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Homeopathic Treatment for Dyspnea – Difficulty in Breathing

Difficulty in breathing is called dyspnea. Shortness of breath, breathlessness, and labored breathing are other terms used to describe dyspnea. Dyspnea points to insufficient oxygen in the blood. Homeopathic treatment for dyspnea is a safe and effective way to help cure the problem.   homeopathic treatment for dyspnea

Treatment for dyspnea requires a detailed case history of the patient. The history helps to find out the cause of dyspnea. It also helps to identify the particulars of each case. The effectiveness of medicines depends on the severity, duration and the reasons for the dyspnea. Depending upon case details of dyspnea, homeopathy can play a curative, palliative, or supportive role.

Causes of Dyspnea

Difficulty in breathing is experienced after exertion or while moving to high altitudes is normal, but if it occurs otherwise, then it is a matter of concern. Such a condition should be investigated and treated. Various medical conditions can lead to dyspnea. Among medical conditions, respiratory and heart troubles are some of the leading causes of dyspnea. The causes of dyspnea also include asthma, pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pulmonary edema, heart failure, and heart attack. Low blood pressure, cardiomyopathy, anemia, sudden blood loss, obstruction by inhaled foreign objects and anxiety or panic disorders can also be among the causes. Common symptoms that point to dyspnea are cough, wheezing, chest pain, blood in sputum and fainting.

Homeopathic Treatment for Dyspnea

1. Arsenic Album– For Dyspnea in Asthma

Arsenic Album is a top grade medicine for dyspnea for a patient with asthma. Arsenic Album works well when there is difficulty in breathing along with wheezing and constricted air passages. Suffocating attacks are also a symptom in such cases. The symptoms are most disturbing at night. The patient is unable to lie down at night because of the fear of suffocation. The patient may even wake up at night from disturbing dyspnea.

2. Antimonium Tart and Ipecac – For Dyspnea Accompanied by Cough

Antimonium Tart and Ipecac are the best medicines for dyspnea accompanied by a cough. The top indicators for using Antimonium Tart are shortness of breath with a cough and rattling of mucus in the chest. Only a little bit of phlegm is expectorated. There is a feeling of suffocation along with gasping of breath. To use Ipecac, the symptom is dyspnea with a sudden and intense cough. Vomiting may accompany a cough. The person also turns stiff and blue because of the shortness of breath. A suffocating and strangling feeling with a cough are also symptoms in such cases. Bubbling rales in the chest are also noted.

3. Ammonium Carb and Stannum Met – For Dyspnea While Walking

Ammonium Carb and Stannum Met are beneficial medicines for dyspnea experienced while walking. Among them, Ammonium Carb works well in cases where walking even a few steps leads to labored and difficult breathing. Along with dyspnea, cough with bloody expectoration may also be present. Other from this, Ammonium Carb is also indicated for difficulty in breathing in a warm room. Being in the cold air brings relief. Stannum Met is considered when there is shortness of breath with a constriction in the chest while walking. Dyspnea on exertion is also treated well with Stannum Met. Other symptoms that indicate the use of Stannum Met are weakness or sharp pains in the chest, and expectoration with a sweet or salty taste.

4. Lachesis and Grindelia – For Dyspnea During Sleep

Lachesis and Grindelia need consideration in cases of dyspnea that occurs during sleep. Lachesis is useful when a person has difficulty in breathing while sleeping. The patient wakes up from sleep and rushes to open a window to breathe. Tight clothing is unbearable around the chest and throat. Grindelia works in cases of dyspnea where breathing stops on falling asleep. There is an inability to breathe on lying down. The person wakes up with a start and sits up to breathe.

5. Carbo Veg and Silicea – For Dyspnea In Elderly People

For dyspnea in older adults, prominently indicated medicines are Carbo Veg and Silicea. Carbo Veg is an excellent medicine for labored and quick breathing in seniors. Along with this, a burning sensation in the chest is felt. A patient needing Carbo Veg also likes to be fanned to get relief. The skin may be cold and blue in color during attacks of dyspnea. Silicea is helpful for older adults experiences difficulty in breathing. Walking fast, lying on the back, and stooping is some of the factors that indicate the need for Silicea in older adults.

6. For Dyspnea With Heart Troubles

Some effective medicines for dyspnea with heart problems are Digitalis, Iberis, and Viscum Album. The characteristic features that point to the need for Digitalis are dyspnea with constant desire to take a deep breath, precordial anxiety, violent palpitations on motion, and a weak, slow pulse. Iberis works well in cases of dyspnea with a full, irregular pulse. The dyspnea is worse while climbing stairs. Viscum Album is considered in cases of dyspnea when lying on the left side worsens the complaint. Along with this, constriction and tightness in the chest are felt.

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  1. Raisul Hasan says:


    I need your recommendation on medication for breathlessness. This usually happens when I am doing any physical activity and also during coughing. Can you also suggest something on building stamina internally. Very easily i get tired as well while doing any physical activity.

  2. Karen Zukowitz says:

    I was told by my brother Nick Zukowitz that I was to send this info. Just had a scan that shows my heart is having problems relaxing. A few months ago I aspirated while vomiting. I have had high blood pressure most of my life. I feel as if I have something caught in my throat. When I try to clear it I get very little that comes up. What I can get up is sticker and green or clear. I can have trouble breathing even without exerting myself. I cough often and feel burning sometimes in my chest. Certain positions sitting and or lying sometimes makes it worst. I feel a lump in my sinus between my eyebrows and tightness in my chest after coughing.

  3. Hello Dr Sharma,

    My name is Amber and i have a 19 years old son. he got child hood asthma but now a days he is suffering a lot since august. Since he got COVID. he cant breathe properly. and is on steroids. im so worried as he cant sleep properly. please advise any good homeopathy medicine. my contact number is 346-714-3279 and im from USA

    • Which medicine can i prescribe to a 60 yr old lady.. Who feels breathlessness which increases by slightest motion.

  4. Syed Issac says:

    I feel difficulty in breathing if I sleep on my back. I get up suddenly from deep sleep because of this blockage. I also snor a lot. Pl suggest the right homeopathic medicine.

  5. Margaret Milnes says:

    I have copd and have recently had covid. I am now having breathing difficulties an wondering what would help bring relief. Can you advise, please?

  6. Mary Jacque Merkle says:

    High humidity days causes hard breathing please advise

  7. gladys nathaniel says:

    shortness of breath on slight exertion.
    86 yrs.

  8. Ashiq Hussain says:

    Sir, I have paid the consultation Fee but I was unable to talk directly to you & discuss my problem

  9. My father 86 is a copd patient ,he gets side affects of cramps while having inhaler,so has been trying homeo for past 3 years ,he had covid 40 days back ,and after that his shortness of breath problem increased ,he is under a homeo doctors treatment, but it is not so effective now,I would like to know if you have any sos like medicine when there is dyspepsia to be taken at that time ,kindly suggest

  10. SA AGARWAL says:

    article is nice and educative

  11. I experience dyspnea after covid vaccination with Biontec Pfitzer. It is, as if the space behind my chest-bone is constricted and I cannot get enough air into my lungs. It is not painful and without a cough, but it’s a little bit panic making. Do you suggest any homeopathic remedies for this condition. I have taken Thuja C30 right after the jab already.

  12. I have shortness o breath, pain going to my ears, and SOMETIMES IN MY LEFT ARM. My aorta valve won’t close,

  13. Hi doctor I feel like I have something on chest when trying to remove it by coughing i feel tired.its like i will have shortage of breath

    • SURENDRA VARMA says:

      I am 76yrs male with h/o CABG and dual chamber ICD (pace maker cum defibrillator).. Recently having shortness of breath on walking.. sometimes ..have to stop for few seconds..then it’s ok..No breathlessness on lying down..also have pain in leg muscles sometimes, some days I am fine. Taking BP, Diabetes medicine, Dytor(lasix),MVit,Alprax.
      What medicine you think can help me

  14. Is there any medicine effective in low oxygen level due to covid…. Is there any medicine which can increase the oxygen level back to normal

    • Dr ARSHAD PhD says:

      Is there any medicine effective in low oxygen level due to covid…. Is there any medicine which can increase the oxygen level back to normal?

    • Martina hagues says:

      Change diet? Try eating at least 50% green raw organic leaves. Stop eating dairy and grains. Ur life will change without all these fancy defibrillators, drugs and Chems.

  15. Netta Hart says:

    I have been experiencing extreme fatigue with shortness of breath after moving about for a couple hours. The symptoms are episodic. Has been ongoing for the past three weeks. I also have a chronic coughThat is dry. Lying on my back at night while sleeping causes me to suffocate. Otherwise I am slender and fit and generally healthy. I am 71 years old. Thanks for your help.

  16. I am hypertension patient for last 30 year. My present age is 57. recently I developed daibtic . But with medicine all blood test are normal, but at night sometimes I feel uneasyness in breathing. .i also got mild brain stroke in October 2019 buut recovered in a day. What medicine you suggest

  17. Mohammed raffick says:

    Hello doctor,iam Mohammed raffick from chennai.iam 33yrs old i have trouble while breathing,i frequently go to deep long breadth. Pain in chest area and back side of chest. Not able to lye down for more than 10min

  18. chandrasekhar says:

    my lungs supresed by hard chemical vaporization,,,oxyzen in blood level is low… to expand lungs and how to improve oxyzen levels in bloood

  19. My mom 60 she is recovered from covid 19 two months back some times she is having shortness of breath

  20. Muhammad Zeeshan says:

    Asalam o alaikum Sir I am Zeeshan and sir I can face the difficulties in breathing what should I do

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