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Top Rated Homeopathic Medicines for Tics

What are tics?

Tics are sudden semi voluntary repetitive twitches/movements or sounds involving distinct muscle groups. Tics are preceded by the build-up of some kind of tension in the body or sensation like itching/tingling that gets relieved only after a certain movement is performed. Tics can be suppressed with effort, but cannot be resisted. A suppression of tics is usually followed by bursting out of tics.

Classification of tics

Tics are classified into two major types – motor tics and phonic tics. Motor tics refer to movement-based tics while phonic tics are associated with sound production. Further, motor tics can be simple motor tics or complex motor tics. Similarly, phonic tics can be simple phonic tics or complex phonic tics. In simple tics, a single muscle group is involved, while in complex tics, more than one muscle group is involved. Some examples of simple motor tics include blinking the eye, shaking of head, neck stretching, shoulder shrugging. Common complex motor tics include touching objects, facial grimacing, pulling at clothes, repeating an action and making obscene gestures. The examples of simple phonic tics include throat clearing, coughing, sniffing and grunting. Complex phonic tics include repeating one’s own words or words just spoken by someone else, saying obscene or socially unacceptable words.

Causes of tics

The exact cause of tics is not clearly understood. Tics often run in families. Intake of drugs such as cocaine may also lead to tics. Tics may increase from stress, anxiety, sleep deprivation and fatigue. Concentrating on performing a task decreases tics while relaxing may worsen them.

Homeopathic treatment for tics

Tics can be treated very effectively with Homeopathic medicines. In fact, Homeopathic medicines work wonders on both motor and phonic tics. There is no one Homeopathic medicines for treating all types of tics. The ideal Homeopathic medicine is selected only after analyzing case details based on symptom presentation. On the huge list of Homeopathic medicines to treat tics, some well recognised names are Agaricus Muscarius, Cuprum Met, Hyoscyamus Niger, Zincum Met, Argentum Nitricum and Veratrum album. Among these, Homeopathic medicine Agaricus Muscarius is indicated for tics such as blinking of eyes or twitching of the head. Cuprum Met is helpful in treating eye twitching. Homeopathic medicine Hyoscyamus Niger is best suited for treating tics like making grimaces or ridiculous gestures and where a person is impelled to touch everything. Hyoscyamus Niger, on the other hand, is the best Homeopathic medicine for tics where the person makes obscene gestures, touches genitals, sings amourous songs. Zincum Met is used to treat twitching in various muscles and where a person repeats everything said to him. Homeopathic medicine Argentum Nitricum will effectively treat cases where anxiety worsens tics. Veratrum Album is prescribed for tics that cause a person to repeat actions over and over again. It must be noted that the above symptoms are mere guidelines. Several other factors need to be considered before any of these medicines are prescribed. Therefore, self-medication must be avoided at all cost. The medicines should be taken only in consultation of a Homeopathic physician.


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  1. Anil Kumar sharma says:

    Dr sharma my son is 18 yrs old and is having tics. Pl suggest right medicine or right doctor in Ludhiana so that he can get rid of these disease. He is also having OCD, like washing his hands, combing his hairs etc. Thanks Anil

  2. Anshul bhatnagar says:

    Any dr of homeopathic in indore madhya pradesh

  3. Vidhyadhat says:

    Hi doc,
    My son is 8 years old, he is dyagnosed with motor (face, eyes, mouth, head, shoulder) and vocal tics. They are usually intence when he is tired. We are trying with English medicine SIZODON.just want to try out homeo medicine. Can you please suggest some good doctor in hyderabad.Can you please help me.
    Thank you very much

  4. Juliana says:

    Hi dr. Sharma,

    My daughter lost her pacifier 1 month ago .
    I was happy coz i wanted to get rid of it anyway.
    She is almost 5 years old..and very dependent in it to sleep.

    Now since she doenst have it cant go to sleep so it takes a long time.

    But the most worrying thing is that she sucks in saliva as if she sucks on the pacifier and then she swallows it …and like this till she sleeps.
    After that no more noise.

    What can i give her to get rid of this tic or habbit.
    I dont want to give her the pacifier anymore.
    Thank you

  5. MAROOF PEER says:

    Dear DR

  6. My 11 year old daughter is having facial tics of eye blinking, grimaces, sniffing and head turning. The doctor says ignore it but she is becoming conscious of it. She loves dancing and it is affecting her when she is on stage.

    • Hi doc,
      My son is 8, he is dyagnosed with motor (face, eyes, mouth, head, shoulder) and vocal tics. They are usually intence when he is tired. He needs to touch everything he sees. We are trying homeptatic cures for almost 2 months. Can you suggest something that can help him.
      Thank you very much

  7. I am often subject to eyelid twitching. Lately the twitching has moved to the area above my eyebrow. I am also having a lot of migraine headaches which begin with the flashing ligtening type lights in my vision and sometime i cannot focus at all after which i develop a severe headache that can last for two days. i do notice that the headaches come when i am stressed – sometimes only moderately.

    Can you help me, please?

  8. I have a problem with motor tics, excessive eye blinking and twitching of the head and sholder. What do you recommend I take for this?

  9. Allison Porterfield says:

    My son has anxiety and several motor and phonic these change all the time. Sometimes he can go 2 months with nothing then can have between 1 and 3 at a time lasting up to 3 months. He bites his nails and can display expensive behaviour over the simplest things. His self esteem can be up and down very erratically. We are on the waiting list for CBT but have been told it can take up to 1 year. I am in the process of trying him on mindsoothe but haven’t really seen any difference so far he has been taking it for 1 week. He is 10 years old. Is there anything you could recommend we try.

  10. Chrishara Sutton says:

    Hi Dr Sharma:
    I emailed you last week in reference to my son’s schizophrenia and his tics, the involuntary movements of his neck stretching up and down all the time. Also, he skips steps and takes baby steps repeatedly. PlEASE help me get I’m back well. He was diagnosed wit this because he smoked a drug that made him act unusual and when I took him to a behavioral hospital they diagnosed his schizo and started treating him. He is not even talking and he was a great basketball player anticipating on going to college.

    Thanks for listening,

  11. RP Singh says:

    Dear Doc…Self aged 62 suffering from hemifacial spasm (HFS) on left side of face. Tried Botox inj also but no fruitful result…Kindly advise homeopathic medicine online to start immediate treatment…thanks.

  12. My son arham moves his neck to one side repeatedly for 5′-6 secs..he is nirmal after that…all his tests are clear and he does not have epilepsy…he is a bit fatty..very sharp minded but low concentration..likes to eat sweets

  13. Kristina Kotseva says:

    I’m mom to 10th years old son who is snizing like tic when he gets nervous. Started since tree mounths.
    Many Thanks in advance

    Kind Regards
    Kristina Kotseva

  14. Faisal Gangat says:

    Respected sir,
    My Name is Faisal and i am from ankleshwar and my age is 29.My problem is i suffered a lot of white hair almost 60% to 65% white hair.So there is any treatment to get black hair again without using color.Please Help me.
    Please Replay As early.

  15. Dr. Laurie Nadel says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma, my patient is an 11 year old boy with eye tics and soontaneous head movements. He has generalized anxiety. Should I prescribe agaricus musc.15c? Thank you.
    Dr. Laurie Nadel

  16. Dear Doctor Sharma
    My son is 6yrs old.He is diagnosed with tics when he was 4.
    But we did not take any treatments for it.His main twitches are mainly eye browlifting ,eye rolling and abdominal sudden contractions ,these symptoms are there mostly all day and some times neck protruding occurs.
    Doctors are giving counselling only can you please give treatment

  17. Dear Dr. Sharma;

    I have what I think is a pinched nerve in my next that causes my head to shake as if saying no. it is not consistent and sometimes can be controlled more than other times. stress definitely worsens and deep tissue massage help greatly.

    i did thuja 30c and hypericum 200c separated by some time for 9 months twice a day faithfully. There was no change.

    We grow a lot of our own food and avoid chemicals, wheat, and gmo’s and etc.. We are self treated most of the time with herbs but much newer to homeopathic. not afraid to experiment though.

    do you have any suggestions and do you need a consult fee?

    Thanks so much!

  18. Ayaz Ahmed says:

    Good Morning Sir,
    My 7 years old son have head jerking. I checked my son to Children doctor and they named TICS.
    I give syrups to my son but there is no any changes.
    What medication you prescribed for my son.

  19. Ankur Saraswat says:

    Hello Sir,

    I am 33 male from India suffering from tics since 8 years. The Tics are –

    1 – Involuntary head jerk on left/right side forcefully 3-4 times repeatedly after few minutes. (Main problem)
    2 – Sudden opening of mouth and jerking left/right including vocal tics of hmmmm.
    3- When on bed neck/head pounding towards pillow few times while awake.
    4- Feeling uneasiness around neck but no pain.
    5- Twitching of eyes. (Few times)
    6- Sudden blowing breathe out.
    7- Right shoulder jerk(rarely few times a day say 3 -4)

    Medical History – Took many antibiotics and pills to recover from cold, fever and bronchitis. Sinus blockage detected but healed 70% via Natural Neti process recently. Now usually avoid allopathy. Only take TheoAsthalin and Levo Citrizine when needed.

    Please advice me.

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