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Effective Homeopathic Medicines for Cataract

Cloudiness of the lens of the eye resulting in decreased vision is referred to as a cataract. A person with cataract experiences glare, foggy and blurred vision and sees halos around lights. Cataract may affect one or both the eyes. It is mostly age-related and is largely seen in the elderly. It can occur due to trauma, post surgery or in rare cases may be present at birth. The person complains of photosensitivity (sensitivity to light) and has difficulty reading, driving and recognizing faces due to diminished vision. homeopathic remedies for cataractHomeopathy is the safest and natural mode of treatment for cataract. In the early stage, when the cataract starts to develop, these medicines are known to retard clouding of the lens. They are equally helpful in restoring blurred vision. Thus, medicines help avoid surgery and its side effects such as infection, bleeding, and retinal detachment. Homeopathic medicines for cataract are, therefore, beneficial for the opacity of the lens and stops further progression of the disease.

Homeopathic Medicines for Cataract

Top recommended medicines for cataract are Calcarea Flourica, Cineraria Maritima, Conium, Silicea, and Natrum Muriaticum. Calcarea Flourica is a top grade medicine for cataract with opaque spots in the cornea. Cineraria Maritima is prescribed for traumatic, senile cataract and corneal opacities. Conium is known to effectively treat cataract resulting from injury to the eye. Cataract in office workers with weak vision is treated well with Silicea. Natrum Muriaticum is the most effective among medicines for cataract which is incipient (in the initial stage) and photophobia.

1. Silicea, Magnesia Carbonica and Ammoniacum Dorema – For Cataract with Diminished Vision

Top grade medicines for cataract with diminished vision are Silicea, Magnesia Carbonica and Ammoniacum Dorema. Silicea is indicated for cataract with weak vision resulting from overuse of the eyes. Cataract cases in which the person sees tiny black particles before the eye, together with dimness of sight, are best treated with medicine Magnesia Carbonica. Ammoniacum Dorema is the most reliable among medicines for cataract with a diminished vision where the eyes get easily fatigued from reading.

2. Natrum Sulphuricum and Psorinum – For Cataract with Photophobia

The most effective medicines for cataract where it is accompanied by photophobia are Natrum Sulphuricum and Psorinum. Natrum Sulphuricum is the best prescription for cataract with photophobia, especially on waking up in the morning. Cataract along with photophobia when walking in the open air is treated well Psorinum, making it one of the most reliable medicines for cataract of this type.

3. Calcarea Flourica, Carbo Animalis, and Conium – For Cataract in Elderly

Calcarea Flourica, Carbo Animalis, and Conium are rated among the best medicines for cataract in elderly persons, also known as an age-related cataract. In cases in the elderly where the person complains of flickering and sparks before his eyes, Calcarea Flourica is the most effective among medicines for cataract in the elderly. Another popular prescription is Carbo Animalis. The symptoms to look out for prescription of Carbo Animalis are that objects seem far off and there is dimness of vision when reading which gets better by rubbing the eyes. Conium is mostly indicated for cataract in elderly persons who also experience photophobia and excessive lachrymation. Paralysis of ocular muscles is also treated well with Conium, making it one of the sought after medicines for cataract in the elderly.

4. Antimonium Tartaricum, Pulsatilla and China – For Developing Cataract

The most recommended medicines for cataract which is developing are Antimonium Tartaricum, Pulsatilla and China. Antimonium Tartaricum is indicated for incipient cataract which is characterised by weak vision and tired eyes. Pulsatilla is very effective for treating incipient cataract with cloudiness of the lens of the eye occurring at the very initial stage. In the case of incipient cataract with the feeling that there’s a foreign body in the eye, China is the best medicine to prescribe.

5. Calendula, Conium and Tellurium – For Cataract Developing after Injury

Top rated medicines for a cataract that develops after an injury are Calendula, Conium and Tellurium. Calendula is very effective for cataract from injury where the person senses a foreign body in his eyes. Cataract developing after injury and accompanied by blurred vision is best treated with Conium. Tellurium is the most effective for cataract developing post injury along with ocular lesions.

6. Senega, Arnica and Strontium Carbonicum – For Cataract that Develops Post Surgery

The most effective medicines for a cataract that develops after surgery are Senega, Arnica and Strontium Carbonicum. Senega is most reliable among medicines for a cataract that develops after surgery and causes flickering and double vision. The person feels the need to wipe the eyes frequently. For cataract that develops after an injury, leaving the person feeling bruised and sore in the eyes, Arnica is the most suitable treatment option. Strontium Carbonicum is the best among medicines for cataract developing after a surgery where the person complains of green spots before the eyes and photophobia.


  • Adequate light, especially while reading and writing
  • Proper eye glasses or contact lenses should be worn as prescribed by the physician
  • Avoid night driving as much as possible
  • Take proper rest and practice eye movement exercises



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  1. Does cataract can be treated effectively in Homeopathic medicine. If yes how much time it will take in the treatment.

  2. Prasanta Nath says:

    I feel uneasy with sunshine’ blurry vision. I was told last year that I have cataract. I am now 79. May I use calc area flourica? If so, tell me the potency.

  3. yogesh kumar says:

    I am moving to 75 age. Eye doctor tells me, my cataract in both eyes is not yet for operation but has crossed early stages. Shall I take Cal Flr 200 along with Conium 200 every morning only.

  4. dear Dr. Sharma,
    i am R.N.Yadav 62, a retired but not tired teacher from Varanasi. i still study abd teach my students for hours and work on laptop to prepare study material for them. i had been feeling some problem in my clear vision with right eye. Today I consulted an eye specialist who told that it is due to beginning of cataract.
    He suggested me to meet him after 3 months (may be for surgery). but I have faith in hoMeopathic medicine and its doctors. so, I request you to suggest me a suitable medicine.
    Note: 1. My left eye is defective since birth.
    2. I am patient of diabetes for last 5 – 6 years but it remains under control with medicine.
    your’s sincerely.
    R. N.. Yadav. Mob. 9125632769

  5. Hell Doctor, my name is kedar singh and I am 75 year old. My cataract Is initial stage. I m using cineria martima last 6 month. But not effective. Please tell me homeopathic medicine

  6. Sir, I have developed Cataract in the right eye and the same is in initial stage. I am using Calcaria Flour 6x and also using Cineria Martina.. A year back I have developed very severe infection in the right eye and used Antibiotic eye drops alongwith Steriod eye drops. I also have weak eye muscles which gets strained in sun light or on using Computer.
    Please suggest some good remedy. I am fond of Salt.

  7. VIJAY LAZARUS says:

    Doctor, the eye specialist informed me that I have cataract in both eyes, it is stage number 1 out of 4 stages. The doctor has asked me to return to follow-up check up. The cost was the cause of shock was the cost he quoted: ONE LAC FOR EACH EYE = TWO lacs.

    I am with homoeopathy for last 55 years.

    I am ready to take the homoeopathy treatment for next few months – if possible – if it does not interfere with my work at the computer. I am 😯 year now. Any hopeful news from you?

    Thanks and all the very best to you. VIJAY LAZARUS

  8. N. Ayyappan says:

    Two days back I am (63 , diabetes well under control, no bp) being informed that cataract in moderate stage in left and beginning stage in right eye. I had perigium in my left and used cineraria ( syndrome – I think) as suggested by Homeo doctor long back.
    Please guide me medicines, Doctor

    2) Mymother aged 85 , with diabetes n BP is suffering by cataract. Eye specialist insisting surgery for both eyes.
    Left eye , as per doctor, due to blood flow behind eyes thro nerves, which will be stopped by injection before surgery .
    But her sugar level n BP surgery getting delayed.
    Any medicine treat for her in Homeopathy, please.

    Please guide and suggest medicines for both, please.

    N. Ayyappan, 96897 74844

  9. Stella Reid says:

    Need treatment for my pug, recently diagnosed with cataracts. Firm believer in homeopathic medicine. What do you suggest?

  10. Tina Forster says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am considering homeopathic remedies for cataract, one eye has already been operated on but i was advised to try carnosine for the other. I have since started looking at homeopathic remedies.

    If I use one homeopathic remedy, am I correct in thinking I need to avoid all pharmaceutical remedies?

    Thank you for your time.

  11. Hello Doctor, I have a last stage of age-related cataract and going to have a surgery for the left eye, can’t see any details on a tv screen it’s extremely cloudy. My Doc said he saw this kind of cataract only in Africa! Is there any chance to treat it with homeopathy??? Kind regards, Tim

  12. Hello Doctor, I have last stage of age-related cataract and going to have a surgery for the left eye, can’t see any details on screen it’s extremely cloudy. Doc said he saw this kind cataract only in Africa! Is there chance to tret it with homeopathy??? Kind regards, Tim

  13. Why do you mention Natrum Muriaticum in the intro, but do not elaborate upon it, yet bring up remedies below that you don’t mention at the top? Bad cut and paste job? I’ve been told I’m developing cataracts (I’m 71) and to expect to need surgery in a year, but would rather use homeopathy and anything else I can to avoid the need. And can Pulsatilla and/or China be used at the same time? Thank you. Please don’t add to your database; I’m already on it.

  14. lois dribin says:

    dr. sharma. do you treat high occular pressure. or glaucoma? so you take on cases in the u.s. are you in india

  15. Dr. Hans Vos AustrAlia says:

    Just to inform you of the wrong spelling of CALCAREA. FLUORICA and not CALCAREA FLOURICA.
    This medication is made up of CALCIUM FLUORIDE

  16. Dr. [Prof] R. K. Tuli says:

    I’ve been a Myopic (6/60) since age 10, now at 74 I’m beginning to get Cataract with slight diminution of vision in one eye, and sometimes I see rainbow coloured Halos. Kindly advice Homoeopathic remedy.
    Dr. [Prof] R. K

  17. Abhijit Chowdhury says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have been suffering from bleeding of arteries inside the right eye. Present treatment is placing “ozurdex” dexamethasone implants in the eye. This implant is timed for 3 months and works well till the implant is active. I am able to get almost clear vision during this time.

    However, my blood pressure is not always in control i.e. 150 to 170 (I am 57 years old), the above problem repeats. Also, I am unable to quit smoking completely and thus BP is a little high. I am taking Telmisartan 40 tab once daily for BP. Thud, I have undergone the above procedure for the 3rd time in past 7 months.

    Due to above, I have started to develop cataract in the same eye. It is told that when such repeated process is done, the patient usually develops cataract. My cataract is in initial stage and I am able to manage clear vision by new set of lenses.

    Doctor says, it is not necessary to go for cataract surgery immediately. He would like to watch it for some time.

    Therefore I request for a homeopathy remedy to at least control growth of the cataract.

    Request you for your kind advise.

    Best regards,
    Abhijit Chowdhury

  18. R PALANI BABU says:

    Dear Doctor
    I am aged 58 Years experiences glare, foggy and blurred vision and sees halos around lights on my Right Eye. C and has difficulty in reading, driving and recognizing faces due to diminished vision for the past one year and a diabetic person. Is there any homeopathy remedies for cataract treatment for cataract to restore my vision please. Advise Medicine towards the same and for How long please

    • R PALANI BABU says:

      Dear Doctor
      I am aged 58 Years experiences glare, foggy and blurred vision and sees halos around lights on my Right Eye. C and has difficulty in reading, driving and recognizing faces due to diminished vision for the past one year and a diabetic person. Is there any homeopathy remedies for cataract treatment for cataract to restore my vision please. Advise Medicine towards the same and for How long please

      • Swapan Mitra says:

        আমার বা চোখে ছানি আছে চোখে ঝাপসা দেখি. Homeo কি Droop লাগাব বোলবেন?

    • Tracey Lorimer says:


      My Sporty 15 yr old had Type1 diagnosed last yr connected to swine nasal flu exposure in school in P6/7. Has small amount of insulin with low carb vegan diet. No family hx, undiagnosed for some time. Put moods down to hormones.

      Optician has shown us mild cataracts forming in posterior of her eyes, slightly worse in left.

      What remedy would you recommend please? Naphsolene?

  19. Prof Mussarat Jabin says:

    I am 73
    My cataract is at early stage I am not feeling Dr checked and asked me to come after 6 mnths

  20. trish moon says:

    How do we dose? Potency? Silica looks like a good remedy for me – could I take tissue salts 3 times per day (or once per day- or better 30C. My nails and hair are poor as well so feel I am needing tissue salts. Cataracts progressing rapidly and vision dulling quickly. Only 57 years old. Thank you for your help

  21. For a number of years I used the homeopathic combination in a product from Natural Ophthalmics: “Cataract Eye Drops with Cineraria.” I experienced improvement until it suddenly was removed from the market. I was told it had to do with the container, but they are using a similar container for another eye drop, so I question that. I would very much like to find this combination once again. Thank you.

    The ingredients were:
    Cineraria maritima HPUS 5X
    Euphrasia HPUS 6X
    Causticum HPUS 6X
    Silicea HPUS 9X
    Calcarea phosphorica HPUS 10X
    Sepia HPUS 6X
    Calcarea flourica HPUS 10X

  22. Catract in my right eye i m useing cineria drops 2 time daily for 1 month ago but i feel my vission blur why?

    • Prasanta Nath says:

      I m now 78, using cineraria maritama eye drops. After using 2days I felt uneasy and stopped. Should star again for my right eye cataract?

  23. Anjan Roy says:

    hello sir, I Anjan roy age 23 . my both eye surgery done cornea transplant. and cateract come after surgery on my both eye. pls sir tell me how to restore my normal viaion with out surgery and which homeopathy medicine help to remove cateract. thank you ..

  24. Barbara Lindberg says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma, I developed cataracts behind the lenses by my late 30s. I am 62.5 years of age and am unable to increase my glasses any better. Reading small print becomes blurry and my eyes fatigue quickly.
    The first optometrist asked if I had taken steroids such as inhalers and prednisone. Yes I did. I had severe allergies from food and inhalants which developed into asthma. I was on allergy shots for 12 years without improvement.
    I would love to avoid surgery and use homeopathic remedies. I believe one remedy you listed may be right for me. Thanks for your information and any suggestions.

  25. Shekhar Mitra says:

    Namaskar Doctor Sharmaji
    I appreciate your wonderful service online.
    In our family we have been taking biochamic and homeopathic medicines all life and never been to hospitals.
    Now at the age of 72 I was getting blurred vision in my left eye.
    Doctor has informed me that I have cataract in both the eyes, right has very mild but left has severe. In addition I am also diagosised with age related macular degeneration- wet in laft eye which requires expensive injections for rest of my life with a gap of 1 to 4 months.
    Could kindly let me know if
    1. There is reliable treatment available for cataract which I can take on my own
    2. A reliable treatment for AMD under your guidance.
    Kindly help me with your enormous experience in this field.
    Kind Regards

  26. Fazal Ahmed says:

    I need to get nzmes of very efficatious homoeopathy medicines that can be eaten or uses internally in case of cataract at early stage I understand which particular eye drop should be used together with them please inform me full names of all such Homoeo medicines at the earliest My WA No is 09005339811 Please reply by WA only. not by my email I open inbox of my email Id very rarely Do pls reply by me WA No only Thanks a lot in advance

  27. Respected Dr,I got checked my eyes yesterday at Dr Heranandani hospital, Powai Mumbai Maharashtra, Dr Bhat diagnosed as having cataract in right eye & advised for surgery, but I would like to first go for homeopathic remedies, because it has been realised just from 2-3 months that I have some blurry vision in my right eye, other wise vision is comfortable looking to my age of 68yrs, Please recommend suitable dropes for eyes.With regards.

  28. T.V.Doraisami says:

    Dear Dr Good evening sir,
    Last 15 days back I went to Ramakrishna netralaya to check my eyes because I am having a problem of irritation and get heating in my eyes.
    They checked me and Senior Doctor said me I present there is no problem.In future possibility of catarte and also he prescribed me one Eye drop name CARBOXY METHYLCELLULOSE Sodium Eye Drops IP0.5 % W/V Please suggest me what Can I do

    with Regards

  29. Mohammad Rafiq says:

    I have catarect in my raght eye . I have used many remedies but still nothing. My blood protein level is 17.
    Please please give the remedy name.
    Thank u

    • My mother age is 82 , in medical test cataract is found. She became blind with in one month , please suggest a homeopathy medicine for her. She also feel pain in her left eye .

  30. Khurram Mirza says:

    Dear Sir
    Can we give cineraria martima to a 2 month old baby with fogging of lens (cataract).

  31. Kathleen Lenhart says:

    Dr Sharma I am taking homeopathic silica for cateracts in 30c dose. Is this more effective than taking a 6x dose? Thank you
    Kathy Lenhart


    Is there any treatment for Cataract. My father agaed about 72 has vision problem in his left eyes. He can read book without glasses but small letter reading is problem also while driving scooter he has problem.

  33. PARAS KUMAR says:

    Sir I have cataract in my eye which is developed by an injury last five years what will I have to do sir please suggest me

  34. I am trying to get rid of my cataract also with ete gym and yoga with Bates method and special glasses
    I live in Italy .
    What are the best Eyedrops? And the the most simple remedy compatibile with the antioxydants I already take
    Thank you

    • eye condition is starting stage of cataract.any medicine to cure cataract in homeopathy.I am in Chennai.recomd the best docoter in Chennai

      • HARITASWA MEHER says:

        Is there any treatment for Cataract. My father agaed about 72 has vision problem in his left eyes. He can read book without glasses but small letter reading is problem also while driving scooter he has problem.

  35. Chhetrapal sharma says:

    Dear Dr. I had surgery 6 months back for cataract ,two times , consequently two days.I got checked my eyes ,Drs are telling there is no problem but if I put specs for more times , I feel suffocation type in operated eye , morning when I get up , same eyelids get stacked up for , to open them takes 5-10 mts.
    In second eye also Dr tells that cataract has started to form but still there is no problem in vision.Can there be any Homeopathic medicine to cure /eliminate the forming cataract.
    Your valuable suggestions shall be a boon for me. Please spare few moments of your precious time to suggest.

  36. Swapna Bhar says:

    Namaskar,Dr.sharma. I am Swapna.Age 57.I have cataract in my right eye since one year. I want to get it cure through homeopathic medicine.Please give me a suggestion. Regards Swapna

  37. Rasna Bedi says:

    Hello Dr- Sharma,

    I have sub-capsular anterior cataract in intermediate stage. It is increasing aggressively. In Nov 2018, my vision was normal 20/20 with glasses. In February 2019, I developed a small boil between my eyelashes for which I used antibiotic drops. After that my Cataract started with blurry vision and has advanced so fast, that my vision is now 20/80 with my glasses. I use to think there is a debris in my eye causing blurriness..

    My cataract surgery is scheduled on 22nd August, 2019. Please advise highest and quickest potency medication and drops that can restore my vision atleast 25% till then so that I can forgo my cataract surgery. I am already blind in my left eye and wear an Occular prosthetic. I lost this eye when I was 23 years old. I am now 51 years old and have vision in only one eye and would like to heal the cataract and restore my vision without surgery.

    Thanks and Best Regards,
    Rasna Bedi

  38. Hello Dr .SharmaI am Amy , I need a consultation for mu cataract in my right eye,

  39. June Nies says:

    My eye doctor says I have cataracts the type that go all around my eye. I am experiencing dim vision compared to my normal. In artificial lighting, I can see but I hate the cloudiness. I study and read a lot. I wear blue blocker glasses when on the computer most of the time. I tried various remedies but I am not seeing the help I’d like. Sepia, nux and zinc. Ruta grav 30c and now I am wondering if a lower dose like 6c is better. Now I see your article and wondering When I read your suggestions for cataracts (above article). #1 or #2 seem like good solutions. I need help knowing what dose and how often. I normally do not have floaters, or black specks, I do not experience photophobia in the morning but my bedroom is on the northwest side of the house; nor do I notice it out in the open air. It is usually in a building with artificial lighting or lots of windows. My eyes do feel fatigued when reading my Homeopathy books.

    • I am just wondering why you do not reply to any of the questions. These people seek your help and you ignore them. How is anyone to believe anything you say.

      • Susan Harris says:

        It would be helpful if those with success stories would leave a comment on their experience and what they used. I haven’t read any success stories.

  40. Steve Kirby says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,
    I am a 55 year old male. I am nearsighted & have a cataract in my right eye causing blurred vision, with no other issues.
    Just recently my left eye began to have blurry vision, black floaters & light flashes & my Naturopathic Dr gave me ginkgo biloba & all of those issues have stopped.
    However the ginkgo biloba did not help the cataract in my right eye & since I no longer muscle tested positively to the ginkgo he told me it wouldn’t help my right eye.
    What do you recommend for the cataract in my right eye?
    Thank you for your help!

  41. Nieves Susana Ramirez says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    I’m 53 years old with miopic and astigmatisms(did laser when I had 30 and came back after 10 years,) with worst astigmatism , then I got terrified, did the surgery , and now I have big astigmatism plus miopic and catarats, I cant drive at night, I can’t see for closer with my left eye and I have a lot of fotophobia, I bought cornicum sécale but I don’t know if to put directly in my eyes or oral. Thank you for your help

  42. Sanjay Singh says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,

    I am suffering from an early cataract in my right eye. I was not seeing very well with my right eye , my eye power seems to have changed so went to an eye specialist and he confirmed that a cataract is forming in my eye and is in its early stages (stage 2). Although I still see clearly the colors have slightly dimmed and against light there is a starburst effect or glare. I am 49 years old and this cataract is a bit too early.

    This year has been bad for me. I did a full body check up and I learnt that ghere is a 4mm stone in my right kidney also my a1c showed up at 6.9. However, my fasting and pp were normal after repeated tests. So doctor has not put me on any medicines. I have stopped taking carbs like wheat rice potato and sugar. All this is a cause of great worry for me.

    I have heard that homeopathy can treat and restore lens opacity to clarity.

    Can you please help me with this.

    • Hi doc. Ophtomologist discovered My daughter’s cataract at 7 years old but in her case is not able to do an operation now
      What’s best Homeo remedy for children cataract???

  43. sir i suffering eye cataract in elderly stage iam useing medicine homeopathi dr ramakrishna reddy chikkadipelly at hyderabad now 100 days course medicine used that dr says it’s result comes 1 year course medicine useing please give me best suggistion thank you sir

  44. AMAR M DATTA says:


  45. Shambhu Singh says:

    Dr. Sa’b, namaskar. I went through your informative write -up on cataract. I found that Silicea,Magnesia Carb.,and Ammoniacum Dorema could be suitable for me for diminished vision and cataract. I am 53. I am a government servant. If I take the above medicines,what would be the potencies?

  46. Dear Dr.
    My mom has blurred vision, allopathic eye Dr said eyes looks cloudy it’s cataract.
    Please guide us what we need to do like best treatment or medicine.
    Thanks in advance.

  47. Mozammel Hoque says:

    I am 63 years old, staying in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I have been diagnosed as having CORTICAL POSTERIOR POLAR CATARACT in my Right Eye for the last 12 years. I have no diabetes or hypertension. I want to get completely rid of this cataract in my right eye. Please suggest remedies.

    Thank you.

  48. Abhay kumar jain says:

    I have catract in left eye as per doctor it will startig stage , pl advice me suitable and effective homeopathic treatment , my age is 65 years .

  49. Ritu Ranjan says:

    Sir my father is affected from Motiyabind since last 6 months and they are suffering from Diabities. Please intimate any suitable and effective medicine.

  50. Boy age of 8 years having cataract in both eyes. Discovered 6 moths earlier. Now used cineraria maritima and silicia 6x from last 6 months but still same situation. Please do needful.

  51. M.Vijayakumar says:

    Dear Dr,
    I am 74 years old. A small time civil engineer.Not rich. estranged from family after satisfying all their needs.
    Now I am identified as having cataract .For the past 12 yrs I am wearing the same glasses. the Dr says my left eye has cataract. Night driving is made difficult by opposing vehicles’ head beam. Some good drivers dimm their beams. It is no problem. No difficulty for me. Left eye has a blurred long vision.If I close left eye the vision is better.
    Can I have a treatment under homeo system without surgery. I cosider myself as a healthy person otherwise. Dr is unknown to me for the past 40 years..
    Regards M.Vijayakumar

  52. Flora Rudolph says:

    Hello, I have level 2 cataracts (out of 5 levels). My eyes feel blurry and tired. I also have blepharitis so my eyes hurt much of the time. It feels like I can’t quite get through something to see clearly. I am 70 years old and very fit.

    Thank you!

    • Hi, I have had a few chronic problems with my eyes since going through a period of deep stress and sadness. My eyes get very tired I have swellings around the eyes at times that do better for hot compresses.

      I wake with mucous green or yellow at times, so I use Euphrasia to clean with warm boiled water. Then I battle blepharitis and möbium gland dysfunction. My eyes are short sighted and by working on the computer I get tired and really painful itchy and dry eyes like sand inside. The light from computer makes my eyes feel heavy. I have cataracts forming as well. Recently started using homeopathic drops for this and definitely feels better, but the other symptoms come and go for the last three years. It’s debilitating I’ve been to see someone but I’m really just managing the symptoms.

      Let me know if you see an Appropriate series of homeopathy. Thank you

  53. Prakash Sastry says:

    Dr. Sharma,

    I am 58+ and have cataract in left eye and live in PUNE
    Need Your advice on how to proceed

  54. Pritpal Singh ,ambala city says:

    Sir, I am 68 years old and now develop cotaract. Further stated that three years ago minor injury outside my right eye due to which there was redness in eye and after treatment through eye specialist the redness gone and eyesight of that eye was o.k as per report of the doctor. Now I’ve examined the eyes and the doctor dio gnised cataract in that eyes. The eyesight of my right eye is slightly week as is evident while seeing TV. It is also pertinent to mention that I can very well read the newspaper without spectacles. Please advise wether any effective medicine is available for treating cataract without surgery. Hope for early reply

  55. vipul Potadar says:

    If cataract is ripened 60% then is it possible to treat in such case?

  56. Tapan KR.Dutta says:

    D/Dr. Sharma, I am 68 years suffering heart disease since 14 years. Recently diagnosed cataract effected my eyes . Shall I get your advise on homeopathy treatment.

  57. Samuel Quayson says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma I have been diagnosed with developing cataract condition and I need your help in correcting this condition. Thank you.


    Dear Dr.Sharma, good MORNING DOCTOR,i do hope you will see my messsage in the morning hour since it is midnight at USA.
    I am really Grateful for your article on Homeopathy medicine for Cataract cases which give usefull information on Cataract for elderly peoples.I am 70 yrs old and live at Bengaluru-India In fact after seeing your information ,i visited Amritha Homeopathy and met Dr.Sanjay Panicker who is well Doctor in this area(Koramangala)and am taking treatment from him.I do not know the name of the homeo medicenes,but i am confidant that this Homeopathy will help me to solve my Cataract problem at initial stages.As advised by you I am doing Eye excercises,using the precribed glasses,do not drive in night hours and most importantly By changing LED lighting with moderately better wattage i am able to read better.So i am Highly Thankfull Doctor for all your valuable information and Recommendations

  59. Krishnadathan says:

    Respected Dr,
    My left eye is affected with cataract and I am not able to read even newspapers closing my right eye.I am aged 72
    Years.I am at present using cinararia maritima eye drops daily but no improvement is noticed .Eye doctor suggested I am managing with my right eye.can I cure the condition without going for surgery,by taking homoeopathic treatment? For your valuable suggestion please.

  60. K J SRIVASTAV says:

    Respected Sir,I am an old patient is retinal vasculitis in both eyes since 1978 in which there are many floaters in my eyes.Doctors says there is no remedies of floaters.I have also taken laser treatment in my right eye.From 2014 my vision is deteriorating due to catract as per my doctor.I don’t want surgery beacause I afraid that there will be more floaters or retina hammerag after surgery. Please advise me .My age is 59 yrs old

  61. VIKASH KUMAR says:

    Hello sir mera name vikash kumar hai aur mai 24 years ka hu. mere dono aakho me cataract ho gaya hai aur mera eyesight 6/18 hai please guide me sir

  62. Kamalesh.Mitra says:

    Whenever in night I look at street light bulb I found more number of bulbs. And two objects. Sometimes visions get blurred. I am using cineria maritime Schwab eyedrop.kindly suggest.


    Hi my friends age 40-43 cataracts at starting point is there an homypathy medicine please guide

  64. Ad K Zaman says:

    dear sir i am 50 above aged my left eye cataract from 6 month allopathic do advise surgery but i no like surgery i want homeo treatment and use calcaria floor from one month but i upset please advise me whoich medicin i use for my eye catareact best regards Adv K zaman

  65. A.M.Hassan says:

    Namastey Dr.
    I am Hassan, residing in Ernakulam, Kerala.
    I am 76 years old and I have cataract on my left eye. I use spectacles and there is no difficulty in using it.
    If I close right eye with or without glass, vision with left eye there is glare. Sometimes there is watering in my left eye.
    Eye specialist suggested surgery .
    I wish to know treatment for cataract in homeopathy and it’s % of success at my age.
    Dr., please advice .
    Thanking you,

  66. After checkup by ophthalmology doctor said cataract it both eyes started. Sir which type of medicine have to take to get free from CATARACT.

  67. Cataract near to mature pls suggest medicine cineraria maritima eye drops alcolic or non alcolic pls advices

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