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Top Rated Homeopathic Medicines for Tics

Tics are sudden semi-voluntary repetitive twitches/movements or sounds involving distinct muscle groups. Tics are preceded by the build-up of some kind of tension in the body or sensation like itching/tingling that gets relieved only after a certain movement is performed. Tics can be suppressed with effort, but cannot be resisted. A suppression of tics is usually followed by bursting out of tics. On the huge list of Homeopathic medicines for tics, some well-recognized names are Agaricus Muscarius, Cuprum Met, Hyoscyamus Niger, Zincum Met, Argentum Nitricum and Veratrum album.    homeopathic medicines for tics

Classification of tics

Tics are classified into two major types – motor tics and phonic tics. Motor tics refer to movement-based tics while phonic tics are associated with sound production. Further, motor tics can be simple motor tics or complex motor tics. Similarly, phonic tics can be simple phonic tics or complex phonic tics. In simple tics, a single muscle group is involved, while in complex tics, more than one muscle group is involved. Some examples of simple motor tics include blinking the eye, shaking of the head, neck stretching, shoulder shrugging. Common complex motor tics include touching objects, facial grimacing, pulling at clothes, repeating an action and making obscene gestures. The examples of simple phonic tics include throat clearing, coughing, sniffing and grunting. Complex phonic tics include repeating one’s own words or words just spoken by someone else, saying obscene or socially unacceptable words.

Causes of tics

The exact cause of tics is not clearly understood. Tics often run in families. Intake of drugs such as cocaine may also lead to tics. Tics may increase from stress, anxiety, sleep deprivation and fatigue. Concentrating on performing a task decreases tics while relaxing may worsen them.

Homeopathic Medicines for Tics

Tics can be treated very effectively with medicines. In fact, Homeopathy medicines work wonders on both motor and phonic tics. There is no single homeopathy medicines for treating all types of tics. The ideal medicine is selected only after analyzing case details based on symptom presentation.

Agaricus Muscarius is indicated for tics such as blinking of eyes or twitching of the head.

Cuprum Met is helpful in treating eye twitching.

Hyoscyamus Niger is best suited for treating tics like making grimaces or ridiculous gestures and where a person is impelled to touch everything. Hyoscyamus Niger, on the other hand, is the best medicine for tics where the person makes obscene gestures, touches genitals, sings amourous songs.

Zincum Met is used to treat twitching in various muscles and where a person repeats everything said to him.

Argentum Nitricum will effectively treat cases where anxiety worsens tics.

Veratrum Album is prescribed for tics that cause a person to repeat actions over and over again. It must be noted that the above symptoms are mere guidelines. Several other factors need to be considered before any of these medicines are prescribed. Therefore, self-medication must be avoided at all cost. The medicines should be taken only in consultation of a physician.

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  1. Namgyal chuney says:

    Hello dr. Sharma , my son who is 5 years old recently started rolling his eyes and and later it’s changed to shoulder sniggering and stop for a while and again started moving his eyes .. it’s changed every times … can u plz help me with any homeopathy medicine .. thank u

  2. Ami Hansji says:

    Hello Dr Sharma

    my 4 year old son has recently starting having tics, slightly movements in his eye while he is nervous and excited. he has a healthy diet, has a few allergies which we avoid.
    this is brand new to him and we want to correct it asap. please advise which treatments can help him.
    thank you!

  3. Fazal Ahmed says:

    Hello I am from Pakistan. It has been 10 days my son is facing tics disorder head jerking. I have seen the doctor and they are asking me to ignore it and keep the child relax.. anyhow i am worried, is there any homeopathic cure to this issue? I will be very grateful for your help

  4. Hello Doctor Sharma,

    My 9 years old hums and wiggle fingers near his eyes (vocal/motor tics). They are mild, but happens several times during the day. They are short bouts. What homeopathic can help ? Thanks

  5. My son has tics i want to discuss which medicine is good for him and where I could buy these

  6. Liddy Hargreaves says:

    My son has several tics which he has had on since the age of 5, he’s now nearly 13. During lockdown they have become worse and another arm movement has been added. At one point they were vocal repetition of numbers for a very short time and a long time ago – he has not had a vocal one for many years however. I would be grateful if you could advise me on a course of treatment – should I seek allergy tests and if so I have been told they shouldn’t be just skin tests? Would homeopathy and diet ristrictions help him with this? I would be very grateful for any direction you could provide in my journey to helping him.
    Many thanks,

    • Daniela G says:

      Hi Liddy,

      While searching for my own answers I came upon your question.
      I just want to let you know that you should definitely get allergy testing done, as well as look into a healing diet, which would most likely be Paleo as it heals the gut. Healing The gut is the key. It takes a long time but it works. The gut and brain are connected!
      That being said, My 8 year olds tics get worse if he’s exposed to something he’s allergic or sensitive to. For instance he’s had an egg allergy for about 5 years now. In trying to reintroduce egg, his mouth licking And rubbing tic is ramping up again.
      Also anxiety plays a huge role. Homeopathy can definitely help. Try to find a skilled homeopath. Many of them do zoom appointments.
      The lockdowns don’t help, I know. Lots of luck to you.

  7. Jenna Hojnicki says:

    My daughter suffers from a phonic tic (sniffing) that started after she had MRSA and took an antibiotic last December. She also suffers from OCD, mild ADD, social & generalized anxiety.

  8. Jennifer a Cory says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma, My daughter is 8 yrs old and has been suffering from phonic, eye blinking and facial grimacing tics for 3 years. I believe they came on after having her tonsils removed which had been extremely enlarged starting at age 3. We have had her evaluated for PANS/PANDAS as they seem to get worse when she has a mild cold. They are worse when resting and she tells me she feels she needs to do them to release something, she said they “feel good”. we have tried several homeopathic remedies but nothing really has helped.

    I would love your feedback.
    Thank you Jennifer

  9. Shanlee Dill says:

    hi doctor, my 8 year old had both motor and vocal tics.

    She makes humming sounds
    Eye twitching
    Head jerking
    Hopping are some I noticed.

    Its increases when she is excited

    Please advise how I can consult you.

    • SURESH JAIN says:

      Dr Sharma
      My son aged 25 years having tics for past 3 years gruntling sound, shoulder twisting and deep breathe please suggest the remedy for

  10. Susanne says:

    Hello from Sweden.
    Sorry for not the best English😜
    Been asking for help to a Homeopat for a year now. I need help for my tics thats getting worse.
    I bite my tounge and crack with my jaw. I can wake up and doing this , in stressed situation and now more and more for no reason and I feel like I cant control it.
    What homeopatic medication can you recomend me to take?

  11. Ruth Silva says:

    Hi, my 13 year old daughter started a few months ago with a sideways tick in her neck, resulting in uncontrolled and very sudden head rotation (to the right). Any suggestions of homeopathic doctors in Oxford, UK?

  12. M K U Nair says:

    11 June 2020
    My wife, 63 years, developed tics / twitching (involuntary twitching of facial muscles below the eyes), first below the left eye. In 3 -4 days, the twitching moved to the right side and on the eye muscles. Yesterday noon, she had mild tremor in right hand. She was not able to write properly, because of slight shivering.

    I had Gelsemium 30 ch and Zincum Metallicum 30 ch. I gave 4 drops of each, twice a day.

    Probably, it is caused by the stress / tension she has for the last two months because of Covid-19 spread. She had very little for the breakfast, probably she was hungry and tiered as well. I asked to take a little sugar at that time.

    Could you please advise me on the treatment?

  13. Prateek Kumar says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma
    I am 20 yrs old and heve been suffering from tics for the last ten years..At first I have only eye blinking problem but now head shaking,facial expressions etc add to it..Whenever I feel tensed it get worst,Sometimes when i sleep a sudden attack of it happens and I get awake from it….Plzz suggest suitable remedy..

  14. Christina Caffrey says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma
    My daughter suffers from chronic tics. She is 20 years old, but has had tics since she was a child of about 7 years. Her tics mostly manifest in order of the most severe first is (1).nose scrunching – (similar to a rabbit moving their nose). (2) rapid eye blinking with both or one eye. (3) eyebrows – she must raise them up or she gets headaches. (4) mouth – where she is compelled to draw her lips back and reveal her top teeth. Under great stress, she feels compelled to move her fingers also. Stress and lack of sleep greatly intensify the tics. Nothing other than eliminating stress improves the tics, but never completely. The tics are constant in that they happen several times every hour. Please let us know if there is anything you can recommend to treat this disorder. Sincerely, Christina Caffrey

  15. Hello Dr. Sharma I m 55 yrs and symptoms of shoulder shrugging started from last 6 months. Recently from last few days , some different vocal sounds started on its own. Please suggest suitable remedy for the same.

  16. Sandeep kaur says:

    Hello Dr Sharma I have a son age 4.6 years old he is blinking his left eye we went for his check up in PGI CHD they said normal and then we see another private eye specialist they told us he has tick he blinking his left eye and when consentrate to something sometime close his left eye or blinks some time normal this problem started from last 4 week ago he had fever after fever problem started. Is there any solution please tell me.

  17. Connie Ojong says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma. My son is 19 . His tics started mildly and intermittently age 8 form shaking his head to clearing his throat, then disappeared. Age throat clearing started again, age 13 , mild swearing under his breadth which he could suppress in public. Age 17, after dad and I divorced and dad estranged himself for some time, he began stuttering and swearing increased under breadth. However, 9 months ago swearing / stuttering increased and louder interrupting every word / sentence and sometimes his mouth jerks. He also now tends to repeat his own and others word. What do you recommend? Please help. He is is highly functional, a footballer and just took a year out of university because the tics and social interaction increasingly difficult / affecting self esteem. intelligent. rRecently, he cracks his neck intermitently Any ideas of Homeopathic medicine you may recommend, please. We are based in the United Kingdom.

    • Daniel Sokari-Pedro says:

      I have been having spasms/tics around the neck region and an accompanying facial grimace since 2007,I guess,due to injury in the cervical vertebrae. How can I get Tic Tamer or Argentum Nitricum here in Nigeria? Thanks

  18. Md zakir Hussain says:

    I am 32 years old. I have been suffering from left face muscle twitching like hemifacial spasm last 10 years. So long request you to please suggest me any home paith medicine for cure it.

  19. My child is 4.6 year’s old.He is suffering with eye tick for three weeks. Before few days ago his forehead gate little injured.Now he is fine and doctor told me that there is no serious injury in forehead. The eye specialist suggests that it’s a tick . Please suggest me some medicine.

  20. my son is a boy is now 8 years and 9 months
    since his 6 th year he has nervous tics (similar to Gilles Tourette syndrome)
    the first tic was a respiratory tic as he choked on his fear of drowning in the beach
    After he replaced this respiratory tic with another (blinking of the eyes)
    After he replaced it with grimaces on the face (stretching of the nose or jaw …) and so on …
    Since June 2018 his tics do not disappear especially vocal tics (eh eh eh, noises, singing …) tics increase when he’s watching TV in excitement and imagination and disappears in sleeping and when he focuses on something he does (chess, synthetic game …)
    and since 1 month he presented a stutter that never had in his early childhood
    I tried some homeopathic remedies to cure his vocal tics (before stuttering) 5granules ignatia amara 15ch in the evening and 5granules argentum nitricum 15ch in the morning for 15 days but without result
    After I gave it 9ch stramonium for 11 days but its stuttering became more intense
    last Tuesday I gave it spigelia 9ch (4 granules only one dose on tuesday) but no results😢😢😢😢
    I want to add that my son has already suffered epileptic seizures when he was 5 months old but I gave him 2 years and a half of an antiepileptic drug (depakine)
    alhamdoulillah he had no more crisis since his treatment but unfortunately at 6 years tics appear
    also most nights he pee in bed (enuresie)
    he is intelligent but his concentration has become low
    he is sensitive, easily cries, he gets angry quickly and
    very stubborn and his self-confidence is low he do not like to fail and when he fails he cries…

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