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Hip Pain – Natural Homeopathic Medicines that Work

Hip pain is a commonly prevalent medical condition that can affect any age group. Hip pain can arise from problems in the hip joint or the structures surrounding it. Homeopathic medicines help reduce pain in the hip, and related stiffness and tenderness.

The hip is made up of the hip joint and the different structures surrounding it. The hip joint is an important and one of the most flexible joints in the body. It is a ball and socket joint. The head of the femur (bone in the thigh) fits in the acetabulum (socket) of the hip bone (which is a part of the pelvis) to form the hip joint. The structures that surround the hip joint include muscles, ligaments (bands that connect two bones together), tendons (bands connecting bones and muscles), a tough fibrous capsule lined by synovial fluid and the bursa (small fluid filled sacs that cushion bones, muscles and tendons near joints). The hip joint bears our body weight and helps us walk, jump and run.

hip pain homeopathy

Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Hip Pain.

Top Five Homeopathic Medicines for Hip Pain

The top five homeopathic medicines for hip pain are Bryonia Alba, Rhus Tox, Colocynthis, Ruta Graveolens and Aesculus Hippocastanum.

1. Bryonia Alba – For Hip Pain on Movement

Bryonia Alba is a natural remedy sourced from the root of plant wild hops. It is highly effective for hip pain that gets bad with the slightest motion. One gets relief by taking rest, and also by warm applications (like hot water bottles, electric blanket,etc). The pain may be cramping, bruised, knife-like stitching/ stabbing type. Cracking sound in the hip joint emanates on walking. In some cases, pain from the hip may extend down to the knee.

When and How to use Bryonia Alba?

It can be used as a first remedy when hip pain worsens from the slightest motion and gets better by taking rest. The most common dose indicated for this medicine use is Bryonia 30C two to three times a day according to the severity of pain.

2. Rhus Tox – For Hip Pain at rest

Rhus Tox is a leading medicine for hip pain where the pain worsens at rest and gets better by continued motion. Additionally, the pain may increase from lying on the sides, and while rising after prolonged sitting. The pain from the hip may extend down the back of the thigh. Pain is accompanied by stiffness in hip joint. Use of Rhus Tox is also highly recommended for hip pain arising from overstraining or overstretching of muscles, tendons or ligaments, and also from injury.

When and How to use Rhus Tox?

This medicine is applicable when hip pain worsens at rest and improves with continuous motion. If someone is suffering hip pain due to over-use of hip joint, as from prolonged running, can also use this medicine. Though it can be used in different potencies like 30C, 200C, 1M, but the most frequently used dosage is 30C power. One may take Rhus Tox 30 C twice or thrice a day for good results.

3. Colocynthis – For Hip Pain which gets better by lying on affected side

It is a natural remedy sourced from the pulp of fruit of bitter cucumber. Colocynthis is highly beneficial for hip pain that gets better by lying on the affected side. In most cases, the pain from the hip radiates down the leg. The nature of pain can be crampy, constricting/ shooting type. It is also very helpful when the hip pain arises from pinched nerves,  like sciatica, and the hip pain goes down the lower limbs. Walking worsens the pain while taking rest brings relief. Applying pressure also brings relief from hip pain in cases requiring Colocynthis.

When and How to use Colocynthis?

Persons who have hip pain that gets better by lying on the affected side of pain can take this medicine. Initially, it is advised to start Colocynthis 30C one to three times a day based on the intensity of pain. Later, the dosage of this medicine can be increased after consulting homeopathic expert.

4. Ruta Graveolens – For Hip Pain from Inflamed, strained Tendons or Ligaments

Ruta Graveolens has marked action on tendons and ligaments. It is the first choice of medicine to treat hip pain from inflamed, strained tendons (bind muscle to bone) or ligaments (bind bone to bone). Those needing it feel soreness (pain felt on touching) in the hip, and pain worsens if the leg is stretched. Ruta reduces the inflammation of tendons/ligaments as well as the effects of strained tendons/ligaments, and relieves soreness and pain in the hip.

When and How to use Ruta Graveolens?

This medicine is recommended for cases where hip pain is a result of overstraining (arising due to overuse of hip joint like in running, jumping), or inflamed tendons or ligaments.

5. Aesculus Hippocastanum – For Hip pain caused by Walking or Stooping

It is an effective medicine for hip pain that increases by walking or stooping (bending the upper half of the body forward and down). Along with hip pain, a person complains of lower back pain and stiffness. It is the top-most medicine for hip pain that arises from arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis or damage to hip joint.

When and How to use Aesculus Hippocastanum?

Those who have worsening in hip pain from walking and stooping can use this medicine. Among its various potencies, it is best to start with 30C potency, once or twice a day.

Note One may take the above-mentioned medicines for one or two months in recommended potency and dose. To continue further, or to increase the dose, it is advisable to consult a homeopathic practitioner.

Causes of Hip Pain

The causes of hip pain are wide and variable. It can simply arise from overuse of a joint or due to some heavy exercise that causes the straining of muscles, tendons or ligaments. It tends to resolve in a few days. Inflamed tendons (tendonitis) can also lead to hip pain which gets better in a few days. Long-term hip pain can arise from several underlying medical conditions as follows:

1. Hip arthritis (arthritis here means Inflammation): Various types of arthritis can cause hip pain. These mainly include rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, ankylosing spondylitis and infective arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune joint disorder in which the immune cells start to inflame and damage joints due to a misdirected response. Usually, it begins with small joints (especially finger joints) but afterwards hip joints can be affected too. Osteoarthritis refers to age-related wear and tear of the cartilage (that acts as a cushion between two bones of the joint) of a joint. Frequently, it occurs as a part of age-related degeneration but can arise from injury as well. Ankylosing spondylitis (affects the joints of the spine especially sacroiliac joint, a joint between the base of spine and pelvis). Infective arthritis which damages the joint cartilage can also cause hip pain.

2. Injury to hip: It includes any trauma or injury due to overuse. Trauma to the hip may lead to hip fracture, sprains, dislocated hip or damage to cartilage. Injury may be due to overuse caused by repetitive strain on hip muscle, tendons, ligaments or bones.

3. Bursitis: It refers to inflamed bursa i.e. small fluid-filled sacs that cushion bones, muscles and tendons near joints.

4. Pinched nerves like sciatica (pain along the path of sciatic nerve originating in the lower back and radiating down to the hip, then thighs, legs up to the feet).

5. Multiple causes like osteomyelitis (bone infection), osteoporosis (weak, brittle bones prone to easy fracture), avascular necrosis (death of bone tissue resulting from lack of blood supply) and bone cancer.

What are the Symptoms that can Accompany Hip Pain?

Apart from pain, there is stiffness in the hip, movement of the hip reduces, there is tenderness and a warm feeling across the hip. In some cases, there may be pain in the groin. Hip pain may make a person limp while walking. The pain from hip may radiate down the lower limb. Sometimes, the hip pain may be transferred down to the knee (also known as referred pain).


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  1. Ashwini Kumar says:

    Hi sir,
    My name is Ashwini Kumar, age 18(M) and from patna, bihar. From approx 3 yrs, I have been suffering from the right hip joint pain but in last year I had been diagnosed and found ankolysing spondylitis in MRI report and in x-ray my right side hip joint gap reduced compare to left one. And I found my right leg is longer(small amount). Also in India toilet, it is very hard to use(sit) and pain when I walk.

    Kindly suggest me the homeopathy medicine.

  2. Dear sir, I have pain in my left hip which goes down upto the knee. It’s very difficult to sit cross leg on the bed or floor. There’s no problem in walking . It started in February 2020 . Please guide.
    Thanking you

  3. Rakesh Kumar says:

    Dear Sir, I am Rakesh Kumar aged 58 years, I am suffering with stiffness around waist, worst after bed & comfort during bath. Severe pain in hip region after cycle/motorcycle ride while mounting off the seat. Mob – 7007986045

  4. Satish jain says:

    I, 68 year old have a pain in my HIP JOINT IN right leg from appox 50 days.
    after half a hour d pain reduced appox 70-80 %
    sir, from yesterday my hip joint pain is reduced but in my knee pain doveloped severly in the same leg.
    Sir , advice homiopethy treatment and expain the cause precaution.

  5. Chandra Sekhar Panda says:

    I am suffering fromRECURRENT HIP (left) pain for 5-6 months.the pain some times extends lower towards thigh. Lying on affected left side worsens pain.

  6. Shaheen says:

    My husband has very severe pain in his hip joint can not walk it has been 4days .

    • Partha Pratim De. says:

      Sir, I am suffering seveare low back pain in middle of hip. Please suggest me the medicine combination. I shall be greatfull to you.

      • Sushmita Datta says:

        There is pain in the hip joint upon walking, and pain from the hip may extend down to the knee. a knife-like stitching type of pain in the hip.please recommend some medicine this is for two three days back

        • Amar Relan says:

          Sir I have hip joint pain and on mri it shows bone marrow odema.
          Can not walk for 500m
          Feel better after rest.
          Suggest medicine

  7. Sandeep patil says:

    Mam my mom is age 67 having pain at right side of heap to knee joint some acute pain and irritation like we have swallow spice thing something like this she is suffering so kindly guide us which combination of medicine would be use full

  8. Karen Ross-Ohlinger says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,
    I hope this finds you well. I suffer from hip pain in the right hip which gets better when I do yoga. It also gets better in warmer weather. Walking sometimes makes it worse. What would you prescribe for these symptoms. Thank you so much!

    • Chandra Sekhar Panda says:

      I am suffering fromRECURRENT HIP (left) pain for 5-6 months.the pain some times extends lower towards thigh. Lying on affected left side worsens pain.

  9. Krishnamurti pd. Singh says:

    Good evening Dr. Sharma,
    Kindly prescribe some medicines for quick relief in hip pain.

    This is K.P.Singh from Deoghar. My wife 75 years fell yesterday and getting
    bach hip pain and can not even walk.Early reply solicited.
    Thanks. Kepisingh.

  10. Ramagopal says:

    Right hip joint and waist pain.had a stroke 2 years ago. no problem for walking till 3 months ago. Limping now. Cannot walk even in house without walker.I am 77 years. Please suggest remedy.

  11. Hello Dr I am suffering from hip bursitis My right hip has a nagging pain and at times it is difficult to walk . Pls do suggest me some medicine as I do not want to take allopathy pain killers . Thank you Looking forward to your advise

  12. Nikhil Khandelwal says:

    Hello Dr I’m a paitent with hla b27 positive and I have very pain in hip and waist , please suggest me proper homeo medicine

  13. Dawn Lewis says:

    My brother has arthritis in his hip and the head of the femur on which fits into the socket is completely worn down. He has been told he has to have a hip replacement done. The problem is he just was treated for cancer and the doctors do not want to do the surgery until his cancer treatments shows he is cancer free. He lives with constant pain and takes over the counter pain relievers but the pain is bad. He does not want to take prescription drugs for they are addicting. He cannot get the surgery for at least 6 mths. He needs some kind of help naturally for the pain. Please respond.
    Thank You

  14. Carol Houchin says:

    Dear Dr sharma,
    I have had a history of right hip pain that radiates to my right knee . The pain is worse standing , walking and at night when lying in bed . ( lying in bed at night is the worse and pain can alternate to the other leg while in bed , but that doesn’t happen during the day )I am also unable to bend backwards from the hip without getting a deep toothache nerve type pain.

  15. Soundaravalli Ramanathan says:

    Dear Dr, I am Soundaravalli Ramanathan, aged 64 years. My ht is 5.4 and weight is 55 kg. I don’t have BP and am not a diabetic. For the past three months, I am having hip joint pain in left side with stiffness in the lower back. I also feel slight stiffness in the lower back and unable to bend down and sit down. Consulted an ortho Dr and he gave me some tablets. But no improvement. Kindly advise homeo medicine. I too have numbness sometimes in my foot

  16. Dhiraj Sharma says:

    I have severe pain in ball and socket joint,, as I use car driving after each 1 hr, as I m teacher go to different classes. Now from last 15 days I have pain in my joint.
    My age is 38, male

  17. Lakkaraju Rajya Lakshmi says:

    Namaste. I have sever pain in both hips,more in left hip. Basically I suffer with severe low back pain. Reasons for my back pain are
    : too much stress
    ; I take care of my aged parents aged 88 & 84, both are dependents., both need all physical support.
    : my age is 59 & weight 70.
    kindly suggest me homeo medicine and let me know how to take also

  18. I have bursitis in both of my hips. When I get up I’m stiff for a little while. When I walk around a bit it feels better, but if I walk to much then it aches. Sometimes I get a sharp shooting pain that goes down to my knee starting on my buttocks on the right side. If I lie down and if I’m on my side (either side) for to long it starts to ache. Enough to wake me up.

  19. alexis rotella says:

    how often can causticum be taken? Every day okay?

  20. N K VOHRA says:


    • I have sharp shooting pain in my left hip joint felt when moved. Sometimes numbness is also felt in the leg

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