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10 Highly Effective Homeopathic Remedies for Pudendal Neuralgia

Pudendal neuralgia refers to chronic pelvic pain arising from damage or irritation of the pudendal nerve. The pudendal nerve supplies the areas including lower buttocks; perineum; area around anus and rectum; labia, vulva and clitoris in females; scrotum and penis in males; external anal sphincter and urethral sphincter. Homeopathic remedies for pudendal neuralgia help manage pain, numbness in the pelvis as well as genitals and other attending complaints like urinary issues, erectile dysfunction, painful coition in cases of pudendal neuralgia.   Homeopathic remedies for pudendal neuralgia

Pudendal neuralgia may arise from direct injury to the pudendal nerve, injury to pudendal nerve from surgery to pelvic area or from childbirth, muscles spasm in pelvic floor that compresses the nerve, damage to nerve from an infection or disease, compression of nerve from a tumour that squeeze or irritate the nerve. Activities including prolonged sitting, horse riding and excessive bicycling also predispose a person to pudendal neuralgia. In some cases no cause behind pudendal neuralgia may be found.

Homeopathic Remedies for Pudendal Neuralgia

Homeopathic medicines are highly effective to treat the complaint of pudendal neuralgia. The top grade medicines to treat pudendal neuralgia are Colocynthis, Magnesia Phos, Hypericum, Platina and Sepia. The suitable medicines among them are selected based on the characteristic symptoms in every individual case.

1. Colocynthis – For Marked Pelvic Pain

Colocynthis is prepared from pulp of fruit of plant named Citrullus colocynthis, Cucumis colocynthis or Bitter Apple. This plant belongs to natural order Cucurbitaceae. Colocynthis is a top grade medicine for pudendal neuralgia with marked pelvic pain. Persons needing Colocynth have intense pain in the hip. The nature of pain may be stitching, cutting, cramping, drawing, tearing, throbbing type. The pain may extend down  to the leg. Lying on the affected side tend to give relief. The hip may feel swollen and sensitive to touch.  Pricking, burning, sticking and excoriating pain in anus may also be present. Darting pains in rectum may attend. In females, dragging pain in vagina may accompany the above symptoms.

2. Magnesia Phos – For Pelvic Pains of Darting, Shooting Type

Magnesia Phos is a beneficial medicine for pudendal neuralgia with pelvic pains of darting, shooting type.  It is also suitable for lightning-like neuralgic pains. Pains are intense and unbearable in nature and may be shifting in nature, changing location from one place to other. Numbness may arise with pains in affected areas. Worsening of pain is noted at night. Relief in the pain from warmth and pressure is a general characteristic feature where Magnesia Phos is indicated.

3. Hypericum – For Burning Pains and Numbness

Hypericum is prepared plant from Hypericum perforatum also known by the name of St. John’s Wort. The natural order of this plant is Hypericaceae. Hypericum is a great nerve remedy for cases presented with marked burning pains and numbness. Intense excruciating neuralgic pains also attend. Tingling sensation may also appear along with above symptoms. Hypericum is a top grade medicine for treating pudendal neuralgia that arises from nerve injury.

4. Platina – For Pain in Female Genitals

Platina is an excellent medicine for treating pudendal neuralgia in females complaining of neuralgic pain in genitals. Tingling sensation in genitals may be there along with pain. A marked sensitivity of the genitals is also present, causing an inability to touch the genitals. The vulva is very sensitive and painful during coitus where Platina is needed. In some cases numbness in the genitals may also be felt.

5. Sepia – For Painful Coition in Females

Sepia is a  very beneficial medicine for managing complaint of painful coition in females suffering from pudendal neuralgia. Sexual parts are tender to touch and sexual intercourse is intolerable. Blood from vagina after coition may appear. Pain in vagina mainly of stitching nature are marked. Labia and perineum are also sore. 

6. Conium – For Pain in Male Genitals

Conium is very effective to treat pudendal neuralgia in males having pain in genitals. Males needing Conium mainly have pain in scrotum that often radiates to root of penis. Most times the pain is cutting in nature. Along with this frequent urging for urination may be present. While urinating burning, cutting pain may be felt. Conium is also helpful for treating complaint of erectile dysfunction in males having pudendal neuralgia. Painful emission of semen may also be present.

7. Caladium – For Treating Erectile Dysfunction

Caladium is prepared from the plant Caladium seguinum commonly known as Dumb Cane. The natural order of this plant is Araceae. Caladium is very suitable to treat erectile dysfunction in males having pudendal neuralgia. Males requiring Caladium suffers from weak erections or incomplete erections. Sexual desire is present. Stitching pain in penis may also be there. Caladium is also useful in cases where complaint of painful erections is present.

8. Merc Sol – To Manage Frequent and Urgent Urination

Merc Sol is very valuable to manage complaint of frequent and urgent urination in pudendal neuralgia cases. In cases requiring Merc Sol, frequency of urination is increased both in the day and at night time. Sometimes there is need to pass urine every hour. Along with this there is marked urgency to pass urine and person has to rush to urinate. Burning pain in urethra may be felt on beginning to urinate.

Symptoms of Pudendal Neuralgia

Majorly, pelvic pain is the main symptom of pudendal neuralgia. The pain locates around any of the area (buttocks, perineum, area around anus / rectum, genitals) supplied by pudendal nerve and may be burning, shooting, sharp or electric shock-like in nature. Pain most times get worse from sitting and is better by standing or lying. Apart from pain,  numbness, pin needle sensation, swollen feeling or increased sensitivity to touch in the pelvic area supplied by pudendal nerve may be felt. Other symptoms include frequent and urgent urination, painful intercourse and erectile dysfunction in men.

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  1. Hello Dr sharma,_do you help men with piecemeal neuralgia.

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  3. Hi, I would Like to know if you’ve ever treated anyone who has Pundendal Neuralgia from sitting on a long car ride for many hours. I have a compression of the rectal branch in the Pundendal nerve, which causes the spinchter to lock up and stop me from eliminating. Have you ever dealt with that particular issue before, and And been able to resolve the lock up from nerve compression? I’ve done pelvic therapy and it causes more pain.
    Thank you, Donna

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