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Homeopathic Treatment for Dyspnea – Difficulty in Breathing

Difficulty in breathing is called dyspnea. Shortness of breath, breathlessness, and labored breathing are other terms used to describe dyspnea. Dyspnea points to insufficient oxygen in the blood. Homeopathic treatment for dyspnea is a safe and effective way to help cure the problem.

Homeopathic treatment for dyspnea requires a detailed case history of the patient. The history helps find out the cause of dyspnea. It also helps to identify the particulars of each case. The homeopathic treatment for dyspnea is decided after taking into consideration the cause as well as the findings in each instance. The effectiveness of homeopathic medicines depends on the severity, duration and the reasons of the dyspnea. Depending upon case details of dyspnea, homeopathic medicines can play a curative, palliative, or supportive role.

Causes of Dyspnea

Difficulty in breathing is experienced after exertion or while moving to high altitudes is normal, but if it occurs otherwise, then it is a matter of concern. Such a condition should be investigated and treated. Various medical conditions can lead to dyspnea. Among medical conditions, respiratory and heart troubles are some of the leading causes of dyspnea. The causes of dyspnea also include asthma, pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pulmonary edema, heart failure and heart attack. Low blood pressure, cardiomyopathy, anemia, sudden blood loss, obstruction by inhaled foreign objects and anxiety or panic disorders can also be causes. Homeopathic treatment for dyspnea handles the problem without any side effects. Common symptoms that point to dyspnea are a cough, wheezing, chest pain, blood in sputum and fainting.

Homeopathic Medicines for Dyspnea

1. Arsenic Album– Homeopathic Medicine for Dyspnea in Asthma

Arsenic Album is a top grade homeopathic medicine for dyspnea for a patient with asthma. Arsenic Album works well when there is difficulty in breathing along with wheezing and constricted air passages. Suffocating attacks are also a symptom in such cases. The symptoms are most disturbing at night. The patient is unable to lie down at night because of the fear of suffocation. The patient may even wake up at night from disturbing dyspnea.

2. Antimonium Tart and Ipecac – Homeopathic Medicines for Dyspnea Accompanied by Cough

Antimonium Tart and Ipecac are the best homeopathic medicines for dyspnea accompanied by a cough. The top indicators for using Antimonium Tart are shortness of breath with a cough, and rattling of mucus in the chest. Only a little bit of phlegm is expectorated. There is a feeling of suffocation along with gasping of breath. To use Ipecac, the symptom is dyspnea with a sudden and intense cough. Vomiting may accompany a cough. The person also turns stiff and blue because of the shortness of breath. A suffocating and strangling feeling with a cough are also symptoms in such cases. Bubbling rales in the chest are also noted.

3. Ammonium Carb and Stannum Met – Homeopathic Medicines for Dyspnea While Walking

Ammonium Carb and Stannum Met are beneficial homeopathic medicines for dyspnea experienced while walking. Among them, Ammonium Carb works well in cases where walking even a few steps leads to labored and difficult breathing. Along with dyspnea, cough with bloody expectoration may also be present. Other from this, Ammonium Carb is also indicated for difficulty in breathing in a warm room. Being in the cold air brings relief. Stannum Met is considered when there is shortness of breath with a constriction in the chest while walking. Dyspnea on exertion is also treated well with Stannum Met. Other symptoms that indicate the use of Stannum Met are weakness or sharp pains in the chest, and expectoration with a sweet or salty taste.

4. Lachesis and Grindelia – Homeopathic Medicines for Dyspnea During Sleep

Homeopathic medicines Lachesis and Grindelia need consideration in cases of dyspnea that occurs during sleep. Lachesis is useful when a person has difficulty in breathing while sleeping. The patient wakes up from sleep and rushes to open a window to breathe. Tight clothing is unbearable around the chest and throat. Grindelia works in cases of dyspnea where breathing stops on falling asleep. There is an inability to breathe on lying down. The person wakes up with a start and sits up to breathe.

5. Carbo Veg and Silicea – Homeopathic Medicines for Dyspnea In Elderly People

For dyspnea in older adults, prominently indicated homeopathic medicines are Carbo Veg and Silicea. Carbo Veg is an excellent medicine for labored and quick breathing in seniors. Along with this, a burning sensation in the chest is felt. A patient needing Carbo Veg also likes to be fanned to get relief. The skin may be cold and blue in colour during attacks of dyspnea. Silicea is helpful for older adults experiences difficulty in breathing. Walking fast, lying on the back, and stooping is some of the factors that indicate the need for Silicea in older adults.

6. Homeopathic Medicines for Dyspnea With Heart Troubles

Some effective homeopathic medicines for dyspnea with heart problems are Digitalis, Iberis, and Viscum Album. The characteristic features that point to the need for Digitalis are dyspnea with constant desire to take a deep breath, precordial anxiety, violent palpitations on motion, and a weak, slow pulse. Iberis works well in cases of dyspnea with full, irregular pulse. The dyspnea is worse while climbing stairs. Viscum Album is considered in cases of dyspnea when lying on the left side worsens the complaint. Along with this, constriction and tightness in the chest are felt.

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  1. Vijay Kumar Seth says:

    Dear Madam, good evening. I am 68 years old. For the last 18 to 20 days I am facing an acute problem of tiredness/ body fatigue with loss of appetite. Even immediately after my night sleep , I feel the same tiredness in morning. I feel better in fresh cool air. There is heaviness on left stomach side& some time light pain. I have gone through CBC blood & urine tests, the report of which are normal Some time my body temp.also goes upto 99-100 but it becomes normal after some time. At present I am taking heart medicine due to angioplasty surgery. Pl.suggest if any further testing is required & also suggest medicines.


  2. Elliot Borin says:

    Hi, Doctor, thanks for all the useful info … I’m 73 and started suddenly suffering from almost crippling shortness of breath for about a month …

    The shortness of breath started shortly after I topped at a much higher weight than usual, thanks in part (not that the cause matters) to big increase in my daily dose of Lyrica) … I know there is no “cure: except losing the weight … my question is is there a specific homeopathic remedy that might offer some relief from the shortness of breath during the period when the weight is going down but is still to high to eliminate the panting on minimal exertion. walking etc.

    Secondly, does homeopathy have anything to offer people with severe non-diabetic peripheral neuropathy that primarily afflicts the feet and to a much less degree than hands. Thank you very much.

  3. J. M. Mukhi says:

    I have turned 90. I had By-pass in 2002. In 2015 owing to arythmea I was fitted with ICD-D device. In February this year I had breathing difficulty and was taken to hospital for 24 hours observation. My Ejection Factor had come down to 30 and my BP was 100/60. It is still in the range of 105/65. Last night I woke at 3.30 am and continued to pant breathe till 6 am. I was afraid to go to sleep for fear of suffocating. Can homeopathy help me? Please advise. Kindest regards.

    • Elliot Borin says:

      Hi, Doctor, thanks for all the useful info … I’m 73 and started suddenly suffering from almost crippling shortness of breath for about a month …

      The shortness of breath started shortly after I topped at a much higher weight than usual, thanks in part (not that the cause matters) to big increase in my daily dose of Lyrica) … I know there is no “cure: except losing the weight … my question is is there a specific homeopathic remedy that might offer some relief from the shortness of breath during the period when the weight is going down but is still to high to eliminate the panting on minimal exertion. walking etc.

      Secondly, does homeopathy have anything to offer people with severe non-diabetic peripheral neuropathy that primarily afflicts the feet and to a much less degree than hands. Thank you very much.

  4. Chiranjib Ghosh says:

    I have a problem of mild shortness of breath recently. My x-ray report is normal and ECG also. I am thirty five years old. Please suggest sutibale course to solve the problem. Thanking you , with regard. Chiranjib

    • P Syntang says:

      Hello sir, recently , I have been experiencing a problem that l am having a short breathing problem I also having a mild cough, tiredness, and sometimes got a pain in the heart

  5. I have a problem of shortening breath while running or walking .
    It is very difficult to breath when climb at stairs .

    Please suggest suitable course of action.

    • Piyush Goyal says:

      I felt short of breath after climbing stairs with some luggage last 3-4 times in few years. Recently again I felt the same after climbing stairs for about 100 meter. Also it comes with sweating. After some rest I was alright.
      Heart check up was done about a year back. All is fine. I am 60 yr male, 80 kg wt, Not fat. Vegetarian diet. Morning walks for last 1 year are being done.

      I would appreciate, if you could guide with some treatment/medicine


  6. Jasmin Gilliam says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I have asthma symptoms for 12 years after living in a moldy and dry place with lots of agriculture, then adding a cat to the apartment that had carpet and lots of dust and heat. Now 12 years later I have chest pain, and doctor wants to do a nuclear test for a blockage in an artery after I had an abnormal stress test EKG cardio. I currently take a corticoidsteroid inhaler about once a week, two puffs.
    I have tried different homeopathy with different practitioners but have not found any remedy that worked.

  7. Jasmin Gilliam says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I have asthma symptoms for 12 years after living in a moldy and dry place with lots of agriculture, then adding a cat to the apartment that had carpet and lots of dust and heat. Now 12 years later I have chest pain, and doctor wants to do a nuclear test for a blockage in an artery after I had an abnormal stress test EKG cardio.
    I have tried different homeopathy with different practitioners but have not found any remedy that worked.

  8. Ajit Kumar says:

    My Wife is suffering from breathlessness for few days, it is not daily but once or twice in a week, please guide us for treatment.
    Ajit Kumar

  9. Sailajamadapati says:

    Namaste mother name MADAPATI anasuya 85 yrs . She is a alzehmiers , thyroid,colostomy surgery done 4 yrs back and uti patient and bedridden after surgery. Presently she suffering breathing difficulty and sudden watery motion sometimes and evening she suffering sweating and fatigue mostly around night 6 to 8 she is soft and very nice character. Pl prescribe best medicine sir. Thank u.

  10. Mohd pervez khan says:

    My age is 57. I am suffering from allergic rhynitis. From 1990. Takes dailly anti allergic medicine like montulicas leocirizine

  11. N S Gandhi Prasad says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am 70 years old.
    I am diabetic and have hypertension for last 25 years
    Since last two years I am facing the problem of Dyspnea particularly on walk and even with little physical work
    15 moths back a stent was placed in one of the arteries
    Even after placement of stent, there is negligible improvement and I am continuing with same problem of breathlessness.
    My blood pressure is ususally in the range of 150-160 and 70-90
    Diabetes is under control
    Serum creatinine is 1.01
    I am a vegetarian
    I am a retired professor
    I have sedentary life style
    My weight is around 86 kg
    At present I am taking Aspidosperma Q for this problem besides my regular allopathy medicines for BP, Diabetes and heart Medicines.
    My both feet are completely numb and have been advised to avoid four wheel driving.
    Any suggestion for Dyspena and numbness of feet will be of great help to me in maintaining my regular life.
    Thanks for your help and may God give all you need for serving the needy
    Dr N S Gandhi Prasad

  12. Muhammad Mohsin Farooq says:

    I am chronic addict of Hash, smoking, and taking excessive tea. Now, I am suffering from shortness of breath. When, I take Hash(Canabis) my head feel tightness around my head, shortness of breath, pain in back of neck, congestion of chest, fainting, numbness of hands, fear of death, desire for taking deep breaths. My pulse rate is nearly 90 in normal condition and 100 in addicted condition. My blood pressure is 130/85. My age is 46 years. I am very sensitive and taking normal things very deeply, easily insulted and annoyed. I had love marriage 13 years ago, after dissolution of marriage I had undergone deep sadness and isolation. Please help me and prescribe suitable medicine in homeopathy. Thank you very much.

  13. Ted Christy says:

    I am a 83 yr old male in good health. I have never been to a doctor or taken any medicine for anything. I just finished reading about Dyspnea. I have many of the symptoms that hit during sleep. I awake gasping for breath. I get better once I start moving around during the day. The shallow breathing gets deeper and back to normal during the day. Some nights it does not hit. Other nights it does. I read about medicines that are recommended for my symptoms. They are the following:

    Antimonium Tart and Ipecac- Dyspnea with a cough.

    Lachesis and Grindelia- Dyspnea during sleep.

    Carbo Veg and silices- dyspnea in seniors having labored breathing lying on the back.

    What do you think? Any comments?

  14. Dr .Sharma is there any medicine in homeopathic to treat the eye problem RETINITUS PIGMENTOSA in which a patient is not able to see the front object because a patient feels that a curtain is keeping in front the eye and the patient is not able to see and also not to recognize the colors would you treat this type of problems because the pigmentation is coming in the eye and a person feels that some particles are floating in the eye fluid which are making hindrance to see the object

  15. Abhishek Kumar says:

    There is a problem of shortness of breathing to me always . Scenes childhood, and I am 37 years old
    and one more thing that when I am going for some
    physical activities then its improve more.

    So, Sir
    please suggest me that what should I do.

  16. DIPAK Mukherjee says:

    Suddenly for last 10dsys I am feeling short breathing along with cough and cold.
    I am 65 year old. No smoking and quite fit.
    No sugar. But taking medicine regulary for blood pressure
    My lipid profile is ok
    No problem in leaver and kidney
    I am a lecturer and during last couple of days I feel short breathing while giving lecture in moving style
    I am 74 -75 kg and it constant for several years
    Now I am better in cough and cold but not completely cured.
    Short breathing continuing .pl advice

  17. Siddhant Wadhwa says:

    Doctor Sharma, my sincere regards to you for this highly noble work you are doing to help patients in need. My father Dr Brij Mohanlal Wadhwa (99 yrs) who is also a registered (HD/311/BHS – Delhi) Homoeopathic doctor himself is seriously ill since September this year . His urine culture report mentioned UTI with E-coli, There was also a trace of proteins and blood in hisurine. In Hematology report ESR is 89. TB Gold test is negative, no AFB stain in sputum. His main disturbing symptoms are:

    (1) All day, his temperature used to remains at 97° and at night 12.00pm it would go up to 98° . But it would start rising at 6.30am from 98° and go up to 1°-1.5° and comes back to 97° at around During this Febrile heat, he has to urgently rush out of his sound sleep for an uncontrollable but scanty urination on exactly hourly basis This is very troublesome, difficult and dangerous without my help bcoz high temp makes his brain almost.paralysed and he can’t think or walk straight due to vertigo. Many times urine starts dribbling on his way to toilet and spoils his clothes. Inspite of my unshakable love care and moral support I extend to him, he feels very embarrassed. He cries mentioning how active he was. How he used to do charity work for the needy as well as staff members and friend in PNB from where retired as a Manager.

    (2) Another very agonising thing which is troubling him the most physically and emotionally is his Rapid and short respiration all day and night with drum like rhythmic sound alternating with moaning sound on every expiration when he is a bit calm. It looks like “Kapaal Bhaati” exercise of Pranayaam. These sounds stop only when he falls asleep. It is putting lot of pressure on his heart. Sometimes he does complain about sharp pain in his chest on left. Probably it happened bcos of the renovation work I undertook in my flat in Mumbai where he may have inhaled Gypsum powder of false ceiling. In the beginning I suspected Chenye Stokes respiration and other abnormal breathing Patterns. But in Chenye Stokes pattern, breathing is first fast then slow and finally stops for some time (an apnea ) where as my father’s breathing is continuously short and Rapid. This is another big setback for as he is a very good singer and used to sing Bhajans and Shabad in Satsangs and Keertan in his founded religious organisation called Vaishno Yatra Sang (1935) in which he annually takes a group of 150 devotees to Vaishno Devi in the first week of January. He has never missed a single trip so far but this time he is very anxious that may be this time Mata Rani is not willing to give him Her Darshan on 5th Jan 2018 for which all the preparations have already been done in advance.

    (3)) His third poblem is his Sudden bout of dry coughing especially on lying down. A Jelly like sticky white phlegm expectorated after lot of struggle.

    Now I tell you what I have been giving to him so far after studying Materia Medica.

    In the beginning for the periodicity in temperature, first I gave Cedron 30 as we are living in Mumbai now in a Maleria prone humid area . Then considering extreme prostration ,and lack of appetite , loss of muscles and frequent urination started giving China Ars 30 then further considering UTI factor started Apis Mel 30. When there was not significant improvement I started giving Belladonna 30 which roughly tallied with all his symptoms . I had been giving Belladonna-30, 4 hourly from last 15 days. For coughing on lying down I gave Hyosiamuss 30. Which improved the condition significantly . For chest pain on right side I gave Lachesis. But from last two days the temperature has started shooting up to 2.3\4° and does not come back to normal till 2.39pm. I am getting confused. He is not in a position to guide me. From last 3-4 days I was feeling that the progress had stopped and I should either increase the potency or give him trio of Sul-Calc-Lyco. But unfortunately after giving Sulphur and Calc.Carb I forgot to give Lycopodium which I gave after an unequal gap. Which I think spoiled the cycle more so bcos after Sulphur and Calc, I again started giving Belladonna which is co-incidently acute of Calcarea Carb. So giving acute medicine after chronic may have spoilt it. In addition to that, he also had a banana inspite of my request to avoid it. I am not sure about oats but I also gave him oats, peanut butter, dates, proteins fir his muscles rebuilding and memory. I am very confused and don’t know what to do. Pl. help me.

  18. Carter Jayden
    Four years ago I was diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). I have had asthma all my life. I have just been to the doctors and seen a senior nurse who has told me I no longer have COPD and Asthma. My breathing is great and I don’t feel I need inhaler anymore,The COPD and Asthma herbal remedies i purchased online from Dr George (Good Health Herbs Home) worked perfectly just like a miracle,am living COPD and Asthma free now ,all thanks to Dr George God bless….

  19. I feel sneezing and difficulty in breathing
    I feel running nose severally
    Please suggest. Medicine.

  20. ANJAN DUTTA says:

    Respected Sir,
    I would like to inform you that I am suffering from breathlessness (COPD) since twenty years. Surprisingly my symptom aggravates while walking and specially from nervousness and lack of stamina. I have used several inhalers but no significant improvement.
    Would be grateful for your suggestions for management of my symptoms


  21. Aaj se 4 saal pahle mere pet me infection hua. Jisse mujhe intestine pain hua aur severe loose motion huye.

    Uske baad jab pet sahi hua to 1 ya 2 din baad main walk par gya aur brisk walk krte samay mujhr breathlessness hone lagi… jo ki aaj tak hoti h…

    Check up karne par bp high paya..

    Tab se lekar aaj tak pet kharab hi rehta h….

    Left right Sine me aenthan…..

    Liver ki side jhukne ya khichaav hone par halka halka pain hota..

    Pet clear thik se nahi hota…

    Kabhi looose motion type lgte h to kbhi constipation…

    Kbhi seene me pain kabhi breathlessness..

    Stress aur sar bhari bhari rehta h.

    Mind me negativity rehti h hamesha…

    Chhoti chhoti baat par anxiety ho jati h…

    Kripya margdarshan kare..

    Give necessary medicines


  22. y .nageswar says:

    i am suffering with a bit of cough and a days i feel that there is tight ness in chest and feel dry ness in esophagus area .lot of uneasy ness due to tight ness in chest.kindly advice.i am 67 years male.

  23. Andrew Jensson says:

    My son often has anger and control issues when we try to present choices to him for the day. He says no to all, and is upset with any outcome. He will cry to the point of breathlessness.

  24. just short of breath after walking not really when I’m working hard have a cough at night taking blood pressure medicine and no whizzing in my chest

  25. Raju Kumar says:

    Good morning Dr sharma.this is Raju Kumar.i am 24 years old.i had suffered tuberculosis (to chest) before 1 year and I have completed recovery from them.docter told me now you r cure from them and also they told me some marks on your chest that will be permanent because that is calcium.but sometimes I feels chest pain and I don’t feels comfortable in crowd area and in close area.please doctor advice me what should be do in this situation???

  26. Jagannath Mondal says:

    Hello Dr my mother is 57 year’s old she is suffering from heart problem two time balloon surgery has done now her mva 1•3 my mother problem is now is Shortness in bredth my mother suffering from rheumatic heart disease suggest me medicine

  27. Hello dr sharma,im 28 years of age, i have a breathing shortness from time to time started about 5 months ago and went to chest specialist for checkup but all the reports came normal. i was given some medicines but that doesnt help so kindly suggest me further what test or medicines do i need to take

  28. Hi.

    I get short breathing and I asociate IT with going toate the pool and aquagym. I m 36 and as far as I know i have no medical condition. IT happens the day i fi the pool, not while being there.
    While lying I feel the need to sit in order toate breathe well. I also have headaches, I relație them toate this… Never had before and I feel the need to tale Deep breaths. What to do?

  29. Hi
    Dr Sharma
    I am 57 years old female.hostory
    Since childhood would get breathless under shower n never liked closed spaces
    .1999 n 2009
    I had anxiety attacks n dydpnea.
    Now since four month I would get shortness n pain in was mild first now I get very anxious due to it.
    Eating n walking ora ny activities make me v breathless. Inhaler has no effect.i am waiting for investigationslz tell me immediately rescue from it v anxious n compromise my activity.
    I m on methotrexate n thyroxine
    Thank you
    Nargis majid

  30. Dr. Sharma. I am having difficulty breathing. I wake up in the middle of the night and run to the window to get some fresh air in order to breathe. I also have difficulty wearing bra and tight clothes around my chest. Walking, bending down makes my breathing worse. there are times when one or the other nostril’s air flow reduces or stops. I have no cough, no congestion, no known seasonal allergies. i have tenderness on the left side at the bottom of my front ribs. All a sudden, I feel that I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe in the warm area. I need air. specially cold air. i feel difficulty breathing from the chest area as well as nostrils. please advise. I am taking deep breaths. That makes breathing more difficult. Feels like lungs are not functionally properly.

  31. Linda Allan says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    I would like you to look at my particulars & decide if homeopathy can help at all,
    I am 71 years old,but still work…..because I will feel OLD when I retire & I like working.
    Also I do not want to receive a Govt. pension. I prefer to earn an income.

    I have been short of breath for 20 years. I was diagnosed COAD. Pleural plaques also show on CXR.
    HOMEOPATHY helped me for years ,then sadly, prescriptions failed and my homeopath is not pleased
    with my progress .
    I take Candesartan for hypertension (last 2 years ) Atrovent inhaler 6/24, Atrovent inhaler 6/24 and
    Flixotide 125 mcg inhaler (about 12 months
    My homeopath does not want to treat me any longer because of the drugs I take ,and said remedies fail
    because I have lost confidence in homeopathy. My homeopath is not young either & is struggling with an
    illness of her own & I only cause her irritation due to my failure.
    I am not cross,not angry, not disappointed in her – not at all. It is all quite sad, I have NEVER lost confidence in homeopathy & I understand my disease is very hard to treat & also I am 71. Normal,
    healthy lungs show degenerative changes as we age but I would like some help if possible.

    Kind regards,
    Linda Allan.

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