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Best Homeopathic Medicines for Paralysis

Paralysis is defined as loss of muscle function resulting in inability to move the affected part. The cause behind paralysis does not lie in the muscles but in the nervous system. The main causes of paralysis are stroke (poor blood flow to brain leading to cell death), trauma, nerve injury, poliomyelitis, spina bifida, Parkinson’s disease, Guillain-Barre’s syndrome, multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy. Paralysis can be localised or generalised. Localised paralysis affects the face, eyelids, hands and vocal cords. Generalised paralysis includes monoplegia (paralysis of one limb), hemiplegia (paralysis of an arm and leg on one side of the body), paraplegia (paralysis of both lower limbs, the urinary bladder, and rectum are also usually involved) quadriplegia (paralysis of both arms and legs). Homeopathic medicines for paralysis offer supportive treatment.

Homeopathic Medicines for Paralysis

Homeopathy offers a wide range of medicines obtained from natural plant sources to treat paralysis. The extent of recovery varies from person to person. The earlier the medicines are started, the higher are the chances of a positive outcome. Natural medicines for paralysis are safe for long term use and have no associated adverse side effects.

The top recommended medicines for paralysis are Causticum, Plumbum Met, Conium and Arnica. Causticum is one of the best medicines for paralysis of the face, vocal cords, urinary bladder, eyelids and limbs. Paralysis following sudden exposure to cold air also demands prescription of medicine Causticum. Plumbum Met is one of the most effective medicines for paralysis of the limbs where the condition is accompanied by emaciation. Conium is known to effectively treat ascending paralysis. The symptoms begin in the lower limbs and ascend upwards. Arnica is rated among top grade medicines for paralysis following stroke and spinal injuries.

1. Causticum and Cadmium Sulph – For Paralysis of Face (Bell’s palsy)

High grade medicines for paralysis of the face include Causticum and Cadmium Sulph. Causticum is one of the best medicines for paralysis of face on the right side. The symptoms worsen with opening the mouth. Paralysis from sudden exposure to cold air or from suppressed skin eruptions also points towards use of Causticum. Cadmium Sulph is recommended for facial paralysis of left side. The mouth gets distorted, with difficulty in swallowing and speaking in such cases.

2. Arnica, Phosphorus and Belladonna – For Paralysis after Stroke

A stroke is mainly a brain attack arising either from obstruction of blood supply to the brain or rupture of blood vessels in the brain. Prominent medicines for paralysis after stroke are Arnica, Phosphorus and Belladonna. All three medicines are equally effective in treating paralysis resulting from a brain stroke. These medicines are natural and focus on healing loss of muscle function after a stroke.

3. Conium, Plumbum Met and Picric Acid – For Paralysis of Ascending Type (Guillain-Barre’s syndrome)

Guillain-Barre’s syndrome is a disorder whereby the immune system attacks the nervous system and causes weakness and tingling sensation in lower limbs which ascends to the upper part of the body. Medicines for ascending paralysis include Conium, Plumbum Met and Picric Acid. These are the most effective medicines for treating ascending type paralysis. Conium is selected when the complaint starts with weakness in legs and difficulty in walking. This initial complaint is followed by the symptoms spreading upwards. Plumbum is one of the most useful medicines for paralysis of ascending nature where atrophy and emaciation accompany the loss of muscle function. Picric Acid is prescribed when tired, weak heavy sensation begins in the legs and moves to the upper body parts. Burning in the spine also appears predominantly in such cases where Picric Acid has shown remarkable results as the best among  medicines for paralysis of the ascending type.

4. Arnica, Hypericum and Natrum Sulph – For Paralysis after Spinal Cord Injury/trauma

On the list of medicines for paralysis from spinal cord injury, Arnica, Hypericum and Natrum Sulph are majorly indicated. All three medicines are equally reliable and can be considered as effective treatment options while dealing with cases of paralysis from spinal cord injuries. These medicines, as all other medicines, are natural, with no linked side effects.

5. Cocculus and Causticum – For Paralysis that is Localised

For localised paralysis of the vocal cords, Cocculus and Causticum are rated among the best medicines. To deal with localised paralysis of upper eyelids, Physostigma, Gelsemium and Causticum are considered the most effective among medicines for paralysis that is localised. These medicines are the most prominently indicated and need to be administered for quite a long time to get positive results.

6. Stannum and Lachesis –For Paralysis of One Side (hemiplegia)

Stannum and Lachesis are remarkable medicines for paralysis of the left side. On the other hand, significant medicines for paralysis of the right side are Plumbum Met and Opium. The selection of medicines is based on the detailed case history of the patient which is painstakingly recorded. The extent and time of recovery depend upon various factors including duration of the disease, severity of the disease and how early the treatment is started.

7. Picric Acid, Lathyrus and Causticum – For Paralysis of Lower Limbs (paraplegia)

Picric Acid, Lathyrus and Causticum are the most reliable among medicines for paralysis of the lower limbs, also called paraplegia. The person who needs to be prescribed Picric Acid will have paralysed legs. The feet may appear cold. Burning sensation in the spine is another prominent symptom. Lathyrus is indicated when emaciation of lower limbs appears along with loss of function. The legs may appear bluish in colour in such cases. Spastic paralysis of lower limbs also points towards use of Lathyrus as the most effective among medicines for paralysis of lower limbs. Causticum is most helpful where the urinary bladder and rectum also get paralysed along with the lower limbs.

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    patient name – Rabindra nath podder
    Age – 68
    one month ago paralysed by brain stroke, the right side of the body. Face is normal. Walking a little bent. Heart medicine is ongoing DEPLATE 75. Please advise me what is the best homeopathik medicine?

  2. Plz tell me only one med like a single remedy for right side of paralysis


    Dear Doctor
    When I do some work using my hands, after some time the figures start to get paralyzed with a lot of pain. All of them get paralyzed and I feel a lot of pain. When I don’t do any work, I don’t get this condition.
    I also have serious pain around the right pelvic joint affecting now the right leg as if it wants to get paralyzed.
    I had a splined back some time back while lifting a heavy load and this pain has persisted for some good years. What drugs can I use to treat these conditions?.
    I am 62 years old and worried of these conditions.

  4. Mohammad Shaikh says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    My son is 4 years old born with Myelomeningocele the most serious type of spina bifida. It is affecting his lower leg below knee he is paralyze and have neuropathic bladder and bowel. Currently using Cannabis Indica 30, Chamomilla and Bryonia regularly 3 times a day.
    Could you please suggest medicine for him to help in his paralyze

  5. oaliullah says:

    hi sir I have a patient her problem is left hand second finger and right hand forth finger paralysed i know her problem after delivery two years slowly this problem comes .cousticum cm running but no result

  6. Md.Matiur Rahman says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    I’m suffering from left side paralysis above 10 yrs.Now great problem is now hardness of whole body and long time using of ecospirin 75 mg tab. Mouth bleeding started when chewing hard food and then forming abscess, diabetes but control no pressure, age 66 year, heaviness head,left side finger tingling, movement very slow pl. give me suggest for homeopathic medicine.

    • Vijay Keshardan Renuka says:

      Sir my mother has paralyzed left leg and left arm and sensation now after eight month she may be not walk and cannot move my arm and fingers not opened also her leg and arm cannot fold.she is very weeknees more than time try stand in Owen self but she triad some time she can get step & move earth Sid. give me advice. & Proper medicine. My what’s up number 9724877791


  7. Zahid hussain zakki says:

    Sir I was paralyzed left leg and left arm and sensation now after sixteen month I may walk somewhat and cannot move my arm and fingers not opened also I cannot liain shoes by left foot my leg and arm cannot fold.give me advice. My what’s up number 923037716516

    • Rehan Kidwai says:

      Dear Dr. Sharma, I have chronic constipation problem and I was treated by different homeopathic medicines recently I took opium 30 now my constipation got aggravated no desire at all. Should I take higher potency of opium to counter its effect, what would like to suggest at this point to antidote opium effect? It is real severe, your earliest reply will be sincerely appreciated.
      Many thanks in advance for help.
      R Kidwai

  8. shaligram mandal says:

    A cow suffering from paralysis of back.due to it anable to stand.she try to stand anterior half with fore leg but posterior part lying.sensation present in all parts body.which medicine can be used.paralysis five days old. After calving paralysis attack.

  9. Can you specify if you mean cadmium sulphuratum or cadmium sulphuricum for the facial paralysis? Thank you!

  10. Nkweti Daniel Choh says:

    Dear Dr.
    A relative is suffering from paraplegia following a prostate operation and radiation therapy. What is the best treatment protocol? Thanks very much for your advice.

  11. Hemendra Singh Rana says:

    My sister in law aged 59years old had high bp and on 23rd October 2021 had a stroke which paralysed her right arm and right leg after3 months of physiotherapy treatment she is able to stand up with help and can move her fingers slightly please advise treatment for her thank you.

  12. One year back , foul smelling after sneezing, followed by vertigo during sleeping on back, At present balancing problem during walking & standing up. Feeling weakness in legs

  13. Sapna kediyal says:

    Mam its me sapna kediyal, my maternal grand father is a patient of brain stroke , his name is nanda dutt kala and his age is 75 , kbse used all medicine like ayurvedic ,allopathy but he didn’t recover one percent,/we r getting hopeless day by day ,wat should we do ? We can’t see them in this traumatic condition.. Plz suggest

  14. ẞuffering left side paralysis since three years.i am waling by Walker and doing all normal work but my left fingers not being straight insnpite exercise I am ẞuffering diabetes and high blood pressure.taking allopathic med. Now there is any homoeopathy med wich can cure me fully

    • Suffering from right sided hemiplegia since Nov 2008. Now i have numbness in left leg and left hand. My left hand is non-working, stiff from shoulder. the fingers are bent, tingling sensation in the left limbs. Left eye always watering. besides in cold weather the left limbs get more stiff, numb and feel lot of pain.

      B Guha Odissa

  15. Trilochan Das says:

    My mother is of age 85. Before 3 months she faildown on the floor to her left. From that day her left side was paralysed both leg and arm. We were giving ayurvedic treatment but no improvement. Can homeopathic cure her. Kindly suggest the madicine, doses and method of treatment. She is very weak and not able move her left leg and left arm.

  16. vjd sivakumar says:

    Sir my dog is affected with cannien distamber and its treated supportivly but the effect of the disease it attacked nervous system and its back both legs are paralyzed and incontinence urining
    Veterinarians gave cicuta vir 30 for jerking
    It’s a type of paraplegia what should I give him

  17. Anil Kumar sharma says:

    Respected Dr. sahib,
    sir, brain stroke came to me on 9 sep,2018 after treatment now position is I can walk but feel weakness in leg and my memory is decreasing day by day and my left arm is not working properly I can not catch anything my fingers is not working if you provide me your whatsapp number I can send you my medical report my number is 9855747712 i am from punjab

    • Pankaj chaurasiya says:

      Mere pita ke gardan ki c4 haddi tut gayi thi muh ke bal gir jaane se. Max saket delhi me opresan hua. Aur wahi ek saal phijiotherepi. 2 saal ho gaye unke baaya sharir me takat nahi hai. Manspeshi me akdan ho gayi hai. Khud se uth baith nahi pate. Sahara dene par 10-15 kadam chal lete hai. Awaj puri nahi niklti bahut dhima bolte hai. Spayromitar ka prayog karte hai par laabh nahi hai.

    • Sapna kediyal says:

      Mam its me sapna kediyal, my maternal grand father is a patient of brain stroke n got paralyzed on right side , his name is nanda dutt kala and age is 75 , we used all medicine like ayurvedic ,allopathy but he didn’t recover one percent,/we r getting hopeless day by day ,wat should we do ? We can’t see them in this traumatic condition.. Plz suggest

  18. Marta Mojžišová says:

    my 13 years old smooth foxterier had an accident, a car ran over her pelvis (very slowly), after that she is unable to walk. Veterinarian gave her some remedies against the swelling and now she gets some analgetics. She is able to stand but with shivering, she is able to pee in this position and make a poo. Left lower limb looks ok, but the right one is weak and when she put it on the ground while standing, sometimes she puts it on the sole, sometimes on the instep. The neurologist said that there is no problem, she is only bruised. I gave her Arnica and Hypericum and maybe she would need another remedy.

    Thank you in advance for your response.

    Marta Mojžišová

  19. Dear Dr. Sharma sb my brother is paralysed about five mouths ago on left side of the body due to surgery of the right eye (surgery was done due to angiogram so the doctor hit cerebral medulla during surgery and stroke was occurred)

  20. Glenda Mitchell says:

    Dr Sharma hello Glenda here. I had an open spinal surgery from a partial discectomy at Thoracic8/9 which was not fused. I had an autologous fusion at Lumbar 4/5 . I had a violent high impact fall where I busted open T8/9 and spewed some it’s contents. I busted and fractured my lumbar at L4/5. This injury I healed with hot packs 9f bone flesh and cartilage herb. Thus injury was right months ago . I had burning in spinal nerves longitude and bands if fire. The muscle running front of thigh us non responsive. I walk with difficulty. Now my feet and hands are twitching ND my feet hss moved by themselves and muscles around ankles are stiff and like wood. I am made worse by humidity and cold. Cold legs and feet. Thus is accompanied by severe tingling. It us hit where I live but cold in winter and always humid. I gave gsd some result hypericum when my spine was in fire. . Wish to address the feet paralysis and hand paralysis as I am a pianist!

    • Poulami Dutta says:

      My father had a brain stroke in May 17 due to insufficient supply of oxygen to the left side of the brain
      ( according to MRI- brain report )…After this his right limbs are paralyzed. Physiotherapy is done regularly since then , but of no use. A homiopathic Doctor had prescribed Aconite 30. But the condition has not improved a little.
      Which medicine should you recommend?

      • Poulami Dutta says:

        Name __ Sri Chuni Lal Dutta
        Age___ 70
        Blood pressure ___ 90 / 50 ( it’s normal for him )
        Blood sugar ___ normal
        His parents had normal blood pressure and normal sugar level.
        Winter is his favorite month. Likes blue color.

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