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Top Homeopathic Medicines for Dry Eyes

Dry Eyes, as the name suggests, is a medical condition appearing due to lack of lubrication of eyes by tears. Dry Eyes may be a result of a decrease in the quantity or quality of tears. Dry Eyes are commonly seen in aged people, women at menopausal age and in persons with Vitamin D deficiency. Exposure to dry air or excessive computer work also seems to be a reason behind Dry Eyes. The symptoms include pain in eyes, itching, redness and sand-like sensation in eyes. Sensitivity to light, burning in eyes and blurring of vision is also experienced by a few. Homeopathy has a very effective cure for Dry Eyes. The Homeopathic medicines for Dry Eyes are sourced out of natural substances and are completely safe with zero side effects. It provides relief from symptoms, but also strike at the root of the problem leading to Dry Eyes.  homeopathic medicines for dry eyes

Top Homeopathic Medicines for Dry Eyes

1. Aconite: For Dry Eyes with Intense Redness

Aconite is the top natural medicine for Dry Eyes with a marked redness. This remedy acts as an excellent agent to decrease the redness of eyes. Along with redness, the eyes appear hot as well. Aconite is also a natural medicine of great help in providing relief from pain in eyes which gets worse with the motion of eyes. A sand-like gritty feeling in eyes may appear too. The person needing Aconite can also have an increased thirst for water in large quantities as an accompanying symptom.

2. Belladonna: For Painful Dry Eyes

To relieve the pain due to Dry Eyes, Belladonna is a very beneficial natural remedy. The pain in the eyes may be throbbing or shooting in nature. Belladonna is also the best remedy when the eyes feel heavy with pain and a few persons complain of extension of pain from eyes to the head. Along with pain in eyes, there may appear redness, heat, and itching in eyes. Aversion to light also seems to be present along with these symptoms.

3. Sulphur: For Dry Eyes with Itching and Burning

Sulphur is the best natural prescription to control itching and burning in eyes with dryness. Majority of cases of Dry Eyes with itching and burning can be managed with the use of Sulphur. Along with a burning tickling, there is a gritty sensation and smarting in the eyes. The eyes get extremely dry with itching and burning. Sulphur is also considered as a severe dry eyes remedy when the dryness of eyes gets a little better in the open air while being in a room worsens the dryness. Sulphur is of great help when there is an acute aversion to light, especially sunlight. Blurring of vision while reading also calls for the use of Sulphur.

4. Arsenic Album: For Dry Eyes on using Artificial Light

Arsenic Album is the top natural remedy for persons with Dry Eyes whose condition worsens in artificial light. Artificial light refers to light from any source other than sunlight. Arsenic Album can control various symptoms of Dry Eyes very efficiently, like marked dryness of eyes with sensitivity to light. This is accompanied by burning in the eyes. Burning may get a little better by warmth for using Arsenic Album. Another symptom for using Arsenic Album is aching or shooting pain in eyes. Arsenic Album is also the most suitable remedy when the swelling, redness, and heat in eyes get worse in artificial light.

5. Natrum Mur: For Dry Eyes that get Worse while Reading

Natural medicine Natrum Mur is considered to be the best treatment for dry eyes when the condition worsens with reading. Natrum Mur can help in relieving burning, smarting pain in eyes with dryness in eyes on reading. Natrum Mur is also the best remedy for sand-like sensation in eyes and blurring or dimness of vision with Dry Eyes while reading. Again, Natrum Mur is the top medicine for treating pain in eyes and head that gets excited on reading. Persons needing Natrum Mur for Dry Eyes may have a craving for salt.

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  1. Dr monika goyal says:

    Hello Sir
    I have dry eyes .. has been using refresh eye gel for past one month but no relief . Iam a dentist and suddenly feel burning sensation and difficult to focus even blurred vision at times . Iam 53 years old
    Please suggest

  2. Madhusudan Yalamarty says:

    I. am Madhusudan.85 years old male from Hyderabad. I am suffering from dry eyes for the past 2 years. I constantly feel presence of irritants in both the eyes
    I use Refresh gel eye drops. There is no relief. My eyes get blurred and i feel difficulty in reading.

    Can you suggest any homeo medicine.

  3. Farida Nadeem says:

    Hello Dr Sharma.
    I have a chronic dry eyes problem. Most of the over the counter eye hydrating drops are not very effective.
    Am also prone to get allergic conjunctivitis with red heavy eyes and Itching, quite frequently.
    Had my cataract surgery on both eyes done last year. I am 62 years old.
    Really hope you can prescribe homeo pathic drops or medicine which can be used long term

    • Vivienne Picken says:

      Hello Dr Sharma
      I have had a dry eye problem for a number of years – watery eyes, itching. Since my cataract operations this has become even worse, itchy, gritty feeling and watery from the moment I get up. Over the counter drops seem to make the itchy gritty feeling worse.
      Are you able to suggest a remedy?

  4. Shakuntla Singh says:

    I am 87 year and have glaucoma. My eyes are very dry. Looking some homeopathic medicine help.I use artificial tears and glaucoma medicine. I will be thankful if you can suggest some medicine. Thanks

  5. What eye drops can i use for my 75 year father and 7 year child for dryness of the eyes and redness?

  6. Hello, I am trying to figure out the best remedy for chronic dry eyes with some redness. No burning or itching but hx of glaucoma.

    Is Aconite the best treatment or the arsenic album. What is the best dosage as this has been a long standing condition.

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