old now. He is diagnosed with epilepsy when he was of 2 months old. I have been using homeopathic medicines since then. But still he did not cross any of the milestones. Now I feel little betterment in neck holding. But still jerks are observed. Kindly suggest me a good advice.


  91. Dilip prajapat says:

    Namste sir……..I am a soldier. Army medical sister suffering epilepsy syndrome plz suggest. My contact..9166787178.


    On EEG it is observed that continuous electrical pulses are erupting from her brain in all direction. 7 years old female baby is getting sudden heavy jerk in the body when head falls front and now she is not able to control herself.

    Suggest please

  93. yella pragada siva kumar says:

    Namaste sir

    My name is siva kumar ( 54years) , I suffering seizures since 3 years, its comes in sleep time that time I was tone biting, eyes opening, I don’t have any coffee, tea, alcohol even cool drinks also. I am working accountant in pvt company, whenever very tired I got seizures, what to do ? how to solve the problems
    No, sugar, BP, No any health problems and also I don’t use any medicine from my childhood to till date.
    this is problem last 3 years suffering. kindly give the good advice . my mail id is

  94. My 2 year 7 months daughter suffered her first seizure soon after celebrating her 2nd birthday.In a space of 6 months she had 10 in total of the seizures and each would last for close to 1 minute 30 seconds.At the hospital,she was placed on phenobarbital but the drug was giving her negative side effects including violence and strange actions.We discontinued the drug and she stabilized but since then she has had Petit mal(absence seizures). Kindly help us .Im worried .

  95. Dear sir,

    My son of 7 yrs old has seizer from past 3
    And a half yrs. He is under alopathy treatment Earlier in the beginning he was doing arms and legs tight ness up to 3 mins. It got controlled but now past 1 yr he is having head drops. We are still giving him medicine but no improvement found. Can this cured from homeopathy treatment completely. If yes pls suggest to whom we need to contact.

  96. My son aged 15 has been diagnosed with Complex Partial seizure. Which homeopathy medicine do you recommend for him and what will be he way forward?

  97. Hiee mam my son is 4 years n has frontal lobe seizure epilepsy. From 2 years he is with dis seizure problem. Giving medication from last 1 year bt Dr. Says it can’t be stopped permanently… N Wil hav dis seizure for life long n use medicine fr lifelong…. Plz suggest me is dis can’t b treated n hav to give medicine fr lifelong…..Is there any gud in homeopathy…. Plz help me..

  98. G.Lahiri says:

    Hello doctor, My son is probably suffering from JME. He gets sudden jerks of hand movements and gets them after inadequate sleep. Stress also causes it. He is on homeo medicine for 2 yrs now, not sure of the medicines as the doctor does not mention them but the symptoms are still present. He is 17 yrs 5 months and stays alone for studies. We are very much concerned. A neurologist had prescribed valparin chrono 300 but we have not given it due to fear of the side effects. I have the neurologist’s prescription and my son was taken through a test – EEG which did find some electrical imbalances. If you want, I can scan them and send them to you. Will be ever grateful for your kind advice.

  99. S S Nath says:

    Dear Sir

    My nephew has been suffering form seizure since 2014. He is being treated by alopathic doctor but it repeated againg last month after an interval of arond 2 years 5 months. I parctce homeomedicine and thiking to treat him hith homeo medicine along with the alopathic medicine. MRI repots suggets that hes had glucose deficinecy during his birth.
    The Symptoms are: He visualise a kind of light pulse (absent practically) and immediately he is attacked. His eyes strat blinking, spasms that begin in the fingers and toes and gradually spread to the rest of the body and jerking of muscles.sometimes his eyeball are fixed and sometimes rotate. He looses his conciousness in most of the cases. We take him to the near by hospital for treatment. He is at present 13 years. He lost his father (my elder brother) in 2016.

    By nature, he is gets angry immediately, sometimes emotional with tears, very sentimantal, sensetive and remembers the incidinet happend long time ago. He always love to play with hands (like clapping ) and move his legs.

    I am thinking to treat him with hmeo medicine Like Cuprum Met, Hyoscyamus along with alopathic medicine. Kindly suggest me sir with power, frequency and the right medicine. Also whether can he be treated with homeo medicine parallelly with alopathetic medicine, Woth alopathic medicine he feel very drowsy, tired and unmindful. Lookinf forward for your kind reply

    With regards
    S S Nath

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