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Spine Nerve Compression – 5 Homeopathic Medicines that Work

Radiculopathy is a condition arising from the compression of a nerve in the spine. This results in pain, numbness, tingling homeopathic medicines for radiculopathy and weakness distributed along the course of the nerve. Although radiculopathy can arise in any part of spine, it commonly affects the neck and lower back. When radiculopathy arises in the neck, it is referred to as cervical radiculopathy and when it arises in the lower back, it is known as lumbar radiculopathy. Homeopathic medicines for radiculopathy help manage the intensity and frequency of the symptoms and pain.

Homeopathic Medicines for Radiculopathy

Homeopathic medicines for radiculopathy have shown effective results. Homeopathy takes a symptomatic approach to treat radiculopathy. The medicines used for treating radiculopathy are very safe and derived from natural sources. The extent of help provided by Homeopathic medicines and duration of treatment varies from case to case based on the severity and stage at which the condition is diagnosed. Paris Quadriflora, Kalmia, Hypericum, Rhus Tox, Colocynth, and Gnaphalium are the  top remedies for radiculopathy.

1. Paris Quadrifolia – For Radiculopathy with Numbness in Arms, Hands

Paris Quadrifolia ranks among the best medicines for cervical radiculopathy. The major guiding symptom for prescription of Paris Quadrifolia as the most effective among medicines for radiculopathy of this type is numbness in upper limbs. The fingers feel numb. Along with this, pain and a feeling of weight is experienced in the neck. The pain may extend from the neck down to the shoulders.

2. Kalmia – For Pricking, Numbness, Weakness in Arms

Natural medicine Kalmia is rated among the top grade medicine for cervical radiculopathy where the symptoms include pricking, numbness, and weakness in the upper limbs. People may complain of a tingling sensation in the upper limbs as well. Along with the above-mentioned symptoms, pain from neck extending down to the shoulder blades or down the arms is often observed among cases that merit use of Kalmia as the most appropriate among medicines for radiculopathy where the cervical region is involved. The pain in such cases of cervical radiculopathy may be specific in nature – sharp and shooting.

3. Hypericum and Rhus Tox – For Radiculopathy following Spinal Injury

The two very best medicines for radiculopathy following spinal injury are Hypericum and Rhus Tox. These medicines are highly useful when taken as per their particular symptom indication. The key indications hinting at the use of Hypericum are tingling, burning and numbness in the limbs following trauma to the spine. Rhus Tox is majorly indicated for localized pain in the neck or lower back from radiculopathy that follows trauma or injury to the spine. Both are considered reliable medicines for radiculopathy with the above symptoms.

4. Colocynth – For Lumbar Radiculopathy leading to Sciatica

Colocynth is one of the most suitable medicines for radiculopathy where the lumbar region is involved. Colocynth is prescribed in a large proportion of the cases where sciatica is the major complaint arising from lumbar radiculopathy. Pain from the lower back radiates down the hip to the legs in such cases. The pain may be drawing, tearing or cramping in nature where Colocynth will work as one of the ideal medicines for radiculopathy involving the lumbar region of the spine.

5. Gnaphalium – For Radiculopathy with Sciatica and Numbness in Lower Limbs

Gnaphalium is prominently indicated for sciatica pain and numbness in lower limbs arising from lumbar radiculopathy. The numbness in lower limbs may be accompanied by or alternate with sciatica pain. Pain and numbness in the lower back may also be present in such cases where Gnaphalium is the most effective among medicines for radiculopathy involving the lumbar region. Lying on the back may bring some relief in back pain.

Causes of Radiculopathy

Radiculopathy arises from a compressed or irritated nerve in the spine due to disc herniation, bone spurs or degeneration process in the spine. In rare cases, the nerve may be compressed by a tumour. Other causes of radiculopathy include scoliosis, diabetes mellitus, and injury to the spine.

Symptoms of Radiculopathy

The location of symptoms of radiculopathy depends upon the nerve that is being compressed or irritated. The symptoms are pain, tingling, numbness and weakness. In cervical radiculopathy, these symptoms are noted in the neck and upper limbs. The pain in cervical radiculopathy can be located in the neck or it may radiate from the neck down the arm. In lumbar radiculopathy, the symptoms are visible in the back and lower limbs. The pain in lumbar radiculopathy may be localised in the lower back or it may radiate down the lower limbs, in which case it is termed sciatica.

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  1. Sharad Gupta says:

    Dr Sharma ,
    I have stenosis in my spine including L5 etc., also Spondylitis for long time .
    But I do not have pain in any part of my body.
    Though have diagnosed it as Radiculopathy., because of Stenosis all over the spine as per Spine MRI.
    But my problem is strange, I feel Water running all over my legs from thighs to feet.
    When I am sitting or lying then there is no problem, but starts as soon as I stand or walk.
    Need your advice. I am in good health though my age is 81 yrs.
    Sharad Gupta

  2. Dr Jamshed Khan says:

    Please contact me for sciatica and nerve problem in homoeopathy treatment. I m senior physician Dr Jamshed khan MD homiopath from allahabad. Contact me 9839715758

  3. Dr B R Bhattacharya says:

    Dear Dr Sharma
    I am Dr B R Bhattacharya, CMO in Min of Defence suffering from lumbar radiculopathy, L4 region due to some vertebral problem that arouse after an episode of CVA.

    Presently feeling radiating pain on back of leg after brief walking.

    What medicine of homeopathy can alleviate my problem ?

  4. iswar kar says:

    I have been diagnosed with cervical radiculopathy. MRI confirmed nerve impingement in C5-C6 and C6-C7. I have weakness in my left hand. Numbness and pain in left elbow. Pain in upper back back of scapula. Please advice.

  5. Pradip BANERJEE says:

    My wife has suffering s1 Rediculopathy, please suggest for pain relief life

    • Swastika chakraborty says:

      I am swastika chakraborty,, iam suffering from lumber radiculopathy withh foot drop,, now pain occur l4-l5-s1 region , I take plumbum met,, but there is no change in my dieses।

  6. Trishna Sengupta Das says:

    I am Trishna,
    I felt burning pain on my arms & back side. Xrays plate indicates cervical spondylosis & lumber spondylisthesis with bone spurs with O A changes. Now I amfeeling pain in arms, shoulder and back. Pl. Let me know whether it is curable by homeopathy medicine.

  7. Adrijana says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    my 9.5-year-old son has had severe pain in his arms and legs since February 14 this year, which is why he can barely walk with the help of crutches. Leg pains have followed him for the last 3.5 years (not arms), but they were much milder and only occasional, so we attributed it to growth. Now they are extremely strong and we cannot relieve them with ibuprofen. He was admitted to the hospital 3 weeks ago, where rheumatologists and neuropediatricians could not find the reason for his pain. The hematological-biochemical work-up is in order, as are CMNG test, ECG and ultrasound of the heart. The thyroid gland is normal, as are tumor markers and spirometry. I would like to mention that there are no swellings or wounds on the skin, only a mild rash appears here and there on the legs and right arm, which is rough to the touch.

    His pain is constant all day long, but changing in strength, “little better than worse” (he describes it as if someone is “kicking him with fists”). He can’t stand on his own anymore. He is not allergic to any drugs or food (based on testing), and did not have COVID-19 or any other disease. He was diagnosed with migraine when he was 4 years old, but for the past 2 years he has been better, and has milder headaches. He does not have vitamin deficiency. We don’t konw what is happening to his body.

    Thank you


  8. Vijay Kumar goel says:

    Sir I’m suffering from pivd, l4l5 s1,, pain in ankle, heel, pain from centre low back to foot, can’t stand even for 2 min, cannot walk properly, intense pain, numbness, stiffness. Please suggest homeo med. I m 50 years old

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