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Hay fever Attacks Troubling You? Homeopathic Medicines for Hay Fever are the Best Bet

 Hay-Fever-Homeopathic-remediesHay fever is an allergic disorder which is caused due to an exaggerated response of the immune system to allergic substances or allergens. It is also known as “Allergic rhinitis” and has symptoms similar to the common cold; however, they often last for more than two weeks and typically do not include fever. Signs and symptoms of allergic rhinitis are running nose, sneezing, nasal congestion, stuffy nose, and eye irritation. Other eye symptoms include red, itchy and watery eyes, as in allergic conjunctivitis. Homeopathic medicines for hay fever enjoy an edge over other conventional treatment due to their holistic approach to healing. While the conventional treatment includes antihistamines and steroids, having very harmful side-effects, especially on children and elderly persons, homeopathic medicines are safer as they are made of natural substances.

Persons having hay fever are more likely to contract asthma or eczema (allergic dermatitis) in comparison to others. Hay fever is mainly of two types – seasonal and perennial. The seasonal type is that which occurs during a particular season when specific plants pollinate, while that which occurs throughout the year is perennial. People with perennial hay fever are allergic to one or more allergens (mostly indoors). These symptoms call for a recourse to a safe and non-toxic line of treatment that homeopathic medicines assure. 

The most useful homeopathic medicines for hay fever are Arsenic Album, Allium Cepa, Sabadilla, Natrum Mur and Kali Bichromium.

Merits of homeopathic medicines for treating hay fever

In hay fever, the immune system overreacts to the allergens present in the air. As with other allergies, it is a result of your own immune system mistaking a harmless substance as a harmful one and releasing chemicals that cause the symptoms. Homeopathy seeks to stimulate a self-healing response from the person’s own immune system. The main goal of the treatment provided by homeopathy is to strengthen rather than weaken the immune system. Homeopathic medicines optimize the overactive immune system so that complete healing is more likely to occur.

Top Remedies for hay fever

The best homeopathic medicine for hay fever with thin, watery and excoriating discharge is Arsenic Album. When hay fever sets in every August, during spring, Allium Cepa is the most suited homeopathic medicine. Another remarkable homeopathic medicine Sabadilla is used often in spasmodic sneezing with a running nose; dry itching, tickling in the nose, rubs or picks at it. For hay fever with nasal obstruction, with distress and fullness at the root of the nose, Kali Bichromium is a good remedy.

Treating Hay Fever in Spring with Homeopathy:

The most indicated homeopathic medicines for hay fever occurring during the spring season are Allium Cepa and Gelsemium. When hay fever occurs with every change of weather, especially spring, along with sneezing early in the morning, homeopathic medicine Gelsemium is recommended. Allium Cepa is effective for hay fever occurring in spring with profuse watery discharges and sneezing, especially when entering a warm room.

Remedies for Hay Fever Occurring Annually:

The top-grade homeopathic medicines for hay fever occurring annually are Psorinum and Kali Phosphoricum. Psorinum is most indicated when the hay fever is returning regularly every year. Kali phosphoricum is another helpful homeopathic medicine for hay fever accompanied with violent sneezing and nervous irritability. These both are used as prophylactic medicines for hay fever.

Treating Hay Fever in Asthmatic People:

The best indicated homeopathic medicines for hay fever in persons having asthma are Allium Cepa, Arsenic Album, and Iodum. Hay fever that was suppressed by antihistamines that went into the lungs is treated well with Allium Cepa. Arsenic Album is used for hay fever in persons suffering from asthmatic asthma worsened during sleep and asthma from suppressed eruptions. Another wonderful medicine used for asthmatic persons who breathe heavily when quiet, and suffer shortness of breath on the least exertion or talking is Iodum.

Natural Medicines for Hay Fever with Running Nose:

The most effective homeopathic medicines for hay fever with running nose are Ambrosia, Sabadilla and Arsenic Album. Ambrosia acts well when a person has running, watery nose along with nose bleeding. Another wonderful medicine Sabadilla is effective for fluent coryza, worsened from the odor of flowers, even thinking of flowers increases the discharge. Thin, watery, excoriating discharges from the nose are treated well with homeopathic medicine Arsenic Album.

Natural Treatment of Hay Fever with Sneezing:

The most remarkable homeopathic medicines for hay fever with sneezing are Sabadilla, Cepa, and Camphor. Sabadilla is the most indicated homeopathic medicine when sneezing is markedly present. If sneezing gets worse when coming into a warm room, while rising from bed or handling peaches, Cepa is the best homeopathic medicine. Camphor is most effective in persons who are very sensitive to cold, inhaled air that seems to be cold.

Remedies for Hay Fever with Nasal Blockage:

The effective homeopathic medicines for hay fever accompanied with nasal blockage are Ammonium Carbonicum, Arum triphyllum, and Nux Moschata. Ammonium Carbonicum acts well when a stoppage occurs during the night with long coryza and a continuing urge to sneeze is present. Arum Triphyllum is helpful for nasal blockage with soreness of the nostrils, constant picking at the nose until it bleeds, especially in children. When the nose is dry and blocked and the person has to breathe through the mouth, Nux moschata is the most well indicated homeopathic medicine.

Medicines for Hay Fever with Itching:

The marked homeopathic medicines for hay fever having itching are Arundo and Wyethia. Arundo is effective for hay fever with annoying itching present in the nostrils and roof of the mouth, while when itching is present in the posterior areas homeopathic medicine Wyethia is another wonderful medicine.

Homeopathy for Hay Fever Accompanied by Eye Symptoms:

Homeopathic medicines for hay fever accompanied with eye symptoms are Ruta, Euphrasia and Allium Cepa. Pain and irritation, and foreign body sensation in the eyes are treated well with homeopathic medicine Ruta. Euphrasia is an excellent homeopathic medicine for hay fever when the eyes water all the time. Acrid lachrymation and bland coryza are treated by Euphrasia. When tears from the eyes are bland and nasal discharges are acrid; homeopathic medicine Allium Cepa is prominently indicated.

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  1. Hi sir, my son 10 years old ,past 5 years he is suffrring from allergi rhinitis and always nose and eye itching , when get up in morning always complain nose blockage and sneezing ,whole year he is suffering this type of symptom please help

  2. Hi sir I’m 51 years old I have got hay fever about 10 years. My symptoms start last three weeks in June till July a week . Grass and tree nose and eyes drops and sinus problems . My problems itchy eyes. Which homeopathic medicine best for me and How to take medicine.I’m grateful , If you help me Thanks.

  3. Hi dr

    My son is five he has never have a hay fever but since last week he rubbing his eyes and itching in his mouth. Sneezing in morning.
    Is it hay fever? What s medication? Is homeopathy safe? What kind of homeopathy medicine he need? I don’t want give him any steroids?

  4. Hello Dr.Sharma
    I am a retd. GP and 74 yrs.old I have been suffering from Hay fever for over 40 yrs Treatrd with steroid spry for nose and steroid eye drops but can’t get relief My symptoms star in middle of June and last until end of August mostly due to grass and tree pollen My most trouble some problems very itchy eyes with intense irritation followed by thick watery discharge
    I will be most grateful if you can help me Kind Regards Dr. Rahman

  5. Hello respected driving. Sherman.
    I read your post. It’s very helpful post. My question about Allium do I use this medicine everyday and how many times can I take this medicine..
    Please let me know asap
    Thanks again for your excellent post

    • Whether all four medicines allium Cepa aresnic ,ambrosia etc can be taken in case of hey fever with sneezing and if so what would be dose

  6. AMITH JOHN says:

    Dr. I am 14 years old boy.suffering from sneezing every morning for the past 10 years . Blocked nostrils .itching of throat ,eyes and ears.these are the symptoms of my problem .

  7. Kavita Poply says:

    My 8 year old son “Shrey” has been always troubled with skin dermatitis, mostly flexural surfaces. I apply 1% hydrocortisone and occasional betnovate on that. He also contracted possible herpes perioral rash at the age of 4 from swimming pool and was getting recurrence of that every 3-4 months up until last 9 months ago.
    Last summer, during my India visit in August, he got this flare of rash worst ever, which took 2 months to subside. Each time, I notices that he would have some URI kind of symptoms followed by rash ( possibly viral related low immunity state and recurrence of herpes rash).
    Since the last episode of rash, I started giving him Arnica mont, Arsenicum album and Rhus toxicodendron 1M every week religiously with intermittent Influenzium. I have noticed obvious change ie less frequent appearance of rash and if it does, its not that intense now.
    However, this month, he developed very new allergic condition ” Hay fever”, with intensely itchy and red eyes, sneezing ,nasal stuffiness and night time nasal blockage. I am giving him cetrizine to control these symptoms, but of course its temporary.
    I am worried that it will worsen and would stay with him for life long. Hence am desperate to prevent it at its developmental stage.
    Just to add some background- We live in London. I am an anaesthetist and my husband is a Paediatric cardiologist. I had Hayfever from the age of 15 year till Shrey’s birth. After his birth, my years long allergy issues just vanished ( I relate it possibly pregnancy related immunity changes, of course people can name it miracle!!)
    I am looking for your advice that on the basis of above issues ie newly developed Hayfever ( Itchy and red eyes with nasal stuffiness) and longterm skin dermatitis issues and possibly resolving herpes rash, what will be the best combination of homeopathy suggestion for him. Just to reiterate that he is on above named meds currently.
    Look forward to hear from you.
    Kind regards

  8. mannan hameed says:

    Dear doctor

    I am suffering from hay fever for the last 10 days (01/29/2018). Let me describe my symptoms in points.

    1. I am sneezing a lot even while sleeping a kind of intense itching starts within my nose and I start itching.
    2. I am sneezing very much in the morning but this intermittently continues throughout the day.
    3. Earlier it was a thin watery cold discharge, now it is warm but still thin watery and continuous.
    4. I initially had extreme pain, itching, foreign body sensation and burning in my eyes and my eyes were a swollen . . eyes symptoms have decreased a bit but are continuous.
    5. Now I have started getting a kind itching sensation inside my ears too.
    6. sometimes my nostrils alternatively block for a while but draining.
    7. sneezing is the most troublesome aspect with eye problem.

  9. moeen khan says:

    Sir mja allergy ha ager 2 din tak allergy tablet na lon to mja zukam or ear main pain start hojata ha or body pa karish ho jati ha plz mja koe german homeo medicunes bta dain ya masla _6 year sa ha

  10. Respected sir,
    I have hay fever since I moved to south Africa. This is autumn season n I still have hay fever. My nose blocks and my chest becomes tight. My eyes tear n I struggle to breathe. Kindly consult.

  11. Jan e alam says:

    Sir I suffer from hay fever in spring since last 4 years.
    I think pollen are the allergen which bring this misery. Main symptom are
    Intense sneezing
    Blocked nose
    Watery itching eyes.
    After 2 weeks of these symptoms chest congestion and very short breathing (asthma) starts.
    Kindly suggest remedy for me.

  12. Syed Ahmad Hasan says:

    Dear Mr.Sharma,

    My wife is suffering with hay fever
    Symtoms are
    Sneezing in the morning (around 100 to 150 times in one go)
    Running nose
    Watery eyes
    After taking benidryll syrup she feels comfortable for some time.
    We have taken allopathy treatment in which Doctor might be giving some sort of steroids by taking it she feel good for about a day and then same situation.
    please suggest homeopathy treatment .

    Syed Ahmad Hasan

  13. Ruchira Banerjee says:

    I am 34 year old woman suffering from tickling and itching in ears(outer ears) and nose from 27th Sep 2016. I am not having running nose or discharge from ears. I have taken some medicines from local homeopath but got relieved from severe itching but not fully cured. Kindly help.

  14. Tushar Kant Pandey says:

    Sir I am facing the problem of continue sneezing, itching inside and outside of nose, discharge from nose,burning eyes and discharge form eyes and dryness. these symptoms matching with Hay Fever .
    Kindly suggest me a suitable medicine for this

  15. Lalit Kumar says:


    I am suffering from Poly arthritis + acute spondolitis since 1998, and had implant in dorsal spine at due to fracture at D8 – D9 in March 2011. Right now main problem in right hip joint, erosion in right hip joint. This problem diaganosed in 2000. The doctor says to go for hip joint replacement. Kindly suggest me the treatment.

    Allopathic medicine taken – Indocap SR, Methodroxate, folic acid, Dexorange, Saaz DS.
    At present taking on Indocap SR only.
    Homeopathic medicin taken – Sangurian Cam, Arnica and Aveina Sativa during 2000

    with regards
    Lalit kumar

  16. Kay Mbayise says:

    Does Sugar give hayfever symptoms like itchy nose and red eyes?

  17. Manuka Wijesinghe says:

    Dear dr sharma, a happy new year to you. I am writing regarding a recurrent spring pollen allergy, sneezing violently. Thi is winter (I am writing from germany), is it advidable to begin with psorinum now, in order to prevent (thoght I think homoepathy, is not really used prophylactically) before the advent of summer. Any suggestions would be thankful. With potencies and how it should be taken. The most confusing to me in homoepathy is the correct usage of potency and the intervals….

    He is a young man I a talking about, twenty, gentle, kind, susspetible to nose bleeds as a kid and bronchitis as baby and reddening of eyes. He is a student now. But spring allergy (to grasses) become excrutiating in the spring time. Nearly making it impossible for him to go outside. This happends only in europe. When he spent time in asia where the chaning season was not accute, there was no evidence of allergies. Of course, in europe, for he went to school and studies here too, the stress levels are highter too.

    I have been trying sabadilla the last few years. It responded to him a few years ago but does not seem to help any more.

  18. navjot singh says:

    I have been suffering from blocked nose irritation dry nose swelling eye itiching ninside nose pain eye ear pain.8months ago i was operated nose septoplasty cold problem or phelgum get down in my through from some yearsnd now increase.plz tell me docter how i can relief.i m from amritsar punjab.ican visit chandigarh .tell me ur adress iwant visit there .tellme something about my problem

  19. Does homeopathy work? Various airtcles I found over the net claim it doesn’t. Wikipedia article says: Homeopathy is unsupported by modern scientific research. The extreme dilutions used in homeopathic preparations usually leave none of the original material in the final product. The Modern Scientific Research is not mature enough to explain many of the things, one of them being Homeopathy.

  20. My husband having suffer from temperture for three month . Hamne sard test karwa liye par all report negative but temp theak nahi ho raha wese tou temp 12 saal se saal mein do baar hota tha summer mein to jarura hota tha June to August ke bech mein one week par abki baar 3 month ho Gaye hai koi cough cold nahi hai kya aap hmme asi medicine bata sakte hai ki temp theek ho jaye please meri request hai ki aap hame medicine batye taki inki immunity strong ho .

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