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12 Best Homeopathic Medicines for Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow, also known as lateral epicondylitis, is a musculoskeletal condition with pain around the outer part of the elbow. Tennis elbow is mainly caused due to repetitive overuse of muscles and tendons of the forearm near the elbow joint. Contrary to its name, it is not limited to just tennis players and can occur in anyone who puts repetitive stress on the elbow joint, for example carpenters, violin players and painters. Pain and weakness due to tennis elbow can hamper daily activities such as shaking hands, holding a cup turning a door knob.

homeopathic medicines for tennis elbow

Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathic medicines for tennis elbow offer very effective treatment and help manage pain and stiffness. Natural and safe, homeopathic medicines act deep and have no side effects. Unlike the conventional mode of medicine, homeopathic medicines do not supress the disease and its symptoms. In fact, they attack the disorder at the root and set off the body’s own restorative processes, making it strong enough to completely eradicate the disease. Suppressing the disease does not really help, so homeopathic medicines are a natural, healing alternative. These medicines give long-term relief in tennis elbow cases by reducing inflammation of tendons and helping in healing damage/ injury of tendons.

Homeopathic Medicines For Tennis Elbow

Among the homeopathic medicines for tennis elbow the top-grade ones are Rhus Tox, Ruta, Bryonia, Bellis Perennis and  Calcarea Carb.

Elbow joint

Elbow joint

1. Rhus Tox – Top Grade Medicine

Rhus Tox is the most frequently prescribed medicine for managing cases of tennis elbow. It is the best medicine to start treatment for conditions that arise from overstraining, overuse of muscles and tendons. It helps to effectively manage inflammation and damage to tendons. It has shown remarkable results in tennis elbow cases with tearing pain in tendons and muscles. Soreness in the condyles of the joints is also present. In cases needing it, the pain in elbow is worse when at rest and gets better with movement. Stiffness at the elbow is also marked along with pain.

Condyle of joint in fingers

Condyle of joint in fingers

When and How to use Rhus Tox?

Rhus Tox should be given in every case of tennis elbow as a first remedy as it helps in relieving pain and stiffness of elbow by reducing inflammation of tendons. It can be used in both low and high potencies among which the most preferred is 30 C potency. Initially, one may use Rhus Tox 30 C three to four times a day depending on the severity. Reduce the dose when improvement in symptoms begins.

2. Ruta – For Sore Pain And Stiffness Of Elbow

It is a herbal medicine prepared from plant ‘garden rue’. Ruta is pretty similar in its action to Rhus Tox in treating cases of tendon inflammation and injury from overuse and overstraining. It is well indicated when there occurs sore pain and stiffness in the elbow. Sore pain means pain from touching the affected area. Weakness of the arm may attend it.

When and How to use Ruta?

Ruta should be considered in tennis elbow cases to reduce tendon inflammation, soreness and also heal damaged tendons. Sore pain and stiffness of elbow is marked where this medicine is required. Ruta is most frequently used in 30C potency. Initially, it can be taken three to four times a day. Once the improvement is noticeable frequent repetition should be reduced gradually.

3. Bryonia – For Pain And Swelling Around Elbow

This natural medicine is prepared from root of plant ‘wild hops’. Bryonia is a wonderful medicine to manage tennis elbow with marked pain and swelling around the elbow. The characteristic feature to use it is worsening of pain in elbow from movement and relief from rest. At times, pain may radiate down from the elbow to the wrist.

When and How to use Bryonia?

This medicine should be used when pain in elbow is accompanied by swelling, with pain getting worse from every movement. Its 30C potency is the right choice to start with that can be used two to three times a day.

4. Bellis Perennis – For Healing Tendon Injury, Inflammation

Bellis Perennis is another medicine of natural origin to treat tennis elbow cases. It is prepared from flowering plant named ‘english daisy’. Repetitive stress injury and inflammation of tendon of elbow due to exertion or overuse of muscles is highly treatable with this medicine. The action of this medicine is similar to that of Rhus Tox and Ruta. This medicine is also indicated to help cases of direct injury to elbow. It helps to heal injured tendons and reduce its inflammation and reduce elbow pain.

When and How to use Bellis Perennis?

This medicine can be used to heal injured tendons and control tendon inflammation of elbow and provide pain relief. This medicine can be used in 30C potency twice a day.

5. Calcarea Carb – For Pain Extending From Elbow To Wrist

Calcarea Carb is very effective on pain arising on the outer side of the elbow and radiating down to the wrist. This pain occurs mostly when the sufferer tries to hold an object. The nature of pain is mostly tearing type. Besides, stiffness in elbow may be present.

When and How to use Calcarea Carb?

A person who experiences pain on the outer side of elbow extending down to wrist can find this medicine highly effective. It can be taken in 30C potency. Dose should be limited to once a day.

Symptoms Of Tennis Elbow

 1. Pain: The main symptom of tennis elbow is pain on outer side of elbow where tendons (tissue band connecting muscle to bone) of muscles of forearm connects to bony bump of elbow. In some cases pain may extend down to forearm and wrist. The pain may get worse from bending arm, twisting forearm, turning door knob, writing, lifting things, griping objects. Sometimes the sufferer may experience burning in the outer side of elbow.

2. Stiffnessin elbow while extending the arm

3. Swelling of elbow and tenderness (pain on touching) of elbow

4. Weak grip on holding objects

 Causes Behind Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow arises from overuse of muscles of forearm. This happens from repetitive use of forearm muscles in some activities that put stress on tendons that unite forearm muscles to bony projection of elbow. As a result, tendons get inflamed, damaged and in some cases tear as well. Tennis elbow is common in tennis players. However, it is often seen in people performing other activities involving repetitive use of wrist and arm muscles like painters, plumbers, bowlers, gardeners, carpenters, swimmers. In some cases, a direct injury to elbow may result in this condition. Though tennis elbow may affect people of any age group but people between age of 30 yrs to 50 yrs are commonly affected. In some cases, tennis elbow occurs without any reason which is called idiopathic tennis elbow.


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  1. Dr. Sharma,
    Good morning. I want to know that,
    can I use the combination of Rhus tox 30, Bryonia 30, Ruta30 and Bellis parennis 30 as a remedy of Tennis elbow. Kindly send the reply. Thanks.

  2. Arun Bhunia. says:

    In my right hand happended tennis elbow.I want homeopathy treatment.

  3. Please answer your patient who are questioning with you

  4. Rajesh Kanungo says:

    Good morning Dr. Sharma,
    I am a tennis player. Developed tennis elbow since last month. Please advise.
    Rajesh Kanungo
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  5. Himangshu Sekhar Shee says:

    I have tennis elbow with frozen shoulder for last 4 months with stiffness of fingers specially in the morning in left arm.

    • Dr sharama sorry to say you are cold blood dr
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    Helli sir,
    Namaste. I have tennis elbow and I get pain quite frequently.
    I am vegeterian
    My age is 43 year.

  7. SURANJAN DASH says:

    i am suffering with tennis elbow pain last 3 months

  8. Manisha porwal says:

    Hi ,i m suffering with tennis elbow from last 9 months,i have taken an injection before 3 months got relief but now again suffering from it.having pain in forearm during activities like wrist movements.i am unable to pick even 1 glass of water

  9. Virendra pandey says:

    I am 56 yrs old. I am suffering from elbow tennis. I am not in a position to pickup Lota of water. There is swelling near elbow. 8months have passed but inspite of regular treatment of allopathic I am not well. Please help me.

    • I want to know madam I want to know having passing such long time have you got remedies and what is your present condition in what medicines did you use to get the pain relieved

  10. Rajiv Dixit says:

    Dear Dr
    My daughter is 20vyrs aged diagnosed Synovial sarcoma of fire arm right hand of low grade after surgery and biopsy in 2018 and developed lymph nodule in lungs and is resected this year and taking chemo and one cycle is over another 5 cycles are to be taken please guide to treat side effects of chemo and preventive remedies for sarcoma

    • Manisha porwal says:

      Hi ,i m suffering with tennis elbow from last 9 months,i have taken an injection before 3 months got relief but now again suffering from it.having pain in forearm during activities like wrist movements.i am unable to pick even 1 glass of water

    • Anuradha janu says:

      Dear Dr Sharma,
      I am Mrs janu 70 years old,Recently since two months I am having severe elbow plus surrounding musc k e pain,now pain has reached till wrist area. If I move my hand I get pain I get a sort of bone moving sound comes like tak tak like that,it is very painful.
      I can’t hold any item in my left arm which has pain. Does Homeopatgy has any good treatment.?
      I am applying Rubor Gel on pain area. It is helping me not fully.
      I do not like to take any pain medication like advice aleve etc
      I want some good ho m eopathy medicine .I know homeopathy medicine has no side effects,w I rks faster

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