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Hay fever Attacks Troubling You? Homeopathic Medicines for Hay Fever are the Best Bet

 Hay-Fever-Homeopathic-remediesHay fever is an allergic disorder which is caused due to an exaggerated response of the immune system to allergic substances or allergens. It is also known as “Allergic rhinitis” and has symptoms similar to the common cold; however, they often last for more than two weeks and typically do not include fever. Signs and symptoms of allergic rhinitis are running nose, sneezing, nasal congestion, stuffy nose, and eye irritation. Other eye symptoms include red, itchy and watery eyes, as in allergic conjunctivitis. Homeopathic medicines for hay fever enjoy an edge over other conventional treatment due to their holistic approach to healing. While the conventional treatment includes antihistamines and steroids, having very harmful side-effects, especially on children and elderly persons, homeopathic medicines are safer as they are made of natural substances.

Persons having hay fever are more likely to contract asthma or eczema (allergic dermatitis) in comparison to others. Hay fever is mainly of two types – seasonal and perennial. The seasonal type is that which occurs during a particular season when specific plants pollinate, while that which occurs throughout the year is perennial. People with perennial hay fever are allergic to one or more allergens (mostly indoors). These symptoms call for a recourse to a safe and non-toxic line of treatment that homeopathic medicines assure. 

The most useful homeopathic medicines for hay fever are Arsenic Album, Allium Cepa, Sabadilla, Natrum Mur and Kali Bichromium.

Merits of homeopathic medicines for treating hay fever

In hay fever, the immune system overreacts to the allergens present in the air. As with other allergies, it is a result of your own immune system mistaking a harmless substance as a harmful one and releasing chemicals that cause the symptoms. Homeopathy seeks to stimulate a self-healing response from the person’s own immune system. The main goal of the treatment provided by homeopathy is to strengthen rather than weaken the immune system. Homeopathic medicines optimize the overactive immune system so that complete healing is more likely to occur.

Top Remedies for hay fever

The best homeopathic medicine for hay fever with thin, watery and excoriating discharge is Arsenic Album. When hay fever sets in every August, during spring, Allium Cepa is the most suited homeopathic medicine. Another remarkable homeopathic medicine Sabadilla is used often in spasmodic sneezing with a running nose; dry itching, tickling in the nose, rubs or picks at it. For hay fever with nasal obstruction, with distress and fullness at the root of the nose, Kali Bichromium is a good remedy.

Treating Hay Fever in Spring with Homeopathy:

The most indicated homeopathic medicines for hay fever occurring during the spring season are Allium Cepa and Gelsemium. When hay fever occurs with every change of weather, especially spring, along with sneezing early in the morning, homeopathic medicine Gelsemium is recommended. Allium Cepa is effective for hay fever occurring in spring with profuse watery discharges and sneezing, especially when entering a warm room.

Remedies for Hay Fever Occurring Annually:

The top-grade homeopathic medicines for hay fever occurring annually are Psorinum and Kali Phosphoricum. Psorinum is most indicated when the hay fever is returning regularly every year. Kali phosphoricum is another helpful homeopathic medicine for hay fever accompanied with violent sneezing and nervous irritability. These both are used as prophylactic medicines for hay fever.

Treating Hay Fever in Asthmatic People:

The best indicated homeopathic medicines for hay fever in persons having asthma are Allium Cepa, Arsenic Album, and Iodum. Hay fever that was suppressed by antihistamines that went into the lungs is treated well with Allium Cepa. Arsenic Album is used for hay fever in persons suffering from asthmatic asthma worsened during sleep and asthma from suppressed eruptions. Another wonderful medicine used for asthmatic persons who breathe heavily when quiet, and suffer shortness of breath on the least exertion or talking is Iodum.

Natural Medicines for Hay Fever with Running Nose:

The most effective homeopathic medicines for hay fever with running nose are Ambrosia, Sabadilla and Arsenic Album. Ambrosia acts well when a person has running, watery nose along with nose bleeding. Another wonderful medicine Sabadilla is effective for fluent coryza, worsened from the odor of flowers, even thinking of flowers increases the discharge. Thin, watery, excoriating discharges from the nose are treated well with homeopathic medicine Arsenic Album.

Natural Treatment of Hay Fever with Sneezing:

The most remarkable homeopathic medicines for hay fever with sneezing are Sabadilla, Cepa, and Camphor. Sabadilla is the most indicated homeopathic medicine when sneezing is markedly present. If sneezing gets worse when coming into a warm room, while rising from bed or handling peaches, Cepa is the best homeopathic medicine. Camphor is most effective in persons who are very sensitive to cold, inhaled air that seems to be cold.

Remedies for Hay Fever with Nasal Blockage:

The effective homeopathic medicines for hay fever accompanied with nasal blockage are Ammonium Carbonicum, Arum triphyllum, and Nux Moschata. Ammonium Carbonicum acts well when a stoppage occurs during the night with long coryza and a continuing urge to sneeze is present. Arum Triphyllum is helpful for nasal blockage with soreness of the nostrils, constant picking at the nose until it bleeds, especially in children. When the nose is dry and blocked and the person has to breathe through the mouth, Nux moschata is the most well indicated homeopathic medicine.

Medicines for Hay Fever with Itching:

The marked homeopathic medicines for hay fever having itching are Arundo and Wyethia. Arundo is effective for hay fever with annoying itching present in the nostrils and roof of the mouth, while when itching is present in the posterior areas homeopathic medicine Wyethia is another wonderful medicine.

Homeopathy for Hay Fever Accompanied by Eye Symptoms:

Homeopathic medicines for hay fever accompanied with eye symptoms are Ruta, Euphrasia and Allium Cepa. Pain and irritation, and foreign body sensation in the eyes are treated well with homeopathic medicine Ruta. Euphrasia is an excellent homeopathic medicine for hay fever when the eyes water all the time. Acrid lachrymation and bland coryza are treated by Euphrasia. When tears from the eyes are bland and nasal discharges are acrid; homeopathic medicine Allium Cepa is prominently indicated.

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  1. H.Dr Munir Ahmed says:

    Gud morning Dr Sharma,
    I am from Pakistan and I read your treatment on several occasions I proud to your practice and helpful knowledge for others God bless you.
    Sir I am also homoepathic Dr but I haven’t practice because I am too busy in my domestic work.
    Dr Sharma my daughter have high fever with red spot on the skin no itching plz guide me but I have given bell 200 and Ars Alba 200

  2. Virpal Singh says:

    Very useful medicines, at this time peoples are scared of corona, but your post is truely booster…for motivation
    Hats off .

  3. Atul mahendra says:

    My daughter Anushka is 11 yrs old. She is having allrgy since she was 3 or 4 yrs. We hqve shown her several homeopaths but not cured. Only alipathic medicine work but till she keep it taking. Her doctor says it is Hay fever allergy. In changing environment when humidity or hot is there red patches comes to her jounts, in hands, legs and belo eyes with eaching.
    I request you to kindly suggest any good german homeopath medicine.
    Atul mahendra

  4. Muhammad Muneer says:

    I am facing nose blockage issue and then breath from mouth. And in raining season i am facing also shortness of breath.
    I am using snipis niagara 6 and fealing better now but not cure completely.
    It looks hey fever.
    Could you please guide to cure completely.


  5. thank you very much, doctor

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