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Homeopathic Treatment for Dyspnea – Difficulty in Breathing

Difficulty in breathing is called dyspnea. Shortness of breath, breathlessness, and labored breathing are other terms used to describe dyspnea. Dyspnea points to insufficient oxygen in the blood. Homeopathic treatment for dyspnea is a safe and effective way to help cure the problem.   homeopathic treatment for dyspnea

Treatment for dyspnea requires a detailed case history of the patient. The history helps to find out the cause of dyspnea. It also helps to identify the particulars of each case. The effectiveness of medicines depends on the severity, duration and the reasons for the dyspnea. Depending upon case details of dyspnea, homeopathy can play a curative, palliative, or supportive role.

Causes of Dyspnea

Difficulty in breathing is experienced after exertion or while moving to high altitudes is normal, but if it occurs otherwise, then it is a matter of concern. Such a condition should be investigated and treated. Various medical conditions can lead to dyspnea. Among medical conditions, respiratory and heart troubles are some of the leading causes of dyspnea. The causes of dyspnea also include asthma, pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pulmonary edema, heart failure, and heart attack. Low blood pressure, cardiomyopathy, anemia, sudden blood loss, obstruction by inhaled foreign objects and anxiety or panic disorders can also be among the causes. Common symptoms that point to dyspnea are cough, wheezing, chest pain, blood in sputum and fainting.

Homeopathic Treatment for Dyspnea

1. Arsenic Album– For Dyspnea in Asthma

Arsenic Album is a top grade medicine for dyspnea for a patient with asthma. Arsenic Album works well when there is difficulty in breathing along with wheezing and constricted air passages. Suffocating attacks are also a symptom in such cases. The symptoms are most disturbing at night. The patient is unable to lie down at night because of the fear of suffocation. The patient may even wake up at night from disturbing dyspnea.

2. Antimonium Tart and Ipecac – For Dyspnea Accompanied by Cough

Antimonium Tart and Ipecac are the best medicines for dyspnea accompanied by a cough. The top indicators for using Antimonium Tart are shortness of breath with a cough and rattling of mucus in the chest. Only a little bit of phlegm is expectorated. There is a feeling of suffocation along with gasping of breath. To use Ipecac, the symptom is dyspnea with a sudden and intense cough. Vomiting may accompany a cough. The person also turns stiff and blue because of the shortness of breath. A suffocating and strangling feeling with a cough are also symptoms in such cases. Bubbling rales in the chest are also noted.

3. Ammonium Carb and Stannum Met – For Dyspnea While Walking

Ammonium Carb and Stannum Met are beneficial medicines for dyspnea experienced while walking. Among them, Ammonium Carb works well in cases where walking even a few steps leads to labored and difficult breathing. Along with dyspnea, cough with bloody expectoration may also be present. Other from this, Ammonium Carb is also indicated for difficulty in breathing in a warm room. Being in the cold air brings relief. Stannum Met is considered when there is shortness of breath with a constriction in the chest while walking. Dyspnea on exertion is also treated well with Stannum Met. Other symptoms that indicate the use of Stannum Met are weakness or sharp pains in the chest, and expectoration with a sweet or salty taste.

4. Lachesis and Grindelia – For Dyspnea During Sleep

Lachesis and Grindelia need consideration in cases of dyspnea that occurs during sleep. Lachesis is useful when a person has difficulty in breathing while sleeping. The patient wakes up from sleep and rushes to open a window to breathe. Tight clothing is unbearable around the chest and throat. Grindelia works in cases of dyspnea where breathing stops on falling asleep. There is an inability to breathe on lying down. The person wakes up with a start and sits up to breathe.

5. Carbo Veg and Silicea – For Dyspnea In Elderly People

For dyspnea in older adults, prominently indicated medicines are Carbo Veg and Silicea. Carbo Veg is an excellent medicine for labored and quick breathing in seniors. Along with this, a burning sensation in the chest is felt. A patient needing Carbo Veg also likes to be fanned to get relief. The skin may be cold and blue in color during attacks of dyspnea. Silicea is helpful for older adults experiences difficulty in breathing. Walking fast, lying on the back, and stooping is some of the factors that indicate the need for Silicea in older adults.

6. For Dyspnea With Heart Troubles

Some effective medicines for dyspnea with heart problems are Digitalis, Iberis, and Viscum Album. The characteristic features that point to the need for Digitalis are dyspnea with constant desire to take a deep breath, precordial anxiety, violent palpitations on motion, and a weak, slow pulse. Iberis works well in cases of dyspnea with a full, irregular pulse. The dyspnea is worse while climbing stairs. Viscum Album is considered in cases of dyspnea when lying on the left side worsens the complaint. Along with this, constriction and tightness in the chest are felt.

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  1. Col.Dr. B C Banerjee says:

    I had no ailment till Apr this year. Before since last 2 yrs was taking eye drops and Amlodipin 5mg for high BP. No other problem till Apr. Bad luck fell I lost my wife untimely. Only daughter in Bombay. Lock down and pandemic on. I am alone at home. Servants are barred not to come in and work. I do everything to keep me alive. I go for morning walk daily, do yoga. Since may sometimes I started feeling half breathing problem. In the mean time I had BP gone up, found some cholestrol problem. Cosulted Allopathy doctor. Prescribed three medicines ATORVA10, ALPRAZOLAM .25mg and METOPROLOL12.5. These have many side effects. After I started this course, sometimes I am discomforted my breathing. My seeking your advice is related to this breathing. I am 70, non smoker, non drinker, Retd Army Colonel. Apparent health had no problem till new set of medicines started. NO complaint of lungs, cough or heart. I need your advice ” what is the best Homeopathy” medicine for me . I am in Kolkata. Your kindness will stand a long way if you are kind enough to consider my mail content.
    Thanking you
    With best regards,
    Col. Dr. B C Banerjee
    9903494392 (M)

  2. .. Mahendra Sawant says:

    hi dr today night suddenly i felt difficulty in breathing couldnt swallow spit means our regular saliva found mouth dry n scrapy in lower side of throat fear while thinking is it covid had dry cough kast fifteen days but yesterday i had oily puri had great difficulty n breathless in swallowing or gulping saliva in sleep all if sudden no fever or mucus feel for fresh air lije fan inspite it bieng cold climate 18degrees i feel SUFFOCATION in packed room like cold air but that makes me shivering so confused

  3. Neeraj Kumar Bharti says:

    I am age of 44 male suffering from short breathingless dyspnea. How it can be permanently cured.

  4. Mohsin Raza says:

    Dear Dr Sb
    This is the third time I am writing to your office. I am a patient of COPD, Anxiety and depression as well as of hypertension. There is mild abnormality in heart as reflected in ECHO. My Asthma, psychological matters are all controlled and not bothering me but the breathlessness state due to cardiac problem is troubling me. I hv been given Spongia tosta to control 8t but I am not at all satisfied with it after reading about medication in the internet. PLS advise. I live in Lahore Pakistan so kindly tell me the procedure for overseas patient. I may mention that I am 63 yrs old and belong to lower middle class. Await your response. Rgds. Mohsin Raza

  5. S sai kalyan says:

    I am a 72 year old copd stage4 patient.
    Can’t walk with out support of oxygen.
    Severe dyspnea

  6. M rehman says:

    My name is Mrehman from Karachi.I have s problems like asthma.I am patient of flue since long.sometime feels problem in breath.I think may be problem in breathing viens.specially oily food,cold milk,ugurt ,pickle create problems when I eat them.I daily walk 40 minutes. From some days, sometimes at night during sleep feel something in breathing viens ,not explain in words,don,t now what to say it in medical language.shortness in breathing and voices in breath.please suggest best medicine .

    • Mohsin Raza says:

      Dear Dr Sb
      This is the third time I am writing to your office. I am a patient of COPD, Anxiety and depression as well as of hypertension. There is mild abnormality in heart as reflected in ECHO. My Asthma, psychological matters are all controlled and not bothering me but the breathlessness state due to cardiac problem is troubling me. I hv been given Spongia tosta to control 8t but I am not at all satisfied with it after reading about medication in the internet. PLS advise. I live in Lahore Pakistan so kindly tell me the procedure for overseas patient. I may mention that I am 63 yrs old and belong to lower middle class. Await your response. Rgds. Mohsin Raza

  7. Ibiyemi adejuwon says:

    Dear Dr, I am experiencing breathing irregularity and I want this to stop. How will u please help.

  8. R P Saxena says:

    Dear Dr Sharma
    I am suffering from mild breathless particularly after suddenly getting up from the bed , chair or bending down the chest moving up. It starts and goes on for 4-5 times and settles down to normal breathing. Some times I feel very slight change in the breathing pattern ( towards higher than normal) during slightly fast walking which gets normal after few minutes. I am taking medicine for B P.In Sept 2019 undergone angioplasty (1 stent) for which I am taking medicines. I have anxiety also.
    I request you to kindly suggest treatment for this
    Thanking you . With regards
    R P Saxena

  9. Sumit gupta says:

    Homeopathic remedy for dypnesea due to anxiety

  10. Amit Basu says:

    From last sept’19 Suffering continuous mucus forming in throat and have to picking and spit after taking aloepathic medicine it is reduced but chest middle heaviness and weakness ,hortness of breathing. Feeling uneasy.

  11. Janna Astin says:

    I’ve had difficulty breathing along with raised temperature and fatigue. Once a COVID-19 test becomes available in my area, if I’m still feeling short of breath after walking and even while just in bed, she’d like to have me tested. I’ve has this since Sunday and i haven’t felt any progress in healing… it kind of feels like someone put compression socks on my lungs.

  12. Dr Milan Sharma says:

    My child is suffering from coughing leading to shortness of breath during morning and evening since 10 months from now daily
    Episode of this type of allergy occured soon after he quit swimming
    I was giving him allopathic treatment for pretty long but all in vain
    Kindly support me with proper treatment if possible

  13. Sallam Bhai

  14. Dear Sir, my wife’s health become down due to tension and office work load, she is so weak. Some month ego she has shooting pain from back to shoulder. Currently it is reduce little bit. But now she feels sudden breathing problem due to stress and all. Kindly suggest some medicine..
    I will be thankful to you…

  15. Nasra Ahmed says:

    Hello Dear Dr Sharma
    My son 5 years old get shortness of breath. He is very active, skinny, tall. He has allergy against cow milk, egg, nuts and wheat. He gets diaré from milk. Shortness of breath from all the other products.

    What homeophatic remedy should I try to give him when He gets allergy induced asthma?

    Nasra Ahmed

  16. Candi Cazau says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    In 1997 my husband endured five weeks of radiation to the base of his brain for a schwanomma. Prior to the radiation he began experiencing breathing problems…difficulty getting air into lungs as lungs felt full. This may have been caused by the schwnomma that was located on the 7th cranial nerve. Right after radiation his doctor prescribed Ativan to help with the breathing which did not improve. Now 22 years later he is still have severe issues and he is finding it hard to get the amount of Lorazepam he needs prescribed due to the laws on controlled substances. I have discussed this with many doctors throughout the world and not one has been able to assist. When he does a pulmonary tests it shows a restriction even though there is not. This all be due to the tumor and treatment which also affected his central nervous system and Vagal nerve. We desperately need to find a natural way of treating the breathing. He needs to take a minimum of 8 – 10 2 mg of Lorazapam on a daily basis. He tries to work from home because he cannot drive without Lorazepam and he does not have enough in a months prescription to allow him out of the house. He also suffers from head issues feeling heavy and dizzy and that is why he takes the Lorazepam as well.

  17. A Hima Bindu says:

    Namasthe Doctor, my daughter 17yrs has hypothyroid since 10 yes. Off late she’s reporting breathlessness and often she returns from school with severe headache. She also says that her breath seems to be constructed at pit of the throat. ENT specialist checked and said, no physical problem is there.
    What medicine should I give her. Please advise
    Thanks & regards
    Hima bindu

    • Sumanta Gupta says:

      Namasthe Doctor Babu
      I am a patient of DCM. Presently I feel some breathing problems when I walked in speed. Please advise

  18. Surendra Varna says:

    What treatment, drug would you recommend for 74 patient with h/o CAD..undergone CABG 19 yes ago,had
    ICD implanted with defibrillator three yes back. For past few days feel shortness of breath on climbing stairs n walking some distance..Non smoker non alcoholic . It’s only on walking not at rest..BP n sugar under control

  19. Saleha Ahmed Harris says:

    Hello Dr! My father (78 year olds) suffers from severe COPD and churg Strauss. He is constantly short of breath and finds walking and daily activities a real challenge and limiting. He also has a lot of mucus rattling around in him and doesn’t have the strength to cough it up and out. I’m not sure which combination of the above would suit him best. The one for SOB associated with walking or the one with coughing? They both apply to him. Can he have a cocktail of all four medicines?

  20. Walking up steps or hills causes shortness of breath and chest pain. I have had a cardio workup–normal. I am 72. Have Hashimotos.

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