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Homeopathic Remedies for Genital Herpes

 Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Genital Herpes
Eruptions with itching, burning sensation and pain in genital parts in both males and females is an indication of Genital Herpes. It is a common sexually transmitted infection caused by Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV). Two types of Herples Simplex Virus or HSV  are linked with Genital Herpes. While HSV2 is specific for causing Genital Herpes and is transmitted through sexual contact, HSV1 is the main cause behind fever blisters around the mouth which lead to Genital Herpes through the orogenital route. The disease presents itself as vesicular eruptions on genital parts with itching, burning, and pain. Soon the vesicles ooze water or blood and turn into ulcers, followed by crusting and healing. In females, the eruptions appear on vulva, pubis, and clitoris. In males, the eruptions appear on the penis, inner thigh, and scrotum. Buttocks and anus can also be afflicted with Genital Herpes in both males and females. The general symptoms of fever and body aches may appear in a patient, as does discharge from the vagina or penis. Female patients can also experience pain while urinating.. The Homeopathic remedies for Genital Herpes are made from natural substances which slow the frequency and intenstity of Genital Herpes before extracting this viral infection from its root.

Top Homeopathic Remedies for Genital Herpes

Genital Herpes in both males and females can be treated by homeopathy, which is completely safe with zero side effects which work toward eradicating the disease from its root. With natural homeopathic medicines, the frequency and intensity of Genital Herpes eruptions wither slowly till the disease is diminished in its whole essence. The results are gained through the use of Homeopathic remedies, which are totally harmless.

1. Natrum Mur: For Genital Herpes in males, females

Natrum Mur is one of the top natural medicines for the treatment of Genital Herpes. In males, the eruptions for using Natrum Mur are found on scrotum, glans penis (rounded head of penis) and thighs. The eruptions in males are accompanied by itching and stinging pains. Natrum Mur is also the best remedy for Genital Herpes in females when the eruptions are present on vulva with inflammation and itching. There is an acrid white discharge from vagina, with itching and burning. The itching in eruptions for using Natrum Mur in Genital Herpes is worse in a warm room and washing with cold water brings relief in most of the cases. In both males and females, the falling of hair from genitals is a prominent symptom along with the eruptions.

2. Petroleum: For Herpes with Itching and Burning

Petroleum is a natural remedy of great help when the eruptions in males are present dominantly on scrotum and inner thigh. Itching and burning in eruptions are felt to an extreme degree. The eruptions may ooze fluid or are dry with marked redness. Petroleum is also the ideal medicine for controlling the itching in male herpes when night is the worst time of aggravation. In females, the eruptions are present on external genitals with marked soreness, itching and burning. The eruptions even extend to perineum and thighs. Even in females, the itching is heightened at night and it may even disturb sleep. In both males and females, there is intense offensive perspiration on genitals along with other symptoms.

3. Hepar Sulph: For ulcerative stage of Genital Herpes

Hepar Sulph is the top natural remedy for Genital Herpes where ulcer is orogenital. The ulcers result in a marked burning and stinging pain. Ulcers show extreme sensitivity with utmost pain excited by a little touch. Bleeding from ulcers is also treated best with Hepar Sulph. In both sexes, the ulcers may extend from genitals to thighs. Pustular eruption containing pus may be present in a few cases surrounding the ulcers. Fever may also appear. Perspiration with sour smell is noted in most cases and extreme sensitivity to cold air is a symptom not to be ignored.

4. For Genital Herpes in Males

Apart from remedies mentioned above, the other useful natural medicines for male Genital Herpes are Croton Tig, Graphites and Nitric Acid. Croton Tig is very beneficial if there is intense itching and burning in the eruptions, with utmost sensitiveness. The patient fears scratching because it leads to pain and extreme burning. The patient then very gently rubs the eruptions for relief from itching. The vesicles may also show oozing or crusting. The stinging, smarting and exceedingly burning pains are marked. Graphites is a useful remedy when the vesicular eruptions witness typical glutinous, sticky discharges. Nitric Acid is mainly used when vesicles discharge offensive fluid. Marked itching, burning, stinging and splinter-like pains show their presence to an extreme degree.

5. For Genital Herpes in Females

Kreosote and Merc Sol are natural remedies of great help in the treatment of Genital Herpes in females. Kreosote is the ideal medicine when the worst corroding itching is present in vulvae with eruptions. There is swelling of the external genitalia with burning even extending to thighs. Shooting and smarting pains are felt in eruptions, at times accompanied by acrid burning vaginal discharge. Merc Sol is the ideal remedy if the itching in eruptions gets worse when touched by urine. The genitals are raw, excoriated and swollen. Burning and sensitivity is marked. Merc Sol is a remedy that is also very beneficial when ulcers with bloody or corroding discharges dominate. Itching, pricking pains, and burning are felt by the patients.

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    Sir, I am suffering from genetic herpics since 4 years . Small out brikes in between two or three months. And disappear after 7 or 10 days. One or two ulser appear and heal . No fever , I am ages 65., Male.please prescribe homeo medicines.

  11. A.k. mehta says:

    I am suffering from genital harpes since 30 years .now it is spreading over outer forehead skin with burning. Please help me

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  12. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    My father & his fellow homeopath friends have been practicing homeopathy since around 1990 & although I usually take recommendations from my dad as well as his clinic based friend but am unable to approach them regarding genital herpes.
    I am already taking Nat mur, right now am only going to speak about my symptoms, I noticed the first 2 outbreaks last year ard September it was on my inner left thigh & it stayed that way until this year on summer I applied dermi cool prickly heat pwd it burst into smaller eruptions, they started spreading thereafter also to anus, i have a larger 1 a bit on inside of anal opening rest are there on left buttocks, 1 big on left outer thigh, on pubis & pustules are filled with transparent / slight yellowish fluid, they are more on left side of my body, 1 small pustule is also on my left lower arm about 3 inches below wrist ( it doesn’t itch like the ones on genitals ), the itching is more afterwards when I wear non cotton clothing or tight clothing, i stopped using hair removal creams, I have access to most homeopathy medications at home itself & I also visit the nearest homeo med shop in my locality, please let me know your recommendations for me, currently I am not married but I did have un protected sex with my long time boy friend & at this point I can only hope to seek medication discreetly.
    Thanks for your time to read my condition. Hope to hear for a remedy from you.
    Thank you.

  13. Dr. Sharma,
    Are all the above remedies mentioned above safe for use during pregnancy?

  14. Riki Tailor says:

    Respected sir/mam, i have diagnosed genetic herpis via blood test with IGG 29.1. I didnt have any symtoms so how can i remove genetic herpis virus from my body.
    moreover my fians also infected before four months ago and she has ulcered on veginal part. Now she is well. But for future what we both can remove this virus foreever. Is it possible to cure forever from body. Please guide me i m worried.

    Thank You

  15. Biswajit Acharyya says:

    Sir my aged now 53 years old, when my aged 25 years I am suffering from general harpees, then I contact specialist Doctor of skin, he advised acyclovir tab& herpex ointment,after six month dozeses it will be cured, but year of 2020 it will be relupsed, I contact again skin Doctor then he advised me zovirox800& herpex ointment but it will be not cure, buubles are continue formed& ichhing. I am married person.My family members is wife& two sons.Thanks

  16. Janet Culbertson says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,
    Thank you so much for this article. I contracted herpes from my husband about 18 years ago and have suffered with it since. I get a burning, stabbing, pinching feeling in my genitals and if I don’t start taking acyclovir immediately it gets much worse rather quickly ams painful ulcers form. As I have gotten older (I’m 65 now) it is a constant problem as I have to take the meds every day to prevent an eruption. Do you have any ideas for me? I can order the meds you mentioned but I don’t know the dosages. I appreciate any help you can give me. Please don’t post this unless it is anonymously.

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  18. Dear Dr.,
    I have genital herpes since 1-1/2 years, taking up medicine (Acryvoir tablets 800 mg tablet 2 a day) doesn’t help to cure this disease frequent relapse.
    can any Ayurvedic medicine can help to cure this genital herpes??plz suggests me
    Appreciate your kind support.

  19. hi dr
    i am suffering from herpies last 10 year
    in a year it reactive 3 to 4 time
    inever sex without condom
    whenever i was sex without condim or do oral sex
    it was reactive
    pl tell me good medicine for this

  20. Harischandra says:

    Sir, I have been suffering with genital herpes for the last 25 years. Homoeo doctor gave medicines two times but there is no permanent remedy. When I stop taking medicines, it reappears after 2 or 3 months.
    I get the disease only 2 or 3 times in a year. It disappears and resurfaces. Please suggest medicines and how to use them for which, I will ever be grateful to you sir

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