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Homeopathic Treatment for Eustachian Tube Blockage

The Eustachian tube is a tube about 35mm long that connects the middle ear to the nasopharynx. The function of Eustachian tubes is to equalize the pressure between the middle ear and the surrounding atmosphere. Another function of the Eustachian tube is to drain the mucus from the middle ear. Eustachian tubes may get blocked because of various infections. Homeopathic treatment for Eustachian tube blockage is safe, very effective and has no side effects. homeopathic treatment for eustachian tube blockage

Homeopathy works to correct the underlying cause of the problem. The prominent symptoms in every case need to be ascertained to help decide on the homeopathic treatment for Eustachian tube blockage. Among the top listed medicines for Eustachian tube blockage are Kali Mur, Pulsatilla, Hydrastis, Merc Sol, Kali Bichrome, Silicea, and Gelsemium.

Causes and Symptoms of Eustachian Tube Blockage

Eustachian tubes may get blocked due to various infections. The infections may be those of the ear or upper respiratory tract. Cold, nasal allergies and sinusitis are other reasons for Eustachian tube blockage. The symptoms of Eustachian tube blockage include ear pain, difficulty or dullness in hearing, dizziness, fullness or a plugged sensation in the ear, and noises in the ear(Tinnitus).

Homeopathic Treatment for Eustachian Tube Blockage

1. Kali Mur – For Eustachian Tube Blockage Due to Chronic Ear Catarrh

Kali Mur is a highly effective treatment for Eustachian tube blockage. Eustachian tube blockage due to chronic catarrh of the middle ear can be handled successfully with Kali Mur. In such cases, there is plugged sensation in the ears along with deafness. This sensation is accompanied by snapping and popping sounds in the ear.

2. Pulsatilla – Blockage When Accompanied by a Severe Earache

Pulsatilla is a suitable treatment for Eustachian tube blockage when accompanied by a severe earache. The earache may get worse at night. There is a blockage of the ear with difficulty in hearing. History of ear infection with the discharge of yellow, thick pus are other symptoms indicating the use of Pulsatilla. Other features are noises in the ear like wind or rushing water, and itching deep inside the ears.

3. Hydrastis – Blockage With Marked Dullness of Hearing

Hydrastis is a well-indicated treatment for Eustachian tube blockage where dullness in hearing is a symptom. Thick, offensive, irritating discharge from the ear may also be noted. Another marked symptom is post nasal drip. There is also hawking of thick yellow mucus from the throat.

4. Merc Sol – Blockage With Marked Tinnitus

Merc Sol is mainly useful for blocked Eustachian tubes when tinnitus is prominent. The noises in the ear may be roaring, ringing or whistling in nature. Tearing pain in the ear may also be experienced. Otorrhea with offensive pus, often stained with blood, may be found. Difficulty in hearing gets temporarily better by blowing the nose or after swallowing.

5. Kali Bichrome And Silicea – Other Effective Medicines for Eustachian Tube Blockage

Kali Bichrome and Silicea are other very helpful cures for Eustachian tube blockage. Kali Bichrome works well in cases of blocked Eustachian tube from chronic sinusitis. Thick, stringy postnasal discharge with blocked Eustachian tubes are indicative of using Kali Bichrome. Silicea is to be used in Eustachian tube blockage when a chronic history of pus-filled ear discharge is present. The ear feels blocked, and hissing noises in the ear may also arise.

6. Gelsemium – Blockage When Accompanied by Vertigo and Dizziness

When vertigo accompanies Eustachian tube blockage, then Gelsemium is a good choice. There is catarrh of the ear, earache, deafness and blocked Eustachian tubes. Vertigo, dizziness or a lightheaded feeling also occur in some cases. Vertigo is worse while walking. A sudden head movement may also trigger dizziness.

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  1. Pradumn pal says:

    I am suffering from Eustachian tube dysfunction from 2 year there is always a ringing voice in my both ears …please help me

  2. Renee May says:

    I am a 45 year old Lady that has suffered with Eustachian for many years. I flew in airplanes since I was a little girl and the pain upon decending was horrific. I began noticing problems with my ears when I could no longer hear for a couple of days after a flight. Since about 35, I have had vertigo, so I cannot shoot a 3-point basketball shot anymore, along with hearing loss, pain and forget about trying to blow my nose without plugging up my ears. Without proper healthcare, do have a suggestion on a homeopathic route for me. Much appreciated! My friends have been telling me I keep talking so loud.

  3. Yash Bhatia says:

    I had been experiencing some pain in my ears which got better by itself but since a few days I have been experiencing sensetivity to high pitched sounds which isn’t getting better. Even normal sounds of people speaking seem unbearable.

    • Renee May says:

      I am a 45 year old Lady that has suffered with Eustachian for many years. I flew in airplanes since I was a little girl and the pain upon decending was horrific. I began noticing problems with my ears when I could no longer hear for a couple of days after a flight. Since about 35, I have had vertigo, so I cannot shoot a 3-point basketball shot anymore, along with hearing loss, pain and forget about trying to blow my nose without plugging up my ears. Without proper healthcare, do have a suggestion on a homeopathic route for me. Much appreciated! My friends have been telling me I keep talking so loud.

  4. Kristin C says:

    11 year male with history of chronic ETD AD only. Has previously had 5 PETs but would like to discontinue such approach as risking permanent TM perforation but fearful of potential middle ear issues if left unresolved. Slight degree of low frequency loss noted and minimal retraction pocket in TM, however patient denies tinnitus, drainage of the ear and perceived hearing loss. Intermittently reports post nasal drip. No frequent sinus infections, adenoids removed. Please indicate your recommendation to relieve ETD? Thank you!

  5. Partha Pratim Basu says:

    I am male, 55. My left ear blocked for last 20 days. It reliefs slightly when I lie down. Provide me homeopathy medivines for the relief of such trouble

    • Sudip Debbarma says:

      Sir, i am suffering left low hearing problem since 2 years and i am visit to Dr Raman in Bangalore. Dr. Raman treated me in admitted in day care unit for a small holl inside left ear and attached a small tube after that i am fill very well and no problem at all, but feb’2020 i have cold couf problem and than i again fill low hearing problem, Now i want to apply homeopath medicine for this. Kindly advise me the medicine please sir.

  6. Mr. Suresh kothari says:

    Doctor I am suffering from blocked estuachin tube sincr two year . I consulted many ENT surgen including AIIMS rishikesh but do not feel any improvement. . I am tobacco (khaini) adicted since pkst 10 year and frequently experience thick mucus in nasophranx part. Some time this estuachin blocked cause pain in ear. Please advice how to solve this problem . Is there any spray which could provide immediate relief jjst for few hours till the medication treatment is going on.
    Thank you

  7. Rakesh Kumar Bhatia says:

    I am 55 year old. My right ear has blocked in Jan,2002. I have post nasal discharge from right side with sound in right ear on swallowing of saliva. I am diabetic and some time unable to under stand the correct words of sound of human. My right nostril usually remain blocked. I have also broblum of snoring . I am felling deafness from right ear. I took allopathic treatment but could not get well yet. Kindly advice.

  8. Kumar vinayak says:

    Revered Sir
    I had a perforation in my right ear since childhood. Now I am 49. Due to recurrent bacterial infection I had two TS patches on the said TM and experienced loud tinnitus 17 months ago. I underwent Tympanoplasty surgery 2 months ago and it was all right upto a month. Now due to imbalance in the middle ear the ear gets clogged and hearing gets worse. While sleeping breathing is normal and hearing is OK and I can speak without difficulties. If I eat or drink something it is OK for a moment. Otherwise with a pop while swallowing saliva or sometimes on its own, the ear getting clogged, I feel sound of wind while breathing and can’t speak. While speaking I feel pain in ear specially while pronouncing NASAL SOUNDS.
    I am disheartened as I am a teacher in a private school.
    God will be with you if you help me. If you advice I can buy medicine from you or from other stores if you please prescribe.
    I thit the EUSTACHIAN TUBE can’t balance the air pressure in the middle ear.
    Awaiting your valuable advice.

  9. Thomas Joseph says:

    Please tell me the pottency of above medicines.

  10. Jean Medley says:

    I’m 53 yrs old my eustachian tubes were blocked I had a head xray done plus an audiogram and impedance test its barotrauma as I had taken a short flight to cal am on medication during the day I’m fine but at night one ear buzzes could u reccomend any homeopathic medicine

  11. Ukaoha I Gabriel says:

    My left ear cracks on swallowing.

  12. Jawahar tankha says:

    I have tried all the above but no relief pl suggest for eustian tube blockage.

    • Bhaktadas Goswami says:

      Hello, Sir, I am suffering from eustachian time dysfunction since 2 years in my left ear. Allopathic Doctor prescribed me steriodial nasal drop and vapour capsules to take vapour in warm water. These medicines did not make any permanent solution. There is slightly relief after taking medicine. I have a mild hearing loss in my left ear.I have also itching problem on that ear . Doctor suggersted me for myringotomy insertion with grommet. I don’t want to go with surgery. Kindly suggest a homeopathy plan. Waiting for your reply. With regards, thanking you,. Bhaktadas Goswami

    • Shipra Chand says:

      I am an woman of 38 years. Sometimes my left ear’s sound is getting amplified and then slowly it’s returning to normal. Please help me.

  13. Hasvant Sheth says:

    Hi Dr Sharma
    Two weeks ago I suffered with a sore throat, which developed into a very heavy cold with brown/yellowish mucus. This impacted my ears and suddenly my ears felt very heavy and blocked. I was prescribed antibiotics for a week as the doctor said I had some fluid and reddish ear drum (infection). I saw the doctor again yesterday and was told the ear was clear. The doctor diagnosed the ear problem as ETD and prescribed a nasal steroid spay and said this a very common problem which will clear by itself.

    This is where I am today but as I believe in homeopathy I would really appreciate if you could kindly let me know the correct remedy for my above described symptoms for the ears.

    Many thanks in advance. Look forward to your reply.

    Hasvant Sheth

  14. Hello, Regarding the Gesemium, how much should I take and for how long?

  15. Matthew Ross says:

    Almost one year of ear congestion. Buzzing sound, frequent ringing, some hearing loss and pressure / slight pain periodically.

    Started last fall with sinus congestion but that cleared up a long time ago.

    ENT measured increase pressure in both ears and Eustachian Tube is the cause. He wants to put in tubes…can you recommend a homeopathic plan?

    • I went to an ENT and I have a diagnosed post nasal drip, chronic sinus infection, and eustachian tube dysfunction. The ear problem started maybe 5 to 6 years ago when I got a really bad head cold or flu and my ears blocked up on me, but it resolved a week or two later when my cold resolved. Almost everytime after that when I got a head cold with sinuses and throat issues my ears would go haywire too, but they would always clear up following the cold. Over the last year or so things have gotten more chronic with my ears. Whenever I drive up and down hill or go fast on the highway, my ears go haywire like i’m almost on an airplane. The altitude changes and pressure in car makes my ears feel pressure and blocked and they don’t equalize properly. In addition to this, over the last month or so it’s becoming more chronic. swallowing affects my ears, drinking, eating, blowing my nose, laughing, yawning. My euchastian tubes are messed up and I never know what’s going to happen next. It’s a scary feeling. Sometimes, I feel a miserable pressure in my head and ears, sometimes they feel blocked and clogged so everything sounds more muffled and not clear, other times I hear a buzzing, ringing, or extra sounds in my ears, and sometimes I am very sensitive to loud sounds. Is there anything I can do to clear out and unplug my eustachian tubes naturally? I don’t even know the root cause of why I have the dysfunction in the first place. The ENT wanted me to go on an antibiotics for my sinus infection and have Pressure equalization tubes put in my eardrum. I don’t want to do that if I can do it naturally. I have been taking a lot of different herbs to try to clear up the sinus infection and I’ve been using a neti pot for over a week now. I’ve been doing hot and cold compresses on my sinuses and gargling with warm salt water and then alternating with cold water. I may have gotten a little relief, but I wish there was a more permanent, lasting solution. Let me know. I really appreciate it. I am a caregiver to my father who had a stroke and my grandmother with dementia. I can’t afford to be sick, because I have too many people depending on me. It doesn’t help when almost everything I hear sounds distorted.

      • Namaste Dr. Sharma. Im 19 years old and I am suffering from ear problems since more than a month now. Last month my eardrum got pushed inwards due to congestion but it was cured with in 2 days. Then after half a month, both of my ears started feeling clogged. Doctor suggested this is happening because of allergies and gave me antibiotics (strong ones). Now 2 weeks after antibiotics, I am again feeling my left ear is little bit clogged, I am getting a lot of cough in throat coming from my ears and I am facing ringing sound in my ears. Please suggest me a solution I really need a permanent solution for this. Thankyou so much.

  16. Hi,
    My name is Kirtee. I’m 30 years old.
    I had slight ear congestion due to cough and cold. After 2 days I had to travel via flight which lead to pain and increase in ear congestion.
    ENT specialist explained me the cause of all this is mucus accumulation behind eardrum.
    I have been under medication for 2-3 weeks, it has reduced considerably.
    But the feeling of stuffyness in ear hasn’t gone completely.
    It is 4th week.
    I have been taking Silicea 30 since yesterday, as suggested for a week by my family’s homeopathic doctor. Also, I could see the name of this medicine here for eustachian ear problem.

    Please help me understand how long it takes to go away.

    I’m constantly thinking about it, unable to take my mind off, which in turn is giving rise to anxiety.
    I know it heals on its own and will surely be cured.
    But I’m unable to sleep well, sometimes I cry, and trouble everybody around me.
    Need Help !!

  17. Priyanka Sontale says:

    Hello Sir,
    I’m Priyanka. I’m suffering from Post nasal drip, mildly clogged ears and ear pressure, whenever i swallow, their is a crackling and popping sound in my ears, I’m tired of this sickness, i tried lots of antibiotics from past two months, but no use. According to doctor my ears are normal from outside. But i think I’m having eustachian tube dysfunction. I tried many antihistamines for post nasal drip but no use. The thick mucus in my nose is not getting resolved. According to doctors it’s due to allergy. They diagnosed me as Chronic rhinopharyangitis. Plzz sir help me out.
    Waiting for Ur reply..

  18. Anna Berger says:

    Hi Dr.Sharma! Can you recommend a remedy for ear aches during a flight. Painful pressure in the ears.

  19. Karine Michaelidis says:

    I had a huge infection in my right sinus passage with puss and blood still expels when I blow my nose, and then my right ear blocks and whistles…the postnal drip, as inflamed the right side of my palette and the side of my tongue on the right side….I have used pulsatilla and kali mur, but it still persists.

  20. Javed aslam says:

    sir ineed the potency of kali mur,hydrastasis, siliciea

    age 47
    chronic right inner ear problem with hearing loss,crack sounds,blocked eustuchian tube but no discharge

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