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Homeopathic Treatment for Uterine Polyps

Uterine polyps are the overgrowth of the endometrial lining of the womb or the uterus. Uterine polyps are also known as endometrial polyps. The size of the uterine polyps varies from few millimeters to a few centimeters. Uterine polyps may be single or multiple in number. They can be sessile or pedunculated, the second ones being more common. Sessile means they attach with the uterine cavity with a flat base, and pedunculated means they connect to the uterine cavity with a stalk. Uterine polyps are usually noncancerous or benign but have a 5% chance of being malignant or turning malignant. Chances of malignancy of uterine polyps are higher in postmenopausal women. Homeopathy treats many gynecological complaints with much success. Homeopathic medicines for uterine polyps are very effective and safe.  homeopathic medicines for uterine polyps

Causes and Risk Factors

The exact cause of uterine polyps is not clear, but they tend to arise from high levels of estrogen circulating in the body. Certain risk factors make women prone to uterine polyps. These include obesity, hormone replacement therapy, and high blood pressure. Apart from these, women taking tamoxifen, which is a drug for breast cancer treatment, are also prone to uterine polyps. Women around perimenopausal or postmenopausal age group are at the highest risk, but young women may also develop them.

Symptoms of Uterine Polyps

Uterine polyps can be both asymptomatic and symptomatic. The symptoms of uterine polyps include menorrhagia or heavy or prolonged periods, bleeding in between menstrual cycles or metrorrhagia, irregular periods, and bleeding from the vagina after menopause. Another symptom is pain or cramps because of the polyp trying to protrude into the vagina through the cervix. A uterine polyp may also make it difficult to get pregnant or carry the pregnancy to term.

Homeopathic Medicines for Uterine Polyps

From a huge list of medicines for the treatment for uterine polyps, the major ones are Calc Carb, Medorrhinum, Belladonna, Phosphorus, Sepia, Thuja Occidentalis, and Teucrium Marum Verum. The homeopathy prescription for uterine polyps varies individually for every case. Prescribing the most suitable medicine for uterine polyps needs a detailed case analysis. Homeopathy medicines help in managing the symptoms of uterine polyps as well as dissolving them. These symptoms include heavy, prolonged menses, intermenstrual bleeding, and uterine cramps. Homeopathy medicine for uterine polyps is safe to use and doesn’t have any side effects. These medicines for uterine polyps should be taken under the supervision of a physician and self-medication be avoided.

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  1. Monika Soni says:

    Hi.. I m diagnosed with utriene polyp. Doctor has prescribed surgical removal of polyp followed by intestine device. Please let me know if any homeopathic medicine can dissolve polyp.

  2. Ghazala says:

    Hi Dr sharma
    I m 39 years old and suffering from endometrial poly p, m also trying to concieve since 4 months but not succeed.
    My endometrial thickness comes 1.3cm
    And endometrial polyp size is 1.0 * 0.4 cm
    My dr recommended me D&C
    Plz suggest me any medicine to recover as soon as possible

  3. Alla A. Waiss says:

    Hi Dr .Sharma ! I’m 50. Was diagnosed with adenomyosis for a few years now. Recently GYN suggested D&C and Bx find polyp and no signs of malignancy. I had heavy abn. bleeding during menses for 5 years now. When the period starts it is very dark and smells like rotten meat. Then it becomes lighter(color) and heavier with bright blood. Later on, I start passing huge clots. Sometimes my period 3weeks long with few days in between and starts again. After D&C GYN started me on PROVERA 10 mg. for 10 days. I finished Provera and started a “normal” light period for 2days. On day 3 it’s become heavier and on day 4 I was bleeding profusely with a lot huge blood clots and was rushed to ER. My Hb was 6.0 and I end up getting 2 units of RBC. I was started on PROVERA 10mg again. and was said possibly continuously. I had CA in family Hx and worry PROVERA can provoke it in my case. I prefer to work with homeopathy, which helped me before. Can you help me to work up this problem? Besides polyp US showed I have two cysts on both ovaries 2cm and 4cm.

  4. Ruby Rej says:

    Respected sir/ madam,
    I ( 40 yrs old) am suffering from menorrhagia and endometrial polyp since menarche. Heavy bleeding and stays for 7 days in regular interval of months. I am giving you my Pelvis report in brief.
    Anteverted uterus with a proliferative endometrium of 15 mm.
    There were 2 echogenic areas seen with feeder vessel from anterior wall suggestive of endometrial polyps.
    Polyp 1- In the upper half of the uterine cavity ( Vol:0.08)
    Polyp 2- In the mid uterine cavity ( Vol: 0.04cc)
    Both overies appeared normal with a vascular corpus luteum in the right ovary.
    Please suggest me homeopathy medicine for it, I will be grateful to you if you please consider my case.
    Thanking you. Yours sincerely

  5. Murukan Ambika Viswanathan says:

    Sir I am writing this case for my 50 yr old spouse who has been suffering from intra mestrural bleeding for a prolonged period and she disguised it as periods over time. Now she is having heavy bleeding with thick pieces and on consultation and after ultra sound scan, it has been diagnosed as uterine polyps (4mm ) and endometrial thickening. Doctor advised of trapic mf tablet and followed by D&C. Kindly provide your best advise in homoeomediicne and follow up

  6. Poonam Rathore says:

    Hello mam i am suffering from uterus polyp…
    Plz I don’t want to surgery.. Plz suggest me what should I do to remove polyp naturally with help of homeopathy treatment

  7. psiche Kruger says:

    Good day

    Ive been diagnosed with fibriods and dont want a historectiomy. But have heavy blood flow constanly.
    That cause me to have anemia. Have been trying natural products and eating healthy but doesnt help.
    Im 51 and dignosed with ptsd.

  8. Pinky Paul says:

    Hello sir, I am diagnosed with polyps hanging from uterus into vagina.. Doctor suggest me to go for operation.. Is there any homeopathic medicine which dissolve the polyps?

    • shimla bijawat says:

      shimla i have had polyp of size 17×8 MM though overies are normal and no bleeding ,and periods are in are range of 10 months, age 46 pls suggest what should i do .

  9. Helo Dr I hav diagnose with endometrail polyp siz 4mm need any medicine u advice …to advoid surgery

  10. Hi Doctor,

    I have been detected with endometrial polyps (size 12mm). I am trying to conceive and therefore want to know if homeopathy can help in conceiving with an existing endometrial polyp.?

  11. Monima borua says:

    Hi Dr Sharma
    I’m a 41 year old ,married without kids. I have heavy bleeding but normal cycles . Last cycle I bled for 25 days so I am currently on 21 day progesterone treatment.
    My USG shows thickened endometrium of 13 mm. Please advise

  12. Neelima Indugubilli says:

    I have cervical polyp , one is 1cm long with stem and another one is small. I’m not having any symptoms like over bleeding, bleeding between periods nothing. I’m 45 years old.

  13. Bhawna sethi says:

    Cervical polyp with Adenomyosis ‘with endometrila

  14. preety anand shrivastav says:

    I have uterine polyp of 8*9mm.
    Please suggest some medicine!!
    Fibroid 4*4mm is also detected!!
    I have hyperthyroidism also!!

  15. Rakesh Kumar says:

    Sir I hv 12mm gallbladder polyp. I hv also grade 1 fatty liver along with high lipid profile.

  16. Namrata Agarwal says:

    I had a polyp in 2016 .and i gone through hysteroscopy. After that i gave birth a baby girl in 2017 nov. But again from july 2019 I have a cervix polyp and a fibroid. I have an irregular periods. Full month I m occupied with periods . Pls suggest

  17. I have a endometrial polyp in the uterus.I have an irregular periods,heavy bleeding.can u help me to cur

    • I have uterine polyps I m having heavy bleeding after every 15 day pain in abdomen,cramping during bleeding.dizzyness during flow. Please suggest which medicine should I take.

    • I have uterine polyps around 10mm in size ..continuous heavy bleeding with clots n cramps from over a month ..age is 50 yrs had stopped periods for around 6months prior to this n started with periods around end of October 2020 periods from from June to October

  18. Rajesh Kumar Sinha says:

    My wife is suffering from uterus polyp which is ouutside. Please suggest medicine for this.

  19. I have a small polyp in my uterus. I’ve been post menopausal for 8 years, all of a sudden about a week ago I found some red blood when I was urinating, I’ve had no pain at all, no cramping at all, no signs of any reason for such a thing to occur, also no blood reoccurence since, but I went to the gyn, I’m waiting for the lab reports, however the gyn recommended for it to be surgically removed, and since I’m organic, and extremely healthy at 66, never had surgery, homeopathically is my first preference to treat this. If my body can heal itself , that’s my first choice. Please tell me what I can take to treat this.

    • Mrs asif says:

      Aoa, I am 40 years old. I am suffering from heavy menstrual bleeding from last six months. I have endometrial polyps in uterus. My menstrual periods are heavy and prolonged upto 15 days. Suggest me homeopathy medicine to reduce bleeding and to dissolve polyps. Thanks

  20. I have a small endometrium polyp in my uterus. Please tell me medicine

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