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Natural Treatment of Pinched Nerve with Homeopathy

A pinched nerve refers to nerve compression that occurs as a result of excessive pressure on a nerve. The points where nerves have to pass through narrow spaces in the body are the places where they tend to get pinched from. The pressure on the nerves can arise from muscles, tendons, bones, cartilage and that surrounds the nerve.

Pinched Nerve Homeopathic Treatment

A pinched nerve can cause pain and other complications.

A nerve may get pinched due to a variety of reasons like an injury to the nerve, disc herniation, bone spurs, degenerative disc diseases, and spinal arthritis. Homeopathic treatment of a pinched nerve helps alleviate symptoms like numbness, pain, and tingling sensations. Rhus Tox, Colocynthis, and Magnesia Phosphorica are the top homeopathic remedies for pinched nerves.

Homeopathic Treatment of Pinched Nerves

Homeopathy carries a good scope of treatment for cases of pinched nerves. A pinched nerve anywhere in the body can be effectively treated with homeopathic medicines. Homeopathic remedies are selected individually to treat the condition by assessing factors like the location of the pinched nerve, the associated symptoms and the modalities present in the given case. There are different symptoms presented for the use of each of these homeopathic medicines. Prepared from natural substances, these homeopathic medicines cause no side effects.

Homeopathic Medicines for Pinched Nerve

Rhus Tox – Homeopathic Medicine for Pinched Nerve in Spine

Rhus Tox is a highly effective homeopathic medicine for a pinched nerve in the spine that causes back pain. Pain in any part of the back including the neck, mid back or lower back can be effectively treated with this homeopathic medicine. The key indications to use Rhus Tox for pinched nerve include relief in back pain by motion and hard pressure, worsening back pain by rest, and a burning sensation in the lower back along with pain. A nerve compression arising in the back from overuse or overstraining of the back from weight lifting or some related sports activity is also treated well with Rhus Tox.

Colocynthis – Homeopathic Remedy for Pinched Nerve causing Left-side Sciatica

Colocynthis is a natural cure for a pinched nerve in the lumbar spine region that causes left-sided sciatic pain. The chief feature to use this medicine is a pain in the lower back that radiates down the left leg. The nature of the pain can be cramping, drawing or tearing type. Pressure or heat may relieve the problem in individuals needing this medicine.

Magnesia Phosphorica – Effective Homeopathic Medicine for Pinched Nerve causing Right-side Sciatica

Magnesia Phosphorica is a natural remedy for a pinched nerve in the lumbar spine causing right-sided sciatica. The pain starts in the lower back and radiates down the thigh, leg, and feet on the right side. Pain is mainly cramping or sharp, shooting-like and it gets better with a warm treatment. Tenderness of feet may be present along with sciatica in some cases.

Gnaphalium Polycephalum – Effective Homeopathic Remedy for Pinched Nerve causing Sciatica

Gnaphalium Polycephalum is a homeopathic treatment for pinched nerve leading to sciatica and numbness in the leg. The sciatica pain and numbness may alternate from one leg to another. The pain tends to get worse upon lying down while sitting relieves the pain.

Cimicifuga Racemosa – Natural Homeopathic Remedy for Pinched Nerve in Cervical Spine

Cimicifuga Racemosa is a homeopathic remedy for a pinched nerve in the cervical spine that causes cervical pain. Sensitivity to touch in the cervical spine along with pain, a feeling of contraction in the neck and worsening of pain with movement of the head or hands are characteristic features of this remedy.

Paris Quadrifolia – Natural Homeopathic Medicine for Pinched Nerve in Cervical Spine causing Numbness

Paris Quadrifolia is an effective cure for a pinched nerve in the cervical spine that causes numbness in the fingers. Along with numbness, pain in the neck appears that may radiate down the fingers.

Hypericum Perforatum – Natural Remedy for Pinched Nerve – Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Hypericum Perforatum is a highly suitable homeopathic medicine to treat a pinched nerve in carpal tunnel syndrome. The symptoms indicative of its use are numbness and tingling sensation in the fingers, and a crawling, burning sensation in the fingers.

Causes of Pinched Nerve

Many factors predispose a person towards developing a pinched nerve. Some of these include age-related wear and tear, heavy weight-lifting, overstraining of the back, obesity, pregnancy, sports activities, and excessive stress/strain from repetitive work. Apart from these, thyroid disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and diabetes mellitus are some other conditions that can predispose a person to develop pinched nerve.

Symptoms of Pinched Nerve

A pinched nerve can give rise to symptoms varying from mild to severe that can develop in any part of the body. The exact degree and location of symptoms depend on the particular nerve that has been compressed. In general, the symptoms of a pinched nerve include pain, burning sensation, tingling, numbness, and a pins-and-needles sensation in the area supplied by the nerve which has been pinched. Decreased sensation and muscle weakness are also noted in some cases. The major sites where pinched nerve is seen most commonly include cervical spine (neck), lumbosacral spine (lower back), and carpal tunnel in the wrist. In case of a pinched nerve in the cervical spine (neck) the symptoms include pain, numbness or tingling in cervical back. These symptoms can be seen radiating to shoulder, and the upper limb. In case of a pinched nerve in lower back, the primary symptom arising is sciatica (lower back pain radiating down the lower limb), numbness, tingling in the lower back or lower limb or isolated pain in the lower back.
In the case of carpal tunnel syndrome, the symptoms appear due to pinching of the median nerve in the carpal tunnel present in the wrist. These include wrist pain, tingling/ numbness of fingers of the hand (thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger) and weakness in the hand.

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  1. P. RANGANATHAN says:


  2. Hi,

    I have been having tingling sensation at the base of the neck, left shoulder and back for a week now. No pain only tingling that comes and goes. What is the best remedy for this condition?

  3. Binayaka Mishra says:

    My sister is suffering from neck and head uneasiness. She used to have neck pain. But now she is feeling numbness also. She has this issue from last 3-4 years.
    Could you please suggest something?It will be of great help.
    Thank you

  4. Rooja Mohassessy says:

    Any recommendations on damage to pudendal nerve?

    Thank you!

  5. RKMahajan says:

    Hello I am feeling numbness in feet increasing slowly over time . Dr says it is due to pressing of nerves under the spine. First it was in left foot but now feeling in right feet. This Drs diagnoses through MRI of spine. Kindly suggest a suitable medicine. I am of 72 years. According to Drs I should go for operation.

  6. Krishan Lal says:

    I am suffering from chronic neck pain and occipital headache.

  7. Sayed MOHAMED says:

    Hello Doctor,thank you for assistance.
    I am suffering nervous pain on right side of my face specially lower teeth some times upper teeth , Trigntel 200 mg is taking .Nose and breath channel filled with and prevents breathing , After cleaning seems comfort.
    Ipeca 200 took ,pulsatila 200 took and seems some what good but not curing. Hope your suggestion

  8. Hello, Dr. Sharma, thank you for this site.

    What potency Cimicifuga and Hypericum do you recommend for pinched nerves between C5-C6 and C-6-C7, causing pain running into left thumb?

    Thank you so much for any advice.


  9. Zulqrnain Alo says:

    Hello Dr,

    My father is 60 year old and about an year ago he started complaining about burning sensation in the left feet and then in the left arm. After some time he said that the burning sensation is covering the whole body and the left arm and hand getting weaker with severe pain in the left hand and arm. Now a days he is feeling severe pain. Please help him to cure it please.

    Best Regards
    Zulqrnain Ali

  10. Nicola Howe says:

    Hi,I’m numb on my left side(under my chest down to my lower part of my stomach)going round my left side & half way down the right side of my back to the top of my buttock,what could this be?

  11. Hammad Ahmad says:

    My entire right side feels numb and different sensation, from head to toe. Plz suggest a medicine for this.

    • Mahreen says:

      Ii , I just wanted to ask if anyone gets replies to their queries? I see a lot of problems posted but no reply

  12. Hello i have tingling and pain in my ring and pinky finger in both hands plus intermittent pain in my hands and forearms. all those pains are made worse when i lean my head all the way back leading me to believe that its being caused by a pinched cervical nerve.
    My question is what can i do to help change this from happening and what strength should i try remedies like Cimicifuga Racemosa, Paris Quadrifolia, or Hypericum Perforatum in?
    Thank you very much!

  13. Hello Dr . Sharma I’m 57 year old man suffering everyday from neck symptoms ranging from muscular neck tightness back both sides and front of my neck .I had this since June 2018 seen many doctors without success and tried numerous treatments but not much improvement..As of today I’m still having muscular tightness around my neck due to nerve compression arthritis cervical stenosis bone spurs…what if any herbs or supplements you would recommend me for my condition? Thank you.

  14. Dear Dr dharma
    I feel severe pain at inner side of shoulder blade and upper back , mostly in table sitting posture/ when sit with cross legs . Pain relives when I sleep straight in supine posture . I felt this pain when I tried to lift my babies on my shoulders few months back , I need your help , what homeopathic medicine is suitable for me please suggest.

    • Hi good day I have pain on the inner sides of both shoulder blades an pain that radiates down the back of my left leg please tell me

  15. I have heaviness in both thigjs hamstrings are pulled and bit of nunbness in right foot. Also now I have staryed feeling burning sensation in right abdomen. Pl suggest me which medicine should I take. X ray says early degenerative spine . Currently taking dolonex and hifenac allopathy medicine . Want to quit it.

  16. Rajinder Kapoor says:

    I have pain mid of right arm till shoulder especially at the muscle part. I too treatment from allopathic dr but no improvement. (Pain killer diclofenac and paracetamol) and hot fomentation and physical exercise (suspected frozen shoulder) . In fact, seems like my nerve js pressed due to continous keeping my head on right arm while asleep and hence pain started. So it seems case of pinched nerve. Even when I stretch my arm and turn or twist my right arm, it pains. Please suggest the good homoeo medicine.

  17. Hello Dcotor ,

    Is there any treatment for neurovascular conflict ?? I have nerve compression .. recently got the Brian MRI done and I got report that I have nerve compression . Is there any treatment for this ?I also have cervical spondylitis .

  18. Hi dr sharma ,

    I am 27 yr old female two weeks back suddenly after i woke up i am
    Facing symptoms like pinched nerve in my left arm radiating to my fingers and i feel numbness and tingling butning or itchy sensation when i wake up every time ,my neck gets sore and starts painin if i dont rest often i have hypothyroidism after my delivery the levels are fluctuating and i also have weird oain on left temple throbbing pain which is not continuous but i feel it and i also feel the pain radiating towards my jaw area and pain in my tooth and i m
    Suffering from anxiety and depression

  19. Suresh padhy says:

    After workout I am feeling pain from neck towards shoulder its unbearable, can’t lift heavy things, lost my mobility of shoulder, its worse during night sleep I can’t move either side its painful. Since a week I have been this problem.

  20. pankaj jain says:

    dear Dr Sharma, i am Pankaj Jain, 56 yrs, 5’5″ ht., 68Kgs wt., not very fair complexion. Normally I am a healthy person, totally vegetarian simple food, no drinks or smoking, least dependent on medicines, only take help of natural means including homoeopathy, myself has studied and experienced a bit about this H-pathy, my whole family is almost away from Allopathy. I am strong on logic/analysis/ sentiments/ emotions/IQ. A bit perfectionist, meticulous in office matters or any job take up or even relationship.
    Till last year was posted in Dehradun, now in Mumbai. for last two months, having itching problem in inner thighs -scortum-folds and around … increase when come home and change cloth and further when go to bed. Few blisters have developed … start itching .. increases … vigorous … then burning …. seems dry skin …perspiration … application of oil or boroplus or medicated dust powder gives relief. Skin becoming thickend ..lose with wrinkles…blackened white around phunsi.
    Have history /tendency for skin problem which is sensitive to int/outer environment … rashes … in head … may be due to digestion system or emotions. Please suggest medicine. Shall be greatful

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