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6 Best Homeopathic Medicines for Swollen Ankles

Causes of Swollen Ankles

Ankles may get swollen due to many reasons. The main causes behind swollen ankles are trauma, injury to ankle, sprained ankle, venous insufficiency, lymph edema (from improper functioning of lymphatic system), arthritis, heart disease (congestive heart failure), kidney disease, liver disease, infection, tumour, certain medications including calcium channel blockers, steroids, and antidepressants.

Homeopathic Treatment for Swollen Ankles

Homeopathic treatment follows a process of detailed investigation to manage the complaint of swollen ankles. Each case is investigated and analysed in depth prior to prescribing a medicine to rule out involvement of any vital organ in the etiology. Swollen ankles from injury, sprains and arthritis can be independently dealt with by Homeopathic medicines. In case a vital organ is involved, Homeopathic medicines can be used to support treatment together with other systems of medicine. Homeopathic medicines for swollen ankle should be taken only after consulting a physician. Self-medication should be avoided.

Homeopathic Medicines for Swollen Ankles

Apis Mellifica and Apocynum – Top Homeopathic medicines for dropsical swelling over ankles

Apis Mellifica and Apocynum are well indicated Homeopathic medicines for dropsical swelling over ankles, essentially swelling due to water retention or accumulation of water in the tissues. The key symptoms to look out for prescription of Apis Mellifica are waxy, pale, swollen ankles. The ankles are very sensitive to the touch. Stinging pain and stiffness may be present. Apocynum is another of the most useful Homeopathic medicines for swelling over ankles. Apocynum is mainly indicated for dropsical swelling of ankles after cardiac disease. Dropsical swellings may also be found in other parts of the body, along with the ankles, when Homeopathic medicine Apocynum is indicated.

Ledum Pal – One of the best Homeopathic medicines for swollen ankles due to arthritis

Ledum Pal is the most suitable among Homeopathic medicines for swollen ankles in cases where the ankles swell due to arthritis. The symptoms indicative of use of Homeopathic medicine Ledum Pal are swollen, hot, tensed, painful ankles. Cases of ankles swollen from arthritis or gouty afflictions have shown wonderful recovery under use this medicine. Warmth worsens the ankle pain in such cases. Cold applications are soothing.

Arnica – Top grade among Homeopathic medicines for swollen ankles caused by injury

Arnica is one of the highly effective Homeopathic medicines for swollen ankles where the swelling results from injury. Arnica works wonders in resolving the swelling and attending symptoms arising from injury to the ankles. The ankles in such cases feel painful, bruised and sore to touch.

Ruta – One of the most wonderful Homeopathic medicines for swollen ankles resulting from sprain

Homeopathic medicine Ruta is prominently indicated for swollen ankles where the swelling is caused by a sprain. A sprain refers to overstretching of the ligaments that hold the joint in place. Ruta is one of the top ranked Homeopathic medicines to treat a sprained ankle. Along with swelling, pain and weakness in the ankle joint and lameness, also a result of the sprain, are also best treated with Homeopathic medicine Ruta. Ruta thus ranks among the best Homeopathic medicines for swollen ankles with the above symptoms.

Hamamelis – One of the most effective Homeopathic medicines for swollen ankles due to varicose veins

Hamamelis is rated among the most effective Homeopathic medicines for swollen ankles where the swelling is a result of varicose veins. Hamamelis works best in treating swelling in ankles from varicose veins and venous insufficiency. The symptoms to look out for are swollen, inflamed ankles from engorged, congested veins. Sore, cutting pains in ankles are observed. Swelling may also be present in the legs.

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  1. Anil Dhawan says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma
    I am a 65 year old male, obese (120Kilo and 5’6″ ) and drive a truck for living.
    I have High BP and heart condition … one stent for blocked artery.
    Since over 4 years I have had swelling in left leg, ankle and foot. Lately it has grown a lot.
    Now it has started bothering me as it is difficult to wear Boots (needed in Canadian winter), and the skin stretches to a burning sensation. Regular use of oil on legs helps. BUT not painful…just swollen.

    I am taking Furosmide 60 mg (strong Water pill) for this. But of course it has side effects.
    Any Ideas for fast relief in Homeopathy.. Thanks … Anil

  2. Bhanumathy N says:

    I am a 56 year old female and have rheumatoid arthritis. Suddenly from yesterday my anke bone is red inflammed and stinging pain is there

  3. Usha katyal says:

    Respected dr Sharma i am 75 years old female.
    I had osteo arthritis since more than 20 knees were affected.i got my knees replaced and am very comfortable.but since four ,five years my ankles also started paining and sometimes it was very difficult to walk.but somehow i have been managing to walk with the ayurvedic treatment.there are spurs in the area around question is can these spurs be dissolved with homeopathic medicine.

    • Nirmala Ragavan says:

      Dear Dr Sharma,
      We have bone spurs in our family too, and I am looking into homeopathic remedies. At the moment I am reading the boook Musculo Skeleton Problems by Ian Watson. One of the things he suggests is rubbing the area with castor oil in the morning and evening. Do you think that works?

      It is an interesting book and I have just started it. I got it from Helios in the UK.

      I have bone spurs in my spine and I remember also my neck. Fortunately as I got older the muscles in my neck got stronger and the nerve impingement stopped.


    My age is 62. I am male. I take medicine for BP. No other medicine I take regularly. My left ankle and left foot is swollen. Morning after getting out from bed tremendous pain when put my foot on floor. Some days left ankle pain become severe. slowly it get adjusted after walking in room to better condition. Both the thumbs become painful and catching any thing become difficult. Shoulder joint elbow joint is ok. Sometime needle piercing sensation in heels is felt.



  5. Dr.Sharma
    Pranam Sir my left ankle swelling up since 4 months.On walking or standing pain arises and swelling up and pain started and around the skin colour changed reish some time feel hot and also burning.i usede Hemalisis 200, arnica 200 apis 30 no result out come.kindly suggest me in my whatsapp no or in mail no 7209939750.
    Thanks and Regards.
    Anita Ghosh

    • Anita Ghosh says:

      Pranab Sir
      Since 8 months I am suffering from ankle pain.At ankle it swollen.On standing sometime and also in rest it gives pain,some feel burning in swollen area vein looks.I have taken Apis,arnica hemamillis broyonia no result come out.
      Kindly suggest me.
      Thanks and regards
      Anita Ghosh.

  6. Premshanker Ray says:

    Left ke ankle me normal swelling hai about 8 months. Or jayada der tak standing & sitting se jaydabad jata hai

  7. Donna Rogers says:

    I just visited a cardiologist about my swollen ankles and my blood pressure being high on the lower number. He thinks I am retaining water but when I took a water pill the ankle stayed swollen and my lower pressure stayed high. I also take meds for that and it didn’t get any lower. I have had my veins stripped and years later (10 years ago I had the blood supply deadened to bad veins. This problem is also in my family.

  8. Wilton Clarke says:

    Good morning,
    My instep swell up during the day and reduce somewhat during the night. What is the best remedies and where can I find them.

  9. SPENCER WATTS says:

    I am eighty years old and a male. Since last four months or so my feet began to swell and later my lower leg portion below the knee. I am taking a set of alopathic medicines morning and evening, Tablets. I am taking Telma 80 for BP. All other parameters are OK. After taking Alopathic tablets etc I feel better. The swelling has come down. Still there is swelling slightly in both the legs, In the right leg a portion is reddish and when touched gives pain. Doctor gave a course of DALACIN C 150. There is improvement.

  10. prabhat.prabhat.lal says:

    Madam my age is 47 my left leg ankle is swellon,I am the patient of ankologing spondalitis since 2003,even skin are getting dry,muscle of left leg from ankle to knee feel to be hard.pls suggest accurate medicine thanking you my wattup no’s is 9370290868

  11. Nathan Mathews says:

    I have severe venous insufficiency in my left lower leg due to injury and then surgery. I also have a mild case in my lower right leg from injury and surgery. I injured both of them serving my community which resulted in my early resignation. My lower legs feel tired and as if I have shin splints regularly, swelling, and stiffness. I will try Hamamelis but can you reccomend a secondary treatment?

  12. Amit Mittal says:

    I have developed swollen ankles after taking allopathic medicines against high BP. Can you suggest some homeopathic medicine for this please.

  13. Shashi Arora says:

    I am smt. Shashi Arora aged 69 years suffering from swelling and pain in the ankles, fingers of the hand and knee for the last three years. Tried all allopathic as well as Ayurvedic treatment but no relief so far and my problem is becoming very complicated day by advise what to do to get some relief from my problem.
    Thanking you.

  14. Tilawat khan says:

    Sir I’m tilawat fm pak work in muscat
    I have problems complete body burning
    Ankles, head,hands and also heart heat problems

    Pls advises me some good food and medicine

  15. Hello doctor
    I am 26 years Male.
    Suffering from schizophrenia, taking medication since 2012.
    From last few weeks, my feet are swollen.
    Could you please prescribe some medicine.
    I will be highly obliged.

  16. kiran soni says:

    sir, i have been suffering with rheumatism since 2006. taking treatment with medicine mathroxiate tab and some other medicine , at present U a taking aryuvedic medicine rashnasaptakam kashyam . but swelling and pain of ankle. before I have taken injectiion that is cost is 45,000/ but no use. please request may be given some medicine so I can take rest.

  17. Ashok Chakrabarti says:

    My mother (age-77years), a diabetic patient since last 10 years and has been taking medicines regularly. In addition she has blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides too. She is having swelling of both the legs since 2/3 months in spite of taking the following medicines:
    Pantocid DSR
    Insulin Lantus 10 units at 10 A M
    Tab Diamicron MR30
    Tab Januvia 100 mg
    Tab Telma 80 H
    At night:
    Tab Cilacar 10 mg
    Tab Aztor 10mg
    Tab pioglit 1/2(half)
    Pioglit has been stopped for last 4 days due to swelling problem, but has no effect.
    Diagnostic tests done last month are:
    HB 10.8
    Creatinine 0.74
    Na+ 145
    K+ 4.2
    Yesterday’s readings:
    FBS 131
    B.P 153/88
    Weight 53.6kg
    Please suggest some medicine to reduce her edema.

  18. Please tell me for pedal edema caused to my wife after removal of uterus. Was it possible to get rid of disease.

  19. Ranjeet Kumar sahoo says:

    Sir namaste ,my father have 72 years old he have suffered from heart disease since 12 years and loose motion after food since 6 months but now his legs are swelling and face also swelling but why and now treatment.

  20. v.subrahmanyam says:

    suffering with lower nee swelling, for one year

  21. I had nerve pain in my left groin, treated with hypericum. At the same time by lower left belly developed swelling. It is still there, but the pain is gone. Do you have a suggestion?

    • BTW I have had every medical test there is and NOTHING shows up. A surgeon who examined me and looked at the CAT scan said my skin is thin there but it doesn’t hurt and it’s hard. I’m a thin person normally

  22. Rehan Ahmed says:

    Hi dr,
    I am from Pakistan and I am suffering from edema due
    Due to renal problem I am also diabetic my serum
    Cretnine is 4 ,urea 62 kindly suggest me any Homoeo medicine thanks
    Rehan Ahmed

  23. Dr

    I am from Banglades. I am suffering edema on right leg. Lower side. Fluid and also pain.

    Please suggest me about medicine name. Homeopath.


  24. Dr. Jasmine Vanvari says:

    Thank you very much for allowing us to write to you. My mother 84 years old in July 2017 had a Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma – Right Breast > with 6 cycles of chemotherapy. 8 months after last cycle on F/up showed a Liver met – adenocarcinoma and Gall stones. She refused further chemo, due to debilitated physical condition and age. But over last 9 months disease is progressive and presently she has extensive bilateral pitting edema of both legs, right up to the mid thigh. Not responding to Diuretics. This makes it difficult for her to walk around even at home. Upper body & face do not have any edema. She has been a well controlled Hypertensive, on treatment since >15 years. No other major illness. A very healthy life through out. Could you please advice, how can we make her life little easier to live through her end times. Thank you very much.

  25. AVINASH PRASAD says:

    My both leg is swelling.I am a sugar,thairoad,and BP patient suggest a medicine.My edge is about 62 years.

    • My mother has been suffering both leg is swelling since many days. She is a sugar and BP patient. She is a diabetic patience since 20 years but sugar is under control. Please suggest some medicine for her leg swelling.


  27. I am a sugar patient suggest a medicine for poor flow of urine. My age is about 58 years

  28. Ankita Pradhan says:

    Right foot swelling with blackish index finger (painless) and left hand foot swelling with blackish index and big finger (pain)…


  30. Clare Sully says:

    Dear Dr Sharma, I have had water retention since a surgery 10 years ago, I gained 3 stone within a year afterwards and my weight can fluctuate by 5 pounds in a day sometimes. If I poke my stomach it looks like it ripples as though it is full of fluid. Doctors say I haven’t got fluid retention so I am trying to help myself. I also find it impossible to lose weight, is there a remedy that can drain fluid from the stomach and rest of the body as I’m generally puffy all over?


  31. Syed Farhat Raza says:

    Dear Dr Sharma
    My mother is 74 years old having diabetic since 32 years and high blood pressure since 40 years. She is on meficication for both and for other problem such as swollen foot and right leg.
    Her kidney results are in tbe range of
    Creatine 1.8
    Blood urea 52
    Uric acid 5.8
    Filterstion rate 28%
    Her sugar level is generally controlled with some occasional spikes to 200.
    Could you please suggest any medicine

  32. hi doctor sharma
    i have both feet swelling please give me solution how i controll

  33. Katherina Gonzales says:

    My mother has high blood pressure and also arthritis and I’m trying to find the best homeopathic medicine for her cause every time she take prescription drugs they effect her in bad ways

  34. Pramod Dubey says:

    My father is 83 year old. He parallised in 1999. now thy take regular medicine priscribed by Nuro Physician. at present his leg has to swelling thy suffers from blood pressure as well as osteoarthritis.
    please proscribe medicine for him.

  35. Sandeep kaushik says:

    I have swelling in legs which increaste at day time.I am feeling pain in the soles and sole bones.My weight is 112 kg and height is 183 cm

  36. Hi
    My mum who’s nearly 68 has swollen calf and ankles for last 3 weeks after a long 9 hr flight. What would be best homeopathic medicine for this condition. If I am correct this is edema.

  37. Mrs Shobha Jain says:

    Dr I have a pain/swelling in my knee and ankle specially left side. Due to this I have a problem in standing and walking. I am taking mobilox half tab a day as a pain killer. Please advise which homeopathic medicine I should take.

  38. MADHURI MISRA says:

    Further to Madhur’ s earlier description her toes have a tendency to bend inwards

  39. MADHURI MISRA says:

    My wife 76 has swollen ankles and also pain in right foot. She has to take brufen 100 mg every day. Please suggest medicine and frequency and potency. She is also taking blood pressure medicine , calcium for osteoporosis.

  40. Sanjay Mehta says:

    My wife 46 yrs of age had chickenguniya attack in Sept 2016. In January 2018 had herpes along with this her CReactive Protien shot up. Once 39 then 36 and now 41.6. Swelling is now restricted to face and eyes but getting up in the morning is painfull. Pain in joints is there and at times it is difficult to move. Kindly advise.


  41. SJB Singha says:

    Dear Sir,
    My age is 71years. Swollen in right ankle but without pain. No -injury, no-arthritis or no- gouty afflictions.
    Surgical doctor has advised that this can be removed after surgery. Please advice , if it is possible to remove the same by homeo-treatment.

    With regards,

    SJB Singha

  42. Sir I have joint pains post partum . I had a c-section delivery . My baby is 7 and a half months old and I am still breastfeeding . Got all my checkups done there is no arthritis . Took a course of vitamin D also but I am still suffering from intense pain in my ankle joint and sometimes knee joint as well . There was pain in wrist joint and finger joints also a few months ago but tht has now gone . Pls suggest medication so that I can look after my child better and start evening walks . Thank you

    • V.sridaran says:

      Medicine for my foot ankle first finger swelling & stiffness associated with senciable advice

  43. John lobo says:

    DR my mum is 75 years old her ankles of both the legs get swalloen and she is having pain in both the legs.she also has dabities and blood pressure.six month before she had a minor doctor can you advise me the homapatic medicine for my mum for her legs.i tested her uric acid. it is also normal .

  44. Prashob says:

    I hv a cut in my thumb finger of my left feet and also in my index finger of my left feet and due to this my feet is swollen. Pls Adv homeo remedy

  45. Ignatius okoro says:

    Good day Dr, I am 78years I have been suffering from
    alternating High Blood pressure of 180/100 ,150/90 but presently started developing pedal oedema ., shortness of breath on exertion.
    Please can homoeopathy be of help to me?

  46. s.n.upadhyaya says:

    i get swelling on my feet and ankles.the swelling subsides to some extent after kidney profile report & micro albumin in urine is normal.sugar ,vitamin d/b12 level also normal.having problem of arthritis.allopathic prescribes diuretics only and suggests tkr therapy which i do not want.i am on pacemaker for the last 15 years having clear arteries and normal B.P.kindly suggest homoeo medicines.i am staunch believer of homoeopathy.with regards.

  47. narbdeshwer says:

    sir l am 26 year old l am feeling pain in my every joints and swelling in leg


    My 88 years old mother’s both legs including both foot are swollen and increasing day by day. Please refer medicine immediately.

  49. Maqbool Hussain says:

    My wife is suffering in the ankles pain in the sever condition. She has checked different doctor They advised her that There are finish liquid between the joint of ankles they advised her to take painkiller only not any other medicine . She is worry about her ankles pain and now she can not walked easily . Please advise her any hemeo medicine. Thanks

  50. AK MALHOTRA says:

    Dr Sahib,
    I am suffering from Edema i.e.Water retention on the ankles in particular. I am taking Lasix for 5 years nowin increasing doses.Now iam taking 4 Lasix 40mg.I am also taking Apocynum and Apes Mallefica but no improvement. Kindly suggest.I am 67 years old Retired IRSME Officer.

  51. My both feet are swollen . please advice for solution/treatment

  52. Achintya Nath says:

    Patient having right leg swalling for 1 week.creatinine normal and pphg 154 mg/dl.taken homeo drugs but not cured.Given massage and other home remedies.What to do?

  53. Respected sir,
    I have been travelling nearly 4 hours daily by bus (2 hours upward and 2 hours downward) for the last 2 years. In the mean time I am sitting and standing. this is my regular activity. I smoke 4 0r 5 cigarreds daily. I noticed my both the ankles swelling. When I press with finger on swollen part dip will occur. I take Repace 25g tablet for blood pressure daily by the advise of the doctor. THe doctor advised to take little quantity of salt. I am nonvegetarian. Please help for homeopathy treament.

  54. Respected sir
    I am 63 years old on wheelchair since 3 years. Doctors said due to my abdominal fat I am not able to walk. I had surgery of stricture 2 years before. Because of this I am on self dilatation. I have swelling on legs. I consulted homeopathic doctor he prescribed oedema drops nl-5 and phytolacca berry tablets. Could you please tell me will this be effective

    • Respected sir,
      I have been travelling nearly 4 hours daily by bus (2 hours upward and 2 hours downward) for the last 2 years. In the mean time I am sitting and standing. this is my regular activity. I smoke 4 0r 5 cigarreds daily. I noticed my both the ankles swelling. When I press with finger on swollen part dip will occur. I take Repace 25g tablet for blood pressure daily by the advise of the doctor. THe doctor advised to take little quantity of salt. I am nonvegetarian. Please help for homeopathy treament.

  55. I have dull pain in ankle area in both legs.feel like blood or something goes down but doesn’t have enough power to go stays at the bottom of legs and pain and the morning is better but mutch worse in the evening.if I put legs up after night is better

  56. Dear dr sharma, i have swelling in both ankles and lower part of body.i suspect odema and after walking the swelling becomes more and even testes gets swollen,when i sleep in elevated position,swelling comes stomach also gets swollen in age is 52,i have bp higher,but diabetic sugar has come down,but creatinine is at 2.plz suggest homeo medicine dr to bring down the swelling dr. Regards s.aziz

  57. Dear Dr.Sharma,

    I am getting pain over ankle joint due to Inflammation. I have consulted orthopaedic and taken tablets and went to physiotherapy also , but didn’t help much . Could you please let me know If homeopathy medicines will help me in reducing inflammation completely.

  58. Dear Sir,

    Water retention in ankles and partly in legs for my wife. One leg developed infection because of one boil and had to be operated as cellulitis developed. After operation cuts, the water retention remained constant in the ankle area though it decreases in other feet/ankle if you rest over night. Also having problem of varicose veins (mild form at top of the feet, ankle area). Tried homeo medicines apis mel, arnica, lycopodium, cal.flour, rhus tox, etc., Not getting expected results. Water retention continues with stiffness of the feet/burning sensation in one side of the feet and also experiencing stiffness of palms in the hands.

    Kindly suggest homeo remedies which can cure this. thanks.

  59. Samir Kumar Roy says:

    Dear sir,I have been suffering from swelling of both legs from 2013.It is caused by Venus problem right leg, report of color Doppler.I am having BP and diabetes but control. I have taken arnica, apis mel,sulpher,phosphorus , likopoium, hemamales etc.But no result. I cannot sit without surgical stockings. Please advice me how to cure.

  60. I am having pain in back ,spondslysesi I

  61. Anju Chowdhary says:

    I’m having swelling in my both feets .I’m having water retention problem n I’m overweight n having constipation from last 2 months I am taking medicine For high bp n sugar please tell homeopathic treatment which can all this

  62. Henry M. Sinjan says:

    Hai good morning Dr. I am a medical assistant by profession, im 59 yrs old am taking dicloflenic / voltaren when my ankle pain struck. Lately voltaren seems to be have no more effect please advise tq.

  63. Brian Menezes says:

    I am 62 years old, I have swelling on both my ankles. It is painful while I am lying down, and sometimes while walking,I was treated for a. Swollen liver, and also diabetic, which is under control. This malady has effected me a few months ago. I was hospitalized two years ago. I feel a slight pain in my left ankle, and I do not have an active gait. I walk slowly like an old man. Please Helo

  64. Hi. My 2 year old has s swelling on her arm. It was caused due to her swimming arm band that was too tight on her. The arm is swollen and red. How can I treat it?

  65. Boya Ramulu says:

    Sir goodmorning.i B.Ramu i am sufering from leg swelling and ihave tested blood came normal and i have bp so the doctors have said side effect so please give medicine please.Thankq.

  66. Muhammad adil says:

    I effected by small accident. No fracture but swerving is there near foot joint. No do difficulties for walking

  67. Vivek Pathak says:

    Hello Doctor,
    I am Vivek Pathak, I am suffering from ankylosing Spondylitis. Last year in March 2016 , I got flares and my almost all joints got affected. Specifically Right sholder, elbows, both Knees and right leg ankle and foot. Presently I am still facing problem in knees, foot and ankle. Both knees are puffy and very stiff. facing lot of difficulty while climbing or stepping down stares. Foot and ankle is swollen and facing difficulty while wearing shoes/chapple.
    Some times back is stiff and nack is stiff and little head forward.
    Need your help.

    • Mohan Rao Kadekodi says:

      Dear Dr.San. Next month I will enter 79th, but right now I feel as if I am 97! Always my feet were getting puffy, especially in the evenings. Warm salt water used to give some relief. Used to take walks even. Two months back the swelling was too much, even upto the knee-joint. Weight was up by 3.7 kg. I was asked to get the renal function test. Too expensive, but results were ok. I was treated by an Ayur.Dr. In about 10 days I lost 3.5 kg and we felt I must have got rid of 3.5 litres of water! Then my bp went down to 90/60. Dr. said it could be because of Ayur meds. I stopped my bp meds. Even now the bp is 108/70. Swelling came up again and the same meds were taken. In the mean time my Asthma reappeared and along With budamate puffs (400 each, twice).
      Presently my feet are showing signs of edema again. I was taking Ledum for about 6 months last year. Also I have varicose veins with morn & eve itches upto kneejoints & lower arms. Graphite is giving some relief. Pl guide me.

  68. My wife has got swollen left leg for last two months. Reasons are not clear. When she keeps her left leg in elevated positions the swelling eases slightly but after walking for few minutes swelling increases. Swelling is in whole of the leg right from hip joint to the fingers. Earlier there was no pain when feet was pressed it now she complains of pain while walking.
    Kindly suggest remedy.

    • I am still waiting for your suggestions. Kindly suggest appropriate medication for swollen left leg as mentioned in my earlier request.

  69. Jay Singh says:

    lately my both feet swells, what can be the cause or what homeopathic medicine i should take, I do have arthritis, blood pressure. Lately my sugar was at 10. If you can suggest best medicine. I take Arsenica Montana, Rhus Tox, Calc Carb.


      Since a couple of months my both ankles are swelling with mild burning pain and tingling sensation. It aggravates while sitting on chairs for a substantial time because of official works. No fever, no itching, no pain on pressing except deep finger print. Thirst- normal.
      Prior to this swelling of ankles a continuous aching pain above the left knee is being experienced for a long time and still it is existing. I have tried with Sulfur 200, Arsenic Alb-1M no result.
      please guide. i AM 61 YRS OLD (m)

  70. Allah Rakha Saghir says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    Good morning. I am a 76 years old male retired university professor based in Islamabad , Pakistan. I have continuous pain and swelling in the outer front part of my left ankle. A mild pain started about a week ago, but I ignored it. While walking I started twisting my foot which gave some relief tome, but the pain went on increasing. Now I simply cant stand. Being a retired university professor, I occasionally have to go out for some professional activity. Kindly advise me. With profound regards

  71. My brother has metastatic lung ca and has recently developed a tremendous amount of edema in both ankles, left greater than right. We’ve learned that he has a dvt in the left leg which is larger.
    Can you recommend any homeopathic that may help? Not painful, just uncomfortable due to the swelling. There are also some areas where petechiae have occured
    Thanks so much!

  72. dear sir
    my mother is 64 years old. her feet are swollen and pain is high. feels comfort by getting presdure on legs and warmth. gets relief by rest. she also have nail fungal or sore. feels comfort by using tight socks

  73. rabin chanda says:

    respected Dr Sharma
    self is homeopathy prctisioner with free home medicine to needy person.unfortunately mysef have
    recnt attack with ankle and foot swelling whever sitting long hours . i am 75 years old.tried arnica, ruta
    seems to be headings for varicose veins. your advise pl
    rabin chanda

  74. vvn prasad says:

    Dr.Sharma garu,
    Namasthe. My father is 80 years old. He has swollen angles and feet , left is more than right. Hopefully it is edema. I have tried with Apis, But very slight relief. If he keeps his feet on elevated posture, It will be o.k. Otherwise once again normal bulky feet. He is a diabetic and hypertension patient, with acidity as an addtitional disease and frequent loose motions. Pl. suggest remedies for the above with main focus on swelling of feet.

    • Tapan Kumar Basu says:

      Dear Dr Sharma, I have developed Left Feet Edema of Left Ankle. I had an accident on November 2016 last in which there was a deep wound in my leg which was Stitched by Doctors. Afterwards the left leg shows swelling. I had little acidoty. Have Uric Acid Complaints and had gout problems in both the Knees. Will Apis Melefica 200 5 to 6 drops a day will cure it? Or Ledum Pal 200 will be suitable. Kindly suggest. My age is 73 + .
      Dated 30-04-2017

  75. Ashim Bandyopadhyay says:

    I have met an accident which resulted swelling and bruises and pain near eyebrow and facial bone. Three stitches made in local hospital and had some alopathy medicine for 10 days, inspite of that swelling and pain on and bone below eyebrow not yet been subsided
    Please advise best homeopathy medicime to get complete relife from above complication and swelling.

  76. Shaikh Munir says:

    I am 59 year old since last 7 year i am suffering from copd ashtma. I was smoker and i worked in hazardes chemical industery about 25 year Actually i dont know real cause. Two time i was admitted in hospital for oxigen difficiancy. Oxigen level was below 80 per. As soon as climet change,i suffer from couph and cold there is too much couph, chest pain wbile walking, difficult in breathing and climbing staircase. Breathing start after getting up,chest tightness,difficult in breathing, after taking bath, i feel better. After 7,o clock i feel to much suffocation and sortness in breathing and to much gas accumulation up to 11,o clock. When l sleep there no breathig problem, phelgam atart coming out when i lay down in night. As soon i get up in the moring after 5 min. I have to run to toilet,i feel to much restless, and un easyness in stamach,2 ,3 time i have to go,stool is semi loose. After lunch and breakfast ,l sneezh 2,3 times.when there is too much couph,color is greenish,and normal time,whitedusty much sticky. I m also suffering with water retenson.after hospitalisatinè2 time i suffer from urine retention. Now i m suffering from swelling on my ankel legs sometime stomach and on face,there no burning pain and iching. Dr. Has subcribe me fruselac tab. Half tab. Daily. As long i use swelling wanish,when i stop trouble start. I think,due to stroide and anti bio tic medicine Pl. Advise me. Thanks

    • Soumitra Halder says:

      Hello Dr. Sharma,

      My mother is 70 years old. She is a patient of hypertension, arthiritis . Had a uterus removal 20 years ago. Also had a brain tumour operation in 2001. She was pretty OK. But around 20 days back she claimed some stairs and started complaining of pain around ankles. Right one with more pain. Within three days her ankle swelled up and pain worsened. The doctors diagnosed with E. Coli infection and gave Norflox 400. The infection was cured but feet and ankle swelling didn’t reduce. We consulted an orthopedist. He suggested medicines (Nucoxia and Etofree tabs) but the effect is very slow. She has lots of pain and ankles are swollen red. Please help. She is in lots of pain.

  77. De.Saab, Good Morning, staying in Delhi only, I am suffering a lot because of my peripheral area, As per doctor’s advise I done a surgery of hammarhods & fissure but problem remains there. Now in the morning at time of toilet/pressure blood at least six drops & pain & little bit burning sensation is there. So my surgeon said it must be gastroenterologist problem so requesting with folded hands for some medicine which is highly effective.



  78. S. K. DAS RAY says:

    My mother is 84 years old a resident of Kolkata and suffering from swelling in feet and ankles for the last few days. She is till date fit and her diet is normal like rice, roti, dal, fish, vegetables but she consumes little water and is tensed about her daily chores and about our family’s future. Could you please advice regarding the same?

  79. Sir, My mother aged 72 yrs suffering from swollen ankles for last 3 weeks. she is a diabetic having random levels at 175. for the last one week she is having swollen cheeks, appears after sleep and disappears after three to four hours. BP normal, ESR is 9.0. Hemoglobin is 10.5. creatin levels are 0.9. May kindly suggest suitable medicine.

  80. My mother’s legs are swollen, between the ankle and the knee, probably due to water accumulation.

  81. Sujit kumar says:

    Hello sir,
    This is sujit. Last year I suffered with an accident my feet got injured.and after plaster I was ok. But now there is some swelling in my feet (upper) first it was itching then it’s more painful.i am not able to wear my chappal. please let me know which homeopathic medicine I should take.out side no injury it’s looking swelling and painful.

  82. I hit my leg on stone and it has swollen up pls wot can I use to it


    I am suffering from swelling of my both leg mainly ankle & feet from a long time .some Dr advise vitamin D problem, some says gaino problem. But one thing before mensuration is too swelling and feeling weight and un easy. My age 45 yrs

  84. Subinoy dutta kolkata india says:

    My wife 64 suffering from swallen ankle without any injury for last 30 days.she took pain killer 21 days and remain little better.she took homeo arnica, sym 200
    Mixed with hyp 200
    Without any result. She got lipoma for last 25 years rt side. Ankle pain swalkn anle also same side.suggert homeo med pls

    • Achintya Nath says:

      Patient having right leg swalling for 1 week.creatinine normal and pphg 154 mg/dl.taken homeo drugs but not cured.Given massage and other home remedies.What to do?Age 57

  85. shambhu nath mishra says:

    Dear Doctor,my wife 60yrs.Hypertension &diabetic
    Taking allopathy medecine. but not filling well.
    Now she wants to swieft on Homeopathy.
    Her both keen replaced two years back.
    At present her both legs are swelling in day time but it reduces in the morning without any pain.will you please advice some medecine.

  86. sirigiri singaiah says:

    ankles-swollen due to congestive heart disease. what is the homeopathic medicine?

  87. Anita Yadav says:

    My husband is diagnosed by cardiac angiography, recently that he is suffering from triple vessel disease ( three vessels of heart are blocked ). Doctor suggested CABG biapass surgery. He is 6 feet tall, 82 KG body wt. No smoking no drinking habbit. No other disease like BP or Sugar. Last four months he is taking medicines for high BP and heart medicine for preventing blockage but doctors asking for surgery. He is very fit n fine. Only problem is, a little pressure on heart, left side of chest while brisk morning walk. Kindly guide us, what to do? We are mentally not prepared for surgery. I trust homeopathy and ayurveda pathy

  88. Heel pain hole body muscle pain and mornings seekness plz suggest me homeopathy ready.
    Thanking u.

  89. Sir I had water in lungs due to this I had fast breathing fast problem
    I had urine dripping this refused swelling breathing ok
    Now I take allopathic fusumide this I have to take daily too much urine make me weak
    Pse digest some home necicine

  90. Hemant Bohara says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,
    I have a sexual problem – premature ejaculation, soft erection, sexual passion but no erections sometimes and a small penis.
    I request you to guide me and help me out of this.
    warm regards

  91. srinivas says:

    Hello Doctor,

    Is there any homeo medcines, which are control blood glucose levels for diabetis. Please suggest.


  92. Ibrahim Maalim says:

    What about swollen and aching ankles due brucella? Which remedy can I use?

  93. Hlo sir
    Mere ankel joint born m cyst h iska ilaz btao

  94. sukanta das says:

    slipped disc in L5-S1 maximally supressing bilateral nerves in right side upto rt.foot

  95. Randhir Singh says:

    Dear doctor

    One patient 50 yes has undergone surgery in 2000 for sciatica l5S1.after 15-16 now again in DEC 2015 he undergone spinal survey for l3,l4,l5 due to pain and left foot drop. Now he is feeling numbness in right foot. And walks in zig zag .can he be treated homeopathic way.

    What is opnion and what are the suggestive homeo remeady

    With regards


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