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Homeopathic Remedies for Epilepsy

Homeopathic Remedies for Epilepsy

Homeopathic Remedies for Seizures

Homeopathic Remedies for Seizures

Epilepsy is a disorder of the nervous system which is characterised by the tendency of a person to have seizures. Seizure refers to appearance of symptoms (depending upon the type of seizure) in a person due to abnormal and excessive nerve cell activity in brain. The result is abnormal behaviour and sensations, including loss of consciousness.There are a variety of seizures with different symptoms depending on the part of brain involved. Homeopathy provides treatment for Seizures the natural way. The completely natural Homeopathic remedies for epilepsy are completly safe and have no side effects.These remedies are of great help in the treatment of Epilepsy.

Types of seizures with symptoms

Focal (Partial Seizure): When the seizures occur due to involvement of one area of brain, they are known as Focal Seizures. These are of two types: Simple Partial and Complex Partial. In Simple Partial cases, the person remains conscious, has a sudden emotional experience (feeling of joy, sadness, fear, sexual arousal), has hallucinations of hearing, taste, smell or vision, and there may also be an involuntary jerking of body parts. In Complex Partial Seizure, the person’s consciousness is altered or lost. The symptoms include staring, automatism (repeated rhythmic, purposeless movements) like eye blinking, hand rubbing, walking in circle, mouth movements, smacking movement of lips, picking at bed clothes. After a few minutes, consciousness is regained and the drowsy feeling may remain.[toc]

Generalised Seizure: When all areas of brain are involved, then generalised seizures occur. These are of the following types:

Tonic Clonic (Grand Mal Seizures): The symptoms are loss of consciousness, and stiffness or rigidity of body with falling down. Respiration arrest and blueness of body also occur. This is followed by relaxation resulting in jerking of body. The jerking is followed by regaining of consciousness but confusion, impaired memory, headache and sleepiness. Loss of bladder control and tongue biting are common in these types of seizures. Aura precedes the attack. Aura is a subjective feeling experienced by a patient whereby he or she becomes aware that an attack is about to begin.

Tonic seizures: In these seizures, muscle stiffness mainly of back, arms and legs occurs.

Clonic seizures: These seizures cause muscle jerking.

Absence (Petit Mal/Minor Seizure): The symptoms are minor like mainly staring or just a slight tilt in head, and brief alteration of consciousness usually for seconds. There is no fall or muscle contraction. A person may have more than 20 episodes per day. It is common in childhood. The person gets normal without any confusion when the seizure is over.

Causes And Triggering Factors Of Epilepsy Seizures

The main causes of Epilepsy and resultant seizures include Meningitis, head injury or trauma, stroke, brain tumour, high fever (Febrile Seizure), and parasite infection Neuro-cysticercosis. The main triggering factors include light, noise, sleep loss, alcohol intake and cigarette smoking.

Natural Homeopathic Treatment for Epilepsy

Epilepsy can be treated with the Homeopathic mode of treatment. The natural Homeopathic treatment for epilepsy is very beneficial for the treatment of acute fits as well as in eliminating the tendency to have seizures. The complete case history of the patient needs to be taken to select the appropriate Homeopathic medicine. An enquiry is to be made regarding the type of seizure, aura, triggering factors, finding other causes and individual dominant symptoms in each and every case. The results of the Homeopathic treatment vary in every case depending upon the duration and type of seizure.

Top Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Epilepsy

Cicuta: Best Homeopathic remedy for Epilepsy with violent distortions of body  

Natural Homeopathic remedy Cicuta is one of the best medicine for Epilepsy where the attacks of convulsion are marked by a violent, distorted body shape. The distortions are most frightful. There is present a marked Opisthotonus — which refers to the condition where the spine bends backward with the head and heels touching the ground. The person is totally unconscious. The face may be blue and the jaw appears locked. Cicuta is also one of the best herbal remedies for epilepsy following head injury. Cicuta can be used for convulsions occuring in children during dentition (development of teeth and their arrangement in the mouth), in women during and after delivery and also for convulsions due to worms. But the condition to be fulfilled for using this Homeopathic remedy in these situations is the presence of violent body distortions. The triggering factors for using Homeopathic medicine Cicuta are touch and noise. An auditory aura may show its presence.

Artemisia Vulgaris: Homeopathic treatment for Epilepsy with Petit Mal seizure

Artemisia Vulgaris is the best natural Homeopathic medicine to tackle cases of Petit Mal Epilepsy. This Homeopathic remedy is of great help for children with Petit Mal seizures. The main symptom is frequent brief episodes of seizures in a short time period. The triggering factor for the seizure is strong emotions, including fear. Any subjective feeling predictive of the onset of a seizure prior to an attack is absent (absence of aura).

Stramonium: Homeopathic medicine for epileptic convulsions triggered by bright light

Stramonium is the most suitable natural Homeopathic medicine where the convulsion arises after exposure to bright light or shining objects. The consciousness is preserved and jerking of muscles of upper body part is experienced by the patient.

Cuprum Met: Natural Homeopathic medicine when aura for seizure attack is felt in knees

Cuprum Met is the top Homeopathic medicine when the seizure attack is preceded by an aura in the knee.  The symptoms marked during the attack are clonic spasm that usually begins in finger or toes and soon covers the entire body. Jerking of muscles is also noticed. The triggering factors for the attack include fright and anger. In females, Homeopathic medicine Cuprum Met is used for treatment of convulsion during pregnancy, after delivery and around the menstrual period.

Bufo Rana: Homeopathic medicine for epileptic fit during sleep

Bufo Rana is a natural Homeopathic medicine of great help in providing cure for Epilepsy seizures where the attacks are present during sleep. The aura is felt in genital area. It also works well for females who have attacks of seizures during menses.

Hyoscyamus: Homeopathic remedy for deep sleep following epileptic attack

The best natural Homeopathic medicine when deep sleep follows an epileptic fit is Hyoscyamus. The other symptoms include picking at bed clothes and playing with hands and muscular twitching.

Homeopathic medicines for epileptic fits during fever (Febrile seizures)

Belladona and Nux Vomica are the natural Homeopathic medicines that are very beneficial in cases of Febrile seizures. Belladona is the ideal mode of Homeopathic treatment when there is fever with marked heat. The head is extremely hot with jerking of muscles. Homeopathic medicine Nux Vomica is of great help when extreme chilliness is present with seizures.

Homeopathic medicines for epileptic fits as per the triggering factor

Chamomilla and Nux Vomica are the natural Homeopathic medicines that are of great help for treatment of epileptic fits triggered due to anger outbursts. For fits after a fright, Homeopathic medicines Opium, Aconite are ideal remedies. In cases where alcoholic drinks trigger the attack, the most appropriate Homeopathic medicines are Ran Bulb and Nux Vomica.

Homeopathic medicines for epileptic fit arising from head injury

For Epilepsy cases that mark their origin to head injury, Hypericum, Nat Sulph and Cicuta are the natural medicines that offer the best mode of Homeopathic treatment.

Homeopathic medicines for epileptic fit arising from brain tumours

Homeopathic medicines that are of help in the treatment of fits due to tumours in brain are Plumbum, Cicuta and Conium.

Homeopathic remedies for epilepsy during dentition

Natural Homeopathic medicines Chamomilla, Kali Bromatum and Aethusa have proved their worth in treatment of epileptic fits during dentition (development of teeth and their arrangement in the mouth). Chamomilla is best suited when anger triggers a fit during dentition. Kali Bromatum is the ideal Homeopathic remedy when there is a jerking of muscles. Aethusa is selected when the symptoms are clenched thumbs, fixed pupils and locked jaw. Eyes are turned downwards.

Homeopathic medicines for epileptic fits due to supressed eruptions

Zincum, Agaricus and Cicuta are natural Homeopathic remedies that work well when the history of suppressing eruptions is ruled out prior to onset of convulsion history.

Natural Homeopathic medicines as per type of seizure in Epilepsy

The selection of natural Homeopathic medicines can be ruled out only after taking complete case history of the patient.

Petit Mal Seizures: The natural Homeopathic medicines for treating Petit Mal Seizures are Artemisia, Belladona, Zincum, and Hyoscyamus.

Clonic Seizures: Agaricus and Cuprum are the best natural Homeopathic medicines for Clonic Seizures. Agaricus is a great nervous remedy. It is a beneficial Homeopathic remedy when there is a jerking of a single muscle group or the whole body. Homeopathic medicine Cuprum is ideal when the problem starts in toes or fingers and spreads to the entire body.

Tonic Seizures: Cicuta and Plumbum are the best Homeopathic medicines for Tonic Seizures. Cicuta and Plumbum bring about a marked rigidity in body during tonic convulsions.


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  1. Hello Dr Sharma,

    This is regarding Epilepsy in a baby who has been diagnosed with migrating focal seizures. It would be really very very helpful if you could email me if you have experience in treating this kind of epilepsy’s .

    Please please please respond back to me as we are looking for an alternative therapy. Thank you so much in advance.

  2. Hi Dr Sharma,

    Do homeopathic medicines work in infants with epileptic seizures ? And also in infantile seizures which are genetic with no known cause like the migrating focal seizures ?


  4. My baby suffering from multiple seizers problems . Last two years doing allopathic treatment but not good response now from one week started homopathic medicine R33 but stop allopathic medicine seizers came very fast please suggested how to reduce allopathic medicine and additional medicine add in homeopathy. Homeopathy medicine using doctor advice

  5. Respected dr sir. My son now aged 15 .Since his childhood aged 6 suffering from epilepsy I am using allopathy med.till date. Pl sujjest me best for his treatment. In homeo. Kalyan ranchi jharkhand 9334485831…

  6. Nadeem divekar says:

    Head injury previous. Now feel in the head right side the on top nerves beating fast that feel . While going to sleep head is shaking some time one side of the whole body shake
    My one Dr friend prescribed
    Bufo 200- 7 -7
    Cicuta 4-4
    Opium 5-5
    Nothing find in MRI but having this problem
    Please suggest

  7. I am under treatment from many years with allopathy medicine sodium valor in and many more medicine but still I am a patient and it occurs after long time or very long may be 6 month or 1year or 1 and half. My tongue get in my teeth but I know when I get back to life. Pahle ka ki kab hua or attack ke baad yaad aata gai attack mein muje kuch yaad nahi rahta.

  8. Debjani Mishra says:

    Dear sir.. my 8 months old son is having a rare type of epilepsy called infantile spasm.. he is also having developmental delay.. he is a prematurely born baby with some amount of hypoxic brain injury.. he has no other significant disease and also there is no correlation of seizure with fever .. can you please help me to get rid of this problem

  9. Dilip prajapat says:

    Namste sir……..I am a soldier. Army medical sister suffering epilepsy syndrome plz suggest. My contact..9166787178.


    On EEG it is observed that continuous electrical pulses are erupting from her brain in all direction. 7 years old female baby is getting sudden heavy jerk in the body when head falls front and now she is not able to control herself.

    Suggest please

  11. yella pragada siva kumar says:

    Namaste sir

    My name is siva kumar ( 54years) , I suffering seizures since 3 years, its comes in sleep time that time I was tone biting, eyes opening, I don’t have any coffee, tea, alcohol even cool drinks also. I am working accountant in pvt company, whenever very tired I got seizures, what to do ? how to solve the problems
    No, sugar, BP, No any health problems and also I don’t use any medicine from my childhood to till date.
    this is problem last 3 years suffering. kindly give the good advice . my mail id is

  12. Dear Dr Sharma,

    This is Engy from Egypt. The article is very useful! Thank you for that.

    Well, I am 32 years old. I have been taking depakine 200 since I was 15 to control my seizures (generalized and petit mal). I had a tough upbringing (emotional and physical abuse; negligence) and that led me to having multiple sclerosis (so far I had three attacks only-it’s not severe. I don’t take medication for that at all). Now, I tried a homeopathic remedy yesterday and I got a partial seizure. I am not sure if this is a side effect or what. The reason for me wanting to quit depakine is that I feel I have had toxicity from it. These are my current symptoms: swollen arms and legs, confusion, nervousness, lower back pain, abnormal menses (3 days instead of 8), water retention. I used to be a smoker. But I quit 10 days ago.

    As for my background, My parents are both doctors but they are busy with their lives. I am divorced as well (no children). I wonder if there are anything I can do (taking special herbs) while decreasing my depakine intake as per my homeopath’s advice. I usually take two pills a day (depakine 200)-one in the morning and one in the evening. My homeopath advised me to skip the morning dose because I just took the remedy the day before (and I got a partial seizure).

    Well, in Egypt, little attention has been given to homeopathy in general. Even my parents, who are doctors at Cairo university, don’t take what I am doing seriously. My father would tell me not to quit depakine and take extra medication for MS. For me, I believe in nature and I don’t buy the pharmaceutical industry at all. It just kills me the whole topic of homeopathy is not dealt with seriously in a developing country like Egypt.

    I will highly appreciate your feedback and advice. Shall I reduce my depakine intake (skip morning dose) given that I took the remedy? Is there any hope to live normally without taking these toxins (depakine)?

    Thank you so much!

  13. My 2 year 7 months daughter suffered her first seizure soon after celebrating her 2nd birthday.In a space of 6 months she had 10 in total of the seizures and each would last for close to 1 minute 30 seconds.At the hospital,she was placed on phenobarbital but the drug was giving her negative side effects including violence and strange actions.We discontinued the drug and she stabilized but since then she has had Petit mal(absence seizures). Kindly help us .Im worried .

  14. Dear sir,

    My son of 7 yrs old has seizer from past 3
    And a half yrs. He is under alopathy treatment Earlier in the beginning he was doing arms and legs tight ness up to 3 mins. It got controlled but now past 1 yr he is having head drops. We are still giving him medicine but no improvement found. Can this cured from homeopathy treatment completely. If yes pls suggest to whom we need to contact.

  15. My son aged 15 has been diagnosed with Complex Partial seizure. Which homeopathy medicine do you recommend for him and what will be he way forward?

  16. Hiee mam my son is 4 years n has frontal lobe seizure epilepsy. From 2 years he is with dis seizure problem. Giving medication from last 1 year bt Dr. Says it can’t be stopped permanently… N Wil hav dis seizure for life long n use medicine fr lifelong…. Plz suggest me is dis can’t b treated n hav to give medicine fr lifelong…..Is there any gud in homeopathy…. Plz help me..

  17. G.Lahiri says:

    Hello doctor, My son is probably suffering from JME. He gets sudden jerks of hand movements and gets them after inadequate sleep. Stress also causes it. He is on homeo medicine for 2 yrs now, not sure of the medicines as the doctor does not mention them but the symptoms are still present. He is 17 yrs 5 months and stays alone for studies. We are very much concerned. A neurologist had prescribed valparin chrono 300 but we have not given it due to fear of the side effects. I have the neurologist’s prescription and my son was taken through a test – EEG which did find some electrical imbalances. If you want, I can scan them and send them to you. Will be ever grateful for your kind advice.

  18. S S Nath says:

    Dear Sir

    My nephew has been suffering form seizure since 2014. He is being treated by alopathic doctor but it repeated againg last month after an interval of arond 2 years 5 months. I parctce homeomedicine and thiking to treat him hith homeo medicine along with the alopathic medicine. MRI repots suggets that hes had glucose deficinecy during his birth.
    The Symptoms are: He visualise a kind of light pulse (absent practically) and immediately he is attacked. His eyes strat blinking, spasms that begin in the fingers and toes and gradually spread to the rest of the body and jerking of muscles.sometimes his eyeball are fixed and sometimes rotate. He looses his conciousness in most of the cases. We take him to the near by hospital for treatment. He is at present 13 years. He lost his father (my elder brother) in 2016.

    By nature, he is gets angry immediately, sometimes emotional with tears, very sentimantal, sensetive and remembers the incidinet happend long time ago. He always love to play with hands (like clapping ) and move his legs.

    I am thinking to treat him with hmeo medicine Like Cuprum Met, Hyoscyamus along with alopathic medicine. Kindly suggest me sir with power, frequency and the right medicine. Also whether can he be treated with homeo medicine parallelly with alopathetic medicine, Woth alopathic medicine he feel very drowsy, tired and unmindful. Lookinf forward for your kind reply

    With regards
    S S Nath

  19. Dr. DEEPAK CHOUDHARY says:


  20. For a 2-3 min sometimes my relative behaves improperly… he don’t know what to do… nothing else… if u talk he dont know the ans

  21. krishna panigrahi says:

    My son suffering from sudden head drop under medication but nothing helps but he cant realized what he had done.dr said its myoclonic jerk. We are really in bad situation pls help me outcome.

  22. RAVi sankar says:


    Thanking you sir,

    ravi sankar ponnalri

  23. Sumanto das says:

    Dear sir
    Im sumanto das from india my son abhijeet das 08 years old suffering from west syndrome . After birth his sugar level goes very low and also gets infections.we treated him by allopath for 03 years but no recovery comes out the spans of seizures remains same 40 to 50 times per day in awaken stage. Then ww started advance homeopath after that the seizures reduced and development also seens.
    But for last one year intetval of 03 to 04 months a severe attack of seizures occurs he continious vomits eye ball moving faster chicks and eye lids blinks continiously.whole body get tightened .and when he wakes up aftet some time he feels so uneasy breathing restlessly sometimes get faint and then sleeps for one or two hours. I doesn’t want to start allopath medicine once again .so i request you to please suggest best for my son.
    Sumanto das

    • Debjani Mishra says:

      Hi sumanto das.. my 8 months old baby is also diagnosed as west syndrome.. having 40 -50 myoclonus per day.. i am from west bengal.. i want to know about the homeopath whom u have consulted before.. because i want to start homeopathic medicines for my son.. please help me

  24. M. WASEEM SALEEM says:





  25. My son experienced his first seizure 1 week ago. He is 30 yo. No trauma involved. He has tonic seizures lasting about 1 minute. All testing has come back negative to this point. The EEG showed abnormal electrical activity on the left side of his brain. A 24 hour eeg will be completed this week.
    He was started on keppra 500 mg upon release from the hospital. He’s had a seizure every other day since his release.
    We saw neuro yesterday and we’re weaning him off the keppra and starting aptiom. I also started him on 50mg of cbd daily.
    I’d be most interested in your opinion.

  26. Valentine Chettri says:

    Dear Sir,

    my wife age 40 plus have done all EEG & scaning but the doctor said normal report and ask her to meet Neuro.She already suffered twice while sleeping time may be epilepsy. she bite her tongue she did short toilet also in the bed.she twisted her head and hand when she suffered like this sickness. Recently she drop her tea cup from the hand and her leg was not moving. Is it Epilepsy or some other sickness.Can you help me sir.

  27. Erica Jones says:

    Hello my name is Erica Jones and I have epilepsy. I can’t feel when my seizure is coming on and I have both Grand and Petit mal seizures. It’s affecting my memory as well I have memory loss. Can you help me please

  28. Mahammad Shamim says:

    If you comform the epilepsy disease complete remove disease I am suffering 22year taken medicine but remove only for balance body to disease and facing many problems I am poor person I am India state bihar distance gaya my number 9931948780


  29. Sabita mazumder says:

    Sir,mer maa ko ek mild stroke hua tha like convalsion. Hospital me treatment karwai. right side half paralysed hua aur baate karne ki problem hoti hai. Koi baat hi nhi krti
    Lekin kabi kabi shouting karting hai.doktor ne kaha brain cells damage ho gayi hai. Meri maa bed ridden hai.bp high hai. Sugar hai hai. UTI problem hai but avi control me hai. Kavi kavi itni jor jor aktarah ki awaz karti hai ke fecial red ho jate hai. Allopathy medicine to chal raha hai firvi mai usi time belladonna 200 ekbar deti hu aur every day arnica 200 deti hu. Sir six month to gaya hai. Bohot improve to hua pr koi baat nehi kar sakti. Physiotherapy chal raha hai.bohot weak vi hai. Sap hame btaye pl kon si dawa unko thik thak kaam Karega. Pl aur.

  30. G P Sharma says:

    My son – 22 years has been suffering with Neuro cysticercosis in the back side of brain due to worm infection for the last 3 months. He is taking valparin chrono — 500 mg morning and evening and Nugenz – multi vitamin 1 OD. Can he be shifted to homeopathy straight away or will valparin will continued. What will be the medicines.

  31. Bijay Laxmi says:

    My sister is 40 year old and now she is suffering from tonic clonic deasease and she was hospitalized on 8.4.18 and till today she is feeling drowsiness,sleepy and very very weak. Day by day health is going down and even she is unable to walk alone. Kindly suggest me what to do. To whom I should visit for treatment. Kindly help me.

  32. Sk golam Amir says:

    My son aged 4yrs having seizures since 9 month of his age.he is under the treatment of neurologist MRI,eeg done .3 medicine running but no result so far . still seizures occur weekly ,also have problem of speech and hyper activitiy .I intend to get homeopathic treatment .

  33. Dimple kansal says:

    Respected Sir, my nephew is suffering from generalized eplipsey syndrome like doose syndrome from 2feb doctor gave him all medicine but not decrease jerk. Can it is treated by homeopathic medicine please do needful ASAP…..
    Thanking you
    Dimple kansal

  34. kuljit singh says:

    Hi i have tonic clonic seizure since my age is 16yrs and now i am 40 and taking medication.

  35. Amartya sai dandriyal says:

    My 15 years old son is fits from birth,he is taking medicines from 2019,but not control, his education suffer,due to fits, according to Dr.some changes in his Brian due to infection,C N S..please give advise what should I do, can I give him homeopathic treatment.

  36. RATAN PAL says:

    My son aged about 5years is suffering from the condition called seizure disorder according to EEG report.He is jerking several times in a day.Now he takes medicine Valance liquide 250 mg 10ml twice ,levipil liquid 5ml twice and revotril pill 2mg twice for near about 4years.yet the jerking is still now.plz assist

  37. SACHIN PANDEY says:

    My son is suffering from Left Focal seizures since 2012 when he was 15. It occured once in 2015 Evening time followed by MRI and other tests at SGPGI Lucknow with everything normal but Tablet Tiggetol CR200 twice a day was started. No incidence reoccurred.
    In 2016 the medicine was gradually reduced and stopped and he started Engg Study and in Hostel the seizure reoccured in one morning . After that Tigretol CR300 twice a day was restarted.
    On 31st March 2018 Evening it reoccured.
    The occurence and recovery takes few minutes. Some foams come out from mouth.
    Kindly suggest us some sure cure and oblige.

    R R Pandey
    Mob. Wtsp 8004175220

  38. my sister’s seizure normally occur at night and it lasts for a while.

  39. Dr. Sharma,

    One of the Homeopathy Dr Advised me to take Cicuta 30c for my daughter who is getting seizures now and then.
    Some of the users saying when we start using Cicuta, it will aggravate the condition.
    Is it true?

  40. Hello, my son experienced three seizures last month and the dr prescribed him with valporic acid. His mri, eeg and all blood tests were clear. Currently he is experiencing side effects from the medication so I wanted to try homeopathy. I wanted to know if you think this will help him control his seizures ?

    • hello,
      I have a daughter 10 yaers old; when she was 4 and half, she started to have seizures and for 4 years she took valporic acid. Last year, in february the doctor stopped the treatment and after 10 months the seizures reappear!
      The doctor said she must take the valporic acid again, but I don’t want to do this again, I want to start a homeophatic treatement!
      What is the best for her?
      thank you a lot for your advice!

  41. Hello doctor , they just confirmed I have mini seizures . I have it starting in solar plexus area . Last few seconds . Don’t even feel like epilepsy just a funny turn . Is silica the remedy for me or calc carb ? I don’t want to start allopathy anti epilepsy drugs

  42. Rajeev Kumar says:

    Is epilepsy cure permanently please reply

  43. Sir
    My name is Zainab I would like to talk with you on call. So,can you please give me your number

  44. Rajeev Kumar says:

    My name is Rajeev Kumar and my son name is Piyush raigar age 18 years. He is suffering from epilepsy from last 3 years,at the age of 15.He get attack between 6 to 8 months once. Till today he got 4 attacks in 3 years. one common thing is every attack came while sleeping.(3 attack came at night while sleeping and one attack came at morning while sleeping)
    IT means all attacks (sezuire) came at night or morning while sleeping only.
    When attack comes whole body start jerking, open his eyes and rotating mouth open and gel comes from his mouth. After 1 or 2 minutes he comes back to normal.
    He is taking allopathic medicine from last 3 years but no response or improvements from allopathic treatment. sir thus homeopath medicine cure epilepsy permanently please reply.
    Now he is taking ayurvedic medicine along with allopathic medicine.
    So please reply that homeopath medicine cures epilepsy permanently or not and oblique.

    Sir we are from middle class family.
    Please help us sir.
    I have only one son .

    • dear sir
      pls contact dr k radhakrishnan he is currently at amrita institute of medical science… he is the best for epilepsy in india
      their mode of treatment is totally different… very nice person
      i am sure your son will b cure

  45. Rajeev Kumar says:

    My name is Rajeev Kumar and my son name is Piyush raigar age 18 years. He is suffering from epilepsy from last 3 years,at the age of 15.He get attack between 6 to 8 months once. Till today he got 4 attacks in 3 years. one common thing is every attack came while sleeping.(3 attack came at night while sleeping and one attack came at morning while sleeping)
    IT means all attacks (sezuire) came at night or morning while sleeping only.
    When attack comes whole body start jerking, open his eyes and rotating mouth open and gel comes from his mouth. After 1 or 2 minutes he comes back to normal.
    He is taking allopathic medicine from last 3 years but no response or improvements from allopathic treatment. sir thus homeopath medicine cure epilepsy permanently please reply.
    Now he is taking ayurvedic medicine along with allopathic medicine.
    So please reply that homeopath medicine cures epilepsy permanently or not and oblique.
    Rajeev Kumar

  46. If a person is having epilepsy due to heridity.

  47. Vibhuti Singh says:

    Hi,what is buff Rana ,my daughter having seizure during nights she is 25, just stated having now for past one year . She is on Keppra Please advice

  48. John Jacob says:

    My wife is suffering from Frontal Lobe epilepsy. She is on medication but no effect on the frequency of seizures. Please let me know if there is any treatment for the same in homeopathy.

    • Vibhuti Singh says:

      Hi,what is buff Rana ,my daughter having seizure during nights she is 25, just stated having now for past one year . She is on Keppra Please advice

  49. Hi,
    I am suffering from brain tb due to that seizures occured one time in the Feb 2017 , immediately I admitted in paras hospital and getting treat ment
    For last one year I am taking tb medicine along with seizures . No seizure rytnow but still medicine is going on . now I want to switch from allopathy to homeopathy treatment . Is it possible to continue.

    My contact no is 8377899189

  50. Satya Prakash Pandey says:

    I am suffering from brain tb due to that seizures occured one time in the Feb 2017 , immediately I admitted in paras hospital and getting treat ment
    For last one year I am taking tb medicine along with seizures . No seizure rytnow but still medicine is going on . now I want to switch from allopathy to homeopathy treatment . Is it possible to continue.

    My contact no is 8377899189

  51. Hello I am having epilepsy for last 4 year fits comes once in 7 to 8 months now I am on zonisep 250 mg every day for last one year sir can I start your treatment with zonisep my age is 17 year

  52. Rajkumar dudeja says:

    Sir epilipsy ka homopathic treatment hai ya nahi
    Please suggest me
    I take
    Zen retard ,400 mg tablet in night
    After 5 year 1 fits for 15 mintus
    Mere ko 15 year ho gy zen retard lete

  53. vishwas sharma says:

    Respected Sir , my son is suffering from sturge weber syndrome. He has undergone many fits episode from when he was 1 yera old and till now. now he is 9 years old. he is under the allopathic treatment but still he is not well. Kindly tell me if he can be cured in homeopathy?
    and wat homeopahic medicines must be given to him.
    I will be very gratful to you forever if my son gets well and gets rid of this problem.
    Thanks And Profound regards.
    Vishwas Sharma.

    • Dr sheel saurabh says:

      hi,Dr Sharma
      my son Ayush has suffered from epileptic fits and was conrolled by allopathic medication.for last 6years
      I suppose, he feels unpleasing bright light (CFL).mostly,he falls asleep after the seissures,and froths in mouthif and when he avoids the dose.
      he is 20 years now. kindly suggest the prescription.
      regards. Dr sheel saurabh

  54. Rajeev Ranjan Sinha says:

    My child aged 8 years suffered febrile seizure on 17th December 2017. Is there any homeopathy medicine available which can ensure no seizure episodes further in case of fever?

  55. Hi Dr. My son was treated with valproic acid 500mg OD for seizures due to sleep deprivation and he was seizure free, so the drug was tapered over a period of six months. He was without drug and seizure free for 3 months. On nov.20 morning he suddenly had a seizure and fell down became unconscious for few minutes. Again 500 mg valproic acid is started . Again he had one more after twenty days the the dose was increased to 750 and now 500mg twice a day. Kindly advise

  56. Binay Sharma says:

    My child is 3 years old and when he was 7 months at that time he was sufferd from meangintics . Now he is not able to body balanced and 150 to 200 times seizures has come per day . So plz suggest me .

  57. Awadhesh Kumar Pandey says:

    My son is suffering from epilepsy. He is facing 10 to 15 fits everyday. Kindly suggest me the effective treatment

  58. I started having minor seizures in 2014 during which I stand still but my mind was filled with visions which were not actually happening. I usually feel nauseated or little bit drowsy after it. After getting ECG, it was discovered that I am experiencing the general type of seizures and in MRI there were o blood cloths or anything. There was only a mention of prominent perivascular space with small fluid in it. I am taking Valparin Chrono 500 for it but the seizures are still happening especially when I miss the medicine. They are triggered especially when I am constipated or stressed or sleep-deprived. Although the seizures are minor, they are not leaving me completely. Another thing I have had absent epilepsy when I was a child but it was cured completely by the age of 13. I didn’t experience it for about 10 years. It is only at the age of 22 that is, in 2014 that I am again facing it. So please kindly help me.

  59. Thomas Besteder says:

    Good day Sir,
    My daughter is Autistic and had her first seizure at the age of 15. It was a grand mal seizure where she lost consciousness and it lasted for 3 to 4 minutes. 6 months later she had her second seizure which was a very mild one where it was just tremors and she wasn’t aware she had one but was coherant shortly after. 2 weeks after she had another mild seizure and she thought she had just fallen asleep. 4 days later she had her second grand mal which lasted for 4 to 5 minutes.

    What might be an optional treatment for her situation?

    Thomas Besteder

  60. Rajeev Ranjan Sinha says:

    My child aged 8 years is suffering from febrile seizure,. He had 1st episode when he was 1.5 years with fever, then second one at age 2.5 again with fever. Then he was started on Valparin syrup and it continued till he was 6 and then medicine stopped at tapering dose as advised by doctor. During this time, he had high fevers at least twice in a year, but no seizure episode occurred. Then, during age 6 to 8 years, he had high fever twice a year but had no seizure episode and he was not on any medicine. On December 17, 2017, he again had fever and he had seizure. Plz advise me for proper homeopathic treatment to avoid such events in future

  61. Umrinder Singh says:

    Hello doctor i’m suffering form epilepsy on the age of 17 year but now my age 38 after 21 year this disease not gone. Firstly my treatment started at PGI chandigarh after 3 three year when the eptoin medicine stopped than a fit come. After this i take encorate chrono 10 year. But not benifit in these 10 year 3 fits are come. After this oxetol and frisium 10mg take 7 year but now last 16/01/2018 a fit come what i will do.


    Sir i m patient of epilepsy in the age of 16 but 2012-2017 not a fits but recently 7th jan 2018 in morning now a fits attack i am surprised but i wil yellow pathic medicine cousre in 5 years so complete. sir plz advice to me what i will do….which medicine is the best and my desease totally end….

    • purnachander rao daita says:

      I am chronic seizure patient for the past 14 years. Initially I used for 3 years EPTOIN tablets and as per medical advise stopped the drug as I did not get seizure during these 3 years. After couple of weeks again it occurred.

      Since then, I have been consulting Neuro physician they are changing drug from time to time including dosage but it was futile effort only. Couple of weeks back, I started Homoeo medicine for this purpose. On 17th January 2018 I got again seizure and I am continuing homeo medicine parallel with English medicine.

      English medicine I am using right now is : Oxetal 300 mg morning and oxetal 450 mg night.


  63. Anant kumar says:

    Dr my daughter 6 years has been detected with CHild absence epilepsy two months ago . She has 10-15 episodes of 4-6 seconds every day. In this she is lost ,doesn’t respond and her eyebrows moves up-down. We are treating her in homeopathy but there is no sign of improvement. It has been about 2 months on Homeo medicine.
    Above all we started her treatment in homeopathy only.
    Please let me know when we will start seeing benefits.
    If you want I can mail u the details of medicine being used(prescription). Sir is CAE is curable in homeopathy

  64. Anupa Sudumbrekar says:

    Hello Dr.,
    My dog is suffering from tonic seizures..and I’m giving Gardenal60mg…3 times daily for several years now…but has lots of side effects like parpitual stomach problem, skin problem etc…I’m thinking if there is any Homeopathic treatment for this…Please help

  65. son 17yrs old verbal autistic had seizures 3 times this year after he had his last one at 2 yrs of age .had fall ,unconscious ,jerks,stiffness etc for say 40 to 50 seconds..We hv just started allopathy encorate chrono200.,since 2 weeks…fearing about side effects we would like to switch over to homeopathy.I would like to know if there is complete cure in homeopathy and how long will it take to subside..since we both are employed its difficult for us to accompany him always .can we be freed from epilepsy with homeopathy treatment..shud we give homeopathy and allopathy side by side?please help….

  66. Barbara S Talley says:

    Hello Doctor. My husband had a hemmorhagic stroke two years ago, and has been on hbp meds lisinopril and metopral. 3 months ago switched to amlodapine and a few days had a seizure. We do not want to put him on keppra. What should he take?

  67. Hello sir iam somasekhar from Adoni , kurnool District, Andhra Pradesh suffering epilliepsy from the last 4 years iam taking English medicine like Eption, enchorate chrono but I am unable to get rid off the disease so help me in suggesting the good Homeo medicine for fits / epilliepsy


    I’m 39 yrs old , In Sept 2011, I had my first nocturnal grand mal seizure, with tongue bite and foaming from mouth. Doctors kept me on Tab. VALPARIN CHRONO 500MG and Tab. LEVESAM 500MG. I am taking both the tablets at night 1 each. But my seizure is fully not controlled, as I had experienced 4 noctunal Grand mal seizures,as in between I tried skip my medicine. All the test CT SCAN, EEG are normal.But for the last 3 years I am experiencing seizures of shorter duration for upto 2 mins. I partially remember that things during that period. Theses seizures occur in 4-5 days.But one thing is that I burp a lot after or during the seizure.My digestion is also very poor.After eating everytime I burp a lot. Pls suggest what to do.Will be a great help for me

  69. Hi my name is Tara My daughter got dx with JME and put on lepra 2000 mg per day . She is a 15 year old. I am looking for some help to try homoepathic medicine for JME . Please advice.

    Thank you

  70. Rita Monteiro says:

    Memory loss and its and absent mind fits not recognizing persons

  71. Daughter is suffering from seizure since last one year
    Some says the case is of Conversion,come get it as panic attack,some as disorder of emotion. After allopathic treatment for last 6 month with lots of side effect ,we decided to put her on homeopath.dr has advised to take anacardium orientale 6x eight spansuled evening, ignatia 4d morning with kali phos 6x 4 tab three times a day.
    Pl guide what to do further

  72. lt col vijayendra rao says:

    i am a retired army officer it appears for me that i am sufering from epilepsy siezure .symptom started since 2014.intialy it was twiching of left arm muzzle once in six month,black out in the mornig ,black out while playing .it hapen one od time in three month..i retired in nov 2014 .sufered seizurein 2015 become unconcious for more than six has conducted varius test including ct brain in which it has been noticed that i have leasion in my brain .nurologist has diagonosis the disease as nurocistycicosis and started with medicine albandoisine,and ecosprin. on 15 nov 2017 second time i have been hospitalised for seizure and was un cocious for more than 12 hours .i was not having any control over on urine i become normal after 24 hours i am on medication tab levipil1 bd 45 days ,tab ecosprin 150 mg one for 45 days tab xtor for 45 days.please guide does homeopathy has medicine which can cure me

  73. Sameer Singh says:

    Hello sir,
    I am 31 years old and suffering from epilepsy for past 8 years now i have startes homeopathic medicene for the treatment. I want to know wether i am having correct medicene or not. Can you help in this case…

  74. neha singh says:

    Mr sharma iam suffering frm this diseasesince i was 6 yrs old currently m having tegrital , lamitrigine and levacetramal had surgery as well still at difference of 14 days i have seizure attacks…m vry deppresed you have any solution for…

  75. Esther White says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,
    My son who is now 33 years old has a history of multiple head injuries growing up. The first of which was at age 7 and the worst of which was at about age 16 which triggered a massive headache. After the first accident we had an EEG done and it showed he had sleep seizures. I did not put him on seizure medication at that time but had his atlas adjusted regularly. After the accident when he was 16 We took him to ER. In hindsight I believe his brain was swelling. But since the ER was hours in treating him and the lights constant beeping only made it worse, we left. As a result, I had a cat scan and EEG done and he was diagnosed with Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy. I didn’t want to put him on Dylantin and asked the Neurologist if I could pursue a more holistic approach. I took him to a Palmer Specific Chiropractor who kept the brain stem free of pressure and put him on fish oil for the swelling. At that time that is all I knew to do and helped him immensely. Since then, he has had absence seizures and what I have observed as maybe vaso vagus reflex of passing out in the shower as the hot water relaxes his muscles. (I’m not certain however.) As I have learned about homeopathy I am looking for guidance to help my son who since has had a drug problem and definite problems with controlling his money and sexual inhibitions such as promiscuity. Would I give Hypelricum, Nat Sulph and Cicutaem one at a time of all of them at once? Any input you can give is greatly appreciated. We have no insurance and money is scarce. I believe the homeopathy and you is the path we are being guided to. Gratefully, Esther White

  76. Hello doctor
    I have a 2year 4months old son who says some times that he z feeling round round and clingesme, he will be like fearing that time for few seconds and then becomes normal and play .
    Other ways he z is all healthy and active.
    We consulted doc and they are saying it is partial scissors. Can you give your suggestion and can it be treated in homeo
    EEG and MRI are normal
    Thank you

  77. Hello doctor
    I have a 2year 4months old son who says some times that he z feeling round round and clingesme, he will be like fearing that time for few seconds and then becomes normal and play .
    Other ways he z is all healthy and active.
    We consulted doc and they are saying it is partial scissors. Can you give your suggestion and can it be treated in homeo
    Thank you

  78. My son aging 12 years seizers start in June 2013, after investigations finally find deficiency of protein C and branch of veins in left side of brain is not developed. Left portion brain is dead(black). Doctor gives Tab Xeralto 20mg/day for 2 years. Branches of veins developed. Now several medicines takes. But partial seizers continuously 2 to 3 times a week. Drooling is excessive. No interest in education. Drowsy. Tab carneel (L-cartinine) given 1 time.

  79. hi,

    is it possible to cure ? my brother is taking medicine from 9 years but still suffering from epilepsy.

  80. Ольга says:

    Добрый день . Моему сыну 4 года . Небольшие приступы у него начались в 2,5 года – енцефалограмма в то время не выявила эпилепсию . Были обнаружены глисты . Лечили глисты – цикута и циан. Когда глисты уходили , уходили судороги. Однако сейчас глистов нет , а судороги усилились и количество в сутки резко увеличилось . Я имею виде судорог моего сына . Если выдадите мне Вайбер я переброшу вам эти видео. В последнее время пили секале . Сейчас пробуем новый препарат . Помогите подалуйста моему сыну . МРТ и енцефалограмма за 25 октября 2017 года ничего не выявляет.

  81. vivek shukla says:

    my daughter (age-18 month) suffering from seizures. The MRI report is–small altered signal intensities are seen in bilateral preventricular region. Parieto-oce ipital region are predominantly involved.
    Please let me know if any treatment is beneficial for her.

  82. Maksudul Haque says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma, Do you have any treatment for Lennox Gastaut Syndrome? My Brother’s only daughter (age-5 years) is suffering from this LGS since her 01 year age. We are taking treatment from CMC Hospital but no significant result found.
    M. Haque

  83. Venkatesan says:

    My son aged 25 is suffering from epilepsy i.e, during night time bitting the tongue and bleeding in the tongue. Taking Alopathic medicines for the past 7 years. Presently he tells that something is going on in the brain and subsequently not able to do any work. Stairing at one place. Feels very tired. His birth is very complexive as deprieved of Oxygen during birth for 2 days. No breast feeding for 10 days. Now he is not a normal person. KIndly advice medicines.

    • Antony Panuel Sarkar says:

      Dear Dr. Sharma, My only son, Pitar, of 23 yrs. is suffering from Epilepsy since last approx. 7 years. He had been given regular treatment for 5 yrs. from Nimhans Hospital in Bangalore with Tegrital 2mg and Valparin 2mg. But his condition was not improving. So I stopped his medications and started with herbal and home remedies: He has been given Garlic paste in milk once a day, 1 capsule of Cod Liver oil daily with Anulam bilam and Kapalbhati Pranayam every day for 15/20 minutes. His condition is much better than before now but still fits are coming time to time. He was in oxygen box after his birth for one month in 1994, from 15th July to 14th August. He also had a head injury at the age of 3/4 yrs and due to his short of memory he could not continue his studies after 8th standard. Sir, I am a very Senior Citizen of 71 yrs. plus and a retired priest, not capable of spending much for his medical treatments, so seeking healthy assistance and wise guidance from you, Sir to treat my only son and oblige.
      With Humble Prayer.
      Antony Panuel Sarkar.

  84. Hello sir,
    My niece is suffering from minor epilepsy since March 2016. She is of 7 years age.
    Please let me know if Ayurvedic treatment is
    Beneficial for her.


  85. RANVEER SINGH says:

    My mother had Brain Tumour surgery (Meningioma) on 29th September 2015. After Operation her Right side not responded properly. She got her first Seizure on 31st December 2015. And From then her right hand stopped working. From 31st December onward to till date she got more than 50 seizures. Her age is 40…. Which medicine I should give her please suggest.

    • Chandramohan says:

      Dr. I had Tonic Clonic (Grand Mal Seizures): The symptoms are loss of consciousness, and stiffness or rigidity of body with falling down. In the month of December 2016. and again in September 2017 Please guide me in curing this thro Homeopathic treatment My age is 66.

  86. I don’t have fits now for over three years I have. Vacant episodes and get bad tempered and irritable and tired I had brain injury as a child and I had a. Burr hole operation when I was a baby

  87. Ashok Kr. Choudhury says:

    My baby named Anjali (9 yrs) old. At time of her born delay crying, now she is feet but memory ability is low she read in class I. She got 4 to 5 times brain storm during high fever and cough, symptoms as observed teeth lock, eyes and neck unidirectional, senseless for few minutes. Then after became normal long sleeps.
    As per doctor advice she takes valprin 200 syrup twice daily. For your information sir, no brain storm observe in last one year.
    Please help sir and advice what to do for my child better health and mind.

    Thanks for cooperation.
    Ashok kr. Choudhury

  88. Dear Dr.sharma, my son age 12 yrs.suffering from seizures. MRI normal. EEG shows generalized seizures.allopathic not responding. 4 to5 seizures daily. Seizures start when he EATES ,tooth brushes,or bathing when pours water on head. Left hand stiffs.he fell down back side. Head down words to chest. Twitching of mouth to rt.side. body twist to rt side some times. Some times numbness on rt. Thumb. Stiffness in one hand and foot previously rt.hand &foot. Now left hand. Mouth open . salivation. Uncociousness 30 seconds to 1or2 minutes. In one month status epileplics symptoms. Seizures last 3 yes.he is taking keppra1000 & clobazam 20 mg daily in divided dose. Please suggest homeopathic remady.

  89. Hello Dr.
    My son is 2 yrs 11 mths old. Three months ago, suddenly he started getting Myoclonic Jerk. Earlier this year he was facing this problem when he gets fever and the temperature goes above 101. But now he has this problem without any fever. We have done his EEG and MRI both seems to be normal. Is there any medication in Homeopathy to cure this.

    My allopathy Dr. had prescribed Frisium 10 mg 2 times a day only at the time of fever. And Asked me to monitor his frequency and impact of the same. This month onwards the frequency and impact both has increased. I m worried coz he will start going to school next years onwards.

    kindly suggest.

  90. hello Dr.
    My girlchild of 6 years has the probleme of absensce seizure.She stop to talk when she was in seizure . doing some unnnatural work .
    The doctor recommended the valporate medicine for this . But is there is any homepathy good tratment for this coz allopathy has so many side effects,
    can u suggest in this condition.

  91. Dear Sir,

    I am patient of tonic clonic as doctors prescribed me.
    What medicine should i use in homeo.

  92. sir mera naam sami ahmed hai sir mere 12 saal k bete ko 1 saal se fit /mirgi kaa davraa aataa hai..har 40 din k baad lekin abhi kuch din se uss ko nind mein 20-20 din k baad 2 baar fit aayee…jab wo nind mein tha..usski zenoxa 300 k dvaa hum roz aik goli dete hai fir bhi uss ko nind mein fit ati hai har 15 ya 20 din mein to pls aap kuch ilaaaz batta dijiye… from mumbai. india

  93. Yasmin Benzaamia says:

    Dear dr sharma,

    I am writing about my son. He is 3 years 9 months old. Since April of this year he has been having episodes of staring with brief jerking movement of his head and twitching of his mouth. He is being seen by a paediatrician and has had two EEGs which have not showed anything (he did not have an episode during the EEGs). The doctor believes that my son has a tic, however I am certain that he is having absence seizures. He is due to have another EEG next month. If his episodes are confirmed as seizures, I am not happy for my son to take medication which will have harmful side effects, so would be interested in homeopathic medicine and which one would be appropriate for his seizures.

  94. Hello, my niece is 1 years old and diagnosed with dravet syndrome. Is there a homeopathic remedy to help reduce seizure frequency and

  95. Dear dr sharma

    My daughter aged 14 last year had her first seizure which happens when she was trying to fall asleep
    This year she has had two again trying to fall asleep
    In the seizure she looses consciousness had body jerking and makes moaning noises
    On awake she is confused and disorientated

    Sometimes she states she freezes and is unable to move her arms or legs and feels vibrations
    What is the best homeopathic medicine

  96. Cynthia Interdonato says:

    My daughter started with valproate at the age of 7 because she had le petit mal, during her teens the doctor tried to stop the medicin several times to see if maybe the sickness would be gone but everytime he tried, the epilepsy came back. Know she is 19 years old, she is taking Depakine 250 mg per day, 6 months ago we stopped the medicine but the epilepsy came back but not as petit mal like always but as a strong one (tonic- clonic) this was at 3am. So she returned to Depakine, this time, 500mg per day.
    I really believe in homeopathy, unfortunately Ihaven’t found a good homeopath here in a France where I leave.
    I would appreciate if you could tell me which one is good for my daughter and which quantities

  97. Sir my son is suffering from epilepsy no control over the aliphatic medicine kindly guide to treat the problem

  98. Dear Dr.Sharma,
    My daughter who is now 43 years is dignosed with Epilepsy(grandmal seizures).She developed this some 7 years back.She was treated with customary drugs like Valporin to start with but developed skin allergy.She was treated with Topomac for along time but off and on she got attacks.No clinical abnormality was detectrd throuh EEG & MRI.She did not have any attack for about more than three years with only Topomac(100mg twice aday).She came back to India and worked in Mumbai for about 4 years when she was taking Topomac but later also treated with Levera%00-750 mg) with , Levera she developed many side effects like Tremor of chin and hands which is still continuing.she has alsodeveloped stuttering in speech lately after few recent seizures.Allopathic doctors are not able to prescribe to a fixed drug regime and seem to expeiment.Recently she had afew attacks in ffrequent intervals lately every month.Now she takes both allopathic and homeopathic drugBUFFO RANA one drop in the morning) and al,lopathic drug TOPOMAC-75 mg and Lacoset-50 mg since last one month.The homeo drug Buffo Rana is prescribed by a known homeopath who is a retired professor in Homeopathy medicine.
    can homeopathy medicine completely cure this disease as I understand allopathic medicine perhaps can not completey cure but supresses and medicine has to be taken lifelong.
    She gets seizures for about less tahan aminute and after seizure usually goes to sleep.She lifts her hand and makes as ound before the attack but does not know about seizure going to happen.She was however irregular sometimes in taking her medicines regularly but since last one year is under our direct supervision and in fact tragedies has happened such as her marriage breakup and resingnation from a good job.She is now continuing the homeopathic drug Buffo rana and also simultaneously taking allopathic medicine lacoset and Topamac.

  99. My son, now 31, is high functioning autistic. He has obstructive sleep apnea controlled by CPAP. He has had tonic clonic seizures since 12 years old. He has never been on allopathic meds. All tests have been inconclusive.

    He was being treated as a case study by a homeopath from Belgium. She taught a class here in Florida but when her husband passed away, she stopped coming. One of her students took care of treating my son homeopathically but has since stopped practicing because her husband didn’t want her to get into trouble as it is not legal to practice here. She never told me what remedies she used either. I have asked but no response.

    He only has tonic clonic. Only at night. We can set our clock by 20 minutes after as he goes to the bathroom almost 20 minutes exactly after the seizure is over. I have tracked days of the week, times, moons, tides, foods, bedtimes and just about anything I could think of. No common denominator.

    Can you help me help him? Thank you so much!

  100. Mujeeb Rahman says:

    My boy suffering seizure along with high fever from his 6 month. No medicine suggested since EEG shows normal. He is 9 year old now. Last week he had 4 seizure along with fever all in same day. And the EEG show ‘mild epileptyform dysfunction’. He is top in studying and no abnormality so far. What should I do further.

  101. David Wright says:

    I am writing to ask about how to use some homeopathic treatments for my wife who has small and then sometimes large seizures. She usually has them in the morning or last at night.

  102. DEBASIS SAHOO says:

    my baby is of 18(eighteen) months old and suffering from infantile spasms since he was 6 months….He was treated with ACTH but the spasms returned after the tappering of ACTH…then he was treated with valparine syrup…..but no results were helpfull…..again he was treated with ACTH and again the spasms returned after the stopping of ACTH…..NOW HE IS BEING TREATED BY HOMEOPATHY DR. BISWABHUSAN PRADHAN ……KINDLY BLESS MY BABY WITH YOUR SUGGESTIONS…….

    • Mantosh kumar gupta says:

      Mere bete ko 3 din ka tha tabhi se ye infection hai bahut upchar karane par ye thik ho gaya par phir se ye bimari wapas ho jata hai. Abhi 1.3 year ka ho gaya hai par mansik vikas prabhawit hai aur din me kisi bhi samay usko jhatke ate rahte hai koi upchar bataye

  103. Madhu Kattana says:

    My son aged 9 years old gets seizure on fingers of his right hand almost daily or sometime alternatively for the last 3-4 month’s. He is under treatment of epilepsy which has started after two years of his birth and still continuing giving medicine. For the last two years there was no major incidents of seizure but this problem of jerking/twinkling on fingers of his right hand for a few seconds started for last few months. Even though his Doctor advised to increase dose of the existing medicine problem is still persist. I would request you to advice me if there is any treatment for this in homeopathy.

    • Dea r sir
      My son in law suffered epilepsy seziures from last 7 year’s. He is 8 years age boy. He was use medicines last 7 year’s 1. Levetracetam 2. Carbamapzene tablets last 2 years. Sodium volprate and phentoin was before last 4 years. But no use. Still now suffer seziures with high fever…So PL PL suggest homeopathy remidy medicine’s.. Thank u sir.

  104. My Son who 7 years old and 8 months have started sezuire at the age 1.5 while watching computer video. After that he had febrile sezuires also. We took him to neuro doctor after verifying Eeg twice , MRI scan both shows normal he administered anti epilepsy drug. Whenever he has sezuire he always have hectic vomiting and his only move side no other body movement. He will also respond when we call.

  105. Jitendra says:

    My relative son age 16 having grand mal seizure for last two years previously he was on patanjali treatment during this treatment he has 7 seizure now for last 6 months he is zonisep 100 mg twice a day seizure occurred after 5 months please help me sir

  106. sandip Bhattacharjee says:

    My son is 3.5yrs old and suffering with cerebral convulsions. He was suffering with birth asphyxia and now unable to talk. Always been suffer with cough and colds and different types of disorders. He is taking valparin but day by day no change occur. Pls guide me what to do.

  107. My daughter got head injury n according to CT scan she has mold solein as she is one n half year just
    Dr suggest
    Me to give sodium valprote for one month
    Suggest me some remedy in homeopathic for this

  108. मनोहर आंबले सर says:

    मेरा बेटा 12 साल का है, बेटेका जन्म प्रिमँच्यअर था जन्म के बाद 1 साल से उनको एपिलेप्सि का प्रॉब्लेम है पुणे मे डॉ नंदन यार्दी के यहां पिछले दस साल से ट्रिटमेंट ले रहा हूँ पहले से अब कम तकलीप है. लेकिन महिणे मे एक बार मिर्गी आती हैं please इलाज बताये

  109. Hi Doctor. My sister is suffering from epilepsy since 3 months. Everyday she fall unconscious once a day. She gets back her consciousness after 2-3 minutes. Please tell me a home remedy for her disease.

    • Hi doctor my baby is getting seizures at night and his knees are getting unbalanced seizures attacking his knees … he cannot sleeps at night makes a strange cry sound … pls help me with best medicine that can stop his seizures

  110. My son got seizers after28 hrs his birth.then doctor cure him.Nd start gardinal Nd pyradoxin.after 8 month he got seizers again Nd they dignose West syndrome Nd give him ACTH Nd after that start valprin.but now he is1.6 yr Nd sizers start again.wt can I do

  111. Aamir Azhar says:

    My son is 15 months old.As per diagnosis he is suffered from West Syndrome.His current prescription as below
    Levi pill ,sabril, clonotil,tizan etc. After these medicine he become very dull,no smile, also seizures also happens.
    I want to homeopathic treatment for my child .can we give homeopathic treatment along with above medicine plz guide me that.

  112. how much is a similar rolex lady red hand watch says:

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  113. When seizures come at certain intervals, ie. every3-4 weeks for example, can a homeopathic remedy given in a certain”cycle of days” preceding the anticipated seizure, actually prevent its reoccurence?
    Thank you ~

  114. sanjay kumar says:

    hi sir my son is 9 month old suffering from myclonic seizure by birth. desite using sevral treatment his seizure is not controlled. is there any way to control his seizures??

    • Dear Dr,
      I m now 35yrs man. At age 2 suffer seizure cos f high fever. Took tabs n was fine Upto age f 12. Later cos f cold n sleeplessness sufferd seizure had carbomazepine,later sodium Valproate, later divalproate medicines. Seizure frequency reduced. Tongue bite, convulsions, smells something, seizure start by raising hands, loss f consciousness, memory impaired all happened.
      Also sufferd side effects as weight gain n hair loss.
      Now i want to have alternative medication as homeopathy or Ayurveda. To treat me from grand mal epilepsy..
      Pls suggest me

  115. pramod kumar says:

    Hello Sir,
    This is Pramod,my son is one year old and he got first epilepsy attempt on 6 month age after that we consult with docter and docter told me for MRI.In MRI report docter found that my son got injury in his left brain,because of injury there is liquid in a small part of left brain due to this right part of body is not working propelry compare to left part of the body.And epilepsy occured due to injury.On starting medicines from fisrt day epilepsy jerking are not happining.And docter told me that we have to continue medicine (Trioptal) for life time.
    So dear sir I want to know that we can cure epilepsy permanantely.

  116. Hellow dr.
    I am 37 years old. A woman who had epileptic problem since 10 years old. Now I am better then before but still not satisfied because I still got attacks once in a month on sleeping time only. Before I was getting more than that attacks and not only while sleeping even when I was awake. But now only when I am in a deep sleep. I need your help pls.

  117. Ronak Mehta says:

    Dear Sir,

    My daughter is having focal epilepsy & having fits at every month for one day ( 6-7 times for 5 seconds ).Can you please suggest homeopathy medicine for this.

    Ronak Mehta

    • M. N. Azim says:

      My daughter age 19 years suffered an epileptic attack when she was 6 years old. We consulted an allopathic doctors after MRI no treatment was prescribed. She suffered second attack after a gap of 12 years at the age of 18 but this time psychological problem preceded the attack after a week of epileptic attack she was not normal. The allopathic doctor was consulted. Now she is taking medicine Valtec 300 and Olenzapine 25 mg. She is improving now. Can you suggest any Homeopathic medicine.

      M.N. Azim

  118. aksa ahmed says:

    Hello sir my son have devlopmental delay with seizure disorder linnux gestoric syndrome age 2 years

  119. Saifullah abid says:

    Dear Dr sharma
    I hv epilepsy.. Am using alopathic medicine. Like levic (levetacitiram). But am not satisfy this type of treatment. Am taking 2 times daily this tablet and for for 1 tablet for sleep. More over for mind control Dr recommended me seridef tabs 2 time.
    This disease has been start two year ago.
    In earlier time of disease I have panic attacks after 15 later and so on every day. Then I was lost my memory even I can’t remember names of my friends whose
    Shift me in hospital for first time. When I reached in hospital my eyes were goes on upward( towards eye brows) costanatnly. Drs gave me first hostpalty.
    Now am tracting by neurupsycytrist named Dr Arif deputy MS of Sir ganga raam hospital in Pakistan. Dear sir! Share have shared my symptoms with you Brierly and back history. Dear sir I have stopped my study due to this…when I attend class headache starts with very intense. So plz guide me as humbly in homeopathy treatment. I shall be highly thankfull to you. You can ask me about symptoms of this type of epilepsy. Am waiting of your recommendetions. Saifullah abid . from lahor Pakistan.

    • My daughter is having Focal (Partial ) Epilepsy due to lesson in the brain.She had a attack of high fever when she was just four years old.She was diagonised Focal Epilepsy with left side hemi- parasis.She is now 34 years old & inspite of taking following medication she still gets seizures/ jerks each of just a second after she getsup from sleep , most of the time during day.She gets these jerks, each of duration of just a second or even less between say, about 5-7 to 25-30.
      Medicine a being taken:
      Valporal CR 300 — BD
      Lamtec 50 — BD
      Lonazep 2 — BD
      Colobazam 10 — BD
      Please inform the homeopathic medicines in this case.

      • H/D M.ARIF says:


  120. rajesh meena says:

    sr my nefeu is seven year old and. birth time.he suffer frome manningococcal menninjitis after..three year feets and convulsion are occure.due to this cause..he loss of conceousness for five minuts.and nech rounded half..roted eyes.and feets…and convulson….allopathy treatment..did that time…and..doc..give…kepra…tonic….after this..treatment……7..8..month…but..not..seen…after..but..side..effect..of..kepra tonic…is…aggressive behavior….chidchidapan..mood change….so…i want homeopatty treatment…………thank u sr…..

    • Hello Dr Sharme. I am 49 years old male with violent hitting of my right hand, running and loud screaming. It is Temporal lobe idiopathic epilepsy. I went through all medications without any help.
      I have tried Cicuta and it seems to help with my auras, however when I take even a drop to much it generates violent seizure. Could you, please advise me how to deal with this remedy or direct me to the right source for help? I am a university lecturer and recently lost my job because of seizures.
      Thank you for your consideration,

  121. shakila bano says:

    distortion of mouth, rolling and blinking of eyes, some anxiety in chest.

  122. pramod kumar says:

    Hello Sir,
    This is Pramod,my son is one year old and he got first epilepsy attempt on 6 month age after that we consult with docter and docter told me for MRI.In MRI report docter found that my son got injury in his left brain,because of injury there is liquid in a small part of left brain due to this right part of body is not working propelry compare to left part of the body.And epilepsy occured due to injury.On starting medicines from fisrt day epilepsy jerking are not happining.And docter told me that we have to continue medicine (Trioptal) for life time.
    So dear sir I want to know that we can cure epilepsy permanantely in hemeopathic.

  123. Hello my name is Cecilia, I get seizures, they are partial,focal,and a loss of what I am doing.I am now58years old got them from an infant.Osceola high fever.I have been on different medicines and I like to know can another homeopathic medicine stop my seizures that I get?I am taking phenobarbital 32.4 3x aday and generic of keppra 750tr.2x a day. I have been on that for 4-5years and I feel it helps but now I donot get an aura as I used to.can you help neurologist here in Florida doesn’t believe in anything else

  124. My daughter 4 & half years old,cp & she is seizure also.
    Is seizure cured by homeopathy treatment?
    please let me know.

  125. Pradipta das says:

    Respected sir,
    My child suffer in febric epilepsy since 1years, i have tryed and continuing anti epilesy drug. But it is suppressed not seen since 2years but eeg showing abnormal . Please suggest how to cure completely from the epilepsy and my child 8 years of 27 kg

  126. Sajan kumar says:

    I am 40 year old.three time I had seizures during sleep and one time i had walking I lost consusness very bed seizure I had in February.i am suffering from 7 years I am taking lament tablet 50mg morning and 75 mg night. Now I am very week kindly guide me how can I improve my health thanks sir

  127. I have seizures about every 3 – 6 weeks. I’ve been having them for 2 yrs. I’m 56. They always occur 1 – 2 hrs. before I normally awake in the morning. Sometimes I wake and feel my forehead going numb and tingling for 3 – 10 seconds then stop. Other times I wake up after the seizure = bit my tongue, memory loss, sore muscles. There is no common denominator or trigger as to when or how severe the seizure.

  128. avinash lehal says:

    Hello doctor
    my daughter is 15 years old who has diagnosed with epilepsy in 2015. she has regulat tonic clonic seizers. she is on regular medication but its not helping. i need help to cure her epilepsy. please reply me if you have cured any epilepsy cases.

  129. Vikas kr singh says:

    Good evening sir,my son is suffering with epilepsy since 2002.most of convulsions followed durig sleep mostly at night andsome less daytime.he was under allopathy treatment till 2008 result.from last one yr he is under homeopathy idea for medicine.but no result.please help and save my son.

  130. Hello Dr,
    Im Jenel from Arunachal im 23yrs old now, i got epileply while was in schooling i was only 13yrs..when i got my first attact and now stil suffer with epilepy life become worst and some docter said its genetic problem but parents are witness in are forfather they never face with a sock of epilepsy….so i want to ask you, if i get start treatment with homeopathy can i get cure from this deases?

  131. My son has recently been diagnosed with seizures he has had a tonic clonic seizures.Does Homeopathic treatment help and have you had alot of people get better ftom taking it.

    Could you please send meca link to all this information

    • Dear Sir,
      My son aged 12 Yrs suffering from epilepsy from the year 2015. It is not frequently happening. Ther is a gap of two to three months. Till date all the Seizures happened was inside the toilet. Every time he falls to the back after toileting or washing and there is small jerk in hands & legs, also eyes are going back. This is happening for a shorter period of 1 to 2 mnts. After the episode he becomes unconscious and sleeps for a period of appx 10 Mnts. Presently he is undergoing treatment at AIIMS, Delhi. He is using Valparin 200mg in the morning and 300mg in night. The last episode happened in 18 Jan 2017.

      EEG Report AIIMS:- While doing EEG on 24 Oct 2016 he had one episode.

      Background consists of Hz 8-9Hz20-30uV posterior dominant b/l symmetrical alpha activity which is responsive to eye opening.

      The impression of EEG at AIIMS : Abnormal interictal and ICTAL EEG with one generalised tonic clonic seizure with eyelid myoclonic and generalised discharges.

      Does Homeopathic treatment help

      Thanking You,


  132. Sir I’m suffering for partial seizures from last 8 years approx and I m 20 years old …..I m having both simple and complex partial seizures but the frequency of simple partial seizures is more …..aura starts from legs …..I m taking cuprum met 30 right now 3 times a day…plz tell me right remedy

  133. Sir plz tell me remedies for partial seizures

  134. Sarah Nevin says:

    My condition is 12 years old and I am 68 with 2-4 full grand mal seizures every two weeks continuing now even after brain surgery to remove two benign brain tumors which were identified as the seizure triggers during induced seizures in hospital. The EEg’s and MRI’s also concluded these tumors were the location of the seizures, but I am still having them, though they are less severe and the build up and recovery are not as severe as they used to be. I am still taking 200mg of lamictyl twice a day and am now wanting to try homeopathy.

  135. Hi ,
    My brother has this epilepsy problem.. he had first time when he was 13yrs old.. then we used some course of medication for 3 yrs.He was completely fine just before he got it recently in 2015 december.. (24yrs) then we hav used 3 months course.. then it occured again in 2016 december(25yrs). He is now on levipil 750 daily twice and topa2-50 . He doesnt hav fits but his behaviour is changed..totally side effects are catching upon him… could you help my brother.. he stays in malaysia..

  136. Shubham Kulshrestha says:

    Sir my son is having tonic clonic seizures for a long time.. He is 6+ years old..sudden head down and tonic clonic is there.. Presently our doctor is treating with Cuprum met-30..
    Pls confirm if any other options are there?

  137. Satvir kaur says:

    Dear doc,
    My sister in law is facing tonic clonic(epilepsy) from last ten years.she never got any post sign of attack so that she can get saved from injuries she got from falling on the floor.she was taking medicine(alopathy) from last 4 years(stopped 6 months earlier.) My brother and sis in law planned for a baby but unfortunatly bcz of thos desease they failed to.kindly suggest

  138. My small sister is suffering from Generalized Tonic clonic Epilepsy how she get relief and she support to play or she should take rest

  139. HI Dr Sharma,

    Our little dog is 9-11 and since being injected with the rabies vaccination has been getting cluster seizures. We have been to the homoeopathic vet and has perscribed belladonna, but its not working.
    We also have cicuta, which we are yet to try, do we give this to him when he is mid fit? We are now looking into plumbum.
    Can you advise in any way what is best? Thank you so much for your time,

  140. Rajesh Kumar says:

    My 18 months old daughter is suffering with epilepsy with staring and eye blinking. Pls suggest me what to do and how much time it will take to recover fully from this disease.

  141. Dear sir
    My name is alimuddin khan, i am suffering fron epilapsy last 16 yaers and i am take daily 1 pills at a sleeping times which name is phenytal -50, but sir this medicine did not got any benifit…
    Pls suggest me homeopathy remedy.

  142. Sheikh Shaifullah Al Asad says:

    Good day,
    I have been suffering from tonic conic seizure since 1992. I am 41 yrs old man serving in govt svc in Bangladesh. Sir due to this sickness my career just blown away. I have taken elopathic treatment but doesn’t improve , I am near to depress at this stage sir would you suggest me of my next step for the remedy!
    Here it is to be mentioned that my seizure always triggered after awakening of my sleeping!

  143. K K Grover says:

    My grandson’s aged 6 years
    1st episode: Tonic clonic movements, uprolling of eyeball s, bluish discolouration of lips for 1 minute followed by post – ictal drowsiness for 30 minutes
    2nd episode: abnormal movement with clinching jaw and rigid posturing long with shallow breathing Post the seizure episode he had no post ictal drowsiness or focal neurological deficit.

  144. sangita Saha says:

    Dr. Sir myself sangita Saha age. 28 last 8 year’s epelapssy treatment but no result plz help me
    thank you

  145. Sakshi Gupta says:

    Please , its a kind request to you doctor, suggest homeopathic medicines for the underwritten absence seizures.

  146. Santosh Gupta says:

    My brother , vishal Gupta 11 years old is suffering from absence seizures ,his treatment is going on under Kanke hospital , Ranchi, taking two medicines regular , trioptal 600 mg & levroxa 500 mg since 2 years, the medicine has not been stopped ,he started showing improvement, but after few days again it began, he becomes senseless for few seconds, 10-12 times a day. Please suggest.

  147. Sakshi Gupta says:

    My brother , vishal Gupta 11 years old is suffering from absence seizures ,his treatment is going on under Kanke hospital , Ranchi, taking two medicines regular , trioptal 600 mg & levroxa 500 mg since 2 years, the medicine has not been stopped ,he started showing improvement, but after few days again it began, he becomes senseless for few seconds, 10-12 times a day. Please suggest.

  148. Sir, My son has been diagnosed with Juvenile Clonic Epilepsy last week on 28th December 2016. He never had seizure before. Pl guide .
    My son is of 14 yrs age, 5’8” height , 76 kg weight
    I am quite afraid of allopathic medicines which are started 2 days before.
    I am sure you would help…


    Veer 8000805175, 9431122885

  149. anand prakash says:

    sir, she suddenly just falls down clench her teeths, moves her iris and tightens her hand with suffogation and foam comes out of her mouth. it lasts for about 1-2 mins and then she remains unconcious for a while she doesn’t remember anything before or after the incident. pls tell me the homeopathic medicines and what kind of seizure is this

  150. Pradipta das says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    Please hellp me regarding homepathy medicine for febric epillpsy

  151. Hello Sir

    My niece 7 month old is having seizures. We spotted these around 25 days back and after initial eeg..she is out on allopathic medicine. Her other test are yet to come out but She is suffering from infantile spasms. She is in UK. Seizures have stopped after 1 week of medication but she is getting less active than she was earlier. She would roll on bed last month but has stopped doing it now. Please advise some good treatment for her.

  152. Tomika Wilkerson says:

    My bf has Tonic Clonic (Grand Mal Seizures) for the last 8 years. he’s 30 now and this is taking a toll on everyone. He’s been to so many diff doctors and had lots of tests and no pill has worked for long. He loves to drive but cant due to this condition. Can you suggest any homeopathic treatments we can try/buy?

    • belladonna 30 take two time daily.with bufo rana.

      • Venkataramani S. K. says:

        Dear Doctor,

        My son aged 28 is suffering from seizures for the past two years. There is no family history.
        He didn’t have this problem earlier. He is in US for the past four years. He underwent EEG, MRI,
        24 hours and 48 hours video EEG in US and everything is normal. It has been diagnosed as non
        epileptic sleep deprived seizure, as he had attacks only at the time of going to bed. He has been prescribed Keppra 3000mg per day.

        He didn’t have any attack for six months. Then he had an attack two months ago. He had another
        attack ten days ago during office hours, for the first time. Again he had attack yesterday night. We
        are very much worried. Can he be cured by homeopathy completely?

        We seek your help.

  153. Diana Gray Foundation says:

    Dr Sharma,

    We have a little dog that had her first seizure 1.5 hours after taking a drug called Mitrazapine. Although the drug was not given after that first episode, she had another seizure while sleeping about 13 days after the first one and another one a week later. Both of these were early morning around 6 am while she was sleeping. She didn’t have any history of seizures prior to this. Se is about 8-9 years old and had her uterus and ovaries removed six weeks ago since she had large OVARIAN cysts. We put her on Bufo Rana 200 c and 30 c and have no idea what is triggering these seizures. Your help is urgently needed

    • I pray for healthy and complete recory for ur daughter. How is she doing now? Is she back on track. Her developmental progress??

  154. Raffia malik says:

    Assalam o alaikum I m from rawalpindi Pakistan my sis suffer from head injury with 5 years she has mental atrophy in cereblum in right side….symptoms are frequent urination.fits with convulsions in any time rather she is sleeping.walking .eating standing any time…we are too worried pizza give me right diagnosis and tell me what we do…we already give many medicines…regards and Jazak allah

  155. Sujit Samadder says:

    Dear Sir , The female patient unconsciousness after coughing . History of Stroke and right side paralysis now paralysis is ok .How can I repatory this rubric ?

  156. Sujit Samadder says:

    Dear Sir , The female patient unconsciousness after coughing . How can I repatory this rubric ?

  157. Ch nilamadhaba Patro says:

    She is about 34 years. She became senseless after getting up ftom bed by calling someone after walking or working for few minutes. Confusion arises in her mind. First she feels some problems are going on in her brain and she fell down. No tongue biting or other symptoms of epilepsy. She gets up with in a few minutes. But headache occurs for few hours.

  158. Dr P Thirunavukkarasu says:

    Is there is any therapy in homeopathy for Dravet Syndrome, a rare form of epilepsy

  159. Manoj Kumar Azad says:

    Hello Dr.
    Based on the given descriptions, “Tonic clonic” seems apt to my condition. My condition started with “jerking of muscles
    /blackout for fraction of seconds/loosing consciousness but regaining it even before falling on ground (in 2007-08)”. And these things have continued since then but it was limited to “stressful days + winters + when sleep is not sufficient I.e. less than 7-8 hours of sleep”.
    But last year (12/2015) was the first time there was full fledge seizure, I bite my tongue and had foam in my mouth. My EEG report said “abnormal EEG” and MRI scan revealed “Mild diffused cerebral atrophy” and “Eptoin” was prescribed to me. But I haven’t started it because of its long list of side-effects. I had my second major seizure last week on 25/11/2016.
    I am 30 yr old research scholar hence taking observations is literally my profession. Here is the list of things I have observed regarding my seizures.
    1. They occur in winters.
    2. They occur in early morning.
    3. After last year seizure and last weeks seizure – I noticed my tongue had white coating, like it is of vitamin b12 deficiency.
    4. Regarding that B12, for good 4-5 years I have suffered from oral sores. I could never figure out the reason of having oral sores when in Delhi and getting them cured as soon as I reach Dehradun.
    5. I am an occasional drinker and but neither of the seizure occurred at the next morning. But I happen to relate it to tendency of alcohol to leach Vit B 12.

  160. Amber Nasiruddin says:

    hi, my son is 4 years now and had 3rd febrile convulsion. first when he was only 1 year and 5 months 2nd in past june 2016 and now on October 16 2016, at all times with high fever. i am also epileptic but not much. eeg was borderline abnormal and ct brain was clear. what homeopathy medicine will you refer. please help

  161. Jewel Chakraborty says:

    at earlier time my father use to become senseless with jerks and a doctor suggest him to take zeptol 200 for 5 years and he used to take it but as soon after 3years become cure and he left taking the medicine.then after 10 years it again repeated and he not become cure and expired on 06.08.2016.And I also suffering from the senselessness and jerk from when I was 14 years old and now my age is 22 years but even now I use to become senseless with jerks and these symptom occurs in me specially at morning after waking up and if you kindly tell me about the treatment and also does these symptom is something genetic which comes from my father?

  162. mrs. kanchan m patil. says:

    hi sir
    my son (10 yrs) was diagnosed in july 16 with infection of brain due to which he was suffering from seizers. before the infection he was healthy with not a single medical problem.
    now he is taking medicines but still the siezers occur after every 8- 10 days.
    can i switch totally to homeopathy ? but doctors say not to miss a single dose of medicine. but due to the medicines he has gained too much weight and also he has become arrogant.
    his siezer occurs for half to 1 minute in which he is unconcious, falls down, darkning of lips, drooling, staring to one side. after the seizer has stopped , for 5 minutes he speaks the things irrelevant and then back to normal.
    plz help me.
    regards, Mrs. kanchan p

  163. Dear sir

    My daughter having fits problem she is on allopathic treatement please help me .

  164. Hi! I’ve had epilepsy all my life but it was diagnosed the first time when I was sixteen. I am 23 now. I’ve tried the medications available but the side-effects always outweigh any positive effects on my seizures. I want to try alternative medicine instead. I can have any type of seizure and they are triggered by sleep, fever, stress and flickering lights. I maintain a vegan and gluten-free diet which helps a lot and I work out regularly. What can you recommend?

  165. Hello sir meri beti 3 saal ki hai use 5 month se HIE (brain damage) hai kya aap ke pass useke koi treatment hai plz help me sir plz

  166. Hi kindly assist I’m 28 only started having seizure after 2007 when my babe was 5 months it us to happen may once in 6 months now it’s started happening frequently it’s normally happens in my sleep & I bite my tongue

  167. martin flores says:

    Hello, i have sleep myoclonus. I have had them from an initial adverse reaction to fluoroquinilones five yeasr ago. I recovered but my sleep was not great, I had mild myoclonics but i drifted off to sleep without problems, four months ago ai was infetced with herpes and the myoclinics became acute, i can not drift off to sleep at night, when i do it is at four o clock in the morning because i am completley exhausted, but i only sleep for a couple of hours and the myoclonics return.

    thank you for your reply.

  168. Shivkumar chetty says:

    Dear Mr. Sharma
    My 15 year daughter had 2 attacks in a month. First time in the morning. 2nd in the evening.
    Her EEG & MRI reports are negative.
    Started Allopathy ZeptolCR200 ,week back. Doctor had suggested medication for 3 years
    However we would like to go for Homeopathy.
    Kindly pls advice
    With regards
    Shivkumar chetty ,Pune

  169. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    My 2 years old daughter is suffering from Epilepsy two months after birth. Presently i am giving her Sodium Valporate, she is delayed in development could not talk and walk.
    Any suggestion from you would be a great help.

    With regards,

  170. dear doctor,

    my 4 years son suffered from CP with seizures.After 3 day of his birth he got infection due to hypo glycemia,after treatment he is normal but later he shows delayed mile stones.presently he is not able to walk and speech.seizures are appeared daily.sir please give me a proper treatment for his complete recovery

  171. Beena Roji says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,my daughter was diagnosed yesterday a absence seizures..started zarontin.. there a permanent cure in homeopathy.I m in can I get the treatment..will it work if I switch to homeopathy..Thank you

  172. Sandip Kumar Thakur says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma Sir,
    My wife fell in bathroom in the year 2009( at this time she was not married),due to which she had injury on her head. In the year 2012 she had 2 seizures. After which allopathy doctor has seen hear in year 2014 and after that he doctor has given her medicine for 3 years after doing EEG.She got married on 01.07.2016. In the 1st week of October she again had one seizure after 2.5 years after which again we have taken her to doctor and doctor had done the EEG and given medicine for 1 year( levipil,tegretrol,zonisep,f invite,epilive). Doctor sir I request you to please help me as I am afraid that for the full day she remains alone in house and if at that time seizures take place it will be very dangerous…. can this disease be cured 100 percent. Please advise.

  173. g bramhaiah says:

    hi my daughter has genaralised seizures she taking tab levipil 500 at night 250 at day time now her eeg report shows normal how many days she needs treatment please sugest me

  174. hello doctor , my mother had history of fits since she was 40, she was on eptoin for almost 20 yrs .but later she used to have convulsions once or twice a year .she had a stroke 6yrs back where her right side of the body got paralysed n even she lost her speech. but could manage walking with support n speak some few words .recently she had a fall from the bed where she got hurt on the face n leg which was visible and known only after the internal bleeding was visible on her face around her eyes n knee region and so she had to stop warfarin ( 3mg ) n be on levipil 500 thrice ( continued twice since last 10 years ) .she was on augmenting since 3 weeks and now the wound has been subsided so would star ward 3mg in a days time. but the only issue is she’s repeating some actions of calling again n again n again looking at a mother direction throughout the ay and night . pls advise what is wrong n what should be done .
    thankyou ,

  175. Hello-my 16 yo daughter has Catamenial Epilepsy; she’s on Depakote & birth control. Her tonic-clonic seizures are monthly. Can you offer suggestions as best course of treatment for her.

  176. Dr.Anjaiah says:

    Dear Dr.

    My daughter aged 25 years.She had seizures at the age of 7 years.Dr.Mohandas,Kim’s hospital treated my daughter and she was alright.For 7 years there was no problem.Recently she got dengue fever and during this time had fit.MRI is perfect.EEG reports shows she has general seizures.Now using eptoin twice in a day.Suggest any homeo medicine.Thanks.

  177. Meri beti 3 year ki hai use last 4 month se HIE brain damage hai kya uska koi treatment hai plz tell me

  178. Shreya bajaj says:

    I have a tonic clonic seizure and have been experiencing them once or twice a year. It has its origin from a head injury I sustained when I was 8 yes old.i am 45 yes old today what is the best homeopathic drug from me
    All mri done show nothing abnormal

  179. Madhuri Sharma says:

    Hi myself Madhuri. I have two timeseizure few months back. During that my body feels numbnesss , unconciouness and spit from mouth. I checked with doctors and found my all reports are ok including MRI. But doctor suggest me to take Eptoin tablet trice a day for three years. After having this tab i feel less memorized, confused and feeling very much sleepy. Can you suggest some best alternative to cure the same with no side effects.

  180. babasaheb janaba ajagekar says:

    dear sir.

    my children 6th years old that is problem first 1 1/2 month brain strock after he tretment nero dr. still now and medisine abhi chalu hai omnacotril 11ml&valprin crono 300 tablet&evening prisum 5 mg pl
    coronation to me

  181. My son age 15 year 9 month got its first seizure in Nov 2013 during sleep. Second seizure Nov 2015. Exactly after two years during sleep. Third seizure he got Sep 2016 during asleep in working condition.
    80% symptoms are similar to Grand Mal Seizures symptoms. CT scan is clear. EEG report is positive.
    Kindly suggest medicine n precautions
    Malik 9990214402

  182. Anuradha Jain says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    My daughter is 15 years old. She had a seizure attack.

  183. H/Dr Aftab Ansari says:

    Respected Dr Sharma

    I’m student yet sir.
    I have given “ARTEMISIA ABSINTHIAM 3X” potency to a patient of 13 years old girl who faces (absence – Petit Mal/Minor Seizure), only her right hand and leg for a 10 to 20 seconds, particularly in morning time before going school, patient faces this problem from 02 years Only.
    She faces this problem some time after 3 months gap or a month. But I do not stop her Alopathic medicine and continues with homeopathic as I read it in a case studies of Homeopathic Forum – London. I start this medicine hardly one months ago between this she faced on 9Sept and 22Sept-2016.
    Sir, do you me , do I given her exact medicine & potency, if not , please suggest me any suitable medicine for her.
    I’ll be grateful to you remain.

    Best regards
    H/Dr. Aftab Ansari

  184. Sir, Iam suffering from jacksonian seizers from 4 years , recently i stopped using english medicine (carbotral cr 300 )and now I come to homeopathy ,sir please suggest me a remedy for me.


    Dr. Sharma Sb. My name is ammar yasir bhutta from lahore pakistan, Sir i have suffered clonic epilepsy from 12 years. Sir I m also homoeopathic doctor and student of ph.D chemistry and my father is also doctor. Sir this disease is heredity sir before attack i feel jerks in arms and legs we used various medicines (Silicea, Cuprum met, agaricus, Lachesis )but remains uneffective. It observed that my attack stop with use of muscles relaxant allopathic tablet (Xanex). Plz sir help me in this regards my medical reports EEG MRI & lithium level with in limits. Sir for further u may ask more symptoms. Thanks

  186. Shameem Kamra says:

    Hi Dr. sharma,
    Hope you are doing well. My nephew who is 9 years old & recently diagnosed with frontal lobe epilepsy. So could you recommend some good homeopathic medication which has no side effects. As we don’t want to start any allopathic medicine.
    I would really appreciate you if you can help me.
    If you have any question please feel free to contact me.
    Thanks & regards,
    Shameem kamra

  187. Hi Dr Sharma. This is Dr isha.
    My 11 months old daughter having absence seazuier. Is it possible to cure with homeo medicine. Plz guid me.
    Regards isha

  188. Asuda Ram Israni says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma
    My son is had suffered epileptic seizure on 7th Oct 2012 and again on 26th Oct2012. We consulted a doctor and my son was under the treatment upto March2016. On doctors advice the medication was stopped.

    On 7th May 2016 he was to catch a train in the night and all of sudden the platform change was announced and my son ran to the other platform to catch the train. The stoppage of the train was two minute and he had to search his coach and this whole exercise made him tired and nervous. He could catch the train but after half an hour he suffered an attack his fellow passengers helped him. It lasted for about 10minutes. His fellow passengers told him that there was distortion of face and froth from mouth. We immediately talked to our doctor and he advised not to give any medicine as it occurred due to hectic event and cannot be termed an epileptic attack.

    On 11th Aug 2016 my son vomited a lot and suffered loose motions and we took him to a nearby doctor who game some intravenous injections and that night he slept but the next morning he again vomited a lot in the morning and suffered an attack after vomiting. There was slight bending of on right side and jaws was clenched and he was unconscious and it lasted for 10 minutes. We again telephonically contacted our doctor who treated him for epilepsy. He told that the condition do not warrant for start of treatment for epilepsy as it occurred due to weakness due to excessive waterless after vomiting and loose motions.

    We are very afraid. My son is 25 years old and employed and we are thinking about his marriage in near future.

    Doctor, please help me. I want to know whether there is treatment for this condition. Will my son be able to lead a healthy life without fear of any such seizure.

    Please reply to my letter.

  189. Hi I have had hppd from taking hallucagenics now its been 2 years I have blurred,vision, anxiety, sleep is not refreshing, taking some herbs, caffeine , vitamins and many pills makes blurred vision worse also the anxiety, anti seizure medicine eg keppra is known to help the symptoms I got no access to it and Valium help for short time also. do you know what I can take to help me ? Thank You

  190. Tilak Sengupta says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    My daughter presently 27 yrs: now taking Alopathy medicine Levipil 500 twice a day got mostly recovered from very critical symptoms but presently suffers occasionally absence seizure problem.
    I am thinking of adding Artemisia Vuugaris from my little homeopathy experience. need your expert advise please on the potency to be selected and other homeopathy medicine recommended.
    Thanking you & best regards

    Tilak Sengupta

  191. Sharath Shetty says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma ,
    My neice ( 5 year old) who stays with her parents in India has recently been showing symtoms of Absence seizure since last 2 weeks. She gets this attacks like 4-5 times a day lasting for a maximum of 15 seconds. We also made an EEG test & the doctor has confirmed Absence seizure .

    Could you please let me know if Homeopathy can help in treating / overcoming this Absence seizure ?

    Thanks & Regards

    Sharath Shetty

    • Suvojit Mazumder says:

      Dear Dr. Sharma ,
      My dughter ( 4 year 11 months) showing symtoms of Absence seizure since last 6 months
      She gets this attacks but not everyday . We also made an EEG test & the doctor has confirmed Absence seizure .

      Could you please let me know if Homeopathy can help in treating / overcoming this Absence seizure ?

      Thanks & Regards
      Suvojit Mazumder

  192. L.Jelshyam Singh says:

    Dear Dr. My daughter L.Anishya has been suffering from infantile spasm/ reflectory scizure since the age of 6 months. She is now 13 years old. Treatment started with Valprol syrup, Lonazep 0.5 mg, and lametor DT 25 mg. in the begining around 80 -100 episods per day. now it redices to 7-15 just after wake up in the morning and reduce the no of attacks gradually . During episode, it is sudden bending down of neck with pulling all limbs up. the attacks lasted from a few seconds to minute.
    Present condition:
    she could not walk as normal child does, can,t speak, can,t eat without support. no knowledge and control over urination and excretion.
    Please advice us .


    Sir my 9 years daughter had first seizure on 15 April 2015. Neurologist found some abnormality in the EEG and started Phenition 150 mg OD. The second seizure she had on 24 Jully 2016 after 15 months appx while under going treatment. Both the seizures occurred during morning hours after getting fresh from toilet. Both the seizures occurred when she had deep sleep in night after getting tired in previous day and not have afternoon sleep. At the time of seizure she felt down and become unconscious for 5-10 second. She stretches her legs and hands outwards. She felt as she dreaming and does not remember after that what happened. After seizure her body became very loose even she could not stand on her feet for few hours.
    Which homeopathy medicine to be given to her and is it curable?

  194. aman pandey says:

    Dear sir,
    my daughter is suffering from epilepsy. ist attack was on 15th aug 16 .can it be cure in homeopathic? .
    please help me

  195. Sourabh Chhabra says:

    My son was born with head injury. He is suffering from epilepsy since birth and is 2 years old now. He was on few medicines of allopathy till March 2016 when he suffered from Measles, high fever, pneumonia and uncontrolled seizures.
    He had been admitted multiple times in hospital since March 2016 and is presently admitted since 01 July 2016.
    Doctors had tried multiple medicines including ketogenic diet but none of the treatment worked to rescue my child .
    Kindly let me know if there is a cure in homeopathy for this medical condition. I will be highly thankful to you.

  196. Anup Kumar Subba says:

    Hello Sir,
    At time of birth, my son’s breathing moment was fast so he was shifted to ICU and afer 3 days, he had minor convulsion. At the age of 6 months, he was crying excessively. Doctor told that he had stroke and convulsion. He had Right MCA territory infarctwith left hemiparesis. He was medicated with ecospirin & eptoin at Apollo, Chennai. His development was going fine but his left hand, leg and waist was weak. And suddenly after 9-10 months, he jerks his head forward and still today, this jerk isn’t controlled (may be its fits).And he do it for 15-20 times in a day. Now, he’s medicated with levipil & Velperate. But Velperate also didn’t suit him. After having velperate, usually after sleep, he keeps his teeth tight and blinks his eyes continuously and bends his legs & hand slightly for few seconds. But when Trioptal syrup was given this jerking head was in control but not fully. We took him to NIMHANS recently but there also, not diagonised or treatment was done. Doctor only suggested for medicine-Lebvipil & Velperate. So, we are very much worried. My son will be 2 yrs. on this 23rd August but he isn’t able to walk by himself and don’t utter words like mummy etc. His waist is also weak. By holding, he walks but not properly. He jumps and gets excited. Can homeopathy medicine can be miracle for him? Please suggest.

  197. Pratap Roul says:

    Hello Dr,
    My Son is 15yrs old suffering from minor seizures during sleep, There is a description of petit mal seizure in your web page he falls into that category. His seizures persists for few second 10 to 15 sec and he get up without confusion. This condition starts when he was 7 years old. He is under medication vinlep 200. Some times he used to get 3 to 4 episode during sleep. He is good at study, always complain of drowsiness due to medicine he takes.
    Kindly advice the treatment.

  198. Daksha Sharma says:

    My son 20 years is facing clonic tonic seizure since four years getting oxetol 1500mg +10mg lobajam .earlier for two years and 3 remains stable with 1500mg oxetol but when taper after two years agains got seizure on 600mg and now getting 1500mg oxetol +10 mg lobajam since 1jan2016 ang again got seizure on 31.july 2016. All reports are normal EEG,Sleep dipribe,advance protocol MRi,Simple MRI, please help

  199. my child is 3+6months old he s active in everything but he always get febrile seizure .first seizure was when he was 8 months wd fever .his mri done in tht he get white,matter disease we did genetic test also it s also positive wht to do pls help

  200. Deepa Thapa says:

    My child is having problem of seizures since he was at d early age of 6 months..he get d seizures while asleep.I had started his trearmnt n d problen was he is 6 yrs old.there was no fits in last 3 yrs.but last night suddenly he got seizure..dont knw why n how..but i am so queasy..actually d allopathic medicines had harmed vry mch n i dont want to go to that option again..pls advise me if there is a better cure n medicine in homeopathy widout any side effect sir.his mri reports was normal..n he had been takin medicines till tge age of 3 .5 yrs..plsssss sir guide me..i need ur help

  201. Omer farooq says:

    Dear Sir, my daughter is 8 years old, she cannot walk, talk much only few words, but understands every thing. She is a very weak child and dont like eating much.
    Since long she has twitching and jerking of muscels, she started falling back ward while sitting, then she started falling at face on front, now she cannot sit and stay lying on the bed if we make her sit with suport she tends to slip and lay down.

    Now more serious problem is that she get severe attacks she assleep. This attack last for a minute or so she stiffens her body, stops breathing, then few jerks and many vibrations after this attack is gone but it seems that she is sleeping with open eys..its like a brain shutdown..she feels tired and sleepy and absent minded..durring this attack thick fluids comes out of her mouth too.

    Please advice.

    Omer farooq asim

  202. Shah manushi says:

    My baby girl is 1 year old. On feb 9 2016 she had frst fabril seizure, sec on 7 july and 3 on 22 july .. We had done all reports regarding eeg and mri and all reports are normal but she had seizures frst wth 103 temp and rest wth cold and cough due to teething so wanted some medicine for seizures

  203. Dr. Sharma,

    I have a history of Tonic Clonic (Grand Mal) seizures starting at the age of 5 within a couple of weeks of receiving the DTap vaccine. There is of course no proof that this was the cause but it is otherwise idiopathic. I was medicated from age 5-22 at which point I stopped taking any medications due to the severe side-effects. I still had seizures while on medication and have had 9-10 in my lifetime. I am now 37 years old.

    High stress, disrupted sleep and alcohol are triggers (things contributing to neural inflammation) Lights, sounds etc. have been excluded as causal factors by neurologists. They generally have occurred in the evening or early morning but there have been 2 exceptions.

    I am interested in homeopathy as a solution for resolving these seizures permanently. Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

  204. Krissy tanner says:

    Hi there
    My 6 month baby boy is has infantile spasms. /seizures. His EEG is abnormal and we are still waiting for mri results.
    We don’t want to use drugs on our precious boy so are looking for different options. Do u have any ideas for homeopathic remedies which will help stop the seizures

  205. mridul borkotoky says:

    3yrs baby is spastic hemiplegic c p and seizure. Pls advice.

  206. ABHISHEK RAJ says:

    RESPECTED SIR, MY SON , at age of 17 years WAS DETECTED WITH SMALL T2 HYPERINTENSE & FLAIR HYPOINTENSE LESIONS WITH PERIFOCAL EDEMA IN RIGHT MEDIAL TEMPORAL LOBE & REST OF CEREBRAL HEMISHPHERE SHOW NORMAL MR morphology ; IMPRESSION :- NEUROCYSTICERCOSIS KNWON WITH A SOLITARY LESION IN 1.0 cm diametre , He is also a patient of MPGN ( Mesangiocapillary Glomuronephritis with tubular interstistial Nephritis) since Nov. 2011 & seizure started in JULY 2012, HIS MOUTH WAS TWISTED & BODY BECAME SENSELESS FOR 10 MINUTES, FIRSTLY STROKE STARTED IN LEFT LAST FINGER & KNEE OF LEFT HAND & GOT SENSELESS, HE STARTED TAB. EPTOIN 100mg X 3 TABS once + tab. ESLIFY 600 mg OD in night, SINCE THEN NO SEIZURE CAME TILL NOW After 3yrs&6 months, he sleeps too till 10 am in morning,& legs tremble while walk, feels weekness, , request you to suggest me homeopathic medicine for this disease , & suggest me what can i do for him, his Blood reort :- HB%=13.8%, SERUM CREATININE=1.0mg% , BUN= 11.0mg %, serum ALBUMIN=3.8gm%Na=137, K=4.5 meq/L, ALL BLOOD REPORT ARE NORMAL NOW, EXPECT– 24HOURS URINE PROTIEN=310 mg(20% urine protein),, A HOMEO Dr. suggested to take FILIX MOS – 200 , 10DROPS THRICE DAILY or ART. VULG. 30 -10drops thrice daily BUT HE DONT TAKE IT BEFORE YOUR SUGGESTION, , I SAW U ON INTERNET & SO I WANT TO TAKE YOUR ADVICE HIS SAFER LIFE , HIS TREATMENT IS GOING ON TILL NOW AT PGI, LUKHNOW, SO DR. SAHEB SUGGEST ME BEST FOR NEUROCYSTICERCOSIS.

  207. ABHISHEK RAJ says:

    RESPECTED SIR, MY SON , at age of 17 years WAS DETECTED WITH SMALL T2 HYPERINTENSE & FLAIR HYPOINTENSE LESIONS WITH PERIFOCAL EDEMA IN RIGHT MEDIAL TEMPORAL LOBE & REST OF CEREBRAL HEMISHPHERE SHOW NORMAL MR morphology ; IMPRESSION :- NEUROCYSTICERCOSIS KNWON WITH A SOLITARY LESION IN 1.0 cm diametre , He is also a patient of MPGN ( Mesangiocapillary Glomuronephritis with tubular interstistial Nephritis) since Nov. 2011 & seizure started in JULY 2012, HIS MOUTH WAS TWISTED & BODY BECAME SENSELESS FOR 10 MINUTES, FIRSTLY STROKE STARTED IN LEFT LAST FINGER & KNEE OF LEFT HAND & GOT SENSELESS, HE STARTED TAB. EPTOIN 100mg X 3 TABS once + tab. ESLIFY 600 mg OD in night, SINCE THEN NO SEIZURE CAME TILL NOW After 3yrs&6 months, he sleeps too till 10 am in morning,& legs tremble while walk, feels weekness, , request you to suggest me homeopathic medicine for this disease , & suggest me what can i do for him, his Blood reort :- HB%=13.8%, SERUM CREATININE=1.0mg% , BUN= 11.0mg %, serum ALBUMIN=3.8gm%Na=137, K=4.5 meq/L, ALL BLOOD REPORT ARE NORMAL NOW, EXPECT– 24HOURS URINE PROTIEN=310 mg(20% urine protein),, A HOMEO Dr. suggested to take FILIX MOS – 200 , 10DROPS THRICE DAILY BUT HE DONT TAKE IT BEFORE YOUR SUGGESTION, , I SAW U ON INTERNET & SO I WANT TO TAKE YOUR ADVICE HIS SAFER LIFE , HIS TREATMENT IS GOING ON TILL NOW AT PGI, LUKHNOW, SO DR. SAHEB SUGGEST ME BEST FOR NEUROCYSTICERCOSIS.

  208. Akbar Khan says:

    My daughter is feeling epilepsy from 70 days.her age is 15 months.she is not so sever .shi is coi
    ling foots foolding hands and some time secret urine and saliva. This occur for about 10 to 20 or 30 seconds . Please help mi how to treat and are the disease is curable or not.

  209. Mezbahul says:

    Dear sir,
    My younger brother is having this problem since 5/6 years of his age. Now he is 16. Problem is in control from last 6/7 years. But it happened once or twice a year. He become senseless, full body jerks, fell down, head moves in a direction, tooth bite tongue. After jerking is finished, he feelss asleep for some minutes. Doing treatment still. I m from Bangladesh.
    contact: +8801722468914.

    Also have writing cramps problem.
    Waiting to hear from u soon….

  210. Akbar Hussain says:

    My baby is having tonic clonic seizure. She is now 1 yr 10 months old she got fix at 6 months first time at that time it was a febrile seizure then before a couple of week we took homeopathy treatment for her he gave her something calcura named medicine then she got sever fix we asked him wat to do for this he said just wait it ll be cured don’t worry but after 1 and half days also it didn’t stopped and her fix is changed like jerking hand and foot and stiffed body but before that she got ly eye movement and stiffness in body …then we went again for English medicines and they said she now got tonic clonic seizure…what should i do for now i need a good homeopathy treatment where i can go from india, tamilnadu, chidambaram

    • Venkataramani S. K. says:

      Dear Doctor,

      My son aged 28 is suffering from seizures for the past two years. There is no family history.
      He didn’t have this problem earlier. He is in US for the past four years. He underwent EEG, MRI,
      24 hours and 48 hours video EEG in US and everything is normal. It has been diagnosed as non
      epileptic sleep deprived seizure, as he had attacks only at the time of going to bed. He has been prescribed Keppra 3000mg per day.

      He didn’t have any attack for six months. Then he had an attack two months ago. He had another
      attack ten days ago during office hours, for the first time. Again he had attack yesterday night. We
      are very much worried. Can he be cured by homeopathy completely?

      We seek your help.


    I am 60 yrs of age & I am suffering for the last 2 my case the seizure occurs when I am awake.The nature of seizure a sudden jolt/ shaking sometimes I have to hold on to something.It happens when I am getting up from the bed/chair or any sitting position / lying down/alighting from train bus car .Another thing is it happens 2 times at a time.Earier it was very severe.Then I went to Neuro undergoing alopathic treatment. The severity has come down.But taking the medicine whole life that too alopathic may have side effects.Please advise. With warm regards Thanking you

  212. At the age of 6 first attack happens. Now my age is I became cure.. What’s app no is 9334485831 pl guide And help me.

  213. Mahesh vemuri says:

    My son suffering from seizures due to Arachnoid cyst in his left temporal lobe. Since 2007 he was under treatment with DR. C U Velmurugendran and he gave Tegrotal CR 200 twice a day for five years. It relapsed again in 2015 and this time he is feeling the symptoms like frequent seizures for.few seconds. We took him to Neurologist of Safdarjung Hospital and he gave Zenoxa 300 twice daily. Keeping in view of its.side effects, is there any good homeopathic medicines.which can cure his problem doctor. Kindly suggest. I m in Delhi. Is it possible to meet you and explain the whole problem.

  214. elias joseph says:

    respected dr.sharma,my name is elias joseph.i am having seizure attacks during sleep.(earlymorning).recently i have attacks from 13year old.but now i am 33years my childhood itself i am using antibiotics improperly .i am not using antibibiotics presently for the last 2years.did i have a hope in homoiopathetic treatment…………………………………………

  215. rajiv kapila says:

    my son last 5 years epilepsy problem he is 20 years old p g I chandigarh treatment run please help me

  216. Anindita chatterjee says:

    Hi my daughter is 6 yrs old and suddenly during sleep she had a seizure episode..her eyes were half open n started jerkimg. It continued for 5 mins or so n.then she gained consciousess.if you can helpe to undrstand what type of seizure is it n if homeopathy can help here

  217. aryaprakash says:

    sir, i am 53 yr. old male suffering gtcs since nov. 2012 taking treatment sgpgi lucknow may ist seizure was occured in 2012 taking OXCARBAZEPINE 450mg twice in a day and FRISIUM 5 twice in a day+av+ cal+mg+d3+zinc tab twice a day CT and MRI negative no EEG taken treatment being taken by sh. Prof. SUNIL PRADHAN Neurologist four yrs will be completing in NOV 2016 RECENTLY one episode occured generally pain in neck headache also Kindly suggest homeo medicine . Regards

  218. Bidhan Roy says:

    My son(11yes), is suffering from partial seizure since last 3yes and taking alopathy treatment
    (Oxitot450 bd &frisium10 bd).In sleeping his left hand and leg tremble some time. Doctor increase his medicine power gradually, but can not release from it.It is noticed that he is unattended his studies gradually. His CT scene& MRI report s are OK, but EEG is abnormal. Is he cure? Is homeo treatment better than it? I live farthest corner of west Bengal. How can I connect with you?
    Besides this, he is in thyroid. He takes thyronorm 75 . Doctor said that it is his life time
    medicine. So I am anxious about it. Thanks
    With regards. Bidhan Roy
    Mob. 9474140827

  219. Dr amir farhan says:

    respected sir my child is 2 yrs old and is hemiplegia cp(right side weakness).he also has myoclonic seizure.some one advise me to use belladona 30.
    kindly suggest treatment.

  220. Imran Qadri says:

    DR Sharma sahb
    I m imran qadri from pakistan I have a child with cerebral palsy age 2.5 years having fits after when he wake-up from sleeping and applying whole of the body about 5 to 10 minutes
    Please it is to be requested that help me out
    I am very thankful to you this act of kindness

  221. sophia morgan says:

    We found a dog (german short hair pointer) about 2 years ago. The vet told us he was about 7 years.
    He started to develop seizures. The way you list the different types his is certainly tonic seizures.
    The vet has him on Phenobarbital and Zonisamide but the gets used to the meds and they re-occur more frequent again. The vet increased his Zonisamide and now he is just falling over.
    Would would be the dosage of Cicuta and Plumbum?
    His weight is 60 US pounds.

  222. how to manage acute attack of epilepsy?

  223. When my son was at 6 years old he was attack with fits and allopatic medicine was given for six months after then till now it was O.K. but now suddenly he was unconsious with for 7 minutes by folding his fingers and legs and now it is o k. sometimes he feel headace. Kindly inform best homeopathy medicine. Right now his age is 14 Years.

  224. Sunder Rajen says:

    My grand daughter aged about 9 years is having since last two years “childhood absence mutiple epileptic jerks.” She became completely alright and under advice of the treating pediatric nurologist, we stopped medicines completely. But suddenly after 6 months, she started having severe seizures lasting for few minutes accompanied with frosting from mouth and unconsciousness. Under advice of doctor, we are giving her one doze of Valparine Chrono 300 and two dozes of Frezium per day. After two weeks, both multiple jerks and seizures have stopped. Under advice of doctor, two dozes of Frezium was reduced to one dose. But within three days, epileptic seizure happened during sleep. The dosage is now restored to two.
    What to do?
    Is there a permanent remedy in homoepathy?
    Thanks for your time. I will be grateful, if you can guide us.

  225. dinesh yadav says:

    Sir i am 30 yrs serving soldier. Presently i deployed at jammu. First in 2008 i got seizure attack when i was on leave. After this second attack in 2011 when i was sleeping. I got treated by a neurophysician from patna. He advised me a MRI of brain, CT Scan nd EEG which was normal. I am taking medicine regularly which have been prescribed by dr meanwhile 07 may in morning i got seizure attack once again after four year latter. Plz suggest me what can i do. Can i cure by homeopath without any episode. How much time will be taken by homeopath and how much cost will come. Sir i am taking frisium 10 mg , levera 500 and zenoxa 300 mg. My two medicine have been stopped by doc. Only zenoxa is continue. Plz suggest i don’t want again seizure attack. My mob no is 9797520646, 7051446631

  226. sreeja k says:

    sreeja says:
    May 9,2016 4 pm

    Dear doctor,my daughter microcephaly and epilepsy patient daily jerking scence january 2014.and has taken medicin valparin syrup 5ml two times daily and fresium 5mg two times daily but seizer not low please advice can her take homeopathy medicine with this,

  227. mohit kumar ghosh says:

    dear doctor, my son manmay is a patient of mioclonical jark. scence dec 2014. and has taken medicine levera , after taking this medicine this sizure not happen till date. but absence seizure happen frequently.
    doctor added additional medicine divaa after six month this also stop . dr advice to continue those medicine . 1st dec. 2016. 1st attack happen while sleeping. doctor advice encorate 500,frisume 10 and levera 250 twice for 2 months , then he stop levera and continue to encorate 500 twice and frisume 10 twice. and stop levera. after 3 days there was 4 eppisode convalsion happened. he was hospitalized for 24 hrs. doctor advice livipil500 ,encorate 500 frisume 10 in morning and livipil 1000 ,encorate 500 frisume 10 and in evening . now he is feeling dezzyness ,less energetic .please advice can he take homeopathy medicine with this,

  228. D Bhattacharya says:

    My wife suffered an epilepsy attack about a month back.she is presently on Livopill 1g since the attack as prescribed by a Neurologist.There is too much of side effects specially tiredness,losing full self confidence,most of the time sleepy,memory issues,loss of appetite…etc.The attack happened when we both went for a party in one of our friends house where we both consumed alcohol in the night.soon after she started dozing off,she rolled to upside down and i could see that she had fast trembling movement of both her legs and immediately started making some snorting noise.on turning her, i saw that she had her eye popped out and was staring blanky with out any reciprocation even after sprinkling water on her face or slapping her.she had bit her tonque also.i took her to the nearby hospital where she had undergone all scans such as CT scan,eeei of brain.the reports does not show any abnorbality.i want to change her to Homeopathy provided she does not incur the side effects as mentioned above.can i change her to Homeopathy medicine from the ongoing allopathy medicine without any chance of epilepsy occurrence.Request your suggestion.One more thing she had a shoulder hair line fracture after this episode. can that also be healed using Homeopathy.please suggest the best Place to take her for the medication in Bangalore.

  229. LEUTH NOVOTNY says:

    I am the one w seizures. I have absence seizures, as well as tonic clonic seizures at least … no one has any answers, the drugs scare me bloodless, I’ve got a kid & I need some better answers. I can handle not driving, we live in a good bike hood, I’m strong & I love cargo bikes. I would love to know how to manage this in a way that my wonderful could be seeing this as skill building instead of some form of weakness

  230. P.Mohan.Maiya says:


    My daughter 15 years age got attacked by epilepsy in 6 months interwels.Still medication is not started.

    Is to advisable to start with Homeopathy treatment to cure Epilepsy.

  231. My daughter is suffering from doose syndrome from 2yrs of her she is 3yrs old. She had been on different medication but her sezuiers r not controld.can I get a help from homeopathy treatment. Due to continuous sezuiers she lost her speech.

  232. joyce fianyeku says:


  233. Nitin.mishra says:

    Sir my daughter is 15 years old and for last 11 years she is suffering from seizers and she is taking tegrital cr 300 and she is having seizers almost every 2 and a half years. What should i do sir.

    pls can i tak on ph for my daughetrs seizyre.
    her eeg n mri r nirmal.
    she has strss n gets angry n fearlful easy

  235. Jeffrey Paulus says:

    Dr. Sharma,

    My girlfriend has seizures that began as a little girl and have continued to present (age 19). Her seizures seem to be due to increased stress and lack of sleep. They lessened for a time, and now are returning more… What homeopathic remedies would you recommend?

  236. Sybil Wood says:

    Dr. Sharma, what remedies come to mind for focal seizures in elderly persons where MRI already shows generalized atrophy of brain tissue? What would be safest? Thank you in advance.

  237. anthony barr says:

    My 28 year old daughter has developed epilepsy over the last 2 years .Conventional medicine has had no effect at all in fact her condition seems to have got worse


    Sir, my daughter is a premature child born in 32nd week with a low birth weight of 1.300kg. Now she is 3 1/2yrs old & developmental delays in each stage of growth. Still walking is not achieved. A right side hemiplegic spastic CP child with normal IQ and speech. She is very active also. Physiotherapy starts from 1yr and now it is continuing..
    On her 2 1/2yr starts alopathy treatment for nephrotic syndrome for 8months by reducing the dosage. It becomes normal now it’s OK. But on the last week of that steroid (predon forte) one day on 19 June 2015 seizure occurred and starts taking alopathy medicine valparin 200mg 2.5ml twice in a day (total 5ml).

    On 9 August 2015 we consult a senior homeo doctor in our state ie kerala, Cochin. On the first day onwards Dr reduce the dosage from 2.5 to 2 ml. Now she takes both alopathy & homeo together.
    Since this is the 7th month of the treatment, seizure repeats every month. It takes around 1 hour in each time.
    The type of sezire is the complex partial one.
    EEG & CT scan are taken on the first day shows changes in the left frontal area.
    Sir please tell me can we hope good in the homeopathic treatment.

  239. Rajat verma S/o Gopal singh says:

    My son is suffering from epilepsy last 22 years and taking allopathy treatment but no relief so far.while walking he fall down suddenly .Iam a66year old person and I feel always in my mind who will care my son after my death.his mother living separately due to his illness.the MRI report reveals that Partial agenesis of corpus callousness.2 grey matter heterotrophs.3 Confluent demyelination in occipital and posterior frontal white matter..Following allopathy medicines are taking presently 1Tegreal500 2Tegretal200 3frisium5mg4Epilex chrome 500 5Zonogram 100.In this regard it is mentioned being heavy dose no control of medicines.Focal fits in the slight way in a day twice or thrice.He cannot speak and taking food properly.My humble request that proper treatment in homeopathy or cure is available.

  240. dr.r.t.yadav says:

    good morning sir..we have 8th yrs convulsion pt. pls help me treatment

  241. Gajender Singh says:

    My daughter (DOB 1/6/12) suffered from seizures from 19/10/13 and done eeg during that time, after that we are giving him eptoin syrup 2.5ml after 12-12 hrs (9am- 9pm) for last 2 yr after that done eeg, and find that 70% recovery then first eeg. but still there are issue and dose changed to 3.5 ml. for 1 more yr.

    after 30/10/13 there is no repetation of seizures again till date.

    but i want to go for homoeopathic treatment, plz suggest for the same.

    • tarun tyagi says:

      my daughter 5 years old suffering from hypoxic encelopathy changes now seizure start from 8th month after born right now in 4 years she have 6-7 times getting seizure we give valaprin 5ml twice in a day and also cloba 5mg tablet in night his seizure controlled but I want to go homeopathy medicine because these medicine having problem please sugget me what I do

      • sushma singh says:

        sir in need to take appointment to u where u stay what is your address . plz confirm me i need to met u my daughter have too much problem she have two to three types of seizure.reply soon and text me ur no

  242. Omar Berkelaar says:

    My daughter is 10 years old and we have been to many hospitals and doctors. She takes Keppra, Trileptal and Epival Sprinkle for her treatment. Last month she had a long seizure and she was hospitalizes for 4 days. Normally her seizures last not more than 15 seconds. I think the last seizure was due to a lack of readjustment of medication in months.

  243. Nitin Asnani says:

    Respected sir
    I am suffering from epileptic seizures and presently taking allopathic treatment.
    Name of the drugs :-encorate chrono 300,lorazepam,ridazine.symptoms :-lack of concentration, memory loss,lack of consciousness unable to read and write

  244. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz me suggest remedy for epilepsy i had children first attack me 5 year ofter than 17 than 20 i have taken prescription by allopathy sedative medicine please help me

  245. Babita Mittal says:

    My wife is suffering from temporal lobe epilepsy after encephalitis last 10 months.MRI report is grossly normal but EEG report shows some epilepsy signs.Now treatment with PGI Chandigarh but feels shocks in body during first 10 minutes of sleeping time for 20 to 40 seconds sometimes eye blinking and face movement left side occurs and medicines 1-1-1 Gardenal 60 mg, 1-1-1 Mazetol 400 mg, 1-1-1 Eptoin 100mg, 1-0-1 Cloba 10mg Please suggest me best cure.

  246. I have Last 10yrs Epilepsy before i’m using Reciet 10 medicine now i’m using last 10 days levipil 500mg its not reducing 3 months once i’m having same problem plzzz i’m requesting u plzzzz help me for this even i’m cancelled my marriege also plz can u give permanent solution for this thank u

  247. Dr shaikh sammy says:


  248. Khyati Solanki says:

    Dear doctor
    My daughter (7 1/2 years) is suffering from absence epilepsy since june 2015…..went to lot many doctor but finally i decided to give her homeopathy medicine………. but i feel her duration of each episode has increased… I might be wrong………she pass urine in her pants during this….im not sure medicines are working or not. Please suggest something

  249. Amlan Kusum Bhattacharjee says:

    Sir, My daughter named tanusha bhattacharjee(2 yrs 8months) had slight fever on 4th february,2016 I had not paid much attention as it was a cold cough accompanied fever. At night arond 11 PM I measured the temperature and it was around 100 degree and thereafter within 10 minutes it shoot up to 104 .I then and there gave her 5 ml of P-125. The temperature came down drastically to 95 and thereafter she had aseizure she frightened us ,we took her to a nearby hospital and next day she was discharged,the fever subsided and thereafter she came home. Suddenly on 7th February,2016 as she was sitting on a chair I saw suddenly as if she would become unconscious which she didnot I then just waked her up by c uddling in the face ,she was normal . The next day she squezzed her eyes and then would complain about burning sensation in her eyes. I saw sometimes she would suddenly go off and then come back again. I took her for diagnostic test EEG which showed seziure discharge in the brain. She has been given valporin now,even now sometimes she feels like a electric shock in her brain and screams, otherwise activity is normal. I observed now that before going to sleep that happens and at night she becomes suddenly overactive after 11 pm,its difficult to put her to sleep and then she says it is paining pointing towards her head, even if put her in out lap and just sway for inducing sleep she complains of pain and we have stopped that too. Sir she is very weak now . What should i do

  250. Bishram Tripathi says:

    My son who is around 20 years of age and suffering from Epilepsy called myclonic zibaniled epilepsy. I would like to take your opinion for it

  251. Inga Mendelsöhn says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,
    I am 30 years old and currently taking 200mg Lamictal.
    I would love an Alternative to Lamictal.
    2014 a German Neurologist diagnosed me with cryptogenic focal epilepsy.
    Age 16-20 – Absence seizure with Visual Aura
    Age 20-24 Nocturnal Grand mal seizures as well as
    Abscense seizures with an Aura leading to Grand-
    Mal , afternoons and evening.
    2008 – first time on Medikation till now
    2010 – last time I had a Grand mal seizure

    I still have Auras and Absence seizures these are triggered in loud crows, Stress, emotional fights /Arguments , lack of sleep and exhaustion too many loud noises and flashing lights (tv).
    I would be really greatful to hear from you.
    Kind Regards

  252. Ankit Jain says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I’m 27 years of age and I’m facing problem from Tonic Clonic (Grand Mal Seizures). So, can suggest me the best curing homeopathy treatment for these. Thanks in advance.

  253. Homeopathy treatment for Epilepsy

  254. Nawaf Basheer pv says:

    Dear Doctor

    I am 26 years old and i take regularly Levipil 500mg twice a day and clonazepam 0.5mg /day First time when I am diagnosed with epilepsy was in puberty age when I was 12 year old. I was at school seeing writing exam and i was not able to write because of sudden jerk. and years passed went to several doctors they all said it is juvenile myclonic epilepsy , i also have little shivering of hands too , can i completely overcome from this , please help

  255. Dear doctor
    I am 33, and I take regularly Tegretol 400mg / day and twice day Epi-still. First time when I am diagnosed with epilepsy was in puberty age when I was 9 year old.I remember that was February ,I was at home seeing snow falling down by window. In this moment my eyes were focused seeing snow and I loss consciousness for a few minutes. My brother was near of me and he told what happen at this moment. About four months later I had my cycle for the first time. Usually my cycle is regular every month. Please from tegretol I have had many side effects like low level of glutathione, insufficiency in adrenal gland, hypothyroide, low siga, low cortisol and dhea. Please I would like to know what kind of herbal medicine can I take for my complex partial epilepsy? Usually my attack occur night when I am in sleep and associate with contraction of muscles of face and hands and chewing also loss consciousness for a few mimutes. Signs that I feel before an attack are sleepless about two days ago, pain in my teeth , low pressure of blood and sugar , fear.

  256. Dear Doctor,

    My 14yrs old daughter is suffering from mental retardation(Boarder line) and seizures disorder from age of 4. Her seizures were completely arrested with allopathy medicines when she turned 7yrs old.
    Now her seizures reoccurred in 2013 when she reached puberty , since then no medicine could stop her seizures which last for 3-5 seconds and her head deviate left side . She has bad side effects of medicines , she has lost her food appetite and having severe hair loss. Please advise me which homeopathic medicine could help her to recover from her condition also advise me the doses .

  257. Vivekananda Patil says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I’m suffering from psychiatric constipation from 6 years, I have lost completely the evacuation.i consulted many doctors from years but they said its related to mind, and signals are not generating From brain to intestine. I was in shock and depressed when my dad expired in 2005,I used to get high fever, jerks on right side body from leg to head. After few years I felt the something struck in my intestine, from that day I started facing constipation problems for months. Now I’m studying homeopathy using material medics but I’m afraid to take medicine. So which homeopathic medcinie should I take? I thought of taking hyoscums and strammonium.

    • Dear Doctor,

      My 14yrs old daughter is suffering from mental retardation(Boarder line) and seizures disorder from age of 4. Her seizures were completely arrested with allopathy medicines when she turned 7yrs old.
      Now her seizures reoccurred in 2013 when she reached puberty , since then no medicine could stop her seizures which last for 3-5 seconds and her head deviate left side . She has bad side effects of medicines , she has lost her food appetite and having severe hair loss. Please advise me which homeopathic medicine could help her to recover from her condition also advise me the doses .

  258. Dr Sharma

    My son of 36 has had seizure since 4yrs old. Had one febrile seizure after first vaccination . Then at 4 complex partial all his life. Been on all medications .. no response has always had seizures now has Grand mal as well. Presently on dilantin 400 mg and
    Lamictal 200mg. Still has daily seizures…..Actually his seizures are during sleep.
    Truly believe homeopathy will benefit him!

    • Vasant keshao kulkarni says:

      My son is suffering from epilepsy since 1995.he is 33 now.As per MRI and CITISCAN -Large encephalomalacic left PCA territory infarction involving the temporal occipital lobes.Atrophic hyperintense left hippocampus is suggestive of medical temporal sclerosis
      Presently taking allopathy medicene.Seizure occurs weeky .Sometimes three-four times a day .Semiconscious,disoriented,moving all four limbs .
      Please inform remedy in Heopathy.

  259. Padmalochan purohit says:

    Before 2 years I have epilepsy disorder.eeg report is now normal.but sometimes my eye is lees& after 5munites it come back

  260. Dear doctor,
    i am suffering from fits since my school age. i am using medicines since from 6th class to till present. i do not have control on my body and brain fully it is partial.
    is there any permanent treatment for this disease in homeopathy . please suggest the medicine
    i hope you will show a permanent solution for this and make a help to my life

  261. Dear Dr,
    My son is of 16 year old , from last 4 years he is getting fits. He is on Homeopathic as well as on allopathic medicine.
    EEG of my son shows as abnormal Bilateral
    Cerebral Dysrhythmia . Earlier he is to get pain in head and drowsiness i.e. partial seizure this stay for 1 minutes then he is normal. He gets this kind of seizures 3-4 in a day after every 15 days interval and now after once in two month. recently his fits where of like jerks. . We are taking homeopathic medicine from last 4 years and Epilive (allopathic medicine ) from last one year. pls
    MRI report has come as Normal.
    Pls guide us.


    Sir i am also homoeopathic doctor unfortunatell has been suffered epileptic about 15 years ago problems clonic type always after sleep, jerk in arms before starting of attacks, also observed jerks in muscles during mating with wife, age 33 years, and <wimter season and cold as i observd premonitiry symtoms of jerking in especially arms. EEG and MRI showing no epileptic sign and Lithium level also ok diuration about one month after. I have used some medicines also but no positive resuts obtained. I m also student of Ph.D Chemistry.Thanks

  263. i am tarun tyagi from ghaziabad. my daughter of 4.8 years old is suffering
    > from fits .this problem start from eigth month after born.fits coming only
    > in night .in MRI report she suffering from hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy
    > changes
    > . but at that time problem is only fits .please suggest what i do .please
    > do something. his name is ananya treatement running with Aims dr veena
    > kalra.


    My son 13 years old was doing class work on computer on 15th October at 12.15 pm. All of sudden he felt down from chair, and abnormal movement of both upper limbs with slurring of speech. Patient felt black out. Vomiting was occurred 3 to 4 times. He was admitted in ICU for three days, many tests were done, MRI, CT SCAN, impression was normal while in EEG there was occasional high voltage sharp and slow wave electrical discharges were seen. Doctor diagnosed Seizure and advised medicine as
    Levipill 500 mg 1-0-1, tab furisum 1-0-1. May you advised some homeopathy medicine

  265. Hi Dr. Sharma, I have seizures long back 15 years agao, and still on allopathy medication. I have no seizures from past qq years. Doctor said I have to be on medication for life long. I want to switch to homeopathy. I live in USA

  266. subrata majumdar says:

    Dear Respected doctor
    My daughter now age 17 years is suffering from Cerebral pulsy , Mental Retarded , and suffering from Convulsion .
    HISTORY: After Birth on the third day she was taken by doctor for Oxygen . Next day she was normal .after 11months observed that she starts with frightening we consulted doctor he started with syp Valporine. We consulted Neurologist doctor he suggested MRI and EEG MRI: PVL+HIE EEG:Suggested Cerebral Dysrrhythmias Tab Atentrol Once a day. Tab oleptal 300 twice a day. When she was 7yrs old she started with Ephilepsy In the year Aug 2009 the doctor advice MRI+EEG MRI: Diffuse atrophy of parietal lobes due to hypoxic ischaemic encephalopathy in early life. EEG: Suggests Cerebral Dysrrhythmias. Tab. Oleptal 300 2———- 2 Tab Frisium 10 1———- 1 Till date no improving is their her weight is increasing day by day she cannot walk Convulsion comes twice a day after wake up or some times more. please guide me in this matter . I hope you will help in this matter.

    Subrata majumdar.

    • R B SINNUR says:

      My son is 0f 14 years age.He is having partial epelipsy,ie from occipital lobe.He is on 1-0-1 levipil 1000 mg,1-0-1 oxetol 450 mg
      0-0-1 fresium 5mg. The seizures are not fully controlling after tappering the medicines.earlier no seizures for four years with 1-0-1 oxetol 300 mg,0-0-1 fresium 5mg.The effect remains for 40-80 seconds,sometime aware and some times not aware.please advise in the matter.

  267. RAKESHWAN says:


    • Dr. Sharma,

      My baby is 15 months old.. she is suffering from infantile spasm from past 9 months.. and because of this seizures she is developmentally delayed. She took allopathy for 6 months but no relief in seizures.. then we switched to homeopathy giving cuprum met from past 4 months still seizures are same.. pls help me and advice the alternative..

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