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Homeopathic Remedies for Ankle Pain

Homeopathic Remedies for Ankle Pain

homeopathic remedies for ankle pain

Homeopathic Remedies for Ankle Pain

Ankle pain not only hampers movement, but the niggling pain also affects a person’s general frame of mind. Ankle is a joint between the leg and foot. The bones that participate in forming the ankle joint are tibia and fibula (both are bones of leg), plus talus bone (bone of foot). Ankle pain can result from a variety of reasons like sprain, strain, Gout, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Tendinitis.Homeopathy provides a very effective mode of treatment to get rid of ankle pain. The ankle pain as a result of injuries, sprains, Tendinitis can be very effectively treated with natural Homeopathic remedies, as also the Gout and rheumatic ankle joint pains. Completely safe with no side effects, Homeopathic remedies for ankle pain are also very beneficial in treating bony, ligamental, muscular or tendon ankle pains. The natural Homeopathic treatment for ankle pain is very safe and treat ankle pain both of recent origin or chronic ones of long duration.


Sprain is the main injury in ankles and it refers to tearing or overstretching of the ligaments around the ankle. The sprain of ankle occurs due to sudden twisting of the ankle due to a misstep or a fall. Other ankle injuries can occur due to a blow with blunt objects and also overstretching or overstraining of muscles in ankle. The main symptom as a result is pain in ankle with swelling. Natural Homeopathic medicines are very efficient and successful in treating pain in ankle because of sprains, strains or injuries. The best Homeopathic medicines that provide relief for ankle pain caused due to sprain are Arnica, Ruta, Rhus Tox, Ledum Pal and Carbo Animalis.[toc]

Arnica: Homeopathic medicine for ankle pain due to sprain, fall or blunt object injury

Arnica is a natural Homeopathic remedy that is used as the first line of treatment for pain in ankle due to a sprain or due to blunt object injuries, or after a fall. It helps in relieving pain as well as reducing the swelling around ankles. The person needing Arnica often complains of excessive soreness and lameness in the affected ankle. The pain gets worse with the slightest of touch. The skin over the ankle also shows bruises in addition to pain and swelling. Arnica is also a beneficial Homeopathic remedy for pain in ankle due to a sprain injury that occurred a few months or even years back.

Ruta Graveolens: Homeopathic remedy for sprained ankle

Another efficient natural Homeopathic medicine for pain in ankle due to sprain is Ruta Graveolens. It is considered the top Homeopathic remedy for ligament injuries and complaints arising as a result. Ruta Graveolens shows its worth in reducing the pain and swelling in ankles due to sprains and also repair of torn ligaments due to sprains. Ruta Graveolens is considered the best Homeopathic medicine for complete and efficient healing and strengthening of damaged ligaments in ankle.

Rhus Tox: Natural Homeopathic treatment for ankle pain due to overstretching or overstraining

Rhus Tox is the best Homeopathic prescription for pain in ankle due to overstretching or overstraining of ankle muscles. Rhus Tox is of great help in reducing the pain in ankle due to overstraining or stretching of muscles.

Ledum Pal and Carbo Animalis: Homeopathic remedies for ankle pain in patient with habit of easy spraining

Both these natural Homeopathic remedies are of great help if a person has weak ankles and suffers from easy and frequent ankle sprains with consequent pain and swelling in ankles. Ledum Pal is the ideal Homeopathic remedy when intolerable pain and swelling over ankles is present. A peculiar characteristic for using Ledum Pal is the ankle pain getting better by cold applicationover it. Carbo Animalis, on the other hand, is the best Homoepathic remedy when the ankle turns and the ligaments twist easily while walking.


Gout refers to an inflammatory and painful joint disease due to increased uric acid levels in blood. Any joint can be affected byGout, including ankle joint. Ankle pain due to Gout can be very effectively treated with natural Homeopathic medicines. The bestHomeopathic remedies for treating ankle pain in Goutare Bryonia, Arnica and Ledum Pal. The selection of the ideal Homeopathic remedy out of these is based upon the peculiar symptoms in each patient.

Bryonia: Homeopathic medicine for gouty ankle pain that gets worse by motion

Bryonia is a top grade Homeopathic medicine for ankle pain due to Gout. The peculiar feature for its use is pain in ankle from slight movement of ankle and its getting better by rest. Along with pain,Homeopathic medicine Bryonia also helps in reducing the swelling on ankles where the ankles are very red and swollen with heat.

Arnica: Homeopathic remedy for gouty ankle pain that worsens by touch

Arnica is the best natural Homeopathic medicine if gouty ankle pain gets worse by eventhe slightest of touch. The person develops a great fear to touch the ankleas it excites pain. The anklefeels sore and bruised. The patient may describe the pain as if someone has beaten him or her on the ankles.

Ledum Pal: Homeopathic medicine for gouty ankle pain that worsens by warmth

Ledum Pal is a natural Homeopathic medicine that is ofgreat help when pain in ankle due to Gout gets worse by warmth. The person feels relief from pain by cold applications. Homeopathic medicine Ledum Pal may also be used when the gouty ankle pain gets worse at night. The ankles are also hot and swollen. Gouty nodes may also be present on the ankles.


Rheumatoid Arthritis is an autoimmune joint disease that results in pain, swelling, stiffness of joints, followed by deformity of joints in long run cases. The ankle joint is also affected by Rheumatoid Arthritis. The rheumatic ankle pains can be treated with Homeopathic remedies Actaea Spicata, Caulophyllum, Ledum Pal and Rhus Tox.

Actaea Spicata: Homeopathic remedy for rheumatic ankle pain with swelling

Actaea Spicata is a natural Homeopathic remedy for ankle swelling caused due to Rheumatoid arthritis. The ankle pain gets worse either by touch or motion. Swelling over ankles shows its marked presence from fatigue. The pain in ankle may be specifically tearing or tingling in nature for using Actaea Spicata in rheumatic ankle pain.

Caulophyllum: Homeopathic medicine for rheumatic ankle pain with stiffness

Caulophyllum is the top natural Homeopathic remedy for ankle pain of rheumatic origin accompanied by stiffness of ankle joint. The pains may be particularly of a drawing character. The ankle pain may also show a shifting nature from one ankle to the other for using Caulophyllum.

Ledum Pal: Homeopathic medicine for night aggravation of rheumatic ankle pain

Ledum Pal is a very beneficial natural Homeopathic medicine for rheumatic ankle pain mainly at night or worsening of ankle pain at night. The ankle is swollen and hot too. Another peculiar factor for using Homeopathic medicine Ledum Pal for ankle pain is aggravation from heat of any kind and relief from cold applications. The character of pain may be tearing or throbbing in nature.

Rhus Tox: Homeopathic remedy for rheumatic ankle pain that gets better by walking

Rhus Tox is the ideal natural Homeoapthic remedy for ankle pain due to Rheumatoid Arthritis that gets relieved by walking. Rest increases the ankle pain. Excessive stiffness of ankle is also noticed at rest position and also when starting to walk and it gradually subsides by walking.


Tendonitis refers to inflammation of tendons (a cord that connects muscle to the bone). The tendons that join the leg muscle with bones of feet pass behind the ankle. The main tendon is Achilles Tendon or Tendo Achilles in other words. Any kind of inflammation of these tendons may cause pain in ankles. The natural medicines used in Homeopathic mode of treatment for such pain are Ruta, Bryonia and Rhus Tox.

Ruta: Homeopathic medicine for ankle pain due to Tendonitis

Ruta is a very effective natural Homeopathic medicine for ankle pain due to Tendonitis. It can be taken in all cases of ankle pain due to inflammed tendons either of recent origin or remote origin. It holds a great promise in relief of ankle pain arising out of inflamed tendons.

Bryonia and Rhus Tox: Homeopathic remedies for Tendonitis resulting in ankle pain

Both Bryonia and Rhus Tox are equally promising natural Homeopathic remedies for Tendonitis resulting in ankle pain. To select the required medicine out of these two, there is a peculiar point specific to them to be taken consideration of. That peculiarity is that the persons requiring Bryonia Alba will have ankle pain on slight motion and feel better by rest. For using Rhus Tox, the peculiar feature is worsening of ankle pain by rest and relief by walking.


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  1. Swarup das says:

    Hai madem.

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  3. I have had many sprained ankles. Couple real bad ones on my left ankle. I work hard and typically walk through the pain to keep the blood flowing through the joint and muscles. I have recently had issue with my left foot. I believe my body is trying to heal the last really bad one from 4 years ago and I have not ben working very hard. however, the pain starts from the moment I wake up, and when walking my dog, it goes away and then when I stop it starts up again. I have gone to two different podiatrists with no luck so I started looking into my trigger point therapy books aong with taking homeopathic. and still to no avail have I concurred this ailment. I read in your post about Aranea Diadema and just started taking it. I have taken Calc Flour for a small bone spur as well as Rhus Tox for worsening pain by rest and relief by walking and arnica for the pain and ligament issues. I just wanted to say thank you for your website and your insight in this situation. I have a degree in Health Science and have studied Homeopathy but it is nice to have others to validate and give other options.

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  13. Z Hennessy says:

    I have a grade 2 ankle sprain since 1 week ago. I took Arnica for one week. I still cannot bear weight on the injured ankle. I feel pain in the bone and I have intermittent aching in the area.

  14. Abdul habib says:

    Right ankle pain after jogging

  15. ROQUAIYA FATMA says:

    Hii mam ankle joints me pain hai only walking krne pr pain ho ta hai koe swelling nhi hai touch or pressure krne pe pain nhi hota hai age 12 year old

  16. Swati Shrivastava says:

    My Mother is suffering from ankle pain, knee pain and sometimes pain in calf muscle. She is 65 years of age and is patient of hypothroidism from past 20 years. She has already visited many doctors, but she gets relives only till she is consuming the medicine. Post that pain re-appears. Even she is not able to take allopathic medicine for long time. She starts getting gastric problem and vertigo problem with allopathic medicine.
    Please suggest , is there any good medicine for her pain relief?

    • Rakesh Mathur says:

      Meri left leg mai tukhne ke neeche or back side mai chalte hua khichav sa lagta h jiski wajh se mai proper chal nahi pata , aisa karib one week se ho raha h, or karib ek moth pahley left side hi kamar ke neeche pain ho raha tha jo thai tak ja raha tha lekin dard halka tha ab or bhi kum h , mai pain oil lagata hoon or excercise karta hoon , mujhe 5 saal se bai ki problem bhi h mai jab bhi koi badi wali cheez khata hoon ya khatti cheez khata hoon to mere joint mai dard hota h

  17. Abhijit Ghosh says:

    I am suffering for ankle pain (may be calcaneal spur or plantar fasciitis). The pain is for last 4 – 5 years. I have tried with soft shoes, hot water, but no improvement. Also I have back pain with upper pain & shoulder pain. Is there any good medicine for all of my problem?

  18. Rezaul Karim says:

    Amar payer gorali pain kore, ghum theke uthla bashi kore amar gare bathe o dui kade batha kore kono proker free ness nai akhon ami ki medicine khabo

  19. Shivangi Jain says:

    Hello doctor,

    3 years ago my mother had an accident in which her ankle bone got fractured and the cushioning is finished in her ankle joint.
    After the surgery she couldn’t walk properly and has unbearable pain. She has consulted many doctors but they say that the pain will only increase day by day.
    I need to know is there any medicine for such a scenario or maybe for pain management?
    It would be great help if you guide us through this.

  20. UMA SHANKAR says:

    Excuse me Sir,
    I Uma Shankar S/o Mrs. Nilu Sharma.
    My mother is having severe and painful problem in Ankle from long time approximately 10 years. She couldn’t walk properly. Please recommend the best medicine so that she must get rid of this problem permanently.

  21. Yasmeen Ahsan says:

    I live in Montreal Canada,here radiologist suggested that I am suffering from talar dome avascular necrosis, MRI not performed yet due long waiting time in hospital.I am 60 years old.I think my problem is different it s weakness of my ankle joint because I feel pain during walking standing .I am suffering from Arthritis and osteoporosis. Kindly suggest medicine because I am fed of surgery and other pain killers.

  22. whwn i get up in the morning or after sitting gor more than 20 mins. There is severe pain in anklw sole which does not permit to walk. Which medicine you suggest.

  23. Very interesting this topic! I too have managed to change my life, improve my physical condition, increase my energy and feel good psychologically thanks to a natural method. I don’t take medicine and I succeed in everything I do. That’s how:

  24. Rina pandey says:

    Sie, whwn i get up in the morning or after sitting gor more than 20 mins. There is severe pain in anklw sole which does not permit to walk. Which medicine you suggest.

  25. Amrendra Tripathi says:

    Dear Dr,

    Problem related to my ankle pain. Some one says its like kacher in villagers language. one any pebble put in my feed then lot of pain produce.

    Please help us about this issue.

    Amrendra Tripathi

  26. best homeo-regards.
    iam a homeopathy lover, yet i didnt stop aspirin 100 m,(once/day) 14 yrs ago. it was a physician advice regarding to hi LdL u
    now i have Tinnitus (whistling in left ear) 2 years ago, and read about aspirin side effects related to tinnitus!!!last 3 months iam following my homeopath advice, he gave me chininum sulph. compositum, but dont feel better,
    thnx for help.

  27. Aditya bajaj says:

    Hi .I’m 11years boy.after sometimes I was playing football n my right ankel is injured and painfulll with plz tell me what about my pain.thaxs.

  28. Sally Henderson says:

    Arnica for 15 months post broken ankle pain, swelling and bruising. Is it a cream or ointment? I have Arnica pellets in my homeopathic kit. Will these do the job. I know less is more.

    Thank you.


  29. shaik ahamed says:

    Suffering with Bursitis on my right ankle, and painful while walking.

    • Hi I broke my talus bone in my left ankle.After mri scan arthritis is forming at the bottom area of my talus bone.Please can you give me a remedy to ease the pain.

  30. R. C. Srivastav says:

    My wife suffering from joint pain, swelling & stiffness in ankles & paw during rest in night. Pl write the easy treatment with homepethic medicine.

  31. Saibal Roy says:

    I am 62 years male and have ankle pain in my left leg. I was given some tablet by Orthopadecian but not of much help. He told me I may have to go for Cortisone injection in my ankle , for which I am not keen.
    As per him it is Barsaritis Or Bursaritis .
    Please suggest how can I get rid of the pain. I am Hypertensive and also diabetic but Sugar is under control by medication. Also Uric Acid recently done was 6.2 .
    Kindly help me

  32. DEEPAK MAROLIA says:

    Dr. I have Osteo arthritis in my right ankle. It is swollen. Orthopedic surgeon has given me tab. Cartagena duo twice daily for one month. I am getting little relief. Before that I took Celadrin and Ordering twice daily for 3 months. As soon as I left medicine for one month it again their any treatment in Homeopathy. My age is 55 years and have BP but no sugar. Thanks. My cell number is 8879152935.

  33. Hai sir
    Good morning…
    This is gayathri. IAM In 46 of age.
    Iam having pain in the medial side ofmy left foot. I don’t have pain in heel.
    It’s intolerable to me.
    Please tell me some remedy

  34. CHANDAN KUMAR says:

    Dear Sir
    I am CHANDAN Kumar 24 years of age.A week ago in the morning hour I jumped from a wall .first my one leg touched the brick built floor .After sometime I felt much pain in my left hip area which was worse by evening. Now after 7 days still walking is tough for me.I take painkillers as doctor advised with some side effects such as loose motions, weakness.Sir I don’t want to take more suggest me some medicine

  35. Dr vinod kumar says:

    I have swelling on my right ankle. After MRI report doctors said that ligaments ( tendon)are are broken. Please suggest medicine. My age is 72 years. I have high BP and no other disease.
    Thank s

    Vinod Kumar

  36. Ashok Bhargava says:

    Due to twisting of left ankle it has swollen alaround. There is no fracture as per the X-Ray report. This happened on 29 May. Kindly advise the treatment/Homoeopathic medicine(s)

  37. sushil kumar says:

    Dear Sir,
    My self Sushil kumar ,

    sir mere edi me bahut dard rahta hai, doctor ka kahna hai ki wahn per bones badh gaye hai, lakin alopathy treatment se mujhe kuchh arram hota nahi dikh raha hai,
    so that ,i request to you please suggest for me homeopathy medicine for best result.
    i suffering last two year

  38. Monojit Mitra Mustafi says:

    I have very peculiar bone pain specially on right leg, in the portion of leg between the knee joint and the ankle joint. At times the nerves that connect the fingers on leg get strained that make me wo sit up and I cannot afford to keep lying. During walking on road, it is very painful, the pain in particular on bone between ankle joint and knee joint. Knee joint pain has been troubling me for many years, but now, the above said suffering has been very acute.


  39. Dear Dr

    I am getting moderate pain lower back ankle since 10 days Can you advise me some medicine

    I am aged 58 slightly diabetic since two years but not on medicine

    • Vikram Kochhar says:

      Respected Dr. Sharma,
      I have pain in right leg ankle since 5-6 years. I have tried allopathic treatment. The doctors gave vitamin D3, calcium and pain killers. Even the doctor also gave injection in my joint. But to no use and pain increases. I also tried Ayurvedic messaging but to no use. Can you suggest homeopathic treatment.

  40. Hi Dr Sharma,
    3 months ago as I was walking over rocks to my beach pool the rock wobbled underneath my Right Foot which caused my Right Foot to turn outwards. This infuriated me. And I had repeated the same circumstance but on different rocks for 4-6 weeks I thought it would get better eventually as I did not actually sprain it no visible bruising and no visible swelling but the pain is there all from base of all toes all over top of foot most painful to lateral right side middle bone point of foot up to my ankle. I acknowledge my thoughts were pent up frustration, anger , anxiety, betrayal and having to ‘run’ to safe my life literally. I was leaving a toxic relationship which almost destroyed me spiritually, emotionally and physically and drained me financially. My training was my savior and being a Pisces was healing for me but then the ankle injury which I know was caused from me being emotionally and physically completely drained but I just HAD to keep RUNNING and staying strong to not look like a victim. 3 months later x-ray and ultrasound shows no fracture. The GP said only a MRI or CT scan can show if torn ligaments or tendons. Either way the ‘treatment’ in orthodox medicine would be the same. My swimming helps keep me happy and fit now I have put on excessive stomach and hip fat simply because I couldn’t keep up my training and has made me dislike myself and made me angrier. I am 90%Vegan but only eat sardines and compassionate goat cheese farm 1-2x week No eggs No meat No butter. I can’t digest legumes and grains so I am forced to eat sardines and cheese for some nutrient necessity even though it makes me feel a hypocrite to do so During the extreme stress of that previous toxic household I also did not menstrate for months and its my 4th months and still not menstruated but have phantom period pains. Dr said I could be perimenopausal. I’m so ashamed of my stomach I never ever had this fat here before and feel like screaming and crying because of what that previous toxic people had done to me the woman a sociopath did everything she could to drag me down when ever I started to improve myself. I wish Karma were true cruel people with cruel intentions who act upon them should have the karma book thrown at them. Please any information is greatly appreciated.

  41. william ademsen says:

    my lower back is weak tired stiff,I suffered from poisoning and became impotent.Now forget too much weak all back lumbar region weak.Am a old 80 year old male tired on climbing stairs too weak to lift walk slow had scoliosis with strained ankle joint, please pres cribe me some homeo remedy I am also drinking too much cold water hot in head and body

  42. Sanjay Kumar Choudhary says:

    My wife has ankle problems last three months .when she gets up from the bed she is unable to walk. Aftersome times she starts to walk and continue.when she sits for sometimes.again the same probles repeats.Arnica-30,Arnea Diadema-30,Rhus tox-30 ,Ledam Pal-30 are given,but no proper relief.please guide me for her treatment.

  43. Gautam gupta says:

    I may help for pain due to running over the hurdle in athletics sports

  44. Anand Verma says:

    the peculiar feature is worsening of ankle pain by rest and relief by walking.

  45. dayanand says:

    Is Causticum & Rhustoxicodendron mother tinchure works in Ankle burssa ? When exposure in cold increase pain. Pain in ankle is from last one year. Alopathic doctors are treating wih vitamines.

  46. Humayun kabir says:

    I have been suffering from pain in right ankle for the last 6months. Sometimes burning sensation. No injury. Doctor prescribed Rus-tox 200 in globules once in the morning for two days in empty stomach along with Lapis Album.6x two tabs twice daily. Your suggestions,, please.

  47. I have flat feet and I have been wear an arch whenever I go out or jog. The pain associated with it is usually in the heel.
    For the last one month, however, a few of the nerves in the front of my right ankle have been pain a lot. They don’t seem to be able take the weight of my body while standing or walking. with prolonged walking, the area around these nerves becomes stiff. I get some temporary relief if I press these nerves with a lot of pressure. There is relief if there is no weight on these nerves as well as when there is not twisting of these nerves.
    There was no injury to my ankle which triggered this pain. This puzzles me a lot. Could this be because of uric acid? could this be somehow related to flat fleet?

    What medicina and dosage may be preferred in this case?


  48. Dr I have plantar rascilies ankle left leg pain sirdo you treatment sir.

  49. M P SRIVASTAVA says:

    There are swelling inmy ankles suggest medicines

  50. Akansha prajapati says:

    I got right ankle sprain 9 months back in a uneven ground. In MRI report it’s mild atl ligament tear so opt for homeopathy doctor and taking medicine continue for last 8 months but still have pain walking and standing for some time.
    Can homeopathy really helpful?
    If yes please tell me the medicine

  51. Aniruddha Basu says:

    I made a long trekking at mountain Himalaya. After return my left ankle heel is sprained. I am not able to properly walk with support of left ankle. The heel bone is painful if pressed. Painful if stretching forward and backward. Kindly tell medicines for this problems.

  52. Jashodhara Purkayastha says:

    I have ankle pain. By reading, I came to know,it must be Tendonitis. Symptom looks like this.The affected part is swollen. By walking ,with shoes feel better. Pain is such that as if some thorn is there on that part. Sometimes can’t touch the part. It started from July2016.

  53. hi my son is in the army,and he has torn his ligaments on the right side of his foot and ruptured his ligaments on the left side of his foot( it is his left foot) he has been taking 2 tablets 3 times a day of rhus tox 30c. how long will it take before he seems any improvement?.he has been taking them a week. he is home on leave till 3rd january so he is resting it.he hasnt really been walking on it only for going toilet and walking round the house.he can walk on it but has a bit of pain. wanted to try get it sorted well he is on leave as if it doesnt get better the army ay medically discharge him and he doesnt want this to happen. he is 19 years old. he does run comfry oil into his foot every now and again but not on a regular basis. hope you can help me with some advice,thanks diane

  54. I m suffering from hypersomnia so wat i can do..using allopathic drug like madafinil suggest some homeopathy alternative..

  55. Doctor,
    I had a sprain on my right ankle one and a half years ago and suddenly I noticed the same pain from last four days. I’ll be grateful if you suggest proper ailments.
    Thank you.

  56. Anind Kumar Roy says:

    Respected sharmaji.
    I am suffering with ankle pain since last one month.I am taking following medicines1.Brynia Alb.200.2.Rhustox 7ch 3.Ledum Pal 30 4.silicea 12x.during walking I feel the pain consequently I have to cut short my distance.However now I am a bit better after taking these medicines last 14 days.I also used to take hot and cold water by droping my affected leg into the bucket.Please suggest if I should continue the aforsaid medicines and hot & cold water.
    thanks for your kind advice.At present my pain is under control since last two days.

    • Hi
      I have pain in my left achilis tender
      The pain is been with me for a year
      It goes and come backs
      Sonetimes rain can triger it
      Sometimes a specific shoe can triger it
      The pain can be very suvier that i have to take pain killer
      I have tried ledium pal and casticum
      And both didn’t help
      Please helpppp
      Sima K

  57. Hello doctor i met with an accident and i hardly used my right ankel.die to precaution, lately i felt i can’t stand on my right ankle as this will start getting hurt and no feeling.. can you advice if rux toss is good i have in possession or what else? Thank you

  58. Dr. Sharma
    Recently i had back pain and stiffness while gettg iup and to sometime to ease my leg to walk further …i took rhus tox …

    I am much better now ..but stiffness and pain rediates to my foot n sole …i want further advise on it

    I hv hypothyroid and having allopath medication of 100mg throcine ..want yr advise on medicine that i cn take to normalise my thyriod and its

  59. Marques B. says:

    Ankles swelling with pain, never had this happen before. Started a new job driving a cherry picker forklift on my feet from 10-15hrs a day. I’ve never had this problem before Dr said it is arthralgia. Need a homeopathic remedy please .

  60. hello how are you sir. my name is imtiaz .i am male 36 years old .
    sir i am feeling pain left ankle during walk.but touching and pressing no has stiffness as well.can i use Caulophyllum medicine .i have question ,can we use this medicine in male ?

  61. Pawan Kumar says:

    Pain at above outer side of right leg ankle.No any injury or no any swelling.

    • Hi dr i am 58 years old, I am getting frequently Ankles pain in one or some times both my legs swelling redish and very pain full to move. I have to take course of antibiotics bacteria capsules and it gets ease completely but reacours in aboout one month. Specialist also prescribed me vitamin eveon LC vitamin D3 etc which of the homeopathic you describe for acute symptoms my blood test and urine test are normal according to test prescribed only taking BP tablet since last 20 years.

  62. ranjan charles says:

    Hello sir, I am 47 year old man and when I getup in the morning I feel pain in lower left leg while putting on ground and after some movements it becomes normal. please suggests medicine

  63. Hi..myself preeti dropping a msg to you with a belief to get some advice or suggestion for my son who is 5 year old(april.2011)..we stay out of india fyi..

    History my son suddenly getting fever since july last year after 20 22 days with the sore throat and since then we go to ped doctor available here ..who give antibiotics to him saying to complete the course and yes d fever subsiside..but again again after same interval so after few months of antibiotics which so frequently not good for my child i switched to homeopathic doctor here..for two months yes the fever n tonsils didnt came(dec jan) thought homeo working well then came india for 20 days and after coming back again the problem is back to scratch..again fever after 18 days and tonsils and white patch lill on lymph nodes each..fever dont come i guess due to homeo medicine which doc gave but body look warm and now he complains sometime about ankle and wrist pain when asked..though play well and tell only when asked but observed him strecting sometimes ankle n wrist while sitting idle..and forgot to mention we did blood and urine test and doc said all normal except lill hemogolbin low..immne low..dont rem exact words as did test in novemember last year…

    So my question to u it common for kids to get such pain …whats the reason for pain..can it go with homeo medicines..are homeo medicine effective for such history of recurrent tonsils fever and pains…does the child outgrow this?what the best can i do for my child..anything in food intake to increase or any oil kinda massage..pls help

    Medicine homeo doc give
    Alpha alpha
    Kof aid when cough
    And 4 bottle of sweet medicine i dont knw name

    Pls advice..why leg pain n why so recurrent tonsils come to my child..

  64. mrinal kanti says:

    I have an accident when I was plying badminton ,to my left ankle before 15 days I am using homoo medicine for last 15 days but I am feeling pain in my joint until now what can I do now please advise me my age is 40 year

  65. A. K. Mishra says:

    I am 55 years old doing office work. I have a severe pain in both ankle that worsens on resting and gets better when walking.
    waiting for you reply

  66. My mother aged 41 has a severe pain in her ankle that worsens on walking and gets better when resting. Along with that she also suffers from knee pain when climbing stairs up and down. Please suggest me medicine nd it’s potency and dozes too.
    waiting for you reply
    Thank you

  67. DEBASISH DEY says:

    Respected Sir, .
    My wife is having pain in right ankle. When she is stepping after taking rest she feels pain and after few steps the pain decrease.
    As per your guidance shall I give Rhus tox. If then tell me dozes and potency.
    Waiting for advice.
    Thank you

  68. My wife age 73yrs.taking Rhus tox and Arnica three times in a day But swelling and pain not discreased. Please advice.she was getdown last one month.

  69. Sashikant says:

    Hi Doctor,
    My 7 yr old son always complains of pain in ankle …front portion of the ankle…I can feel the nerve pulsating heavily…
    What could be the medicine for this …
    Kindly advise …

  70. Dr sharma
    Can you diagnose and suggest a homeo medicine for following symptoms.
    i am 45y female and have swelling and pain around ankle towards inner side of left foot. pain extends up, 4 inches above the ankle. pain become worse at night during sleep so that sleep disturbed for hours at night. swelling increases after consumption of rice meat.

  71. Hello Dr. Sharma.
    I was injured in my right ankle 3 years ago when i was playing soccer. It was treated and both the pain and swelling went away. Suddenly i’ve started feeling the pain severely on top of my foot and cant twist my foot inward especially.
    Would appreciate it very much to have your help.
    Thank you

  72. Dr sharma i have pain in the inside ankle joint of my left foot.I have osteoarthritis of knees since12 years.when i walk there is swelling on the anklebones and pain.i am 70 years old female.please suggest some homeopathic medicine .usha

  73. my daughter is 17 yrs, she has been operated from Morton neuroma now 10 months. She had that pain in her right foot when she was 2 yrs. In 2012 she made an MRI. after that we knew what it was. Now its burning inside where the nerves has been removed. and pain but she don’t where the pain is specified.
    I will be grateful to you if you can give her medicine.

  74. krishan sharma says:

    my son is having pain in the ankeljoint when he gets up at morning and during the day pain is gone.his life style is very hard. I finde the medicne RHUS Tox fit accoring to symptoms. thanks for your guidence. Iwill further request is any specified medicine in such a case is recommendecby you,thanks.

  75. William Sabin says:

    I want to take Carbo Animalis for may ankles that are weak and twist easily when I walk.

    What is the strength and frequency of the dose?

    Thank you.

    William Sabin

  76. hi,Dr .sharma
    i want to ask u about ankle pain my 7 years daughter was playing out side and fell down after that she is complaining about ankle pain when somethingtouch on ankle or press it if she walks and run she does not feel any pain but now she is saying she has pain when she sits like criss cross and moving her feet can u please suggest any remedy which will help her .its about 2 months ago she fell down and has a pain i will wait for your answer thank alot

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