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Best Homeopathic Medicines for Watery Eyes

Epiphora is the condition of having watery eyes. Usually, a few tears are regularly produced in our eyes by the lachrymal glands. These serve the purpose of cleaning and lubricating the eyes. The tears get drained through the tear ducts or the nasolacrimal ducts into the nose. Any blockage or narrowing of the tear ducts can lead to an overflow of tears on to the face. This overflow of tears is known as watery eyes or Epiphora. In some cases, the drainage system for tears works well, but watery eyes result from excessive production of tears. Causes leading to excessive tear production are allergies, conjunctivitis, chemical irritants, entropion or ectropion, and blepharitis. Although watery eyes can occur at any age, little babies and people over 60 years of age have higher chances of being afflicted. The symptoms that accompany watery eyes are eye pain, inflammation of eyes, and impaired vision. Homeopathy has highly beneficial medicines to treat watery eyes. For the homeopathic treatment for watery eyes to be effective, it is essential that the precise details of each case are made clear.

Homeopathic Treatment for Watery Eyes

To decide on medication, accompanying symptoms like burning, itching, swelling, sensitivity to light, pain and redness in the eyes also have to be taken into consideration. Homeopathic treatment for watery eyes aims at treating the cause leading to the problem to ensure complete recovery. The most prominently indicated homeopathic medicines for watery eyes are Euphrasia, Natrum Mur Silicea, Pulsatilla, and Allium Cepa.

1. Euphrasia – A top Grade Homeopathic Medicine for Watery Eyes

Homeopathic medicine Euphrasia, commonly known as eyebright, has a broad sphere of action in the treatment of eye problems. Euphrasia is a very good homeopathic medicine for watery eyes. It works well when the eyes are constantly watering all day. Along with this, a pressure is felt in the eyes. Burning and itching are other accompanying features. Euphrasia is also an excellent homeopathic medicine for watery eyes resulting from inflammation of the conjunctiva. Sometimes, sticky eyelids may also occur.

2. Natrum Mur and Silicea – Wonderful Homeopathic Medicines for Watery Eyes resulting from Stricture of the Lachrymal Duct

Natrum Mur is a very effective homeopathic medicine for watery eyes. It is effective for watery eyes caused due to stricture of the lachrymal duct. In such cases, the eyes feel wet all the time and tears may even roll over on to the face. Sometimes, burning and smarting sensation in the eyes are also present. Sticky eyes, especially at night, may also occur. Cloudiness, a sandy feeling in these eyes, and corrosive eyes are other features that may arise. Silicea is also an often used homeopathic medicine for newborns with watery eyes resulting from the swelling or stricture of the lachrymal duct.

3. Pulsatilla – A Homeopathic Medicine for Watery Eyes in Conjunctivitis

Pulsatilla is another very useful homeopathic medicine for watery eyes. It is used for watery eyes caused due to catarrhal conjunctivitis. In such cases, there is a profuse flow of tears. This is accompanied by burning and itching in the eyes. The symptoms get worse in a warm room. Other accompanying features are a feeling of sand in the eyes, pressure on the eyes, a need to rub the eyes, and sticky lids. Over sensitivity to light is also present.

4. Allium Cepa – A Homeopathic Medicine for Watery Eyes when the Lachrymation Is Bland

Allium Cepa is a high-grade homeopathic medicine for watery eyes. It works well when the flow of tears is bland or non-irritating. In such cases, the flow of tears is very heavy and may reduce in the open. The eyes may also seem red and swollen. Allium Cepa is also used in allergic cases where the nasal discharge is very acrid, burning and is accompanied by a profuse and bland flow of tears.

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  1. Geet rugwani says:

    Hi i am geet just need to know is there any proper treatment for tear duct blockage as my mother has a very serious ptoblem with this her eyes get swelled badly and than after 5-6 days with the help of medication the pus comes out from the swelling and than we start dressing for both eyes with the help of prescribed ointment. Doctor has advised us for operation only they have told us there is no other option except the operation so will you please help us if is there any treatment in homeopathy for this tear duct blockage.

    • Hello sir,
      My 1yr9months old daughter left eye is little watery not all the time but some time from last 6months. She fell down from the bed many times her head hurts and eyes too. Please suggest me the medication.

  2. Pranab Kumar Dasgupta says:

    I am Pranab Dasgupta 66 yrs.from Prayagraj.My both tearpipes are blocked.All time tear overflowing. Presently using Cyclomune 0.05% eyedrop since 4 months. While getup from bed I feel eye leads sticky,but no redness,no any pain. Sir pl.advice suitable homio medicine for cure. I am not diabetic,no high BP. With regards-PK Dasgupta.

    • I have a watery left eye . I have type 2 diabetise. tears flow out of this eye. what can I do to stop the teary eye

  3. Subhendu Banik says:

    I am Subhendu Banik from West Bengal. My mom has lacrimal drainage block. For that my mom’s eye has infected frequently. Can u please suggest any medicine?

  4. Wg Cdr B S Kohli says:

    I am asthmatic for over 50 years
    Also had undergone angioplasty with two stents inserted in artery on 21 March 20119

  5. Wg Cdr B S Kohli says:

    I am aged 76 years
    Tears keep on rolling in both eyes whole day for over one month now,
    Taken allopathic medicinefor one nonth but no relief
    There is no itching,red eyes etc

    Please advise eye drops or any medicne

  6. P.vasudeva Rao says:

    My 81 year old wife has left-eye pain due to post-herpetic facial neuralgia which is often relieved by HYPERICUM 200. But recently her left eye is getting watered frequently Please suggest remedy.

  7. Nirmal pagaria says:

    My tear duct are blocked and can not be opened how I can reduce my tear flow I am a teacher and has problem in reading and teaching

  8. I have watery problem since childhood. From sunlight . Brightlight. Hot and cold wind . Eye redness and pain in eyes always happen. What medicine should i take i am 28 year old.

  9. I am experiencing watery eyes especially when I am in the open. I am also allergic to dust and smoke. Can it be cured by homeopath if treatment.

  10. Rajinder C. says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I have had surgery for blocked tear ducts, but for some reason it did not work, I have been told I will have to have a second surgery, but i am reluctant to do so. Any suggestion for my very watery eyes, I have been suffering with this for over a year now.

  11. Hi im 52 female that get watery eyes when i lay down nd close my eyes, not otherwise.
    Thank u

  12. Mrs. Suha Salvi says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma.

    I am 43 years old woman .My eyes will get watery in the morning once the cliamte changes (winter).

    Please suggest me suitable homeopathic medicine

  13. Amarjit Singh says:

    Hello doctor,I am 60yrs. old and having lachrymation tear duct of left eye , watering all the time.The water some slimy and tear duct feel allergic.Pl. suggest me best suitable medicine.thanking you.

  14. Pasha Chowdhury says:

    I am 70 and diabetic bt under control my problem is watery eyes,non burning non irritating just watery most of the time eyesight is ok

    • Gail Free says:

      I am 65 my eyes started watering about 3 months ago, no itching, somtimes pain under top lid. Tears leak out on the ear side of my left eye. Right eye is fine. But it’s driving me crazy. Would be great if you could help me.

  15. Vishakha Pandya says:

    I have 3months old baby. He had blocked tear duct and continue water and white discharge come out. I do message regularly 4 to 5 times a day but not cure the problem. Please suggest me medicine to cure problems.

  16. Hello Dr. Sharma.

    I am 37 years old woman and I live in Greece.
    I have a problem in my eyes for 6 months.
    Τhe ophthalmologist said, I have obstructed lacrimal duct and we try to avoid surgery(ascorinostomy)
    My eyes every day, are watery. I try many eye drops, but nothing.
    I try to take Allium Cepa,it helps a lot,but the problem was not solved.
    Can you help me, please?

    Thank you in advance,

    Best regards,


  17. Priyanka says:

    Thanks for sharing valuable information.

  18. raj kumar says:

    dear sir
    mera aankh se pani aate rahta hai or eye drainage blocked bhi hai jiske wajh se jakhm bhi ho jata hai to aap help kare doctor bol rahe hai ki surgri karna padega

    • Mrs. Suha Salvi says:

      Hello Dr. Sharma.

      I am 43 years old woman .My eyes will get watery in the morning once the cliamte changes (winter).

      Please suggest me suitable homeopathic medicine

  19. Hi Sir,

    My eyes will get watery majorly once the cliamte changes or travelling in AC car, any remedis pls.

    And i am isnofelia patient.

  20. RITU KHANNA says:

    Watering eyes with pain in eyelids.
    Eyes neither red nor swollen.

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