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Top Rated Homeopathic Medicines for Tics

Tics are sudden semi-voluntary repetitive twitches/movements or sounds involving distinct muscle groups. Tics are preceded by the build-up of some kind of tension in the body or sensation like itching/tingling that gets relieved only after a certain movement is performed. Tics can be suppressed with effort, but cannot be resisted. A suppression of tics is usually followed by bursting out of tics. On the huge list of Homeopathic medicines for tics, some well-recognized names are Agaricus Muscarius, Cuprum Met, Hyoscyamus Niger, Zincum Met, Argentum Nitricum and Veratrum album.    homeopathic medicines for tics

Classification of tics

Tics are classified into two major types – motor tics and phonic tics. Motor tics refer to movement-based tics while phonic tics are associated with sound production. Further, motor tics can be simple motor tics or complex motor tics. Similarly, phonic tics can be simple phonic tics or complex phonic tics. In simple tics, a single muscle group is involved, while in complex tics, more than one muscle group is involved. Some examples of simple motor tics include blinking the eye, shaking of the head, neck stretching, shoulder shrugging. Common complex motor tics include touching objects, facial grimacing, pulling at clothes, repeating an action and making obscene gestures. The examples of simple phonic tics include throat clearing, coughing, sniffing and grunting. Complex phonic tics include repeating one’s own words or words just spoken by someone else, saying obscene or socially unacceptable words.

Causes of tics

The exact cause of tics is not clearly understood. Tics often run in families. Intake of drugs such as cocaine may also lead to tics. Tics may increase from stress, anxiety, sleep deprivation and fatigue. Concentrating on performing a task decreases tics while relaxing may worsen them.

Homeopathic Medicines for Tics

Tics can be treated very effectively with medicines. In fact, Homeopathy medicines work wonders on both motor and phonic tics. There is no single homeopathy medicines for treating all types of tics. The ideal medicine is selected only after analyzing case details based on symptom presentation.

Agaricus Muscarius is indicated for tics such as blinking of eyes or twitching of the head.

Cuprum Met is helpful in treating eye twitching.

Hyoscyamus Niger is best suited for treating tics like making grimaces or ridiculous gestures and where a person is impelled to touch everything. Hyoscyamus Niger, on the other hand, is the best medicine for tics where the person makes obscene gestures, touches genitals, sings amourous songs.

Zincum Met is used to treat twitching in various muscles and where a person repeats everything said to him.

Argentum Nitricum will effectively treat cases where anxiety worsens tics.

Veratrum Album is prescribed for tics that cause a person to repeat actions over and over again. It must be noted that the above symptoms are mere guidelines. Several other factors need to be considered before any of these medicines are prescribed. Therefore, self-medication must be avoided at all cost. The medicines should be taken only in consultation of a physician.

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  1. Hi Dr. Sharma,
    My 12 year old son was diagnosed by a OCD specialist with OCD and TIC disorder. His tics are vocal. Little noise coming from his throat. Sometimes stretching the neck at the same time. If very anxious jerking of shoulder, but not all the time as the vocal tics. What homeopathic medicine can help him? I want to try this as an alternative to SSRI.
    Thank you very much.

  2. Priscilla Chang says:

    My son (10) just starting clearing his throat repeatedly. What can he take ?

  3. G Saravanan says:

    If a patient has got almost all the symptoms mentioned above, what will be the medicine? Is aggression also a kind of tic?

  4. Sharona Nomder Kaikov says:

    My kids are having tics.
    My daughter is 6 y/o currently having 5 different tics . It all started 5 months ago and it’s getting worse.

  5. Heather says:

    Hi My 19 yr old daughter has a sniffing tic that she has had since 12/21. Which homeopathic med do u recommend.

  6. My son was on zoloft and abilify. I took him off. He is age 23 now but born with one kidney. All doctors know are meds. I know he has some anxiety but with covid lockdown I decided to take him off his meds. Now he is coughing and says he has phlehm. Doctors always said he had post nasal drip. I took him to a few (7) doctors. ENT as well. They told him to change his diet that it was Laryngopharyngeal reflux. So diet has been changed. Recently though. I know he should get off of gluten which he did eat two hamburger rolls this week. Not gluten free so –hard to totally stop but he is doing his best. He is taking magnesium, all the vitamin’s for staying healthy, C, D, Zinc, fiber, querciten, I started him yesterday on charcoal. I just don’t know what to do for him. His muscles are sore from coughing where it hurts. He is constanting coughing and spitting. He had bloodwork done. All was fine. I worry about he kidney as he only has one. Thank you

  7. Hi,
    What us the best way to contact you?

  8. I am a53 year old woman. I have had nervous tics all my life. I twitch my nose, sometimes I tap my fingernail on things (like a pen or pencil when I’m writing), I clear my throat a lot, I sometimes grunt, and I gasp for air a lot – I sometimes feel like I’m not getting enough oxygen, and I will start yawning and can’t stop. Is there anything I can do? This is very embarrassing sometimes.

    • Are you in a home that may possibly have water damage and/or mold? These sound like symptoms of mold illness.

  9. gyanendra arya says:

    Dr Sir,
    My name is gyanendra and I am resident of Lucknow. After treatment of bipolar disorder and depression for 11 years I developed motor and phonic tics. Bipolar was treated mainly with lithium carbonate. Neurologist termed it tardive dyskinesia. Treatment has included teterabenzene, clonazapine, clonazapam, baclofane etc. But most of these medications have had limited benefits and plenty of side effects.
    Kindly prescribe suitable homeopathic meds. I could pay for consultation via you. Motor tics include grimacing of face and twitching of eyes, and clenching of jaw. My right hand lifts up with bent elbow. It always feels clenched and tired.
    My neck often makes a jerky movement. Phonic tics involve hoarse moaning sound.
    Kindly help

  10. Stephanie says:

    Doctor my son is 12 years old and has experienced TICs for several years. He is ADD/ADHD and was on medication which we thought contributed to his tics. He has been off the ADD/ADHD medication for a year now. His tics continue. He’s on the highest dose of guanficine, which his doctor says has shown to reduce tics. He has so many I can’t count them. Just recently he has started slapping himself in the face, hand shaking, head nodding, a very strange body girating, and strange moan. It’s a little overwhelming and nothing seems to be helping. He is considered to have Tourette’s. He’s going into 7th grade next year and I’m afraid he’s going to be made fun of.y hope was he would outgrow the tics/Tourette’s..but it only seems to be getting worse. Any advice would be helpful and appreciated.


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