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Spine Nerve Compression – 5 Homeopathic Medicines that Work

Radiculopathy is a condition arising from the compression of a nerve in the spine. This results in pain, numbness, tingling homeopathic medicines for radiculopathy and weakness distributed along the course of the nerve. Although radiculopathy can arise in any part of spine, it commonly affects the neck and lower back. When radiculopathy arises in the neck, it is referred to as cervical radiculopathy and when it arises in the lower back, it is known as lumbar radiculopathy. Homeopathic medicines for radiculopathy help manage the intensity and frequency of the symptoms and pain.

Homeopathic Medicines for Radiculopathy

Homeopathic medicines for radiculopathy have shown effective results. Homeopathy takes a symptomatic approach to treat radiculopathy. The medicines used for treating radiculopathy are very safe and derived from natural sources. The extent of help provided by Homeopathic medicines and duration of treatment varies from case to case based on the severity and stage at which the condition is diagnosed. Paris Quadriflora, Kalmia, Hypericum, Rhus Tox, Colocynth, and Gnaphalium are the  top remedies for radiculopathy.

1. Paris Quadrifolia – For Radiculopathy with Numbness in Arms, Hands

Paris Quadrifolia ranks among the best medicines for cervical radiculopathy. The major guiding symptom for prescription of Paris Quadrifolia as the most effective among medicines for radiculopathy of this type is numbness in upper limbs. The fingers feel numb. Along with this, pain and a feeling of weight is experienced in the neck. The pain may extend from the neck down to the shoulders.

2. Kalmia – For Pricking, Numbness, Weakness in Arms

Natural medicine Kalmia is rated among the top grade medicine for cervical radiculopathy where the symptoms include pricking, numbness, and weakness in the upper limbs. People may complain of a tingling sensation in the upper limbs as well. Along with the above-mentioned symptoms, pain from neck extending down to the shoulder blades or down the arms is often observed among cases that merit use of Kalmia as the most appropriate among medicines for radiculopathy where the cervical region is involved. The pain in such cases of cervical radiculopathy may be specific in nature – sharp and shooting.

3. Hypericum and Rhus Tox – For Radiculopathy following Spinal Injury

The two very best medicines for radiculopathy following spinal injury are Hypericum and Rhus Tox. These medicines are highly useful when taken as per their particular symptom indication. The key indications hinting at the use of Hypericum are tingling, burning and numbness in the limbs following trauma to the spine. Rhus Tox is majorly indicated for localized pain in the neck or lower back from radiculopathy that follows trauma or injury to the spine. Both are considered reliable medicines for radiculopathy with the above symptoms.

4. Colocynth – For Lumbar Radiculopathy leading to Sciatica

Colocynth is one of the most suitable medicines for radiculopathy where the lumbar region is involved. Colocynth is prescribed in a large proportion of the cases where sciatica is the major complaint arising from lumbar radiculopathy. Pain from the lower back radiates down the hip to the legs in such cases. The pain may be drawing, tearing or cramping in nature where Colocynth will work as one of the ideal medicines for radiculopathy involving the lumbar region of the spine.

5. Gnaphalium – For Radiculopathy with Sciatica and Numbness in Lower Limbs

Gnaphalium is prominently indicated for sciatica pain and numbness in lower limbs arising from lumbar radiculopathy. The numbness in lower limbs may be accompanied by or alternate with sciatica pain. Pain and numbness in the lower back may also be present in such cases where Gnaphalium is the most effective among medicines for radiculopathy involving the lumbar region. Lying on the back may bring some relief in back pain.

Causes of Radiculopathy

Radiculopathy arises from a compressed or irritated nerve in the spine due to disc herniation, bone spurs or degeneration process in the spine. In rare cases, the nerve may be compressed by a tumour. Other causes of radiculopathy include scoliosis, diabetes mellitus, and injury to the spine.

Symptoms of Radiculopathy

The location of symptoms of radiculopathy depends upon the nerve that is being compressed or irritated. The symptoms are pain, tingling, numbness and weakness. In cervical radiculopathy, these symptoms are noted in the neck and upper limbs. The pain in cervical radiculopathy can be located in the neck or it may radiate from the neck down the arm. In lumbar radiculopathy, the symptoms are visible in the back and lower limbs. The pain in lumbar radiculopathy may be localised in the lower back or it may radiate down the lower limbs, in which case it is termed sciatica.

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  1. Deborah H Heinsohn says:

    Dr. Sharm, Can someone who has had spinal ablation to cervical and lumbar benefit from homeopathy?
    Has several herniated discs, bone spurs and arthritis, doesn’t remember any severe injuries. Thank you!

  2. Debolina Sarma Chaudhuri says:

    Dear doctor, I have degenerative lumbar disease with pain radiating down the legs and also facet joint arthrosis. I am taking pregeb but pain is persistent.
    Please prescribe some remedy to reduce the pain

  3. My name Abdulla Dr.I am 76 last two months I am searching Medicine for cervical radiculopathy pinched nerve gliding radiate (extend) from the neck to the left shoulder, arm, and hand. Weakness and pins-and-needles tingling, numbness, When I walking pain will increase more pain in hand numbness I am feeling weak . I need your advice please and describe Medicine

  4. Neeru Bhardwaj says:

    I have bulge in c4, c5, c6, c7. It leads to complete numbness in right arm , right thumb , forefinger
    I can’t write .brush teeth with write hand
    Pls guide

  5. Sharmila dutta says:

    I have been suffering from lumbar Radiculopathy. Suffering with calf pain, cramp pain. Gabapentine with other vitamins medication is continuing, but not get complete relief, please suggest me the medication to return back to my previous normal life.

  6. Margaret Cain says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma, I have radicular pain caused by arthritic facet joints. I take prescription medication which I would like to come off. I fear surgery i.e. laminectomy and such like as I have degenerative disc disease and would cause me a lot of discomfort and may or may not give me relief. I am 77 years of age, female. I would prefer a non-surgical approach if there is anything that would really work so that I can enjoy my years pain free. Hopefully you can recommend something helpful for me. Thank you

    • Sunny Singh says:

      Dear Dr Sharma,
      I have pain in my neck and its radiate in my left arm through shoulder …and also having tingling …please suggest medication or other advice ..

      Sunny Singh

  7. Aziz ur rahman pk says:

    Dear sir l have been suffering from cervical radiculopathy degeneration inc5-c6leading to nerve compression in left hand and pain radiate towards left hand and my neck g .please suggest me any Medicine for this.

    • Shanella Simpson says:

      Dr. Sharma, I have radicular pain caused by arthritic facet joints. I take prescription medication which I would like to come off of, the pain radiates down my arm. and in my shoulder, can you please help.

  8. Azhar Ahmad says:

    hello doctor
    I have a condition called Subacromial bursitis with small effusion and a frozen shoulder of left side.
    Can you please help me. I am 56 years old.

  9. Neeru Bhardwaj says:

    Hello Doctor
    I hav tingling in my right hand. I cant sleep on right shoulder. MY MRI shows nerve prob. in c5, c6,c7
    Problem is from pasr 12 yrs. My body is acidic
    Pls prescribe medicine for this

    • Margaret Williams says:

      I have an inflamed nerve in my left neck with little hump and swelling. It has been there for about 5 weeks. I have pain in left shoulder and at top of my my arm at the back. Also periodic severe pins and needles right down arm and into fingers. Numbness occurs at times with this. It seems to have been caused by too much physical work and lifting but not sure. My arm is weak and can’t raise myself out of bed on it without pain. I wake frequently in the night at 1am 3.30am 5.30am and sometimes more often. What would be a good remedy for me. Thanks Margaret

  10. Faheem Akbar says:

    Dear Dr. Sherma
    I would like to share that i have continuous numbness in my both feet, due to which walking and standing even for few minutes is quite difficult. My MRI report shows spinal stenosis L5-S1. Is there any suitable homeopathic treatment for spinal stenosis ?

  11. Ravindranatha Reddy says:

    Dear sir,
    IAM suffering from hand pricking and pain from past 10 to 15 days as per doctor which is due to c5,c6 disc compression. IAM using medicine but not getting relief. Can I get better medicine in homeopathy. Whether this problem is completely advise.

    Ravindranatha Reddy u

  12. which medicine i need to take for frozen in the right hand shoulder, numbness in the right hand little finger, Biabetes 470 and 530 with HBA1C 14.5, not getting controlled by insulin or tablet
    Bangalore doctors chrge heavily but no result
    Now i have stoped eating rice andstarchy type of vegetables, toordal, uruddal and using millet as i am pure vegetarian can you please suggest some medicines

    • Myself uma Age 51 years profession is teachingwhich medicine i need to take for frozen in the right hand shoulder, numbness in the right hand little finger, Biabetes 470 and 530 with HBA1C 14.5, not getting controlled by insulin or tablet
      Bangalore doctors chrge heavily but no result
      Now i have stoped eating rice andstarchy type of vegetables, toordal, uruddal and using millet as i am pure vegetarian can you please suggest some medicines


    • Debanjana says:

      Hi I am Debanjana
      Two months back.I woke up with an excruciating pain in my upper back.soon the pain radiated to my left arm.the index finger is slightly numb n I find it difficult to lift my arm up n stretch my arm back.mri shows issues with my c5,c6,c7.there is pain in a particular nerve running from my neck to the upper arm.I m taking gabator nt 100.not much of relief. Please suggest a remedy. I want to avoid surgery.i m 48 years ,teacher by profession.

  13. Parakalan says:

    I am 78 years Male – a non-diabetic, non-alcoholic.Problem started in early 2016 as a feel of non-existent sandy layer under soles. Diagnosed as socks distribution blunting and peripheral neuropathy and treated with Pregabalin.
    From time to time the problem slowly aggravated as severe burning feel in soles, Diagnosed in 2017 with MRI scan of Lumber Spine which showed circumferential bulge L4-L5 and posterior bulge L5-S1 impinging S1 nerve. Nerve Conduction Study result was sensory neural radiculopathy. All along neurological examinations revealed DTRs maintained in tact ,no sensory or motor deficit .
    Treatment all along was with Gabapentin,( upto 500 mg a day) Nerveup OD and Dulaxetine. I have significant and immediate relief from Sciatic pain, But very severe burning sensation and tingling feel in both soles continues particularly in evening till going to sleep. Lately occasional shooting pain in left ankle lasting for a few seconds.
    Can this be cured by Homeopathy please? Pl. reply to my e-mail id

  14. Maia Berens says:

    I have lumbar radiculopathy. It causes intense pain down my left leg and my buttocks and some of my inner thigh. I need help.

  15. Prakash Chavan says:

    Doctor Sharma, Regards!
    I have been suffering from low backache since last 28 yrs. The condition deteriorated during Nov 17 and I had to undergo surgery during December. Despite the lapse of more than 6 weeks, the pain in my SI Joint with burning sensation and tingling effect in hips and perianal area persists. No pain at the place of surgery.

    My MRI had indicated disc bulge from L2-L2 to L5_S1. Surgery at L3-4 & L4-L5 (Discectomy) .Kindly advise homeopathic medicine for this


    Respected Sir,Namaskar. I am suffering from Radiculopathy due to displacement of C3 to C7 of Cervicsl Spine Aftrr 3 months trratment Cervical pain radiating to RIGHT ARM have been releived , but not complete cure. I am feeling numbness in my right hand and also unable to writting freely. Kindly advise me Homeopathic meficines so that I can write freely. Plz suggest

  17. duleshver pathak says:

    Respected sir ,
    I am suffering from cirvical radiculopathy since 2 months & treatment under progress in Raipur c.g. .
    Its possible that chest pain in first symptoms chest pain at midnight then I went to Raipur for checkup test done TMT & Echo which was normal .some relief when I gone to neurologist .who prescribed 1 month medicine whenever recovery not done then he told for surgery .

  18. Numbness in palm and feet. Pls suggest best best homeopathic medicine

  19. maggie dunford says:

    Dr. Sharma: I have recently been diagnosed with LUMBAR RADICULOPATHY, LUMBAR DEGENERATIVE DISC DISEASE which is QUITE PAINFUL. Is there a Homeopathic
    Remedy that can help with the Pain? I would appreciate your help. Thank You.
    January 6, 2018

  20. RS Randhawa says:

    Dear Dr,
    I have been diagnosed with having peripheral neuropathy. However, I have noticed that my condition aggravates when I strain my back and it improves when I stretch it.
    Can you suggest some medicine.
    Thank you

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