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Top Rated Homeopathic Medicines for Strep Throat Infection  

Strep throat is a disease caused by streptococcal bacterial infection. This infection leads to soreness and inflammation in the throat and tonsils. Strep throat is most common among school children and teens. Strep throat is caused by infection with bacteria known as Streptococcus Pyogenes. Strep throat is highly contagious and passes from one infected person to another through touch, cough, sneezes that contain droplets of Homeopathic Treatment for Strep Throatstreptococcus pyogenes bacteria. Homeopathic treatment for strep throat helps provide long term relief from the condition.

Homeopathic Treatment for Strep Throat

Homeopathy medicines can very effectively manage strep throat infection. Homeopathy medicines for strep throat are selected based on individual symptoms. Some top-rated medicines for strep throat in the Homeopathy mode of treatment are Belladonna, Streptococcinum, Merc Sol, Hepar Sulph and Phytolacca. These medicines boost the immune system of the body to fight the bacterial infection and effect complete recovery. Homeopathy is a wonderful science that treats diseases with natural and safe medicines. In case of strep throat, Homeopathy medicines are very competent in treating this kind of infection. They set of the body’s own restorative processes. As the healing system of the body is strengthened, the disease is completely eradicated. Belladonna, Streptococcinum, Merc Sol, Hepar Sulph, and Phytolacca are the top remedies.

1. Belladonna – For Strep Throat with Acute Inflammation of Throat

Belladonna is placed among the top-rated medicines for strep throat. It is mainly prescribed in very advanced stages of strep throat infection. The symptoms indicating the use of Belladonna are highly inflamed swollen, enlarged tonsils. The throat is also very dry in such cases. Swallowing food and drinks is also very painful. High fever with intense body heat may be present along with the inflamed throat. Headache may accompany the above-said symptoms in cases where Belladonna will prove the most effective among Homeopathic medicines for strep throat.

2. Streptococcinum – Effective Medicine for Strep Throat

Streptococcinum is one of the most reliable and effective medicines for a strep throat infection. It is recommended in acute as well as chronic strep throat infections. This medicine is capable of breaking the chain of recurrent strep throat infection by strengthening the immune system of persons who are susceptible. The classic symptoms calling for use of Streptococcinum in strep throat are red, swollen throat with painful, inflamed tonsils and swollen, enlarged nodes in the neck. It is also suitable for enlarged tonsils, peritonsillar abscess, and weakness after a streptococcal infection.

3. Merc Sol – Where Pain from Throat extends to Ears

In cases where the throat is very sore and raw, and pain from the throat extends to the ear, Merc Sol is the most useful among medicines for strep throat. Along with the throat related symptoms, the patient may experience excessive saliva as well. The cervical glands may also be swollen in such cases. Bad breath is another noticeable symptom for prescription of Merc Sol as the best among medicines for strep throat.

4. Hepar Sulph – For Pus Points on Tonsils

Where tonsils have pus points in strep throat infection cases, Hepar Sulph is the most appropriate choice among Homeopathy medicines for strep throat. A plug-like or splinter-like sensation is felt in the throat. Along with this,a loose, rattling cough may arise. Yellow coloured expectoration may attend the cough, another symptom hinting at Hepar Sulph as one of the most reliable Homeopathy medicines for strep throat. Hepar Sulph is also a effective in treating a peritonsilar abscess.

5. Phytolacca – For Burning Pain in Throat

Phytolacca is very well indicated among medicines for strep throat where the characteristic symptom is an inflamed throat with heat and intense burning. The throat, tonsils and fauces are swollen and take on a dark, red/bluish appearance. The pain from the throat may extend to the ears. This pain may be specifically shooting in nature. Lump in the throat is also felt and may be accompanied by a constant desire to swallow.

Symptoms of Strep Throat

The symptoms of strep throat include pain in the throat, difficulty in swallowing, headache, fever, red and inflamed throat, and tonsils. Pus points are noted on the tonsils in some cases. Tender lymph nodes in the neck are another sign of this infection. Peritonsillar abscess, kidney inflammation, rheumatic fever, joint pains, and heart valve damage are some complications related with strep throat.

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  1. Hello Dr.Sharma
    My question is concerning to streptococcus pyogenes, which my husband and twoo sons have or had somewhere in their body, since in their blood analysis they have extreemly high AST results.But when doing analysis of throat mucosa, nothing was find (although last year they all have problem with pain in throat and antibiotics doesnt help).
    What would be your suggestion concerning the issue, when we dont know, where in body strep is located?
    Doctor insist on tetracycline, otherwise, she says , serious joints and heart problems may arrise, but I dont want to use chemical drugs.
    Thank you for your answer

  2. Amit Kumar says:

    Hello and happy New Year Doctor !
    I am Amit from lucknow. My throat is very sensitive and same time i am found of pani puri and chats. Last 2 years i am observing that very frequently i am getting throat problems, cough. Plz guide and suggest the remedies/medicine

  3. Sir one day suddenly my nose started secrating watery material and my throat have itching problem. My homeo Dr. given me arsenic album stating that it is a effect of smog in Delhi. I get some relief but after few day my throat started soring and I fell pain on swallowing. I have severe khans which was effecting by giving me chest pain. In spite of taking anti biotic I did not get any relief. Now I am taking hepar sulf 30 for last three days but no relief. Even taking water or swallowing is painful. Sometime pain goes to ear. Mouth is very dry. What medicine can give me relief and what is the disease I am suffering from last two week. Please help me by giving your precious advice.

  4. nury jimenez says:

    My son has Autism and Panda.

  5. Hi Dr. Sharma,

    My daughter has strep throat. She is 2 years old so I can’t ask her what her symptoms are.

    She started complaining about pain in her ear Friday night and felt warm all weekend (possibly had a fever, didnt have my thermometer at that point). She had a low grade fever only for a few hours on Sunday 99.6 and she’s been complaining that her left ear has been hurting her. She doesn’t mind warm food or cold drinks. no runny nose, and just a small regular cough on Sunday for a vert short time. The Dr. prescribed antibiotics today but I rather not give her them since she seems okay for the most part.

    I have a homeopathic kit at home, which seems to be the best remedy to take?

    My only concern is if she doesn’t take the antibiotics she will be contagious for a few days- weeks, is this true?

  6. Sanjay sharma says:

    Hello sir I am suffering from streptococcus gram positive irritation in throat but I taken tab- warf 7mg tab- Ecosprin 150 1*od for heart valve replacement medicine

  7. Do you know of any cases of homeopathy helping anyone e recover from lyme disease

    Also looking for help with fibromyalgia

    • My Lyme is in remission and I mainly used homeopathy along with other herbs and supplements. The key is to focus on parasites.

  8. Hello. What would be your suggested dosage for strep using Streptococcinum to help treat. Thank you

  9. Swati sharma says:

    I m having a pain in throat ..cannot swallow my saliva n it’s mostly happens wid me during change of season or sum thing cold things I have taken like ice creams kindly suggest any best homeopathic medicine for dis to resolve my problem inspite of going to doctors

  10. Divyajyoti says:

    hello sir ,
    your knowledge of medicine is really useful for us .Day today complains of regarding health.thank you so much for shairing your knowledge and guidence.its really a great help to deal with many kind of health condition and help to find right medicine for particular compains.
    Thanks and Regards.

  11. Anindita Acharya says:

    Few days back my husband had fever and cough.he took medicines but I am infected now with sore throat, there is no fever, slight body pain and tiredness. It happens in every season change. What is the homeopathy medicine I should take?

  12. Purnima iyer says:

    My 6 year old son is suffering from severe pain in the throat since 8 days, even after a dose of amoxycillin,the pain has not subsided and has recurred.he is having difficulty in swallowing,though the fever has gone after the antibiotic dose has ended. Kindly suggest

  13. Seema rani says:

    Dr. Saheb i m suffering from throat i section from last couple of months. Sometime there r traces of bloold in the spitting. Not able to sleep left side as it is paining shoulder n left hand also. Sensation of something stuck in the throat.Also had fever of 101℃ a couple of days ago. Pde advice.

  14. Monalisa says:

    sir ,i m suffering from throat pain while swallowing saliva on left side since 2/3 months…sometimes its burning pain while eating spicy food.Sir kindly suggest me to cure my pwin…i m scared sir…

  15. Rohit sarkar says:

    I get some white mucus like thing on posterior pharyngial wall when I wake up from sleep in morning.sometimes dry throat and ear aches.cold symptoms come sometime like runny nose with sneezing.Also if u could tell me what is hard raised Bony bump below uvula on the posterior pharyngial wall.i have felt this with finger,it is hard like abone but no pain

  16. sir varicose vain ka treatment hai pls telll me in homepathy what is

  17. Sir.i have throut infection. Feeling pain in throut.pls tell some medicine. Thankss

  18. Rajinder paul Kapoor says:

    Respected Dr. Sir,
    My wife has throat infection & she also diabetic no medicine giving result to stop irritation in throat she cough off and on & no mucus comes her sleep remains disturbed pls suggest homeopathic medicine so that she get relief . Her age is 58.

  19. pardeep goyal says:

    Namaskar sir mare throat me vocal card par polyp ho gaye ha kripa karke muje advice kare

  20. Amar Nath Jayswal says:

    That Sir, my wife Smt. Anita Jayswal, aged 46+ years had undergone brain tumor surgery in Kolkata on 23rd February, 2012. Tumor was detected in the IVth Ventricle (Ependymoma) of her brain after conducting CT Scan and MRI tests.
    Biopsy of the tumor extracted during surgery showed WHO Grade II.
    Due to brain tumor surgery, she has developed double and blurred vision. VEP test was carried out as per the advice of a senior opthalmologist but nothing fruitful result was achieved. She even cannot attend her normal daily routine and most of the time urinal occurs on bed. One Assistant is always required to look after her. She even cannot move freely and cannot stand on her own feet for attending nature’s call, taking food and medicines of her own etc.etc. If she is forced to walk with the help of any Assistant, she complains of headache and other problems and easily starts sweating.
    In the mean time, several doctors were contacted and medicines were prescribed and consumed but no successful result could be obtained.
    Dr. B.K. Singhania, Neurosurgeon of Apollo Hospital, Kolkata was also contacted and he prescribed ‘PACITANE’ tab. to be taken twice daily in July, 2014 which she took for a number of days but it yielded no result. He advised for MRI.
    A fresh MRI was conducted on 30.09.2014 ( MRI Report enclosed) which shows that there is small enhancing recurrent tumor in aqueductal region. Enhancing dural thickening at left fronto-temporo-parietal region.
    Furthermore, Dr. S.P.Ghorai, M.S., MCH(NSUG), Consultant Neurosurgeon, North City Hospital & Neuro Institute Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata was also contacted on 01.11.2014 and he has suggested for endoscopic brain surgery as there is still tumor present in the brain.
    At present she complains of persistent headache in front portion of her brain. When the pain occurs it lasts for half an hour or so and then subsidizes after applying some balm/analyzer and pain killer. This pain is recurrent and occurs frequently. At present, she does not take any medicine. However, she has now developed talking too much of her own without any rhyme or reason and gets up from the bed thinking of her past events/deeds which she had done as an housewife before her surgery. She cannot sleep due to severe headache. She cannot move of her own and one Assistant is always required to look after her and attending her natural calls etc. Most of the time urine occurs on bed. She remains on bed most of the time. She is unable to recognize her near and dear ones. For subsiding her pain, some local medicines like ‘Combiflam or Pyrigesic is provided but it lasts for only few hours.
    Dr. G. Venugopal, Neurosurgeon of Institute of Neuroscience, Kolkata was also contacted and he prescribed medicine Naxdom for headache.
    On 25.01.2016, I contacted Dr. Partha Pratim Bishnu, Neurosurgeon of Rabindranath Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences and he has prescribed Citicoline 500 mg and Zerodol for headache and for MRI of brain. She is at present taking the aforesaid medicines. However, she is not well and headache occurs continuously.
    At present she is unable to walk and raise her left leg and one side of her head has also been curved. She feels pain in her left leg, however, after giving ace proxyvon, the pain subsidises but unable to keep her leg straight. She urinates on bed about 5/6 times a day. She goes for latrine after a week and feels difficulty.
    I am fully perturbed with her situation which is deteriorating continuously instead of getting cured.
    I shall be highly grateful if you could kindly suggest me the further course of action to be taken at the earliest. I am also unable to visit at a far off distance with such critical patient as there is none except me at my home to look after her. I shall be thankful to you if you suggest over mail in detail regarding next course of action to be taken to get her malady at least subsidized than the further complications.
    Awaiting a suitable reply from you soon in this regad.

    Thanking you in anticipation.

    Yours faithfully,
    Dated : 06.06.2016.

    ( Amar Nath Jayswal )
    Husband of Smt. Anita Jayswal

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