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Calcarea Phos – When Your Teething Kid Needs It

calcarea phos teething homeopathic

Calcarea Phos is known to most mothers as a ‘teething supplement,’ and the fact that it is a homeopathic medicine with its particular healing properties is often overlooked. In the practice of homeopathy, Calcarea Phos is majorly indicated for specific dentition issues. It is not a ‘cure all’ for dentition issues and should not be used as one. Its blatant use as a supplement is an abuse of homeopathy.

When Should Calcarea Phos be used?

It offers significant help in cases of delayed teething, slow teething, and retarded dentition. A child’s first teeth usually appear around the age of six months, and all the 20 primary teeth (also known as ‘milk teeth’) appear by the age of three. However, these are ballpark numbers as every child meets the milestones at a different pace. There can be a delay beyond six months for the first teeth to erupt.
An approximate timeline of the appearance of teeth is as follows:

6-10 months: Lower central incisors.
8 to 12 months: Top central incisors.
9 to 13 months: Top lateral incisors.
10 to 16 months: Bottom lateral incisors.
13 to 19 months: First upper molar.
14 to 18 months: First lower molar.
16 to 22months: Upper canines.
17 to 23 months: Lower canines
23 to 31 months: Second lower molar.
25 to 33 months: Second upper molar.

Delayed teething is a cause for concern if a child shows no signs of teething by the age of 1. The long-term effects of late teething are an inability to chew food properly, and the possibility of permanent teeth growing in a crooked manner. Some children grow a double row of teeth because the permanent teeth begin to grow in front of the milk teeth, resulting in two rows of teeth. The teeth remaining beneath the surface of the gums may lead to infection around the crown that can spread to surrounding tissue.
In such cases of delayed dentition, Calcarea Phos can be safely used to promote teething. It can also be used to hasten the process of eruption of teeth from the gums in cases of slow teething.

Calc Phos  for Irritability in Children During Teething

Irritability, incidents of diarrhea during dentition, and excessive wind in the abdomen are some other dentition-related issues in children where Calcarea Phos can prove to be useful.
Most babies begin teething around six months of age. Teething might not cause any trouble in many babies while in others it can be troublesome. In the latter cases, the baby may suffer from excessive irritability, crying, swelling of gums, tender gums, flushing of one cheek, increase salivation, putting fingers and other things in mouth, chewing things, and poor feeding. Fever and diarrhea may appear (though not directly linked with teething). Teething children tend to put various objects in the mouth, making them vulnerable to catch an infection that brings on fever and diarrhea.

In addition to the above, Calcarea Phos is also considered in cases where the teeth tend to decay rapidly (as soon as they appear).

Key Indications of Calcarea Phos for Teething:

Calcarea Phos is a biochemic Schuessler tissue salt (named after Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler), primarily used to restore mineral deficiencies that are causing disorders in the body. Its common name is ‘calcium phosphate,’ and it is prepared from dilute phosphoric acid and calcium hydroxide through the process of potentisation.

Calcarea Phos is most commonly recommended in 6 X potency for the following dentition-related concerns:

– Delayed teething
– Slow or retarded teething
– Rapid decaying of teeth soon after they appear
– Excessive irritability during teething
– Diarrhea and gas during dentition


Homeopathic medicines are prescribed as per the “law of similia.” It means that homeopathic medicine is given by matching the symptoms of a person with the symptoms indicated for a particular remedy. The homeopathic medicine that closely matches the symptom picture of the person should be prescribed for best results. The same law is applicable when it comes to using Calcarea Phos.

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  1. My baby is 5 month old
    can i give her
    She has 1 teeth

  2. Priya Hinha says:

    My baby is going to be 3 yrs in july so when should i stop giving him the Calcarea Phos

  3. Bharti Taneja says:

    Can I give calcarea Phos to my 5 months baby??

  4. Shilpa Sharma says:

    My baby is 9 months old ..he is growing his upper incisors and cries frequently at night..he has started rejecting food also.. what should be done to ease out his pain

    • Priya Manchanda says:

      Hello Doctor

      My baby is seven months old. Can I give him Calcarea Phosphorus?
      What time should I give to him?
      What should be the gap between milk and tablets?

  5. My baby is 8 months old she is not taking food nd drinking milk. Not even breastmilk.what should I do

    • My baby is 14 months old but my baby didn’t get atleast one teeth so please suggest me can I use calcorea for my baby at what time can I use and what the ml can I use please help me…..

  6. Akhilesh kumar says:

    Hello doctor,
    My two year old baby has taken 12 pills of calcaria phosphorous BC 21 at a time. please suggest what to do?

  7. Hi my baby is 10 months and has not teeth can I use calcárea pho?

  8. Ramnik Kaur says:

    My son’s lower teeth appears at age of 4. Can I give this medicine to him? But he has not any symptom yet.

    • freehomeoforall says:

      Yes. Start Cell Salt Calcarea Phos 6X. 4tablets 3times a day and let him drink a cup of warm milk then. Continue this. It may take time to see result.

      • Geeta chawla says:

        My baby is 2 month old can I give calcarea phos to my baby if yes please confirm how many tablets and how many time also in a day.

    • Parinita says:

      Hi Dr,
      My baby is 5 months old, I have Calcaria phos drops.How many drops can I give to her to relieve from teething.


    My baby is 13 months old but not a single teeth erupted. Pls suggest remedies

  10. Mariza De Melo says:

    Hi Dr
    I have been using Calcarea Phosphorica 6 c for muscle cramps and help me!
    Should I use higher potency ,because keep coming back
    Thank-you for your advice

    • Manoj gupta says:

      Can i give calcarea phodphorica 6x to 5 month old baby. How much dose. Please suggest urgently

  11. My daughter is 8month old and her lower teeth start to coming please suggest me the medicine which is good for baby teething. Can we give her calcarea phos 6x dr reckeweg?? Is this the right to give her this medicine?

  12. Hello Dr. Meri beti 5 month ki he or wo saliva bahut jyada nikalti he me kya karu . Please help

  13. Hello Doctor
    My Son is 10 and half years old. Recently his one of the canine broke . Is this normal at this age or he should be given any kind of supplements. When we checked the broken tooth it broke apart in two pieces from the center , seemed like it was not hard enough. Is this due to any kind of deficiency? He is G6PD deficient too. Please advise.

  14. Hello dr, my baby is 1 year old, how many tablets I should give her in a day

    • SJ Singh says:

      Hello Dr sahib, my grandson is of 5 months and one week. Most of the time he is putting his fingers in his mouth. Recently he has started putting other things also in his mouth and at times he is becoming irritating. Sometimes, he is also not taking feed properly. Yesterday night, he could not sleep properly. Pl suggest some remedy and also can we start Calceria Phos. If yes potency ànd dose may also be informed.

      • Rakesh Kumar Trivedi says:


  15. Sheetal chauhan says:

    My baby is 4 months and 15 days, rooting for milk, sucking or putting fingers or hand to mouth,irritability, and some time poor feeding…
    Can i start calcarea phos for him?

  16. Is there any side effect of these tablets for babies.

  17. Sunny virk says:

    Hi , dr Sharma ,
    Need advise regarding my treatment ,could you please provide ur contact info


  18. Abhilasha dayal says:

    Hlw mam meri baby 1yr ki hai or usse avi 1teeth aaya hai or pta nahi wo 3din se kch jada irritable reh rahi hai in evening time…. Mam ek bt or AVI tak 7kg weight hai meri beti ka koi problem to nahi….

    • Hi Abhilasha, mere khayal sey aap pediatrician se salah lijiye. Ek saal umr ki bacchi ko around 9 kg honi chahiye. Theek se poushtik ahaar, ande, doodh, daal, carrots, fruits, etc. khilayie.

    • Shweta agarwal says:

      Hello mam. I’m shweta. I wanted to ask when I can start calcarea phos for my baby. She is 4 month. Please suggest

  19. Plz let me know the exact dosage of bio 24 in 7 to 8 month kids

  20. My baby girl is 4 month old she is having tooth wright now her nature is normal means passing stool properly, taking well sleep, not crying much
    Is their any need to give this formula to my child, my father inlAw regularly insisting for this.. please let me know what type of side effect she can have if I start it without any prescription.

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