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Homeopathic Treatment for Loss of Appetite

The loss of appetite is known as Anorexia. There are various causes for the loss of appetite. Some causes are psychological in nature and include stress, grief and anxiety disorders. Other causes may be bacterial or viral infections. Diseases like hypothyroidism, tuberculosis, chronic liver disease, chronic kidney disease, hepatitis, and cancer can also lead to the loss of appetite. Certain medications and drug addictions also cause Anorexia. Another significant reason for the loss of appetite is Anorexia Nervosa. In homeopathy, cases of loss of appetite are treated with much success. Homeopathic treatment for loss of appetite uses medicines that help stimulate appetite.

Homeopathy helps by safely boosting the appetite. It works by correcting the cause of the anorexia to enhance the appetite. These medicines are useful for treating anorexia in patients of all age groups. Top grade homeopathic medicines to treat loss of appetite are Alfalfa, Antimonium Crudum, Psorinum, China, Colchicum, and Ignatia.

Homeopathic Treatment for Loss of Appetite

1. Alfalfa – Top Grade Medicine for Poor Appetite

Alfalfa is a high-grade treatment for loss of appetite. Alfalfa helps tone up the appetite in a very natural way. Along with boosting the appetite, it also helps to provide mental and physical strength to the body. Alfalfa works well in patients who experience a loss of appetite accompanied by weight loss, loss of flesh and emaciation. In such cases, the medicine helps improve the appetite as well as gain weight. Alfalfa is also a suitable medicine for anorexia nervosa and loss of appetite with weakness, fatigue, and exhaustion.

2. Antimonium Crudum And Psorinum – Appetite That Has Diminished After a Severe Disease

Antimonium Crudum and Psorinum are well indicated medicines for treating anorexia. These medicines help stimulate appetite after a serious illness. A patient needing Antimonium Crudum experiences a loss of appetite along with an aversion to every kind of food. But in some cases, the patient can eat acidic and sour things and has an aversion to all other food. Nausea and a bitter taste in the mouth are accompanying symptoms. Along with these features, the tongue feels thickly coated. Psorinum works well when there is a loss of appetite, but there is a constant thirst for water. Other symptoms include belching that tastes like rotten eggs. Psorinum is also useful for the loss of appetite and weakness arising after an acute disease. In such cases, Psorinum helps to improve appetite as well as provide strength to the body.

3. China – For Poor Appetite and Abdominal Fullness

China is a beneficial remedy for improving appetite. It works by helping to aid the desire to eat. This medicine works well in cases of reduced appetite with a sensation of fullness in the abdomen. China is useful when a person feels full in the stomach all the time. The abdomen feels bloated and distended. There is an aversion to all food. China works well in cases where there is not a complete loss of appetite, but the patient feels satiated by eating very little. Lastly, China is a beneficial medicine for a total loss of appetite during malaria.

4. Colchicum – When Nausea Accompanies Anorexia

Colchicum is another excellent treatment for loss of appetite. It helps to promote appetite in such cases. Colchicum is most helpful when nausea is present along with the loss of appetite. A person requiring Colchicum gets nauseous at the thought or smell of food. The patient feels hungry, but on smelling food, the appetite vanishes. If food is somehow taken, it seems tasteless. Colchicum helps to reduce nausea and stimulate the appetite.

5. Ignatia – Anorexia From Depression or Sadness

Ignatia is a high-grade treatment for loss of appetite. It helps to bring back appetite in patients who have lost their appetite due to depression. The guiding feature to use Ignatia is a loss of appetite from sadness, grief, and depression. A patient needing Ignatia refuses to eat and is absorbed in sad thoughts. The person feels sad and disappointed all the time, avoids the company of people, and feels exhausted both mentally and physically. Ignatia will help to recover from depression and assist in regaining the healthy appetite.

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  1. Nishakar Pattanaik says:

    My grandson is of 13 months old as advised by pediatric doctor we were giving different types of solid foods since 7months old but he was taking a little quantity by sparing 2hours of time for thrice a day. We are also serving him different types of solid foods but no result only drinking milk. Hence it is requested to advise the needful

  2. Masoom Jain says:

    Which medicine is good for 10 months baby, who does wnat to drink milk or does not want to eat anything new.

  3. Ranajit Majumdar says:

    My diseases are incurable. I have been suffering from IBS with diarrhoea and Bronchial asthma with allergic rhinitis. My age is 72years. Weight is 41kg only. I treated myself so many doctors and spent huge money. Diseases not cured. I don’t like spend more money for this purpose..Asthma is controlled 3inhaler.But,IBS is beyond controlled.
    Thank you.

  4. Sanjay Borthakur says:

    Your contribution towards homeopathy and to all homeopathy lovers is greatly mentionworthy. Most of the people, physician, students are highly benefited from your great writings and we expect you to continue.

  5. My name is USRao having problem of no appetite after recovering viral feaver one month ago.and To control feaver paracetamol and antibiotics used for one week .
    I have feeling of normal pain vertically on middle stomach
    No vomting sensation and indigition if take moderate food.
    Urine is normal color….pls suggest homeo medicine
    Having thickness on toung…some times bitterness and sometimes sweetnes is there in mouth

  6. Erica King says:

    I am wondering what #3. China is called as a supplement. I am finding it difficult to search for in order to purchase.
    Thank you

  7. Problem resolve hua??

  8. Son age 22 yrs, since last year epileptic issues, using 3000 mg Kapra medication/daily and also drug addicted – E cigarate. His health is very poor always in bad mode , no talk with any one , no friendship, night awake, day sleep. food only junk food no home cooked food , no fruits or salad. very low intake in food ( few spoons only) .Worried about health , he don’t want to see any doctor or clinic. Any good advice about to increase his appetite?

    • Pankaj sharma says:

      Hello Mam, my appetite is very very very low. I feel full of abdomen all the day. After eating a bid of food, I feel I need to go toilet. I used to go toilet 2 to 3 times a day. Due to this I feel fatique, mood change and very desperate. Please suggest good advice to crack this problem.

      • Vickram Raaj says:

        I am a male adult of 38 years. Gave up alcohol 10 days ago. There is weakness and loss of appetite, problem of acid reflux. Do not feel like taking solid or spicy foods. Suggest treatment.

    • Naresh Sihra says:

      Hi doctor, I been suffering from loss of appetite for nearly a year. Last 2 months absolutely no solid food like chapatis vegetables or dal. Did have loss of weight. But it’s stable now. I take 12 tablets in the morning and about 7 in the evening for my heart failure. Please advise Thank you.

  9. Hello sir… Actually my appetite is very very low…. And so my weight is. I have lots of weakness due to this. I have tried many kind of medicines but nothing worked…. I want to gain appetite and my weight also

  10. Chandrashekhar Palaka says:

    Loss of appetite is noticed in my sister may be due to depression or sadness, as I can see from her behaviour.
    Kindly suggest a suitable homeopathy medicine.

  11. Jitendra Kumar says:

    Bhuk nahi lagte
    Bar bar soch Jana padta ha

  12. Balaji Gathibandhe says:

    bhukh nhi lagana ,vajan nahi badhana , homiopathi medicine

  13. Heyy mam …. My father having urethral stone and gone for surgery befor 6 month now he devloped nausea ,vomiting and loss of appetite since last 1 month
    [ He also have sarcoidosis, Hypertensive & Diabitic]
    Plz suggest right remedy for him i m also homoepath.

  14. Neeraj Bala says:

    Meri 4years ki grand daughter hai kuch bhi nahi khati hai please recommend any homeopathic medicine

  15. Hi, my dad is a lung cancer patient, he’s very frail, exhausted and extremely anxious. He has constant nausea and no appetite, all meals have to be forced.

    Is Ant Crud a suitable remedy and if so how often should I administer?

  16. subrota ganguly says:

    Madam Dr
    I have liver disorder due to HepC. It is now completely cured.
    But loss of appetite and acute constipation is the problem now.
    Can you suggest some medicine.
    Thanking you

  17. My granddaughter is 3 yrs and 5 months . After the birth of her sister who is now 6 months , she has been acting a bit difficult . Now she is not eating properly . She is hungry , but she won’t eat much at mealtime . Then in the night she wakes up at odd hours and says my tummy is paining I am hungry . What drops do you recommend to increase her appetite

  18. prabhakar. madiraju says:


  19. I vomited severely. Now feel full when eat. No appetite. Weak tired.

  20. Barbara Nicholson says:

    My daughter who is six had Covid when she was four and since then does not like to eat. Unless it’s sweet or salty, but never vegetables and hardly any fruit and definitely not meat she survives on pistachios, juice, waffles, what remedy would work best for her? Before Covid, she had a very good appetite and would try new foods

    • We have the same situation. Our 3.5 year old used to eat everything and love all and any foods. Ever since he had COVID 2 years ago, he will only eat fruits incl citrus, berries, bananas, melons and carbs of any type (breads, pastries, some oats) and salty crispy snacks. We’re so desperate, he won’t touch meat, vegetables, anything healthy, he refuses, screams at the look of any of it. He drinks his two cups of ripple kids milk on top of all the carbs but this can’t be healthy. Which homeopathic remedy should we approach?

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