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4 Best Homeopathic Medicines for Uveitis

Uveitis is the term used for inflammation of the uvea, the middle layer of the eye. It is the layer between the sclera (white coat of the eye) and the retina (the back of the eye). The uvea is a crucial part of the eye as it consists of blood vessels that nourish the eye. Inflammation in this part of the eye can affect vision and other parts of the eye – the cornea, the retina, and the sclera. Unlike conventional medicine, Homeopathic medicines for uveitis do not use steroids and surgical procedures which may lead to further complications like glaucoma, cataract and in some cases, blindness. homeopathic medicines for uveitis

Uveitis is mainly classified into anterior uveitis, posterior uveitis and intermediate uveitis based on the part of the eye involved. Anterior uveitis (iritis) is the inflammation of the anterior chamber and the iris. Intermediate uveitis (cyclitis) is the inflammation of the cells of the vitreous cavity and mainly affects the ciliary bodies of the eye. Posterior uveitis affects the back of the eye. It is the inflammation of the retina (retinitis) and the choroid (choroiditis). The main signs and symptoms of the uveitis are redness of the eye, blurred vision, photophobia, eye pain and floaters (dark spots). In most cases, the cause of uveitis is not clear. Uveitis can occur due to an eye injury, an inflammatory disorder (Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis), an infection (herpes zoster, tuberculosis) and is sometimes even associated with an auto-immune disorder (ankylosing spondylitis, sarcoidosis).

Advantage of Homeopathy Treatment

Homeopathy medicines are a natural and safe mode of treatment of eye disorders. The approach involves strengthening the body’s own healing system to repair organs and make them disease-free. Homeopathy takes the holistic approach, dealing first with the condition that has caused uveitis, be it an auto-immune disorder, an inflammatory disease or an infection. It starts by moderating the immune system, eradicating the disease at the root and preventing a recurrence.

Homeopathic Medicines for Uveitis

Top rated medicines for uveitis are Mercurius Corrosivus, Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum, Phosphorus, and Mercurius Solublis.

1. Mercurius Corrosivus – Top Remedy for Uveitis with Tearing Pain in the Eyes

Natural medicine Mercurius Corrosivus is considered one of the top grade medicines for uveitis, especially in the treatment of anterior uveitis (iritis) and posterior uveitis (retinitis). Where a person complains of shooting, burning and tearing pain in the eye, Mercurius Corrosivus is the best treatment plan. In such cases, the iris is thick, muddy in color and neither contracts nor dilates. Excessive photophobia with severe pain behind the eyeballs as if they were being forced out is also treated well with Mercurius Corrosivus, making it one of the most recommended medicines for uveitis.

2. Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum – Effective Remedy for Uveitis

Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum is one of the ideal medicines for uveitis with severe pain and redness of the eyes. Anterior uveitis (iritis) with pus in the anterior chamber is well treated with this medicine. The person experiences severe pain in the eyes as if they are being pulled back to the head. The eyeballs feel sore, extremely sensitive to touch and air. Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum is one of the best medicines for uveitis of this type.

3. Phosphorus – For Degenerative Uveitis

Phosphorus is one of the most prominent medicines for uveitis, especially for posterior uveitis (choroiditis and retinitis). The person experiences pain and frequent itching in the eyes in such cases. In fact, it is the most effective among medicines for uveitis cases with degenerative changes in the retina, along with an aversion to light (photophobia).

4. Mercurius Solublis – For Uveitis Related Inflammation

Another of the most valuable medicines for uveitis is Mercurius Solublis. It has shown the most remarkable results in eradicating inflammation of the iris (iritis) and retina (retinitis). The symptoms usually include cutting, stinging or aching pain, especially on exerting the eyes. The eyes are extremely sensitive to light, heat or cold. Mercurius Solublis is one of the most wonderful medicines for uveitis or other eye disorders in persons working in foundries.

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  1. Scott Meyers says:

    Hi Doctor. My girlfriend whom lives in Arizona (age about 60) has Uveitis and a doctor has her on daily eye drops of Prednisolone which does seem to help but has the bad side effect of mood changes (and maybe other things long term?) so was wondering if you had any suggestions of a more natural Medicine to take instead of or with the Prednisolone?

    Thank you and if you need more info on her eye issues please let me know.

  2. Ahmed ejaz says:

    Hello sir, I am suffering from uveitis from last 4 year in both eyes, my left eye vision is completely lost, right eye vision is lossing day by day, in right eye black spots Is now coming, please suggest me what can I do now,
    I am takin azoran and wysolone.

  3. Bashir Ahmad says:

    Dear Doctor I have Uveitis from last 26 years. Suffer in 3 to 4 times in a year. please advise some medicines for complete course and treatment.

  4. Janet Julissa Gutierrez says:

    I suffer from posterior uveitis. I see a dark spot on both eyes but from a distant especially when bright light is present. I want to know if it can be treated with natural.medicine.

  5. SUKANYA Mukherjee says:

    I have uveitis for 15 years. iam suffering 7 to 8 times in last couple of months. It occurs in my left eye with blurry vision redness and pain. I have high ra factor. I use prednisolone and atropine drops.

  6. Md. Sydur Rahman says:

    Left eye Uveitis , Pain of eye & Head.

  7. Raghunandansrivastava. says:


  8. Rachel Peiffer says:

    Hello, Dr Sharma!

    I haven’t had testing in a western hospital but have had testing done by a homeopathic doctor. They flagged multiple autoimmune conditions- multiple sclerosis (or something affecting my brain), hypothyroid and chronic fatigue. I am healing with the protocol the doctor put me on but am still having a of inflammation in my eyes. I have several dark spots, my sclera is inflamed with eyes slightly bloodshot, I still get headache/eye pain behind eyes, blurry vision on my left eye, sensitivity to light, visual snow and flashers/floaters. I also had POTS but many of those symptoms have gone away. I’m more concerned with my eye/optic nerve issues now.

  9. Benudhar Das says:

    I have uveitis from last 20 yrs.l am 52 now.both eyes are affected by interior uveitis simentenously years once or twos.but l feels vision loss in last 4 years.l have low vision ,visibility problem.Eye pain and tearing but when it attacks not so severe form of unbearable redness or pain but it must decreases eye sight sure with violate blurry misty vision.last 3 years no uveitis.but now again it comes glass changes very fast even there is no glass now bifocal with -3 and both axis.

  10. Arun Sharma says:

    Hi Dr Sharma,

    I am dealing Uveitis in my left eye for last few weeks. I have had this problem with my right eye a few times over the last 15 years and was managed by steroid eye drops.

    It’s the first episode in the left eye with redness and sensitivity to light and pain.

    Appreciate if you could advise if Homeopathy can help in this situation.

    • Rajeev Kumar says:

      Sir my name is Rajeev Kumar suffering from ankolysing spondlytish since 4years.but suddenly my eyes left eye is blurred, can not see clearly,acute pain, photosensitivity.can u please help me out of this .

  11. neeraj gupta says:

    hey doctor,
    I am suffering from fuchs heterochromic cyclitis.
    as i have uveitis in my eye in sep 2019. i contacted to eye dictor they started treating me with steroids but inflamation or uveitis is okay but i feel headache over my eyes and when i went to doctor again he said no abnormality discovered in eye. this headache continues. and i got to another doctor as i got pain in my eye which is not easy for me to bear. As my eye doctor says headache below eye can be caused due to sinus problem also better to contact to ent doctor. i go to ent doctor and get my ct scan of my nose. nothing i found there ent doctor said everything is ok with you. if pain persist better to contact to neurologist or eye doctor. i again go to another eye doctor as i feel pain below eye area. eye doctor said u again hav a attack of uveitis or inflamation in eye. i keeps on changing eye doctor as i wont get any relief every doctor gives steroids. and an eye doctor in vaishali identified the problem said that you are a steroid respondant means if we gives you steroids ur eye presure increases. he suggest me a uveitis specialist doctor shishir helps me in controling pain and contoling my eye pressure and inflamation. but there is start of cataract in my eyes and inflamation also keeps pain in my eyes. doctor plz help me in suggesting a good homeopath medical advice. as i want to end this painful chapter of my life this headache is painful for me.

  12. Shaista Jabeen says:

    I am suffering from posterior uveitis at back of my eye, I am taking steroids, injections & medicines, How homeopathy can help in it.

    • Rajeev Kumar says:

      Sir my name is Rajeev Kumar suffering from ankolysing spondlytish since 4years.but suddenly my eyes left eye is blurred, can not see clearly,acute pain, photosensitivity.can u please help me out of this .

  13. Ali Ahmed Miah says:

    I have a cornea opacity for both eyes, and Uveitis I am feeling pain left eye continuously, while using steroid eye drop pain getting reduce once steroid stop again filling pain
    My specialist just suggesting to use steroid eye drop, but I am afraid which may lead to further complications like glaucoma, I would like it to heal permanently
    What remedy would you recommend, appreciate your kind advise

  14. SANTOSH SHARMA says:

    Sir Presently I m suffering from serpiginous like choroiditis from last Three Months and I m taking Steroid and tuberculosis medicne on supportive purpose.Presently my vision is very blurred.

    Sir please confirm through Homeopathic treatment can I recovered my Vision.

  15. Hello,
    I have a wrinkled retina and cataract in my left eye and a cataract in my right eye. My specialist just has me coming in every 6 months for a check. I would like it to heal instead of just watching it. What remedy would you recommend?

  16. Sir,Am suffering from intermediate uveitis nearly 4Yrs
    First i took steriod tablets and eyedrops that causes dvt problem as side effect.then i stopped aloepathy i took homeopathy medicines nearly 1year but i cannot got any improvement in my vision and floaters. please givre me a permanent solution to get rid of this disease.

  17. My left eye has become redness. I feel pain and photo phobia. I visited eye specialist.He said it is called Iritis. please suggest me some homeopathic medicine. Thanking you

  18. Farooq Muhammad says:

    Right Eye .
    Vision : no light perception .

    Anterior chamber : shallow, peripheral anterior synechies . Posterior 360 degree synechie . Oculosive pupillai .
    Iris new vessels .
    Complicated cataract .

    Fundus : no view .
    Is treatment of uveitis diagnosis mentioned above is available in Homeopathy.
    Thank you

  19. Abha kalha says:

    Good morning Doc. I am 72 yrs old. I had my first attack of ironies about yrs back. Took allopathy and was told that with age it will cure itself. Lost my husband a few months back and now getting this attack very often. Have taken Merc. Sol. It helps but is coming up often

  20. Roselin Moorthoti says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,
    I have left eye :serpiginous chorioretinitis.
    I have no pain or light sensitivity but slight blurry spot,,what can you recommend?
    I am on the folllowing treatment:
    steroids – prednisone, azathioprine, and tacrolimus. I was undergoing the treatment for two yes now. I am 34 yrs old , female.

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