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Top 7 Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Glaucoma Treatment

homeopathic remedies for glaucoma
The first sign of any eye disorder is blurred vision or not being able to see correctly. Glaucoma is a much more serious eye disorder, with several accompanying symptoms. It’s an eye disorder characterised by raised intraocular pressure and optic nerve damage. In other words, there is a build-up of pressure inside the eyes and this pressure can damage the optic nerve, which transmits images to the brain.

Glaucoma is of two types. Closed Angle (acute) Glaucoma is painful and progresses rapidly, in contrast to Open Angle (chronic) Glaucoma. The Open Angle Glaucoma leads to a gradual loss of vision.  The symptoms of Closed Angle Glaucoma are blurred vision, halos around light, headache, pain in eyes, nausea or vomiting. A family history of Glaucoma, Myopia and Diabetes Mellitus are the risk factors associated with Glaucoma. Injury to eye may also lead to Glaucoma. Medicines sourced from natural substances provide an effective treatment for Glaucoma. The Homeopathic remedies for Glaucoma are completely safe, and have no side effects.


Glaucoma is an eye disorder characterised by raised intraocular pressure and optic nerve damage. The raised intraocular pressure is the result of an imbalance between the production and drainage of the aqueous humour or eye fluid. Glaucoma occurs when the eye pressure increases as the eye fluid or aqueous humour is not circulating normally in the front part of the eye. This fluid normally flows out of the eye, but if this channel is blocked, the fluid builds up, causing Glaucoma.

Closed Angle Glaucoma occurs when the drainage angle that permits the flow of aqueous humour is narrowed. Open Angle (chronic) Glaucoma occurs when the drainage angle is anatomically normal. Closed Angle glaucoma is painful and progresses rapidly in contrast to Open Angle Glaucoma, which is slow in progression.

Top Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Glaucoma

The top remedies for Glaucoma are Phosphorus, Comocladia, BelladonnA, Osmium, Physostigma, Prunus Spinosa, Cedron

1. Phosphorus: For Glaucoma with optic nerve damage

On the list of top remedies for Glaucoma, Phosphorus tops the list. It is also indicated for Glaucoma when the optic nerve is damaged (atrophied). The main symptom guiding the use of this remedy is tiredness of eyes all the time. The eyes seem very tired even when they are not engaged in much work. The eyes seem to be exhausted. Along with the fatigue of eyes, the vision is blurred and the patient feels that every object is under the cover of dust when he or she looks at it. Halos around light is also an important symptom. Another key symptom is the slightly improved vision by shading the eyes with hands. By doing this, the objects that look blurred seem somewhat clear. Phosphorus helps in improving the eyesight and the fatigue of eyes.

2. Comocladia: For Sensation of Fullness in Eyes

Amongst the remedies for Glaucoma with pain, Comocladia is indicated in patients, who experience a fullness sensation in eyes. The fullness is mostly accompanied by pain in eyes. The eyes feel very enlarged. The eye pain gets worse by warmth and such a person feels relief in pain and eye fullness in open air.

3. Belladonna: For Glaucoma with acute symptoms

Belladonna is the best for acute symptoms in a patient of Glaucoma. The main symptoms include sudden increase in dimness of vision. The eyes appear red. This is accompanied by a severe pain in eyes and head. The pain is very violent in character. Nausea and vomiting may also occur.

4. Osmium: For Improving Dim Vision

Osmium is of great help in improving dim vision. The intraocular pressure is raised in persons needing Osmium. The important symptom listed by the patient is the display of various changeable colours of an object when looked at from different angles like a rainbow (iridescent vision). The patient may also have an intolerance to light.

5. Physostigma: For Glaucoma following Injury

For an effective treatment of Glaucoma following injury, Physostigma is the best natural remedy. The symptoms may be dim vision, blurring of vision or partial blindness. Along with dim vision, the patient may suffer from pain in eyes. The pain is usually worse after using the eyes. Patients of Glaucoma with myopic condition also respond well to this medicine.

6. Prunus Spinosa: For Sudden Pain in Right Eye

Prunus Spinosa is the ideal natural medicine for treatment of sudden pain in right eye as a result of Glaucoma. Prunus Spinosa works mainly for right eye pain. Pain in eye is so acute and violent that it results in a bursting sensation in the eyeball.

7. Cedron: For Severe Pain in Left Eye

In contrast to Prunus Spinosa, the action of natural medicine Cedron is centered on the left eye of a Glaucoma patient. Cedron is the ideal remedy for severe, violent pain in the eye, especially left eye. The onset of pain may show certain periodicity in its occurence. The pain may show radiation to the nose.

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  1. Rachel Garcia says:

    My husband sustained an eye injury 4 years ago when he was assaulted with a blow to his left eye by a low-life, 2-legged animal who does not deserve to be called a human. He already had glaucoma, but this exacerbated it. Now he has had a stroke in this eye, and will have to get laser treatment to stop the symptoms of high eye pressure, pain, and redness. What is the best homeopathic treatment for his left eye while he awaits the laser procedure?

  2. Rizwana Effendi says:

    Dear Dr, Sharma, Just need your opinion about my eyes glocuma treatment.
    I am a school teacher female aged 55 years. I got surgery treatment of “Kala Motia” by eye surgeon. After 4 months if surgery I started trouble with vision like cloudy vision. Dr told me it’s due to high pressure and it was 50 pressure in the eyes. Then suddenly I lost my vision of both the eyes, not able to see. Only can feel the light if it’s on. Dr told me it’s a damage if nerve between the eyes and brain and no treatment available. Prescribed eye drops to reduce eye pressure.

    Now my query is: Is there any proven homeopathic treatment to recover my visibility. I am a teacher and now not able to continue my job. I am diabetic with super remains under 200 and taking insulin. Some time my BP goes high as well due to different reasons of tension / stress. Appreciate your early reply.

    Rizwana Effendi.

    • Dr abaidullah khalid says:

      Helo dr sharma I am suffering from glaucoma with uncontrolled pressure and using 4 drugs of allupathic medicine. I just want your help to control my glaucoma , kindly advise me some suitable medicine. Thanks
      Dr abaidullah khalid ( pediatrician) from pakistan

    • Rachel Garcia says:

      My husband sustained an eye injury 4 years ago when he was assaulted with a blow to his left eye by a low-life, 2-legged animal who does not deserve to be called a human. He already had glaucoma, but this exacerbated it. Now he has had a stroke in this eye, and will have to get laser treatment to stop the symptoms of high eye pressure, pain, and redness. What is the best homeopathic treatment for his left eye while he awaits the laser procedure?

  3. ASHOK KUMAR says:

    Hello dr. sharma, good morning
    would you please help me find right remedy, for Glaucome . Operated 2 times both eyes. OP was about +-30 both eyes. After operation now abot 20. it dose not go down theallopathic medicine.
    Lest eye vision only 20% left. Right eye 70-80%.. Photophobia sun light,.
    Please any good medicine for me.
    ThankYou very much.

  4. Mary Kay McGowan says:

    Dr. Shama,
    I have been diagnosed with glaucoma and I have pain in the left eye. I think Cedron is the right remedy for me. I just don’t know what dose.
    Can you tell me?

  5. Rosalind Mustafa says:

    Dr. Sharma
    Can you provide more information about the recommended amount of each homeopathic natural remedy. I have been treated for open angle glaucoma for about 4 years, and my doctor is now recommending ABiC surgery. I have already had laser surgery which was unsuccessful. I use two different drops and take an oral medication.
    Thank you

  6. Kenneth Green says:

    Sepia is fast acting for sensation of sand under RIGHT eyelid.

  7. None of the symptoms apply to me. However, a few years ago my ophthalmologist found raised pressure in both eyes. Since then I have been using eye drops (Latanoprost 50 micro grams/ml) as prescribed. I experienced no symptoms before the diagnosis of early glaucoma.

    Would be grateful for any suggestions.


  9. Muhammad waqar Ahmed malik says:

    I have iop 20/22 in right left damage done but Dr say you are at the border line

  10. Hina Logde says:


    I have recently had a retina detachment surgery and my next surgery to remove the silicon oil is due next month. I would like to know what I can do to prevent it from having any further complications in the future. I am taking R 70 of dr regwedge. Please suggest.

  11. Mrs Jane Mead says:

    Good morning,

    I started treatment to slow down early stage Glaucoma symptoms and slowly increasing eye pressures in November 2019 ( my Mum had Glaucoma) more of a cautious treat early type method. I am 52. I have been putting Latanoprost in both eyes daily since then. Yesterday I had a checkup and both eye pressures appear to have increased more than they would have liked or expected. I am a regular user of Homeopathy for myself and my family so I am very open to any remedy/remedies which may slow down any symptoms. Until now I have not really focused on this being a possibility for Glaucoma but from my search this morning, I see it is! The Optomotrist has now given me another drop called Brinzolomide which I am to use twice a day as well as the Latanoprost. Can you give me any top tips or remedy advice please, as I am very keen to avoid too much medication and definitely Betablockers based drops which was the first option of eye drops yesterday until I said my Mum, who passed away in November, had a problem with such drops possibly affecting an irregular heart beat. Her doctors only really discovered they might be affecting her general very complex health within the last year or so of her life.
    Thank you for any help you might be able to give me. With kind regards,
    Mrs Jane Mead

  12. sudersan says:

    Dear Doctor

    My wife has open angle glaucoma in her left eye for the past few years. she is 57.
    she is on two different eye drops.
    eyes are red and she gets pain around her eyes and with movements of eye balls.
    eye pressure is around 20.
    can homeopathy help her reduce the eye pressure , pain and redness?

  13. Dr. Joel Martin says:

    Is there a remedy or formula that contains all of these?

  14. Thomas Hegarty says:

    Dear Doctor Sharma.
    I still have acute vision but am losing it steadily inspite of 10 or more years of eye drops and “cataract surgery” to assist in lowering the pressure.
    I have open angle Glaucoma.
    None of the symptoms above seem to apply to me?
    Ive lost the lower qudrant adjacent the nose, in the left eye (my “best” eye.)
    I had an unlikely TIA some 3 years ago that left a thin “scar” where a white line appeared at that time, and left me with loss of vision for about 20 mins.
    Recovery left that thin arc between central vision and eyelid.
    Combined vision is very good as each side compensates for the opposite missing portion. That gap is getting very narrow, hence my quest.
    I’m now 72, slim, fit and enjoy sound health. Use weights and run.
    I don’t act my age !
    5-6 years ago, I had an attack of Giant Cell Arteritis which again, caused loss of sight temporarily in the same, right eye.
    Had treatment for 2 years on steroids.
    Off them some long time now.
    Take a statin and Clopidogrel.
    Self treat with Huperzine A.
    Multivits A-Z
    Pyegeum Bark (troublesome prostate.)
    Recently “Black Seed Oil “to bolster the immune system.
    As conventional medicine is only following my fall into blindness, I thought to look elsewhere….
    Thank you for taking the time to read this.
    I’d be interested in your observations

  15. Sudersan says:

    Dear Doctor
    My wife has open angle glaucoma.
    She is on two different drops. One in the evening only and another both in the Morning and evening.
    Hey eye pressure varies between 18 to 20 sometimes even more.
    Can she get a better treatment on homeopathy?
    Along with homeopathy can she continue to use the drops she is using now?
    Please suggest.

  16. sir
    i have pain in left eye when blinking ,pain very eye in morning feels like head ache.i also have sinositis.when i walk 3km the pain goes away.later resumes.which homeo salt to take for redusing IOP pressure in my left eye?salt controlled but no use.
    thanks & regards
    age 53years

  17. Hello dr. Sharma, I am a glaucoma patient and I want to cure it. As I heard that in homeopathy we have a cure for it or we can save vision and stay we it is. Cloud you guide me what to do.

  18. Thank you Dr. Sharma! regards to Cedron, periodicity and left eye, that is the precise picture of my little dog! I am so grateful for this knowledge.
    With great thanks,

  19. Kostandis Tripos says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    Thank you very much for all the information i can find. I am very interested in homeopathy and i try to learn as much as i can through books. My problem with my eye is glaucoma that came after an operation for retina detachment and another operation for full detachment and the use of silicone oil- as i was told.
    A third operation took place in order to remove the oil. Eventually i understood that the oil was not removed completely. I don’t know if this lead to eye pressure but this is my situation. I want to thank you very much for your time.
    All my best from Greece.

  20. SRIRAM PADHI says:

    My baby has undergone eye surgery for Stage 5 ROP in Right eye and stage 4A ROP surgery for left eye
    In Dec 2018
    Glaucoma was detected after eye scan in Nov 2019 DORZOLAMIDE and Latanoprost are give n

    The IOP was 40 in left eye in Nov 15
    After drops it reduced to 22 in 5th Dec 2019.

    Plz suggest homeopathic remedies.
    Or send me your mobile number

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