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Homeopathic Treatment for Keratoconus

What is Keratoconus?

The cornea is a transparent layer in front of the eye that covers the iris, the pupil, and the anterior chamber. It is a transparent dome shaped structure, which helps to focus and control the entry of light into the eye. The bulging out of the cornea, like a cone, is known as keratoconus. Protein fibers assist in holding the cornea in place. In keratoconus, there is a weakening of these fibers, making it difficult for the cornea to remain in place and causing it to bulge out conically. These changes in the shape of the cornea can appear gradually or suddenly. In some cases, the progression of changes in the shape of the cornea stops after a while; while in others, these changes continue for many years. In advanced stages of keratoconus, there may be scarring of the cornea. Homeopathy offers treatment for many ophthalmic diseases. Keratoconus is one such condition where these medicines can help. Homeopathic treatment for keratoconus is safe and effective, using medicines which are sourced from natural substances. It can be used for people of all ages.

Causes for Keratoconus

The exact cause for keratoconus is not clear. Keratoconus runs in families. Genetic and environmental factors play a significant role in the development of keratoconus. The age at which it starts to appear varies between 10 years and early adulthood. Atopic diseases like allergies, eczema and harsh rubbing of the eyes predispose a person to keratoconus. Keratoconus is also common in individuals with Down’s Syndrome and Marfan Syndrome.

Symptoms of Keratoconus

Symptoms of keratoconus include blurred and double vision, sensitivity to bright light or photophobia, sudden changes in vision, seeing halos around bright lights, and poor night vision. In addition to this, monocular polyopia or perceiving more than two images of an object, is another dominant symptom of keratoconus. In keratoconus, usually both eyes are involved. However, the severity of the problem may vary for both eyes.

Homeopathic Medicines for Keratoconus

Some medicines for the homeopathic treatment for keratoconus are Calcarea Iodata, Euphrasia Officinalis, and Pulsatilla Nigricans. These medicines have no side effects. A detailed case taking, based on prominent symptoms, is required to select the appropriate homeopathic medicine for keratoconus. Every case of keratoconus needs to be considered individually, studied thoroughly, analyzed, and evaluated, to decide on the homeopathic prescription that will give the best results. Homeopathic medicine for keratoconus helps by managing the problem symptomatically. They also contribute in halting the progression of the keratoconus.

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  1. hello sir/madam,
    is there any homeopathic medicine for keratoconus

  2. Holly Lundskog says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma my daughter is experiencing Keratoconus in her right eye, and a little on her left. Wondering what homeopathic you would recommend. She has sensitivity to light and her eyes feel dry. She is 13, Wanting to see if we can help with homeopathy, Thanks!

  3. Atul mane father of asmita mane says:

    Dear sir
    My daughter is having keratoconus to right eye .
    Problem defected 20 days before. We are leaving in chikhli . This place in pimpri chinchwad

    Now we are giving allopathy treatment to her.
    I have some query.
    1. Do we have medicine in allopathy to cure keratoconus

    • Dear doctor
      Our 7 year child suddenly came from school with a note that she faces difficulty in reading board we took her for eye checkup doctor said she is myopic with 2no. Power but also advised us to get coroneal topography done
      Kindly guide such eye problems can be successfully dealt in homeopathy if yes please indicate your fee structure and mode of payment

  4. I have severe Keratoconus in my left eye to the point I’m blind in this eye my right eye just mild Keratoconus, what can I take to reverse this disease so I can at least have some vision in my left eye please help I’m desperate and my life has been hell with this disease.

  5. alfiya fatema says:

    Dr my brother suffering for keratoconus he is 25
    both of his eyes were suffering he dont want do surgery and want immediate result is it possible to treat it by homeopathy as early as possible …

  6. alfiya fatema says:

    Dr by brother suffering for keratoconus both of his eyes were suffering he dont want do surgery and want immediate result is it possible to treat it by homeopathy as early as possible …

  7. Sanjib Goswami says:

    I have a keratoconus since the age 16. I have some skin problems at my neck area. Please help with my keratoconus.

  8. Where can I get some of the herbs for Keratocornea to buy

  9. J MANOJ KUMAR says:

    Doctor, I am MANOJKUMAR class XII student age 17 years, I was affected with viral conjunctivitis on last September 2917 and problem lasted for about a month and after that my vision got blurred some time and now I am diagnosed with keratoconus. The cordial membrane thickness are 395 millimicron in both eyes.Eye dr. Suggested C3R PROCEDURE. Sir, any treatment in homoeopathy available to improve vision after c3r treatment?

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