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Homeopathic Remedies for Ear Pain

Homeopathic Remedies for Ear painEar pain or an earache that persists needs medical intervention. Earache, or Otalgia in medical terms, usually occurs because of two reasons. The first is a local cause due to a problem within the ear. The local cause is mainly an infection of the middle ear (Otitis Media). The second reason is the referred cause or pain that does not start in the ear itself but is referred secondarily to the ear through some primary problem in another part of the body.  Here, the primary problem can be in the teeth (dental caries, cutting the wisdom tooth) or throat infection (Tonsillitis) and the pain through them extends to the ear. Homeopathic medicines for ear pain offer a complete cure by treating the root cause of the condition. Prepared from natural substances, these remedies for ear pain have zero side effects and offer a complete cure for ear pain.

Top natural Homeopathic Medicines for Ear Pain

1. Belladona: For Tearing Earache or Ear Pain

Belladonna is one of the top natural remedies for ear pain. Belladonna is very beneficial for relief from various types of ear pain like throbbing and tearing pain. This medicine is the ideal remedy for ear pain arising from acute inflammation of the middle ear (Otitis Media). The patient experiences a pain that appears very deep-rooted. High fever may also accompany earache. Throat infection with pain in throat radiating to the ear is also best treated with Belladonna.

2. Chamomilla: For Relief from Severe Earache

Chamomilla is a natural medicine of great help in providing relief from severe ear pain. Chamomilla works very well as a pain reliever when the earache is very acute. The patient seems to be oversensitive to pain. Ear ache with extreme mental agitation is, thus, best treated with Chamomilla. The pain may be worse in cold air or at night time. Chamomilla can also be given to children who turn irritable due to earache and who get relief if they are carried.

3. Verbascum Thapsus: For Ear Pain of Nerve Origin

Verbascum Thapsus is the best medicine for ear pain of nerve origin. Verbascum Thapsus is very beneficial for the treatment of ear ache that is part of the facial pain of nerve origin (Trigeminal Neuralgia). The pain is more pronounced on the left side and gets worse with the slightest of movement. The ear is always dry within. Verbascum Thapsus is popularly known as Mullein Oil and can also be administered as ear drops on the affected side of the ear along with internal usage.

4. Pulsatilla: For Pain with Thick Discharge from Ear

Pulsatilla is the ideal natural medicine for ear pain accompanied by a thick discharge from the ear. The patient may experience hardness of hearing with ear pain. The ear feels heavy and stuffed up. Most of the times, the discharge is green in colour and is of a non-irritating nature. Open air may provide relief from earache.

5. Hepar Sulph & Psorinum: For Ear Pain with Pus-like Discharge

In this condition, the top two medicines for ear pain are Hepar Sul and Psorinum. The most suitable candidates for Hepar Sulph are those suffering from ear pain with pus-like discharge from the ear. Hepar Sulph is ideal for treating earache due to a middle ear infection. The person cannot bear the ear to be touched even slightly as it worsens the pain. Fever with chill may present itself along with earache. Hepar Sulph is also the best medicine when the earaches more by the slightest exposure to cold air. Psorinum is indicated when discharges are very fetid in odor.

6. Belladonna, Hepar Sulph, Pulsatilla: For Earache due to Middle Ear Infection

When middle ear is affected, the top remedies for ear pain are Belladonna, Hepar Sul and Pulsatilla. Earache due to middle ear infection may be accompanied by impaired hearing, fever and discharge (pus) from ear. Belladonna is a useful medicine for ear pain in the very beginning stages of ear infection. Belladonna can be taken when the earache of severe throbbing nature is present. The person needing Belladonna may also have a high fever with an earache. The body feels extremely hot. Hepar Sulph is an ideal natural medicine for earache where the pain in the ear is accompanied by pus-like discharge from the ear. The discharge is most of the times offensive. This usually occurs in the ear infection cases that have progressed to advanced stages. Fever with chills may be present along with an earache. The ear is very sensitive to touch.  The patient requiring Hepar Sulph may complain that earache gets worse in cold air. Pulsatilla is another medicine of great help to cure pain in the ear that is accompanied by a thick discharge from the ear. A greenish discharge oozes out of the ear. The person requiring natural remedy Pulsatilla may find relief in the open air.

7. Belladonna & Phytolacca: For Ear Pain due to Throat Infection

The top two medicines for ear pain associated with throat infection are Belladonna and Phytolacca. Belladonna is the perfect remedy for pain in the throat that extends to the ear. The earache is throbbing and intensive in nature. High fever with extreme heat may accompany earache.
Lachesis is preferred when the earache is left-sided. Pain in throat extends to the left ear. Swallowing of food may worsen the pain. Phytolacca, on the other hand, is the best natural remedy for ear pain on the right side. Phytollaca thus suits patients when the throat pain radiates to the right ear. The pain may be shooting in nature. Here, too, swallowing of food worsens the pain in the ear.

8. Plantago & Merc Sol: For Ear Pain due to Dental Problems

The top two medicines for ear pain due to dental problems are Plantago and Merc Sol. Plantago is one of the best remedies for ear pain that forms the first line of treatment for cases of earache associated with toothache. Plantago can be used by all those persons in whom the pain in teeth extends to the ear. Noise may be a factor worsening the earache and toothache in a few cases requiring Plantago.
Merc Sol is also very effective as a remedy when the earache is due to dental troubles. Here, the earache is mainly worse at night. Along with earache, yellow or blood-tinged discharge may come out of the ear. The patient may also narrate increased salivation from mouth.

9. Arnica: For Earache following Injury

Arnica is the top natural medicine for ear pain that follows an injury. The injury may be caused by any blow or while clearing the ear with earbuds. Arnica holds a great promise in providing relief from earache and is considered an ideal medicine for earache after injury.


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  1. Hi,

    I am experiencing ear pain on the left ear. I also have sensitive teeth on the left upper side and sometimes hip pain on the left side. The ear pain usually gets worse at night when I lay down to go to sleep. It is sometimes alleviated by heat packs. Most of the time I can’t go to sleep and have to take ibuprofen and melatonin.

    The pain is a sharp jab that comes and goes like a labor contraction but is not regular.

    Please help! I have tried hypericum, chamomilla, belladonna and spigelia without any relief. I am going to try others but it difficult to keep purchasing remedies without get relief.

    Thank you.


  2. Hi. My husband has left ear pain radiating to sore throat. His ear pain is worse at night and pain increases when swallowing. What homeopathic remedy should he use? Homeopathic ear drops or pills?

  3. Left ear hearing issue . can not hear from left ear .
    SOMETIME dizziness and mild Headache during day time. Some time feeling dryness in Left ear.
    Can you name any homeopathic medicine.
    Age 56
    hearing problem for last 6 months

  4. Thanks for u r note

  5. Charleen Ritvanen says:

    I have ear pressure with clogged ears since August 10th. Been to ENT specialist can’t figure it out. MRI is normal. I’m stuck with this a vertigo. Can you help with any advice please

  6. Syed P. Farooq says:

    Hi Dr.
    I have no questions but you are much appreciated for your brief and full of information content on every important medical problems. Thank you,Much appreciated.

  7. Hi Dr. Sharma,

    What remedy is good for severe ear plane during the landing on a flight. At certain altitudes while descending the pain can be excruciating.


  8. Ukaoha I Gabriel says:

    Homeopathic remedy for earache after sore throat.

  9. Ear pain and wast water were fall from painful ear. Fever and Cough exist. Age- 6 years, weight- 20 kg.

  10. Medhakumari says:

    Mam please mery help kare mere ear may gandagi jamahone se mai usai nikalne ki kosis ki but usme gaho ho gya gisse adhik pain hota hai sathi chota pimple may pulse bhi hai aur ear se San si sound nikalta hai yah sab mere ear ke andar hai please achchha medicine batay.

  11. Shivani saini says:

    Maire kaan mai pain ho rha hai jiski wajah se maire head mai bhi pain hone lagta h..

  12. Gunjan Bahl says:

    My son is having pain in ear because of cold what can I give him he is 14

  13. Sir,
    I am suffering from ear pain since 2013. Initially it was once or twice in a year but now it has increased manifolds and it is now on regular basis. It starts with swelling behind the earlobe and on the cheek .The eyes sometimes become red or small red patches appear in the eyes. The eyes start watering while opening and the pain becomes unbearable. This episode goes on for one or two days and this becomes worst during this period if I travel on bike. Maybe due to wind effect.
    Sir I had consulted the ENT surgeon for this. He referred for X-Ray and Ultrasound for head and Parotid gland respectively. The X-ray was normal but ultrasound shows lymph nodes presence is more and the doctor advised surgery of both ear. But I consulted homeopathic clinic and taken three months medicine and was feeling better.Suddenly the doctor has shifted to some other town and I do not know what medicine he was giving.
    I request you Sir to kindly review my case and guide me for the appropriate medicine which I can take from for curing this. I shall be thankful to you for this deed.
    Thanks and best regards.

    • Dr. Sharma,
      I had an ear infection, worse in left ear. I had been using earbuds for phone clients for a year. I took a rx augmentin. Md said infection was clear, fluid cleared,but left ear still inflamed. She rx antibiotic ear drops. I have occasional fleeting pain in left ear. In addition, the outside of my ears hurt if I sleep on them. Any recommendation would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
      JC Rama

  14. M. Praphullo. says:

    My daughter aged above 4 yes old today suddenly left side ear pain complain ENT doctor say that left side ear injuries. I want to homeopathy Medicine please answer

  15. M. Praphullo. says:

    My daughter aged above 4 yes old today suddenly pain complain ENT doctor say that left side ear injuries. I want to homeopathy Medicine please answer

  16. Satyajeet Tripathi says:

    I feel heaviness In My right ear. Its like a lot jam in side the year. but there in nothing looking inside the year. I use year drops also to clean the ear but there is no relief. My age is 47 Year. No pin, no itching.

    Please advice

  17. Ingrid Devenish says:

    My mother (age 89 yrs)had some sort of left ear op, which included a skin graft,, years ago (mid 80’s probably) and has had intermittent trouble. Also TMJ pain due to bad dental useage again years ago. More recently seen ENT Consultants for pain in left ear and had wax removed, and was told some pain may come from arthritis in spinal column /neck. Had wax removed recently and no infection (has had infection before) but now has severe throbbing and pain ALL the time. She is on pregabalin 50mg BD and amitryptalin (?spelling) 2x10mg nocte, any way for about 3 years and takes nurofen/ibubrofen when needed and paracetamol, but with little effect. She is a bit of a negative person, and has peripheral neuralgia thrown in! but this pain and throbbing is very real to her. PLEASE what would you suggest homeopathically? Belladonna/Chammomilla or WHAT? please

  18. My left ear itching.specialy at night from last one year there is no pain or other problems.please let me know which Homeopethy medicine is good for this.thank you and god bless you

  19. Kittu bhattacharya says:

    I have earache in left ear for 3 days due to throat infection,please tell me the medicine

  20. Sir i had right ear surgery due to damage of eardrum.After 4 months of surgery started heavy ear pain and head pain surrounding to right ear and some type of ringing in surgery ear.When it is started I have no sleep so please say any solution to this problem sir,thank you

  21. Ashok Kumar Pandita says:

    Sir , I am feeling mild swelling like sensation in my both ears since 1-2 months associated with some irritation in my throat felt generally in bad cold. Doctors said it is due to conditions of sinus or bad cold and gave antibacterial Medicine bunt the sensation is still on I feel slightly temporarily relief with steaming and gargles. Will you kindly suggest the homeopathic treatment

  22. Hai sir I am Ganesh. My mother is suffering from right earache surrounded to head. No pus is observed. Pls reply sir.
    Thanks Ganesh.

  23. Nivedita Chak says:

    Severe ear pain while landing of aircraft

  24. rekha pandey says:

    Sir I feel pain in my right ear.deutsch to infection .

  25. Farida Anjum says:

    Hello Dr. Shark,
    My almost 4 year old boy suddenly is complaining about ear ache now at 3 am. He first did his head is paining and wanted me to press it. I did. Then he came to er telling its d ear that is hurting. I can’t see any discharge or redness of d right ear. He feels better when I m pressing it. I gave him bell but then gave chamomilla as he ws becoming irritable and restless. What could b d reason? He has complained about it d first time

  26. SUMEET GHOSHAL says:



  27. Rashmi Chhabra says:

    My ear membrane has a hole in it caused by a water balloon…. I don’t want a surgery….. But ear pains so much….. What should I do?

  28. SHAILA TELANG says:

    Hello Dr.,
    I am having ear discharge on & off. Whenever i use ear drops for 2 days i am ok with no pus type
    discharge. Please suggest suitable medicine . Some times I get vertigo or imbalance problem.



  30. nicky Kumar says:

    Hello dr. I m 32 yrs old lady ,I have my ear leaked from few months,i feel something stuff nd it’s pus like , my ear not getting dry even in summer what should I do?

  31. I have pain in my left ear from last 2 month
    If i press the ear from outside i feel like a pain inside the ear.
    I think it is slowly increasing.
    Please suggest me homeo medicine.

  32. Melissa Radegonde says:

    Hello dr 2 1/2 yr old daughter had chronic otitis media for some months with heavy discharge and pain once in a while.i have been giving her mercurius and pulsitilla which has greatly helped discharge no pain.she is now full of life.but my concern is for the residue left in her left ear.also like dead white pus gone dry in her right hesitating wether to stop giving her the two treatment mention above.thank you

  33. Dr.Abirami says:

    Respected sir What is the best remedy for Impacted wax b/l left more than right.

  34. I’m having ear barotrauma after a hard slap by someone their was a small hole in my eardrum put got healed within three weeks but after that i started suffering from slight pain but my heaviness in ear is not going feel little pressure in ear all ready two months is completed plz help

  35. Hello sir,
    I am suffering with strong ear pain .I used belladona and hepar sulph .but there is no result. Still ear pain continue. What medicine I will be take.pls suggest me.

  36. Upendra singh says:


    Sir mere kan me dard hota hai. Jab mere kan me music ki aawaj jati hai to bahut jayada dard hota hai.
    Bahut dwa khai par koi relief ni mil rha hai.
    Pls help me.

    Thaxx& Regards
    Upendra Singh

  37. Mahendra Singh says:

    When opening jaw or crushing food from right side ,pain errupts on right side of jaw joints .normally there is no markable pain. Ears are normal .

    • Melissa Radegonde says:

      Hello dr 2 1/2 yr old daughter had chronic otitis media for some months with heavy discharge and pain once in a while.i have been giving her mercurius and pulsitilla which has greatly helped discharge no pain.she is now full of life.but my concern is for the residue left in her left ear.also like dead white pus gone dry in her right hesitating wether to stop giving her the two treatment mention above.thank you

  38. Mehjamin rahman says:

    Dear sir, i have pain in my right ear and fluid yellowish in colour is running from ear mainly in the morning to severe cold and the ear is blocked.i have taken belledona 30, 4 piles for 2 days then the kalimur for 3 days then hepar sulph 200 ,4piles for 2 days and placebo 200 ,4piles for 1 day.but no cure at all.please help me by correct medicine

  39. Hello sir good morning sir mere kan me 2 sal pahle sardi jukam ke wjah se kan bhari ho gaya aur snsanahat ki awaj ane lagi kuch din dawa lene ke bad kuch aaram mila abhi dus din pahle wayral hua jiski wajah se sardi jukam hua aur kan ki problem bad gai kan me tej sansanahat ki awaj aur pad pad ki awaj ho rahi hai hearing bhi kam ho gayi hai so plz advice me

  40. pinki jaipuria says:

    mere kan main air ya water ke jane se kan band ho raha hai or khul bhi raha hai, bird se clean karna caha par lagta hai ander thora injore hua hai so pai ho raha hai karib 2 din hue, kya pulstila 30 thik rahega, pls help me

  41. Hi Sir,

    I had ear surgery before 4 years. Now while travelling, if roads are not proper, when bus/scooty gets onto ups & down road,i will get pain on back of ear. It leads to swelling over face cheek exactly inbetween ear & eye, exactly just underneath eye. What is the reason for swelling near cheek. pls suggest if homeopathic medicine works for this pain & swelling for me as this is of ear surgery case.

  42. soni sharma says:

    Sir I have ear pain from last one starts with ear clogged. Doctor say that it is due to accumulation of wax now last month doctor remove the wax from both the ears still the pain continue in ear and eye..kindly suggest me the cause and prescribe some homopathy medicine to get rid from this pain.

  43. j murali krishna says:

    hello sir
    a major surgery was underwent to my right ear in 2007 due to discharging of puss fron R.ear. later discharging of puss is stopped but since then i ve been suffering with following 1)feeling uneasy (due to open & close), 2)somtimes heavy vertigo, 3)little pain in inner part & its surrounding areas, 4)heating sensation inside the ear 5) less hearing.
    after surgery i have consulted the same doctor many times but no use. recently i ve consulted a homeo doctor & he has prescribed following medicines:
    1. Vetigo drops B/16, 2) kali sulphuricum 6x. & another one.
    are these problems can be cured with above medicines? what can be the reason for vertigo? please explain and suggest me best medicines if any. Thanking you sir.

  44. maleeha khan says:

    dear sir im 35. i have a very strong craving for more and more food specially sweets and methais.
    my height is 5 feet and two inches.
    i have two kids.
    periods are for 3 days on time
    i have a lot of sitting work in the whole day , say around 8 hours
    buttocks hips and lower abdomed are expanding .
    please help
    looking forward for reply.

    • maleeha khan says:

      dear sir im 35. i have a very strong craving for more and more food specially sweets and methais.
      my height is 5 feet and two inches.
      i have two kids.
      periods are for 3 days on time
      i have a lot of sitting work in the whole day , say around 8 hours
      buttocks hips and lower abdomed are expanding .
      please help
      looking forward for reply.

  45. suresh swarnkar says:

    My son is just 12 and suffering from sneezing whenever he wash his mouth or clean his nose in the morning immediately sneezing starts. At a time he sneezes 5 to six time. he feel comfort as long as homoeopathic medicine is taken. I have consulted many homoeopath, but there is no improvement.
    He is overweight. Please help him for his better health

    • I am not a doctor. My daughter had similar. Turns out she was allergic to something in our water. Have water tested and see if it happens with purified/distilled water. Good luck!

  46. Thank you for sharing this wonderful information. My neighbor’s dog is suffering from repeat ear infections with pain and smelly discharge. I’m giving them this information so they can help the poor dog. God bless you for helping others.

  47. Sir
    I am having severe pain and continuous ringing in my left ear. The problem started after I had been removing ear wax using ear bud. I had also put some oil (Soluwax ) to remove wax.
    Please suggest some homeopathy remedy.

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