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Best Homeopathic Medicines to Remove Scars

The marks left on the skin at the site of injury or wound as a part of the healing process are known as scars. Homeopathy works very well to treat skin conditions like scars. The homeopathic medicines for scars are of natural origin and help dissolve the scars formed on the site of injury. The associated symptoms like itching and burning are also well-managed with these remedies. Homeopathy works on all kinds of scars that result from burns, scalds, injuries, cuts, and wounds. Also, keloids and acne scars can also be effectively treated with homeopathy.

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Natural Homeopathic Medicines for Scars.

Homeopathic medicines for Scars

The homeopathic medicines that are most prominent for scar treatment include Thiosinaminum, Calendula, Causticum, Fluoric Acid, Graphites, Kali Bromatum, Silicea and Calcarea Fluor. The characteristic feature for these medicines are discussed as follows:

Thiosinaminum – Homeopathic Medicine for Scars

Thiosinaminum is one of the best homeopathic medicine for scars. Wounds with excessive scar tissue formation can be well-treated with this remedy, as it helps dissolve scars. Scars arising both externally and internally in the body can be treated with Thiosinaminum. Thiosinaminum also works well for treating strictures in various body parts, like urethra, rectum, bowel, and esophagus that may occur after scar formation.

Calendula –Natural Medicine for Scars after Injury or Wounds

Calendula is a natural homeopathic remedy for treating scars. It promotes the absorption of scars arising from injuries, wounds, cuts, lacerations and surgical incisions.
It can also be a preventive homeopathic medicine that can help reduce the chances of scar formation following an injury. If taken well in time, Calendula promotes good healing with healthy granulation and prevents the formation of scars in most cases.

Causticum – Effective Homeopathic Medicine for Scars Following Burns OR Scalds

Causticum is an effective homeopathic medicine for treating scars that help absorb scar tissues that are formed after burns or scalds. Causticum is also useful to aid quick recovery in burns that are slow to heal. Another major guiding feature to use Causticum is reopening of the old scars at the injury sites that were previously healed.

Fluoric Acid – Natural Remedy for Scars that itch

Fluoric Acid is another homeopathic medicine for scars where the person feels a constant urge to itch the site. Worsening of itching from warmth is noted in most individuals needing this remedy. The skin may also be quite dry in such subjects. Another feature that may be present is pimples around the scar. Scars becoming red around the edges is also a key feature for using Fluoric Acid in cases of scars.

Graphites – Natural Treatment of Scars with Marked Burning

Graphites is a well-indicated homeopathic remedy for scars where there is intense burning. In such cases, Graphites serves to reduce pain as well as dissolve the scar tissue. Along with the above features, the skin may be very rough and dry. Early stages of keloid scar formation can also be handled with this remedy. Old scars that have a tendency to become cancerous can also be treated well with Graphites.

Kali Bromatum – Effective Natural Remedy for Acne Scars

Kali Bromatum is an effective homeopathic medicine for scars that are left behind by acne. Kali Bromatum works well to clear up acne scars that result from acne simplex, indurated acne, and pustular acne. These acne scars may be present on the face, shoulders or chest.

Silicea – Natural Medicine for Keloid Scars

Silicea is an effective homeopathic treatment for the treatment of keloid scars that helps effectively dissolve keloid scars. It works well to treat cases where the keloid scars have a tendency to suppurate, i.e, form pus. It can also be used to treat old scars that suddenly become painful. Formation of keloids at the site of injections or vaccinations also indicates the need for Silicea. An increased tendency to sweat may also be present along with these symptoms.

Calcarea Fluor – Natural Cure for Scars that are Hard to Touch

Calc Fluor is homeopathic medicine for scars that are hard or indurated. In most cases, the edges are found to be hard and elevated. Calcarea Fluor aids in favorable softening and absorption of the scar tissue. Cracks and dryness on the skin may also be present in people needing Calcarea Fluor.

The Different Types of Scars

Formation of scars occurs in almost all injuries, except for the ones that are very minute. They can even form inside the body, for example, after an organ surgery, or outside the body on the skin as a result of injuries, wounds, or diseases like chicken pox. The reason behind scar formation is the replacement of the normal skin tissue by collagen (protein in the body) at the site of injury. The various type of scars includes flat scars, keloid scars, hypertrophic scars, and pitted scars. Scars are usually flat in appearance. Initially, they are reddish and tend to turn pale over a period. Itching may also accompany the scars. In some cases, the collagen content exceeds the amount than what is needed to heal the scar resulting in a raised scar known as a keloid scar.
Another type of scar arising from increased collagen formation is known as a hypertrophic scar. The differentiating feature between keloid scar and a hypertrophic scar is that the keloid scars spread beyond the boundary of the injured skin site while hypertrophic scars don’t spread beyond the natural border of the injury site. Apart from these, the scars that form after healing of acne or chicken pox may result in pitted scars on the skin.

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  1. Françoise says:

    Dr Sharma,
    How would you treat small necrosis at the site of a mastectomy?

  2. Mohd Azhar says:

    I am 69, have diagnosed fibrosis and any homeopathic treatment.

  3. Mark S. Terracin says:

    I had an intra ocular lens (IOL) in my eye slip that had previous been installed for cataracts. IOL slipping is a rare event, and it happened when I was pulling out roots in my garden.
    The operation to remove, and replace the IOL has left me with epiretinal membrane, or scar tissue in my eye that makes my central vision blurry. If I look at something then try to look aside the image becomes clearer. My astigmatism in now much worse. Is there anything I can do. I am trying thiosinaminum, physostigma, and gelsemium. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • मेरे पैर में फोड़े के बहुत सारे गाढ़े काले 7,8 साल पुराने निशान है। निशान को हटाने खत्म करने का कोई होम्योपैथिक उपचार है।

  4. Maria Verduzco says:

    Hi Dr. sharma i am a 65 year old female that after having 3 biopsis done on my face i now have scars left what can i take to help the scaring minimize please.

  5. Sagar Bandaru says:

    Is there any treatment for scars in lungs I have few calcified lymph nodes in lungs

  6. Ijaz Mohammad says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma

    I am facing peyroni’s scar on my penis. It made the organ bent upwards when erect and it also has shrinkage in size. I feel no pain in any case. The scar tissue can be felt on upper side which is soft and flat. I don’t remember any injury or any other cause. The only symptom is bending and shrinkage. Please advise me the homeo medicine for this problem.

    • I underwent a keloid removal surgery from my left cheek area.This keloid developed when I tried to remove a pimple at that place by treating it with soda & lime.Now there is a scar at the face.Please suggest any homeopathic treatment to fade or remove this linear scar from my face.

  7. Hi Dr. Sharma, I had TMJ surgery where the disc was removed and replaced with fat from my belly. I have a lot of crunching and even some popping still (nearly 3 months out). I am doing PT and dry needling, but the scar tissue remains. Is there a remedy that will help dissolve the scar tissue inside my jaw? Thanks.

  8. Michael Lentz says:

    Hello Doc,
    I was stricken with a severe bout of pyoderma gangrenosa. After a long treatment period using Hydrofera and Prednisone the wounds have healed. However, I am left with some pretty substantial scarring. What would you recommend for treatment.

  9. All these recommendations seem to be for external scars. What is your recommendation for tight knotted feelable scar tissue in the ankle area following an anke injury? Thank yo. Aria

  10. My son is only 2 years old. About two months ago he had an accident! He poured boiling water on himself and suffered from 2nd degree and some 3rd degree burns! He had skin transplant surgery at two places in his body! The burn wound is healed now . Doctor said the transplant sites are healing inside slowly from outside every thing is sealed! But my son is having a hard time with itchy skin .. he does have extensive scarring in his chest and the hand transplant sites which I am not that worrried about the appearance but he is having difficulty with itching! We have a prescription medication but I wanted to reduce as much medication as we can. Do you have any suggestions ! Thank you!

  11. Rene K Russell says:

    Hello. My husband has wounds that are open and wide due to blood clots in legs. He no longer has the wound vac and is having surgery for skin grafts today. what will the best remedy be for his scaring? Calendula is a family favorite but it sounds like Thiosinaminum may be a better fit.

    Thank You

  12. Hi! I’ve tried using Thios for years for my acne scars it I have very deep pitted, icepick, boxcar, rolling acne scars caused by severe lack of collagen. I’m wondering what remedy is used in that case? Thank you

  13. Respected Dr Sharma,
    Hope this finds you in good health. I wanted to ask if there is any homeopathic treatment for eczema scars, i habe atopic dermatitis. I haven’t had a flare up since a year now but my frontal lowet legs are left by the marks cause by scratching when eczema started. They have reduced in appearance over time but they are all very much there. What can i except from the homeopath medicine if there is any for these scars?
    Waiting for yoir reply
    Lahore, Pakistan

  14. Mr Malcolm Phillips says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    Many years ago I fell from a ladder and damaged my lower legs there was no compartment injury. I managed to hook my toes under the upper rung of the ladder, to stop falling off, but as a result caused an impact and crush injury in both lower calf muscles. A decade years ago I had loss of feeling in both my feet and underwent extensive medical examinations and tests that concentrated on lung function, I was declared fully healthy. As time progressed I’m now 75 and I wake up with red toes until I move around. I have diabetic feet symptoms and have been checked and cleared of type 2. I’m concerned I have vascular scar tissue in my calf muscles and combined with my aging circulation could eventually lead to foot ulcers. I have been taking 30C Thiosinaminum for several months with no improvement. Is there any other homeopathy preparation I could try.

  15. Hi, where can I purchase Causticum to treat a 2 week old white burn scar as a result of electrocautery wart removal? And, do you think it will help to return pigment to the scar?

    Thank you

  16. Teresa Mathai says:

    I had a total knee replacement and developed scar tissue and stiffness in my knee. Five years later, this January, I had an operation to take out the scar tissue. 5 weeks later, tge scar tissue is building back up inside my knee and it is getting stiff. In two days I will go under anesthesia for tge surgeon to try to manually break the scar tissue. Any advice on which medicines and what dosages to try and break up and heal the scar tissue, going forward? What to take before and after manipulation of tge knee under anesthesia and what dosage.

    Many thanks!

  17. I have developed capsular contracture( as Doctor said hardened scar around my left breast implant) after plastic surgery in April 20,21.
    Right breast is perfect fine, but left one hardened.
    Doctor prescribed pharma med for asthma lungs to soften scar as he said but I am natural and homeopathic medicine fan.
    So far I been talking Blackseed oil, got better, but still scar holds implant in upper position. Please help thank you

  18. Dr. Dharma,
    I am looking for advice in dealing with scar tissue. I had carpal tunnel surgery about two years ago and have continue to have issues at the site of the surgery. It seems to me as if there are scar issue problems at the base of my wrist and where the surgery took place. I have recently read articles about homeopathy and how it can reduce scar tissue. I have recently purchased some homeopathy treatments and would like advice on how to to take the remedies. The remedies that I purchased were: Graphites 200 CK, Silicea200 CK, Thiosinaminum 6x, and Calendula 30C. Can I take these five treatments together and how should I dose them? Also if there are better treatments I would be interested in learning more about them.
    Thank you,

  19. Ashapurna Das says:

    Actually I was bitten by my pet on my hand last year and now it has taken the form of keloids.Can you please some medicines

  20. Nellie Jensen says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    My 11 yo daughter was attacked in the face by a cat 4 days ago. she needed 6 sutures from her nostril into her lip. The ER doc also used surgical glue in 2 other places. What would you recommend I give her in the way of homeopathic for healing from facial scars?

    Thank you so much,

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