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12 Best Homeopathic Medicines for Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is a musculoskeletal condition with pain around the outer part of the elbow. It is clinically known as lateral epicondylitis. Tennis elbow is mainly caused due to repetitive overuse of muscles and tendons of the forearm near the elbow joint. As the name suggests, it mainly affects tennis players. However, it is often seen in people performing activities that put repetitive stress on the elbow joint, for homeopathic medicines for tennis  elbow example carpenters, violin players and painters. Pain and weakness due to tennis elbow can hamper daily activities such as shaking hands, holding a cup or turning a door knob. Homeopathic medicines for tennis elbow offer very effective treatment and help manage the pain and stiffness.

Advantage of Homeopathic Treatment

Natural and safe, Homeopathic medicines are deep acting and have no side effects on the body. Unlike the conventional mode of medicine, Homeopathic medicines do not supress the disease and its symptoms. In fact, they attack the disorder at the root and set off the body’s own restorative processes, making it strong enough to completely eradicate the disease. Supressing the disease process makes it stubborn. Homeopathic medicines are a natural, healing alternative.

Homeopathic Medicines for Tennis Elbow

Top grade Homeopathic medicines for tennis elbow are Rhus Tox, Bryonia and Ruta. Rhus Tox is highly recommended for tennis elbow with marked numbness and formication, especially after overwork. Tennis elbow cases with marked pain which worsen with the slightest movement are most effectively treated with Homeopathic medicine Bryonia. Where the condition is accompanied by tearing pain and soreness in condyles of the bones, Ruta is one of the best Homeopathic medicines for tennis elbow. A person experiences loss of power in the forearm and fingers, along with a crawling sensation on the tips of fingers in such cases.

1. Rhus Tox, Calcarea Carbonica and Cocculus Indicus – For Tennis Elbow with Marked Pain

Natural medicines Rhus Tox, Calcarea Carbonica and Cocculus Indicus are very effective in treating tennis elbow with severe pain. Rhus Tox has shown remarkable results in tennis elbow cases with tearing pains in tendons, ligaments and fascia. Soreness in the condyles of the joints is treated well with Rhus Tox. In cases with intolerable, sharp and sticking pains as if parts were wrenched or sprained, Calcarea Carbonica is one of the best medicines for tennis elbow. Cocculus Indicus is indicated for severe pain in the hands and arms in persons suffering a tennis elbow. Also where a person carries things awkwardly and tends to drop them, Cocculus Indicus is one of the most frequently prescribed Homeopathic medicines for tennis elbow.

2. Rhus Tox, Kali Carbonicum and Ruta – For Tennis Elbow with Morning Stiffness

The most well recognised medicines for tennis elbow with morning stiffness are Rhus Tox, Kali Carbonicum and Ruta. Rhus Tox is indicated for pain in tendons, along with stiffness in the wrist and elbow joint. The person feels numbness in the arm joints when overworked in such cases. Another wonderful medicine for pain in the elbow joint, especially with morning stiffness, is Kali Carbonicum. Ruta is one of the most reliable medicines for tennis elbow with stiffness and soreness of the forearms, feeling of sprain and restricted wrist movement.

3. Bellis Perennis and Carbo Animalis – For Tennis Elbow due to Overwork

Two top grade medicines for treatment of tennis elbow which results from overwork or exertion are Bellis Perennis and Carbo Animalis. Bellis Perennis is indicated for pain in the outer part of the forearm due to exertion or overuse of muscles. The wrist feels contracted as though there was an elastic band around the joint. Carbo Animalis is one of the most useful medicines for tennis elbow due to over-lifting or straining with weak joints.

4. Guaiacum and Kali Nitricum – For Tennis Elbow extending down to Wrist

Guaiacum and Kali Nitricum rate among the most effective medicines for tennis elbow which extends to the wrist. Guaiacum is useful for pain in the forearms, which radiates down to the wrists with immovable stiffness. An equally reliable medicine among medicines for tennis elbow is Kali Nitricum. Kali Nitricum works best in tennis elbow cases with pain extending to the wrist and down to the knuckles (finger joint) especially.

5. Conium and Causticum – For Tennis Elbow with weakness in Forearm

Natural and safe, Conium and Causticum are the best medicines for tennis elbow with weakness in the forearm. Causticum is indicated for a weakness of muscles with dull, tearing pains, along with a tendency to stretch or bend the joints. Conium is one of the most effective medicines for a muscular weakness of the elbow joints accompanied by numbness of the fingers.

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  1. Prabir Das says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I am having pain in my right hand elbow which becomes severe when I squeeze my fist by keeping my hand straight or lift a water bottle from floor.
    Please recommed medicine

  2. Rajesh Kumar tiwari says:

    I am suffering from fatty liver and stomach problems ( over formation of gas in whole abdomen)where my cholesterol and triglycerides are every time high ,I have sidentry life pls help me.

  3. R VENKATESWAR says:

    Respected sir, my wife suffering from severe pain elbow region, X-RAY REVEALS TENNIS ELBOW, SIR PLEASE SUGGEST MEDICINE plz help sir

  4. Narayan Biswas says:

    I feel lower back pain for long time since 10-17 years.I want to be free from pain.Please prescribe me

    Thank you
    Narayan Biswas

  5. Hi
    My husband has been suffering for more thatn a year with severe pain in the right elbow around the joint this creaates a pain up and down the arm around the wrist and on the upper part of the arm you can see the muscle pulsating. There is also swelling in the fingers of the smae hand.
    I studied Homeopathy and have recently qualified, I have tried Arnica (Massage oil) and pipets, Wwe then tried Rus tox cream after that treatment and finally he has just finished a course of Causticum which also has not worked.
    The pain is easier for warmth and he has taken to wearing a strap around the elbow.
    I’m a bit lost now what to try. I have also had him on an anti inflamitory Juice and an authritic juice?

    Thank you for your time in advance

  6. Subodh Kumar says:

    Dr. Sharma
    I am suffering from Tennis Elbow in Left forearm for approximately 20 yrs. I am 60 yrs of age.
    The pain worsen with movement of forearm.
    Can you suggest the homeopathic medicines.

  7. Lee-anne Munro says:

    Dear Dr . Sharman,
    I have suffered from intermittent Tennis elbow pain for the last couple of years i am a health care worker moving heavy clients around i am of slight build. The pain normally starts in one arm and takes about 8 months to clear and then it moves to the other arm so im never really free form the pain. The pain is normally at its worst during the night and in the morning the pain is a dull pain mainly coming from the arm crease where blood would be drawn from, this pain then moves down the front of my arm .
    I dont normally have to take painkillers for the pain but sometimes i have to, i have ment to try Homeopathy as it looks like i may be prone to Tennis Elbows! but dont really know the best one for me.
    Advice on the correct remedy would be much appreciated.
    Kind Regards.
    Lee-anne Munro.

  8. Vinod Kumar says:

    Hello sir… I am suffering from tennis elbow… Ple advise medicine..

  9. Anjandeep singh says:

    Hello doctor!
    My grand fathers is suffering from tennis elbow and sciatica problem and is taking ruta, rhustox and kali carbonicum for tennis elbow but he is still facing a lot of problem and is a lot of pain.
    Pls suggest changes in the medicines if needed for both the problems
    Thank you

  10. 52 yr old female .. active .. pain just below lateral epicondylitis of right elbow constant but worse when gripping hard. Caused / made worse by by gardening, cleaning and tennis . Also pain right anterior shoulder radiating down top of biceps ? Linked ?

    • Hello, I’m a 53 year old female with lateral and medial epicondylitis that will not go away. Lateral for 3 years worse on my right side and medial which has hurt for a year but only just aches all the time now.
      I have difficulty doing everything from arm pain and aching. I feel like a cripple from weakness and pain. I was looking for Inflamyar adel 27 but that is no where to be found. I’ve tried many things to get better. What can you recommend to help ease the pain and heal this awful condition.

  11. Syamal Adhikari says:

    Dr Sharmaji, I’m 66 years having left elbow cutting pain. I used to do weight lifting 10kgs with dumble for 70 times, I did for two years but suddenly 2 month before left elbow start paining, please give me medicine.

    • Syamal Adhikari says:

      Dr Sharmaji, I’m 66 years having left elbow cutting pain. I used to do weight lifting 10kgs with dumble for 70 times, I did for two years but suddenly 2 month before left elbow start paining, please give me best medicine to get rid of pain. Thank you Sir.

  12. Anand Swaroop says:

    Dr. Sharma ji, my wife is 49 years old. See is suffering from tennis elbow pain since two months. See s also used the bend. But pain is not controlled. Pain move tennis elbow to lower arm finger. Pl. Suggest best homeopathic medicine for that.

  13. Poonam joshi says:

    My husband has problem in tenis elbow in both arms .plz suggest the best homopathic fr that .

  14. i have severe pain in both wrists, the disease is called De Qervain tenosynovitis which is infalmmed condition of either the tendons or its sheath. What all medicines do i take?

  15. Ashwani Pareek says:

    Dear Doc.,

    I am a 26 year old guy who loves playing badminton. I am playing this game off and on from around 1.5 years but never able to play it continuously. I get suffered from a severe pain right above my right elbow which is my lower bicep. I have to take rest after 2 days of continuous play. I have a lot of faith in Homeopathy. Kindly provide me a remedy for the said suffering.

  16. Mr Utpal says:

    Dear Doctor,
    There are many comments about his/her medical problem which may be replied from your end for knowledge of all concern.
    With thanks.

  17. Rajeev Sharks says:

    Sir I am 63 years Male and suffering from The stiffness and severe pain in the right elbow since approx 3 months . The right arm can not be completely straightened now .
    The other symptom may like to note please .
    I am always feeling very hot and can not bear under shirt or shirt with polyester fiber . Usually remain without shirt at home but always take bath with hot water . Can not bathe with cold or normal water. Usually lay down on back for long hours with sound sleep . Like sweet Roti , and dislike milk .

    • Sandip Ghosh says:

      Sir I am 65 year old suffering from right hand tennis elbow for 3 months. Presently I can not able to lift or hold any thing if it is 500 gram or more. My right hand shoulder also giving trouble for last one month and doesn’t have any free movement accompanied with pain. Please advise suitable medicine with doses so that I will remain grateful to you.

  18. Kazi Md Habib says:

    Respected Sir,
    My Wife suffering from Tennis elbow last four months She is take medicine and also take injusjtion. But No relief from pain.
    Kindly advice me some medicine.

    Tks/Best regards

    • Mustafa Porbunderwala says:

      My wife cannot perform kitchen duties normally as she has pain in her right elbow and our doctor has diagnosed it as Tennis Elbow. Please suggest a remedy.

  19. Bijesh mishra says:


    Since 3 months having tennis elbow problem. Kindly suggest medicine …

  20. Surinder Kumar says:

    Hi Sir
    I have tennis elbow in right arm from last two months with severe pain, problems in gripping or holding some things, no effect of pain killers. Pain get more severe in the morning when get up. Please suggest some homeopathic medicine with doses.

  21. Jai p. pandey says:

    I have lumber spinal stenosis… what would you advise as homeopathic treatment.

  22. नमस्कार सर मै एक घरेलू महिला हूँ और पिछले एक माह से एल्बो ज्वाइंट से बीचो बीच दर्द से बहुत परेशान हुआ जो अब लगातार रहता है कृपया कोई अच्छी होम्योपैथी दवा बताएं !

    • Sudha sharma says:

      I am suffering from tennis elbow pain in my right handfrom last 15 days. Having Physio therapy treatment and Gabapentin in the night. No relief. Kindly advice Homopathy medicine.

  23. Col Som Prakash Sharma Retd says:

    Thanks Dr Sharma I often and regularly reference to help needy but now self diagnosed Multiple sclerosis
    Started tingling in left thumb to hand shoulder and stomach.
    Which homeopathy medicine will suit.

  24. अरुण त्यागी says:

    सर नमस्कार……। मैं अरुण त्यागी टेनिस ऐल्बो से पीडित हूं कृपया कोई सही ईलाज बताये व सलाह दे । कोई कारगर हौम्यौपैथिक दवाई बतायें।

  25. For tennis elbow both hands. right habd nore severe… thanx

  26. paramananda Ghosh says:

    At the age of Eighty if my outside elbow forms a bulb like mass, could it be called a Tennis Elbow? No pain, no sprain. Local doctors advised for icing and dipping in ferrous sulphate solution. What is the remedy in Homeopathy?

    Thanks and Regards to Dr Sharma.

  27. I am women of 35 and suffering from elbow pain probably for carrying water for the last 6 months. Pls suggest remedy.

  28. A. K. Dasgupta says:

    I’m a septuagenarian and having severe pain of tennis elbow. Now my question is which homeopathic medicines will heal my pain?. What are the power and dosage and when to be taken

    • Dr. I have severe tennis elbow pain in my left hand for the last 2 months. i am 52yes old please suggest a medicine to cure it .

  29. Seema Joshi says:

    I have tennis elbow in right hand from last two months with severe pain, problems in gripping or holding some things, no effect of pain killers. I have a seven months old baby. Please suggest some medicine with doses.

  30. GAJANAN SALAME says:

    please give me homeopathic medicine for tennis elbow and how to use it ?
    Both medicines can take one time this and syzygium jambolanum

  31. I am suffering from tennis elbow there is a mild pain which travels right from elbow through forearm upto fingers give some remedy

    • In what quantity and which homeopathy medicine need to take for tennis elbow treatment extended to wrist.. vandna jain age 43

  32. Maria Contreras says:

    I had been suffering from tennis elbow for the last 10 months. It just happened, don’t know how.
    It gets worse with movement. The pain is a burning sensation. My grip is very weak, it is painful when grabbing something with my fingers or when I move my wrist up making resistance. The pain sometimes it wakes me up at night but most of the time there is no pain when my arm is in rest position.
    Any recommendation (please describe the dose as well)will be greatly apreciated!

    • Harikrishna Aitha says:

      hi sir,i have pain in my tennis elbow since 2 years because i got this pain when i lifted the sofa. Long back I have used the medicine rt 200 after that i got temporary relief. But still i have a pain in lateral epicondyl of elbow joint. I took MRI scanning of my elbow joint. Doctor told me that i have got light edema in my elbow joint after seeing my MRI report. When i wear the elbow band am getting relief. Could you please prescribe me suitabale medicine.

      • Mohammad Kamaluddin says:

        Hello sir, good evening,I am 54 yrs old & suffering from pain in right hand elbow joint since last 4 months which increases in cold. I can’t strech washed started with pain right shoulder when I threw the bumboo on my roof.
        Pl advise me suitable homoeopathic medicine .
        With kind regards,

  33. I have a tennis elbow since two months.what can I do for this problem.please prescribed me homeo medicine for this problem.

  34. Facing pain of tennis elbow with swelling at tip of forearm since November. Radiate some time when do heavy work.

  35. Partha Saha says:

    Sir,l feel sharp pain while twisting tennis elbow.please recomend homeopathic medicine.

  36. Jeevan Dommaraju says:

    Hi Sir,
    I live in USA and from Tirupathi from India.
    I have been suffering from tennis elbow from last 2 years after a wrong shot while playing tennis.
    Here in USA they suggest cortisones for the treatment .
    I already had one but only a temporary relief .
    I need a permanent solution .
    Kindly suggest some medicine so that I can order online .


    • kayum khan says:

      Hello sir
      I am 48 yrs. I have tennis elbow problem on right hand from last 3 months.
      Is homeopathy treatment is good for it. How much time it takes to relief. do & don’t. Plz suggest me what to do.
      Thank U

  37. SUDHA DANGI says:

    I am 49 yrs lady, having severe pain in the elbow and in the joint of the left hand, i am pure vegetarian, never used to take calcium supplements which i know is very important, i would like you to suggest the treat of the above said problem also some tonic related with the loss of vitamin D. please do needful.
    Regards SUDHA

  38. pramod doshi says:

    Hello sir
    I m pyramid from Nashik.My wife have tennis elbow problem on right hand from last 3 months.
    Is homeopathy treatment is good for it. How much time it takes to relief. She crying sometime because of pain. Plz suggest me what to do.

    Thank U

  39. seema awasthi says:


    my son is in defence training.sduddenly he has pain in elbow and cant sraight en it. i want hiim to cure fast as he goes back within a week. pls help. has pain in heels also.

    • seema awasthi says:

      i have still not received any reply pls dr sharma do reply . my son is here only for 10 days

  40. Pranab Bhattacharya says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    About 2 months ago I had to lift about 50 packets of sand on the Head of a labour in my home. From the next day I began to feel pain at my left elbow but i did not care about it for 2/3 weeks. Then I felt no improvement and I met a Homeopathic Doctor, he prescribed Rhustox-1M 3drops BDS after taking 5 ml. it slightly improved after that He prescribed Nihil-200/5 ml 3drops BDS. It also improved slightly but till now at the time of folding my hand i.e. Left Hand I feel pain.
    Kindly advise me.

  41. Rajeev Jain says:

    Dear Sir ,
    I am suffering from Tennis Elbow in both my hands for the last 03 years. The forearms are always stiff and painful. I feel relieved when I press this area.
    Kindly suggest the treatment.
    thanks !

  42. Swarna Wijekoon says:

    Dear Doctor, I am 53 years old lady and I am suffering from severe elbows pain in my right hand, left leg and neck for the last 9 months. I can’t bare my pain especially night. I also used western medicine but not recover. Kindly advise homoeopathic medicine for me Thanks, Swarna Wijekoon from Sri Lanka

  43. Sumita Sinha says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma, I have been suffering from tennis elbow for the last two years. I consulted an orthopedic surgeon who administered three injections into my left elbow bone. I got relief from acute pain for six to eight months and the pain came back with renewed force. Now I have decided not to visit the orthopedic any more. I have been undergoing now ultrasound therapy from a physiotherapist for the last 1 month but find no relief from severe pain. My pain is concentrated in a point of my left elbow from which it is scattered in the lower portion of the hand. I cannot hold my handset in my left hand while talking to someone. I am 58 years old. Please suggest me ways to get rid of my acute pain. Thanks in advance.

  44. Abdul Hameed says:

    Dr Sharma Sir aap hmko best homeomedicine btye tennis elbow ke lye me 4 month ho gya hmko pain bhaut reht h aur Jalan Hoti hy plz help me
    Trakia zaroor btya GA

  45. AMITABH BOSE says:

    Though I am not sure..I may take it as tennis elbow on my right hand since 3 months about. No severe pain yet. Feel tough pain in the bed early morning after takeoff hand beneath the head ! But for a minute only !! me.

  46. Sir, I am 44 years old and since one month suffering from tennis elbow problem. Dry needling and ultrasound therapy was given. There is no relief from physiotherapy. Suffering pain from riht shoulder to fingertips. It is a continuous pulling pain . Pl suggest me some medicine.

    • K.RANGARAJAN says:




      THE MEDICINES Bellis Perennis and Carbo Animali. THE DOCOTOR HAS GIVEN TWO

  47. Suffering from tennis elbow since one month. Went for dry needling and ultrasound therapy. Went for ten ultrasound sittings. No relief despite physiotherapy. Pain from right shoulder to fingertips. Type of pain : continuous pulling pain. I am aged 43 years, I request you to suggest me homeopathic medicine.

  48. Dr. Manojkumar Patil says:

    I have also found that Sanguieria can, Kali iod also works well if symptoms indicated.

  49. Sir. I have light pain in right elbow with wrist pain sometimes. I taken rhustox 200 in 4 days duration . Pain is light but not complete relief. Please suggest me medicine .

  50. Malancha Chakraborty says:

    I have light pain in left elbow . And while jerking l fill pain . Dr suggests it is tennis elbow. Pls suggest some homeo treatment.

  51. T R SREENIVAS says:

    I am T R SREENIVAS aged about 49 years. I am suffering with CENTRAL SERIOUS RETINOPATHY since two years.. I am in the treatment of APIS 1M for one dose monthly once. But I am not getting proper response. Guide me in proper way . I am HOMEOPATHIST .

  52. Hi Doctor,

    I am suffering tennis elbow (beginning stage). I feel pain in particular angle of right elbow and shoulder. In certain posture I loose the control of hand with pain. I am not a tennis or batminton player, I am learning drums. Please advise whether homoeopathy can cure the desease completely??

  53. Manisha shah says:

    Overlifiting 1 yr baby makes my left shoulder pain severely.
    Pain aggravated when holding heavy in hand.
    ONLY right knee also pains,squatting position.
    Manisha Shah

  54. I have severe pain in my right hand. it starts from the back of upper arm, on upper elbow and goes down upto wrist and finger joints. the orthopedic doctor says it is tennis elbow. Can you please suggest some homeo remedy?


    Sunil Mall

  55. Ramachandra Rao K V says:

    Good morning Dr Sharma garu,
    I am having/suffering with ‘tennis elbow’ problem for a month now, and had undergone ‘ultrasonic physio therapy’ for about a week, along with medicines, but with no relief.
    [A]While folding/movement of shoulder, the pain is felt mainly at ‘bone of elbow’ and also throughout till wrist (i.e. entire forearm). [B] While lifting even small mug of water also, I feel lot of pain. [C] But in normal movement of shoulder ‘not that much pain’ is felt.
    Now I am not taking any medicines. I am 61 years old, male, (working as a stenographer) and have no major health issues except ‘thyroid’ problem for which I have been taking ‘Eltroxin’ (75 mg).
    Kindly help me/suggest me in getting relieved of this tennis elbow problem.

  56. I am 60 years old suffering from pain in elbow. When I bend it and open it then also I get tearing pain. I have pain on the main bone of elbow. I do not remember having hurt any time. It is now 4-5 months this pain continues and I got more than one month of physiotherapy which subsides pain only when I get thereafter I again develop. I took medicines of inflammation but without any improvement. Now for the last two days I am using elbow band and using ice pack 4-5 times in a day, but slightly I fell some relief sometimes. When I got up in the morning the pain is less and even I sleep by keeping my same hand under my head as I do not use pillow. I have slight numbness also near my upper side of hand very small portion. So kindly let me know whether there is any medicine in homeopathic which treats my pain provide strength and permanently cure. I had my heart surgery bye pass nine years ago and I have sugar, hypertension. My sugar fasting is normally 130 after taking medicines but blood pressure is normal. I do not look like 60 years old but I feel stiffness in my body. I have some stiffness in my neck also. Kindly suggest the right medicines which can go well with my body. Thanks very much

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