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Homeopathic Treatment for Dysphagia

Dysphagia is a term used to describe the difficulty in swallowing. Sometimes the patient experiences pain while swallowing fluids, solid and semi foods. This painful swallowing is called odynophagia. Dysphagia usually arises from disorders of the esophagus. Another cause for dysphagia is the weakening of nerves and muscles involved in moving the food down the throat and esophagus. The causes of dysphagia also include esophageal stricture, esophageal tumor, and achalasia. Neurological disorders like Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, stroke, or injury to the brain and spinal cord also cause dysphagia. Homeopathic treatment for dysphagia follows a symptomatic approach to help such patients. An indicative picture of the individual is the first step towards selecting the most appropriate homeopathic medicine for dysphagia. The chances of recovery in dysphagia vary from case to case. In cases with mild symptoms, improvement with homeopathic treatment for dysphagia is possible. In cases with severe symptoms, homeopathy provides supportive help.  homeopathic treatment for dysphagia

Symptoms of Dysphagia

Symptoms of dysphagia vary from mild to severe. The symptoms of dysphagia include the feeling of food being stuck in the throat or behind the sternum; gagging, choking or pain while swallowing; heartburn; or regurgitation of food. Dysphagia may be noted while consuming liquids, solids or both. Dysphagia may lead to respiratory problems like aspiration pneumonia and also malnutrition.

Homeopathic Treatment for Dysphagia

1. Lachesis and Hyoscyamus – When Swallowing Liquids is Difficult

Lachesis and Hyoscyamus are effective medicines for dysphagia. They are effective when dysphagia for liquids is present. Lachesis is used when the patient has difficulty in swallowing liquids or even saliva. Pain and swelling in the throat are also present. There is choking when drinking liquids. Hyoscyamus is useful when there is a constricted sensation in the throat along with an inability to swallow liquids. Fluids may go the wrong way down the larynx. Other symptoms include a burning sensation and shooting pain in the throat.

2. Kali Carb and Alumina – When Swallowing Solids is Difficult

Kali Carb works when there is difficulty in swallowing solids along with gagging and vomiting. Kali Carb may also work well in cases of dysphagia from the stricture of the esophagus. In such patients, food may also go into the windpipe. Alumina works well when swallowing of solid food is difficult, painful and there is extreme dryness in the throat. The throat feels plugged. A patient needing Alumina can consume warm drinks with ease.

3. Baptisia and Baryta Carb – When There is Inability to Swallow Solids

Baptisia and Baryta Carb are some of the best medicines for dysphagia. They are helpful in cases where a person can only consume liquids, and there is gagging at the introduction of solid food. A patient needing Baptisia cannot swallow any solid food because of a constrictive feeling in the throat. Consuming only liquids is easy. Constriction at the cardiac end of the esophagus may also be present. Baryta Carb helps in cases when the patient consumes only liquids. Not even a slight amount of solid seems to move down the esophagus. Stinging and burning in the throat may also be present. Empty swallowing leads to a smarting pain in the throat.

4. Belladonna and Cactus – When the Patient Has To Drink to Swallow

Belladonna and Cactus are both significant treatment for dysphagia where the patient has to drink water to help swallow food. Belladonna works well when a person having dysphagia has to drink water to help swallow food. There is also a tendency to choke easily while swallowing. The food may go down the wrong way.
Belladonna is a medicine for painless dysphagia. Cactus is highly indicated when a person has to drink a lot of water to make the food move down the esophagus. Heat and constriction in the throat may also be the symptoms indicating the use of the Homeopathic medicine Cactus. A feeling of suffocation may also arise from constriction in the throat.

5. Anacardium and Hyoscyamus – For Dysphagia with Choking

Medicines that are most suitable for dysphagia with choking while swallowing are Anacardium and Hyoscyamus. The characteristic feature to use Anacardium is easy choking while eating or drinking anything. Scraping and rawness in the throat are also important symptoms for selecting this remedy. Hyoscyamus is effective when there is choking while drinking liquids as the liquid goes down the larynx instead of the esophagus. The fluid may also regurgitate and come out through the nose in some cases.

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  1. Vinod Srivastava says:

    My wife aged 79 years is suffering from Parkinsons disease.She is able to take solids but having difficulty in swallowing liquids.She closes her mouth very tightly while sitting.kindly advise treatment for her

    • Dr. Dharma, my husband had a stroke and cannot swallow. He has severe secretions which causes him to choke and he has to spit it out. We can’t go out because he is embarrassed by this problem. What do you recommended?

  2. Sayantani ganguly says:

    Dear dr .Sharma
    I am 37 years old .I had vivid one and half years back and after that I am suffering from throat tightening which is causing difficulty in breathing
    I would be thankful if u suggest a medicine that can help me with this problem.

  3. H/Dr MY Choudhary says:

    A patient suffering from general paralysis is affected loss of speech, is given gelsimium 200 and causticum 200. What do you suggest.

  4. Dear Dr Sharma,
    My mom is undergoing Chemoradiation for oral cancer and it has caused difficulty swallowing. Are there any specific medications that can help with pain while swallowing. She says it hurts to swallow everything, even liquids.
    Many thanks,


    Hello Doctor I am 58 year old generally keeping good health but for last 1 year or so I am having problem in my throat. I can swallow both solid and liquid but after eating I feel something is stuck in my throat all the time and also white mucus is always there all the time . I keep clearing my throat sometimes I get burning on my right side of cheek and Tongue . When I take large capsules without much water I get some pain swallowing but with sip of water it goes away I do not have any heart burn or reflux kind of issue pls advise

  6. Shehzad Akhtar says:

    Dear Dr Sharma
    I’m having a serious issue of something stuck in my throat for days ,can’t eat properly
    May suggest what to do ??
    It’d be a great favour that I won’t forget it ever
    Best Regards & Many Thanks SHEHZAD

  7. Hi Dr. Sharma,
    Back in 2015, my homeopathic doctor gave me Belladonna.
    Since then I developed difficulty swallowing liquids and being afraid as well to drink water. Sometimes, specially when anxious, I produced too much saliva and I have to spit it out in a tissue because I can’t swallow it.
    I worry to much and often are anxious. I feel desperate because I’m thirsty and then feel anxious and unable to swallow normally.
    What homeopathic remedy do you suggest?
    Funny but I can swallow solids pretty good, specially in the morning but at night I can’t.

    Thank you

  8. Debabrata Sarma says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    My mother is 65 years old. She is having difficulties in swalling solid things like rice , pulses etc and can drink liquid in sips. She feels the food getting stuck in her breast & throat. Is there any treatment for this problem in homeopathy?

  9. Ajay biswas says:

    My mother of age 65 is suffering from dyshasia. She can not swelling solid and liquid also,she is also a psycretic and Parkinson’s patient speech is not clear plesae advice me.

  10. Deanne says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am writing to you in desperacy as I near 4 years of inability to swallow any solids and only able to swallow liquids when I “chug” because fluid can push fluid down. I have lived on Boost protein drink this whole time. I am 59, otherwise healthy, and work full time. After many tests with many doctors in 2 cities, the only thing we know is that my esophagus functions well but it appears that I may have had a tiny brainstem stroke that caused instant inabilty to swallow; likely due to effects of stroke on flap mechanism on top of esophagus. A speech dr at Baylor Scott & White in Temple TX is the only 1 of many drs who was able to more closely identify what may have happened. And yet there’s no one who knows what to do.
    Before I request a referral to Mayo Clinic, I’d love to hear what you think.
    This problem has literally changed my life. I no longer enjoy social outings, family or friend gatherings, business outings, vacations, or everyday life. I look forward to nothing anymore. My depression medicine is increased, and I feel hopeless that anything will get better.

    • Amy Ladawn says:

      Deanne, I am just a visitor to this site. Your testimony is heart wrenching. Have you by chance tried supplementing high doses of thiamine hcl, benfotiamine, or allithiamine? They are all forms of vitamin B1, thiamine. It’s critical for peristalsis, and a subclinical deficiency in it can cause dysphagia symptoms, among others. The allithiamine crosses the BBB and may be what you need. Thiamine deficiency is very common, especially as we age, but it goes largely unrecognized by the medical community. I hope you find something that helps you.

  11. Dr. Sharma… My daughter is 31 years old… and has been having trouble feeling like she has a lump in her throuat by her adams apple on right side. sometimes hears clicking sound, and swallows air and burps. It is getting worse. Had MRI and only said she has slight C-shape cervical neck. Which homeopathic remedy do you think works best? She is anxious now about eating or drinking and she is in pain much of the time. Relief when she lays down.

  12. Hi Dr. Sharma, I’m searching for some answers and I’m hoping you can help. A friend of mine has inhaled a piece of hair and it has been stuck in her throat for a few days. She had a scope done but the doctors couldn’t see anything and she is now being told that it’s in her head. She has no appetite, but her throat feels like it’s closing when she drinks. She gags up bile and repeatedly vomits.

  13. Hi Dr Sharma I have a feeling of something stuck in my oesophagus just behind the sternum area.feels like you want to burp out but cannot. Any homeopathic medicine that you can recommend

  14. Anish Naik says:

    Dr. Sharma

    My mother is suffering from desphagia for a year now. She has difficulty in swallowing water too. She has pain while doing so. We have to crush the food in a mixer and keep it as honey consistency, so that she can eat.
    Could you please prescribe medication so that at least she can take liquids asap? Because of the pain, she avoids drinking water too. We have to force her to drink water and eat all the food I give her.
    Your help will be highly appreciated.

    Thanking you

    Anish Naik

  15. Mehar chand bithar says:

    Dr sharma,my husband has right side vocal cord paralysis so is on a food tube.cannot ear or drink.he had a huge tumor which has just been removed.can you please name is ravina bithar.

  16. M. T. William says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    My name is William, Male and I am 79 and a Heart patient (CAD) for past 11 years without any difficulty, but I used to feel weak so but just one week back I started taking Adel’s Golden drops for heart health and feel better now, and I have faith in Homeopathic medication.

    Since 1 year I have difficulty in swallowing and when I drink liquids, I FEEL a small portion going to Larynx and I cough for some time and get relief for that sip. I have also difficulty in pushing down solid foods, and for some time I feel the food still in the food pipe.
    I have difficulty in speaking and need to take strain to talk, and it is very difficult to talk on Phone as my words are not clear to listener. This has developed slowly to this stage. I haven’t consulted any Doctor nor gone to Hospital yet due to Covid-19. Please prescribe Homeo medicine suitable for this difficulty.

  17. R k Patra says:

    MY FATHER IS 86 YEAR OLD.He suffered mild brain stroke 25 days back. Though he is not suffering from any paralysis in leg and hands ,but unable to swallow solid food.Even takes long time to take liquid food.He is also affected by pnemonia.
    AFTER CT SCAN OF BRAIN N CHEST DOCTOR PRESCRIBED SOME MEDICATION FOR STROKE N PNEMONIA. There is minor improvement in his condition but his swallowing difficulty still persists.
    I have great faith in homeopathic medication.

  18. Chitralekha Gogoi says:

    Sir , I don’t have difficulty in swallowing,but I have a feeling as if something is stuck in my oesophagus specially after having my food. Please help

  19. Sk ISRAFIL says:

    Sir my name is sk ISRAFIL. My chail age 2yrs 3month he faces very difficulty in chewing and Swallowing Solids food .and take very long time to finished his food. And after finish his food most of the time he vomiting. .he is suffering it from upto 9 month above. . His symptoms match with dysphagea please help

  20. Dr r c minocha says:

    Read ur articles and impressed about ur knowledge about treament and true knowledge of materi medica of homeopathic medcn. Always look for dr sharma for d help. Thanks and stay blessed
    May i drop my question? My brother age 80 years pt of parkinson, got fracture of trochantur of femur, tookhim to hospital for sugery, oneday before surgery his oxygen level , bp, got low, fever, shivering admitted in icu, all parameter got normal. Hehad devolped aspiration pneumonia, UTI and now coming under control. Nowd problem is his cocious level is less and screation try to go in wind pipe and due to secrition he is unable to speak words. Previously solid used to engulf easily but liquid caused gurgullind and dyspagia. Icould get from ur article hyocyamus and lachesis. Kindly suggest potency and should i give both . Or any other medcn. Thanksa lot

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