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Homeopathic Treatment for Loss of Appetite

The loss of appetite is known as Anorexia. There are various causes for the loss of appetite. Some causes are psychological in nature and include stress, grief and anxiety disorders. Other causes may be bacterial or viral infections. Diseases like hypothyroidism, tuberculosis, chronic liver disease, chronic kidney disease, hepatitis, and cancer can also lead to the loss of appetite. Certain medications and drug addictions also cause Anorexia. Another significant reason for the loss of appetite is Anorexia Nervosa. In homeopathy, cases of loss of appetite are treated with much success. Homeopathic treatment for loss of appetite uses medicines that help stimulate appetite.

Homeopathic treatment for loss of appetite helps by safely boosting the appetite. It works by correcting the cause of the anorexia to enhance the appetite. These medicines are useful for treating anorexia in patients of all age groups. Top grade homeopathic medicines to treat loss of appetite are Alfalfa, Antimonium Crudum, Psorinum, China, Colchicum, and Ignatia.

Top Homeopathic Medicines for Poor Appetite

1. Alfalfa – Top Grade Homeopathic Medicine for Poor Appetite

Alfalfa is a high-grade homeopathic treatment for loss of appetite. Alfalfa helps tone up the appetite in a very natural way. Along with boosting the appetite, it also helps to provide mental and physical strength to the body. Alfalfa works well in patients who experience a loss of appetite accompanied by weight loss, loss of flesh and emaciation. In such cases, the medicine helps improve the appetite as well as gain weight. Alfalfa is also a suitable homeopathic medicine for anorexia nervosa and loss of appetite with weakness, fatigue, and exhaustion.

2. Antimonium Crudum And Psorinum – Homeopathic Medicines To Improve Appetite That Has Diminished After a Severe Disease

Antimonium Crudum and Psorinum are well indicated homeopathic medicines for treating anorexia. These medicines help stimulate appetite after a serious illness. A patient needing Antimonium Crudum experiences a loss of appetite along with an aversion to every kind of food. But in some cases, the patient can eat acidic and sour things and has an aversion to all other food. Nausea and a bitter taste in the mouth are accompanying symptoms. Along with these features, the tongue feels thickly coated. Psorinum works well when there is a loss of appetite, but there is a constant thirst for water. Other symptoms include belching that tastes like rotten eggs. Psorinum is also useful for the loss of appetite and weakness arising after an acute disease. In such cases, Psorinum helps to improve appetite as well as provide strength to the body.

3. China – Homeopathic Medicine for Poor Appetite When Accompanied by a Sense of Abdominal Fullness

China is a beneficial homeopathic remedy for improving appetite. It works by helping to aid the desire to eat. This medicine works well in cases of reduced appetite with a sensation of fullness in the abdomen. China is useful when a person feels full in the stomach all the time. The abdomen feels bloated and distended. There is an aversion to all food. China works well in cases where there is not a complete loss of appetite, but the patient feels satiated by eating very little. Lastly, China is a beneficial homeopathic medicine for a total loss of appetite during malaria.

4. Colchicum – Homeopathic Medicine for Poor Appetite When Nausea Accompanies Anorexia

Colchicum is another excellent homeopathic treatment for loss of appetite. It helps to promote appetite in such cases. Colchicum is most helpful when nausea is present along with the loss of appetite. A person requiring Colchicum gets nauseous at the thought or smell of food. The patient feels hungry, but on smelling food, the appetite vanishes. If food is somehow taken, it seems tasteless. Colchicum helps to reduce nausea and stimulate the appetite.

5. Ignatia – Homeopathic Medicine for Poor Appetite in Persons Having Anorexia From Depression or Sadness

Ignatia is a high-grade homeopathic treatment for loss of appetite. It helps to bring back appetite in patients who have lost their appetite due to depression. The guiding feature to use Ignatia is a loss of appetite from sadness, grief, and depression. A patient needing Ignatia refuses to eat and is absorbed in sad thoughts. The person feels sad and disappointed all the time, avoids the company of people, and feels exhausted both mentally and physically. Ignatia will help to recover from depression and assist in regaining the healthy appetite.

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  1. Sir,
    I am 30 years old and my weight is 52kg and height 5.7.
    In 2014 I came to know that I am infected with hiv .
    From Jan 2014 I am on medication .My last cd4 was 366 and viral load non detectable.
    But the problem is I am facing the problem of loss of appetite because of which I am not able to gain my weight .
    I am looking like a skeleton.
    All my report are negative like hepatitis etc.
    I have tried allopathy but it is not working on me for loss of appetite .
    I am thinking for homeopathic medicine .
    Please advice me in this regards.

    Plz revert.

  2. Nomathemba Lukhezo says:

    My sister is grossly underweight and as older person she is not receiving the treatment she requires basically the psychiatric nurse described her condition as “life choice.” My sister states that food does not taste at all i.e. loss of taste is her main complaint. This has led to dangerous weight loss and the NHS has failed to treat her indeed they say that she does not have an eating disorder.

    I am left with an elderly person who has no flesh on her, looks like a skeleton and unable to eat sufficient food to save her own life. She has hidden food in all sorts of places. She has been in a Mental Health Unit for just over three months.

    I am desperate and please if you can help I will be grateful

  3. Amit Rose says:

    For 3 days my wife was out of school training and has very less food and water there. When she returned she was a bit feverish and some exhausted. For next 3 days had mild fever. Since then she has lost appetite and thirst, water tastes bitter and feels full stomach all the time. She feels hunger but that subsides after eating 2-3 spoons.
    I more thing sir, she is expected from 15 days. Thats why we fear to give any allopathic medication. Please suggest us.

  4. shivangi vishwakarma says:

    Sir I have a patient 4 yrs little girl her mother complaining that her child eats nothing and some how she eats a little bit only and if forcefully her mother tries to give something to eat she vomits it and patients is so much active and having sharp memory but easily irritated and easily offended wt to give her plz hlp ..

    • Pranali desai says:

      Hi doctor
      My main problem is my babies appetite
      She is 4 years old now just started going to school. Her school is starting at 1:30 bt before going to school she does nt wnt to eat food neither she eats any thing for breakfast. If I try to feed her forcefully she feels like vomiting. D main point is she just don’t wnt to eat food. Just help me
      Thank you

  5. Muhammad Asif Nayyer says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma Ji.
    my child is 3 years old , he is weak and skinny body , having los of appetite physically he is okay and active child he has by birth constipation , please advise best medicine to gain his weight .

    thanks Asif Nayyer

  6. good day,
    my baby boy is 11 months and just had roseola infantum. we treated fever with belladonna and strominium (only once).
    since one week ago his rash disappeared, but his appetite is still very poor and his tongue is white coated. he is active, but lost about 450gr weight.
    thanks a lot

  7. Shekhar says:

    My son 2.5 year old dooesnot take solid food.he takes only milk mixed with supplements.isthere any way to increase his appetite?I have tried alfalfa but he does not take alfalfa as well?Can I mix alfalfa with milk and give him?Any other chewable or tablet form medicine which he can consume easily.thanks-Shekhar(Mob-9805946501

  8. Sankar Paul says:

    Poor appetite of 4 months old baby girl..plz give suggestion.

  9. My mother is around 50 Ys. and weight is about 30 Kg. my mother is suffering from low sodium problem from 5 Years which automatic decrease from 130 to around 110 many times we admitted her into hospital doctors diagnose SIADH case. but unable to find the problem why sodium is derasing. on 22/04/2017 they done CT scan of chest and found some heziness in the chest it might be tuberculosis after they done bronchoscopy test to confirm TB but the test got normal. On symptoms basis they start TB treatment.After 7 months they again call CT scan test and CT report shows some improvement into Chest Hezzines doctors stop medicine of TB after 12 Months. Now she is suffering from Low or Dead appetite problem and her knee pain also.
    Please suggest what should i do. ?

  10. I am 30 year old women n my weight is hight is 5’6. I completely loss my appetite. I m hardly feel hunger whole day. Eat once or twice a day. N feels so week. N specially my leg and foot pain a lot. What can I do. Please advise me. Thanks

  11. Jair-Rohm Wells says:


    My mother is 85 years old and recovering from a series of strokes. Her brain function is diminished due to the strokes. This is a contributing factor to her loss of appetite and we are working on this. I’m In the meantime, we’re looking for recommendations for supplements that will stimulate her appetite.


  12. A P M SINHA says:

    My grand daughter is 16 months old. She appears to have almost total appetite loss. During 24 hours her total intake is measured 3-4 tea spoonful of rice or dalia. For last one year she has developed total aversion towards milk or milk based food.

  13. Ashish Sharma says:

    Good evening Dr. Sharma.

    I am very upset due to my mom’s weight loss due to the lost of apetite. she also has the thyoroid which is control now, thooth decay is there as well.

    Kindly suggest me the Cure if possible, or pls let me know from where and how can i get the below mention medition are these good enough to intake togather and if yes what should be the quantity?
    1. Alfalfa

  14. in which dilution chine should use?

    • Bhupinder sekhon says:

      I had major de bulking in abdomen cos of canser now my tounge is very raw very poor apetite poor saliva,weakness,poo when go to pee and it’s very smelly.

  15. My grand daughter is 2 yr old and eats very little. Mainly survive on milk alone. What should I do so that she eats every thing.

  16. my 7 year old child is having poor/no appetite. She is being treated for amoebiais with allopathic tinidazole for the last two days and had fever also. now she is not having fever or loose motions. please could you suggest a homeopathic medicine to help her have some appetite

  17. Ashish Kumar says:

    One of friend having white patches (vitiligo ) (minor). Please suggest some medicine. How long I have to take the medicine.

  18. Sir I have a problem of loosing my appetite just after I stop taking any appetite enhancers. Without them I go about for days with no food. But soon as I stop them i start loosing weight very fast.
    Do you think Alfalfa can help me based on your article?
    And Are there any side effects??

    • Jeanette green says:

      I am needing help with 2 puppies who have been very ill. Perfectly healthy and eating really well, then got loose stools and stopped eating. At the same time went VERY LETHARGIC and , droopy eyes and reluctance to walk as if limbs hurt.
      Vets said they could see the problem but bloods , temperature etc normal . That was four weeks ago.
      Antibiotics made no result.
      Finished up ” force feeding ….. gently just to get food on them . Movement in joints came back and whilst happy enough and play still seem like they are not quite as alert as they should be.
      There is a strong possibility that they had some contaminated raw pre minced food off a national company ……. I know of two other dogs which have had sever immune reactions and the food is currently going for investigations . My older dogs have been ok on it but the puppies immune systems were already compromised by vaccines and worming.
      I have already done Silicia and Thuja re vaccine, used arnica, and nux .
      We have reached a point where they are eating some food but it’s an effort and not enough as they are at a critical growing stage. . Although they initially think they want it, they then walk away . What I am feeding has little bearing if they want it. I.e., tempting doesn’t work. I feed raw but a different brand to the one that caused the problem , and also feed some complete biscuit .
      I am desperately looking for advice on which homeopathic remedy to use to stimulate their appetite and put that sparkle back.
      I hope you can advise. Thank you jeanette

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