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Wonderful Homeopathic Medicines For Chalazion

What is a chalazion?

Chalazion, also known as meibomian cyst, is a small cyst or lump in the eyelid caused by inflammation or blockage of the meibomian gland. Meibomian glands are sebaceous glands on the eyelid that produce an oily substance that prevents evaporation of the eye’s tear film and lubricates the eye. A most common condition resembling chalazion is the stye. The major difference between the two is that chalazion forms away from the eyelid margin and is painless, while a stye forms at the eyelid margin and is painful.

Homeopathic Treatment

Under the conventional mode of treatment, surgical removal of the chalazion is advised. However, homeopathy can treat chalazion very successfully in a non-invasive manner, taking a natural, gentle, yet effective approach. Homeopathic medicines dissolve the chalazion and may prevent recurrence.

Homeopathic Medicines For Chalazion

Some top-grade homeopathic medicines to treat chalazion are Conium Maculatum, Calcarea Fluor, Thuja Occidentalis, Staphysagria and Silicea. These medicines are known to show the most wonderful results in treating chalazion cases.

1. Conium Maculatum – Top Grade Medicine

Conium Maculatum is a very effective medicine for treating chalazion. It is best when chalazion is felt as a hard node. Watering from eyes may also be there. Eyelids may feel heavy. Conium aids to dissolve chalazion naturally without any side effects.

When and How to use Conium Maculatum?

Conium Maculatum can be used as a first line for treatment in cases of chalazion, especially hard ones. Conium shrinks and dissolves chalazion quite effectively. Conium 30 C once a day is an ideal dose to start with.

2. Calcarea Fluor – For Markedly Hard Chalazion

Calcarea Fluor has similar action to Conium to treat hard nodes on eyelids. It helps treat chalazion that are intensely hard. The hardness is sometimes known as ‘stony hardness’. This medicine acts wonderfully to soften the node and dissolve it.

When and How to use Calcarea Fluor?

This medicine is highly recommended to help dissolve chalazion that is extremely hard. It works best in 6X potency. Four tablets of Calcarea Fluor 6X can be taken three to four times a day at a minimum three-hour gap.

3. Thuja Occidentalis – For Chalazion With Heaviness Of The Eyelid

Thuja is a natural medicine prepared from green twigs of plant Arbor Vitae. This medicine is indicated for chalazion when heaviness of eyelid attends. In cases needing it, chalazion feels like a thick hard knot. Thuja halts further increase in the size of chalazion and helps dissolve the knot.

When and How to use Thuja Occidentalis?

It can be used for cases where chalazion is attended with heaviness in eyelid. Though it is available in different potencies from low to high, it is good to start with 30C potency once a day. Do not use high potency without consulting a homeopath.

4. Staphysagria – For Tendency Of Recurrent Chalazion

Staphysagria is a natural medicine prepared from dried seeds of plant ‘stavesacre’. It is best suited where there is a tendency for the chalazion to recur one after the other. This medicine works to eliminate the root cause behind chalazion to prevent its recurrence. It is also indicated when the stye turns into a hard node. In cases needing it, blepharitis may also be present.

When and How to use Staphysagria?

Consider this medicine in persons who have a tendency to get chalazion frequently one after another. This medicine will help in preventing frequent recurrence of chalazion in them. This medicine can be taken in 30C potency once a day.

5. Silicea – For Infected Chalazion

Silicea is the most helpful medicine for chalazion where it gets infected. Due to infection, the lump on the eyelid becomes red, painful and swollen. It is also tender to touch along with the appearance of a pus point.

When and How to use Silicea?

Silicea is the best prescription for infected chalazion with pain, swelling and pus point in the lump on eyelid. The most commonly recommended potency of Silicea is 6X. It can be used two to four times a day as per the severity of symptom.

Note Any of the above homeopathic medicines can be used for three to four weeks in the recommended dose. In case there is no relief, kindly seek advice from a homeopathic physician. Do not take these medicines more than a month or in high potencies without consulting a homeopath.

How is a chalazion formed?

Chalazion forms in three steps: blockage of the meibomian gland, followed by the retention of sebum secretions due to blockage of the meibomian gland and lastly, formation of the cyst or chalazion from the pent-up secretions. Over time, this cyst turns into a hard node.

Risk Factors For Chalazion

  1. Long-term blepharitis (eyelid inflammation)
  2. Seborrheic dermatitis (inflamed skin with redness, dryness, flakes with itching on scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes, behind ears)
  3. Acne rosacea (skin condition causing redness, flushing of face and acne)
  4. Dysfunction of meibomian gland
  5. Rarely viral conjunctivitis (inflamed conjunctiva means transparent membrane that covers the eyelid and white of the eyeball)
  6. History of chalazion in past
  7. Sometimes stye can develop into chalazion if after the resolution of infection some material remains behind clogging the meibomian gland.

Clinical Picture Of Chalazion

  1. Chalazion presents itself as a small bump in the eyelid. Initially the bump may be painful when it forms but it stops paining afterward.
  2. On examination, a small, hard, node in the eyelid away from the lid margin is felt. In most cases, chalazion is formed on the upper eyelid but at times may form on the lower eyelid as well.
  3. Slight irritation and eye-watering
  4. Blurred vision if a large chalazion presses against the eyeball
  5. Other features that may attend include heaviness of the eyelid and mild eyelid tenderness
  6. In a few cases, there are chances of calcification of the chalazion th, ough sometimes chalazion resolves on its own
  7. Sometimes a secondary infection may occur in the chalazion leading to the formation of hordeolum internum (a stye i.e. a red, painful bump forming inside the eyelid away from the eyelash base from a bacterial infection of the meibomian glands). In such cases redness, swelling and pain appear.





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  1. Hard chalazion

  2. Drishti Kahlon says:


    I have been getting recurrent chalazia in my right eye, it has been 4-5 months now. I had a surgery also but after a week it re-appeared. I followed conservative treatment after that ( massage and hot compress) but everytime it gets a little better, then it re-appears. I really don’t understand why this is happening. Could you please suggest what to do.

  3. maya butler says:


    I am based in California, I think you are out of the country so I do not know if you can help me. I have a bump on my eye that a doctor treated a few months back and it has come back. They tried to “drain it” and said there was nothing there. They took a piece for biopsy and said there was no cancer. They did an injection and after a few days the bump went away. Now it is back and even worse. I do not want to go back to this doctor. Can you help me?

  4. Dimple Juneja says:

    Hello Dr.Sharna
    My son recently was detected with multiple chalazion in both his eyes..Doctor from Max hospital is treating him and given one eye drop snd ointment and suggested fir hot water fermentation..My question is whether homeopathy treatment can help him ..IF many days it will take his eyes to come in natural way and problem gets solved

  5. Bhaswati Dey says:

    Small pea like hard bump on right upper lid mid position for 3 months. Age 55 yrs Female. Doctors said chalazion. Please prescribe the medicine. Takes medicines for BP and Thyroid.

    • Savita Abby Rich says:

      I have had this Chalazion for 5 years. It has been growing larger in the last few months.
      I do not heavy eyelids.
      It does not hurt.
      There is no pus or drainage in my eye.
      It does not itch.
      Which homeopathic remedy would you suggest?
      Thank you so much.
      I lived in India several years. Wonderful years of my life.
      I am 80.

  6. Sunita Yadav says:

    Meri aankho me 10years ho gya ganth h bahut dwa ki pr thik nhi hota hai kya kre

  7. Satarupa Datta says:

    Dear Doctor ,
    My daughter is having a lump over her left eyelid. Please suggest homeopathic medicine to dissolve the lump. It is painless. It has developed for 4 months.
    Satarupa Datta

    • Bhaswati Dey says:

      Small pea like hard bump painless on right upper lid mid position for 3 months. Age 55 yrs Female. Doctors said chalazion. Please prescribe the medicine. Takes medicines for BP and Thyroid.

      • BHASWATI DEY says:

        Pea like hard bump painless on right upper lid mid position for 3 months. Age 55 yrs Female. Doctors said chalazion. Please prescribe the medicine. Takes medicines for BP and Thyroid.

  8. Narinder Hunjun says:

    Dear Dr Sharma
    My daughter who is in her twenties has had recurring styes and chalazions on her eye since March this year. They come then go but then come again. She has had some antibiotics which is not ideal as we believe in holistic natural approaches to healing. May I ask if you can recommend any remedies.

    Thank you

  9. Neetika says:

    Dr.I am having a chalazion since last 3 months and I do not want to go for a surgery.please suggest some medicine

    • Tanvir Ahmad says:

      Dear Dr Sharma.
      My daughter has eye chalazion since last six months. Her age is 22 year. She feels irritation and also mild pain sometimes. Please suggest some homeopathic treatment.

  10. I have chalazion on upper right lid. Initially very painful, red and swollen. Now just bump and no pain. What treatment do you recommend?
    Thank you!

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