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Hair falling and Homeopathy

Actually, it’s totally normal to lose some hair each day. Most people lose about 50 to 100 hairs every day – and it’s a good thing, because we’d all look like huge hairballs if we didn’t! Normally, when hair falls out, new hairs start forming in the same place as the old ones. But when someone really has hair loss, the hairs don’t grow back. Or they do grow, but there aren’t enough of them to take the place of what’s already fallen out.

Hair loss, as the name itself implies, refers to the falling of hair from scalp / head; another term used to describe this is alopecia. It is a broad term that also includes thinning of hair. While genetics plays a vital role in this condition that afflicts both men and women, there are several other factors that are involved in bringing on this problem in people. In order to understand the reasons for hair fall better, it is essential that you learn about the various growth stages of hair. The hair growth cycle consists of three phases:

  • The first phase is the anagen phase, which is an active phase in which the hair grows. This phase lasts for around 2-7 yrs.
  • The second phase is the catagen phase. The catagen phase immediately follows the anagen phase and lasts for around 10- 14 days during which the hair stops getting blood supply and becomes dead.
  • The third and the last phase is telogen phase, which is a resting phase. In this phase, the dead hair falls out and the hair follicles remain in rest or inactive stage for about 2-3 months.

After completion of last stage, the entire cycle is repeated. Each single hair undergoes these three phases of growth independent of the other hair on the scalp. Normally, at a given point of time about 90% of hair is in the anagen phase and only 10% is in the telogen phase. When this ratio is altered, it leads to increased rate of hair loss. Hair loss can occur at any age, and can be prevalent in both males and females. Hair loss in itself is not a disease, but a sign that often indicates various other diseases. Hair loss occurs as a result of various diseases or factors and in different patterns.

The various causes / factors leading to hair loss include:

1) Skin diseases affecting the scalp like fungal infection of scalp known as tinea capitis, seborrhoea (dandruff), eczema of scalp, or lichen planus.

2) Genetic factors.

3) Hormonal changes including those that occur after childbirth and during menopause.

4) Nutritional deficiencies due to a diet that lacks iron (leading to anemia), and also lack of protein intake.

5) Recovery from acute fever like typhoid and erysipelas leads to diffuse hair loss.

6) Drug use like the ones that are used in treating high blood pressure, joint pains, cancer, or depression. Anagen effluvium refers to the condition of hair loss due to chemotherapy in a cancer patient.

7) Physical trauma / injury to head.

8) Emotional trauma like constant stress or grief due to loss of a family member / close friend.

9) General diseases like diabetes mellitus, tuberculosis, Hypothyroidism, or AIDS.

10) Auto-immune related hair loss in which the hair cells are mistaken for a foreign body and are destroyed by the immune cells of the body.

11) Hairstyles like tight braids or ponytails where the hair is tightly pulled backwards leading to traction alopecia; indiscriminate use of hair colors and hair straighteners.

12) Trichotillomania, which is a mental disorder in which the affected person voluntarily pulls out his / her scalp hair.

Various Patterns of hair loss:

Hair loss can be present in various forms like:

1) Alopecia Areata: This type of hair loss is the auto immune related form. In this form, the immune cells of the body mistake the hair cells as a foreign body and start destroying them. In this pattern, the hair loss occurs in patches / spots. It is common in people below 20 years of age.

2) Baldness / Alopecia Totalis: In this pattern, the entire scalp loses hair.

3) Telogen Effluvium: In this pattern, the hair goes on thinning and diffuse hair loss occurs due to early entry of hair in telogen phase.

4) Androgenetic Alopecia (includes Male pattern baldness and Female pattern baldness): This type of baldness is caused by genetic and hormonal factors. Male pattern baldness is the most common type of hair loss in men in which the hairline gets receded backwards. This is in turn followed by thinning and loss of hair on the top (vertex) and sides (temple) of the scalp. In Female pattern baldness, there is thinning of hair on top of the scalp, and is less severe than in males.

Homeopathy for Hair Growth

Although hair loss is not a life threatening condition but it can be a source of constant stress and worry in the persons affected by it. A person suffering from hair loss possesses lower self esteem and self confidence levels, and also feels embarrassed when in company of other people. Homeopathy can very efficiently deal with cases of hair loss, and produce excellent results. In Homeopathy, a huge number of wonderful medicines are present that are used to tackle hair loss cases. Every kind of hair loss (ranging from hair loss due to anemia / nutritional deficiencies, due to skin disorders, due to mental / physical trauma, due to childbirth or menopause, after acute diseases, to alopecia areata, alopecia totalis or androgenetic alopecia) can be treated with the help of well selected homeopathic medicines. To treat hair loss through homeopathy detail case history of the patient needs to be studied. The cause and site of hair loss are to be noted down along with the constitutional symptoms of the patient which are given prime importance in any kind of case of hair loss. The constitutional symptoms include the eating habits, level of thirst, thermals, mental symptom etc. and these are to be given top position in forming the totality of symptoms while case taking. After the case has been properly evaluated, the case homeopathic medicine is administered to the patient. Following is the list of homeopathic medicines for hair loss treatment that can be used.

Homeopathic Remedies for Hair Loss

1)    Homeopathic medicines for hair loss due to skin diseases affecting the scalp like seborrhoea (dandruff), tinea capitis(fungus infection), eczema etc:

The skin diseases of scalp can lead to hair loss due to excessive itching or excessive acrid discharges from the lesions. Various homeopathic medicines can be used to treat such cases. Homeopathic medicine Psorinum is highly useful in treating the hair loss that has occurred due to eczematous skin lesions on scalp that discharge sticky and very offensive fluid. These kinds of discharges make the hair to stick together, which further leads to the hair getting tangled and ultimately destroyed. The patient requiring Psorinum feels excessive chill and desires to be warmly covered even in summers. Another medicine, Mezereum, is equally good for treating hair loss in cases where the hair is destroyed due to eczematous skin lesions of scalp. The patients requiring Mezereum will complain of thick crusty eruptions on scalp, along with a discharge of thick offensive pus resulting in matting of hair, breeding of vermin in them and eventually the eating away of the hair by discharges leading to hair loss. Mercurius Solubilis is yet another homeopathic medicine which plays a wonderful role in treating the hair loss due to eruptions on scalp where the discharge from eruptions is fetid and accompanied by burning type of pains in scalp. This medicine can be employed in those patients in whom profuse perspiration is present along with excessive salivation from mouth and an increased thirst for water. If the hair loss is due to dandruff, two medicines – Thuja occidentalis and Kali sulphuricum can be used. These medicines promise great results. The point that helps understand which out of the two would be a preferred medicine is that the former medicine is used where the dandruff is white in color and the latter one is used in cases where the dandruff is yellow in color.

2)    Homeopathic medicines for treating hair loss in a women after child birth and during menopause:

Homeopathic medicines Natrum muriaticum and Pulsatilla pratensis are both excellent medicines that are being employed to treat the cases of hair fall in women after child birth. Natrum muriaticum can be given to those women who suffer from anemia and hair loss on even a slight touch of the hair, along with severe headache after the delivery of a child. The women requiring this medicine complain that the headache is worse in the heat of sun. The patient may show an inordinate craving for salty things. Pulsatilla pratensis can be used by those women who suffer from excessive hair fall after delivery. The guiding factor for recommending this medicine is a complete absence of thirst for water and desire for fresh open air. The mental symptoms that are to be considered for its use are weeping tendencies on the slightest cause, and relief when someone gives consolation. Another marked symptom that guides its use in women suffering from hair loss is that such women cannot digest fatty foods. In order to tackle the hair loss in women in the menopausal age group, homeopathic medicine Sepia officinalis can be used as it promises wonderful results. The women requiring this medicine for hair fall have a history of long standing headaches. The women complaining of hot flushes followed by chills and perspiration and bearing down pains in the uterus at menopause along with hair loss can be given this medicine. The mental symptoms that significantly indicate the usage of this medicine by women suffering from hair loss at menopause are irritability of the utmost degree and indifferent behavior towards family members.

 3) Homeopathic Remedies for Hair loss in Anaemic patients:

Homeopathic medicines Borax, Cinchona officinalis and Calcarea phosphorica are all equally good medicines that can be used to treat the cases of hair loss in anemic patients. The medicine Borax can be given to those patients who complain of hair loss and are anemic. A frequent complain in such cases is that the hair is very thin and gets stuck together and form bunches, thereby making it difficult for them to be untangled and combed smooth  and they are to be cut off. But as soon as these bunches are cut another group of bunches form. The medicine Cinchona officinalis can be given to those patients in whom hair loss is accompanied with anemia. People who suffer from hair loss due to Loss of blood in any form like bleeding from nose or excessive bleeding during menstruation or loss of blood after an injury due to accident leading to anemia can be given this medicine. The patients requiring this medicine usually complain of a weak digestion along with excessive flatulence. Clacarea phosphorica is another useful homeopathic medicine that can be used to treat hair loss in anemic patients – usually in anemic girls who grow too rapidly at puberty and suffer from hair loss and extreme headache along with acidity in stomach.

 4)    Homeopathic medicines to deal with cases of alopecia areata:

Alopecia areata is a condition in which hair loss occurs in well defined patches / spots. To deal with such cases Homeopathic medicines Fluoricum acidum, Phosphorus, Calcarea carbonica and Vinca minor are frequently used based on the constitution of the patient. Fluoricum acidum is mainly used for hair loss in spots in a person of hot temperament, who is worse in any warm environment and constantly desires cold environment. The cases of alopecia areata occurring during typhoid fever can be treated with this medicine. The medicine Phosphorus is also used in alopecia areata cases with excellent results. The symptoms that guides towards its usage in the cases of alopecia areata are patches of hair loss on scalp along with unusual craving for salty things, chicken, cold drinks and ice creams. The patients requiring Phosphorus are tall, thin and slender in physical appearance. Calcrea carbonica is a great homeopathic remedy for alopecia .It can be prescribed to patients in whom the hair is lost in well defined patches, and constitutionally who are fair, fat and flabby in built. The other symptoms that stand out dominant to use this medicine in an alopecia areata patient are excessive chilliness with intolerance to slight draft of air, excessive perspiration on the scalp and unusual craving for boiled eggs. Vinca minor can be used for the hair loss in spots whereby the white coloured hair grows back in the spots of hair loss.

 5)    Homeopathic Medicines for Baldness / Alopecia totalis where the entire scalp loses its hair:

Homeopathic medicines that can be used to deal with cases of baldness of this type are Silicea, Baryta carbonica, Sulphur, or Lycopodium clavatum. The first medicine, Silicea, is mainly given to those patients who suffer from baldness and complain of pain in head usually at the right side along with hair loss. The patients requiring this medicine are very sensitive to cold air and usually have very offensive sweat on the feet. Mentally the patients requiring this medicine are very headstrong and obstinate in nature. Baryta carbonica is another medicine in the list that is used to treat the cases of baldness homeopathically in young people. The patients requiring this medicine are very timid and dull in nature and have very poor memory. The patients of baldness who have a history of throat complaints like tonsilitis (from suppression of foot sweat or from exposure to cold air) can be given this medicine. Sulphur is yet another wonderful homeopathic medicine that can be prescribed to those patients suffering from baldness who are extremely hot blooded and complain of excessive heat in body especially in the head, palms and soles. Another symptom that guides towards the use of sulphur in baldness cases is that the patient requiring this medicine have an aversion to bathing and are generally filthy – thus inviting plenty of long standing skin diseases. The patients requiring Sulphur show extra craving for sweets in food. Last medicine, Lycopodium clavatum, is also an excellent medicine used to treat baldness cases occurring prematurely and can be given to those patients who complain of some sort of gastric trouble like flatulence, constipation or liver problems along with baldness. The patients requiring Lycopodium clavatum usually crave hot drinks, hot food and sweet things.

Homeopathy Treatment for Hair Loss

Homeopathy is gaining worldwide acceptance today as a natural cure for hair loss . Homeopathic treatment for hair loss is not only natural but also free from any side effects. It can be easily administered, and is suitable for men as well as women from all age groups. Homeopathic hair growth remedies are should be used after consulting a professional Homeopath

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  3. hello doctor, I have visited dr.reddy for hair loss issue, he just says it’s related to heat in body,and he gave some liquid to drink 20drops 3 times a day and small white round tablets and no further things get wanted to know,I’m confused is he giving correct treatment

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    I’m suffering from alopecia areata for the past 3 months. I have thyroid (TSH) 5.1. I take thyronorm of 25 mcg. But my circular hair fall have not gone after taking alopathy medicine. Which homeopathy treatment will really work for me? Which German homeopathy medicine will work for me?
    My age is 33 weight 70kg height 5’7″.

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  7. Pawan kumar Chadha says:

    Can I use R89 with Adel 9 together?

  8. Sneha tiwari says:

    Hello sir, im 22 yrs old…sir mera hairfall pichle 3saal se horha h, maine allopathy try ki h 1saal homeopathy bhi ki dr batras k yhase hairfall thik tha or regrowth bhi thi pr jaise he treatmnt khtm hui hairfall vps start hogya or regrowth bhi fall hogyi..middle partition bhi broad hote jarhi gap aagya h thinning hogyi h crown m sir pls koi medicine btaiye jo m start krsku..

  9. I have completed whole homeopathic treatment of one year for my thin hair and bald area… My hair loss begun from taking isotratinoin… For pimples… After dose of 2years isotratinoin.. My hair thinning suddenly and i have got male pattern baldness… From homeopathic treatment… I have get 0 implement in my scalp.. Even condition become worst than earlier… Please suggest…since 1year my diet is also Proper…

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    Please answer me

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  13. Hv cured my hypothyroid,loosing hairs continuously. Nothing works,hairs hv become 4 times thinner.what 2 do ?

  14. Sir Mere scalp me infection ho gya h.3years pahke jb mai 2oils mix kr k use kr rha tha toh uske baad maine apna hairs wash krna kum kr diya uske vjh se kuch days baad mere hairs me bahut dandruff aane lga .dheere2 mere scalp me itching hone lgi aur oily v hone lga bahut jyada.abhi bahut jyada itching n scalp bahut oily h mera.
    sir maine bahut doctors ko dikhaya but koi v isko thik ni kr ska abhi tk.bahut jyada hair fall ho chuka h sir plz koi permanent best solution btaaye
    my whatsapp no 8874692078

  15. Hello sir, Gautam here i am worried about my sister ,she had telogen effluvium i think so she is going crazy sometimes and i can’t see her like that, i want solution or any homeopathic medicine which prevent hairloss and helps in regrowth of hair.

  16. Tirupati Joshi says:

    Girl aged two and half years has low hairs density through out the head( scalp is visible) not in patches and thin hairs, since birth itsef. Can you please suggest some homeopathic medicine for this condition. Her other symptoms are as below:-
    1. Catching cold frequently with running nose and cough.
    2. Craving for food frequently
    3. Itching and rashes on the spots of mosquito bites
    4. Height is less for her age

  17. Merey grandson k bal eyebrow eye lashes head sey nikal gai hsin what is the reson

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    i have started losing my shedding all over head due to it i regret myself.
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  21. kartavya sadh says:

    Hello doctor,
    I am 23 year old I am losing my hair from last 2-3 hairs but from last year I lost almost my 30% hairs from my front sideways n middle of the head.. May be due to I was suffered in jaundice, typhoid in regular by years.
    Sir please tell me what should I do I tried many things like minoxidil, biotin tablets but it didn’t work me.

    • My 10 years daughter has got muc hairfall from 10 days as per doctor she us taking tonic Zincofer.Will it stop falling.Will she get healthy hair.please advise

  22. Hello sir
    I am 26 year old and my problem is white hair.
    please tell the solution of the white hair convert into black hair.

  23. Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I am 28 years old. My hair started falling 3 years ago. Hairline receding and the in density of hairs are reducing. I recently started R89 Homeopathic but still hairs can be seen during oiling or shampooing.
    Is this product is good?
    And how long should I use it to stop my hair loss?
    And Can these product bring my hairline back?
    Can my hair will become thick and dense?
    Thank You
    Waiting for ur reply.

  24. Maneesh bhargav says:

    sir mere dandruff nhi jata or khujli hoti h or beech m bal bahut km ho gye h or wahan pr bal nikle to h pr hath s pakdne pr bahut sare bal toot jate h meri problem door kare

  25. mere Baal safed or jhad rahe hei.maine gharelu nuske bahut apnaye par koi dark nahi pad raha hei.meri age 25 hei.or avi tak shadi nhi hui hei.par mere baalo ki bajaw me Dulhan banne me dar lag raha he.pls koi homeopathy treatment bataye taki meri prblm solve ho naye

  26. I have hairfall after rebounding moreover I am anemic and allergic to iron in natural way alto only blood transfusion helps me. I amusing loreal haircolor also
    please help me to stop hairfall

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    I am 33 old man and my problem is hair loss. So please suggest what medicine helps me to regenerate hairs as some area has fully blank.

    Please suggest……….


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    My name is sunny sharma and I am from j&k katra . I was suffering 4 year joindice then my hair loss . Dr how to regrow front and top head hairs plzzz suggests me… age – 30 years

  29. Sunny sharma says:

    My name is sunny sharma and I am from j&k katra . I was suffering 4 year joindice then my hair loss . Dr how to regrow front and top head hairs plzzz suggests me…

  30. Nabeeha Haider says:

    Hello doctor…..really wanted ur help yesterday i found out that there was a patch lf baldness known as baal jhar…..on my hair….my age is 22 years
    plz recommend some medicine or anything.

  31. jennifer trujillo says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I have had thinning hair for over 9 years (im 43). I had my 1st baby at 35 and and then another at 40. My hair thinning started 3-4 mons. after 1st baby and cont. to thin, then after I got pregnant 4 1/2 years later my hair got thick and grew back. Then 2-4 months after 2nd baby it started to thin again and doesnt seem to be growing in …. the thickness anyway, it grows in length, so frustrating. My legs sometimes itch, mostly behind my knees and sometimes all over the legs. And weight has increased about 40 lbs over 9 years…not happy about that either…..I breast fed for 3 years for each child. I eat well and wholefoods. Oh and Ive gotten 11 cavities in 9 years where i didnt have ONE for 15 years and 4 in my 20’s


  32. Hello sir I’m 40 yrs old and suffering from hypothyroidism and taking thyronorm 100 from last 10 yrs due to which my hair are very thin and is having severe hairfall due to which I have baldness on the top .Sir pkz suggest which medicine to take. Thanks

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    M shikha
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    Hlo sir….after rebonding my hairs fall and weak n grey plz give me right way to get rid off this condition… there hair bless in homeopathy and its good or not

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    …sir my humble request to u sir plzz help me sir

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  40. BURHAN ALAM says:

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  41. Shalini sharma says:

    Since 2009 my tsh level is high. It fluctuates 6 to 11. I have been consulting thyroid specialist but he has not started any medicine because except too much hair fall any other symptom is not matched .but now l because of too much hair fall too much thinning is there and at few places bald patches are also visible.l am 43 years old .scalptone will help me in regrowth of hair inspite of increased tsh level

  42. Priyesh Gupta says:

    Sir mai Priyesh Gupta mere ser me jagah-jagah se hair chale gaye hai aur aisha lagta hai jaishey koi kida mere hair ko dimak k tarah saaf kar raha hai aur mere hai bahut teji se jhad rahe hai ye lagbhag 5 year se hai….Sir pls give me some solution to stop my hair.

  43. pradeep kumar pradhan says:

    i a m only 25 years old and i totally lose my hair(70% top head bladness) . is it possible regrow hair ?

  44. Hello sir..plz help me to control my hair loss…
    I have many depression in my life…mera hair fall 1year as ho Raha he.. lekin now..mere sir pr bahut kam bal Rahe he..plz help me.muje kya diet Lena chahie kon sa shampoo use Karna chahie …plz suggest

  45. sir meri age 24 hai sir mere balo me bahut gyap gir rahi hai sir muze apki ray chahiya plz rply me sir or muze tratment ke bare puchhna tha mere bal firse jaise pahile the waise honge kya ?

  46. Soumen samanta. says:

    I am soumen samanta, from burdwan of age 24. I have lost hair for 6 years. Now i am almost bald. Is there any chance to regrow my hair back?

  47. Hello Dr. SHARMA my name is BIKASH and my age is 22 yrs. Last 2 years my hair is fallen and still falling and inside the hair skin itching lots and When I take shower that time too much falling hair. Please Dr. SHARMA help me what to do???

  48. Ashutosh singh says:

    Sir mere papa aur unke purwaj ko bladness ki problem thi. Aur mera bhi baal gir raha aur bladness ka rup le raha hai. kaya iska koi ilaaj nahi. Please sir iska solution bataaye

  49. Sakib Ansari says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I am 18 years old currently studying in Bangalore. My hair started falling 2 years ago and still continue. Hair of my sides are almost falled. I recently came to know about Homeopathic Product i.e Jaborandi Oil and Arnica Shampoo. I am using it from 10 days but still hairs can be seen during oiling or shampooing.
    Is this product is good?
    And how long should I use it to stop my hair loss?
    And Can these product bring my side hair back?
    Can my hair will become thick and dense?
    Thank You
    Waiting for ur reply.
    Sakib Ansari

  50. Are these Homeo medicine proven scientifically??

  51. i 52 male and have a bald head.earlier i had a thick hair but one of my doctor friend sprinkled sum chemical on my head 15 yrs back and i lost hair ,first of all it was just on the crown of the head but afterwards it spreaded to it possible to regrow my hir ?

  52. hello mam
    mri age 28 yrs hai mere hair rufly hai bht aur mjhe apne hair long aur heavy karne hai mai hair bht short hai pls aap help kare.

  53. sir ,
    mujhe 2 ,3 saal se bhut hair loss ho rha hai,mere hair bhut jyada patle ho geye hai or maine bhut kuch try ki lekin hair loss ki problem khtm nahi huyi. ek din me kam se kam 400 se 500 tk hair loss ho rha hai. sir plz mujhe kuch batiye main bhut pareshan hu.

    • Sir
      Mujhe der sal se bohut hair fall ho rahi hain.. 1 din main 400-500 tak hair loss hovrahi hai. Sab kuchh try kiya but koi fayda nehi hua.. mera hair bohot patla ho geya.. plz koi solution dijiye..

  54. julie khan says:

    Hello Dr.evry I hv hair fall Vt full. Bulk.I used to hv thick hair .bt Nw became vry thin.wat shud I me

  55. Shubham Soni says:

    Sir mera name Shubham soni h mai 20 years ka hu maine ek bar gel or straightners Use kiya tha tb se mere hairs fall start ho gya h or head khali hota ja rha h please sir koi solution btaye jis se hair again growth kare

  56. Shubham Soni says:

    Sir my hailfalling daily and so tantioned because of it. Some time i have used straightners, now my hailfall in no. Of 50 daily am totally irritated . Sir please give me any solution . I shall be greatfull to you.

  57. Does r89 have any side effects.. can it decrease fertility?

  58. vishwas Shukla says:

    I am 21 years old boy, and from last 4 years there is a scalp psorasis on my scalp.
    I have every treatment whether its allopathy and homeopathy,infact some home remedies like onion juice aloe vera,lime juice and spended thousands of bucks but instead of recovering its becoming worse day by day,and due to this i am lacking my confidence to potray myself infront of others,n in result stress nad depression.
    I am working in an MNC but i feel very shame about it, besides scalp hairs i have very thick beard and whole body have healthy hairs .Long back 4 years ago.. not even a single hair fall.. and i do care always. but all in all its totally worsening

  59. Subinoy Bhattacharya says:

    beard problem

  60. I m 20 years old …I lose my hairs day by day my hair is become very thin & I tried many things but it couldn’t help .. plz suggest me something what would I do

  61. I’m 18years old and I have very bad hair loss and dandruff from 3-4years. What do I do ?

  62. Raj shree says:

    Hii my self. Raj shree i have tried many things to stop hair fall but they did’nt work i am too depressed plzzzz plzz tell me ways to stop hair fall

  63. Gurmeet kaur says:

    I’m taking bio 89 for hair loss . Is it the right medicine?

  64. raaj priya says:

    Sir fast long hair krne ke liye onine ka use thik hoga,is ka koi side effect to nhi hoga na,plz mujhe long hair jaldi krne ka koi idea dijiye plz help me.

  65. sandhya kherwal says:

    Respected sir
    I m a 30 yrs old mother..after 4 months of my baby’s birth I started loosing my hair in excess..n the process of hairloss is still continuing with the same baby is six months old now n i m feeding ..pls suggest me some medicine so dat the hairloss stops..
    thanking u

    • Rahul Roy says:

      Respected sir

      My age is now 24, & a large amount of hair start to fall , main thing is that hair fallen occurs from the middle portion of my head, this problem running through 7-8 months and it did not growing back .

  66. Respected sir,
    I am 23 yr old and I m loosing my hairs.. Please suggest me medicine.. I want to back my hair please give me some tips also. Thank u

    • Shubham Soni says:

      Sir i am 21years old my hailfalling daily and so tantioned because of it. Some time i have used straightners, now my hailfall in no. Of 50 daily am totally irritated and it is not growing again . Sir please give me any solution . I shall be greatfull to you.

  67. I am depresed and stressed for 1 year .after that suddenly within 2 month a large amount of hair start to fall.i think it did not growing back.i am depresed again for this hair lose issu.i am a17 year boy

  68. Mighty fighter says:

    I am 17 years old boy and im lossing my hair suddeny.i am very depressed before the hair fal l start

  69. Niranjan Raita says:

    My hair to much lost,I want to back my hair!!! What’s the tips sir

  70. Kabir Singh says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma ji
    sir mai apne hair fall sai bhaut parsan hu .sir maire ser pai ab bhaut kam bal bache hai .sir app sai hardly reqst hai plz help or suggestion .

  71. Mukesh garg says:

    I have baldness .may i use selenium 200 of dr reckwage ,please suggest me .

  72. palwinder singh says:

    I have baldness problem, there are three pathes on my head, and now my hairfall problem. What to do,??

  73. baldness

  74. Hello dr sharma my name is zuby i have severe hair fall issue and i do have thyroid problem and i know that is one of the reason for hair fall i also have hormonal imbalance and for that i have facial hair issue one of my homeo doctor from india sent me some medication for facial hair issue she says it will take 3 months is there any medication i can order which can help for both problems how about adel9 will that work does that make skin dry and will grow more facial hair

  75. Dear persons, My daughter has hair loss since 10 years ago… we think due to using chemical straightener for curly hair. she still has hair but much has fallen out. she is desperate. what can you recommend? thank you

    • Ranjan kumar says:

      hi sir, my age is 23. I’m losing almost 100 hairs a day.Is this a symptom of hair loss?my hairs are much hard and dry.Please help me.Thank you.

  76. Aditya dhavle says:

    Hi sir my name is aditya and i am 25 years old and suffering from hair loss( excess) and a bit balde from back side… there a permanent solution to stop hair fall and regrow hair.

    • I am 59 years old. I have severe hair loss problem. I have become slightly bald at the centre near the hair parting. What should I do. I have started R89. Is it helpful? Is there any other medication I should take?

  77. Hello Doctor ..
    I am suffering from a very oily/greasy scalp with persistant itching and irritation. I have been loosing a lots of hair since 3 months at the time of bathing or otherwise and the problem is consistantly aggravating. I have been prescribed CRI-regen drops for my problem. I am shampooing daily to trear my oily scalp from an anti-dandruff shampoo but it is hardly benefitting.
    Help me in knowing if my prescription is up to the mark . Its been a week consuming CRI-regen.

    Thank you

  78. Narottam Mondal says:

    Sir my life is hair problems with I can help

  79. Muneer Ahmad Lone says:

    sir i am from kashmir 3 months ago i went to delhi for a job and i have started a heavy hair fall and i would come back to my home but my hair fall is continue how can i stop my hair fall please help me to prevent my hair fall

    thank you

  80. pravin kumar mishra says:

    sir, i am 29 years .my hair become very white as head &chest . .sir give me suggestion please.

  81. Anindya Sarkar says:

    Dr. I am a 21 uear guy.. I’ve tge problem of hairfall due to dandruff problem & also I take a lot of stress.. from last 2years I’ve lost a big amount of hair.. the becomes thin & thacauses much hairfall..
    Then I’ve thought about taking medicine & on recommendation of my friend who was suffering from the same problem of hairfall, suggested me to take. PHOSPHORUS 30c as a remedial.. not along on his recommendation I’ve searched the internet about taking the medicine & found there is also said that it could be a great remedial for hairfall & new hair growth.
    So my question is for u that can u tell me the doses of the medicine?? & Is it okay to take PHOSPHORUS 30c as a remedial??

  82. Subrata Dutta says:

    I am 23 years old male.My hair is too much dry and everyday after taking bath i loose a huge amount of hair..Now it is being a great problem to me.Whenever I apply oil a large amount of hair comes out in each massage and during shampooing their is lots of hair fall.I am losing hair bt it didn’t grow back.please give me a solution sir.

  83. arvind prajapati says:

    dear sir
    i have problm of baldness at the top of a days my hair have fallen too much….and in my head a big patch have been showing….

  84. ankit Anand says:

    I am 27 year old male. I am suffering from baldness and huge amount of hair loss. kindly suggest me sir please.

  85. Preety singh says:

    I am 43 years old woman facing severe hairloss. My periods have also become irregular .feeling so depressed. I have tried various hair packs including homemade banana honey pack it nothing is helping. Pl guide.

  86. Saleem Khan says:

    how many mg scalptone & lycopodium tablet use in baldness

  87. Faryal here from Canada
    I m losing my hair day by day I don’t knw the reason

  88. Avinash A Jariwala says:

    Can Dr. Rechwegde R89 be taken orally for hair fall?

  89. Sir I am a 17 year old . During my school days I had thick hair but nowdays my hair has become very thin and hair fall is excessive . Whenever I apply oil a large amount of hair comes out in each massage and during shampooing their is lots of hair fall. Can biotin tablets cure this problem??? Does biotin tablets have any side effect? Any other tablets which can help my hair fall and multiply hair growth.?

  90. on the my scalp hair is everywhere bt nt thick so it appear jst like baldness.i used alopethic treatmnt n they suggest to use continued a lotion for lifetime.dat was tugain 5% n tugain 10%.pls tell me wat i do for strong n thich hair.if i used jaborandi oil it is possible

  91. I am 23 years old and I’m suffering from hair fall above 3 years and recently I applied directly ampoule to stop hair fall and due to this my haifall increases and what to do plz suggest.

  92. sameer anas says:

    I am suffering from hair falling from 4 months I m in having problem… What should I do for it please give me suggestion… Thank you

  93. I am 30 years old female suffering from pcos related severe hair hair is very thin and brittle there any treatment ?i am takina ADEL 9 but my friend advised to take Reckeweg r 89.what should i do?i am in total distress and sometimes feel suicidal tendency.

  94. Rahul Das says:

    Hair loss problem due to ileum ulcer Dr give me pentasa and steroid ..
    Please help me out

    • Rahul Das says:

      Hair loss problem due to ileum ulcer Dr give me pentasa and steroid ..
      Please help me out.
      Prolong medicine taken 3yrs now I can feel my thining and bald area.

  95. Rajeev Singh says:

    I am 17… And I am suffering from hairfall from a long time… There is no family history of hairfall in my house…. I don’t know what to do please help me

  96. Rosetta BRown says:

    I am a female in my 60 and I started having hair loss when I started going through menopause. Is there a natural product out thre that does not cause side effects. Any help would be appreciated.

  97. mahendra pal singh says:

    Sir i m Sikh guy .im facing severe hair fall from any scalp problam.kindly suggest any drug

  98. sukhdev says:

    I’m loosing hairs mainly from the front side of the head. I’m only 25 now & have almost half baldness in the front end. Do suggest something. Thanks.

  99. sameer anas says:

    I am suffering from having problem of hair falling from 6 month
    Per day hair falling count 40 to 50 hair…
    What should I do for it please give me suggestion…

  100. Aditya Agrawal says:

    Hello sir..I am suffering from severe hair loss.It just started about a month ago and now sone parts of hair of my back side has totally gone away..and in front side too..but little hair is coming out from the roots..When my hair falls something white coloured substance sometimes I see in the root of my hair.What should I do now.?and when I make shampoo also I suffer from severe hair loss.about 40-60 hair comes out normally when I shampoo from about a week.I am 13 years old

  101. Heloo ser mai 18 Year ka hu mai jab b
    hi nahata hu to mere bal 15 20 Bal jharte
    hai plz help me ser…

    • shivani thapa says:

      hello sir my hair is falling everyday, whenever I comb my hair its fall every where nd by dat my hair were getting weak and they were also getting ruff.. my hair is silky nd straight, nd I m 22 years old.. its very scary to loose hair everyday. help me out..

  102. shivnya sinha says:

    my hair has many patches i hv started to use the medicine acid follicum from a few months.may i use the medicine r89 in three times along with acid follic

  103. nerosha rani says:

    hair faalling more than 200 while taking shower as im using mediciens prescribed by doctor aftre using them having more hair fall

  104. Hi I am 30 year married female got married 7 months back. My hair are growing grey fast and on front side they are visible and are falling with dandruff, am not able to controll the growth is too slow that if I cut them they will grow in years. The texture is too rough and dull I am having dry hair plz help me out.

  105. karma tseten gyatso says:

    Hello sir
    My name is karma and im 22 years startin to have hair fall from the front part of my head although it is quite thick at the back the hair ..what should i do ??plz help

  106. Gyanendra Kumar says:

    Hello Sir, I am falling my hair form last 4 years from my frontal area. now i have lost most of my front hair. I am of 25 now and most of the people predict me as i am of 28 years old. I am very much depressed with my hairs. I have lost my confidence because of this. I am from a very common family so i can not go for a very expensive treatment. Please help me out that how to stop hair falling and can i get my hair back.

    Please help me….. A big thanks is advance.

  107. sir,
    I lost most of my hair from my head. and there are number of patches are developed on top. I had a good and healthy hair before 6 months ago. now it’s just vanishing day by day. I’m just 21 . I’m now totally scared. will it grow back. pls help me.

  108. gautam kumar singh says:

    hii sir,
    i am gautam singh. actually my hair is weak and not growth. some hair is coming bt its too much weak what should i do. please give me some idea to stop my hair lose and growth also. if possiable thn please give your number.

  109. Sir i am 23 years old. I m getting so much of hair loss almost got baldness st back of the head….. Help plz

  110. Amit Kumar says:

    I 24 years old.I have heavy hair fall .please power fullsolution .and my head baldness .what regrowth hair possible. If yes please solution

  111. I have a heavy hairfall plz can u tell me the way which help me to reduce hairfall… i have wikness also


  113. vishal naik says:

    Hello sir my name vishal naik.I am 27 year old .I am suffering from hair loss last 1 year.Iam very upset.plz give me use full advise can I use homeopathy treatment?

  114. bijayalaxmi moharana says:

    hello sir. I am 21year old.. Sir i have lost a lot of hair and almost get baldness on my forehead area ..plz sir plz help to regrowth new hair on these area…plz sir

  115. vishal choudhary says:

    sir mere hair bahut jar rahe hai bahut kuch kiya but ruk nahi rahe ….plz….explain regrowth tips…..only regrowth tips

  116. umapathi says:

    hello sir!
    my age is 24 i lost 100 plus hairs daily
    why these much hairs i lost
    please suggest any medicians…

  117. rajesh singh says:

    Sir acutely problem is my younger doughter has white hair she’s age is11 so I worry about this problem pleas suggest ne

  118. RAJESH KUMAR says:

    Hi sir I m 24 yrs old, I m getting so much of hair loss almost got baldness.. please give me some remedies.

  119. I have been taking Yasmin since past 2.5-3 mths as suggested by a doctor because i was suffering from hairfall. I want to know if i can take R89 homeopathic medicine alongwith Yasmin for hairfall as suggested by someone to me.


  120. Hi sir I m 25 yrs old, I m getting so much of hair loss almost got baldness.. please give me some remedies.

  121. Manoj Punjabi says:

    I am 41 years old , I am facing male pattern baldness, and i have lost a lot of hairs and now you can see my scalp , i want to ask that if it can be cured or not?,,

    Before i was having dandruff .
    I am using R89 since one month , and now i don’t have dandruffs and now i am taking very care of my hairs since one month, but i feel there is no any improvement in my hair growth

    i want to ask if there is any way i can get hairs back,,


  122. I am loosing hair terribly. I had been to Dr. Batras clinic December last year and my ferritin level was 12. The doctor suggested I take adgain, omega 3, biotin, multi gold and iron tablet 100 mg per day and also vitamin E IU 6000!once a week.. I have been taking these for the last 3 months. My hair fall still persist and I observe my hair has become more thin than what it was in December. I am using biotique shampoo. I am really depressed. Kindly help me to know if I need to take something else and when can I see new growth and when the hair fall will reduce. Please help

  123. HomeoVeda says:

    Yes you can grow your hair. Homeopathy is a very effective treatment for hair loss and all kind of skin desease. has a very effective treatment for this.

  124. Hi

    Is r89 effective for receding hairline and thinning of hair


  125. Pooja soni says:

    Sir meri beti ki umar 9 year hai us ko last 2 years se hair fall ki problem hai. Birth se uske bal bahot ghane the lekin ab bahot hi patale ho gaye hai Jo bal chale gaye he uski jagah per new hair nahi aa rahe hai uska sclap dikhane laga hai. Use dandruff nahi hai.lekin sclap me itching hoti he. Uske daily 50 to 100 bal girate hai. Aur after hair wash and hair oiling 100 se bhi jyada bal jhadte hai. Me uska allopathic ayurvedic and homeopathic sabhi treatment karwa chuki hu. Lekin koi fayada nahi hua. Sir please give me a perfect solution .I am very depressed.

  126. ankur verma says:

    dear sir i m 23 years old i will facing hair loss problem i will going docter cunsalt me more tablet aur solution but he will not working please tell me any tab and solution to recover my hair

  127. Sir im suffering from hairfall from 2 years .im 18 now.i’ve tried many shampoos and home remedies but no change .im not able to concentrate on my studies please sir give me a solution

  128. sir,i am 23 year age,working in share advisory field,sir when i was in 10 class i had suffered major illness and after that my hair has fallen regularly,but at time i had lossed hairs in front side of head that looks very bad.i have tried so many treatments but problems persist same,presently i used dr reddy mintop 2% solution but there is no any relief,sir please suggest me how i regain my lost hairs in those bald areas of head.please sir help me i am very oblise for you life long.

  129. Hlo Dr . i am 18 years old and hair loss start from my head and itching please help

  130. Hello Sir I am Praful 26 , Pune . I’m suffering from hairfall from 2 years .i’ve tried many shampoos and home remedies but no change .i m going bald day by day please sir give me a solution

  131. Dattatreya satapathy says:

    sir , Before taking homeopathic medicine , i was taking alopatic medicine for hair loss , such as biotin tablets . My hair loss had reduced but after discontinuing it . Again my hair loss resumes… So now i am taking Bakson’s AC#9 tablets… Will it work… Can you please reply me . I am suffering from androgenic alopecia . With regards

  132. kya Jo Baal chle gye h bo bapis aa sakte h plz btao 9781399356

  133. suraj singh says:

    Hello sir my name suraj singh.I am 27 year old .I am suffering from hair loss last 3 year.I am very upset.plz give me use full advise .

  134. Vivek Kumar Mahato says:

    Sir I am 26 years old. I am suffering from hair loss. Can my hair regrow. Please suggest the appropriate medicines

  135. pavan kalyan says:

    Sir im suffering from hairfall from 2 years .im 18 now.i’ve tried many shampoos and home remedies but no change .im not able to concentrate on my studies please sir give me a solution

  136. Hello Doc!
    I am 29 with m/h/o Br. Asthma. Have been on high dosage of corticosteroids on and off since the past 18 yrs. I had very very thick and long hair. It has thinned down considerably. I am really worried as my hair is literally “my crowning glory”. I got my Thyroid levels tested last month – all is well. Pl advise.

  137. anaytullah khan says:

    Dear Dr.SharmaSaheb
    I am 30 yes old i am suffering from white hair last some years for head and now my facial & chest hair start whiting plz suggest me some homeo medicines.or mother tincture my life is very stressfully abt job etc. I have constipation problem too its my thinking may be please give any precious suggestions which medicine should I take
    Thanks and Best Regards

  138. SHEKHAR shaRMA says:

    HELLO SIR!! ….I AM SUFFERING FROM VERY MAJOR HAIR LOSS FROM 2 YEARS…… I M IN THE CONDITION THAT I DONT COMB HAIR BCOZ IT WILL FALL A LOT I TRY NOT TO BATH BCOZ HAIR WILL FALL ……IT all stated 2 years back hen i was in college ……….by birth i had very thick and good hair due to genetics my father and even my grand father have very thick hair now also even my maternal grandfather has also very thick hair …so was i have 2 years back……….heridetrically there was no chance of my hair loss but ….2 years back i in summers i had very long long drives on bike for 30 to 4o km daily on bike …………suddenly after 2 months severe hair fall started and with that hair fall one more thing came that was a white kind of dandruff …but its characterstics where rather dfference from that of dandruff it causes very very much itching on the scalp and it doesnot go away in any case…even i had shaved my hair many times but it doesnt go……….but at that time 2 years back i was thinking may be i have not done proper care of hair so this is happening ………my grasndfather have hair in this age i cant be bald as bcoz at that time i was knoiwing only one reason for hairfall that is heridetric but this cant be in case of my so …… but after that2 years are over i had saved my hair many times but both hair fall and that white dandruff are same condition……..then once i was seeing a programe of baba ramdev he as telling that people goes for holidays at amny places and they stays in hotels and uses the towels provided by hotel staff …which were earlier used by some bald persons and they also get the virus and looses all hair in one month…listning to this lecture …… i got shockeed bco i remebered that wwhen i was livibg in college at that time my 3of room patrners were balds and they also have this white dandruff type which was settled fully on scalp ……. and also i had used thier towel as well as thier combs many times …….so had igot there virus ……..????????? and if yes then pls suggest me how to cure it????? pls help me sir i m in deep trouble I HAD CONSULTED SOME ENGLIS DOCTRS HE TOLD ME TO USE A SHAMPOO CALD TRIODAN AND A HAIR OIL CALLED HG FIVE BUT I HAD NOT USED IT YET BCOZ I DONT KNOW WHEATHER IT WILL WORK OR NOT

  139. anita patel says: name is Anita .my problem is so much hair fall. I use mintop 5% n hair bless tablets from last one month . I found little bald on my head. My hair become so thin .I want regrow of hair n thick hair as when I was study.

  140. Faiqa Salman says:

    Age 42
    Severe hairfall happening this year
    And Hair have become very thin and very rough
    60% hair white since 10 years
    Heredity cause as well
    I’m being treated for low calcium and vitamin A

  141. M.d.imran ansari says:

    Sir main 23sal ka Hu aur mere Baal bahut hijyada jhad rahe hain Maine bhut si oil sampu istemal kiya lekin kuch bhi asar nahi huwa main bhut hi presan honelaga hun sir mujhe is bmari sir iska ilaj btaye

  142. Devshree Ferwani says:

    Sir. M suffering from hair problems.i had lost half of my hair in last 6 months and the scalp is visible now. M very depressed. Can i get my hair back?? Pls help me

  143. Hi Doctor. I’ve been experiencing a lot and lot of hair fall past 2 months and also there’s thick dandruff. Whenever I bathe I see hair falling out in knots and they’re long strands. Is it due winter or that I had exams 2 months ago? Please help! I’m using biolace matrix anti-dandruff shampoo. Please hekp. And I’m 19.

  144. Hello Sir,

    I am 35 years old.I suffered from Lymphoma in Oct 2012. After Chemo I got my hair back but gradually I kept losing my front hair. Could you please suggest something?


  145. Megha Garodia says:

    M suffering from Alopecia …after pregnancy.

  146. Girjesh sahu says:

    Hi I am 26 years old…. SuddenlySuddenly I lost hairhair & my hair have already 80% white.So please suggest me some medicine or another method to grow new hair. Please

  147. Manojprabhu says:

    Hi I am 26 years old… Suddenly I lost hair where I used to comb the hair’s after the chennai flood

  148. Vikram singh says:

    I m 20 year old. My hair is falling from mostly from middle portion. Only few hair are remaining in the middle portion. I m always take balance dite. I m affected any kind of long term deasise. So, please suggest me some medicin or another method to grow my new hair. Please

    • Rajarshi koner says:

      I m 20 year old. My hair is falling from frontal portiin of the head. Only few hair are remaining in the frontal portion. I m always take balance dite. I m affected any kind of long term deasise. So, please suggest me some medicin or another method to grow my new hair. Please

  149. our hair fall continuous
    how I can prevent

  150. Sagarika Das says:

    Hello. I’m of 19. I have some spots and allergies at my back from neck to back. The spots are continuously increasing day by day. I don’t know what to do. So Is there any medicine which can cure my back spots permanently and can remove the spots within two months because I have to go to a party and would have to wear backless dress so it is really important for me to remove my back spots asap. I eagerly need that please suggest me a medicine.

    • hello!..i’m 19 years old & i’m having a serious hair fall problem from my 15…before that i had a very good density of hair on my head…but suddenly that hair fall start & i’m start loosing my hair…what diet or medicine should i take to regrow my hair & reduce the amount of hair fall….
      i need your help plz reply….

  151. Veena Khare says:

    Sir I am lossing about 100 hair they are falling from root after a long treatment done it is offno use my tyroid is controlled I amafraid 2 years say homeopathic treatment liya no use

  152. sir I only just wanted to know that is homeopathy treatment for hair loss is effective and regrow my hair back please reply thanks.

  153. abdul sattar says:

    Hello sir I m from pakistan and I m suffer from hair loss my age is23 and 70 kg weight with 5`10 height my hair start falling past 1year can you please help and suggest me some suitable things for regrow beautiful hair

  154. Hi , I have been dealing with hair coming out from the bulb for 2o months now , I do have s lung disease but I have been on iv Adam for that for 4 yrs . I also take Effexor and clonopin , the only different thing I had changed when it started was going to generic Effexor , I have went to 6 doctors . They say stress , I know it’s not stress a yr n a half ago my blood showed low iron n vit d I now take both , my thyroid is fine my estrogen is super low n im now on estrogen replacement ,im 51 and I’m def entering menopause soon I have been on nioxin And minoxidil and a zillion diff shampoos . I have taken hair vitamins including that one that’s like 40 bucks in the pharmacy starts with a v I think it has marine complex in it . I’m at a loss and it is causing meuch unhappiness is there any help u can give me? Ty!

  155. I am an 18 years old boy suffering from serious harloss from whole of my body since last three years and especially hairs of my head. There is a dandruff like shedding skin from my scalp and serious itchiness is also experienced my me on my scalp. I have shown it to many doctors and dermetologists and also underwent medication but it is not effective at all. My frontal part of head is almost bald 50% and it is so embarassing for me as a college student. My father is bald. Am i inherited? isn’t there any solution?

  156. Ritika Nayak says:

    Hi Question is..can a normal person I.e.non medicated person apply medicated hair oil for life long? Product name:Adven naturals folli therapy with jaborandi hair oil.Can it ne used for life long? N is thr any side effects?


    • I am an 18 years old boy suffering from serious harloss from whole of my body since last three years and especially hairs of my head. There is a dandruff like shedding skin from my scalp and serious itchiness is also experienced my me on my scalp. I have shown it to many doctors and dermetologists and also underwent medication but it is not effective at all. My frontal part of head is almost bald 50% and it is so embarassing for me as a college student. My father is bald. Am i inherited? isn’t there any solution?

  157. I am a 32yr old female. Plz help, I am suffering from severe hair fall since the after birth of my son who is now 2yrs old. I had a miscarriage previous to this pregnancy and conceived 4 months after it.
    For the first time even during the pregnancy I had tremendous hair fall, which stopped after the 6-7months pregnancy. Then again the severe shedding started when my son became 2.5months. And it’s the same till now. Plz help I have tried all types of supplements vitamins biotin nothing stops it.
    Even tried a dose or 2 of sulphur 200
    Sepia 200
    No change
    My hairline is residing more n more and hair is very scanty not top of my head, I can c my scalp. When my son bcame one year old I developed hypothyroid, not before that Bcoz I have consistently tested for it I didn’t have it before at all, I got it after local application of iodine on my scalp. I’m taking 50mg levothyroxine for it . Plz prescribe

  158. patil Bhushan says:

    I am suffering from loss of hair in 2-3 month
    I treated to doctor he said alopecia diases is tolegen .my age is 20 .some medicine are take but no result found loss of hair .so to me sir & pls.reply

  159. akshay shah says:

    Hii sir…mujhe sir me khujli bahut hoti he…aur rojana 30-40 bal nikal jate he……kya ye normal he…me 19 saal ka hu….sir pls help me….

  160. Dr I m 18 years old and I am having smoothy scars on my head on which the hairs doesn’t take growth I don’t know what to do I have tried every oils and medicines but they are being spreading fastly reply plz

  161. A.K.Pandey says:

    I am about40years and i have no hair on my head in front.So,i request you to tell me the best medicine for me.

  162. prosanto sarkar says:

    I am 18 years old boy.I have Itching whole scalp and hairfalling .I face this last 8 month .please sir tell me what Should I do.

  163. Hlo sir I’m 18 year old.. I live in India… I face hairfall from last 9 months… I’m really very depressed …. I wont my hair back. I also have dandrufff problem..i think dandruff is responsible for hairfall..i don’t know what to do…plzzz help me.. Online..sir plzz

  164. Harendra gupta says:

    dear sir, my age is 25 and I live in
    faridabad I am suffering from hair falling . what should I do , please sir help me to solve this problem

  165. sir,I am just 16 years old I am facing hair fall problem since a can I prevent hair fall..please..

  166. hair fall

  167. I am facing problem of severe hair fall. Its been almost 8 months that my hair are falling. They are falling in bunches especially while washing hair or after applying hair oil. I am taking various supplements like fefol z for iron, calcium etc but no relief. Now my hair have become too thin. I also have lots of grey hair.
    I have been taking

    NATRUM MUR 200 one drop in morning
    WEISBADEN 200 one drop in evening
    SELENIUM 200 one drop in morning
    ACID PHOS 200 one drop in evening
    LYCOPODIUM 1M one drop once a week

    Plz suggest that i should continue these medicines or change them


  168. Sir… I’m just 21 and my hair is falling very fastly and i’m just blad from my front head what i’ve done for my hair.. That it growth fast and healthy… Ply reply fast ;-(

  169. tatvamasi vuyan says:

    sir , im 24 and 60 % of my hair are grey how can i use to this problam please … help me

  170. Sushmita Banik says:

    I am presently living in Bangalore and i am suffering hair loss since almost one year.
    Actually i am from Durgapur, West Bengal. I came to Bangalore for job purpose.
    Can you prescribe me some medicine so that to prevent hair loss.
    Thanks in advance.


  171. I am 23yrs old.i am suffering from excessive hair fall from last 3 months,my hair has lost all volumn.kindly suggest something

  172. prachi jain says:

    suffering from alopecia….now have only 5% hair…m 27 year old
    plz help me…

  173. Karan vinod sonawane says:

    I have problem of white hair
    what can i do
    i am 15 year old
    call me

  174. avinash gautam says:

    i’m 24 yrs old..about 3.5 ysr my hair is falingg and continue..falingg..going to be baldness…..what is special teratment to me…

  175. Respected Sir
    I m 21 years old and I m suffering from continue hair fall from last 8 month and scalp can be seen easily prescribe me a healthy hair to grow….please sir…..

  176. Good Morning Dr. Sharma
    Am using Homeopathy Hair oil which results too good. But now my problem is hair loss. is there anything which helps to hair regrow . THank you Sir

  177. Dear Dr, I have been using R89 orally as well as topically as recommended for the past 5 months.also I use 10% jaborandi oil SBL product. no appreciable results. developing male pattern baldness since 2011. now density is much reduced and hairs have thinned out. suggest me some homoeopathic drug to regain my lost hairs. I’ll be very grateful to u.

  178. Vishakha kala says:

    I m 23yrs old and I m suffering from excessive hairfall, my hair has lost all the volume and shine… kindly suggest something

  179. Sanju Tarafdar says:

    Skin and hair homeo treatment

  180. Sir,I am a boy of 23 suffering from
    severe hair loss and baldness. My
    scalp can be seen from far also.
    Also i am suffering from very much
    dandruff. My hair is very
    head skin is not hard as others its
    Sir please help…….

  181. Sir,I have severe hair fall my age is only 19 what measures should be taken to control hair fall and how new hair is generated in place of fallen hair

  182. Sir,I am a boy of 17 suffering from severe hair loss and baldness. My scalp can be seen from far also. Also i am suffering from very much dandruff. My hair is very head skin is not hard as others its spongy.There is some infection like also on my head.
    Sir please help…….

  183. Sachin Kaushik says:

    Dear Sir,
    As most of the people in India, I had good hair too however they are falling like anything now. I believe MPB has started since my hairline is already receding. I have just started taking CRI-REGEN (ADEL-9) and I just want your advice as in would that be right option to go with and would help or there is something else that I can take to stop hair fall and other problems related to them.

  184. jyoti kadve says:

    Hello sir I have 11 yrs old boy .. He is having white hairs from childhood and now he is suffering from hair loss from one side like Alopecia

    Pls Dr can you alive this big problem
    pls pls dr

  185. avneesh kapoor says:

    Helle respected sir…
    I have much problem of my hairfall sir daily 50-100 hairs loss and dendruff are also and I have taken the madicene in hospital from MD but not stop now so sir plz give me advise and call me on my number


  186. manish yadav says:

    respected sir,
    I am 18 year old and i loses 30-40 hair daily and even my hair has become so thin that the root of the hair can be seen from the outside only and even i had my forehad from childhood onwards but day by day my forehad is becoming wider and wider
    so please tell me how can i control my hair fall and how can i grow my hair deeply and strong

  187. Mr. samuel ghatge says:

    Dear sir,
    Sir i am 26 years old and facing hair loss problem since 5-6 years and in this duration i consulted some doctors and took treatment from them but there is no improvement in my hair. still i am loosing my hairs and now i can see my baldness approaching soon. i am really worried for it and i have some rays of faith in you. Please help me out i will be very thankful to you.

  188. I am 20 years old and i start loosing my hair from middle to front part of my head.i tried many products but still my hair how i can cure it?

  189. abhaishek bhati says:

    sir, i’m an 18 years old guy suffering with the problem of hairfall , and i lost a lot of hairs till the date,,,,
    currently i’m using scalptone tablets, hairaid, jaborandi oil…..
    how can i regain my hairs?????

  190. Sir my hair is falling since 3 months. It is coming along with root. Pls help.

  191. shefali saxena says:

    sir meri age33yrs hai.mene last year lipoma ki minor surgery karayi thi jiske baad hair fall start ho gya tha mai jaborandi oil use karti hu kuch months me hair kam fall ho jata h lekin fir jaada hone lagte h. aap koi medicine btaye jisse hairfall na ho..

  192. sonam kushwaha says:

    i am 24yrs old girl from last 2 month my hair,eyebrow,eyelashes are falling and day by day falling of all eyebrow,eyelashes and head hair are increases..i consult dermatolgy also bt they prescribed me biotine tablet and hair 4 u 2% and told me to apply this lotion twice a week,but after applying this lotion my hair falling are increased and i m totally depressed and that time i cant think anything that what i have to do but when i visit agaain a dr,he told that hair are falling because lack of vitamine and he prescribed me kera glo and kera black tablet and again gainehair 2%..i apply gainehair but i have allergy from i left to apply this lotion after,actualy from last 4 month i have a join pain,i dont know what is a reason why my hair are fall as well as eyebrow and eyelashe i am very much depressed..plz sir help me and plz suggest how i overcomr from this

  193. sonam kushwaha says:

    i am 24yrs old girl from last 2 month my hair,eyebrow,eyelashes are falling and day by day falling of all eyebrow,eyelashes and head hair are increases..i consult dermatolgy also bt they prescribed me biotine tablet and hair 4 u 2% and told me to apply this lotion twice a week,but after applying this lotion my hair falling are increased and i m totally depressed and that time i cant think anything that what i have to do but when i visit agaain a dr,he told that hair are falling because lack of vitamine and he prescribed me kera glo and kera black tablet and again gainehair 2%..i apply gainehair but i have allergy from i left to apply this lotion after,actualy from last 4 month i have a join pain,i dont know what is a reason why my hair are fall as well as eyebrow and eyelashe i am very much depressed..plz sir help me

  194. kabita behera says:

    I m 22 yrs old girl.mera hair pichhle 5 saal se jhad raha he.mera sclape bahat oily he.shampoo k ek din bad hi oil nikal jata 5 saal se bahat kuchh try kar chuki hun par kuchh vi kam nahi kar raha infact hair fall badh gaya he .me kya use karu kuchh treatment bataiye.I can’t use oil.

  195. Dr. Sir mere baal loss ho rahe hai khujali or dandruff ki problam lagti hai khujali adhic hoti hai kirpp karke kuch treatment de main 23 1/2 Years ka hu
    namashkar Dr shahib

  196. Mai pichle 4 salo to hair fall ki problem face kar rahi humai unmarried hu meri age 23 h Maine homeopath alopathy ayurvedic sabhi treatments liye but kuch ni hua still mera hair fall hota h regular hota h doc. Ko consult karne k bad unhone kha ki mujhe koi bimaru ni h yeh normal hair fall h but bhot excessive level ka hair fall hota h wash karne PR comb karne PR each time I comb same quantity of my hair I loose.. Pehle se mere hair bhot thin ho gai h plz suggest me what do I do to stop them

  197. Hello Sir,

    Meri umar 30 saal hai aur 4 saal ke beti hai, mari sar ke samne se bhut sare bal jad chuke hain or wahan gangapan jaisa dikne laga hai, regular etching bhi hota hai . kirpa kar ke kuch adcvise de.


  198. Hello Dr,
    I have too much hair fall .i have taken lots medicine for allophathy. Now i am using phosphorus 200 in homeopathy .is this correct medicine for hair & how to use phosphorus ? I mean direct or mix with cold water.

  199. I am from hair is falling and when I apply oil to my hair at that time my front portion of head is slightly visible.what I have to do and my age is 22 .what type of blood test required to know the reason of hair fall? Now my hair is thin and when I wash my hair at that time more hair is falling .plz sir tell me some effective solution.

  200. sir i m 23year old nd i m suffering from hair loss and etching in my head and lot of dandruff. plz help nd give me a right suggestions.

  201. Guramritbir singh says:

    Hlo sir, i am 20 year old . My hear falling every day since 3,4 months. I used many oils such as, sisha, kesh king, kesh pari etc. But my hear falling still. I did straight my hear with straighting creams. Sir i big u .pls tell me any solution of this problem. Plz

  202. sandip mandal says:

    sir im from kolkata and im 21 years old ….boy…sir i have been suffering from hair loss from top of the head…its running since earliar now i have very thin hair so sir can u give me suggestion to overcome from it im so worried about it … father is also bald….and my unckle too…..i cant visit u so kindly suggest me those medicine which i can get from any homopathy clinic

  203. biswadipmukherjee says:

    dear sir,
    I am 25 year old.i has lost my hairs i want to regrowth my hairs so plz sir suggest me. plz plz plz sir help me plz plz plz…..

  204. Hi,
    sir my name is hruday and i m lossng hair daily
    and creatng bladness around my four head
    i tried to more oilng my hair bt it never wrks its gradually increasing hair loss and thining my hair and maknghait very dry.
    Plz help me how can i ovr cme this prblm??

  205. Arup Kr. Biswas says:

    I am 49 years old, I am residing at West Bengal, ASANSOL. I have lost hair in some portion of the top zone of my head (routes are exist). But both side and back zone of head have normal hair. I have tried to improve the problem by taking 6 months treatment of Dr.Paul’s but due to economic problem I failed.
    Sir, I want to know Is it possible to grow hair with an economy range ? If possible, suggest me to take medicine and oil. Presently I am not using any medicine / oil.

  206. I am suffering from hair loss am hypothyroid for which am taking thyronorm.
    am taking bcomplex with folic acid but no help, will vitamin e help in reducing my hair fall.
    am also eating flax seeds

  207. Harishankar kushwaha says:

    sir I am suffering from hair falling in excess quantity .I loss about 50in every day please give me any suggestions.

  208. Plzz help me..iam suffering frm dandruff and my hairs are falling at the age of 20 wil the fallen hairs grow back since it has been losing frm the hair root plz give me suggestions throgh maill plzzz

  209. Sir,
    I m suffering from two problems. One is early whitening of hairs. I m 33 years old. And the other is hirutism. I would like to know whether both the problems can be treated together or not? Moreover what medicines should I take to cure the problem?

  210. I have suferring from hair fall since 4yr
    now i m using menixodril 5
    and h vit tablet
    and finacet
    sir plz help me
    give advice to stop hair fall and regrow
    u r last option of my
    thank u

  211. pawan kumar says:

    I am pawan kumar. i having hair fall problem for last 3 year . In 2013 i have took alopathy treatment and my hair came back and healthy after six month. now same problem is showing my scalp and side hair is falling. before 2 month i had large tonsil and lumph in my neck now my lumph is ok and i am taking tonsil treatment from homeopathy. please suggest me homeopathy better treatment for my hair.

  212. amruta pillai says:

    Hello, I m 30 yrs married woman, I have only one son age 7. My problem is my hairs r falling too badly n on above forehead it’s looking lil gap due to hair falls. My balance diet is not good at all an my hb is also very low, May be 8. PlZ help me so tht I ‘ll not look ugly..

  213. Siddhartha roy says:

    Sir, i am a 18 year old boy and I used to apply conditioners on my scalp and I suffered from a low blood pressure for some days. Now, its been 8 months since I am suffering from hairfall. I would be very obliged if you suggest me a way by which i can regrow my lost hair.

  214. simmi saxena says:

    Dr. Sharma i am facing hair fall since 1 month when i shifted noida from bareilly . thickness of my pony reduces day by day and i m facing severe hairfall since i came noida. Plz tell me options to out of these nowadays i am really very ten’s . half of my tension is just bcz of hairfall.

  215. Hi I’m 14 and in 16 days I’ll be 15 and my legs Shedd hair everywhere I don’t know how to make it stop
    I have no health problems at all

  216. Sar my hair all dropped please helped me any treatment .

  217. Anand pathak says:

    I am 55years old and suffering from huge baldness especially on the front and top portion of my present I m using jaborandi hairoil..will it work to grow new hair?

  218. MUKTAMALA ROY says:

    I am 44yrs old lady. After 2nd delivery (difference between 1st & 2nd delivery is 12 yrs ,1st baby normal 2nd scissor baby )since 12/09/2007 I am suffering from excessive hair falling with Anemia(last Hb % 8, iron tablet taken for 3 months) and hair grey becoming with painful lower limb and vascular tumor on Rt external throat.I have taken homeopathy medicine from renowned doctor but I have not get any results .
    Family history _ CA (father),baldness(father)
    pl. suggest me for regrouth of hair.
    with thank,

  219. Tajrin Ferdaus says:

    The crown area of my scalp suddenly became very oily. I have washed my hair with every shampoo I thought was strong or harsh. Nothing works. Please tell me what this is, how I can get rid of it and how I might be able to prevent it from coming back.


  220. Dilip kumar shaw says:

    My hair falling day by day
    I goes to homeopati doctor. He gave medicine .then not well result
    Sir please help me

  221. PRASHANT MISHRA says:

    Dear sir, here I feel great pleasure in getting your suggestions, kindly assist my hair loss, i have got hair loss on the top of the head although i am having some Ayurvedic and homeopathic treatment but no better results are being found, kindly show me the light…

  222. Hello dr.. im 24 yr old guy who has straight hair.. but now i lost many many hair within this 3 months and my hair is very weak.. and its not even in black colour.. i work normally 8hrs on AC Room.. and also really hot places.. now many hair comes out when ever i pull my hair slowly.. my blood group is A+.. and now many peoples makes fun of me.. please please doctor help me out.. please

  223. DIVY KANT says:

    Thanks for your precious advice doc.
    I have a question
    Q. How we shall know that our hair is regrowing?

  224. Sir mere hail bhut fall ho rahe h mai kya kru btao aur halke bhi bht h please reply sir

  225. Doctor
    Iam suffering from male pattern baldness
    Iam using r89 in my scalp
    Will i be able to regain my lost hair?

  226. Doctor i am suffering from male pattern baldness
    Will using r89 help to regorw my fallen hair??

  227. I get boils on my head scalp periodically. These get cured automatically after 2-3 days, but regrow 2-3 days later leaving baldness at the spot. I have used Mazerum, but no effect. The problem stays on.

    May I request you to suggest some remedy.

    I am diabetic, though my diabetes is reasonably controlled with allopathic, herbal and homeopathic remedies.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

  228. Dr mere balo me fungus ki bimari hai plz koi ilaj bataye. meri age 21year hai

  229. Rajan saini says:

    Sir ,mere hair left or right side se mtlb aage se Gir bhi gye h . Side to gnja hota ja raha hu .mjhe constipition bhi h .plz sir plz mjhe koi suggestion dijiye

  230. Sarba Bisoyi says:

    really burdening with an hectic problem of lossing hair incessantly.
    Need some effective result orienetd homely treatment or homeo traetment to grow my hair.

    I m male, 30 years old. married.

    Can I have my hair …..Miraculously / phenomenally /unbelievably .

    Please advise ….I love my hair as my own children and can’t see them leaving me away….so pls.

  231. I have hair loss from patches termed as Alopecia from the last one and a half year.
    I have undergone allopathic treatment but all in vain.
    Recently, I have opted for homeopathic treatment and the doctor has prescribed with medicine namely, ustilago and almez.

    Are these medicines apt?

  232. sudheer singh says:

    Dir shab namashkaar dr sir meri age 26 year mere baal tut rahe 5 year sir mere head ke central yaani chaani ka baal khatam hai pleas upaay batay mai abhi unmarried hu

  233. megha verma says:

    for excessive hair loss suggest medicine and for regrowth too.

  234. Siddanagowda.k says:

    doctor i am not farfactly in english lunguage.
    sir my age just in 20 year .my hair is fully loosing . l am very shame in my villge .
    my freands hair is farfectly allright .
    but my hair is fully lossing .
    this problem is more .
    i am go out side is shame .
    sir i am not reach man my familly is poor familly plz plz help me

  235. My hairs was white plz help me

  236. Sir, My hair have gone in viral fever about 04 years before. There becomes ballad on top of my head.I try many costly oils but other is no positive results.
    Plz help me to gain new hair again..thanx:,,,,

  237. Sir hair falling loss please any suggest any medicine please sir

  238. SAMARESH BISWAS says:

    Mera hair Damages Ho raha hai. Alopecia hay kay karu???

  239. ankit rawat says:

    Sir,,my age is 19 years old,,and my hair was totally lost from frond of head..please suggest me the best medicine for this problem..thanks

  240. Bishal kumar gupta says:

    me medical unfit hun
    mera sina me daag hai
    plz sir koi medican bata

  241. Manoj Kumar says:

    Hi, sir , I’m taking homeopathy as Wiesbaden , rosa marines,abrotanum, lycopodium ,ceanothus ,acid phosph….when I took 30 I got good growth but now I’m taking 200 the growth is not so good…I took 4 drops each of medicine of 200 in one spoon of water ….now I’m going to take scalp tone and r 89 ….should I take or not….what is better for me….? Thank you

  242. wahajalam says:

    I loss my hair at14 ..can u please gave me the name of medicine to prevent and regenerate my hair back …

  243. hi I am bashir, and I am 29 years old. hair fall is my big problem. at first my head in front two side hair was fallen down and now middle area to front site hair is failing. and it is almost to much so please tell me any kind of solution and medicine for me. I want my hair back.

  244. basith basheer says:

    Iam 20 suffering from dandruff and male pattern am taking homeopathic medicine and applying lipocol r89.
    Will hair will regrow on my scalp by using r89?

  245. neha gupta says:

    I m 25 years old n I m suffering from hairfall problem since last two years. no treatment is giving me solution for it pls give me suggestion my hair Hws been very light n weak nw

  246. KuldeepBoora says:

    Sir i m suffering from hair falling prob and my hair thick Ness is low day by day. Pl suggests

  247. manish kumar says:


    This is Manish kumar, I am a researcher. Since last few months my beard is graying and its rapidly increasing. Plenty of white hairs are growing. My age is 25 yrs.

    Please consult me…

    Thanks in advance

  248. prashant sharma says:

    Me mere aage ke hair kho chuka hu meri age 21years hai or mere kafi hai white ho chuke hai
    Me mere pehle jese hair chahata hu kiya ye possible hai

  249. Ashutosh says:

    Hello Sir,
    im suffering from hair loss from forward side of my head.
    Due to which baldness came at the front.
    im 21yr seems there is no affect of medecine in my hairloss.
    plz suggest me best cure medicine for my hairloss as well as its baldness affect.

  250. Pankaj Kumar says:

    Dear sir,

    Am 30 year old, am loosing hairs from top and forehead sides,
    am loosing hairs from past 6months,
    everyday bunch of hairs loosing,
    Pls advise me how to stop loosing my hairs and make it grow,strong,healty,

    Awaiting for your reply at the earliest.

  251. Ravi Kumar says:

    I am 15 year old and I have hairfall problem. Please give me solutions quickly.

  252. Sir i m suffring from hair loss prblm.. Last one mnth i am taking homeopathic hair oil and shampoo and mdcn also.. Bt daily 20 to 30 hair fall after shampoo.. Why this is happening… Is this natural or any prblm..

  253. Pulkit Sharma says:

    Sir, I have hair fall problem for 5 year. Few days back, i was advised to take 15 drops of Homeo medicine Folli plus diluted in water. After using it, from the first day i feel acidity and tension on scalp. What should i do Now ?

  254. Dear 37yrs female and
    I was diagnosed with hypothyroid a yr before and the doc gave me aldactone 100mg and fertibex…after starting the medication I had less hair fall…i also used nuhair plus serum and tabs on the side…this reduced the hair fall to a great extent…but now for the past one month I’m having seveare hair loss again…wat cud b the problem…im loosing 80strands per day…jus tell me if this hair loss is seasonal…since its summer here in Chennai and itz sweats a lot…wil hair lost during this period grow back…plz send a reply asap..thank you

  255. sir I am loosing my hair since 5 yrs on top of the head ,both sides almost every were on my head.i used lots of medicines but result is zero due to hair fall I become almost bald so sir plz suggest me effective way and homoeopathy medicine so that I will enjoy my hairy head once again i am 26 yr old and there is no any hearridity problems in my family plz suggest me sir I am really very tensed.

  256. I am suffering from too much hair lose almost 100 hair in a day. Please suggest me what did i do

  257. Hi

    Respected sir

    sub:- hair fall on front side of head only

    my hair suddenly thin and falling cotinously on front side of my head, and my weaight is 60kg, hight 5’9 inch Age,33 years
    Thanks & Regards

  258. I m suffering hair fall problem from 3-4 year , Sometime it is in control but sometime it get excessive in quantity I didn’t find any thing by which one I could do control my hair fall please sir tell me what should I do and which medicine I should do prefer . my age is 24 and I have dry hair

  259. kushagra partani says:

    sir , i m kushagra 14 years old
    i am losing 30-35 hairs daily is there any problem?

  260. ADITYA MISHRA says:

    Respected sir,
    I would like to share my hairloss problem.
    I am suffering from aloepecia from about 9 months or so.
    my age is 20 and i have irregularly used R89.
    it had shown some results but new patches are being formed with time.
    So,what should i do?
    is it curable or will return periodically?
    hoping your awaited response.

  261. nishant kumar says:

    Sir mera age 20 hai,, genitic probleme hai kya solve ho jayega and mera first file hi khatam hua hai and starting period mein bahut baal tuta bhi to kya use karte rahe benifit hoga…

  262. I am using sbl jaborandi …it help in straighting my hair????


    Dear sir,

    My Hair is falling as my hair is white so i uses sterax colour for hair coloring ,

    but nowadays my hair is following my head scalp is now looking because of falling of hair,

    there is any medicine to come the hair again.

    kindly guide for the same & oblige


  264. Zeeshan Anwar says:

    Sir I am having hairfall for 2 years and i am in great trouble due to this. When i went for bathing lots of hair falls and even when i rub my hand gently on my hairs hair fall down. please help me out of this problem sir

  265. premalatha says:

    I thank u for your replay sir i am sending u my health details i am 40 yrs i had thyrod problem but now it is with in the range my periods are irregular other than that i am healthy i am not anaemia my hair is very weak it breaks very easily by just running my finger sir i request u to please help me

  266. I am 35 yrs and I been loosing my hair to complete baldness. I stard ed with only my right side now I have bald spots every were. What can be happening to me?

  267. premalatha says:

    I have tried many things including iron tablets, herbal hair wash powder, hair oil, some effective home treatment like hair mask , including flax seeds to my diet eating amla but nothing has worked every day i lose nearly 100 hairs if i oil and wash my hair than my hair fall is even more i am stressed more pleaseeeeee help me over come this.

  268. Mera boday temperature bahuth heat hone ki ojase hairfall or dandruff ka prblm hai,plz koi solution bataiye

  269. k. vamsikrishna says:

    Sir I am having hair lossing .day by day thickness of hair is decreasing and less.pls help me Wt to do and how to get regrouth my hair.

  270. Krishna roy says:

    I am 27 years old.since last 6 year day by day my hair fall increasing..n my hair thickness getting so less n poor.n recently some hair seen gray n white..I am still I am so frastated. Please sir give me some cure to recover this problem.n get back my hair again.

  271. Ahsan majeed says:

    Hi, I am ahsan majeed i am 25 year old i am facing hair fall problem from last 9 years due to seboric dandraf . My hair becomes very thin from central sclap please give me some treatment process that can stop hair fall and seboric dandraf.

  272. Rahul Sharma says:

    I am 39 years old and white hair problem

  273. Akash Shukla says:

    my problem is i have a broader forehead from my childhood ose parts of my forehead never head hairs my hairline is starting from very back of my head but whoever encounter says i m getting bald lossing hair and start giving advices but its not that so what would b better for me worry to comb my hair back for this matter and i also fear if combing back my hair would make my hair lines to reced and shift more back so i m confuse for all these questions

  274. bapidebnath says:

    Dear sir
    please help me my name bapidebnath ,age 30 now still I m suffering frome alopecei areta
    last 1 year I m using minoxdial after result very good ,but last 4 mont I have stope madicin and my hair before type hair falling please suggest me how to solve it

  275. Biswa Ranjan Jena says:

    Hi I am Biswaranjan regular hair loss problem is there so what I am doing tell me sir ,madam please

  276. sohel khan says:

    Mere mathe ke bal 1 year se loss ho gaye please suggest regroth best homeopathy medicine

  277. susant Kumar says:

    Hi sir, i am,sk samal i am 28 yrs of old. Before one year i have lots of hair on my scalp but now there are fifty percent hair loss than pervious year, so its looks very ugly, actually in my body is fully hairy but on my head no very less hair.
    And in winter season scalp become fully dandruff.
    plz advise what medicine i need to take,and what oil and shampoo, so that stop hair fall and grow new hair on scalp.

  278. Priyam singh says:

    my single hair is not falling before four year ago but when we go for studies far away from home atmosphere,water changes due to which huge hair fall occurs and bald patches occurs in front side ,and whenever we come to home and 1-2 Months hair falling stops ,please suggest some medicinies to prevent huge hair fall.

  279. I m 42 years old and I have male pattern baldness can I get my hair back by homeopathic treatment

  280. Hi Doctor,
    I am loosing hair constantly from past 3 years and it is thinning too. I have lost a lot volume and strands.
    I have Scalp Sebbo Psoriasis also. I am currently taking R89 and R59 from dr Reckeweg and Borax, Streptococcinum,Beech and Hepar Sulph.

    Please recommend some homeopathy which actually gives me some result.


  281. waheedahmed427 says:

    Sir meri age 25 year h mery sir k bal jharny k sath eyebrows k bal b jhar rahy he in plz mge koi ilaj btaye

  282. I want to increase my hair as well iwant them be shiny and silky is there any method to do it by homeopathy bcz I m very worry about it

  283. Hello rahul n im lossing my hair from last 5 years….but presently my hair is falling to rapidly….sir kindly suggest me any panacea to overcome with this hairfall disaster…

  284. dhiraj mishra says:

    sir i am an engineering studen i came to bhubaneswar one yr back for my studies and after coming here i started having hairfall firstly it was very slow but now i am very much afraid as every where i can see my fallen hairs and i can see my scalp i am balding at a very high speed ..i have visited to various non demetalogist but non can cure me and from the past week i am having very much itching also in my scalp sir please help me out…..and is there any natural process to regrow my fallen hairs? and sir from today i am using scalptone tablets with arnica oil

  285. Vinamra sahu says:

    Hello sir.…
    i m 22 year old,sir pichle 3 saal se hair fall provlem hai, main hair ki bahot care karta hun pr koi fayda nhi hai…
    sir how control my hair fall,
    plz help me plz…plzzzzzzzzz

  286. sir, i hav thick and strong hair few month back, but now i lost my thick hair, everyday i lost more hair, i used lot of medicines and treatment, but no result, wat do??, giv me a solution, its my request!!

  287. Kunal Moitra says:

    hi sir this is kunal & from kolkata.I am18years old i wants to say that in the rainy season i had lost too many hair.but when the season changed i notice that the hair not to lose so many.&hair has not regrowth.Please send what is the reason in behind of particuler contact 8013525410.&my emai address sir save me.

  288. Solution for hairfall in adult women

  289. help me for my greying and week hair

  290. Tapu Chakraborty says:

    I have been suffering from hair problem for many years. When I was young some round shaped patches used to occur, at that time my parents used to rub onion of antifungal cream and again it grew up. Actually our house was wetty as water used to rush in our room during rainy season due to low lying areas. For the last few years I have been suffering from tremendous hair loss . Firstly , there was round shaped in most parts on the scalp of my head and then it spread on the whole scalp. Then I used clotrimazole cream ( antifungal cream) for many months at that time hair grew very weak and thin, but not in every parts. I had also taken some homeopathic medicines like weisboden, lycopodium etc. Now my age is about 45 years. One of my wellwishers told me to take Acid flour and weisboden or ustilago. Now I am in a fix. There are hair on my head but very thin. The hair is less on the back side and on the side of the ear. Now it is my earnest request to give me some advice what to take and what not to take for curing the disease.

  291. manjunatha k says:

    hi sir………… am manjunath from age is 22 , now i dnt have a hair fallen problem but i have a lot of space on my head is it possible to growing of hair in those spaces? and i dnt have a genetic and hormonal problems…………………………….tell me the sollution sir?

  292. Hai sir.
    My age is 16 ! daily 60 to 80 hairs may fall and 40 percent my head contain whitehairs so pls help me my frnds are laughting at me pls sir i request u pls!

  293. satish singh says:

    Sir hair bahut fall ho raha h kuch bhi kr k hair fall ko stop krne ka medicine bataeye

  294. I am 26 years old I hv problem infront of hair is less and back has normal
    From last 3 years I hv problem
    I want full treatment

  295. I have severe hair fall.I think female pattern homeopathy can cure this?I heard that it homeopathy will take long time to CME into effect. then so how much time it will take to come effective?pls reply if so thanks and regards

  296. I have lost my 50% hair because of my acne treatment of alopathy. Now I want to regrow my hair.For this I am taking homeopathic treatment. My doctor has prescribed me joborandi and arnica . I just want to know whether I can get my hair back with these medicine.

  297. Aditya singh says:

    my hair is falling daily and i m very upset to what do or not so please help me to improve this.
    daily 7 to 8 hair falling even i having shampoo or rubbing hair .
    my age is 16 years and studying in 10th class so
    i requested you please reply me very soon please

    some good treatment for i waiting……

  298. Respected sir,
    I did hair straighting for 3 times in last 4 years and I am suffering from hair loss from past 4.5 years bt now around 50% of my hair has fallen. Please help me out. What should I do now.
    Can my hair regrow again..????

  299. Sir I am a 16 years .iam losing my hair from one and half a year.I lost my hair in front of head.the patches are clearly visible to you .will there is any scope of growing lost hair.or the hairfall continous untill the bald.please suggest sir what I have to da

  300. I have enough hair on back side and sides of my head.but my hair losing from centre like round shape and the round is increasing like anything.
    Will my hair grow back.?
    Is there any treatment for this?

  301. i have problem from 6-7 yrs and i have curly hair,,please suggest me .i already used many products



  303. Dear Sir,
    I am 33 years old male. My Hair is slidly curly from my birth. I am interested to straight my hair taking homeopathy medicine.

    Kindly suggest me homeopathy medicine to straight the hair.


  304. Anju bikash thapa says:

    hello sir m 22 yeras old girl i have a acute hairfall problm which had made me almost blad .. i used oinin juice green tea amla .. n i masage my scale wit coconut but no result can be seen plese sir help me..please

  305. Biplab Samanta says:

    why can be my hair all white hair,its problems.Please suggest any medicine.

  306. sunita jangir says:

    From last two three months I am feeling that my hair are falling heavily. I am not on any medication and pills.eating healthy diet.what’s the reason I can’t what should I do to prevent hair fall. Please sir tell me.because its stressful for me.

  307. banhi barua says:

    Hallow sir! I am a 21 years old girl. I am suffering from severe hair loss since october end. My friend suggest me to take LYCOPODIUM 200, ACID PHOS 200 and WEISBEDEN 200 twice a day with an interval of 5mins each. I have taking the medicines since november middle,bt still i cant see any result. Please kindly help me out by giving me your valuable suggestion.

  308. Hari krishna says:

    My name is hari and am 16 years old . For the past 2weeks my hair is falling countinously aftr taking the bath when i makes it dry by using my bath towel so many hairs could be seen nd its getng bald how can i prevent of geting ma hair bald

  309. I also tried nuzen gold herbal hair oil but I didn’t control my hair fall .

  310. I am 22 year female and when I apply the oil to my hair my hair falls out and my fron portion of head is slightly blad , when I apply oil to my hair the head skin is visible plz suggest me the remedies

  311. Aamer ahmed khan says:

    hello doctor, i am suffering from hairfall because of illness.. and my scalp is very itchy and oily. I don’t use any styling products and straightners.
    Need some suggestions.

  312. how can i prevent excess hair fall?can you plz tell me a medicine name which can solve this problem?

  313. mustansar hussain says:

    sir my hair falling day by day.i am suffering in tenstion due to this resaon. i lose 10 or 15 hair in a day. sir plz help me how can i control my hair losing

  314. payal tiwary says:

    Namaskar sir, sir mai 25 saal ki hu or karib ek saal se mere baal jhad rhe h or jhadne k sath hi mujhe us jagh pain hoti h jaha k baal jhad rhe h.mere right side k baal jada rhe h and temple area k…sir plss help me..

  315. mishra amit says:

    sir my hair is loss in aage ki side no hair my age 18
    so return hair and hair lose madesine batao

  316. Md.Asraf Mirza says:

    Respected sir,
    I am 13years girl.I have problem of grey hair.
    Sir,can I take Acid phos 30 and Lycopodium30?
    Plz instruction the dosage.

  317. Pallavi Kulkarni says:

    Please suggest medicine for hair thinning.

  318. I m suffering from hairfall from 1year..nothing is wroking on me…using R89 frim 1mnth,,but no visible result

  319. my age is 27 i lose my hair front two sides…

  320. hi doctor
    l am 33 years old. as m having hair loosing problem from 5yrs. now its falling from middle tomuch
    so plese suggest me what can i do for it

  321. Hi

    I want to get taller give tips.


  322. Asit Kumar Moitra says:

    At present I am facing lot of hair loss. I don’t understand the actual reason of my hair loss. I am seeing that it is going to take the shape like a male pattern baldness. I am taking care everyday to protect the hair loos using onion juice. please tell me the solution that i can regain my hair that I have already been loosed.

  323. i am13 years old .i have a disease called alopeca.i don’t know how these happen. my elder sister notice that my hair is falling down like a balt,in a particular part. i want you to ask how to cure this disease.if you could help me i would be greatful to you.

  324. Ashish Choudhary says:

    I am suffering with sever hair fall and dandruff my dad and grandfather is also bald so please help me.i beg you pleassssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeee.i am in huge trouble my age is only 27.

  325. mukesh gosai says:

    sir i have hair fall from last 3 years.i am 22 years old. i was used to take Ayurveda medicine at the start of this problem for about 10 month than i used allopathy tret. but i dont found any result ..i am using antidendruff shampoo everyday.. from last 4 month i am using r89 i see minor benefit from it….i am a mbbs students ..can you help me …..

  326. Saurabh Singh says:

    sir, i am suffering from hair fall . day by day thickness of my hair less.pls guide me for regrowth of my hair…
    In clinic Dr. Inform me to it is bcoz of DHT & Genetic Problem.

  327. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I have Hashimoto’s, hair fall, and stress. Can homeopathy help? Which remedies? How much for how long? Can you take multiple homeopathic remedies at one time?
    Thank you for your time!

  328. mohit sony says:

    I m suffering from hair loss so please suggest me what can I do for it

  329. Mere baal bahut jhad rahe hai aage se to bilkul baal ud gaye

  330. ravi bhatt says:

    Hi…sir i am facing a problem of hair loss and dandruff from long time bt last 3 months it has incresed too much so plzzzz….
    suggest me to prevent my hair from this problem . i will be your thankfull…..!

  331. Gaurav M Pawar says:

    I have started homeopathy treatment for hair loss. Its been one month now i am on medication. Since i started the treatment i have noticed more hairloss than usual. Is these that like in initial stage hair loss is more and than it slows down n than it completely stops?? Or is the treatment wrong? I am taking Dr.Batra’s treatment.

  332. simran sah says:

    regular hair falls after every combing since 1 year ….and its doesn’t recovered till now …..plz suggest

  333. Muhammad Azam says:

    Doctor Sahib,

    This is Azam from Pakistan, I am 39 years old male, I have suffering hair falling problem for last 14 years, now I have baldness on right and left side on my head, before 14 years my hair were very thick and strong and could not thought that I have baldness. I am very worried due to baldnesd and I use every time cap, please held me and suggest any medicine to resolve this problem.

    Thanks & Regards

  334. Rupesh singh says:

    sir I m suffering from hair loss prblem till 3 years I have taken medicine but still it fall I think I have fungus in my hair when I itch it something comes out white things like rice comes and hair also comes with it what is the solution for it

  335. Abha Chaurasia says:

    I am 44 yr old . suffering from excessive hair fall.

  336. sankar rao says:

    sir I have been suffering from hair loss for last 1 year. Especially the hair in the front portion of skull neither grows well nor rapidly. It looks lifeless and dry. Also the hair on top of the skull has thinned considerably. Sir, please suggest a remedy. It’s urgent.

  337. sankar rao says:

    sir I have been suffering from hair loss for last 1 year. Especially the hair in the front portion of skull neither grows well nor rapidly. It looks lifeless and dry. Sir, please suggest a remedy. It’s urgent.

  338. manisha dixit says:

    i am a 34 yr old lady and i have lost hair infront of my head i.e just above the forehead

  339. Dharamvir Jaglan says:

    I am 52 years old and getting baldness since long being a parental problem may I have some solution to this baldness.

  340. prasenjit roy says:

    hi sir,
    I have been losing my hair for last 5-6 year for male pattern baldness. please advise me so that I can halt the hair loss at least
    I am from kolkata.receiding on crown and front

  341. sir i am suffering hair fall
    please give me some tips

  342. Sir …..I m a 20 yr guy ,a college student and I m suffering from hair fall so I consult a Doctor….. And he gave me medicines for 6 month…He gave me Viterma capsules, Finap tablets ,Trico gain5% spray and 2ket Anti dandruff shampoo…so I used them regularly and it make me improve and also I shave my hair completely during treatment…..
    And when my hair grows back…… was too good to see hair on my full head… I go to the same doctor for check up…..and he also sees the improvement so he cut the finap tablets and said use spray only one tym…..
    But after a month my hair starts falling again….and doctor said use the medicines continuously it takes time…….but it doesn’t give me perfect result…….sir plz suggest me better ….plz

  343. Nafisa T. Vora says:

    Please help me and suggest any treatment to control hair loss and regrowth of hair. I never turn out from my routine but why hair fall comes when there is no change in. Am 50 year old, am loosing hair in buds from top and forehead sides, 5 years past my hair has become thin. there are bald patches in between the scalp. the hair on also has turned grey from front side, so I have started dying my hair.

  344. Abdulla Albastaki says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma

    Iv’e been suffering hairloss since i became 20 in age, some say because i lost weight because i was fat, but having less vitamens would react after 3 months after losing weight not 4 years, However my uncles lost there hair but they turned bald around 35 or 38 and when i asked them they said their hair around 21 at age was thick and long, what should i do Doctor this is very depressing

  345. sir,my age is 26 and i have a problem of hair loss and itching in head when i wake up in the morning and also eating spicy food .sir i’m very tiered and worried about my future plz give me a solution…

  346. I am 23 years old and my hairs are falling rapidly since last 1 yr..i am taking scalptone and cri-regen ..but I cant see any cure..plz suggest me

  347. Sir, i ve a lots of hair at earlier but now arround the age of 22 i m suffering from ann abrupt hair falling situation. Will it be effective to consume SCALP TONE? Plz inform me provide its dosage..
    Plz help what i need to do.

  348. hi….i m facing this problem of hair falling and grey hairs from the last 1.5 year, i had use many different allopathic as well as homeopathic medicines, but no positive response. It turns into baldness in some parts. Now i m having Jaborandi oil and acid phos. 200, prescribed by homeopathic Hair Specialist, since 1 month. Not getting any good response yet, so please advice me something better i can do, to stop hair falling.

  349. monika guptaa says:

    Hello doctor

    I am 35 years old. I had typhoid in 2006. That time, I started getting hair loss and hair thinning and grey hair. Since then my hair have not recovered. I used to have thick, long beautiful hair before that. Now the grey haie have increased to a heavy amount and my hair volume is very less. Can I get my heavy thick mane back by homeopathy?

  350. Sir mujhe severe hairfall ho rha hai bunches me,15 days se bhut pareshan hu,250 about haifall ek bar comb karne par,jis din hair wash karti hu us din to isse zyada hota hai,,mere scalp me pimples bhi bhut hote hai aur itching bhi.mene Dr. Batra Clinic(Gwalior) par bhi treatment liya hai,lekin koi relief nhi, plz. sir rep as soon as possible

  351. Sir mujhe severe hairfall ho rha hai bunches me,15 days se bhut pareshan hu,250 about haifall ek bar comb karne par,jis din hair wash karti hu us din to isse zyada hota hai, plz suggested medicine

  352. sir,

  353. bablu sharma says:

    Dr saheb mujhe masses ho rahe he face pe plz guide me whatbwe do

  354. suman baranwal says:

    sir, i am 20 years old and in front of my head most of the hair become loss and my hair becomes thin and shown the part of the head. plz suggest me some effective medicine which grow my hair back.

  355. manisha paul says:

    I am 25 hrs old ,my hai4 fall increasing day by day,please suggest me best homeopathic mediciene,,fall due to many reasn,tensn,,rusi,etc..

  356. ARRA SANDHYA says:

    Am suffering from thyroid disease i dnt know whether my hair is falling due to this or not but my hair is falling too much..
    I cannot afford much to visit doctor..just am taking test of T1,T3,TH and taking medicine..please suggest me how to control my hairfall and to grow.
    Waiting for your reply,
    Thank you.

  357. Hair fall and bald the scalp in two side.

  358. Hair white and fall in hair hamara age 25year hai.homeopathic medicine batya.

  359. I have lost my hair at crown area suddenly in 15 day every wash I m very scare 🙁 feeling low I don’t know why ? becoz it’s never happened before . whenever I was my hair never fall . I m 35 year old woman . I have itchy scalp and dundruff .

  360. Dear Sir,
    I’m a honour’s student.I luve in Bangladesh.For my dental treatment i took high power antibiotics and for other diseases i see that my hair fall down with a huge amount. I’m so worried and mentally became week.sir pls can you help me to advice some medicine how can i get my hair back and reduce it.
    Thank you Sir.

  361. Sumedh gayakwad says:

    I am 19 yr. boy sir i have hairlos prblm my treatment was going to an alopatic doctr plss help us what can we do for thiss:-(:-(:-(:-(

  362. Ria BFandyopadhyay says:

    I am just 23 years old women,but my hair falls like crazy more than 100 and doesn’t come back. I am very help less and so much worried abut my hair loss. My pony tail getting thinner and also my frontal hair line receeded and scalp is visible slightly. My temple area aslo getting thin. I have slight PCos problem and I have serum ferritin level is 60 mcg above. I am a vegeterian also. My himoglobin level is above 12 mcg. My father has frotal blad but back portion keep intact. Doctor please suggest me medine that really works for me.


  363. hi my name is felicia and im from south africa.will homeopathic remedies help for hair growth if im suffering from alopecia

  364. i m suffering from hairfall.pls suggest me hair fall controll medicine

  365. Umang singh says:

    Tere is very scanty hair in the fore part of my head and one can see my scalp from the top.. The rest of the head is normal. now a days the scalp itches and pressing my nail in that area gives me relief. Please help

  366. hair fall k liye mujhe r89 suggest kiya gya lekin mujhe bhot neend aati h subha leti hu to din bhar soti hu or raat ko leti hu to subha 9 bje tak aankhen nahi khulti. mai 8 10 drops sirf ek time leti hu bhot lazyness or aankhen band band lagti h
    fir medicne rok deti hu . aisa q hota h?

  367. Hello sir,
    I am 22 yr old boy.I am having heavy hairfall since last 3 months.I have cosulted dermatologist in my town he told me there is no dieases.he recommended me hairbless & morr 5 %.but it is not worth using.I still have a hairfall.In my family none member have baldness & even from my maternal side also.I am also under other medication which is ciplox 500 (twice a day) for other dieases.can this may lead to hairfall.
    Plss suggest me any other medication or I need medication for hair fall.thanks in advance.

  368. sir,
    i would like to know about how to decrease the level of dht through homeopathy..?
    is MBT curable through homeopathy?if yes then wat r the medicines that can help n mbt…?????
    reply asap…

  369. neha pahuja says:

    I have white hairs in front i consult two allopathy doctors but no result came out .please give solution so that i can regain my hair colour

  370. Srabon ahmmed. says:

    what i do for growth my hair.

  371. Dear Sir
    I am 30y old male, I have hair problem from last five years, I have taken so many multivitamins and used minoxidil, also used R89 homeopathy medicine, but I did not get Any good result. My hair is still falling more then 50 daily, and I have lost more then 50 percent of my hair, so please suggest me any permanent solution to stop hair loss and regrow.

  372. I m suffering from execessive hair fall since 3 to 4 months ..I had taken a lots of medicines from homeopathy and alopathy too but didn’t get any result and I m also suffering from pcod . is my pcod is d reason of hair fall ..I really need help .pls hepl sir


    Sir, myself Prathamesh is very much about my hair loss it has been a severe problem that i have being facing from many of the months, whenever i try to massage my hair they fall in bundles and get seperated on the floor and from many of the days back i have been facing the dandruff problems as there have been irritation problems so i please duely wish that give me an proper and effective solution as early as possible!!!!!!!!!!!!

  374. Lack of confidence due to hair fall…….

  375. Karan Singh says:

    Dear Doctor,

    I am 24 yr old I am losing my hair rapidly and i am suffering from Hyperthyroidism to cure that i am having 5mg neomercazole and there is a heredity baldness in my family too. What can i do to prevent hair fall.


  376. Susheel Gajrani says:


    I am 45 years old. I am loosing my hairs continuously since last 4 years, but now hair fall has become very high and I am facing baldness problem.
    I am going through family tension too.

    Kindly suggest.

    Susheel Gajrani

  377. i m suffering from baldness and hairloss i am 19years old and my front hairs are gone give some ramedies to stop hair fall and regrow hairs in my front head

  378. chakita singha says:

    sir, I’m 21 yrs old and suffering from .nowadays my hairs started falling so much that i became like horse tails .what can i do ?now i fear to become bould .please suggest something .waiting for your reply .

  379. SUBHENDU SAHA says:

    my hair is very thin and falling regularly and it is falling mainly from two side of my forhead. What type of medicine I can use so that my hairfall stop and hair willbe thick.

  380. Alok Ranjan says:

    dear, sir i am suffering hair fall problem since 4 year. excessive hair fall from top of the head and also dandruff problem and oily hair too. my age is just 22 , what should i do . please suggest me.
    i went to the doctor also. he suggested me phosphorus 30, acidphos 30, and calcarb 30.

    plzz suggest me sir what should i do !!

  381. GC Shwetha says:

    I am 29 years still I am not married I am suffering from lot of hair fall from last 3 years but from last year I felt large amount of hair fall it looks very unhealthy I take all required vitamins but hair fall is not controlled pls help me

  382. Recently I shifted to noida and I am having serious hair loss . In a day I am getting more than 100 hair losses. I am totally blank, what to do now.???

  383. sir, I have been in this traumatic Condition of heavy hairfall since 2 years.Its probably because of hormonal imbalance after delivery may be thyroid or dihydrotestosterone increasing I am taking this R89 from 15 days and situation is improving day by day. Is it safe for ladies and in hormonal imbalance or it can show some sideeffects?

  384. satya kumar singh says:

    sir mere Baal bahut sukhe hair air gir bhi the hair ye last 4months se ho RHA hai plz suggest any medicine

    • Ankita Purkayastha says:

      Hie,i have been suffering from hair loss from quite a few days…Will Adel 9 thrice aday will help this problem? Will there be any sort of sideeffects in consuming it like hair greying or prolonged issues id hairloss after i stop taking it after a particular duration..or any sort of skin problem?

  385. srinath tiwari says:

    sir,i m 22 years old & i msuffering frm hair fall frm last 3 years & i have used many produts but i could not find any result ,my hairs are very thin and silky,i have lot of dandruf on my scalp but i could not got rid of it so plz rply me as soon as possible

  386. sangeeta agarwal says:

    doctor, my hair is thinning out and I just want to know whether R89 will be of any help. If yes then where will I buy this medicine in Bahrain?

  387. hellow dosto agar ap hair fall ya baldness se pidit h to niche diye nuskhe apnaye
    1.balo ko hamesha clean rakhe bcs clean scalp is good for hair
    2. Week me 4 bar tail se malish kare nariyal ya badam oil se
    3.yadi apko hair fall ho to pyaz bahut asardar h isse hair fall band ho jata h aur naye kale bal ugne lagte h
    4.dhaniya ke juice ko scalp par lagaye aur 30 minut bad dho le
    5.nasile padhartho ka sevan band kar de kam se kam coffie aur tea piye
    6.samay par soye va subah jaldi uthkar yoga v pranayam kare jaise balayam shirshasan anulom vilom etc.

    7.pat hamesh thik rakhe tali guni chize v khatti chize kam se kam khaye pat saf rakhne ke liye trifla churna faydemand h jo hair ke liye bhi bahut labhkari h
    8.negetive sochna band kar de dont los your hope be possitive
    9.pani adhik piye
    10. Gile balo me tail na lagaye
    is prakar aap 100% hair regrowth kar sakte h sirf 3 mahine me ye prakticaly h

  388. Koushikreddy says:

    How to reget my hair?condition is male pattern baldness.please give a solution sir

  389. preeti thakur says:

    sir, i am only 20 years but suffering from hair fall in large amount . day by day thickness of my hair less.pls guide me for regrowth of my hair…

  390. faisal ali says:

    Hi sir. I’m faisal from dubai . actually in dubai most of the people loose their hairs.i came here before 3years.and everyday I losse 3 to 4 I feel like I have lost many hairs on the top.when I see my head inthe light I feel my hairs r going can I get all lost hairs? I wil go back to Pakistan. But I want to get back all lost hairs.

  391. pratap roy says:

    respected sir,
    i am suffering from male pattern baldness.i want to regrowth my hair.i am 27 years continuing from 5 years. i used many medicine didnt show result.can homeopathy solve my problem?

  392. mukesh kumar says:

    hair problem like baldness and how to regenerate har on the place of baldness and white hair and white beard as how to solve .how to solve these problems and how long will you take time to solve -please speak freely and frnkly

  393. Is it possible that scalptone will change my already grey hair to black? My hair started greying during my school days,now I am 26 years old…..

  394. prakash pathak says:

    sir .i m suffering from baldness for the last 4 years .i m loosing hair in the form of smoothy round patches in all the parts of the head with strong itching and dandruff .i have lost almost 30% OF HAIRS ON MY HEAD .IS IT CURABLE .PLZZZZ KINDLY SUGGEST ME

  395. Hello sir i am female 18 year old and facing hairfall continously frm 2.5 year from all over specialy from top sir please advice me somethng to stop hairfall

  396. Shankar Anantharaman says:

    I have baldness starting stage even though I am 22 years old. My fathers side all became bald around 28 to 30 years may hereditary problem. Can it be treated sir

  397. mehul dauva says:

    Namaskar sir,my age is just 22. i have suffring from hair lloss and first i try ayurveda but not effective then alopahy taking use minoxidil for 7 month and homeopathy together give good result. But i read that using minoxidil unwante hair is grow.than i just stop it and do homeopathy onlly but now again my hair fall start. So i wait for homeopathy result or minoxil again. Pls suggest me sir…

  398. .hi sir
    m female of 19 years old
    my hair is falling continuously.. and m almost balf..inspite of taking homeopathic treatment…I not using any type of chemicals on my scalp…rather I use many natural home made lotions…like I massage my scalp with onion juice…aloevera etc….but I can see no change in hair fall…I want to stop my hair fall and regrow the lost ones….
    P.S. I don’t have dandruff and itchy and oily scalp .I have pretty good silky straight hairs.

  399. .hi sir
    m female of 19 years old
    my hair is falling continuously.. and m almost balf..inspite of taking homeopathic treatment…I not using any type of chemicals on my scalp…rather I use many natural home made lotions…like I massage my scalp with onion juice…aloevera etc….but I can see no change in hair fall…I want to stop my hair fall and regrow the lost ones….
    P.S. I don’t have dandruff and itchy and oily scalp .I have pretty good silky straight hairs.

  400. I am 26 yrs old and my hairs around the crown are getting thin and the scalp is getting visible.please suggest any medication for thickening of hair.

  401. bhavika n shah says:

    My daugter is 6years she have lot of hair fall promblen so pls sajast which oil i have use or shampoo and she have gaps in hair

  402. neha jain says:

    I m suffering from poor growth of my hairs..I m having shoulder size hair but dey r really light..nd volume is also nt present ..I m having oily scalp..please suggest me a suitable homeopathy medicine..

  403. Eliza tiwari says:

    Hello sir,
    my hair fall counting to high and my hair growth very slowly.
    please suggest homeopathy medicine that better for my hair.

  404. Hello sir,
    my age is 23. In previous years i fell ill from typhoid.
    But, now my hair become weak and thin.
    There is much hairfall occurs daily.
    I feel depressed to see my much hair falling.
    Plzz. Doctor help me what should i have to do…..?


    DEAR SIR, ….mai 41 yrs old hu .mere hair falling bhut ho rhe hai,aur skin vi najar aa rhe hai, mujhe raat me need ki vi problem hai.plz mujhe koi medicine bataiyea ki hair falling stop ho jye aur regrowth ho……..

  406. nadeem akhtar says:

    sir mere hair bohat gir rhey hen sir b ander se nazar aney lga he plz mera ilaj kr den men student hun bra pareshan hun

  407. papia nandi pramanik says:

    In summer and rainy season my hair becomes sticky and itchy and starts falling what should i do?

  408. hello…sir..i am just 19 years old…..almost all my hair turned into white on my head……and it is heriditery…… there any way i can turn it back to black…

  409. nisha pandey says:

    I have a problem of excessive hairloss since three years it doesnt get well i took several medicines bt it vasnt effective .. i dnt hv a dandruff problem.. my hair is getting drier n frizier

  410. Respected Sir,
    my son is 10 yrs old and he is suffering from hair greying problem since last two yrs
    first there were only two hairs but now it has grown till 10 to 12 hairs…actualy he also over weighted …sir we need some guidance and suggestions from you,should we give him homeopathy treatment or which treatment would be curable for him pls suggest..


  411. hi,
    i have changed to new place and i am facing hair fall problem since i had changed to this place .
    I have enquired about the area they said water in this area causes hairfall. And many people in this area are facing the same problem.
    Can we get the hair back as this is not due to hormone deficency

  412. Hai sir I am 24year old I am losing my hair any solutions forstopping or any medicine are there

  413. Very hair fall last one year hair very week ple sir tell me but can I do .start my hair regrowth

  414. johnfinny says:

    DR. Sharma myself john of 23 years oldsuffering from male pattern bladness,had lost few amount of hairs on top,front.i was using arnica oil sbl,later i felt no improvemnt and again i took hair vitalizer oil in homeopathy .but still it remains same .please suggest me what medicine should i take, what oil should i use & if so capsule what to be taken .please suggest me…DR..iwant the treatment to be secured & for how many months should i use?please suggest every details…

  415. γεια σας
    θα ήθελα να μου πείτε πως μπορώ να δυναμώσω λίγο τα μαλλιά μου, να είναι περισσότερα, πιο πλούσια.
    Γενικά η τρίχα των μαλλιών μου είναι πολύ λεπτή, ίσως από μικρή.

    I would like to tell me how I can empower my hair a bit, be more, richer.
    Generally the hair my hair is very thin, maybe small.

  416. mita pal says:

    continuously hair fall.please suggest how to protect hair fall and grow up hair.

  417. Sir my hair r falling since I was 15 years old now I m 32 they r still falling n my hair r very thin n dull at end.plz suggest medicine

  418. mohammed.wajeed.usman says:

    Good evening doctor my hairs becoming thin and I am losing my hairs and I notice my scalp becoming bald pls suggest me any medicine that helps me to grow my hairs stronger and thicker for example .hair oil fruits I am totally worried about my hairs doctor I am from bangalore /india

  419. I m 18 now ,though my hairs r thick but frm some weeks i m loosing my frontline hairs from left side.My dad has lost his whole hairs in the age of 50.M worried dat ill not get bald in early age.plzz suggest something asap

  420. debartho ghosh says:

    dear doc,

    i am 25, visited dr batras 1cs, they said i m having male pattern baldness stage-4, i have icchi scalp.thin hair.and loosing hair from the temple area and sides.have a burning sensetion on scalp.whn i was younger i use to masterbath a lot.they also said its bcoz of dht level incriese..plese suggest me a usefull homiopathic medicine ,a DHT INHABITOR,1 questn- does grafities mixd with oil help reducing my scealps icchiness??give me an external remidie as well.pls help..thank u

  421. sunil sharma says:

    Sir ,
    My hair is falling from top of the head and I have tries many natural ideas for the same like having oil massage at night, using sesa oil etc. But it is not stopping. Also I am having some kind of alegery ( itching) throughout my body for which I am taking some medicine as per the consultation of doctor.
    Can you please provide me any solution for the same.

  422. nadia khalid says:

    Hello doctor i am 35 yrs old and have 2 daughters. I start loosing hair 4, or 5 yrs ago. I never lost my hair in clumps but start having small pimples with pus in it. Doctors called it folliculitus. My hair is getting extremely thin all over my head. I have done all my tests and every thing is normal. Do you think i have any hope with homeopathy?
    I really need help. I hope u can help me.

  423. akshay david says:

    Sir i am havi very thin hair when i waz born ……. i dnt know but i feel like my hairs not that much strong … please i am student i feel emberessed …. please help ….. sir …

  424. abhi gohil says:

    Doctor, I m just 18 year old.but my front head hair loss very much . I can see baldness in my head .this is done in this last year .
    In last year, I take medicines for face treatment.&my face treatment doctor told me that I should not take oil in hair whenever treatment goes to end.
    so, I thought that ..
    in this year ,taking medicines & do not take oil in head in last year
    causes hair loss or not ??

    my hair come back soon ….or not ….

    what m I do???

    I have tension about it..

    because in 18, this is major problem for us ..

    sir ,plz give me reply with remedies…

  425. ranjana pathak says:

    mere bal bahut hi jyada toot rahe hai jiske karan mai bahut pareshan hu plz mujhe koi medicine oil aur shampoo bataiye (mere hair curly & floopy hai)

  426. Dipti Merchant says:

    I am a 43 year old women and have all of a sudden started loosing a lot of hair. What could be the reason for the same. My thyroid levels are within limits. Also what is the best way to arrest the same at the earliest. Will taking lipocol drops (R89) help me.

  427. Swarup Samanta says:

    My wife is suffering from excessive. Hair loss and acidity and some times feeling bitter ness in tongue like the test of @ karela./ bitter gourd. How to come out from this problems. Suggest me solution and. Homeopathic medicine to taken . Thank you

  428. omprakash Sharma says:

    i got 80% hair loss n d centres. n I hav also loss 70% hair.n d forth how to me

  429. hello doctor.I m 23 year old.and my both sides are bald.and hair loss still persist from sides only.earlier I’d used accutane(which cause hairfall)for my pimples.and I think because of accutane I got extra hairfall.but now I discontinued this medicine. so doctor is there any way to regrow hairs on sides and how to stop further hair fall?

  430. Hi doctor,

    hi i am 29 years old my hair is falling very badly, i tried to use so many oils, but still no good results,
    kindly give me a right option


  431. Raja Shekhar says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am having an hair loss since 3 years. When i went to clinic they said that i am in 3 rd stage.I want to know that will i get my hair back by using the homeopathy medicine

  432. Sumit thakur says:

    Sir i m 22 year male. It 2008 when i saved my head first time, since then i loss hair continuously. Sir tell me what i do to stop hair fall and baldness on my head and regrowth my hair.

    Please guide me sir.

  433. Sumit thakur says:

    Sir i m 22 year male. It 2008 when i saved my head first time, since then i loss hair continuously. Sir tell me what i do to stop hair fall and baldness on my head and regrowth my hair.

  434. Sumit thakur says:

    Sir i m 22 year male. It 2008 when i saved my head first time, since then i loss hair . Sir tell me what i do to stop hair fall and baldness on my head and regrowth my hair…

  435. Sumit kumar says:

    Sir i m 22 year old, it was 2008 when i saved my head first time since then, i m suffering hair fall continuously , and now my head starting baldness. Sir, tell me what i do to stop hair fall and regains hair ….

  436. I have major hair fall problem form forehead , it almost like bald…….. it start after baby birth………actually hair fall start from my marriage………. please suggest any medicine….

  437. I m 18 year and i m facing hair fall.
    My father has hair in small density ,my hair is mainly falling from the back of my head..
    Whoch medicine should i take to stop my hair fall.

  438. Chandra shekhar kumar says:

    I am 21 year old,i am lossing my hair day by day. now i have few hair.i tryed many hairoils shampoos but there is no improvement.please tell me what i do.

  439. I am 34 year old female, with a problem of rapid thinning of hair. I do have very high pb and cholestral also. taking regular medicines for it

  440. mohd muhiuddin says:

    I have hair fall before three year and daily 100 hair fall also itching and dandruff I have use minoxidle from two years so please reply best treatment

  441. SHAKEEL ANJUM says:

    Age 33,problem starts from 23..I had a problem of alopecia aerata,soon i treated to homeopathy doc,told me it will take to cure i cotinued the liquidmedicine since 2 year.problem have been cured.BUTstill i have male patternbaldness,
    I just want to ask u,is hair can be regrow by
    treated the Same homeopathy doc.
    IF yes then how many month,it will take

  442. Uttam chandra says:

    Hello sir my age is 22yrs old and I am loosing my hair since 1 and half year. Dandruf and iching problem. And thinning problem

  443. Uttam chandra says:

    Hello sir my age is 22yrs old and I am loosing my hair since 1 and half year. Dandruf and iching problem. I think it is hermonal problem.

  444. Hi Doctor

    I have female pattern hair loss due to my family history.
    It started when I was 18 years old.
    Now I am 28.
    My hair don’t fall anymore n i am on no medication but the loss which I had is still visible.
    Baldness is there on the top which is very embarrassing.

    Please help

  445. i am having a growth on back side of my head(small ghutli) since 2 weeks .it is not painful . i am 18 years old. please tell me homeopathic medicine for it

  446. Abdul Ghafoor says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma. I hope you will be fine. i am 32 year old. my hair is slowly slowly white. please homeo medicine suggest me to change original condition of my hair i.e. black and shining hair. thanks
    best regard

  447. Md. Osman Gani says:

    Dear Sir,

    I’m from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I’m 33 years old and I loss my hair. in our family all the male member is same. but now I want to get back my hair. please advice me what to do.



  448. i am 18 yers old my problam is hair fall plz give me guridance me………….

  449. Hello dr I m suffering from hair fall last 3 by day thickness of my hair less…plz guide me for regrowth of my hair….

  450. anirudh patel says:

    I have a chronic hair fall with itching .for remedy I use ketoconazole .very less hair on my forehead region .pl give me treatment for this .

  451. loosing my forehead hair day by day please help me and how do i get rid of it as soon as possible

  452. Bigen Chettri says:

    Sir I am loosing my hair and baldness is extending all over the head.

  453. is hair regrowth by homeopathy & tell me how to care & diet

  454. Amit kumar says:

    Sir main aapko batana chata hun ki meri age 21 saal hai aur meri abhi shaadi bhi nahi huyi hai aur mere baal bilkul jhad chuke hain yanha tak ki mujhe every manth apna sir ganja karana padta hai ager main aisa na karun to mere baal 2 se 3 manth me gir jayenge aur sir main apne baalon ko leker humesa tantion me raheta hun.sir plz mujhe kuch solution batayi sir plz

  455. karabi bhattacharjee says:

    for tyroid since 2009 and typhoid last year i suffer hair fall.pls give me remedies

  456. Hi,
    I am 28 yrs old male.My hair loss started 2 years ago. The hair thinning started from the front and temple areas. A doctor recommended Finastride daily before sleep. I started taking it and after 6 months there was regowth and hair started becoming normal as they use to be.
    I took it for 1 year and i was satisfied with results. But when i stopped it, the hair loss again started in 3-4 months and thinnnig and scalp visiblity again started.

    I would request you to recommend a Homeopathic treatment to stop the hair loss and possibly regrowth in thinning areas.
    Would be grateful.


    Rupak Malhotra

  457. Santosh Kumar says:

    I am 32 yrs old and suffering from male pattern baldness and effecting my personality.
    Pls help me. and suggest any treatment for that.

  458. Dear Sir,

    I am planing to take R 89 is their any side effect as i am patient of Blood Pressure my previous blood pressure was normal above 140 but due to regular medicine of triomesar 20 and workout but now my pressure comes in between 119 to 125 and my age is 35 their is any change to regain my hair as it have lost 35 percentage of my front forehead. Please suggest i eager to know as i am losing my confident

    • Rizwana Zaidi says:

      Respected sir
      I am 52 yrs old menopausal lady, suffering great hair loss. i have so much hair loss,that the scalp can be seen on the right hand side of my head. Hair loss near both my temples. have high BP for 14 yrs. i am taking HcTz and Enalapril for high BP. I even have stomach problems.(gas and bloating). Please help me and suggest any treatment to control hair loss and regrowth of hair. It is really very depressing.

  459. sradhanjali choudhury says:

    hi doctor,i am facing hair lose problem last 4 yrs.i have a thyroid problem.i am outside in i already check that blad test report my iron is very low.thats why doctor is given me ferrous sulcate medicine for 1 month .i taken then medicine at least one month. i have facing around 100-150 hair per day.can u suggest any homeopathy which is reduce my hair loss problem and gives ones again regrowth my hair on baldness area.please doctor help me.

  460. Nw m 22year’s old bt my condtn is too bad nd hair falling how can solve..?

  461. monty jagyasi says:

    I am losing my hair in large number from 1 month Please suggest me some medicine my age is only 18

  462. monty jagyasi says:

    I am losing my hair what should i do. my age is only 18

  463. sir/madam,
    i m sffring from excessive hair loss … there is drandruff on my scalp….. i m using shampoo but …the dandruff is too much on the scalp..not only that…an while itching m getting an oily substance like material on my nails….shud i use selsun shampoo…plz suggest??
    i m taking r89…..but this dandruff is really irritating an causing my hairs to lose faster…
    plz reply…..

  464. siddhi agrawal says:

    Having too much hairfall more than 100 hairs in a day..

  465. mohd suhail says:

    jogirampuri distic bijnor mere bal bahut jhadh rahe hai meri age 18 saal hai please mujhe koi upaye bataye

  466. mohd suhail says:

    jogirampuri distic bijnor

  467. Homeopathy Geek says:

    I am 16 and a half years old.In the past year I noticed my hair line developing.Is there a homeopathic remedy to stop the formation of the male pattern?

  468. my age is 32 i have a lot of dandruff and i m lossing my hairs they r disapearing from head skin

  469. medicine for grey hair and hair fall without any illness and thinning of hair and earlier i have also used lycopodium 200 it helps me in getting black my hair but then i dropped at the age of 22 now i am of 35 yrs old will it help me still at this time

  470. Raghavendra says:

    Sir i am suffering from hair fall ”Alopecia” day by day thickness of my hair less.pls guide me for regrowth of my hair…i m taken homeopathic medicines but no result pl guide me pl….

  471. Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I am currently in the US doing a postodc. I have observed hair loss since the last 2-3 years and my hair is steadily becoming very scanty. It all started when I conceived in 2010. The pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage but the hair fall did not stop. Since then I have had a lot of work related stress and panic disorder. Would you be able to help me with my hair problem?

    Also can I find these medicines in US.

    Thanks you

  472. Faisal imam says:

    i want to know about hair fall solution. I lost my hair every day rapidly.

  473. Debkanti Mukherjee says:

    I am losing my hairs very fast from my forehead. Now I’m 36. My hairs has already thinned. Baldness is not present in my heredity.

  474. I’m 43, and my hair loss a receding hairline and baldness on the top of the head.

  475. shivraj patil says:

    i am 17 . i am fit , my family never had problems like hair getting whiter in young age .. so i think its not heredietary , but suddenly i have started noticing white hairs on my head . i guess there 10-20 white hairs on my head right now , can homeopathy help . plz help .

  476. dr.sharma namaskar main apni problem btana chahta hu k mere chin mai white baal tuda tuda kar kar badh tay ja raha hay ush kay liye khoye treatment ho too help karh yah mera name kamal mera age 25 yeras mai gujarat mai rah ta hu. plz sir kuch advice dijiye sir hindi mein btana plz.

  477. Pooja Singh says:

    Hello dr. Sharma,

    I am 32 yrs old.I am suffering from hair loss problem for last one year. I have used many things to cure it. From last 3 months my hair loss is reduced much. But on my hair line,front area and crown area, hair is so thinned.till now i am not seeing any sign of regrowth. In homeopathy is it possible to regrow hair on my scalp. PLease reply with any solution.

  478. zishan ahmed says:

    i have hair problem both front side has baldness and mid also which medecine is suitable for hair regrowth in homeopathy and i have left side kidney stone which can be dissovle without any pain in kidney what medecine is suitable for me

    thanks sir
    zishan ahmed

  479. hi sir,iam suffering with severe hair fall,only afer coming to banglore.iam feeling itiching in scalp & some sand type material is cominh from the scalp.pls sugest me what to do
    thank you

  480. amit barnwal says:

    Sir,i m amit 22 yrs old frm jharkhand.i have problm for hair fall since 5 scalp and roots has visibled and falling is going treatment is going on in batra’s homeopathy bt no result.what will i do?suggest me,plz

  481. I m suffering frm heavy hair fall problem frm last two months. There is vry mch dandruff and itching on my hair become vry less and vry rough as I had earlier.plz tell the medicine…

  482. Respected Sir,

    I am having the dandruff problem from quite so long and due to which the hairfall is in excess in the frontal area . I am irritated with this dandruff and hairfall problem. Also,want to add that i am a vegetarian ,so the protein content is less.
    Please suggest any medicine

  483. sir, I am 39 & i have been loosing a lot of hair Also my hair does not grow at all or just 4″ in a year & it looks very dull & very very dry. Pls suggest some urgent treatment. need based

    Thank you.

  484. i m jst 21 yrs old but i have suffering from aloepecia and i consult with doctor and use anti hairfall lotion produt of himalaya herbal india but it doesn’t work better so plz sir i rqst u to tell me the solutions.

  485. brahmendra says:

    Actually I’m suffering from hair fall since 7months from heredity so plz suggest me some gud treatment to this problem

  486. swadhina priyadarsini says:

    dear sir,
    i m 21 yr old and m loosing my hairs since last 2 years it became so thin, please sir suggest some homeopathic medicines for regrowth of my hairs.

  487. Muhammad Ali says:

    Dear Dr Sb.
    I wish to find you with best health. This is Muhammad Ali from Pakistan. I am 31 year old male. I am suffering from hair loss since last one year. Even I have reduce length of hairs and also used lot of hair oils but still didn’t get relief. I feel very embarrassment when my hair falls in dinning plate or front of others.
    Dr Sb please advise me, I will remain thankful to you.

  488. hi doctor,
    i need long and thick hairs so please suggest me good hair oil

  489. Mehul Jindal says:

    hello.. sir ..

    m from bathinda n m having homeopathy treatment for my hair..
    m hair folli plus for hair fall stop..
    n bio hair gain for hair growth..

    n its past 3 months m taking medicine..

    n how much time do i need to take the homeopathy treatment.. for a complete dense hair growth..

    plz help me..

  490. hello sir I used all kinds of oils whice is available in the market and also I have all herbal products but no use atall..almost there is only little hair..

  491. Hi Sir,
    I had hair falling & dandruff problems since 2002 ,this problems were started when I was affected by TB disease,now most of the hairs I have lost,Is there any medicine to regain hair again?please suggest.what is your treatment procedure?Is possible to bear charges for lower or middle class people?

  492. Xohirul Islam says:

    hair fall and dandruff.Sir give me a Solution Plz.

  493. Abida Khan says:

    I have been suffering from a hairfall for approx. 6 years. I have taken lycopodium,teucreum,picricum acid and nat mur and bacilanum but all are proved unable to cure my problem.
    I have 3 lines on my forehead which is the main symbol of lycopodium but lycopodium is also unable to cure my problem

  494. dear dr,
    amar chul prochur uthe ja66e,chul khub rukhya r pathla,mathar majhkhane ekdam chul ney bollei chale pechone r charpase valo chul age 32.anek medicine use korechi bt kichu kaj ho66ena.pls ey problem theke amake ber korun.

  495. soumen mahata says:

    Sir ji i am 30 years,from last 5years having hair loss from top area of head,kindly suggest me about medicine.

  496. arpan banerjee says:

    i am continuously losing my hair from the front portion of my head…i am a guy of 22 yrs of age.i am a bengalee but now i am staying in delhi for my studies..after goin there the hairfall has also increased a lot.i have tried many medications but all in this stage i am continuously losing hair and my forehead is becoming wider.if this continues i shall become bald in no to worried and anxious..please suggest me some proper treatment and diet so that i ma regain healthy hair..

  497. Keshav taak says:

    I’m losing my hair 2 yrs ago till now
    i’m vry tensioned about this plz help me doctor the density of my hair brcome almost half plz help nme 🙁

  498. dr.sharma namaskar main apni problem btana chahta hu k mere baal bhut jharh rahe hai aur baldness b ho raha hai head k uper left or right both side se maine bhut medicine li but hair fall or baldness ruk nhi raha kirpea mujhe iss problem se chhutkara dijiye main bhut preshan hu meri age abhi sirf 22 saal he hai plz sir kush advice dijiye but sir hindi mein btana plz plz jaldi sir .

  499. Gaurav saraswat says:

    sir I am facing chronic hair fall i m taking treatment of homeopathy since 3 month but there is no effect of control what shud i do?

  500. Mare Karib Do Mahine Tak Bal Girte Rahe. To Main Docter Ke Paas Gaya Aur Usne Kaha Aap To Ganje Ho Rahe Ho. Aur Usne Davai Di Hai Aur Minoxidil Diya Aur Kaha Thik Ho Jayenga Takriban Char Mahine Ho Gaye Lekin Mere Bal Girne Kum Nahi Huve. AUR Bal Sur Pe Ghane The Lekin Ab Nahi Rahe.

  501. sir,

    i am 35 yrs old working problem is grey hairs.please recomend me the homeopathy medicine for reversing grey hairs……and also further preventing this ..pls revert back

  502. Hi doctor
    I’m suffering from hairfall problem.Its not regular but yearly almost twice i suffer this problem.i am 30 years old.Already my hair growth is less and i am taking thyronrm 75mg for thyroid.Mostly while washing and combing i gets handsful of texture is also thin… i m worried about this….plz help me through homeopathy medicine if u can suggest any…i will be very thankful to u…MAY GOD BLESS U….

  503. arup chakraborty says:

    i have a dendruff,and so much of heir fall ,after one daywhen im doing sampooone day later my scalp fully of natural oil.plzzzzzzz give me someme solution of this problem

  504. Hi
    My hairs are becoming to thin and weak also suffering from
    MPB please suggest medicine

  505. hi sir, and my hair lose every day because its cause is dandruff. What i can do for dandruff freely

  506. nasirjoseph says:

    im 28 years old. and my hairs falling day by day. i heard that only homeopathy can regrow my hairs.
    please reply me i am in a big trouble.

  507. Sir now i started scalptone how many days to get benefit .

  508. sandeep yadav says:

    Sir I would tell it ftom start iam studying ca course and for this was in delhi for 3 month in year 2008 and from this time hair falling problem starts. There I got infection in my stomach and intestine and some worm were grown in my body and excrited but the hair loss is increasing day by day till now. I had taken many homeopathic and ayurvadic but my problem is still worst .There in is new problem that my hairs are falling very very fast for last 2 month . Sir
    Please tell me effective homeeopathic medicine to stop hair fall as fast as possible

  509. Anil Budhraja says:

    Is wisabadon 200 effective in preventing hair fall?


  511. balvinder singh says:

    Dear sir,
    i am 34 year old my hair inreguler whitenes & Dendref please help me please send name of medicine


    • Dear sir,
      i am 24 year male my hair fall& inreguler whitenes & Dendref please help me please send name of medicine


  512. deblina chakraborty says:

    Hello sir, my hair type is silky though its not dense, previously i used to have homeopathy medice for hair volume but i stoppd and it has been almost 6-7 years but recently i m worried about too much hairfall. Its sudden. What should i do other than consulting a homeopathic doctor.

  513. i am 26yrs of age and am loosin my hair,my forward is moving back,which the hair in front of my head is fadin,,the four corners of my head is also fading,the hair there is very light and am loosin my hair pls help

  514. I gave birth and now my son is almost 22 months old..
    I started loosing my hair when my boy was 3 months old but still i am loosing though i can see some hair is coming back. My friend has given me homeopathy biohair tablets.
    Will that be useful to stop the thinning of my hair


  515. Respected Sir,

    i am loosing my hair at top of my head. There is a inherited pattern as my father is bald and my younger brother lost his hair significantly. Please tell my how can i stop or delay hair loss. Please guide me about homeopath medicines as i am firm beliver of homeo medicines.


  516. Hello Dr Sharma.

    I am a resident of Chandigarh and one of your old patient. it’s been almost 4 years i am facing hair loss problem. i wish i could continue the medicine with you however for personal reasons i had to leave Chandigarh. i have really tried all kind of medicine however no benefit.

    would u please advise if i start homeopathy medicine with dedication now, would it work… are there any chances of regrowth or at least control the hair fall.

  517. Mohd. faisal says:

    Dr. Sir I am 30yrs old I have so much dandruff and my whole family have dandruff. I have been loosing hair for last 24 month regular hairfall after every combing.I have no desease earlier.My skin is very dry .drynesr appear on my ear,shoulder&chest.
    Kindly suggest the medicine and its power and doses.

  518. Tapash Kumar Mukhopadhyay says:

    My daughter aged 15 years is facing the problem of falling of hairs mainly at the time of combing. Although the fall is not rapid but everyday she is loosing hairs continuously. Her hair colour is not fully black some brownish looks like. We have full faith in Homeo only. If there is any medicine to repair it or manage to stop falling kindly be advised.

    pl. guide


  519. My age is 21. My front 2-3 cm portion is bald. It is started 4 years ago itching in my front. Now itching start in top of my it possible to growing front portion hair? My many hair is grey hair from 2006. Give me name of homeo medicine without any side effect for growing hair and for premature hair greying. I have exessive sweating .it increases in winter g

  520. faraz mohammed ghayas says:

    I am 27 and there is lot of
    hairfall can you suggest me any medicine.

  521. nasir mohammed says:

    Dear sir,
    I am 19 years old and suffering from hairfall. Shaved my head 2 time in this year but no improvement in it. Plzz suggest me what to do ?

    Thanking you

  522. aman agarwal says:

    Hello sir , sir i m a 21 yr ans nd i m lossing hair since three yrs and now a days the problem is getting more cimplicated suggest me some useful remedy to stop the heavy hair fall thankyou sir

  523. i have been using homeopathy treatment for a long time ..but very few hairs have turned black from do i rapid the has been 3 years since i have been using lycopodium clavatum,acidum nitricum.

  524. Jeff Minlal says:

    Iam 26 years old i loose my hair iam hair loose what shal i do to growth new hair. Help me?

  525. Dolly Mathew says:


    I am 39 now and will homeopaethic medicine help revive my follicles and grow back the hair as my hair is thinning out. I am already on homeo medicines , want to know how long does it take or is it that hair won’t grow for those entering the 40’s

  526. Subrat Mishra says:

    I am 38 years old. my hair falling start from before 10 years ago. now i am totally loss my hair . i was trying all medicine i think . Still i have a hope that all my hair came back.
    So plz if you have any idea about my disease then plz give me some suggestion and prescribed some medicine.

  527. sir i have used many medicine but my hair doesnt grow ,i m vry upset regarding ths

  528. subrata ghosh says:

    my age is 20…my hair was very thick..and suddenly about 4 month before.. seemed that hair had been thin in a small portion in head…and i show a doctor..and he gave me a shampoo..NOVALE..and vB 7 medicine…i eat it twice in a day..about 1 month.. i used the shampoo twice in a weak…after 3 month…i show again a doctor he gave me a medicine multivitamin capcul and CANDID shampoo..but i now eating the capcul..but i use the NOVALE shampoo..before 1 month i shaved my all hair ..i.e me ganja ho gia tha..but now my hair became very very thin in overhead…in a large area…..what shoud i do? please rply me sir

  529. im 20 yrs old i loose an average of 80 to 90 strands of hair daily is it normal …my dad is bald will i to get bald…my hair density is reducing …this lasts for the past 2 yrs is there any solution for this..

  530. priyanka gupta says:

    my hair is falling out like crazy … it is getting thin day by day i have pcos .. i go through many doc. for this problem but nothing helped.. can you please suggest me any medicine for this problem ????

  531. Chaudhary Babar says:

    Mere baal girny shuru hogy hain aur bht kamzoor hain….kch smjh nai ah rha kya kroun abhi to meri umar 19 saal hai.

  532. hello dr’ thank you for your quality information
    please just tell us in what potency fluric acid and how we can use it

    thank u a lot


    sir main ashiq hussain kashmir se.sir mera hairfall bohot zyada hota hai aur mere baal b boht zyzda nahin ugte.sir plz aisa koi solution batayia jis se mere bal healthy hojayai.thank u

  534. milind gole says:

    sir, i am suffering from hair fall . day by day thickness of my hair less.pls guide me for regrowth of my hair…

    Am 22 year old, am loosing hairs from top and forehead sides,
    am loosing hairs everyday bunch of hairs loosing,
    Pls advise me how to stop loosing my hairs and make it grow,strong,healty,

    Awaiting for your reply at the earliest.

  535. Sir, I had good hair but due to the occurence of pimples in my face i consulted a allopathy skin doctor who prescribed me isotretinoin medicine and my all pimples went off but it caused side effect ,dandruff in my hairs and it began to fall,now it has become very thin. What should i do

  536. Sandhyakanth says:

    Dear sir,

    I am 25 years, I have been using homeo medicine for hair loss from past two months, even dr asked me to take biotin tablets symaltaneously.Im continuing with that but the problem still persists.My problem is hereditary.please suggest me for the best yet to be married.


  537. Ravinder Kaur says:

    Hello Doctor,

    I am 32 years, married and have a kid of 5 years.

    I do not use any cosmetics on my face.

    Always keep my face clean and clear without make up.

    I also have an healthy diet.

    however from past 2 – 3 months i am having lot of acne on my face leaving scars.

    I am working in a corporate company, IBM.

    Please suggest me some medication.

    Thanking you

  538. Miss. Priya says:

    Hello doctor, I m suffering diffuse hair loss from last three years. Its nt genetical. My hairs became much fragile n also have much dandruff. Now a days my hair fall became very severe. Please suggest effective solution as tis hair loss causing too much stress for me.

  539. sir my hair fall last 1year plz sugest me any medicin

  540. sir..i am 21..and my hair are falling from last 1 year..i have taken ayurvedic treatment also but it didnt helped much…doctor said that because of dandruff your hairs are falling..but there is no dandruff..and still hairs are falling…plz suggest me what to do..thanku..

  541. Shweta Mukherjee says:

    Hell Doctor,
    I, Shweta Mukherjee, 38yrs am suffering from severe hair loss for the past 4 months. I have a thyroid ( Hupothyroidism which shifted to hyperthyroidism due to irregularities in medicine intake and high dosages of 112.5mcg which has now been reduced to 50mcg after detection of hyperthyroidism in aug this year), low Hb(10.5), and low Vit D3 levels. Besides I have a very erratic daily schedule for the past two yrs after I gave birth to a baby. Improper and irregular food intake and sleeping hours were hardly 3-4hrs every day which I have now increased to 6 hrs every day. in the past 4 months I am left with one third of hairs on my head. Hairs are falling from all over the scalp and scalp is visible on the crown and sides. I have more than 50% grey hairs so I have to use dye(Laureal casting hair dye twicw a month) but for the past one and a half months I am not using any hair dye as it causes lot of hair fall. I had several hair fall sessions before during which no medication , good sleep etc. helps and continues for unknown period-6months, 1 year…and stops of its own. During a hair fall session the roots are so weak that they drop of their own and this time I am loosing more than 200 strands every day. This time hairs are coming out with combing. I am taking nutritional supplements- Bioteeplus, folinz and zincovit and total time for my treatment is almost one mo nth but no result. I am applying minoxidil topically which I don’t want to for about two weeks. I have good amount of facial and body hairs, now thin built and a wheatish to fair complexion. The hairs are thick and wavy.It seems that I would turn bald very soon which is so depressing. I had hair fall sessions before also when I did not suffer from any problem.

  542. Nitesh Chaudhary says:

    Hi, I am facing hair problem from a long time and my hair have become very light please suggest something.

  543. mayank ashraj says:

    hi doctor,
    i m mayank i m a boy of 15
    i m facing a problem of baldness on top of my head please help me out cause my friend tease me because of this plzz tell me how to cure
    and i also think that it can be beacuse of nose cause i think i have sinus

  544. hello dr sharma…i m glad that i came across this article.
    though i was looking for a remedy for hair loss of my daughter …..3 yo…probable due to season change which causes dryness on her scalp….quite like patches of cradle cap at 3-4 places.
    should i try sulphur 30 for her? kindly advise.


  545. My hairs were so thick now by losing them i am having thin hairs suggest me hw should nw i can get mmy thick hairs back !?

  546. salman ahmad says:

    Dear Dr. Sb, My hair are fallen, i have started the Jaborandi hair oil of SBL & Selenium as per advice of Shop owner.
    Is it right prescription? Is there any side effect of Selenium?

    Thanks in advance of you.

  547. dear doctor,
    i’m suffering from hairfall in the premenopausal woman of 46 .im steadily losing more and more hair i have used all kinds of ampules, minoxidil nothing works and oiling makes my hair fall more. the scalp is oily acne prone but hair texture is thin and dry. please homeopathy is my ladt hope please help

  548. UTTAM KUMAR says:

    I am 28 year old men. I am suffering with hair loss from last 9 year when i just 19. My hair problem is genetic. All the male person of my family is bald.
    I am loosing hair from centre and front side hair is oily,gray and scalp is itchy with yello dandruff.
    I have clean my hair every 3 month but after 2&1/2 month hair fall again start.
    Any medicines may be
    suggested to stop further hairfall against genetic problem and to regenerate lost hair.


    HI SIR i have a problem with my hair is thin and fall

  550. Dilip kumar dash says:

    My age is 25 and an year and now my front part has two bald spots .i have used ac 9,and ac 6 homeopathy medicine.but it didnot work .i have even shaved my head for 3 times but it didn’t work.when i comb my hair black kind of paste which sticks in the comb.plz help me sir

  551. hi
    This is Archana from Pune, India.
    My age is 25 years and I am married.

    I had long and thick hairs few years ago.Many times, I had hair cuts.
    But now I am facing greying of hairs and hair fall also. My hairs growth is slowed down.
    I have tried so many hair oils and herbal shampoos. but I am not getting good results.
    I want long and healthy hairs.
    Please suggest me any solution.

  552. SANJIT BISWAS says:

    I am suffering hair loss for a long time. After consulting alopathy doctor he suggested to take DHT blocker FINPECIA , BTN Plus, Hairgrow 10 % percent sol. When i am using this ,my hair loss isstopped but after stopped this medicine again hair fall started.. Please suggest me which homoapathy medicine is good for stop hair loss and regrowth of my hair.i hard about ustilago medicine .Is it good for baldness?

  553. mritunjay sharma says:

    i hav very thin and curly hair it is not so dense evry day 2 to 5 hair falls,i had typhoid in my childhood it is genetic in my family now i’m 23 yrs 0ld and from front side i got ” w” shape baldness and in centre also vry few hairs are there in all around if u see u can be able to see my scalp very easily i hav 6*8 hair on my head. And all are do muhe hair i need thick and long hair with dense. can u plz kindly tell me how to take medicine in tis condition and which is vry effective for quick new hair grow on my head . bcz of tis evry time i’m in depression i always lose my confidence.sumtimes i face vry strong headache. and i have pimples on my head one two perspiration always tak plce in my head itching in every evening

  554. i am 26 years old i have been losing a lot hair and baldness apears so please suggest medicine for my problem and its power and doses
    thank you

  555. Abhik Chowdhury says:

    Sir, i am a 23 years old boy… I had loosing my hair very much for last two years… I had tryed allopathic medicine but it could not help me… Now i am using sbl’s scalptone and i think it reduces my lossing a little bit… Pls suggest me…

  556. My hair are falling n causing baldness . i am 27 yrs old female . im so worried some one has suggested me Ustilago ch .is it ok ?

  557. Hi,
    I was suffering from severe dandruff and hairfall since last one year. Three months ago I consulted a doctor and he prescribed me Grahites 200, Mezerium and Grahites hair oil. Dandruff problem was solved wih two months. Hair regrowth took place in last one month. But since last feww weeks I am once again having severe hairfall mainly while combing. Doctor has prescribed me Nat M 200.

    Please suggest whether I am going in the right direction or not.

    Thanks and Regards,

  558. all the advices are know by every one even a 10 year old kid could tell all these things…show something to be like a doctor not someone who searched internet and post jibrish on the blog or website don’t look for fees all the time..That’s stupid.!! ………

  559. all the advices are know by every one even a 10 year old kid could tell all these things…show something to be like a doctor not someone who searched internet and post jibrish on the blog or website don’t look for fees all the time..That’s stupid.!!

  560. chandan kumar says:

    my hair has been falling for five it is increasing very fast.scalp becomes dry and itching.

  561. I am 18 years old and studying in XI class. I also attend coaching class for B. Tech as such I am pressurized for study. During the month of Mar 2012 was suffering from jaundice and treated by English medicines for the treatment of jaundice and cured within 2 to 3 month. Now I am quite well but suffering from hair loss and dandruff (white substances on the scalp)

    May I request you to kindly prescribe homeopathy medicine.

  562. hi Dr my age 48+. my hair are too oily.iam tired of itching on
    the scalp. from the age of 16-17 i am loosing my hair continously.what can i do,pls suggst me

  563. Mohd.Salman Abrar says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I have had hair fall in the past and i have thinning of hairs in front.I m using R 89 medicine but i have stopped using it.Is R 89 medicine safe without any side effects or can u suggest me some other medicine and ways so that i have thick hairs and also my hairs become soft and shiny and i can feel confident and have a free flowing lifestyle.

    With Best Regards
    Mohd. Salman Abrar

  564. Hello Dr. Vikas Sharma,

    I have been facing hairfall after delivery 2 years back. It seem reduced but the problem still persists. I drink lot of water but cantmaintain a rich diet ’cause my son is over active and i need to care for him most part of the day. Can you please suggest a medication which will just stop hair fall. PLEASE?

  565. Ab Qayoom Tantry says:

    I am 30 years of age .i have been suffering from hair falling since January 2013.
    Please prescribe me a good medicine. for stopping hair falling.
    Thanks. Sir

  566. Am24 I hv very beautiful thik n volumed natural shiny hair peopl who look at my hair they all jealous on me but now am losing them I don’t knw Whts wrong my forehead is bold now without hair and behind my head also becom boled am so so so worried please help me…I need to grow them..

  567. koyel chowdhury says:

    Dear Sir,
    I had typhoid when I was young which destroyed my skin,as it is pigmented on neck stomach and back.I have digestive problems like gas if i dont eat in time and sometimes chest pain.I dont eat spicy or rich food as it upsets my stomach easily.My hair is very fine and gets oily,greasy easily.It falls a lot 200 hairfall when I shampoo.slightly pains on frontal roots.

    Please Please help
    Thanking You,
    9830644965(if possible please send a message on my cell that you have mailed as I get thousand junk mails everyday)

  568. hello doctor,

    i m suffering from hair loss, from right side of forehead,it is hairloss few 2inches, what i feels,now i feel from left right it is starting.
    when i obsessived from mid of nov,12 and still is lossing hair, i have seen the hairline from forehead, and from back it is mild hair loss.
    i m very tensed.
    please help me to regrow the hair and my hair is thin bec, it is falling.
    please prescribed what to eat – i m vegetarian but i can eat eggs also , if u suggest

    and i think my diet is also not good. ( pls note :- these is not hereditary problem in my family ) , what i feels – it happens due to bad diet, stress or from wearing helamts .. i m not sure , just assuming pls help & suggest the medicines , i blieves in homeopathic medicines , and suggest some oil shampoo..etc

    reply soon

    thanks in adv..

  569. dear sir,
    now i m 23 years old and i m suffering from hair loss since last four years…specially i have a bald area on crown of my hair..not fully bald but my scalp is visible easily under the light…one year ago i had consultated a doctor who gave me a medicine “hair for u 5%(minoxidil)” i used it for four month…due to that medicine i regain my hair but when i stop using it my hair losses two times more….then i consult a homeo doctor n use his medicine for one month but i got no result… i m using onion juice from one month…i m in too much tension..pls help me

  570. Dhanalakshmi says:

    Im 21 years, i hav been loosing my hairs from last 6 months…cn u pls suggest me good hair oil n shampoo…?? Pls

  571. ayush kumar says:

    .sirrr .my hair falls continually
    ….so I want to ridooff from this problem

  572. Sir
    I am 30 year aged male serving with defence. Am facicing hair fall problem on top of my head. At the side enough hairs are there and no hair fall from there. No hair fall history in family.

    Plzz suggest me a good homeopathic medicine to control and regain hairs

  573. my hair is falling started from front side please advice me medicine

  574. sir,my brother is having hairfall since 1yr,dandruff on scalp which is sometime greasy and sometime dry with itching before few month had taken allopathy which decreases dandruff,patient is emotional,sometime irritability,handling familly responsibillity,hair falling from the site of temporal region.weak ,lean,thin,extraction of teeth,since then he become weak,talks in sleep mostly about office work,from economically weak family.sir please tell me remedy

  575. Hello sir,
    my name is vishal and my age is 22..
    i m affected with extreme hair fall since past 5 years,
    And i have dandruff which is not going,
    Pls suggest some homepathic medicine to stop hair fall and for regrowing new hairs..

  576. Bennie blanco says:

    I have alopecia totalis and trief about everythingbto reverse it without any unacceptable results. Caan u guide me to the correct treatment please

  577. according to you article, hair loss is a “disease” related problem and u have also mentioned the common layman diseases that everybody is aware of. Is it a necessaty that a person suffering from alopecia or hair fall which is more than normal in number, has to suffer from so called “big deep diseases” ?
    a guy of age 21 is suffering, a girl of 20 yrs is suffering… is normal, they exersice daily, have no mental trouble of any kind, still they are dying to save there hair before it gets too late for them….what would you suggest for their treatement? and yes…..a must to mention…they have also tried many reowened hair oils…such as parachute, sesa oil, ayurvedic oils and olso the olive oil.

  578. prashant kumar mishra says:

    i m suffering from hair loss problm since when i was of 13 years,,and after 7 years i got to find that my hair fall is same as my father hair fall,,but my father’s hairfall started at the age of 40,,but mine at the age of 13 only,,the very day i have used clinic all clear shampoo,my hair fall started,,and now i am of 28 and still suffering,and i have loss my hair at very great extent,,and mentally i am very much disturbed regarding this issue

  579. Nupur rukhaiyar says:

    From last one month i am having continious hairfall. In mid i have changed many shampoos n oil but its not working. At present i am using vatika hair oil n dove shampoo wid conditioner but still having hairfall. my hairs have also become very rough. please suggest me something.

  580. Jesse Hernandez says:

    Hello Dr Sharma

    I suffered from a nutritional deficiency 17yrs ago from heavy weight lifting. one of the first signs of this deficiency was my hair in the front of my head started to thin out. After the guidance of my Chinese traditionalist i was on a road to recover. The only problem was that the heair did not regrow. Any recommendations would be great

    Thank You

  581. Namaskar,
    I’m Dipu. I’m 32. Losing hair from 20. Now very little hair in the middle. Sides are empty. My grandpa had bald. My father lost when he became aged. I am losing a little bit earlier. I’m unmarried.
    I had lush black hair. I used shampoo too much almost everyday. I was indifferent to dry my hair after bath. I am also used to masturbating. What can I do now?

  582. Dear Sir
    plz main apse kuch jankari lena chahta hu

  583. cynthia fernandes says:

    i am 35 yrs old, ive been losing hair since the age of 15.i had very thick hair thrice then wat i have now.tried several shampoos hair oils n medicines i want to try homeopatyhy can u please advice , will it cure my problem.sometimes i loose a lot of hair n smtms less.

  584. kanwar brar says:

    dear sir,

    i m suffering from hair fall ,,,,,,,,,,, suggest me sm medisons ,,,,,,,, i have lycopodium ………. can i take it or not

  585. kanwar brar says:

    i am suffering from hair fall. . Having taken alopathy it still same. . My skin is much oily. . Sugest me sm homepathy medicn for hair fall. . My self kanwar brar. . Contact 8054570018

  586. Hello Sir.
    Now am 24 when i was 16 my hair fall at the front of the head now hair is getting thinner and falling out now hair lost in the back and center of the head. I don’t know what kind of hair loss please help me.

  587. hello mam,

    I m facing the same problem from last year & I have tried so many things to control hair fall .by no good result found as yet.. So Please suggest me any medicine to control my hair fall .I got very very fad up now with this problem …

  588. Hemangini says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I have read your comments regarding hair loss. But I guess the hair fall I’m having is the different reason. As you say that because of the birth control pills hair may fall. But it has been more than 4 years I’m taking it and my hair has start falling since 1 year. I’m taking birth control pills because of some hormone problem I’m having. Also taking Biotin as well. Moreover, I’m taking some vitamin pills too,. So let me know what should I do?
    I washed my hair every two days with Dove shampoo and conditioner.
    Applied almond oil before I washed my hair.

    Thank You

  589. jitendra kumar says:

    Mera hair head ke top side se ho raha hai ,Ye problem mere genetics se hai
    kiya ye problem solve ho sakta hai iska upay batae.

  590. I am 32 and loosing a lot of hair regularly for the past 5 years. Now the hair on the top and front of head has thinned drastically and this portion is becoming bald. I am using minoxidil 10% for past one and half years but with no significant result.I wash my hair regularly with shampoo but dandruff persists.I walk about 4 Km six days a week but still overweight otherwise I do not have history of diabetes or any serious illness. Please suggest effective remedy to get rid of the agony of becoming bald completely.

  591. Mansoor Asim says:

    Dear Doctor,
    i used a straightening cream last year, now i am loosing hair day by day, new grown hair are very thin and weak and a little curly. i used different oils, i.e. Almond, Amla, and local made arnica oil but did not get any relief. my age is 37 please give me some proper solution.
    Mansoor Asim

  592. ashish thapliyal says:

    hello doctor,
    i am suffering from hair fall and thinning problem,itching on head also.
    please guide me can i use R89 hair care drops?

  593. rajiv khanna says:

    baldness problem i have no hair in front of head

  594. jabir nazeeb says:

    dear sir im jabir nazeeb aged 33years have been loosing my hair for d last 6years.but for d last 1year its got severe mainly on d top of d can i start d treatment sir .how can i medicines from dr homeo?can i get my hair regrow?pls suggest me a way?

  595. KHUSHRAU AIBARA says:


  596. rajiv khanna says:

    i am suffering from baldness from front side of head plz suggest me medicine in homeopathy

  597. rajesh kumar says:

    my hair are weak and dry and are falling hugely specially in summer season . i have had heart problem since childness but is not acute and well performing my daily works….please suggest me some homeopathic medicines for my hair fall … age now is 38 years….thanks!!

  598. Sir,

    Iam 42 years old. Is any medicine to dye my hair in homeopathy. Other chemical mixed dyes are allergy for me. I also used henna powder. But it looks like brown hair. Please reply

  599. too much hair loss n lil pain in hair roots .
    Plz help me .

  600. heba fatima says:

    I am young girl my age is 21 years I dont suffer any disease but though i have hair loss i am using olive oil and loreal shampoo which was very effective for sometime but now neither my oil works nor my shampoo what shud i do i need to go to a homeopatic doctor for treatment but that i will be quite expensive please help me

  601. SANJEEV KR. SINGH says:


  602. rohini singh says:

    dr im suffring from hair fall for last 10 year its cronic ,i hv many homeo madicine as possible but….not get good result ,but ozon an som hormonal med help me meprosole an finaset .bu now i want some effective homeo med plz suggest me im from varanasi ,,,my prob accure mainly ofter period 10 to 15 days i fell very bad hair fall my hair codition is very poor plz do some for me thank u

  603. latika sanger says:

    hello doctor
    i am 30 old female i have been experiencing hair loss frm past 15 yrs now i am seeing a lot of thinnig on my crown i have started a course of minoxidil 2ml5% n neoptide 1ml folli hair tablet od can u plz suggest me a homeo medicine dat i must take wid this treament thank u

  604. hi, this is narayan my age is 24yrs. i had a huge hair fall from past a year, now it become like a express iam unable to stop it. daily more than 100’s of hairs fallen while taking bath. i want natural growth of hairs. can pls help me with this

  605. I am 21 my problm 1 years hair fall and ak saal sa hi m homepathy madisan kar rha ho but koi fayda hi nhi ho paa rha best oil best madisan but koi fayda nhi plss ans me. M kya karo

  606. sandeep bagdi says:

    precsribe me some homeopthic medicine for hair loss and hair growth

  607. Dear sir
    I am 21 yrs old i loosing my hair from forehead loosing from past two months.
    Plz advce me how to stop this and make it grow..
    Am awaitng for your reply m so worried..

  608. Rahul Jain says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    Right now i am facing hair fall problem, some time before i had very heavy and good hair but right now my hair is very less in quantity. I have observed the cause of this problem is changing of water. On the other hand it might be the inherited trend because my father has no hair on the top of the head. But i was not expecting in the age 25 i will face this problem. I usually have some digestion problem but for short time. So can you please tell me the solution of my problem (Hair falling and roughness). Thank You.

  609. RAJU KUMAR says:

    mai 17 sal ka school boy hun aur pichle ek sal se hair problem se suffer kur raha hun maine apne age ke bal puri tarah se kho diye hain aur jab main balon me koi oil ya shampoo lagata hun tabhi bahut sare hair fall ho jate hain please mujhe aise madicine bataiye jo mujhe help kur suke main u.p ke banaras city ka ruhne wala hun

  610. respected doctor

    i am 28 m, i am having hair fall problem since 3 – 4 years now, and as soon as i have seen my bald spot i am really concern about my health and hairs. I am confused to all that treatments including minoxidil, hair pills, hair oils of differnt kinds.. etc though i dont have faith in steroids (like minoxidile), i need a proper solution, thats why after searching over the internet i started Acid Phos 30. and it has been 4 days i am having acid phos 30 three times a day. Well its early to notice any change but one thing i have noticed that hair fall become a bit low and hairs are having some volume, and i also noticed that my body is producing pale yellow colour mucus.
    Now i want to have your advice that whether is it good sign ?, when should i boost the potency from 30 – 200?, what else medicine should be taken with acid phos to gain regrowth (like Silicea or any?)


  611. pooja pandey says:

    mere baal 4se 5 mahine se root se fall ho rahe hai .scalp me itching bhi bahoot hoti hai. jab bhi comb karti hoon to 30 se 40 baal girte hai ,balo pe hath pherne per bhi 8 se 10 baal haton me aa jate hai . mai din me do baar comb karti hoon . is tarah mere 100 bal roj girte hai .mere baal day by day patle hote ja rahe hai mai bahoot pareshan hoon .please mujhe koi acha sa sujhab dijiye

  612. s t sherpa says:

    My wife being treated for hair loss in patches and cause as per doctor’s prescription is alopecia. But problem in taking allopathic
    treatment making her gain in weight and swelling face etc. The tablets she is taking is Omnacotil.20. Now she wants to change
    her way of treatment to homaeopathy. Kindly suggest medicine of Doctors in kolkata (india)

    with regard

    S T Sherpa

  613. Geetha Radhakrishnan says:

    what is the homeopathy medicine for thyroid hair loss?

  614. sir
    i am a 24 year old boy….suffering from hair loss for the last 3 years… people say there is no remedy…. plz help me out

    Sir kindly give a reply of my questions

    Thanks & Regards

  615. have density on back side of scalp bt on the front side suffering from thining.not any specific reason

  616. Shantosh says:

    Respected sir,i’m 19 years old and i have hairfall problem.about 40 to 50 hair falls everyday.sir i have also musturbation .sir please suggest some remedies.thanks

  617. Rakesh Nautiyal says:

    my hair falling since last 4 years. Can I regrowth my hair if yes please suggest the medicine.

  618. dear doctor,
    this is ashish from delhi last one yr i am facing hair fall problem. I used many oil but all that i am here for discussion with you . My hair werw thick before but right now its very thin and falling while washed my hair and fall in bunches.

  619. Hugdhjg

  620. male pattern hail fall start’s …wat to do …..only in the age of 20 .??

  621. saif ahmed says:

    i have almost half bald i am of age 30 kindly help me to regain my hair previously I have used colors in hair

  622. arun natrajan says:

    i m suffering from hairloss problem from past 5 years some dermitoloogist says its due to dandruff and someone says that its because of heridity problem. I took lots of treatments but thr s no use jst lost money only. Now i m getting almost baldness.
    please show me a perfect way to recover from these poblem.

  623. abhishek says:

    Hi Dr Sharma my name is abhishek my age is 23 i live in mumbai im having hair problem. every day i loss many hair, i think i wanted to know that by taking homeopathy treatment i can re grow my hair again sir please let me know sir please.

  624. kaushiki bhattacharya says:

    My Husband is balding and is loosing hair rapidly.its hereditary.His father was bald and his elder brother is also bald.They have got it from their maternal side.Can you suggest some Homeopathic medicine that will help him from getting bald.he will be 40 this august.

  625. vineet rathi says:

    namaskar dr. sharma

    mere balo ke jado me chikna sa dendruf rhata hai jo kise bhe shampu se nahe jata hai
    aur khujli bhut hoti hai khujanese sar dhkta hai

    befour 3 year use Sansen shampo

    caruntli use katofly shampo

    please halp me this mater

  626. Himanshu Yadav says:

    Hello sir, good evening. I am 21 yrs old and loosing my hairs from 2009.It has developed patches on my center scalp. I have hypothyroid which was diagnosed in sept.2012, I also took Minoxidil and finacet tablets and it worked, but after stopping those medicines after 5 months again my hairs started to fall.. 50 hairs each day and my center scalp is closely looks like bald scalp.
    I wanted to know if i can start a homeopahty treatment and if it will grow my hairs on center scalp. thanks

  627. m suffering from wisdom hair loss.. Itz been 7 yrs m suffering from this problem…m 24 yrs of age… Help me.

  628. rikki kumar says:

    please tell me about hair fall medicine name. thanks for it please.

  629. I am 23 yr old…I am suffering hair fall.there is to many hair fall out daily….it was to week..sir plz tell me what to do…

  630. Hello Sir,
    I am 29 years old and suffering from lots of hairfall. I am using Homepathy medicine R89 from reckewek for 1 month. I can see that new hair is growing, but I am losing the hair as well.
    Please suggest me some remedy.

  631. I am 25 years old & i have been loosing a lot of hair in upper part Also my hair does not grow.i use also homeopathy medicine for 2 years.i am starting treatment for initial stage and use medicine problem is not control.
    2.phos 200

  632. I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism 3 months back. My tsh is 5.8, my hairs are turning white. I am 38 yrs old. my mom still have black hairs, so its not hereditary. i am taking eltroxin 50mg daily. recently weight is increased. Is there a homeopathy remedy for
    1. Whitening of hairs
    2. Hypothyroid


  633. prashant joshi says:

    im 23years old.i hv problem of hair loss from last 2years.i was taking treatment 2times in last 2years.but there is no any i have bald patches on front of my head like my grandfather.please give me home remedies to hair regrow again on my bald patches

  634. Subhajit Naskar says:

    I’m 18.since two year i got bald on my forehead.i think its caused by dandruff.whole season dandruff.

  635. Hello .. Im sana… Im 27 years old…3 years ago i rebound my hair… And after that they have started to fall down badly as i have very less hair on my frontal line.. Im taking diet properly, i have examined my self to doc, i done my AFT test but no desease came out, then i started to use fenugreek seed powder in coconut oil it controlled my hair fall but still i didnt regain hair on my front,, plz suggest me some remedy or medicine.

  636. my age 20. i am losing my hair. what can i do?

  637. ravi teja says:

    hello sir, i am raviteja from andhra. I have been suffering from hair loss since two years. Over that i am loosing eye lashes and eye brows also. I have dandruff also. I have used almost all types of vitamin and min suppliments, but no change. Right now i am on dht inhibitor androanagen as prescribed by my dermatologist. I have receeding hairline, top, back and at temples. Please help me sir. Thanks and regards ravi teja.

  638. Dear Dr Sharma, I have pcos and am a 37yr old female. My hair if falling out for quiet sometime now but now I can see the baldness. Its really starting to bother me. I am not on any medication. I used to take birth control pills but just start a pack and used to get ill , they jus don’t agree. Please help me in any way that you can.

  639. Ashes lahiri says:

    Regular excessive hair falling, loosing hair lines nd it somehow going vry fast 2 the baldness. I’v been in homeopathy treatment since 1 and half year bt still there is nt any satisfactory result. Plz suggest how can I cure this problem and regrow the hair . My age is 23+

  640. Ashes lahiri says:

    Regular excessive hair falling, loosing hair lines nd it somehow going vry fast 2 the baldness. I’v been in homeopathy treatment since 1 and half year bt still there is nt any satisfactory result. Plz suggest how can I cure this problem. My age is 23+

  641. m 21 years old .my hair is loss infront of the face .just like w shape .pls suggest me which type of medicine have to diet .give me name these medicine.

  642. Sanjee shah says:

    Sir i m 16 yrs. I hv hair fall and have a problem of alopecia. Pls suggest me a gud treatment.

  643. Puspendu Bhunia says:

    Dear sir
    I am suffering from hair fall problem. During 6 months my scalp is itching severly and I used medicative shampoo but no result is to be found. Before 3 months a few place of my scalp itching and there all hair is gone after few days new hair outgrow there but the place is itching.

  644. Ramkrishna mandal says:

    hi i have suffering with huge dandruff and hair fall since last 3 to 4 year how can it stop plz tell me and what is the precution for it

  645. hi sir,
    i am 21year old. i eat capsuls for increasing hight before the 5 years. due to which i have hair loss everyday. plz suggest me . what i do.

  646. Hi I found your articles very intriguing and inspirational. I have just been diagnosed with alopecia areata and trying the homeopathic remedies. On the bottle it says the ingredient is Nat Carb 30. I did research and the only thing I saw was that it was for digestion. Do u think I have the right treatment for Alopecia? Thanks

  647. Manisha singh says:

    Sir mere baal bahut toot rahe hai aur mera matha bhi dikhne lag hai partition karne par plz help me and tell me what should i do and frm whr i will have a proper treatment.i m very worried about it

  648. sir i am male 30yrs. last one or two year my hair lose from front forheaf and top due tension. i tried alopathic and Ayurveda both but no result. kindly help me if any treatment for hair growth.

  649. Dear Sir,
    I have a problem called premature graying is curable in homeopathy.I am 27 year old now.I am presently living in Bahrain for employment.I had this premature graying for 2years.

    Could you please give me an advice for medicine.
    Waiting for yur affirmative reply.
    Thanking You,
    Roni V.Alex

  650. Hello sir,Iam in USA iam suffering heavy hair loss,2months back i suffered thypoid fever is this the reason for hair fall if so plz suggest me any medicene to prevent.

  651. Kanchan burman says:

    Is there any side effects like weight gain to taking prenatal tablets widout pregnancy

  652. I have problem of dandruff and hairfall for the past 2 yr. I take various treatment coulnt get result help hair fall is too much

  653. my mom is 55 years old . rashes and itching on body appears when she consumes potatoes . which homeopathy medicine she should take

  654. sir, i am 25 yrs old, i got fungal infection on my hair scalp. When i eat something like sour food, spicy food, it gets itching on my scalp.. This itching also happen all the day, and it seems like JALAN on my scalp. I have already lost 80% my hair…
    Is there any solution in homeopathic the plz advice me, I am crying for good solution,.
    Sir please advice me what to do ?

  655. Shubham Harkut says:

    Hello sir, I m 18 years old and have an problem of premature greying of hair since 16 yrs of age…I visited an blog which advised me to take acid phos 30 and lycopodium30 1 tab each alternate day…. They said to take acid phos30 first day and lycopodium 30 second day and again 1 tab acid phos30 the third day….

    Should I take this treatment … it correct or non useful for me……

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  657. aneel sharma says:

    sir myself anil im loosing my hair very fastly. Due to dis my bald is been seeined. Im have lost 40/cent of my hair pls help me. There is always itching and pain in my head

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  663. Sonal Sawhney says:

    I am a woman of 40 years. Since last 4 months I am having huge hair fall after shampooing my hair & on combing thereafter wet hair even though I use wide toothed comb for that.kindly suggest me the remedy for this. I am using Dove hair fall rescue system at present…just changed it last week only. Since last 7-8 years I was using Pantene Hair fall shampoo but did not face any such problem.
    Thank you.

  664. I am using thyroxin.and steroids and blood pressure medicines since 14 hairs are very thin and falling many years I want you to sugest some homeo pathic medicine for my hais toregrow again.i dont have bald patches.just my hairs are falling from many years.i will be thankfull to you if I got any help from you

  665. my thyroid gland ic not producing enough harmoons so I am taking 3 tab of thyroxin daily since 14 years.problem is I am loosing my hairs and they also became very thin .will you tell me homeo mediine to regrow my hairs.thank you

  666. Dear Sir
    Take my greetings
    my age just 21 now, bt i continiously loss my hair previous 2 years, I have no dandruff and such problems. My head’s uper area have a very thin hairs, I jst affarid that would cause me to a blad. . .
    From previous 1 month I use the Homoepathy medicine to prevent my hair loss.
    I realize that, it’s are not make impact as I expecting.
    Plz suggest me wht can I do for my precious hair.
    I use the Arinica oil,Scalptone tablets and Biohair lequid homoepathics.
    can these are the perfect medicine for me
    sir can there is any possible of growing new hair in my head.
    Sir kindly give a reply of my questions

  667. GOOD DAY SIR,


  668. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    My son aged 21 has been suffering from hair loss which has started from the sides of the forehead. Until 19, he had fairly thick hair and we had never imagined the hair loss would set in all of a sudden. As for genetic disposition, from his father’s side there are no cases of baldness reported up to the grand father level. On his mother’s side, her two cousins have suffered from severe baldness, both having become completely bald by the age of 25-26. We are extremely worried about our son. He is very worried too and also very discouraged. He has tried minoxidil and then medicines from Dr. Health from Bangalore for two months but they have not helped. The general thickness of his hair strand also seems to have reduced over the last six months. We are feeling hopeless. Please help.
    V. Mohan

  669. shiva prasad says:

    Hi sir,

    I am 22.I loose lot of hairs daily . Observed hair density reducing.Any medicines may be suggested to stop further hairfall and to regenerate lost hair.

    Thanking you
    shiva prasad

  670. Shashi Kumar says:

    I am suffering from male-pattern baldness that has resulted in a receding hairline and baldness on the top of the head. Not completely but my forehead looks bald. What is the treatment in homeopathy for it.

  671. m 20 year old male and suffering from graying and falling of hair what will be the good medicine. Please do reply sir.thanks

  672. R/sir
    may i use acid phos 30ch for my hair loss?, pl guide me

  673. hello sir , i have hair problem every day minimum 100 hairs falling from my head what to do ? gives some suggestion for remedies on homeopathic treatment

    age 30
    having hair fall from 1 year

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  678. hi doctor. I have no hair fall problem before but when i straight my hair my problem start.even i cut all the hair but my problem doesnt solve. My hair is getting thinner .what can i do?

  679. Dear sir,

    Am 20year old, am loosing hairs from top and forehead sides,
    am loosing hairs from past 6months,
    everyday bunch of hairs loosing,
    Pls advise me how to stop loosing my hairs and make it grow,strong,healty,

    Awaiting for your reply at the earliest.

  680. i am 27,male suffering from male pattern baldness using reckeweg R89 BUT NO VISIBLE RESULT. PLZ PROVIDE ME SOME GOOD MEDICINE.

  681. Hi,

    11 years from ago i lost a small portion of hair due to fungul infection. In fection has been treated but hair didnt come back. I tried minoxidal but with no luck. Could you help me to regrow hair naturally.

  682. sir i have severe hair loss frm just 22 yrs.on the forehead sides and just starting of my face.there is loss..plz sugest some medicine.i am a poor student. complete my

  683. rishabh raijada says:

    i am 15 years old and have been suffering through hairloss for the past few months……..i am losing almost 10-15 strands of hair everyday… would be really great if u could come up wid a solution……does shampooing also cause problem and applying oil as well????

  684. Brajesh Kumar says:

    Sir My brother wife is suffering from Leukoria whit discharge from 8 years and married 9 years back and have a child. Discharge have no foul and there is no pain and have timely mains cycle. Her age is 27 years and weight is 54 kg. Taken so many ayurvedic and homeopathic medicine and there is no heal. Allopathic doctor is suggestin for electrical ironing or cryotherapy. Sir please suggest any medicine.

  685. Brajesh Kumar says:

    Sir my wife is suffering from belching problem since 2 years. her age is 26 years weight is 52 kg. Married 9 years back and have one child. Once she used (MTP) 4 years back. Thereafter she got the problem of belching and hairfall and loss of weight. So please suggest medicine.

  686. Abhishek Srivastav says:

    Sir my i had lost a bunch of hairs after surviving from Dengu, n my head looks partial blade from front.. plz suggest any remedy so that i can get some of my hairs back.. plz reply soon its frustrating …

  687. Kanock mosharrof says:

    My name is kanock mosharrof .I live in Bangladesh. I am a college student. My age is 18 . I have been suffering hair lost problem for 2 years . But yet I don’t go to any doctor for treatment . I tell you that it’s my inherited problem.My father ,my all uncle ,my grand father are bald headed. My mom’s father also bald head man. But my mom’s all brother are all right. As you know I lost my hairs every day. But the growth of hair is slow. As a result I lost my hair everyday and its going to baldness . So what can I do now?

  688. Sir, I am having hair fall problem for last 3-4 months aftre white wash in my house and it is going on.I am taking Arnica 30 and Phosphrous 30 for my hair and getting boils inside my skin coz of heat please tell me what to do i also take vitamins regularly my age is 53.

  689. mrs sushila mehta says:

    91 years old lady suffering with osteoporosis/malacia, have taken few remedies, Gun Powder,Antim Crud,Causticum has not improved the condition. Please suggest any other remedies, My weight is 38.2 killos

  690. ravi roshan says:

    sir, i m 21 years old from last 10 months i have been facing a problem of hair falling and thinning and it is happening very drastically, i have tried many oils, medicines even homeopathy but nothing happened. i m disturbed as my maternal family is bald but not my father’s family. my hair type is neither like my father’s family nor my mother’s family as it is very dence and little curly. plz suggest something for me i dont wana b bald

  691. Hello sir. I am Priti 22year old. I am very tense about my hair. Mere baal bahut gir rhe hain mujhe dar hai ki agar aise hi mere baal girte rhe to main kahin ganji na ho jaaun. Pls doctor help me.

  692. my hairs are going to white , in rapid (fast) manner
    my age is 25 yr
    around 40 % hairs are white

  693. Dear Doc,

    I am 29 years old male & loosing hair since last 8 years. I tried many kinds of medicines, hair oil etc but of no use. My father has good hair but my grandfather & uncles got bald at an early age. I have very thin hair remaining at top and back of head is almost hairless.

    Please suggest if any cure possible in my case.

  694. sir,i am 32 years old ,my hairs are very thin with heavy loss.i lost my forehead hairs.i have 1 child age 8 .no any surgery or operation .my mothers hair is just like that it is tradition plesae tell me some medicine

  695. Abu Danial says:

    i am suffering from hair fall since 1999. In the start i consulted to H. Dr. treated with Acid Phos 30 and i cured. After a year i suffered once again and also treated with Acid Phos 200 and Sepia 200,the result was good.Similarly after some time i was in same trouble which is continuing till date, and no medicine is succeeded to cure. I lost many hairs from forehead, now loosing rapidly on top of head. Hair also turning to white with brain fag,sweating feet with smell & hands, watering from mouth during sleeping,physostigma , lack of sexual urge,premature ejaculation, flatulence, farting & belching. Recently treated with seleniun 3x & Anacardium 30 but no result.
    Body type tall & slim, aged 30y. Do not hesitate to contact for further symptoms. pls suggest an excellent remedy for me . waiting you reply

  696. Dear Sir,

    I have been suffering my hair fall since last 10 yrs. I used to have a very dence hair 10 yrs back but gradually I got sticky dandruff all of a sudden and my hair started to fall. On top of my head near opposite of my face I got small circular bald almost, 20% hair still there. But baldness is visible over there when I bow my head down. I have moderate quantity of hairs in front, side and down back. Altogether I have lost 60% hair from my head but baldness can be viewed easily on back top circular. I have been taking alopahic treatment of Minoxidil ointment and phinpecia 1mg daily for last few years but not so good result yet. I am 37 yrs and my father has more hairs compared to me. He is not a bald person. No family tradition. I am addicted to Tobacco. Please guide me homeopathic medicine with proper dosage instructions to get rid of dandruff and regain my hairs. Everyone in my family has a strong trust and beleive on Homeopathy. Pls help.

  697. Hello Sir, I am just 19 years old and my hair have turned grey to a large extent. I also suffer from excessive hair fall and tonsilitis problem. Can you please suggest some medicine to treat hair fall and premature greying of hair problem as fast as possible?


  698. Mrs Sabina says:

    my hair are falling too much .i am 40 + and my daughter hair are also falling .she is only 13.plz can you tell us something that we can use for hair falling.
    thank regard

  699. hi ARPAN. K sir

    am 29 male i have bold shine forhead isaw your comments USTILAGO IS GOOD FOR BOLD.any side effects this medicine. plz let me know i want growth my hair back plz help me.

    thanks regards

  700. Arpan K. Parui says:

    I’m a research fellow in the University of Calcutta. I was suffering from alopecia for 4 years. Then I started taking USTILAGO 200 once a day & in just 1 month, I got nice result. I WILL SUGGEST ALL WHO ARE GETTING BALD TO TAKE USTILAGO 200 ONCE DAILY IN THE MORNING AT EMPTY STOMACH & YOU MAY ALSO TAKE SEPIA 200 TWICE A WEEK & NATRUM MUR 200 ONCE A WEEK LIKE BEFORE.


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  705. Hi sir,

    I am 32.I loose lot of hairs daily and developed bald head mainly in the two side of four head . Observed hair density reducing.Any oral and apply on scalp medicines may be suggested to stop further hairfall and to regenerate lost hair (new grow hair).

  706. Shahjahan says:

    Dear Doctor,
    Hello, I m 30 years old grl and i m suffering from heavy falling hair and also my 90% hair became grey. I m very upset and feel very bad. Kindly suggest me some good homeophatic medicines urgently. I will be really grateful to you.

    Thank you in advance

  707. can i intake phosphorus 30 and lycopodium 30 twice a day

  708. Sudeshna sengupta says:

    sir, I am a housewife aged 32years.I was diagonised as thyroid problem and TSH was 116 and taking Thyroxine 150 at every morning.Now my TSh level is 0.35and under control. Now I am suffering from heavy hair loss resulting thinning of hair and tending towards baldness. Pl. Advice me in such a pathetic situation. With regards …. i shall ever be greatful to you.

  709. hello sir i am suffering from alopecia please suggest homeopathic medicine to regrow our hair please.

  710. Syed Sohail Mehdi says:

    Hello Doctor, I have been loosing my hair for last two years , between this period I felt that my hair have been totally lost from centre. I really fear from baldness therefore, pls. priscribed me effective madicine for baldness. I have dandruff problem as well.


    Syed Sohail Mehdi

  711. Priyanka says:

    i have always had hair loss after i completed my 2nd year of college but recently i went thru a tragedy at home after which my hair loss is easily 200- 300 per day … i am taking acid phosphorous and some GNI medication prescribed by my doc . his medication has earlier been very effectice to me but this time it is takin time to show effects i really fear baldness please lemme know what else can i do to stop my hair fall and to enhance new hair growth .My age is 27.

  712. all the questions on hair loss but no advice . So what is the best to do what to use etc what to take sick and distressed about my hair loss especially for a women please help and what do you need to wash your hair with to stop the male hormone on your scalp I have even stopped colouring my hair so desperate please help

  713. sir i lost my lot of hair from uper head.most hai r thine…….help me plz


  714. i lost my lot of hair uper of the head :)i had thin hair and this diease i caughed from his father :)plz help me

  715. i lost my lot of hair uper of the head :)i had thin hair and this diease i caughed from his father :)plz help me

  716. dear sir,

    I m kamrul from bangladesh, age 27 years old, recently i face one problem with my hair, my hair loss slowly. in last one year. dear sir plz any fooding suggest for control my hair fall. or suggest any shampoo or oil.

    and also ur kindly suggestion.


  717. Hello sir, for past five years i have heavy hair fall but i have recognized it is due to dandruff. but i don’t have any itching. i don’t know what to do. please suggest me what i have to do sir or madam? due to dandruff i have heavy pimples on my forehead and on my shoulders, and always my face is to be oily. it falling like flakes . i heavy dandruff . i have consulted skin doctor he has given ketaconazole 2% scalp solution and i also doing oil massage in parlour for twice a month. but still i have more dandruff.

  718. Hello Doctor, Iam loosing my hair since may2010, between this period i fell ill also, volume of my hair is decreasing day by day, ihave applied hina and egg, sometimes continous itching remains in my scalp,Iam very much worried, please suggest me right medicine and right way to cure this problem

  719. salam sir,em farhan 4m pak. I m jst 18 yrs old, and my hair has strtd faling since june 09 , , , and its falng rapdly, and em too much wrd abt dat, , , and wts da bsc reasòn of hair fall in ths age. . . . .and i gues ,it cnt be reestblshd unles of surgry,plz guid me .

  720. sivakumar says:

    PLEASE tell me the tips to grow hair in the hair fallen areas
    also how how to make the hair grow in thickness that in natural ways

  721. i m boy and my age is 20 and my weight approximately 50 my hairs are falling after age of 14 i can’t take food properly and also i m loosing white blood so sir plz give me advice and any medicine and also tell how many months to take recover this there is falling from my forehead but some gud hair style of my fore head

  722. dear sir i m thyroid glands hair are too much falling.nearly half have gone.plz select some medicine

  723. hi my name is shoki im 15 years old my broblem is my hair is falling when i was 13 and i losed a lot of hair but im only 15teen years old boy please help me please please please please

  724. Munni Sharma says:

    I have a problem of cold with fever which frequently occurs after some days.I have also tested my blood in which I have found that there is too low quantity of esinofile.So can i take Arsenicun Alb 200 to get free from this problem?

  725. hi …
    my hair are fallling about one year back i had take all type of med bt no improve ments.. hair fall in bunches …my forhead is getting broder and fall from forhead temple and so thin that scaple is now visible very clear..and my period is regular.and im unmarriad..plz advice me any med…plz

  726. my hair has been falling for the last ten years. It is excessive and now I feel it is really thinning. I have tried all medicines but no luck it just continues. I have oily scalp but very dry hair. Please advise a remedy.

  727. i am loosing hair from some parts of my head. in circular shape this has grown too much now the circles are being formed on my legs hair also what should i do i have tried many medicines. suggest me something.

  728. michelle sakadelis says:

    I was born in france and really believe in homeopathic medicine. My questions are about my mom. She is 82 years old and has been losing her hair for about 2 months. She is on a medication for her heart called CORDARONE for 8 years. Could it be the medicine? What do you suggest she should take in homeopathic medicine?
    Thanks for your help in advance,

  729. dear sir ,
    iam loosing my hairs quite fast . would u please suggest any madicine for regrowth of my hairs .

  730. Sir I m 27 year old I always had thick and long hair, but for last 2 years my hair has started thining, specially from the forehead region please suggest some medicine to regain my lost hair.

  731. Dear Sir,

    I am Divya 29 yr, old have lot of stress since last 2 years, in last 3 months i have excessive hairfall, dadruff.
    Since ast year (after my first pregnency) is have excessive unwanted hair growth on my chin & stomach & polysist ovaries (left) & warts with acnes, kindly let me know what treatment can I take.

  732. dear doc,

    good day! i am start loosing my hairs since 30 yrs old, now i’m 37 yrs old..i have bald parts on my forehead, its getting higher & even on my upper/top head getting thinner of hairs. i research on the net, finally read your column on hairloss treatment…Please help me about my problem. it’s my honor if you will answer this. thank you so much….

  733. Dear Sir/Doctor,
    I have been losing hair a lot for the past 2 years…i has been very stressful..i feel i vl go bald..which i dont want to..could please let me know any medicine that could help

  734. hair loss how yo induce the hair loss

  735. XSatiram says:

    Занятно, хотя не мешало бы чуть подетальней написать, а то есть немножко непонятных моментов 🙂

  736. pinal savani says:

    i m losing my hair since last few month & hair turns white i will be thankful if u sugest medicine 4that wating 4yr reply

  737. 1I would be grateful if you suggest a remedy,homeopathic ,for trichotilomania for a girl aged 23, a determined, slightly aggressive,girl. it started when she got less marks in 10th now even after achieving success it is not solved.
    2)inspite of proper diet, exercise etc i suffer from constipation. it started when i took actifed for many months , followed by severe jaundice. even after 30 years it refuses to gokindly advise

  738. Hi my daughter is 22 years old she has lost lot of hair but from the past 5or 6years she has been loosing hair. I am very worried could you please prescribe what can be done to regrow hair and how soon results can be seen.



    i am a 21 year old boy….suffering from hair loss for the last 3 years… people say there is no remedy…. plz help me out…

  740. i m suffering from hair fall problem from 11 hair has become thin. there are bald patches in between the scalp. the hair on the hair line nar forehead had become less.right now i am taking biohair. will it help and how long will it take. please tell me the proper medication if required

  741. is their any treatment for genetically inherited unwanted hair on chin in women in homeopathy. If yes, how long the treatment has to be continued at least to get results.

  742. Malkiat Singh says:

    Dear Sir,

    Am loosing my hair all over. every year my hair fall increases from may to september, in other months it is normal. this time am taking the following medicine.

    Acid Phos 30
    Wisabadon 30
    Lycopodium 30

    am taking 5 drops of each medicine, two times a day from one month, Plz tell me wether these medicines are ok for me. actualy i feel my hair fall more and more in these days.

    • dear sir,

      am 26 years old and losing my hair all over.every year my hair fall increases from may to september lots and lot, in other months it is normal. my body temperature is warm. i feel better in winters please give me advise for homeopathy medicine.

      garima goel

  743. Dear sir,

    Am 25year old, am loosing hairs from top and forehead sides,
    am loosing hairs from past 6months,
    everyday bunch of hairs loosing,
    Pls advise me how to stop loosing my hairs and make it grow,strong,healty,

    Awaiting for your reply at the earliest.

  744. Hi sir,

    I am 32.I loose lot of hairs daily and developed bald head mainly in the centre . Observed hair density reducing.Any medicines may be suggested to stop further hairfall and to regenerate lost hair.

    Thanking you

  745. My ahir problem is not regular, but instantly it started to excess hair loss and causes great stress. I never turn out from my routine but why hair fall comes when there is no change in schedule or diet. I have taken homeo medicine for 1 yr but futile. My hair are just one tenth of what i had. I lost faith , this is just the last try i want to give. I want my hair to be long, heavy, strong. if you can help me??

  746. narinder kumar says:

    My daughter aged 15 years is strong enough hairs. But for quite some time she is facing the problem of falling of hairs quite often. Although the fall is not rapid but everyday she is loosing few hairs continuously. We have full faith in Homeo only.

    pl. guide


  747. I am 39 & i have been loosing a lot of hair Also my hair does not grow at all or just 1″ in a year & it looks very dull & very very dry. Pls suggest some urgent treatment.
    Thank you

    • ashoka bhattachayyar says:

      i have been loosing hair for last 12 months and baldness appears. i am 48 years old. please suugest/advice proper homeopathic treatment.

      • Dr. sir, i am 52yrs and bald on my top head and fore head i used Lycopodium and Acid phos 30 for one and half months but no changes have been seen i have no disease earlier or now. kindly suggest the medicines and its power & doses.

    • medicine for grey hair and hair fall without any illness and thinning of hair and earlier i have also used lycopodium 200 it helps me in getting black my hair but then i dropped at the age of 22 now i am of 35 yrs old will it help me still at this time

  748. dearsir i would be most thankfull to you if you please let us know what should we do my daughter is 26yrs. old she has lost lot of hairs her tail is very thin she has been loosing hairs since she was 14yrs. could you please prescribe what can be done to regrow hair and how soon results can be seen we are very worried

    • Dear Dr. I am a 39 old single female. I have developed a uterine fobroid a few years ago and since then I have not experienced any side effects of it thank god. My problem is my hair it grows very slowly and its always dull. A month ago it started falling excessivly and I feel like its less by half. No empty spots however thin hairs. I went to see a hameopathy dr and I was given selicia 2 times a day. I am seeking a quick way to stop the hairloss and new hair growth asap. Is there anything else I can use to resolve the problem??? Thank u p.s. my eating habits are low in protien.

  749. medicine for graying and hair fall withour any illness.

    • Brajesh Kumar says:

      regular hair fall after every combing since 6 years. Please suggest any medicine.

    • sir, i am suffering from hair fall . day by day thickness of my hair less.pls guide me for regrowth of my hair…

      • dr.sharma namaskar main apni problem btana chahta hu k mere baal bhut jharh rahe hai aur baldness b ho raha hai head k uper left or right both side se maine bhut medicine li but hair fall or baldness ruk nhi raha kirpea mujhe iss problem se chhutkara dijiye main bhut preshan hu meri age abhi sirf 22 saal he hai plz sir kush advice dijiye but sir hindi mein btana plz plz jaldi sir .

        • I m 25 years old.I m using phosphorus 200 & arnica 200 homeopathic ball 4-5 at it ok to stop hair to regrowth???plz inform me sir……. Plz plz plz

          • sonu kumar says:

            sir ,i loose 30-40 hair daily i m 21year old
            pls do something to me bcz its my genetic problem

        • use onion juice twice in a may help just 2 weeks u can see the very effective result.
          but I thing hair fall is permanent..u can control it by proper diet.

        • premalatha says:

          I have tried many things including iron tablets, herbal hair wash powder, hair oil, some effective home treatment like hair mask , including flax seeds to my diet eating amla but nothing has worked every day i lose nearly 100 hairs if i oil and wash my hair than my hair fall is even more i am stressed more pleaseeeeee help me over come this.

        • Sir, My hair have gone in viral fever about 04 years before. There becomes ballad on top of my head.I try many costly oils but other is no positive results.
          Plz help me to gain new hair again..thanx:,,,,

        • vikas sharma says:

          Sir mera hair bhut yada jhar reha hy kya kru

      • sandeep ranjan behera says:

        m 25 years old and m losing my hairs…
        is there any solution for it…
        and can the fallen hair grow again..?
        plzzz suggest me…..

        • dear sir,
          I am 18 year old.i has lost my hairs i want to regrowth my hairs so plz sir suggest me. plz plz plz sir help me plz plz plz…..

        • Rizwana Zaidi says:

          Respected sir
          I am 52 yrs old menopausal lady, suffering great hair loss. i have so much hair loss,that the scalp can be seen on the right hand side of my head. Hair loss near both my temples. have high BP for 14 yrs. i am taking HcTz and Enalapril for high BP. I even have stomach problems.(gas and bloating). Please help me and suggest any treatment to control hair loss and regrowth of hair. It is really very depressing.

      • Ravi Kumar Choudhary says:

        Sir. .I m suffering from hair fall day by day….It becomes heavier. ..I m having R 89 from few days. ..but it no effected in large amount. …my age is 28 plz suggest me re growth off my new hair .plz I m in very tantion. .plz Kuch aisa natural tarika bataye ki usse mere hair ko re growth hone me jaldi Ho. ….plzzzx

    • Niilesh prajapati says:

      hi .. Sir.
      Mai 3 rd year bhms ka student hu .
      2 Year se mere hair bahut falling hote hai…
      Abhi mujhe hair ke bare mai bahut tension hoti hai mujhe stop hair fall and regrowth of hair ka kuch upay bataye sir.. Please sir

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