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Best Homeopathic Remedies for an Overactive Bladder

What is an Overactive Bladder?

An overactive bladder refers to a condition where there is a frequent, sudden and unstoppable urge to urinate. This urge to urinate may occur only during the day or during the night; or both. The urinary bladder is a sac-like muscular organ. It stores urine produced by the kidneys until it passes out of the body through the urethra. When the urinary bladder fills up completely, there is an exchange of a series of nerve signals between the urinary bladder, the brain, and the pelvic floor. The coordination between these nerve signals makes the detrusor muscle of the bladder contract, the pelvic floor and the external sphincter of the bladder relax, and helps the urine to drain out. In the case of an overactive bladder, the bladder muscles contract involuntarily and make the person feel the need to pass urine even when the bladder is only slightly filled. The problem with an overactive bladder can be treated very effectively with homeopathy. The homeopathic treatment for an overactive bladder helps by curing the cause of the problem. The selection of medicines for an overactive bladder should be made based on a complete symptom picture of the individual case. This treatment is completely safe and works wonderfully to give symptomatic relief to the patient.

What are the Causes of an Overactive Bladder?

The exact cause for an overactive bladder is not known. However, the chances of getting an overactive bladder increase with age. Other risk factors include obesity, menopause, an enlarged prostate gland, and poorly controlled diabetes. Intake of alcohol and caffeine may worsen the symptoms of an overactive bladder. Some of the other conditions and factors contributing to the symptoms of an overactive bladder are an increase in fluid intake, urinary tract infections, bladder stones, stroke, multiple sclerosis, and medicines that increase urinary output.

Symptoms of an Overactive Bladder

The primary symptom of an overactive bladder is a sudden and uncontrollable urge to urinate. Other symptoms include a frequent desire to urinate and an involuntary passage of urine, also known as urinary incontinence. Urinary incontinence in cases of an overactive bladder is mainly urge incontinence; which means the involuntary passage of urine that occurs when a person does not promptly attend to the sudden, strong urge to urinate.

Homeopathic Treatment for an Overactive Bladder

Some of the top medicines for the homeopathic treatment for an overactive bladder are Kreosotum, Lycopodium Clavatum, Merc Sol, Causticum, Phosphoric Acid, Equisetum Hyemale, and Sepia Succus. A patient should avoid self-medication and consult a physician for the homeopathic treatment for an overactive bladder.

1. Kreosotum – Homeopathic Medicine for an Overactive Bladder with a Sudden Urge to Urinate

Kreosotum is an effective homeopathic medicine for an overactive bladder with a sudden urge to urinate. In such cases, the patient needs to hurry to urinate whenever the urge arises. The frequency of urination is also high. Usually, urine is also highly offensive. Kreosotum is also used in cases where there is involuntary urination on lying down or on coughing.

2. Lycopodium Clavatum – Homeopathic Medicine for an Overactive Bladder with Frequent Urination at Night

Lycopodium Clavatum is an effective homeopathic medicine for an overactive bladder in cases of frequent urination at night. The quantity of urine in such cases is also very high. There is a feeling of bearing down on the bladder region along with the need to wake up at night because of the urge to urinate. Stitching pain in the bladder is also present in some cases. Lycopodium Clavatum is also helpful in cases of an overactive bladder in males suffering from prostate enlargement.

3. Merc Sol – Homeopathic Medicine for an Overactive Bladder with Frequent Urination During the Day and Night

Merc Sol is an excellent homeopathic medicine for an overactive bladder in cases where there is frequent urination during the day and at night. Every time the urge to urinate arises, the person has to hurry. Any delay causes the urine to leak involuntarily. The urine flow may be scanty or profuse. In some cases, there is a feeling of soreness in the bladder.

4. Causticum – Homeopathic Medicine for an Overactive Bladder with Involuntary Passage of Urine or Urinary Incontinence

Causticum is a beneficial homeopathic medicine for an overactive bladder in cases where there is an involuntary flow of urine. This symptom can cause a lot of problems when it occurs at night or if the patient is walking. Causticum also helps in strengthening the bladder sphincter and in controlling urinary incontinence.

5. Phosphoric Acid and Equisetum Hyemale – Homeopathic Medicine for an Overactive Bladder with Frequent and Profuse Urination

Phosphoric Acid and Equisetum Hyemale are good homeopathic medicines for an overactive bladder in cases of frequent and large quantities of urination. Phosphoric Acid is helpful when a person passes large amounts of clear, watery urine, mostly at night. Weakness may also occur. Equisetum Hyemale is useful when there is a constant feeling of fullness in the urinary bladder. The person passes a large quantity of urine very often, but the fullness is not relieved. Sometimes urine is passed involuntarily both in the day and at night.

6. Sepia Succus – Homeopathic Medicine for an Overactive Bladder in Females

Sepia Succus is a good homeopathic treatment for an overactive bladder in women. It is useful when a female has a sudden and uncontrollable urge to urinate. There is a constant bearing down sensation above the pubis. In most cases, the urine is foul smelling and may contain sediments.

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  1. Divya Nagpal says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma, I am a female of 35 years I am suffering from an overactive bladder since 2.5 yrs. Urge to urinate is every half hour or less during day and at nights around 3 times. After passing urine once i feel to urinate more & it comes out in drops continuously & sometimes it leaks often.Amount of urine is 100ml to 200ml. I avoid coffee citrus fruits chocolate spices & caffine drinks.I am a vegetarian. I have no diabetes . I drink around 4 -5 glasses of water daily. May you suggest a cure, please.

  2. Narendra Kale says:

    Sir ,
    My age is 87 yrs. I have been experiencing the trouble especially at night that I need to go for urination every 90 minutes so that my sleep get disturbed due to frequent trip to toilet.
    So I am in search of homeopathic medicine ,if any ,which would help to reduce the frequency of urge to go for urination every 90 minutes.
    I request you to suggest me the homeopathic medicine which would help me to reduce the frequency of urge for urination in the night so that I would be able to have no disturbance in sleep for at least 4 hours at a stretch. Thanking you,
    Narendra Kale

  3. Abdulwaheed says:

    Assalam u alaikum,
    I m from Pakistan, suffering from over active bladder since long time,no treatment taken.
    My age is about 62 years.I m non diabetic, non hypertensive with normal size of prostate (but the urologist says that there is two type of prostates ) obstructive & irritative).
    I feel much urgency for urine specially in morning & when lying down, but no incontenence of urine.
    I often suffers from gas upon eating tea, spicy foods , milk,rice etc.
    Kindly prescribe some Homeo remedies plz

    • Viswamitra Chineah says:

      Hi Dr. Sharma, I am a male of 77 yrs. I am suffering from an overactive bladder since 2 yrs. Urge to urinate is every half hour or less during day and night. Amount of urine coming out is sometimes a few drops. If I hold on for longer time The bladder does not want to relax. I must force myself to urinate with burning sensation. I avoid coffee tea citrus fruits chocolate spices colas. I am a vegetarian. I have no diabetes , hbp or prostate problems. I drink around 6 glasses of water daily. May you suggest a cure, please.

  4. Dear Dr Sharma
    I have chronic issues of frequent urination and acid reflux. Currently I have frequent urination along with discomfort/pressure feeling while sitting which seems to be related to bladder irritation/prostate inflammation. I can hold the urine for couple of hours but I get the urge from the bladder and have slight incontinence. I feel like the bladder has gotten irritated from acidic food and mental stress. What medicine would you suggest for these symptoms?


  5. Lee Stayton says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    Issue: recent need to use indwelling catheter to drain bladder associated with enlarge prostrate. The presence of the catheter is causing spasm of the bladder, forcing peeing and causing by-pass leakage around the catheter due to the excessive pressure.

    Would a homeopathic remedy provide support to calming the bladder spasms?

    Thanks, LS

  6. What potencies would you suggests for the 6 remedies you recommend for incontinence?

  7. Evangeline says:

    I have oab some times a night I go 10 to 15 times a night pressure is bad and my legs and knees hurt awfully bad what can I take please help

  8. Katy copping says:

    I have chronic bladder pain and frequent urinating
    It’s effected my brain and the last two years has created a lot of anxiety. I cannot focus and I cannot just stand as I have to move constantly because of discomfort and pain. I have Been diagnosed with severe IC. I am at the end of my rope with this as it interferes with daily activities and I have to schedule my work around this condition. It is the worst I the mornings however I take tramadol fir pain but hold off taking it until about 12.30 or 2.00 depending on pain. I am a nutritional therapist and Colonhydrotherapist so I know that alcohol and coffee makes it worse but just about everything I eat cusses inflammation

  9. Kamrul Hasan says:

    I feel urgency of urine for 4 years. I am 49. The problem sometimes remain silent and comes back after few days. I fell uneasy all the day. The condition worsen at night. I can hold the urine. The flow is also not bad. No urine in drops. Thank u.

  10. Leslee Allen says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma, I am trying to figure out which homopathy to use. I have a constant feeling of ny bladder bring full. After I urinate it still feels full and I have to go again. Sometimes there is burning. If I dont take a sleep aide Im up every hour. Even of I dont drink I still have the urge. Sometimes there is just dribbles.

  11. My daughter is 18 years old . Her frequent urination started like 3 months ago. It started from no where and i could not figure out how it started . I been taking her to urologist , they diagnosed her with bladder and bowel dysfunction. Dr Prescribed her to take colace 100 mg and Metamucil. And she just started first therapy of BTL amsella chair. But nothing improve to stop her frequent more at night time urination. She has get up atleast 9-10 times at night and during is less. She also stop drinking water after 7 pm night .
    I would like to your help and opinion . I appreciate your and effort to understand this matter as her college starting from next week. And she worry about her sleep . Please help .

  12. Hi Dr . Sharma
    My mother is 55 years old . She has overactive bladder condition in which she has no control on urination at night . In result urinate during sleep. Sometime she awake at morning she want to go urinate but no control on it. Please advice which homeo medicine treat such condition thanks.

  13. Vijay Runganadhan says:

    Dear Dr. SharmaS, I underwent a TURP in 1996 and was better for a time, but over the years frequent night micturition has again started to disturb my nights. I consulted a few Urologists and underwent some tests and was prescribed oral medications to little avail. I was asked to undergo another operation, which I flatly refused. The frequency is now up to 4 and 5 times a night and sometimes more, and my sleep interrupted badly. I do not suffer from incontinence, except rarely, and my days are not so bad. I am 80 years and my health otherwise reasonably good.

    • joseph dyser says:

      I’m 80 and have reoccurring uti’s, Have used various antibiotics. Would like to use herbal remedies. Uva ursa seems to help. What about echinacea? Vitamin c_1000. Dmannose? Any others?
      Thank you
      Any ideas on shrinking the prostate?

  14. Beatriz says:

    I have a constant feeling of wanting to urinate. (not incontinence). Sometimes I go and have the feeling of going again right after. At night I go almost every 2 hours. I am a female, 79 yrs old, in general good health

  15. Ali Ali says:

    My dad is 75 years old…minor diabetes..has had an overactive bladder since 3 years now …frequency is now every 20 to 30 mins at night and every 30 to 40 minutes in the day..have tried all types of medicines ..they helped initially but due to side affects had to be changed
    Could you recommend the dosage and drug for him please

  16. Dear dr. Sharma
    I’m kanwal from Pakistan, I’m in trouble due to BOA, I’m 26 years old only and facing this problem from part 2 years, I have to urinate 3 to 4 times at night for last 2 years and unlimited time in a day, i have little pain with this in my lower belly im left side, but all my reports, LFT, urine culture, ultrasound are clear.
    I’m taking med detrisitol from last 3 months but there is no progress. Can you help me out from in this situation?

  17. Mark Mori says:

    I’ve been diagnosed with irritable bladder , prescribed Myrbetriq, and told to avoid acid foods. Which homeopathic is right for me?

  18. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    My OAB has been present off and on since I was six. It is likely connected to PTSD, which I have had since I was a small child. It was only diagnosed when I was near 40. It all gets worse in times of stress, of course. I know in my heart it is spirit level more than body.

    It is worse at night especially between 3am-6am, but not great during day either. Erratic. I do not take pharmaceuticals. I also have weight that will not leave and which increases with stress, so yes on obesity.

    I do many things to take care of myself with love and have a loving husband, my animals, and plants. I live a grateful life. I have used homeopathy since the mid-1980’s, and herbs and acupuncture since the 1990’s so know their power to heal. Can you help this situation? Many blessings for your time.

  19. I have an overactive bladder at night gettin* up 4 times to urinate.

  20. sudhansu chakrabarti says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I read your article and found interesting. I am 66 yrs, male from India. I have to urinate 4/5 times at night for last 2 years. The urine quantity is also not less. There is no pain or irritation during urination. During day time after taking food or water I feel urge to urinate on standing position with inconsistence sometimes. I am under hypertensive medication and non-diabetic. Pl help.

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