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Homeopathic Remedies for IBD

Homeopathic remedies for Ulcerative Colitis and Inflamatory Bowel Disease
Diarrhoea, often with blood and mucus, the frequent urge to pass stool or poop, cramping pains in abdomen, all these point to a stomach disorder. Inflammatory Bowel Disease refers to inflammation in the digestive tract. It includes two medical conditions:- The first is Ulcerative Colitis in which inflammation of rectum or large intestine (colon) occurs and the second condition is Crohn’s Disease, in which inflammation of any part of the gastro-intestinal tract from mouth to anus can take place but mainly the small intestine is involved. The main symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis are diarrhea containing blood or mucus, urgency or frequent desire to pass stool and tenesmus, where there is a constant urge to pass stool but the bowels cannot be moved and only scanty stool is passed. The main symptoms of Crohn’s Disease are diarrhea, cramping pains in abdomen, weight loss, anemia and joint pains. The treatment for Inflammatory Bowel Disease is very beneficial and completely safe as it is made of natural substances and has no side effects. Homeopathic Remedies for IBD or Inflammatory Bowel Disease can bring relief to the patient and also work to root out the causative factor.

Top Homeopathic Remedies for IBD – Ulcerative Colitis

Top medicines for Ulcerative colitis are Merc Cor, Colchicum, Arsenic Album, and Phosphorus

1. Mercurius Corrosivus: For Blood and Mucus in Stool in Ulcerative Colitis

Mercurius Corrosivus is the top natural medicine to treat patients suffering from Ulcerative Colitis. This is the best remedy for patients in whom blood and shreds of mucus membranes are passed along with the stool. The patients requiring this medicine feel a constant urge to pass stool but only scanty, hot stool of offensive odour is passed. After passing the stool, the urge reappears and the patient gets no satisfaction. Cutting pains in the rectum accompany the passage of stool.

2. Colchicum Autumnale: For Ulcerative Colitis with Jelly-like Mucus in Stool

Colchicum Autumnale is a natural remedy used in treating those patients of Ulcerative Colitis who complain of excessive jelly-like mucus in stool. The patients experience nausea of the extreme degree and even faint from the odour of cooking food, mainly eggs and meat.

3. Arsenicum Album: For Ulcerative Colitis with Stool of Offensive Odour and Blood

Arsenicum Album is a natural medicine of great help for the treatment of Ulcerative Colitis. The main symptom guiding its use is stool with an offensive odour and dark-coloured blood in it. The complaints get worse at night and the patient feelsa lot of weakness. This medicine can bring about much relief when alcoholic drinks, watery fruit or cold drinks worsen the condition. Burning painin abdomen and rectum is a constant accompanying symptom. Warm drinksgenerally bring relief to patients requiring medicine Arsenicum Album.

4. Phosphorus: For Ulcerative Colitis with Stool Containing Blood and Greenish Mucus

Phosphorus is a very beneficial remedy for patients of ulcerative Colitis where the stool contains blood and greenish mucus with extreme offensiveness. The condition mainly gets worse in the morning. The patients show an excessive craving for cold drinks, ice cream and juicy things.

5. Aloe Socotrina: For Crohn’s Disease with Loose Stool

Aloe Socotrina is among the top natural remedies for Crohn’s Disease. The patients requiring this medicine complain of loose stool which gets worse immediately after eating or drinking anything. The patient feels a sudden urge to pass stool and has to rush to the toilet. Aloe Socotrina also brings relief from the cutting pains in lower abdomen which get worse before and during passing stool and get better after the stool is passed out. Faintness usually follows stool. This medicine can also control diarrhea that gets worsedue to the intake of beer.

6. Podophyllum Peltatum: For Crohn’s Disease with Diarrhea

Podophyllum Peltatum is a very beneficial remedy for Crohn’s Disease with diarrhea and when the stool is watery, greenish and very offensive. The diarrhea mainly gets worse in the morning but in the evening, the stool is normal. The patient can also complain of prolapse of rectum before or during stool. The patient always feels a thirst for large quantities of cold water.

7. Cinchona Officinalis: For Crohn’s Disease with Diarrhea Worse at Night

Cinchona Officinalis is a natural medicine of great help in treating Crohn’s Disease where the diarrhea gets worse at night. The patient has excessive flatulence in the whole abdomen along with diarrhea. This remedy also works best for patients in whom diarrhea gets worse by taking milk or fruits.

8. Argentum Nitricum: For Crohn’s Disease with Watery Green Stool and Flatulence

Argentum Nitricumis thee top natural remedy for Crohn’s Disease with watery green stool accompanied by discharge of loud and noisy flatus. The diarrhoea mainly gets worseby over-eating sweets or after any emotional excitement. An unusual craving for sweets may be present in patients requiring this medicine.

9. For Bleeding from Rectum

For controlling bleeding from the rectum in Inflammatory Bowel Disease,  natural medicines Mercurius Solubilis, Nitricum Acidum, Nux Vomica and Hamamelis Virginica are the best remedies. Mercurius Solubilis is prescribed for patients in whom bleeding from rectum occurs with loose stool and extremely chilly feeling. There’s also an unusual thirst for water. Nitricum Acidum is the medicine which is of great help for patients complaining of bleeding of excessive bright red blood from rectum with severe cutting or tearing pains in rectum. Hamamelis Virginica is the ideal remedy when the blood from rectum is dark coloured and the patient experiences extreme weakness. Nux Vomica is a medicine that is very beneficial when the bleeding from rectum is excited by the intake of spicy food, alcoholic drinks or coffee.

10. For IBD with Diarrhea

Gambogia is a natural medicine that is very beneficial for controlling diarrhoea in  Inflammatory Bowel Disease where the stool is very profuse, watery and is ejected out with suddenness and force. Diarrhoea mainly gets worse in hot weather in patients requiring Gambogia. Sulphur, on the other hand, is the best remedy when the diarrhoea gets worse in the morning. Such patients have to rush out of bed early morning to pass out stool. Patients usually feel hot in soles of feet, palms and head. Podophyllum Peltatum is another effective natural remedy to treat diarrhoea inInflammatory Bowel Disease. The symptoms which guidetowards its use are watery, greenish profuse stool with jelly-like mucus in it.

11. For IBD for Controlling Mucus

Aloe Socotrina and Colchicum Autumnale are the top natural medicines for excessive jelly-like mucus in the stool with pain in the rectum of Inflammatory Bowel Disease patients. Pulsatilla Pratensis is of great help if the mucus in stool is of green colour. The patients requiring Pulsatilla Pratensis are almost thirstless and fatty food always worsens the condition.

12. For Controlling Cramps

Colocynthis works well in patients in whom the cramping pain in abdomen is relieved by pressure or bending double. Dioscorea Villosa is the ideal remedy for patients in whom the abdominal cramps get worse from bending double and better by bending backwards or by walking. Magnesium Phoshphoricum gives excellent results if the cramps in abdomen get better by pressure or warm applications.

13. For controlling Tenesmus

Nux Vomica is the best natural medicine for treating tenesmus in Inflammatory Bowel Disease. The main indication towards this medicine use is an ineffectual but constant urge to pass stool. The stool is very scanty and the patient is not satisfied and goes to pass stool at very short intervals. There is pain in the abdomen which is relieved for a little while after passing of stool, but reappears very soon. Mercurius Solubilis is another remedy which is very beneficial for tenesmus in Inflammatory Bowel Disease where the stool is slimy, bloody and is accompanied by excessive chilliness. Capsicum Annum, meanwhile, is a natural medicine that is of great help for dealing with the tenesmus of Inflammatory Bowel Diseaseif burning and stinging pains are present in the rectum while passing unsatisfactory and insufficient stool. Thirst for water is present after passing stool.

14. For IBD with Weight Loss

Ferrum Phosphoricum, Natrum Muriaticum, Cinchona Officinalis and Lycopodium Clavatum are of great help in treating weakness or anemia in patients of Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Ferrum Phosphoricum can help in raising the haemoglobin level of the patient who has become anemic due to excessive blood loss in stool. The patient looks pale and very weak. Natrum Muriaticum is another good medicine to relieve the weakness in a patient of Inflammatory Bowel Disease. The patient requiring this medicine shows an unusual craving for salty things and cannot bear the heat of sun. Cinchona Officinalis, on the other hand, is the ideal natural medicine for treating the weakness in Inflammatory Bowel Disease due to excessive loss of fluid in diarrhoea.  Excessive flatulence is mainly present in patients requiring Cinchona Officinalis. Lycopodium Clavatum can reduce weakness in Inflammatory Bowel Disease and the symptoms guiding its use are a desire for sweets and warm drinks. The patient looks pale and emaciated with a yellow face and blue circles around eyes.

15. For IBD with Joint Pains

The joint pains in patients of Inflammatory Bowel Disease can be best treated with natural medicines like Bryonia Alba, Rhus Toxicodendron and Kali Bichromicum. If joints are excessively inflammed with pains getting worse on motion, Bryonia Alba can provide a lot of relief. Such joint pains always get better by resting. Rhus Toxicodendron gives a huge amount of relief toInflammatory Bowel Disease patientssuffering from joint pains who experience excessive pain and stiffness in joints which get worse on resting and better by motion. Kali Bichromicum can be very beneficial if the joint pains are of a wandering nature that shiftquickly from one joint to another at short intervals.

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  1. Diana Buckwalter says:

    Hello – my husband has heel pain, small bowel strictures from prior surgeries and inflammation. He has pain in his joints. He has a history of anemia probably related to the bowel. I was reading about IBD with accompanying joint pain. We have a general knowledge of homeopathy and know it can be helpful. He is very carful about what he eats to avoid gut pain. He has had 3 prior laparotomies for prior bowel obstructions so he is full of scar tissue. Thanks for your help

  2. Nancy Fleming says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma, I am 62 years old female I have inflammation in the colon it was seeing upon colonoscopy, my main symptoms are extreme flatulence from just about anything that I eat. I have mild pain and pressure in the lower left. Abdomen constantly. I have a tendency to have constipation. I liked taking Metamucil. It helped with that but I read that it’s not pure because it has citric acid in it, and it can irritate the colon. What homeopathic remedies would you recommend? Thank you. Nancy Fleming.

  3. Fatima Chowdhury says:

    Hi doctor. I am 65 years old. I am suffering from Gut inflammation dry thin stool kind of constipation. I am unable to force pass stool even the rectum is full. No stomach cramps. I have some homeopathic medicines with me can you suggest which medicine I should take?

  4. Fatima Chowdhury says:

    Hi doctor. I am 65 years old. I am suffering from Gut inflammation dry thin stool kind of constipation. I am unable to force pass stool even the rectum is full. No stomach cramps.

  5. Good day Doctor.

    My condition is a combination of two – urge to pass stool immediately (some times 2/3 hours also) after food. Lot of mucus. Normal color, but when it passes it is watery & often with force. My nature is calcium producing – weight loss is not there. No blood from anus. No pain in rectum. Cramp in stomach not there. Averse to milk. Non smoker / non alcoholic – age 68. Thanks

  6. Molly Orourcke says:

    Can you advise or allow a consult to help my dog with IBD? Nothing is helping from my holistic vet or western medicine vet.

  7. Hi, I have Chronic Ulcerative Proctitis. You mention above using Mercurius Corrosivus: For Blood and Mucus in Stool. Is this the 200ck Mercurius Corrosivus? If so, how much do I take and for how long?

  8. Hi I suffered from typohid more then 10 times , I am 35 years old , I often have black spots on my tongue , I fart alot my stool is not hard it’s stickey smelly some time when I fart use the rest room to pass the stool ,stool burns ,, my doctor’s say inflammation in large intestine ,, I need a cure help me out please

  9. Good interpretations, lot of thanks.

  10. Dinesh Chand Pal says:

    Mere left side abdomen me pain hota hai aur constipation hai

  11. hello
    Kindly I would like to know how to deal with constipation and inflammation of the colon. Also, i developed a fissure due to constipation, Please advice.Carmen

  12. Abdul Khadhar says:

    Doctor kindly advice which type of homeopathy medicine should I take for my health issue:-
    Recently I undergone polypectomy done in Large Intestine (Decenting Colon). Even after 3 months I am suffering pain (Swelling, inflammation) in the colon for 3 to 4 hours after passing stool. Some days pain persists throughout day…. Regularly taking English medicines….some days the food which i eat does not digest properly resulting immediate motion for 3 times per day. After taking pre & probiotics now I am cured diarria, constipation, regular stool passing (2 times a day), however I feel pain ( Inflammation / swelling) in the colon and it spreads around the rectum. Kind suggest right curable homeopathy medicines with diet to be followed…..

  13. My dear cat has IBD and has lost nearly a third of his weight since he’s eating nearly nothing. He’s had no diarrhea at all, and very minor stools (no blood or anyting else present) for a while now, since there’s not much going in. He does drink a lot of water and his urination is normal. No flatulance. He was vomiting a lot but Nux Vomica has taken care of that. He’s been very weak and often unresponsive to stimuli, doesn’t enjoy being touched, and stares off into the distance. China has brought back his alertness and a measure of movement, but he still refuses to eat anything but tiny nibbles, and is starving to death. Have tried Arsenicum, Carbo, Lycopodium, Bryonia, Caardus Marianus, but none of them seemed to help.

  14. Dr Sushil Yadav says:

    Hello sir…your way of explaining the medicines is very helps a lot for understanding the symptoms and in selection of medicines too.

  15. K.Anjaneyulu says:

    I am suffering with ind.with constipation since
    One year pls sujjest good homio medicines.
    Rectom burning.

  16. K.Anjaneyulu says:

    Good evening dr.Sharmaji.
    I am suffering from Ibd (crohns) since one year
    I am using english use pls advice good homeopathic medicines with dosage

  17. Hlo i am suffering from chorns ibd since from 1 yr.. Very severe flares up I used antibiotics, steriods immunosuppressants which is suggested my gastroenterologist but never make me into remission still i am in severe flareups… I am aslo used homeopathy medicine but still problem persists even sometimes i have to be decided to leave world is better to solve the problem.. Pls help me sir

  18. P.k.biswal says:

    I am suffering from ibd chrone since 3years. I have taken several medicines but still same problem persists. Now I’m taking homeopathy from one of the best doctor in odisha, india. Can it be cured?

    • Hi.
      Can i ask if there is any treatment available for ibd.
      Please reply it with advice.
      My son is having since 3 years and its really distressing.

  19. Joyce Mosley says:

    I have Crohn’s Disease and have debilitating side effects from all of the medications I’ve tried. I have been taking supplements, but cannot find recommended dosing for Phosphorus drops. I also don’t know how to tally Asenicum Album 200ck. Please advise.
    Thank you, Joyce

  20. Saran Subramaniam says:

    Hello Dr.Sharma,
    I have been suffering from IBS for 5 years and now recently I have been suffering from Inflammation of intestines with Diarrhea/loose stools and significant weight loss in 3 months.
    Can you please suggest the appropriate homeopathic medicine to manage/cure the above symptoms – to reduce inflammation, stop diarrhea and to increase body weight?.
    The only homeopathic medicine I am currently taking is Allen IBS A70 liquid drops – 3x times a day mixed with 10ml water before food. I am taking only mild non spicy vegetarian foods.
    Saran Subramaniam

    • Sunny Sharma says:

      Swelling I’m whole stomach intestines and upper stomach loose stool lactose intorlance chronic acidity

    • Mari nagarajan says:

      Hi sir, my daughter 11yrs old. Doctor told she had a ibd(crohn) disease. She should take life long treatment ment in English medicine. We are so worried. Please advice me it’s will be ciurable in homeopathy?

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