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Top Homeopathic Medicines for Dry Eyes

Dry Eyes, as the name suggests, is a medical condition appearing due to lack of lubrication of eyes by tears. Dry Eyes may be aresult of a decrease in the quantity or quality of tears. Dry Eyes are commonly seen in aged people, women at menopausal age and in persons with Vitamin D deficiency. Exposure to dry air or excessive computer work also seems to be a reason behind Dry Eyes. The symptoms include pain in eyes, itching, rednessand sand-like sensation in eyes. Sensitivity to light, burning in eyes and blurring of vision is also experienced by a few. The Homeopathic mode of treatment has a very effective cure for Dry Eyes. The Homeopathic remedies for Dry Eyes are sourced out of natural substances and are completely safe with zero side effects. The Homeopathic treatment for dry eyes not only provide relief from symptoms, but also strike at the root of the problem leading to Dry Eyes.

Homeopathic Treatment of Red Eyes

Dry Eyes can be very efficiently treated with natural Homeopathic medicines. The selection of the Homeopathic medicine that works best is based on the specific symptoms experienced by each individual.

Top Homeopathic remedies for Dry Eyes

Aconite: Best Homeopathic medicine for Dry Eyes with intense redness

Aconite is the top natural Homeopathic medicine for Dry Eyes with a marked redness. This Homeopathic remedy acts as an excellent agent to decrease the redness of eyes. Along with redness, the eyes appear hot as well. Aconite is also a natural Homeopathic medicine of great help in providing relief from pain in eyes which gets worse with the motion of eyes. A sand-like gritty feeling in eyes may appear too. The person needing Aconite can also have an increased thirst for water in large quantities as an accompanying symptom.

Belladona: Homeopathic medicine for painful Dry Eyes

To relieve the pain due to Dry Eyes, Belladona is a very beneficial natural Homeopathic remedy. The pain in eyes may be throbbing or shooting in nature. Homeopathic medicine Belladona is also the best remedy when the eyes feel heavy with pain and afew persons complain of extension of pain from eyes to the head. Along with pain in eyes, there may appear redness, heat and itching in eyes. Aversion to light also seems to be present along with these symptoms.

Sulphur: Homeopathic remedy for Dry Eyes with itching and burning

Sulphur is the best natural Homeopathic prescription to control itching and burning in eyes with dryness. Majority of cases of Dry Eyes with itching and burning can be managed with the use of Sulphur. Along with a burning tickling, there is a gritty sensation and smarting in the eyes. The eyes get extremely dry with itching and burning. Sulphur is also considered as a severe dry eyes remedy, when the dryness of eyes gets a little better in open air while being in a room worsens the dryness. Sulphur is of great help when there is an acute aversion to light, especially sunlight. Blurring of vision while reading also calls for the use of Homeopathic remedySulphur.

Arsenic Album: Homeopathic remedy for Dry Eyes on using artificial light

Arsenic Album is the top natural Homeopathic remedy for persons with Dry Eyes whose condition worsens in artificial light. Artificial light refers to light from any source other than sunlight. Homeopathic medicine Arsenic Album can control various symptoms of Dry Eyes very efficiently, like marked dryness of eyes with sensitivity to light. This is accompanied by burning in the eyes. Burning may geta little better by warmth for using Arsenic Album. Another symptom for using Arsenic Album is aching or shooting pain in eyes. Arsenic Album is also the most suitable Homeopathic remedy when the swelling, redness and heat in eyes get worse in artificial light.

Natrum Mur: Homeopathic treatment for Dry Eyes that get worse while reading

Natural medicine Natrum Mur is considered to be the best Homeopathic dry eye treatment, when the condition worsens with reading. Natrum Mur can help in relieving burning, smarting pain in eyes with dryness in eyes on reading. Natrum Mur is also the best Homeopathic remedy for sand-like sensation in eyes and blurring or dimness of vision with Dry Eyes while reading. Again, Natrum Mur is the top Homeopathic medicinefor treating pain in eyes and head that gets excited on reading. Persons needing Natrum Mur for Dry Eyes may have a craving for salt.



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  1. Kelebogile Seleke says:

    good day

    i am having dry eyes for two years now,i am rheumatoid arthritis patient. i have given treatment for that like eye drops but they seems not to help me,can you please recommend something for me

  2. Jagpal Rawat says:

    My wife suffering from knee pain .please suggested homeopathyremedies.
    Thanks with kind.

  3. Roseline Harris says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,
    I am suffering from dry eyes for the past one year & nine months.Kindly let me know whether you have any treatment for the same.
    Kindly revert.
    Roseline Harris

  4. Harjinder kaur says:

    Suffering frm dry eyes since long tried so many eye drops suggest homeopThic meficine for same

  5. Balbir Nandha says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    I hope this e-mail receives you well.

    I have suffered from dry eyed for many years as I also work in an office based environment with a computer, my symptoms are: red eyes, dryness through out the day, grittiness like sand paper, blurred vision, tiredness and an overall sense of irritability.

    Please advise on the best course of action?

    • suneet kaur anand says:

      Hi Dr Sharma,
      I am also facing the same, like this patient is going on. I m from delhi age is 40 and really fedup from this disease from last 4yrs. Currently i m going to Shroff eye centre, but they are like there is no permanent treatment for this disease. So can you pls help me out

  6. savita narang says:

    Dr Sharma

    For last two years suffering from acute itching and pain buring in my eyes during summer. Very very severe. Eye doctors say dry eyes. Using eye drops for that but no respite. Really tired. Stopped using any kajal for last two years. Burning no redness in the eyes and itching. Pls help

  7. Chandana ghosh says:

    My age is 47. My eyes itching, burning and felling sand-like.physician say it was dry eyes problem.what are you saying?and which homeopathic medicine should be used for dry eyes?and which is best for me? time duration should be maintained. Reply kindly.

  8. Alice Collins says:

    How do you the Natrum Mur mentioned in this a article for dry eye relief?

  9. We adopted a Shih Tzu which common that the breed has dry eyes. What is the best way to increase tear production without having to always put a lubricant in its eyes.

  10. saqib munir says:

    Hi Dr. Sb is their any lubricant in homeopathy to enhance the memobian gland secretion to increase the lipid layer because in most old age dry eye patients the major reason for dryness is memobian gland dis function.

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