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Homeopathic Treatment for Snoring

Harsh sounds produced due to obstructed air movements while breathing during sleep are known as Snoring. homeopathic medicines for snoring Vibration of respiratory structures produce these sounds. Various factors play a significant role in snoring. One of the main factors among these is the obstruction of the nasal passageway. Nose blockage occurs because of many reasons. Some of these are a deviated nasal septum, nasal polyps, sleep deprivation and lying on the back. Alcohol intake, certain drugs, sleeping pills, obesity leading to bulky throat tissue, enlarged adenoids or tonsils, elongated uvula, thick or soft palate, and highly relaxed throat or tongue muscles can also be possible causes of snoring. Snoring often leads to drowsiness, headaches, and lack of concentration in daytime. Homeopathic medicines for snoring yield excellent results by correcting the cause behind it. These medicines for snoring is natural, safe and treats the condition without any side effects.

Homeopathic Medicines for Snoring

Opium, Lemna Minor, China, Kali Sulph, Nux Vomica, Dulcamara, and Laurocerasus are the top remedies.

1. Opium – For Snoring with Deep Sleep

Opium is a top grade medicine for snoring in persons having a deep and heavy sleep. In such cases, there is loud snoring with rattling. A sensation of suffocation and momentary stoppage of breath during sleep may also be present.

2. Lemna Minor – For Snoring in Persons with Nasal Polyps

Lemna Minor is very suitable medicine for snoring in persons with nasal polyps. Along with snoring, other symptoms are a blockage of the nose, a foul smell from the nose, and post nasal dripping. Use of Lemna Minor should also be considered in cases of snoring from swollen nasal turbinates. Lemna Minor is also used in patients whose condition gets worse in damp and rainy weather. Lemna Minor helps in dissolving the polyps as well the complaints arising from them.

3. China – For Snoring in Children

China is an excellent medicine for snoring. It works well for snoring in children. A child with this problem has loud, heavy snoring during sleep. Moaning may also be present along with snoring during sleep. In the morning, the child feels weary and confused. The patient is drowsy and sleepy throughout the day.

4. Kali Sulph, Nux Vomica, Dulcamara, and Laurocerasus – Other Well Indicated Medicines

Some other very important medicines that can be used as a treatment for snoring are Kali Sulph, Nux Vomica, Dulcamara, and Laurocerasus. Among them, Kali Sulph is helpful when snoring persists even after the removal of the adenoids. Nux Vomica works well in cases of loud snoring with shallow, oppressed breathing during sleep. The main symptoms that point to the use of Dulcamara are nose blockage, open mouth and snoring during sleep. Laurocerasus is used for snoring when there is a suffocated feeling and gasping for breath present. Anxiety and restlessness while going to sleep may also be present.

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  1. Hi

    I am snoring loudly every time I sleep, I need a homeopathic remedy for it please

    Thank you
    732 343 0723

  2. Larry Chiraz says:

    Hello Dr.
    61 year old male who’s had poor sleep for many years. I sleep they the night but not refreshing in any way. I’ve been to two sleep studies that found “sleep disturbances” but not apnea according to guidelines for apnea.
    One ENT told me I have turbernent issues and looking to perform surgery, I did not get a second opinion.
    My wife says snoring is bad but usually doesn’t wake me, some times it does.
    I’ve tried a CPap for close to a year with out benefits.
    Looking for some input.

  3. Prof Ravendra Singh says:

    My son is overweight. age: 18+, Height:5’6”, weight:93kg.
    He has a snoring problem. He snores very loudly. He sleeps for about 10 hours but does not feel fresh after waking up in the morning. He has a constant headache also. he goes toilet three or more times daily. He likes to eat cold foods like ice cream. I consult a doctor (MD-homeopathy) in my city, but no relief. He also has a cold tendency, a few years ago he also had bronchitis problems.
    please help

  4. Hello,
    I’m 60 years old male good shape and still work full time, I snore very loud, from what I’m told I do have a scratchy throat some mornings and wake my self up at times but only when I’m very tired, If I’m nto over tired I don’t snore.
    Is there something I can do or take for this ? I go to bed same time every night and try to get 8 hours sleep I usually get 6 and then my body is ready to go
    I would like to allow my better 1/2 some well needed sleep

  5. Hi
    I’m 58 year old, slim, fit female and yet I have a dreadful snoring problem . It is do bad I wake myself up. Are you and to help at all . Thanks

  6. I’m suffering from loud suffering , which caused another disturb another even in another room , please suggest remedy .

  7. Hello, I am 40 years old. I’m snoring loudly. Could you please help me to stop this problem. Thank you

  8. Sunil kumar says:

    Hello I am a 46 years old person . I snore too bad during night . Even my wife not wanted to sleep with me. I feel too sleapy . In full night sleaping in day still i feel lazyness and as i sit in my chair for an hrours i feel sleepy.
    Please help me to come out this problum.

  9. Bhavna singh says:

    Hello Dr I am a mother of 9 month old baby whenever I sleep whether in day or night I snore a lot.

    Please advice me some remedy as I am breast feeding my baby too.

  10. Im 28,recently married nd snoring is ruining my married life.i ve no health issues except chornic sinusitis nd sore throat.everyone in my family snores but my husband doesnt bear my snoring
    Plz help me and suggest some good medicine for immideate nd permanent relief

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