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4 Homeopathic Medicines for Stammering  

Stammering is a speech disorder. In stammering, normal fluency of speech is disrupted.  The disruption of speech may arise in various forms. Mainly disruption of speech arises in the form of repetition of certain words, prolongation/extension of certain words/syllables, or silent pauses in between speech. Stammering is very common among children and arises when the speech ability is not properly developed. In most children, the issue of stammering goes away on its own though sometimes stammering persists in adulthood. Stammering may severely affect the emotional state of a person. It may lead to associated stress, anxiety, feeling ashamed in social communication. Homeopathic medicines for stammering help treat the problem naturally.  homeopathic medicines for stammering

Causes of Stammering

Stammering seems to run in families. Men are more likely to have a stammering problem as compared to women. Trauma or brain injury may also lead to stammering.

Homeopathic Medicines for Stammering

The Homeopathy system provides a very effective and safe treatment for stammering. In fact, Homeopathy is known to have a range of natural medicines that are highly effective in bringing about good recovery in stammering cases. There is, however, no one medicine universally applicable to all stammering cases. The appropriate medicine is selected based on individual case study. The earlier treatment for stammering is started, the higher the chances of good recovery. Stramonium and Lachesis, Lycopodium,  Spigelia, Causticum, Lac Caninum and Staphysagria are the top homeopathic medicines for stammering.

1. Stramonium and Lachesis – Top Grade Medicine for Stammering

Stramonium and Lachesis are top grade medicines for stammering. Stramonium works best in stammering cases when a person has to exert strain for a long time before a word is uttered. Lachesis is another on the list of wonderful medicines for stammering. Lachesis is well indicated when a person stammers over certain specific letters while speaking.

2. Lycopodium

Lycopodium is one of the most effective medicines for stammering and shows remarkable results where a person stammers while speaking out the last words of a sentence. Apart from stammering, Lycopodium is also greatly helpful for persons with a weak memory, indistinct sleep, lack of self-confidence and poor self-esteem. Fear of public speaking may also prevail among persons in need of Lycopodium.

3. Spigelia

Spigelia is yet another reliable prescription among Homeopathy medicines for stammering. The characteristic indication for use of Spigelia is stammering on the first few words of a sentence followed by normal, clear, uninterrupted speech. A person who needs prescribing Spigelia repeats the first syllable around three to four times before he can go on to the next part of the sentence.

4. Causticum, Lac Caninum, Staphysagria

Causticum, Lac Caninum and Staphysagria rate among the best Homeopathy medicines for stammering. Causticum is well indicated in cases where stammering is noticed when a person is mentally or emotionally excited. Lac Caninum is the most appropriate among Homeopathy medicines for stammering to prescribe where a person starts to stammer when he talks fast. Staphysagria has shown remarkable results in cases where stammering appears while talking to strangers.

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  1. Saif Ahmed says:

    Sir mujhe stuttering ki bimari hai lekin yeh kabhi kabhi thik bhi ho jata hai 5, 6 dino ke liye aur phir se stuttering hone lagta hai, mujhe stuttering kuch difficult word par hota hai book reading dene ke time aur baat karte time aur mera jaban thora latpata jata hai, Mera awaaz bhi kuchh jayada bhari hai 🙏

  2. Sir
    I am suffering from stamrring
    Sir please help me

  3. Rajendra Nayak says:

    I seek medicine prescription for my 8 yrs old daughter with stammering disorder

  4. Respected Sir

    I hope you will be fine. Ia m 26 years of age. I am suffering from stammering from childhood.Which medice i ahould use to get better and how long it will be used.


    • S A SWAMY says:

      Dear doctor i am aged 62 years. i underwent both the knees TKR. before that also suddenly my voice has changed. someetimes some words i am repeating like light stammering. suddenly for the past 6 months i became like this. i was talking normally earlier. can you suggest me best homeo drug which suits me for my restoration of speech like earlier for which I shall be thankful to you doctor.

  5. Sameeksha Soni says:

    Dear doctor
    I would like to seek your advice for my 17 year old daughter who stammers on certain alphabets like M,N,D,L,B.If talking in a flow shadows not stammer that much as compared to when talking normally.
    Please suggest what can be done.

  6. Kakoli Das says:

    Dear Doctor,

    I would like to seek your advice for my 4 year old daughter who is having stuttering problems right now which it is getting worse every day. The problem started about a year ago when she had stuttering issues for about 2-3 weeks after which she started talking normally again. Recently, she again started stuttering and it is becoming worse. She puts in a lot of effort to speak any word, especially starting/beginning the word. She jumps or does hand movements when it gets too difficult to start pronouncing a word. Would you kindly advise a medicine which would help her get over this problem.

    Thank you.

  7. Manish Singh says:

    Sir…I am 21 years old I m greatly suffering with stammering. Especially when I have to give presentation I can not even speak a single word during that. I am not able to pronounce words such as p…k…..s…..

  8. Adv. Chingisha S Shaik says:

    Res.Dr.Sharma Ji,
    My 3 years old grand son who is residing with me at Navi Mumbai since lockdown (normally he is residing at Bangalore). This has been observed by me since 15 days. Now, he is at his learning stage of words. Hitherto, he is talking beautifully with his newly learning words. However, since for the fortnight, he is stammering while talking to at the INITIAL word. He has completed his 3 years in Dec.21.
    Kindly give me your valuable advice in the matter by recommending your homeopathic remedies, for which act of kindness, I shall be ever grateful to you.
    As I have some trained knowledge of homeopathic remedies, I used to administer the homeo medicines since 25 years to my family members and friends and relatives and my court colleagues from short sufferings like cold cough fever, diarrhoea ,including the boy in question.
    Adv.Chingisha S Shaikh

  9. Muhammad Umar says:

    My son has stammering in speaking . He is 10 years old. Slow in mental level. Can not speak very well. Change sounds such as K into T. Is there any medicine for him

  10. Chauhan gogsinh says:

    Stammering problem please help .
    Age 23

    • Pramod jariwala says:

      Hello, my son age of 27 speaking stammering, first alphabate of word repeated before speaking and talking. Is there any remedy or medicine? Please inform n reply. Due to stammering no body brides is ready to get marry with him though well setup person n family

    • Anuj rai says:

      Sir any medicine on totlapan

  11. Hii.. I’m kritika. I’m 20 now. And I’m suffering from stammering for around 7 years now! Will homeopathy medicine help me too recover??

  12. Newton Mazumder says:

    Dear sir,I have stammering from childhood. I have low self confidence,depreelssion,emotiinal exicitement too.stammerung occurs randomly.I have taken bovista,licoopdium,casticum.but no improvement.
    Suggest me what to do

  13. Vinit kr Singh says:

    Sir mai starmmering ka problem h..kaide cure hoga..plese help me

  14. Hello doctor,
    My son started stammering when he was 4.5 years and now he is 7.5 years. He also does physical activity when he stammers like tapping his hand or leg. We have been giving him Stramonium 200 and 1m potency also flower batch remedies. But the problem is still there.
    Please suggest.

    • Muhammad Umar says:

      My son has stammering in speaking . He is 10 years old. Slow in mental level. Can not speak very well. Change sounds such as K into T. Is there any medicine for him .

  15. Achyut savakar says:

    Hello.. my name is achyut savakar. I have stammering problem since my childhood. Now I’m 22 age old. Even today while speaking In public or before a person who is more than my age and in a situation where i got very nervous, i star stammering.please help.

  16. Ahsan mughal says:

    Hello mam i am Ahsan ,iam patient of stammiring
    My age 24old year.very very very dificult to speak
    Please tell me treatment of stammiring please….

  17. How and Wer to consult ma’am

  18. Sanjeev Sharma says:

    Hello Mam,

    Myself Sanjeev Sharma age 42 . I have a problem of stammering. When I talk to stranger and on mobile specially on my name at a time everyone to ask me something & also if tomorrow meeting so all night I feel deeply depressed tomorrow what will happen. Sometime freely talk & some time block & block & so on. I want to tell u mam in the age of 4 I have severe fever doctor say that ur fever go to their mind after that stammering start.

  19. Vijay kumar says:

    Mam mujhe stammering ke problem kya yeh medicine 100% cure kar sakti hai kya ya koi side effect hai .my age 21 year.

  20. Kamlesh Gupta says:

    Streaming problem
    Bolte hu atak atak kar bolna
    Fast bolna but word clear nahi aata h

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