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Best Homeopathic Medicines for Smoker’s Cough

What is Smoker’s Cough?

A persistent cough arising from long term smoking is referred to as smoker’s cough.  The air passages in our body are normally lined with hair called cilia. The function of these cilia is to sweep toxins and harmful substances like dust, bacteria, virus etc. out of the lungs, thus protecting the lungs. But smoking destroys these cilia. As a result, the toxins settle in the lungs and cause inflammation and mucus formation. The body then initiates the cough process to remove these toxins from the lungs.

Symptoms of Smoker’s Cough

Initially, when a person is not a heavy smoker, the cough is dry. In the long term, a heavy smoker’s cough becomes wet with formation of phlegm which varies from white to yellow to green in colour. It may even be blood stained. The cough is worse in the morning and is accompanied by symptoms such as wheezing, shortness of breath and chest pain. Pneumonia and bronchitis are the complications associated with long term smoking.

Homeopathic Treatment of Smoker’s Cough

Homeopathic medicines, which follow a symptomatic approach, can effectively treat smoker’s cough. The most suitable medicine is selected after taking down the complete case history of the patient and studying the associated symptoms. Homeopathic medicines help provide symptomatic relief in both the cough and other symptoms arising from smoking. Some Homeopathic medicines also help end the craving for tobacco smoking. These medicines are natural and safe from toxic side effects.

Homeopathic Medicines for Smoker’s Cough

Caladium and Nux Vomica – Wonderful Homeopathic medicines for smoker’s cough

Caladium and Nux Vomica are top grade Homeopathic medicines for cough in smokers. Caladium works well in cases where cough, with difficulty in raising expectoration, is the highlighting symptom. Caladium is also helpful in decreasing the craving for tobacco smoking, making it an effective antidote. The indicative symptom for prescribing Homeopathic medicine Nux Vomica is cough with oppressed breathing. The person feels suffocation during the night time. The cough may be dry or rattling. Sometimes bloody expectoration is also observed. In all such cases, Nux Vomica is one of the most effective Homeopathic medicines for smoker’s cough.

Lobelia Inflata – Excellent among Homeopathic medicines for smoker’s cough

Lobelia Inflata is another of the reliable Homeopathic medicines for smoker’s cough. It is the best prescription in cases where the cough is attended with chest constriction and suffocation. Dyspnea and laboured breathing are accompanying symptoms. Heaviness or feeling of weight may be felt in the chest. Intense nausea and vomiting may be present along with cough in cases where Lobelia Inflata will show best results among Homeopathic medicines for smoker’s cough.

Drosera – Well indicated among Homeopathic medicines for smoker’s cough where cough is dry

Drosera is one of the majorly indicated Homeopathic medicines for smoker’s cough cases where the cough is dry and irritating. The cough may also be deep and barking in such cases and appears in frequent attacks. Retching and vomiting may be observed. The fauces and throat may feel rough from coughing. People with this condition complain of a constricted feeling in the larynx as well. Drosera is one of the best Homeopathic medicines for smoker’s cough cases which require tackling the above symptoms.

Bryonia – One of the best Homeopathic medicines for smoker’s cough with chest pain

Bryonia tops the list of Homeopathic medicines for smoker’s cough where chest pain accompanies the cough. Pain in the chest is of sharp, stitching nature. The cough is dry, hacking and hard. Chest pain usually arises with every coughing episode. In fact, deep breathing also leads to chest pain and is well taken care of with Bryonia, making it one of the sought after Homeopathic medicines for smoker’s cough cases of the type. Bryonia is also helpful in treating pneumonia with rust coloured sputa.

Hepar Sulph – One of the most effective Homeopathic medicines for smoker’s cough that is loose or rattling

Hepar Sulph is one of the most effective Homeopathic medicines for smoker’s cough, especially in cases where the cough is loose or rattling. The cough gets worse during the morning. The phlegm expectoration is yellow or pus like and may be blood stained. Suffocative attacks, wheezing and breathing difficulty may also accompany loose cough. Hepar Sulph has shown proven ability to treat this condition, putting it on the list of one of the best Homeopathic medicines for smoker’s cough cases with these symptoms. Hepar Sulph is also one of the prominently indicated Homeopathic medicines for pneumonia with muco purulent expectoration.

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  1. Prashant Parab says:

    I have habit of taking 20 cigarette daily smoking,also have wet cough want to quit. Kindly suggest.
    My age is 44 year, started smoking habit by dec2021, weight is 95 kg and height is 5.11″ . I don’t have any other issues till date, no BP or diabetes. But when smoking the low BP problem exists.

  2. Amit Singh says:

    Sir, I am a chain smoker I used to it’s last 20 year’s, I want to quit it’s and get my strength back like a normal person please reply me 🙏

    • Upendra Kumar shukla says:

      सर, मैं एक चेन स्मोकर हूं, मैं पिछले 20 सालों से ऐसा कर रहा हूं, मैं इसे छोड़ना चाहता हूं और एक सामान्य व्यक्ति की तरह अपनी ताकत वापस पाना चाहता हूं, कृपया मुझे जवाब दें


    Good Morning Dr.
    I am Somdutt Sharma from Gurgaon (Haryana), I want to quit smoking that is bidi since last 30 years.
    Kindly advise me which medcine is suitable for me.
    I am 58 years old.

  4. Ken Bates says:

    Hi doc. I smoke cannabis regularly (multiple times a day). I consume my cannabis by smoking or occasionally by vape cartridge (CO2 extraction).

    I have developed a hard, suffocating cough when smoking or vaping, and a dry unproductive cough with a wheeze when breathing deeply for the periods I am not smoking. I love edibles, but need the full spectrum of phytochemicals to most effectively control my life long gift from the military.

    So, in short, can you recommend something that will at least help the coughing throughout the day?

    Thank you.

    Ken “Beaner” Bates

  5. Dr Sahab
    Good morning,
    Have been smoking for last 45 years.Have shortness of breath and cant xpand lungs to full .Therefore yawn too often.
    Want detox & clean lungs.

    • Best homeopathy medicine for quit smoking ..and make lungs effective….i have heart problem some medicine of allopathic also started by dr…plz give some suggestions…Thanks

  6. Dr Sahab
    Good morning,
    Have been smoking for last 40 years.Have shortness of breath and cant xpand lungs to full .Therefore yawn too often.
    Want detox & clean lungs

  7. Manohar lal says:

    I am manohar lal , age 62. I m smoking from last 35 years but now I am feeling breath problem while sleeping and also suffering from excessive cough problem .
    Please suggest medicine for cough and for stop smoking .

  8. aryan kumar says:

    Good Morning Dr.!!
    My age is 36 and cery sorry to say i am a smoker but now days i am feeling shortness of breath and as well as stamina is zero what sould i take to clean my lungs , increase stamina and get rid of smoking carving.
    please help

    • Ram Kumar Mittal says:

      Good Morning Dr.!!
      My age is 36 and cery sorry to say i am a smoker but now days i am feeling shortness of breath and as well as stamina is zero what sould i take to clean my lungs , increase stamina and get rid of smoking carving.
      please help

  9. Satyajit Ray says:

    Doctor Sri,
    I am a smoker for last 40 years and presently aged 61 years.I feel discomfort with the problem smoking cough.Sometimes it is difficult to raise the cough out and causing mild difficulties in breathing.Sometimes it creates sound also at the time of inhaling & exhaling.Sri will you please tell me the medicine to get relieved from it?

  10. Faran azmi says:

    Dear Sir ,

    I am 34 years old male and a regular smoker ,it’s been almost 4 yrs I regularly getting brown colour and sometimes yellow
    Mucus in my chest .

    It’s daily routine now that it comes out every now and then ,even it feels like that there is too much phlegm stored in my chest ,kindly suggest me the best medicine for its removal,sometimes it also stinks too much like of horse dung from my mouth.

  11. Hi Dr.
    Plse can you tell me which is best medicine to stop smoking and stop smokers cough and heal lungs? I smoked for 50 years and want to stop asap as my ‘outbreath’ results at hospital today were low… It was 65 and should be 80 I was told. Any advice plse? Thank you.

    • reeta suri says:

      I have been smoking for twenty years
      I have phlegmy cough
      Coughing some nights

      I want to quit smoking
      Please suggest me a remedy

  12. Adrija Jha says:

    Hi Dr Sharma,

    My husband is smoking on a regular basis since long. These days he is coughing continuously especially at night & also would like to cut down the no. Can you please suggesst some medicines.

  13. Sanjay kumar says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma
    I am smoking since last 2 years.
    But i want to quit it and clean out my lungs.
    Please prescribe me medicine and proper dosage

    sanjay kumar

  14. Sir / Mam,
    Thank you for providing this platform for remedy & treatment.
    I have been smoking for 15+ years working to cut it down & quit. I feel chest pains & problem in respiration & shorten breathing.
    Such symptoms are persistent since the past 2 years
    I need a detox medicine to clean my lungs & respitory track.
    From the above mentioned medicine what will be best prescribed for my case.
    Nux Vomica
    Lobelia Inflata
    Hepar Sulph

    • reeta suri says:

      I have been smoking for twenty years
      I have phlegmy cough
      Coughing some nights

      I want to quit smoking
      Please suggest me a remedy

  15. Israr A.S says:

    Hai sir…when I smoke cough starting like old man.and also phlegm producing & sometimes vomiting wiih phlegm.
    Kindly help me in this matter. Thanks

  16. arun gupta says:

    I’m taking Hepar Sulp for cough for the last 6days with out any relief, I’m a smoker aged 73yrs .What would you suggest?

  17. Kamal Sharma says:

    I am 68. Smoking from last over 40 years. from some time past i am suffering from shortness of breath. I used to go for a morning walk. During the course of walking i used to take deep breath and when exhaling used to apply force to bring the deposited cough out with good results. Lately when I try doing this I have an attack of shortness breath with a sinking feeling as if i will loss control over my body and will drop down forcing me to look for a place to sit. This has forced me to abandon the walk and and also an all pervasive weakness. Kindly suggest remedy.

  18. Hi Dr Sharma,
    I believe I have got smoker’s cough since 2013 because I have been a smoker for 40 years! I always feel mucus sticking in my throat especially day and night, resulting in unintentional coughing, however, phlegm has never been expectorated. Thinking it was the problem of postnasal drip. I tried Kali Bichromicum 30C, Lachesus mutus 30C and a bottle of NutriBiotic, Nasal Spray Plus with Grapefruit Seed Extract, 1 fl oz, there was no improvement. My GP only said that it was allergic cough. Only taking long term of anti-allergic medicine might be helpful. Would you please help me solve it!

  19. lydia danzy says:

    I am a diabetic that have develpoed a smokers cough which is wet, along with a postnasal drip. I am looking for a medicne that is not harnful to my body. I also am in ESRD and mild CHF. Is there a homeopatheic medcine that is safe to take without side effects

  20. Ashish Gupta says:

    frequent desire to pass urine, but the process leads to burning pain. There is difficulty in retaining urine even for a few seconds.A few pain as burning and stinging in nature. The urine passed is usually scanty.

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