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Top Homeopathic Medicines for Knee Pain

Knee pain can arise from a number of reasons including degeneration, inflammation or injury of the knee joint. The major medical conditions that cause knee pain are osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, knee injury, gout and bursitis. Knee pain can arise in persons of any age. The symptoms that usually accompany knee pain are swelling, stiffness, tenderness and heat in the knee joint. Homeopathic medicines for knee pain are very effective in managing knee pain of degenerative, traumatic as well as inflammatory origin.  homeopathic medicines for knee pain

Homeopathic Medicines for Knee Pain

Knee pain can be treated wonderfully well with medicines, which are natural and therefore, safe for use. Natural medicines are helpful in both acute and chronic knee pain. They are safe for use among all age groups, without any risk of toxicity. They help in relieving the pain in the knee and the accompanying symptoms such as swelling, tenderness and stiffness.

The recommended medicines for knee pain are Calcarea Carb, Rhus Tox, Colchicum, Ruta and Symphytum. Among these medicines, Calcarea Carb is recommended for knee pain from osteoarthritis and Rhus Tox is indicated for knee pain from rheumatoid arthritis. Colchicum has shown remarkable results in knee pain resulting from gout while Ruta and Symphytum are excellent medicines for knee pain from ligament and bone injury, respectively.

1. For Knee Pain due to Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease of the joint. In osteoarthritis of the knee, cartilage of the knee joint undergoes degeneration as a result of which the joint space is reduced. The symptoms of knee osteoarthritis are pain, stiffness and cracking (sound) in knee joint. The main reasons behind osteoarthritis of the knee are advancing age, excess weight, injury and overuse of joint. Effective medicines for knee pain from osteoarthritis are Calcarea Carb, Ruta and Causticum. Calcarea Carb is best suited when the knee pain gets worse on rising from a seat and walking. Persons who need to be prescribed Calcarea Carb are usually overweight. Ruta is one of the most helpful medicines for knee pain when the pain worsens on climbing up and down the stairs. Pressure over the knee may provide momentary relief. Causticum is indicated when pain in the knee is accompanied by marked stiffness and cracking (sound) in knee joint.

2. For Knee Pain from Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune inflammatory disease of the joints. It can affect any joint of the body. The main symptoms are stiffness, pain and swelling of joints. Useful medicines for knee pain from rheumatoid arthritis are Bryonia, Rhus Tox and Salicylic Acid. Bryonia is prescribed when the knee joint pain gets worse with the slightest movement. The knee will be swollen in most such cases. The pain and swelling get better with rest. Natural medicine Rhus Tox is one of the best medicines for knee pain with stiffness. The pain and stiffness of the knees get better with walking.  Rest worsens the symptoms. Salicylic Acid, on the other hand, is considered for acute arthritic knee pain. Where the knee is highly inflamed, painful and may be accompanied by high fever, Salicylic Acid is the most reliable of medicines for knee pain to take. The slightest touch or movement of the knee will worsen the pain in such instances.

3. For Knee Pain due to Injury

Knee injury is most common among sportspersons. The injury mainly includes tendon, ligament and bone injury. Top grade medicines for knee pain due to injury are Rhus Tox, Ruta and Symphytum. Rhus Tox and Ruta are very useful medicines for knee pain from ligament or tendon injury. These medicines help decrease pain and promote natural healing of the injured ligaments and tendons. Symphytum is prominently used for knee pain from fractured knee joint. Symphytum, commonly known as Knit Bone, helps promote the union of fractured bones and decreases knee pain arising from the fracture, making it one of the most reliable medicines for knee pain. It helps by promoting callus formation required to re-unite the bone.

4. For Knee Pain from Gout

Gout is a painful disease of the joint caused by deposit of uric acid crystals in the joints. It can affect any joint of the body, including the knee joint, and mainly begins from the big toe. The main symptoms of gout are intense pain and swelling of affected joints. Colchicum and Benzoic Acid are the noted medicines for knee pain from gout. Colchicum is well indicated when acute gouty pain in the knees appears with marked swelling and heat. The knee is very sensitive to touch and the slightest touch causes unbearable pain. Movement of the knee worsens the pain in such cases. Benzoic acid is considered in knee pain from gout when gouty nodes are formed over the knee joint. The person experiences pain and cracking sound in knee joint on movement. Tearing and stitching pain is felt in the knees along with swelling. The pain gets worse at night. Benzoic acid has proved the most effective medicines for knee pain in such cases and resulted in complete healing and cure.

5. For Knee Pain from Bursitis

Bursitis of knee is the inflammation of the bag-like cavity (the bursa) surrounding the knee joint that contains the synovial fluid. Trauma is the main factor leading to knee bursitis with major symptoms being pain, swelling, heat and tenderness of knee joints. The prominently indicated medicines for knee pain from bursitis are Apis Mellifica and Bryonia. Apis Mellifica offers much help when the main complaint is knee pain with marked swelling. The slightest touch and pressure over the knee worsen the pain. The pain is mostly stinging, burning in nature. Warmth worsens the pain. Bryonia is another one of the most wonderful medicines for knee pain from bursitis. It has shown great results when knee pain, accompanied by swelling, worsens from the smallest movement. Absolute rest brings relief from pain.

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  1. Kausik Das says:

    Dear doctor,
    I am feeling knee pain in left leg,left side of the knee,some times getting cracking sound,during walking,stairs climbing feeling pain.Please,help me suggest me.

  2. Aprajita lodhi says:

    Knee pain and swelling left side

  3. Aida Carvalho says:

    I am 52, overweight – but not obese. By 1998 I had a broken meniscus (left knee). In addition, I have got ostheoarthristis and inflammed tendons (both knees). They are often swoolen. Form my right knee comes a crackling sound. Please, help me.

  4. Nishi Gill says:

    i have been told that cartillage in my left knee cap is completely gone. so they have advised partial replacement of knees, i have pain in my knee, upper part of the leg on side , hamstring, and even nesr hip joint. its been there from last 1 year. withe xercised it goes and comes back.pain also going up stairs and down the stairs.

    what homeopathy i can take to releve symptoms of pain.

    • Dear Doctor
      I am homoeopathy physician and myself is treating a chronic case of remutide arthritis patient swelling of joint and unable to walk gouty swelled on both the knee medicine prescribed by as per symptom Bryonia and Aci benz. Kindly advise me for further any medicine is required to prescribe age of patients is 60 year

  5. Hirak Chatterjee says:

    Left side left knee pain
    Increase on sitting idle

    • Raghavan K P says:

      I am 70, male. I visited UK in Sep 21 and after 4 days morning walk in cold weather @ 15 degree C, I felt severe left calf muscle pain. Next day, I did some hopping/ jumping in the play area with g/children. My left knee pain and stiffness followed. Now back in India, my left knee pain and swelling continues. I use knee guard when I go out occationally.


    Knee Join Pain Female Age-32 Weight- 55

  7. Sreenivasareddy says:

    Hai .my name is sreenivasareddy. Before 20days back I got knee pain.urly in the morning when I woke up a big sound came in my left knee . From then I am using homeo medicine, pain has not been relief and pain transferred right leg also ..give me best solution.

  8. Harish CHANDRA Joshi says:

    Knee pain &Over weight

  9. Sunil Kumar says:

    Respected sir, mae sunil kumar hs my age is 32, mae army mae service kartha hu. mera right knee ka medial menuscus tear ka operation 9 month pehale huva hae hur isme koi problem nahi, but mera dono gutna baitne se Chal me, kade honeme thallif kartha hae hur kar kar avaaj bi aatha hae muje bahuth dard kartha hae gutne. Mae drill couse kiya tha muje lagtha hae iski karan mera gutne karb huva hae lagtha hae.

    Pls sir aapse salaha lena chahatha hu kounsa medicine lena hae plsss bathadijiye sir

  10. Capt M S Sandhu says:

    I am 79 years , weight 68kg and been been very active in sports.Very regular in golfing and used to jog upto 5km in one go on non golfing days.For the past two months I have developed pain in my left knee.There is no swelling of the knee and knee looks normal .Now it pains only during golfing , walking and while resting there is hardly any pain. X-ray report indicates some degeneration. I feel that there is some internal injury.
    Kindly let me know the homeopathic treatment to get did of the knee pain.

  11. itbar khan says:

    dear Dr . Sharma. I am 57 year old male, can not sit on earth by folding legs. i feel pain in knees. But i walk normal with no pain, some time feel pain in heels when sit after walking

    • Gabor Denes says:

      Hi Dr Sharma,
      I am 67. My right knee is very painful on the inner side, slightly bigger than the other one and warmer. Touch is painful. I cannot stand on it due to the pain and cannot make it straight. What do you suggest and what potency? Thanks you very much

  12. Sh.Anisulhaq says:

    Knee joint pain can’t walk

    • Hasnain ali says:

      I am 46 years old and weigh around 100 kg . I have pain in the knee joints when I climb the stair or sit at a low seat . What do you prescribe

  13. Sharmistha Kar says:

    I hv stiffness in my both knees
    Paining when I try to move it for excercise
    I am only 48
    I don’t face difficulty while walking
    But stiff and rigid pain while going up the stairs
    Climbing up to a pavement
    What to take

    • Shashikant Mithagri says:

      Namaste doctor,
      I am 58 year’s old .I am walking and running well with no pain in my knees. But while going upstairs and downstairs there is pain in the knees. Please advise me a homeopathic medicine.

    • pritam bhatti says:

      Dear mr .sharma
      I had knee operation month before in London.There is mild constant pain at night Dr told me it will take 4/5 months to heal ask me cary on exercises.Any homeo medicine pain relief.

  14. Sharmila Majumder says:

    My knee pain starts when I walk and climb stairs.I can’t walk properly due to knee stiffness.

  15. Amlan Prasun Ghose says:

    Acute pain in left knee…. Some times increase… Some timesbeithin tollerable limit. One portion over the patella gets swelled and hot when pain starts increasing and at that time I can’t walk at all…. After some time it is better. Pain remains there most of the time and flare ups happen when it gets worst.. Thanks

  16. Amit Kumar Banerjee says:

    Feel burning sensation while kneeling. The sensation with itching pain occurs right side lower part of the knee. No problem while walking or standing or moving upward through stairs. Age 60 years. Weight 85 kgs. The problem has just started.

  17. Dr. Basari C Chakravarty says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    Good evening Sir.
    1. I am suffering form osteoarthritis in knee joints for more than 3 years. My pain worsens while getting up from a seat; climbing up and down the stairs and there is cracking sound in the knee joints.
    2. I have a complaint of left frozen shoulder for about one and a half year.
    I have been continuing light exercise including yoga and Pranayam.
    kindly advise remedy.

    Dr. Basari C Chakravarty (Homeo Practioner)

    • Amit Kumar Banerjee says:

      Feel burning sensation while kneeling. The sensation with itching pain occurs right side lower part of the knee. No problem while walking or standing or moving upward through stairs. Age 60 years. Weight 85 kgs. The problem has just started.

  18. Dinesh Kumar Sharma says:

    I am Dinesh


    Please suggest me against my knee pain
    Medicine in homeopathy

  19. Jayakumar.T says:

    Dear Dr.

    My mother is 78 years old, she suffered knee pain in both leg., kindly describe the medicine for that

  20. Muhammed Ali Saleem says:

    Good evening Dr. Sharma.

    My age is 70 years, slim body. I am suffering from Knee Pain since long. Once I consulted a, Osteopathic Doctor & remain under his treatment for two month, coupled with Physiotherapy for three weeks. Dr. gave me different variety of Vitamin D & Physiotherapist said that muscles holding the leg have weaken & you need these exercises.However the problems remain there.
    Afterwards I switched over to Homeopathic treatment for about two years but still the problem is there i.e. Knee pain. I have to take a pain killer tablet of 100 mg to carry on my routine work. Your above explanation about the symptoms points 2,4,5 resembles to my problem. I never experienced in my life any ijury of the Knees, In the night when temperature is moderate cold, I feel the pain increases during sleeping.
    What would you kindly suggest homeopathic medicine for me.
    Please also tell me what is “Coccydynia” and how about the medicine Lachesis.
    Awaiting for your kind reply.

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